Living Doll 2: Amara Abducted

by Millie

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© Copyright 2011 - Millie - Used by permission

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Part 2: Amara Abducted.
This story is a sequel to "Living Doll: Model Amara" – you will want to read that first!


He was back again! - He had returned every day since the grand opening. Every day- and at the same time judging from the beams of sun seeping in through the skylight. It was the seventh day since I was put on display. It had been an exceptional experience. Far from anything I could have imagined. No demands or expectations to my performance. I could just lean back (figurative) and enjoy whatever came my way. Unfortunately I could not feel the touches to the surface of my hard shell. Many times I wished... Still my numbness had disappeared as promised, so the vibrators made a very good job and they were activated several times each day. Sometimes the visitors turned them on and left them on. But every now and then some staff member passed by, smiled at me and shut them down. No complaints from me! - In the past week I enjoyed more orgasms than I did in the life I left behind!

This man in the grey suit worried me though. He was the first to operate the remote control the day I was made and put on display. And he had been there every day since – performing some kind of ritual. First touching my shoulder, then stroking my back and resting his hand on my behind while bending down to collect the remote. While looking into my eyes he would turn on both vibrators in my lower parts and return the remote to the holder on the stand. After examining my figure thorougly he would remove his hand from my hip to take my hand – bend over and kiss it. Then abruptly he would turn around and leave the premises. Never offering a glance to my copies along the walls. - Weird. Did he know I was inside? - I did not recall having met him before. I believe I have never seen him in my life. Until now that is... Now he had showed up every day to see me. I found it strange. And a little creepy. But also flattering. I felt safe though. I was protected in my hard shell and fixed to the stand. There were people around me all the time when the exhibition was open for public. I was monitored electronically at all times. No reason to worry... Anyway I was wondering what was on his mind.

The exhibition had hundreds of visitors during opening times. Most of them wanted to touch the lovedolls – especially the young guys – but also some girls – many were shy, blushing and looking over their shoulders to see if someone were watching them. Some were more fresh or even naughty. But of course – that's what the lovedolls are made for. I was about to say “what we lovedolls are made for!” - I couldn't help being a little proud of all the attention my copies and I received. My time as a neglected, grey mouse was definitely over. - No, I was not thinking back. Actually my former life was more like a boring book I had closed unfinished not wanting to open it again – ever. No – I was rather opening my eyes to the future. I had signed a contract for two months. And the salary, bonus and royalties would in those two month give me the possibility to start up a new life in a new city. With some savings in the bank. - But, did I really want that? - This life felt so good. And I have tried next to nothing yet...

The exhibition would be closed down in three days and the company would start leasing me out as a custom made statue, mannequin or love-doll. I suppose this is where I would really earn the salary. But to be honest I didn't care too much about the money and my growing bank account at the moment. I never felt better in my life, and I just wanted it to go on. Right now I wondered what it actually would be like to be leased out as a love-doll. To be used in every way a man would want if everything is allowed and no protests heard - while I would still be safe and protected inside my shell. Or what about the thought of being placed as a shop-dummy in a window for all to see. Being undressed and dressed in the finest lingerie or ballgowns. Always being looked after, and always dressed to look the best. Even to be transformed into a Greek statue standing in a park with children playing, young people taking sun and old folks walking the dog made me excited. - I wanted to try it all!

I looked around. Someone had made me rotate. There were only a few in the show room. A rangy, pimpled guy stopped my rotation when I faced him. He was holding the remote in one hand and the dildo in the other, examining both. Then he looked up staring at my face with a wrinkle on the forehead, and standing on his toes he shoved the dildo deep into my mouth. Which set off not only the vibrator in my throat but also both devices in the lower regions. He put the remote down and then touched me in all three places obviously to feel the vibrations. He smiled to himself and finally left without removing the dildo. I thought I might look a little strange but I was also wondering what it would be like having the real thing there instead of the dildo... and in no time I built up to have the best orgasm of the day.

Suddenly the man in the grey suit appeared in my view. He was looking a bit angry as he gently removed the dildo and stopped the vibrations. I was surprised. This was the second time this day he showed up. And now he walked back and forth in front of me, occasionally looking at his wristwatch. After a few minutes the manager arrived and waved the grey suit to follow him.

On their way out I heard a few sentences:

"I need an answer now. I have given you a very generous offer!"

