Marked Mannequins Part 2

by Ruudschi

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© Copyright 2010 - Ruudschi - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; transform; mannequin; change; display; disassemble; climax; oral; mast; cons; X

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Part Two

Leyla and I had quite some fun together within the last three years. After we discovered what kind of markers I got at the auction we wanted to use them as often as we could on one another.

The first day we played with the markers she made me into a mannequin and let me stand in our bedroom for the whole weekend. She took some pictures and showed me what kind of things she had done. There were pictures of me completely disembodied. And my body parts laying everywhere in the room. There was my head next to the mirror wearing that straw hat I love so much. My bust displayed a bra of mine on the night table. One of my legs had a nice colorful knee high stocking on display, while the other just lay next to it. And a sexy g-string was displayed by my ass in the living room next to the TV. My hands were no where on that pictures. But I didn't need any pictures to know what she did with them. I can still feel her breasts and pussy.

Once she revived me on the late Sunday afternoon I had a 5 minute long orgasm, that took all my strength for quite some time.

It didn't take us long to figure out how we would want to play with each other the rest of our lives. But that took some hard work. Because we opened up a lingerie shop in a close by shopping mall. Business wasn't that bad, but also not that good. If we would have stuck with our jobs, we'd have had more money to live on at the end of the month. Not because we didn't sell enough, but because we put the surplus into a savings account to expand the shop. I will tell you about it later. I can assure you, we do have the shop we always wanted from day one today – still selling lingerie, but a little bit more than that as well. And we did discover something about the markers which we never had imagined. I will tell you all about it, but not today.

The day before the grand opening of our new store we were busy decorating. Getting the clothes onto all those mannequins and body parts was a lot of fun and made both of us very very horny. But we wouldn't give into our lust until everything was done – everything but one thing. We had one place right next to the entrance where one of us should stand and welcome our first guests and the mall manager personally. But of course not as a human, but as a display. We each had something in mind but wouldn't tell the other. Since we were about to throw a coin. Whoever wins gets to greet the guests. Of course the transformation would have to take place one day before the opening. Thus one of us would be completely stiff for more than one day may be even way longer.

Now everything was done. We both went through the checklist again, which took forever, and after we were through with that it already was past eight in the evening. Leyla got out a coin. I chose tails and heads came up. But I wasn't disappointed since I got to play with Leyla again. And she was all for it.

I got the markers out of the safe and when I came back Leyla was all naked. The mall was still open and people were passing by one could hear them very clearly, but they couldn't see through the still shut blinds. Leyla had a horny grin on her beautiful face that said everything. She stood there with her blond shoulder long hair – the only hair, except her brows, on her entire body. Already she had a pose like a mannequins with a hollow back that struck out her perky breasts perfectly, her arms were hanging loose to her side and her right leg was slightly bent. I got the red marker and encircled her right nipple. In no time she was my Leyla mannequin to do with whatever I wanted to do.

Only I would know that it was her and not just an ordinary mannequin standing there greeting our customers. She did look a lot more refined than all the other mannequins but she was a mannequin now nevertheless.

Those sexy slender legs of hers, I just love them. They look longer than they actually are and they are the part of her that will greet our customers. I took the green marker and draw a line around her waist right above her hips. Within no time a joint appeared and I took her upper body off and lay her on the ground, very carefully, even though we had found out that we - as mannequins - are quite robust. (Yes there once was a stairway and a near heart attack by me.) I got the black nylon stockings out and put them onto her legs. I took my time before fitting the garter belt, onto which I fixed the stockings. No undies for you. Your sex will be prominent for all to see. I rubbed my fingers where she once had a slit. That got me very hot.

Now I leaned over her torso and marked her arms about 6 inches off of her shoulders and took them off. I couldn't resist my urge, so I took off my pants and underwear and set next to her upper body and rubbed my pussy on one of her arms. I got really wet but didn't want to come just yet. So I stopped and continued my work bottomless. I took her torso over to the counter and stood it right next to the cash register. I gave her a black corset with breast support but still revealing her breasts. It was black with a red lining that looked very sexy. But her head was misleading the eye, so it had to come off. I separated her head at the middle of her neck and took it off. I had special plans for it. I took the red marker and painted an X on her forehead that brought her back to life. She looked at me and asked: “Is it over?” When a light shudder run over her face. “It hasn't even begun yet.”, I said. “I just have to do one last thing.”

