New Doll

by Fetishbabe

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© Copyright 2005 - Fetishbabe - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; mod; lovedoll; packing crate; shipped; reluctant; XX

Part One

I didn’t remember even applying for the job, it was just one of those vast numbers of adverts I had seen and applied for in the six months since I had left school. 

But now I had an interview!

OK I had had many interviews in the past, but they were all bottom of the scrap heap type jobs – like MacDonald’s – and I had even failed to get a job there. 

But this job actually looked good – now that I found the paperwork, an office assistant – even I could do that! OK I wasn’t stupid, but I am not a rocket scientist either!

Getting ready for the interview, I really tried, but when you have a body like mine, nothing looks good or smart.

I know I have some good points, my hair for example; natural honey blonde, straight, full, and long – right down to the top of my bum. 

I know; -  People have always said my face is pretty, but I think it’s plain, “Just a little make-up and you would look fantastic,” they would say, but I couldn’t do make-up, unless of course you liked the ‘Coco the clown’ look!

My chest was a nice size, 33 inch just under the breasts – Breasts! - If I had any that is, two fried eggs would push out further than my boobs. But it didn’t go with the rest of me – let’s face it, all the parts would look great if they matched. That was the problem I had a fantastic waist only 22 inch” but then it all went wrong, my hips - well over 37 inches now I guess.

I would have been happy with my top and waist if the hips were OK, - don’t get me wrong my hips and bum were great in themselves, but they didn’t match the rest of me. I had been made fun of in school, and of course no real boyfriends. 

The interview went fine, I explained what I had done in school, my interests (that was just sewing – it had to be! Buy a pair of jeans to fit my hips, and I had to adjust the waist! – Nothing ever fit me without major re-work).

“Do you know what we do here?” Ms Fox said.

“Not really, I couldn’t really find any information out about Efox models”

“Ah – I see”, then under her breath “That explains it” 

I have blown it – I know I have!!!

“We don’t get a lot of applicants really… We pay over the odds, but because of what we make…”

“What do you make?”

“We work in the sex industry, making specialist lifelike love dolls”

I was stifling a huge giggle – Rubber dolls – they make Rubber dolls – all I could think about was the scene in Airplane with the auto-pilot…  “Oh!”

“Does that put you off? What are your thoughts on that?”

What was I to say? Yea I ain’t making bits of plastic for weirdoes to hump – I wanted to, but I needed a job!

“No I am fine with that, obviously it’s a service that some…. people need, and keeps people employed, and so on..”

“Oh I am pleased you are so sensible about it, look I really think you would suit this job..”

I have got a job! I have got a job!

“…But ..”

Oh no, another rejection – not again.

“.. I would really like you to be OK with this, so, let’s do a quick tour of the factory, if you are still OK with it then the job is yours.”

We set off down to the shop floor, I realised it Efox models – it’s her place Ms Fox, what was her first name Erica, Emily…

“Here is a completed model ready for shipment, we try to..”

“It’s fantastic..” I couldn’t help interrupting her, but I had imagined a cheep bit of inflatable plastic. But she was so real. She? – well.. this thing! It just looked so real, the subtle colour of the skin, hair, and perfect make-up, the only thing wrong was the body was too good, her hips and waist – I guess they were about my size, but with her huge boobs, the package looked just too good.

“Yes we are the market leaders, my partner and I were into special effects, for TV and film, then he was asked could he make a full doll, and that’s it really. We have never looked back, - go on touch her”

Tentatively I touched the doll’s arm “She is warm.. Real… how?..”

“No.. A lot, well I guess everyone, thinks that, but it’s the special foam rubber we use, when you touch something it takes the heat away from your finger, so it feels cold, this is still cold, but the foam is insulating, it doesn’t take the heat from your touch away so it doesn’t feel cold, Come I will show you around from the moulding right through.”

It was strange to see all the body parts, which of course looked so false and un-realistic when they come out of the moulds, then the trimming of the parts (That looked boring!), then the painting department.

“Ah, that’s how you make them so real, it’s the paint!”