"You have indeed, but my answer is still the same. We never sell...."

The voices got muffled and disappeared as the door closed. But I felt confused. All I could gather from the words was, that the grey suit wanted to buy me... Buy me!!! - He had hardly glanced at the copies but he had visited me every day. - But I was not for sale! - I hoped... The manager had said no. But somehow the thought thrilled me anyway. I started fantasizing: Being sold to the highest bidder on an auction, or put out for sale on the internet and even to end up as a worn out antique on a flea market...

The next days the grey suit didn't come to visit me!


Last day had come. The exhibition would be closed down this afternoon and tomorrow I would be transferred to the sales department. I was excited. And the grey suit had not been around since the episode with the manager, so I felt safe and calm. I knew I was about to be hired out. I just didn't know which role I would be playing. But there would be an evaluation and a briefing tomorrow. I hoped the test results would show my body worked as good as I felt. - I was ready!


I woke up feeling I was moving. I could not see a thing. I knew my eyes were wide open – they had been for ten days now, and I have learned to sleep with open eyes. But it should not be dark. There was always light on in the show room. Even at night. And it was not just dark. It was black as in no light at all. I was moved again. Now it felt the same as when I was rolled into the show room. I was being moved out. Could the workers have put me in a box or something? - But why would they if I just had to be wheeled down some corridors to another part of the building? - Something didn't add up. I wish I could see what was going on. I wish I could yell out a question to the workers. All I could do was to listen and try to figure things out. - Then there was a bump and someone sweared and somebody else hushed. This was definitely not good! I was beginning to get scared.

A thought came into my mind: Did they sell me anyway? - No, that didn't make sense. And why would they have to move me in silence and darkness? No – this sounded much more like a theft – a burglary – and I was about to be stolen. Another thought hit me: What about the cables, the monitoring – the life support. I knew my metabolism was very low and I should be able to survive a long time without maintenance but then what. - What if I was not found and returned to the Living Doll Corporation? Would I starve to death? - Very very slowly.... - I was surprised I stayed calm and perfectly relaxed. - Ok the drugs kept me down – but when would they eventually wear out? - And what would the burglars want with me? - I was not really a lovedoll. Rather a statue looking like a lovedoll... The whole thing didn't make sense to me. Could it be for ransom. Maybe they took me as a hostage... I just couldn't get the ends together. I would have to wait and see.

After rolling down what felt like a ramp I could hear cars and traffic sounds. I must have been on street level. Still I could not see anything but darkness. I could hear a truck engine warming up though. Then I was lifted and pushed and wriggled until I was steady – probably loaded on the truck was my guess. I could now feel the vibrations from the engine. Some doors were closed and the truck set off with me in the back.

We drove for hours and hours. It must have been. From the noises, the many turns, the different road surfaces I could tell we had left the city, been on the highway bypassed roadworks, farms, railway crossings maybe even an airport. Not sure about the last one though, but I am sure I heard the water in a river at some point. All the time I was being shaken by the vibrations from the engine or the wheels on rough surface. My hard shell gave me perfect support and protection though and they must have secured me well as I was not about to turn over at any time.

At last the truck stopped after driving slow for a while on something that sounded like a gravel road. The engine was turned off. Silence. Then I heard another car arrive and stop. Car doors slammed. Somebody talking. Two men. Not whispering this time, but too far away for me to hear what they were saying. Doors opened and I could hear better.

“Bring it downstairs! - And don't drop it!” - The voice was stern – commanding.

The other man sounded defensive: “Yes sir, right away sir!”

I was moved again. First I was tilted and placed horizontally my face down.

Then a male voice yelled: “Alfred, you take the other end!”

I was lifted and carried rocking a little up and down feeling their steps. I tilted again.

The first voice yelled: “Watch out now!”

Another voice mumbled something, while they descended a flight of steps. Probably some staircase to the basement level.  - Was I about to be stored? Hidden away like stolen property? And for how long? I was back to horizontal. According to the sounds and echos of the footsteps I was carried along a corridor. After a turn the sounds indicated a larger room with hard acoustic like in an underground car park. I was put down. Then raised. Then lifted and put down again. I heard some clicking sounds like if the foot of my stand was locked in again... I was puzzled, scared and curious at the same time. What next? - The footsteps moved away. Door closed. Silence. Darkness.