“I see.” she said in wonder of what might happen next.

I took her head lower between my legs for her to lick me. And she obliged willingly. She licked me with overwhelming speed and knowledge of my kinky spots, I came in a rush pushing her still alive head harder against my crotch.

“Thank you, honey.”, I said and then I put her head back on the counter and took the green marker to encircle her left eye. “Anytime”, she said. “I guess I get the idea. I like it.”, Leyla said with an aroused tone in her voice. By that I was done encircling her right eye as well and before she could say anything more I painted an O on her forehead. Immediately her head turned back into plastic, except her eyes, they were very much alive and will be for the rest of the time she'll be my store mannequin.

“Let me show you, what I used you for.”, I said, taking her head for a tour and showing her her upper torso with the corset. I touched her plastic breasts, which I knew she wouldn't be able to feel but seeing me touching her plastic body makes her wish she could feel it. Then I went over to her stockings display holding her mouth close to her crotch as if she should lick it, if she could. Then I planted her head in the shopping window. On the way over there I let her get a glance of her arms still laying useless on the ground. One of her arms had a light glimmer on it. In the shopping window there already lay a pair of sunglasses which I put over her eyes. I positioned her head in a way she could see everybody coming and going into the store and also get a look outside. Nobody would see her eyes moving behind the glasses. All they would see is a mannequins' head showing a pair of sunglasses.

Now that I was finally done decorating the store to the last detail it was time for me to leave. I put my pants back on and took Leyla's arms with me out the front door and locked it shut. Enjoying the feeling that Leyla was in there at three different places as my mannequin and knowing very well that her eyes followed my every step while I was leaving and locking up.

Once I got home I fixed me something to eat, just a little bit, since I was not only hungry but tired as well, and I desperately needed to sleep. But before closing my eyes I rubbed my pussy on one of her arms, while the other one was laying downstairs in the living room. I inserted her middle fingers, which had just the right position. I came very hard. It almost woke me up again. But I was too tired to get up. So I just let her arm slide down the bed and went to sleep.

I had wild dreams that night. Between the dreams I don't remember, I do remember the one dream where everything went wrong. At first no customers came to shop, then suddenly there was a big crowd rushing in and trampling around, throwing Leyla's body and legs to the ground and they splattered into thousand peaces. I heard her scream. With that scream I woke up and recognized the shrill sound of my alarm clock. That was not a good sign. Since the loud alarm was the emergency alarm, I must have overslepped. I looked at the time, and I only had an hour to get up, dressed and to our store. Where my Leyla was waiting for me with no knowledge of time what so ever. I guess she – her eyes fell asleep as well.

I got up, ran into the bathroom, brushed my teeth under the shower and was in a hurry to get dry again, got my clothes, which I luckily prepared the day before, and drive to the store. When I finally got there I realized that I had forgotten Leyla's arms back at home. One was in the bedroom, where did I put the other? Never mind. I'll find it for sure. Now it was time to open up the store. I didn't even have time to greet Leyla. I pointed at my wrist watch for her to see, and hopefully recognize that time was of the essence now.

When I was done and got the blinds up displaying Leyla's head to the shopping crowd in between all the other accessories and mannequin body parts I looked at my watch and saw that I had still about 10 minutes left until the mall opened. Half an hour after that the mall manager would arrive and bring flowers and a cameraman to take some opening pictures. We even had a catering service for our first guests. I was so excited how everything will work out. Will we sell enough? Will we have enough time for one another? How often would each of us be on display and in which ways? Will I find all of Leyla's arms? Questions only time can answer.

As expected the mall manager arrived on time with a beautiful bouqet of flowers and a bottle of champaign. He brought a whole bunch of people with him. As I found out later, most of them owned stores in the mall as well. Some of them became pretty good friends later on. But I wanted to tell you about the opening of our store.

