Love Doll 2

by Rubberslave

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© Copyright 2005 - Rubberslave - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; machine; latexdoll; piercing; bodymod; boxed; toys; nc; X

A alternative continuation of the story 'Love Doll' by Playtilliwin.

I was shocked. Really shocked. Suddenly the machine stopped, but didn’t lift me to the floor. I was hanging about 3 feet over the ground, when suddenly my friend entered the room. He was quite shocked, because he couldn't see what I filled into the forms. He just wanted to see the result, and with a devilish grin, he said, "Oh, what we have here? A rubberdolly waiting for her new owner?" I wanted to cry out, but the ball-gag stuffed into my mouth was quite effective. He began to explain more details, but I didn’t listen to him. I was in shock, in pure agony, and in total fear.

He went over to the computer terminal and re-programmed the machine, typing for what must be ages, when the machine awoke to life again. I was transported in a different room, and sprayed all over with a strange smelling liquid. All my latex clothing was dissolving, and I was once again hanging naked, but this time my "friend" could see me naked. I was ashamed and shouted at him, but I haven’t got my voice back yet. 

"This must be an effect of the liquid I got injected", I thought. I had no idea what followed. 

Then another liquid was sprayed onto my body, and was rinsed off by water. In a big mirror I saw that I was now totally hairless, from head to toe. The machine put me into a chamber, where much more latex clothes were, than in the other room before. It grabbed two monster dildos, which must have been at least 3 inches thick and 10 inches long, and shoved them up into my ass and pussy.

I was wondering why I didn’t feel any pain. "The liquid..." I thought. 

Then the machine came again up with a latex suit, but this one was much thicker than the last one. It also had several metal bands around waist, neck, arms and feet. And it was boned like a corset in the waist section. I saw no zip, so I asked me how they want me to put it on. The machine opened the metal bands and 4 claws spread the "entry", the neck section. Then I was once again sprayed with a liquid, but this time the liquid was left on. The machine lowered me into the suit, and closed the bands. There must have been at least 20 loud clicks, and it all suddenly became very tight. I examined the suit further, and found 2 other shocking details. The shoes were ballet-pointed heels, and my fingers were pushed into a fist. When I was ever lead off this machine, I couldn’t do anything. The machine made 2 short beeps, and the joins of the metal bands began heating up, and the clasps fell down. 

My waist was grabbed by the machine, and my arms were pulled behind me. I was once again in no pain, and I didn’t see that my friend let my arms bind behind me in a back-prayer style. The 2 metal bands around my arms fused together. My fists were encased by metal-balls and fused to my neck collar. I just wondered "No hood?” My question was answered soon, when the machine grabbed a very thick latex hood. The only openings were for my mouth and for my nostrils. The machine cut away my ears, and sprayed something onto the wound, and pulled the hood down my head. Then I was lifted to the floor where I collapsed. My "friend" came into the room, with 2 assistants, and they put me onto a desk, and secured me with several straps. 

When I woke up again, I was in pain. I could feel every inch of my skin. I had pain in my sphincter, in my pussy, and my tits hurt like bad. I tried to move, but to no avail. He must have seen this, because he suddenly talked to me.

"So, fine to have you back again. Let me explain the changes I made in the program for you. Your suit has been replaced with a thicker one, in the thinnest place it’s about 10mm, in the thickest around your waist 30mm. The metal bands are welded together, and also have internal shrinking mechanism. Your waist is currently 22 inches, but I think we'll manage to reduce it to at least 15 inches. Your new shoes are ballet-pointed boots with a 10-inch heel, and are also a permanent part of you. When you stand on them, your feet will be pushed into the tip, and this is – as others told me - not very amusing. It’s rather painful, but you will get used to it. Last but not least, I have your nipples pierced with a thick steel ring, and with a rod. Your pussy lips are also pierced about 6 times each side. Your clit is also pierced with a steel ring. This jewellery is now a permanent part of you."

When saying this, he twisted my clit ring. This gave a shock of pain through my body. 

"But the best of all is your hood. I removed your teeth, and the penis gag stuffed in your mouth is holding it open nicely. But if I remove it, your mouth will stay open like this, always to have your mouth open for inserting nice things. Ah, and the machine removed your chords. So don’t wonder why you can’t say a word. The dildos in your pussy and your ass are clicked in place, and your orifices are kept open by steel rings. So you are the perfect sex doll."

Inside my cocoon I was crying, I was in pure fear of what else was coming towards me. What I saw this evening was just a little of what was going to happen. 

He grabbed me by my collar and I wobbled in the direction he was pulling. My dildos were removed from my holes, and the holes stayed open. I recognized a cold chill. Suddenly I was forced to sit down on 2 even larger dildos. They put me into a cargo box, and he lifted the box on the back of his truck.

Then he drove away...


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