Marked Mannequins Part 3

by Ruudschi

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© Copyright 2011 - Ruudschi - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; transform; mannequin; change; display; disassemble; insert; climax; oral; mast; cons; X

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Part Three

[this is a continuation of the Parts I and II, feel free to read them first, you're in for a treat]

Sandy was all over our store, literally. The thing is that no customer would ever recognize it. Sandy was in her mannequin state. I turned her into a mannequin two weeks ago and had quite some fun with her. With the green marker I was able to disassemble her in any way I wanted. I just had to draw a green line around a body part and a seam would appear at which I could take her apart. I was even able to revive just one part of her by writing an X with the red marker on that body part. If I wanted to bring her back together I'd just have to reassemble her and mark the seams with the green marker which then would let the seams disappear. There was another funny thing I noticed while playing around with her. If I put a body part onto any surface and mark the seam with the green marker that body part would be fused with that surface. That opened up quite some new possibilities for us to play with each other. I was even able to revive that body part.

But for now I was in our lingerie store waiting for the last customers to exit and may be buy something. At nine everybody had left and I was able to close up the store and shut the blinds to the mall. After I counted our earnings of today I put the money into our safe and took our markers. I got the trolley from our storage area as well as Sandy's head. Which I had left back there since she would distract me too much from work. I am always inclined to revive her head. But as long as I don't see it nothing will distract me. Tonight I would have to reassemble and revive her. So I got all her body parts from the store. There were her legs displaying some stockings, her pelvis displayed a nice thong and her upper torso showed a nice see through bra – I had left her arms at home the entire two weeks.

I marked her legs so that I would have five pieces of each leg. That makes it easier to fit her into the trolley since her pelvis and torso take up so much space already. After everything was in the trolley I grabbed her head and off we went to the parking lot. I put the trolley with her precious body parts in the trunk and her head was put on the passenger seat next to me.

Finally back home I solved the puzzle of putting her legs back together and put everything else where it belonged. I used the green marker to make her body whole again and lay her onto our bed. Now it was time to revive her and watch her orgasm. I wrote an X on her right thigh and within seconds she was all flesh. She turned her head to look at me and just as she wanted to give me a smile her eyes drew back into her head, her body spasmed and she had an almost ten minute long orgasm. As per her wish before turning her into a mannequin I did not revive any large parts of her. And even if did, I only did it for a few minutes (her hands are just so exquisite and know my every spot). Thus this huge orgasm would be ensured. And as it turns out it is a great orgasm to watch.

While she was spasming I decided, though I wanted to watch, to fix a quick meal and a soda. Since she would really need it after such an exercise. It was so great hearing her squirm in her orgasm until it finally faded. When I came up she lay there exhausted, limp and happy to see me with a prepared meal. She didn't say anything, but I saw in her eyes that she was happy. That was thanks enough. I went to take a shower while she was eating up, when I was done and returned I didn't see her anymore. She left, and took the dishes with her. So I went to the kitchen and then I saw her in the living room with the two markers in hand and a mischievous smile on her face.

“Already..? I thought at least you'd need a little nap.”

“I have plans for you my sexy mannequin.”, she replied in a seductive tone which I could not refuse.

“Come on over to the table and let your bathrobe fall down. I need you in all your glory.” I did as she asked and couldn't wait for what was in store for me. “O.K., lean over the table and spread your legs as wide as you need to to rest comfortably with your tummy on the table.”

So I did. I went over to the table stood straight up, then I leaned over and my ass was very prominent to her view. Now I spread my legs until my hip was level with the table. I just felt a small 'O' being placed on my right ass cheek, when everything went black.

Next thing I got back to consciousness I saw my mannequin ass and legs still leaning against the table, a small shudder went through my bones, so I hadn't been out for long. My torso was now sealed to the cupboard opposite the table. I was whole from my tummy upward.

“I want you to see everything I will do to you. Well I will eventually have to separate your head, but that will only take a short while.”, Sandy said.

“I can't wait to see what you will do to me.” I exclaimed with delight. – “Just watch...”, and a smile ran over her face.