The mall manager was a little disappointed that Leyla wasn't around. I told him that she was fixated on something else that required her full attention. If only he knew.

Once I got a vase for the flowers he stood them on Leyla's legs as if it was a table. He said that it would look good on those sexy legs while greeting the customers. After the official part was over and all pictures taken everybody was leaving and a few sandwiches were left. I took them back into our storage room and browsed through our new shop. Paying very close attention to Leyla's body parts. I touched her crotch a few times which made me get wet. I just got my hands off  her when my first customer came in to “just browse”.

I do have to tell you, that being a clerk is pretty uneventfull especially on opening day. I only had a few customers and a lot of time to think about what else I could do with Leyla, or what I would her want to do to me. Some of those ideas had a third person playing with us or us with them. I will have to talk to Leyla about that. Because a third person would really give us a lot more playing options. It would have to be someone we both trusted completely and who would at least be into the idea that we both wanted to be mannequins. I already had someone in mind. But as I said, I will have to talk to Leyla about that.

After the day was over, the mall manager came by again and wanted to know how our first day was. I told him that I thought it would be a lot better. He said that this is always the way with new shops. People need to get acustomed to them first. So I didn't give up hope. After he was gone I closed down the store.

I was really down by now. I got Leylas head out of the shopping window and used the green marker to heal her head back to her torso. Which I immediately put back onto her legs after putting down the vase. I put an X on her forehead and there she was, back alive, only to collapse into a great to watch orgasm. When she wanted to get back up, she realized that she had no arms. I got a mischievous look from her.

“What?!” I said, “I overslepped and forgot your arms at home. One is in our bedroom and the otherone must still be in the livingroom. I guess.”

“What else to expect.” She said in a way I could not get angry at her. I got her back to her feet. She was realy sexy looking in those hot stockings, garter belt and clack corset. That and the previous sight of her orgasming realy got me back to a good mood. I told her everything about today. She especially liked the part where her legs and waist where used a vase stand the whole day. Then she agreed to what the mall manager said, that everything will get better soon.

I do hope that was not her optimism speaking. As it turned out, only a few days after opening our shop it ran pretty well. We both were glad at that. I also spoke to her about my idea to bring a third person into our game. I told her who I had in mind. She agreed with a lot of lust showing through.

When we got home she wasn't at all anxious to get her arms back. She enjoyed being that helpless. I took off her coat, that I gave her before we left the store, and she went right into the living room, laying herself on the couch with her legs wide open.

“Disassamble me...”, she moaned. I got the red marker and turned her into plastic. Now that is a sexy mannquin, I thought. Let's make a 3D-puzzle out of her. I got the green marker and started to take her legs apart. Each leg now was laying around in three pieces, her feet and her legs seperated at the knees. Now I got her waist off, just over her pelvis. I removed her head now and stood it on the table just to revive it and let her watch. She even gave me instructions on how to cut her plastic body. I devided her torso down vertically in the middle and made three pieces of each as well. Now I got her arms and they got devided into three as well.

“Revive 'em all”, she exclaimed lustfully. Boy was I wet. I got the red marker and revived all her bodyparts. Now that realy was a sight. I could clearly see how her body parts moved. It was kind of creepy, but also very hot to look at. That would top any halloween show!

“Please make me come like that. Please.”, Sandy said in her horny voice.

“I have an idea.”, I said and went into our bedroom to get our largest suitcase. I put all of her body parts in there, her head went in last. Then I took her upstairs onto our bed only to let her roll out piece by piece onto our bed. I put her in no specific order onto her side of the bed when I grabbed her pussy and started licking and fingering her. It didn't take her long to come loud and screaming. After that I put her pussy back onto her side and took her head between my legs for her to service me now. It didn't take me long as well to come very hard.

I put her head back onto her cusion and covered her random laying body parts with a blanket. I soon fell asleep.

A lot of work to do tomorrow, putting her back together before going to open up our store again. But this time she would no doubt help me wake up.


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