“Yes, but not really, it’s the whole thing, the package, and it’s not paint, we use natural dyes, paint would just flake-off the foam..”
Just then the spray both opened, and out stepped well.. a spaceman 

“Is it safe? – It must be toxic with him having to have all that gear on”

“No it’s perfectly safe, we could spray straight onto skin, no problem, the problem is the dye, it soaks right into the skin, like a sun tan, you cannot wash it off, you have to wait until the skin is replaced, depending upon how far the colour is away from your own skin colour that takes about 3 to 6 months, so the guys have to protect themselves or they would be all shades! Come I will show you the rest…”

Well I got the job after the tour, my duties were to answer the phone, shuffle paperwork, make sure there was always sufficient stock of raw materials etc. I even selected sexy clothing and rubber ware from catalogues to suit customer requirements.

Russell, he was the sculptor for the bodies asked me to model for him “you must be kidding” I would say, “No you have a great body, it’s your waist and hips, all the models we get have good boobs – courtesy of Mr Silicone of course, but no one has the slim waist like you – I have to make that all up. You can add Boobs, you cannot take-away waist!” 

By about six months or so I really didn’t think too much about the kinky side of it any more, even the “weekend” versions. That bit really shocked me a first, basically one could hire a “love doll” for a time (a few days, a week, but generally it was over the weekend – hence the name), we would make a few customisations for a weekender but it was usually a standard doll – almost always the kneeling open mouthed variety! When it was returned any clothing was thrown away, it was washed down with disinfectant – the kneeling doll would be placed on two special nozzles, one in the front and one up the bum, which would clean the inside whilst sprays cleaned the outside, she would be dried then put back on the shelf!

It was the Friday morning break time, and I was chatting with the other staff, when Erica (it was Erica Fox!) said:

“Look guys, we are going to struggle with the orders today, can any of you work over the weekend to get us back on track?”

I said I would love too; my parents had gone away a few days ago - for just over three months and I was getting bored at home! 

Mark said he couldn’t, as he was going skydiving.

“Oh I would love to do that…” Everyone just looked at me

“Ok we all have a dream.. I guess.. well I probably try to back-out at the last minute, I would have to be forced.  I have always fancied doing that, never had the opportunity”

“I could take you next time if you want.”

“Oh please.. “  - Everyone was looking at me strangely  “I know it’s a bit weird but I have always wanted to do that”

The conversation continued, Erica looked really pleased, even brought me a cup of coffee.

Whoa, I must have blanked out there for a moment I thought, but I couldn’t move my mouth, I was stood up facing a TV, my arms were tied up behind me, I grunted I couldn’t speak..

“Hello sleepyhead” It was Erica  “You might want to watch this”

The TV started playing what was clearly a video of our break but… the conversation…. it was different.

“Look guys, we have had a weird request, some guy wants a real girl sent to him – done up as a weekender ”

“Oh I would love to do that…” --- That was me!

“What are you sure?”

“Ok we all have a dream.. I guess.. well I probably try to back-out at the last minute, I would have to be forced.  I have always fancied doing that, never had the opportunity”

“You really want to do that?”

“Oh please, I know it’s a bit weird but I have always wanted to do that”

I was practically begging for them to turn me into a doll!

Erica stopped the tape. “Yes you are correct, we dubbed over some bits of the conversation. Once the drug took effect you even signed a contract about it, if you try to back-out we can sue you no problem… Here look at you now”

 She held up a mirror, I couldn’t believe what I saw: My hair was brought-up into a single pink band about 3 inch wide above my head, out of which it flowed down like a mane, but it was my face.. My lips were seductively open in slightly open and inviting shape - just like the dolls, and glistening in a beautiful pink, I could see my tongue – it was pierced! I tried to move it, it moved a bit but it appeared fixed somehow.

“That took us ages to do, you have a plastic mouthpiece in there, it’s fixed to your teeth holding your mouth open, it goes down your throat, so you cannot speak, nor will you gag when anything goes down there, your new tongue piercing is fixed to it!”

But I was captivated, it was clear they had made me up just like one of the dolls, the make-up made my face look beautiful. I just knew they had used the dyes just like on the dolls, on them it looked real, on me it looked slightly plastic, not much, but a little.

Erica moved the mirror away so that now I could see the whole of me, I was totally nude, they had even shaved my pussy, somehow this made my waist look even smaller, but my boobs.. well they looked bigger.