With that she took the green marker and encircled my legs about 7 inches below my crotch. As soon as she was done the seams appeared and she first took my left leg off and just let it fell to the ground. “Hey...” I said as in anger but with a smile. My legs, those legs now only were plastic parts and as such they were handled. Now she took my right leg off as well and just like the other let it fall to the ground.

“Now to the special part.”, Sandy smiled. She took my hips still bent in a 90 degree angle and positioned them onto a wooden display I hadn't seen before. It was just a little bigger than my hips, it had a flat base and a small wall straight up. She took the green marker and fused first my legs to the bottom of the wood display, and then she fused my other half of my tummy to the wall of the display. “Now lets see.”, she produced the red marker out of her pocket and painted an 'X' on my ass just where she previously painted the 'O' to change me. In just moments my hips were alive again. It was a strange feeling being bent at the hips but yet standing upright on the cupboard. I instinctively wanted to stand back up, but I couldn't. As confusing as it was, as delightful I found the idea.

“I like the way you're thinking, hon.”

“Yes, now I can carry your private parts anywhere and play with you as often as I want to, and you can as well. Wait a sec.”

She jumped over to me, turned me into a mannequin again, but I could still feel my pussy and ass being alive. Suddenly my right hand came alive as well. She must have separated it from my arm. And now I felt my hand touching my pussy. I immediately started to touch my clit just like that I lost contact again. She must have drawn me back. Now again something, there was my ass. My hand was being stroked around my buttocks and I grabbed them fiercely. Now I also felt another hand on my slit, covering it completely, Sandy was on to something, and I liked it, well at least the things I could feel. Now my hand was on top of my ass right in the middle, held in place by Sandy. I started to explore my ass. First my middle finger went into my ass with the tip. It was such a great feeling. I just fingered my ass a bit, when she took my hand again and led my fingers to my slit. I eagerly slid two fingers in at once, she rocked my hand and I could adjust my fingers, it was so great, I wanted more.

I indicated that I want to stop by trying to pull my fingers out. She seemed to have understood that, so she withdrew my hand and as such my fingers. I made a fist with my hand and hoped she'd understand. She did, I could feel my knuckles on my pussy lips. Now I straightened out my fingers and she gently pushed my hand in, first up until the knuckles, back out, back in, out and in, out and in, again and again, it was so great, not being in control but trusting her with my body to do with as she pleased. We were past my knuckles now, only the thumb had to get in as well and my hand would be buried deep inside me. There it was the sharp pain and the sudden release, I swear I had a mini orgasm just then.

She pushed my hand in even further, till it was completely inside up to my wrist. Now only 2 or 3 inches must have shown of the rest of my arm. With that she let my hand go. And just as my muscles would have tried to pushed it back out again, she held it steady, and I also felt a marker  going around my pussy lips and around my clit. And then all of a sudden I could feel an 'O' being marked on my ass again. Now I couldn't feel the rest of my hips anymore, but still my hand was alive, and my pussy as well as my clit. But any muscle contraction was useless, the plastic skin outside the marked area didn't give way, and my hand was buried in my pussy with no way whatsoever to get back out until the rest was flesh again. It was such a great feeling. Suddenly the rest of my senses came back to life. My head was now sitting on the table with a first row view of my hand buried in my pussy.




I love you, I am so full right now, please rub my clit, please please please....”, was the first thing I said... well shouted.

“Actually, I won't.” She grinned.

“May be you can work out an orgasm on your own with your hand inside. I mean, it won't go anywhere soon.”

Immediately I started moving my fingers. It was so funny to see the stump move which protruded out of my pussy. It was quite a sight and quite a feeling.

“By the way,”, Sandy said, “you were right, I do need a nap. – Have fun in there.” I didn't really recognize what she said since I was so into my pussy, until she suddenly waved a goodbye and a smile that I could die for. I heard her picking up some or all the rest of my mannequin parts. While I enjoyed the feeling of my hand fixated deep inside my vagina. I tried making a fist several times but it just wouldn't give.

'Well, I seem to have plenty of time', I thought to my self and continued playing with my hand inside me.

