Marked Mannequins

by Ruudschi

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© Copyright 2010 - Ruudschi - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; transform; mannequin; change; climax; mast; cons; X

Authors note: Because there are so, so, so, so seldom any stories about mannequins, or at least mannequins that get taken apart and played with. Since there seems to be a lack of those stories I decided to write my own. I had the Idea to this story quite some time ago. And I finally got it done. Well at least the first part - sitting in front of a blinking cursor on a white screen is a very hard exercise. Even though this is only an introduction to the two main characters with some explicit action of course, I also want to know what happens next. So be asured that there will be several more parts coming soon.


Part One

Hi, my name is Leyla. My girlfriend Sandy and I have those beautiful two markers I want to tell you all about.

Quite some time ago Sandy got those markers from an auction that sold goods of a foreclosed company. I don't really know what that company was into, but those two markers seemed to have been forgotten by them (maybe the inventor died and no one checked all of his boxes, I don't know, I don't care).

The pamphlet with the markers said they were prototypes of a very special sort of markers. It had to do with nanotechnology and stuff, nothing I or Sandy understood at all. But they came with very simple to follow directions. The direction for the red marker said: “O = plastic – X = back to life”

The green marker had two ends with arrows pointing to those ends on one arrow it said “joint” on the other it said “glue”.

That was it. I don't know why Sandy actually went to this auction and got those markers, but today I don't care about that, since we have so much fun with them.

The day she got home she told me about the auction and that she got some strange markers but hadn't had the time to look into the box for details. So we opened it right away and each got out a marker. I happened to get the red marker with its instructions wrapped around it. I read it and was confused, so I just painted an O onto a peace of paper which immediately turned into plastic and the O was nowhere to be seen! I was surprised to say the least and so was Sandy. She got her marker to the plastic sheet and with the cut side she draw a line and only after one or two seconds the line disappeared! Instead there was a tight gap and a little something that I can only describe the function of: a hook.

It was no hook, it didn't look like a hook, it was as flat as the sheet of plastic but obviously holding the both parts in place. I marked one part of the sheet with an X and it got back to paper again, the separated part still was plastic but attached to the paper. Sandy was unable to remove it. So I marked the paper with an O again and it was plastic as before.  I removed the part facing me and painting an X on both plastic parts. Both got to be paper again, but where there should be a cut there only was a black cover. We could touch it, but it just felt like paper. We turned them both back to plastic rejoined them and now Sandy used the glue side of her marker fitting perfectly into the tight gap. The plastic paper heeled so fast, she wasn't even finished when the healing process followed her trace. An X on the plastic and there it was: A sheet of paper that did show no sign of being tempered with.

We were amazed!

In a sudden rush of curiosity I took my hand with the red marker in it and painted an O on Sandy's Hand. She was surprised, she looked in shock what I just did and wanted to exclaim something but wasn't able to, so was turned into plastic in less than a second! I was intrigued, amazed and shocked at the same time. Her eyes were looking at me but they seemed to be painted on, just as her eyebrows. Her beautiful hair seemed artificial as well. She looked like a mannequin. A shocked mannequin. Regretting what I just did I painted an X on her hand hoping she will be back to normal. And all of a sudden she was. She screamed to me: “What are you doing! NO!” and suddenly her body was shaking. I was in terror to see this. Did she have a seizure? Did I hurt her and she will die right in front of me?

She stopped shaking and smiled absently. “Are you OK?!” I asked, hoping she would say yes and start getting mad at me. But all she said was “Thank you...” in a blissful voice I only heard after a long long sex session.

I was surprised (again), to say the least. I asked what just happened and she told me she just had the best orgasm of her life! Now that WAS a surprise!

After she came back to her self I told her what just happened. She didn't recollect a thing. She just remembered me painting on her hand and the next she saw was me taking the marker away. She was a complete plastic statue at that moment. Devoid of all thought and sensation. As soon as she came back to human form she felt her whole body tingling and shortly after orgasm involuntarily.

“Try me!”, I, well, demanded.

“Could you pose for me? If I will turn you into a mannequin you might as well pose like one.”, she suggested. I agreed and stood up. My right hand was leaning on my small waist, I stood my left leg just a bit forward and with my left hand I browsed through my hair looking sexy. “Ready?”, Sandy asked.

I only said: “Let's do it.”

Sandy took the red marker and painted an O on my forehead. There I was, fixated like a mannequin not aware of anything, not thinking just nothing... not even aware of nothing. I got back to my self seeing Sandy retreating her hand with the marker from my forehead. I wanted to ask: ”That's it?” but I only could say “Tha...” when my whole body started to tingle and an orgasm built up inside me as I have never experienced before. I collapsed onto the floor and was in spasms for what seemed like an eternity.

While coming back to my senses I heard Sandy say: “I did a little experimentation while you were my plastic doll. I used the green marker. Look!” She held a plastic hand in her own hand. I didn't understand right away, but when I looked at my right hand it was missing! Strangely enough I didn't panic. I looked at my stump on my right arm and it was sealed shut with a black leathery kind of texture. I touched it carefully but didn't feel a thing.

“Ready for the 'thing' to awake?”, she asked and without waiting for an answer she marked an X on my disembodied hand which suddenly came to life. I could feel my hand again, I could feel my hand in Sandy's hand! That was really really strange.