I tried to resist but I was held firm “It’s no use resisting, it will be easier for you if you just go along with it now, it could be very painful otherwise”

I realised of course that Erica was correct, - I was stuffed!

So they released my bonds from behind me, I instinctively looked at my hands, again they were dyed, - a lovely natural skin colour, but I had nails, long nails glistening in a pink to match my lips. 

I was made to walk over to the spray booth, I didn’t resist, I guess it was the shock.

The dye felt soothing as it was sprayed all over my legs and body, after a few minutes to dry off I was walked over to a full length mirror, I looked perfect! My skin just looked perfect, not a blemish over my whole body, as I was looking, transfixed by my own reflection; my arms were tied and pulled up behind me. 

The mirror was pulled away, and I saw Erica coming towards me with a large syringe, I tried to struggle “Don’t worry, you may have noticed your boobs were bigger, well now they are going to get a whole lot bigger! – Its only saline solution, after several days, the saline solution will be adsorbed”

I felt the needle go into my left breast, I could feel the solution going in, it felt like I was exploding, then my right boob, again it felt like I was exploding, she stopped for a minute or so and then repeated it again and again, When she stopped, I could feel the weight on my chest, but it was the sense of size I could feel so strongly.

It took me a few minutes to recover, but then the mirror was back, Oh my God! I was fantastic; I looked just like one of the dolls! 

The slightly too big breasts, with the incredibly small waist then the wide hips – it all worked, I was just like a fantasy woman, just unreal.

I realised my hands were free, but I was too occupied with my image to think, a tight pink lacy suspender belt was slipped around my waist, then pink stockings up my legs, these were sprayed with the fixer (it was used on all the weekender models, it was sprayed on the stockings, which temporally fixed them, it stopped them getting damaged in transit), incredibly high healed shoes were fitted, again in pink, then a pink (I could see a pattern here) frilly bow was put around my neck. 

I was walked over to the packing area, almost in a haze. The heels were difficult to walk in, but I managed it, then I realised I had to be packed!

Once I realised I started to resist but to no avail, I was to be a kneeling model, and I knew how they were sent!  In no time my ankles and knees were fixed to the base, knees wide apart, heels close together, one each side of the transit support. My body was forced down onto the transit support I cried inside as the monster was forced into my arse, for a normal doll it just provided support so in the kneeling position the doll didn’t flop over. In my case though….. I was being invaded!

My hands were also secured behind me, down near my ankles. I was stuck!

Then they injected foam into the plastic bag I was kneeling upon, the resulting reaction causing the foam to expand, providing full support around my legs. 

Erica approached, this time she looked quite sympathetic but then I felt her grab my nipple, “Sorry, but the customer has been quite exacting over his order” My nipple exploded in pain, she repeated it on my other nipple, again the pain was immense. I tried to look down, but could only see a slight glint of gold around my nipple. I couldn’t make out what was there – but it was stinging. Then my clit exploded, Erica backed off a bit, I looked down as much as I could – I was pierced through my clit, - with a cute gold ring.

The mirror was back again - I looked up. I was unbelievable I looked just like one of the dolls, the colours the texture looked just like one of the dolls. My shape was too much, just impossible to be real, and such a submissive position, my mouth open ready for a cock to slide in. The gold rings now adorning my nipples and clit contrasted well with the delicate pink stockings, suspender belt, and necklet.

“I am sorry, it just had to be you, your waist you see. We could enhance your breasts, but we couldn’t reduce someone’s waist.”

She approached with the ticketing gun. “Sorry, but he really wants everything to be like a ‘love doll’ “ With that she placed the gun up to the flesh of my left boob, and fired. The pain in my already throbbing breast was unbelievable, but now the standard documentation was fixed to me via the plastic tagging barb, which was now pierced through the skin of my boob!

I looked in the mirror; I really was a ‘love doll’ now, dressed and customised for the customer’s wishes, my maintenance, care and advertising literature tagged to my left boob as standard, as they closed the crate over me I knew what was next, I would be collected today by the courier like all the other ‘love dolls’ transported and delivered for the Saturday pre 9 am service at the customer’s delivery address.

Whoever it was, what would he do with me?

Story continues in Part Two


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