I really like how my inerts are pressed against each other, it almost feels as if I had to pee. But I wouldn't want to give into that. First of all, I probably could not, since my hand blocked my urethra, and second of all my head stood right in front of my pussy. Suddenly I felt my legs come to life, first the right one and shortly after the left one. A small spasm went up my legs; when I let them fall then my feet the ground. She must have mounted them on a wall somewhere. Now my left arm came to life as well. Again a sudden shudder, and I tried to feel around. I could feel my legs one to the left an one to the right of my arm. She must have mounted my arm with my shoulder between my legs on the wall. I stopped all movement of my hand in my pussy as to await what came next. While feeling around with my arm in a room somewhere in the house I felt plastic breasts and right next to it a plastic tummy. They seemed to have been mounted flat below my arm on the wall, my back was missing. Suddenly my bust and short after my tummy came alive.

That was it.

I came as strong as I never came before. I screamed from the table, my hand in my pussy was massaged by my orgasming vagina which I tried to fight with my hand and fingers, which in turn made it feel even better. My legs where spasming, stomping on the ground. I couldn't hear them hitting the ground, but I was too loud anyway. I soon tried to grab my breasts and kneaded them heavily, pinched my nipples hard while my hand in my pussy was still formed to a fist.

It took quite a while for me to calm down. Since Sandy had to play with my walled body parts as well. She played with my breasts and fondled them and twitched my nipples quite hard.

When I got quiet and took deep breaths to regain myself she let go of my breasts. I let my legs fall down loosely and my arm hang down over my breasts. I could feel them move from my heavy breathing. I tried not to move my hand in my pussy, but then again, I didn't listen to my will. I just had to open my fist and straighten my fingers out again. Wow, that almost sent me over again.

At that moment Sandy came rushing in.

“That was so amazing! Hearing you cum, watching your body parts spasm on the wall. Your arm fondling with your breasts. Now THIS is bondage, hon! Come. You've got to see what I did to our bedroom.”

She grabbed my head and off we went, leaving my hips with my hand in my pussy behind on the table.

While walking over to our bedroom she held my head up to kiss me. And kiss we did – it was heavenly. While kissing she walked a lot slower to our bedroom. Just when we entered it she broke the kiss.

“Ta daaa...”, she turned my head around to see.

There I was, opposite our bed on the wall just as I imagined: My slender legs protruded from the wall about 3 feet apart with my feet comfortably sitting on the ground. My left arm right between them was affixed there with my shoulder to the wall and right beneath were my sexy breasts and my tummy next to each other heaving from my breathing.

I tried to coordinate my arm and started feeling up my legs, then my breasts again and then my tummy.

“Erh, Sandy..”

“Yes, Leyla?”

“My right hand is still...”

“I know. How does it feel?”

“Great actually, warm and moist and full.”

“I can't even imagine, you'll have to do something similar to me soon. But for now, it's my turn. And since it's friday, and tomorrow is a regular holiday you have the whole weekend to enjoy every part of you being a living collage.”

“You will keep me like this the entire weekend? Even my hand in my pussy?!?”

“Yup. – Bondage, my dear. Bondage. Another kind, but still. Hey and by the way, I will bring your pussy right back up and hang it so, that you can play with your clit as well.” She lay my head on my pillow facing the rest of me on the wall, while she went to get my hand with my pussy around it to hang it in range of my left arm and for me to play with myself.

“O.K., hon, now let's put a sheet over you on the wall so you won't freeze tonight.”

With that she hung a white sheet over my legs, fixing it with pins to the wall so no air would come through. My pussy was right in the middle under my breasts and tummy, where I could easily reach my clit.

Sandy took off her clothes and lay down into our bed, covering herself and taking my head down between her legs. I started licking her juices which had accumulated after watching me cum so hard. Meanwhile I also started playing on my clit with the stump of my hand still protruding out of my pussy. I also started to push it even deeper while forming a fist.

We came several times that night. Both of us fell asleep pretty soon. Me on the wall and some plastic parts of me under the bed.

– To be continued –


“Tomorrow I must have to talk with her about that third person we wanted to involve.” Leyla thought while she doze off still with her head between Sandy's legs.


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