I couldn't say a word, and there it was again, this tingly feeling, but now only in my hand. It was sending slight shivers over my body but nothing like an orgasm. Nevertheless it felt great. I moved my fingers and grabbed Sandy's hand tight. “I hoped that would work, honey.”

Saying that she took my hand and put it on her stomach, “Are you thinking what I am thinking?” she slid my fingers into her tight jeans under her pants. I knew what to do, I worked my way forward until I reached her slit and started massaging her pussy. My hand was now completely in her trousers, one could only see a slight bulge. I suddenly stopped and told her: “If you want me to continue, you could lend me a hand as well.” I grinned, so did she. Without any hesitation she stood up with her arms struck out to her side with my hand still inside her trousers. It felt so good being there. I got the red one and painted an O onto her forehead. She immediately turned into plastic. I felt it right away on my hand in her trousers. She was all cold and her slit was gone and replaced by a plastic cover

I undid her trousers and got my hand out to test something out: There lay my hand, my living hand and I got the green marker and encircled my thumb with it, then writing an O on the back of my disembodied hand. And it happened as I hoped it would. Every part of my hand turned into plastic except my thumb. But this time there was no gap to be seen between my flash thumb and plastic hand. I turned my thumb into plastic too and my whole right hand was plastic again. The funny thing was, that there is nothing funny about it, I didn't even miss my right hand at that moment. It was as if I always only had a right arm without a hand.

Now to Sandy.

I marked her right hand to get a joint and as soon as I was done I could see the little gap and take it off her arm without any problem. Now I held my right hand onto her right stump where I just took off her hand and like magnets they joined. I got the glue side of the green marker and glued my right hand to Sandy's right arm. Now I marked a part of my right forearm with the green marker and made it into plastic. Now putting Sandy's right hand onto my right arm. I glued them together and painted an X on my plastic limb. It soon became flesh and blood again, but I still couldn't feel my right hand. Sandy's right hand, glued to my arm, started moving. That was a funny thing to look at, since I controlled the whole arm but not the hand, which looked slightly out of place not only because of the indifferent movements but because I am as pale as one an get, Sandy's skin is more average white.

Now for a little fun to have with Sandy. I approached my Sandy mannequin and laid her softly onto the ground. She was very light and felt hollow, she was a real mannequin. Did I mention, if you should wonder, or have already figured out: I am a lefty. Anyways, there lay my mannequin and I got the green marker and encircled both her legs at the hips and her left arm directly at her shoulder. Immediately there were joints to see and I simply took her limbs off. Now there lay two legs one left arm and a torso with head and right arm, and my right hand. I stood the torso up onto the stumps of it's hips and let the other body parts laying were they were. I got the rest of the clothing off of her and got me the red marker and painted an X right under her belly button.

She came to be flesh and blood in no time and as my hand on her arm turned into flesh as well and started tingling she burst out into an orgasm. That made her fall onto her back but she didn't seem to be aware of that. What I saw was Sandy's naked body squealing in an orgasm. It was quite a sight.

After what seemed like ages watching her in bliss I couldn't resist and put my left hand down my pants, only realizing now how her right hand was spasming with her. So I put her hand down my trousers. She soon got better lying there exhausted. It seems that the orgasm takes longer when you're a mannequin for a longer time. I enjoyed her hand in my trousers while she was getting where her right hand was and looked around her. She missed an arm and two legs and was really surprised to see them laying around her. Still looking like mannequin appendages.

“You're so naughty.” she said with a grin on her face, which might have been an after effect of her orgasm or newly growing lust. I still had her hand in my pants and she started feeling up my slit and inserted a finger into my pussy. By now she realized she had my hand to her bidding and soon moved it to her breasts for me to fondle with. Seeing her beautiful body laying there playing with herself and her plastic limbs laying around I said: “Let's stow those away. You won't need them for a while.”

Saying that I got her arm and legs and pushed them under the bed. Now there was no indication in the room, that she ever had had those legs and the arm. I got close to her and planted a kiss on her lips after which she said: “You know, I could feel my hand when you revived it before the rest of my body. All the sensation my hand had, but I didn't know I had a body. And I didn't care as well. Just now, I don't even feel like I ever had legs and one more arm. Even though they could come in handy later.”

“That is cool, that's exactly how I felt about my hand when it was still plastic. But while you were my mannequin I discovered something else. Watch.”, I said when I got the green marker and marked her neck with it. Now I got the red marker and made her torso and my hand change into plastic with her still flesh and blood head on top of it.

“That is amazing!” Sandy exclaimed. I can already think of a couple of things to do with this possibility. And with that I turned her head to plastic as well. Now the only thing of her that was still alive was her hand. I stood Sandy's torso up to face the bed, and got onto it to take my clothes off and have Sandy's hand play with me.

I reached my orgasm pretty fast with two of Sandy's fingers in my pussy. She still knew my spots. After the orgasm subsided I decided to get my hand back. After my body was whole again I reached under the bed and got Sandy's arm and legs out. There she was. Sandy my mannequin. To do with as I please. I already have an Idea of what to do next. I looked at her torso, arm and legs. Put everything where it belonged and went downstairs to fix some coffee. We surely will need one.



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