What time could it be. My vision was somehow cut off so I couldn't judge from the lights. I am sure we drove for several hours through the country. The traffic sounds didn't tell me much as traffic can be busy any hour a day. I can tell we passed through more than one city and maybe even an airport, but I had no idea where that airport could be. It must have been a small one if it was an airport after all... I couldn't be sure. And why was I here? What did they want with me? I feared I was put on stock. Like in a storeroom or a warehouse. I wish I could see. I wish somebody would tell me what this was all about.

I couldn't tell how long I had been dozing, but I was awakened by the sound of footsteps. Confident determined footsteps. And they stopped close to me.

“Now let us see!” - I heard the male voice utter.

I then heard some strange noises – and suddenly the light came back while some kind of cylinder was raised from the ground and disappeared over my head. The light was not sharp I guess, but I had been in darkness for so long that it took a moment for my eyes to adapt. The cylinder escaped my vision over and behind me but I caught a glimpse of a smooth jet black barrel shaped container which obviously had kept me in darkness during the transport. Its dangling movement made me think it was very light and very thin – even you could not look through it. The man in front of me was manipulating it with a control connected to a cable. He put it away and looked at me. Then he smiled. - It was the grey suit!

The man that visited me every day in a week at the exhibition was facing me. Only now he was dressed in a black smoking jacket with a buttonhole carnation like if he was on his way to a wedding. And he was smiling at me!

“Amara, my doll. - Welcome to my domicile!”

He turned around and reached for a tray with bottles and wineglasses. He took a glass of champagne and held it up and nodded to me.

“We need to celebrate this fortunate turn of events. You are with me and from now on I will take care of you. No one will ever again be allowed to feel up on you with their filthy hands. That's a promise!”

He took a nip and held up the glass again. “To you, Amara, my love!” he said.

I wouldn't have had words, had I been able to speak. The man must be a lunatic. Did he consider me his bride to be? - Was he planning to keep me here and in this state forever? How long would I last without maintenance? But he had more to say:

“I know you can hear me. And I know you would have had a lot of questions if you had your voice. I will answer them anyway. You might even be afraid, but please don't be.”

He took another nip of the champagne.

“Your first question would be: Why? - And let me try to explain. - You see I have known the Living Doll Inc. from the very start. And I have bought or rented samples from most of their products in the passed time. And I still have a collection of dolls. Your predecessors so to speak. Well only copies that is. - Anyway it gave me a possibility to learn how the system worked what solution made the shell flexible and how you change the surface to imitate human skin, latex, rubber, marble, bronze or almost anything else you could think of. The hard thing was to discover how they were able to support a living person contained in the shell. - I solved that!” Now he looked proud like a little boy and smiled broadly. - “Yes you don't need to fear for your health. I have everything prepared. You will never need to go back to the factory!”

I was really shaken now. This madman really planned to keep me as his property for ever...

“So you see Amara”, he continued, “by then I had the means to keep a living doll – but it was not until I saw you in the showroom it became serious for me. That day I knew I just had to have you. - You were the one I have been waiting for. - I tried to buy you off. - I offered a neat sum of money to indemnify the company from their loss. But the manager was too stubborn. He wanted to keep you for himself. And to lease you out to anybody who could pay. - I couldn't bear that! - I just wouldn't let that happen, so I had to do something drastic and I had to hurry. - Well you don’t need to know the details... You are here – that's what matters! - I know you will be very happy here. I promise I will do whatever it takes to make you the most happy doll in the whole world!”

He smiled reassuringly. “Let me show you a thing! - I will be back in a moment!” He left through the nearest door. A heavy looking and probably antique door. And I took a glance at my new home. Or as much as I could see in my limited view. Close to me I could see pillars the type you would expect to see in an arcade or in a french wine cellar. They were rough but clean. The floor was worn old shiny marble flagstones – looking like having been there for hundreds of years. The pillars ended in arches making the room a vault. The room was large for a cellar. And very clean. No cobwebs to be seen. Must be cleaned frequently. Almost no furniture – and no windows as far as I could see. In the corner of my eye by the opposite wall I could faintly see another dais with a female statue. Lights were muted but clear enough. Definitely strip lights. No sound or noise could be heard from the outside. This room could be a cellar below a manor house or a castle.

“Most happy doll in the world”, he had said. - Well – I had agreed in being a doll. Even signed a contract. But to be a doll – a living doll – for the rest of my life was not what I had in mind... Or was it? - I was confused. I was angry. I was scared. This man had - without my consent - taken full control over my body and existence. And I could do nothing at all! - At this moment I was nothing but a doll! - The man could do anything he wanted with me and I couldn't even say a word...

The door slammed. I could hear his footsteps but this time I could see him approach as well. He was carrying a box with some gear which he put down in front of me. He looked straight into my eyes. “I am sorry,” he said, “I forgot to introduce myself. You see, you forget those details when you deal with dolls.” - He smiled as if he had told a joke. Then continued more seriously: “I apologize. I didn't mean to be rude.” He made a bow. - “You may call me Alfred or the Duke as you wish. I mean you might want to think of me with a name. I would like you to think of me as the person that rescued you from the factory. The person that loves you and will do anything to make you happy!”

He reached for the gear box and produced a spray can. Showing it to me, he asked: “Do you recognize this? - I am going to make some small changes to your pose that will make you look even better.”

It was the same sprays which they used at the factory to make my joints flexible – and that was what he was up to. After spraying the appropriate places he moved my legs and feet in a position as if I was tiptoeing. Left foot in front of the right foot and legs close enough together to hide the pole. I was still supported by the pole, but now it was invisible at least from certain angles. He also moved my arms and hands. Not much but now my left hand was trying to cover my left breast and the right hand held up a little away from the body like I was trying to ward off something. With my very open mouth I suppose I looked like I had just been surprised or scared.

After bending my limbs in position he produced a blow dryer much like the ones in the factory and hardened my shell again. He put the tools back in the box and pushed it aside. After examining me, walking around me, looking at me from different distances and angles he seemed satisfied. Facing me he let his hand stroke down from my shoulder to my hip – resting there for a while then - as he did at the exhibition – he kissed my hand.

“You are just gorgeous my dear Amara. But this will have to do for now as I am required somewhere else, but I have a small surprise for you.” He showed me a new remote control. “This one is programmed with a timer and a random function, so you should not be bored while I am attending a dull meeting!” He smiled pushing a couple of buttons before he put the remote down. “Got to go! - See you tomorrow” - He grabbed the toolbox, waved and walked out. - The door closed behind him.

If I had been able to run...

But where would I go? - Police? - And tell what? - Back to the factory? - Well, if I had been able to run I would not be contained in this latex-rubber-plastic shell, would I? - Besides I was wondering if I was able to leave this room at all. No windows – locked doors as far as I could tell. Of course I could not see the entire room. My view had not changed since the cylinder had been removed. But from what I could see – I would be very surprised if the wall behind me should hold a fissure big enough for me to pass. I didn't give this a lot of thought. I was stuck – and I knew it. On the other hand I would expect the factory people to come looking for me. I am almost certain that the company didn't just sell me. They would not have had to sneak me out... There must have been some foul play. Insider help maybe – both with providing the spray and knowledge – and of course with the abduction itself... I tried to think of the size of the area they would have to search. I know the truck was on the road for several hours. But I had no idea of the direction. Could be any. Which meant a huge area and no clues. - No I was stuck. - And then suddenly I moved...

The stand began rotating. At the same time my vagina started vibrating. But different. This vibration started slow and gentle but in af few seconds it built up and grew fast and demanding. This could not be ignored. It felt damn good. I would have closed my eyes if I could. But as I could not close them I eventually became aware of my surroundings. And saw not one – but six figures on daises like mine. But my body wanted my attention not the decorations. I am not sure how many rotations it took before I had my first orgasm that night. Maybe it was the thought of being captured and stuck in some strangers cellar with no prospect of being set free. No chance of escape. Maybe I was excited by the courtship of my captor. I don't know but I had the most wonderful climax ever.

And a long afterglow as the vibrator kept on its pattern for at least ten minutes before it stopped. As did the rotation. And unfortunately with my back turned at the figures. I got a good look at them while rotating. Even though I was concentrated on something else at the time! - Yes the first one was definitely a statue. A female statue in almost white marble. The  peculiar thing was the stand. The statue was mounted on a stand much like mine. A circular foot in black material. Same size as mine. And a metallic rod going up and vanishing somewhere in the lover parts of the statue. The second figure had no rod. It was a female made in a black material. Not shiny. Mounted kneeling on a wooden box twelve inches high with a brass plate on the front. With the hands behind the back and a very open mouth I recognized one of the poses from my own love doll copies.

The third was another statue but in bronze and holding some amphora. The fourth was plastic in a synthetic looking skin color. It was crawling on hands and knees as if it was leaving the stand. Number five was sitting with wide spread legs and open arms. It reminded me of an old doll I had once with ball joints in hips and shoulders and rubber bands to keep them in place. The last figure looked a lot like me I think. A different face, a lighter tan, auburn hair but in other ways much the same – like same type of stand, posed much like me and I think I saw a remote placed on the foot of the stand. I wondered if there was a girl inside... Could it be? - Maybe there were girls inside all of the figures? - Alfred – the duke – was he a collector. I wondered if I had become a piece in his doll collection?

I was interrupted in my thoughts by the vibrators that set off - all three of them. This time very aggressively and nonstop for twenty minutes. I tried to fight it, but was betrayed by my own body. I wanted to look more at the six figures. But I was still facing the wall. No rotation this time. I had three minor orgasms and still the vibrations kept on high speed. - Twenty minutes can be a long time when you don't want attention like that. Finally it stopped. I was exhausted and I must have fallen asleep when I heard the door.

He was wearing a frock coat and a white woolen scarf draped carelessly around the neck and down the back. His cheeks were red and he was smiling big as if he had just won a prize. “Hello my dear Amara! - Did you miss me?” - He dropped his coat and scarf to the floor and picked up the remote. After fumbling a little he turned me around and stopped me front to him and to the room. He started touching me all over. Stroking my hair, patting my back my bum. Producing small sounds as when you fondle your dog. He kissed my hand several times, walked around me touching here and there. Then he stopped in front of me looking into my eyes and said: “I don't expect you to understand how much I have looked forward to this moment!” - He looked like a little boy on Christmas Morning unpacking the toy he had been wanting and wishing for so long. - And now he was going to play with it! - Abruptly he turned around picked up coat and scarf and almost run out of the door. Just to return a few minutes later undressed to his boxer shorts and white socks carrying the toolbox.

Without hesitation he began changing my pose spraying here and there and bending arms and legs into new positions. At a point I tried to stretch my leg when he had made my joints flexible but he easily overpowered my week attempt – I think he didn't even discover my little rebellion in his eagerness. After very short time my shell was hardened in a kneeling position. Only I was towering high on my pole. But not for long. He unlocked and lifted me off the pole and placed me on the floor next to the stand, stopping up for a second to admire his handiwork – then he lowered his shorts and entered my mouth.

The only thing I could see now was his belly working back and forth in front of my nose. He had a lot of hair there and I wondered if they would have been tickling had I not been in the shell. I could hear his roars. Like the lion while being fed raw meat in the Zoo. First I could not feel anything. But obviously his little Alfred was growing big because he trusted deeper and deeper and suddenly the vibrators took action in all three places. The vibrations in my throat made him wild as he accelerated and trusted even deeper. I could actually feel him deep in my throat and feared I would choke – but I was all right and after the first surprise I began to enjoy the tour and had a series of small orgasms. He went on full speed for a while before he exploded. - This night I got something to eat. Hopefully it was low fat...

He lowered himself in front of me not even bothering to hoist up his boxers. Sweating, red faced and panting while he tried to collect his wits. - After a while he shook his head saying: “God, how I love you Amara. You are wonderful!” - He just looked at me while his breathing came down to normal. Then he smiled again. “Wow that was great, I hope you enjoyed it too?”

Well what could I say?

Then he got up and pulled on his underpants hiding his now limp member. He bowed down looking closely at my face and removed a drop of semen from my chin. Then smiling: “ you are something else Amara!” - He picked up his toolbox and the tools and moved towards the door but turned around winking to me saying: “Tomorrow we will try something else! - Sweet dreams my love!” Then he turned and left.

There I was. Kneeling on the floor. Left behind like a toy after play ended. To be tidied up in the morning at best. An object to be used for my owners entertainment whenever he would feel like it. I had lost all control of my situation whatsoever. And it frightened me a little. But it also thrilled me. - The words “Tomorrow we will try something else!” was still ringing in my ears – and I couldn’t help but be excited. I really was a living doll, a love doll!



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