New Doll 2

by Fetishbabe

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Storycodes: MMM/f; mod; lovedoll; packing crate; reluct/cons; X

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Part Two

It seemed like an age (well I did have the transit support up my arse!) I sensed the loading bay doors being opened. I heard the general chit-chat with the courier man, “Fifteen for you today Bob, twelve are next day before niners” “And the others?” “Two are international, and the last is Monday AM”

They sorted the paperwork out. Then starting shifting us dolls, Us Dolls!! – What was I thinking? Almost immediately I was frozen to the spot, crying inside to myself with the realization. Then I felt the crate being moved, my anal intruder slipping jerkily in and out of me as I was bounced across the shop floor. I thought the wheeled trucks gave a smooth ride – apparently not!

Then Bang! The crate was dropped off the two-wheeled truck and a couple of sharp sideways moves as the crate was manhandled into line on the truck, I was shaking with fear!

Soon all of the love dolls were loaded along with me, and we set off. You don’t really appreciate how poor and pot-holed the roads are in England until you take a trip as a ‘love doll’ fixed kneeling with a transit support up your arse!

I forget how many other pick-ups he made, but eventually the other ‘love dolls’ and myself were all being unloaded, and again I suffered as the crate was manhandled into storage. I could hear movement all around, but I was left alone.

Suddenly I sensed there were people outside my crate.  “No it’s true these dolls are fantastic – here take a look.” 

I heard some scratching about – in the next crate it was one of the other dolls that was being examined!

Then it was my crate! – I froze solid, trying to stay as still as possible. 

The light from a torch entered my crate, I could see it moving towards me, it turned, and in the reflected light I could see it was a small camera, with a light at the end, the type that can be moved around in places one cannot get in to, only about ¼ inch diameter I guess, I remained frozen to the spot in terror.

“Yua fucking right mate, these are un-fucking-believable”

 “I said they were real like”

“yea, but this one’s the best mate, it ain’t no more real than the last, but whoever gave it this body – fucking hell” 

“Fuck! It’s George, let’s go”

The light disappeared “Oh you two, what you doing? Get those northern boxes loaded”

I breathed a sigh of relief, then thought – hang on he thinks I am more fantasy doll than real!

In only a few minutes again I suffered as the crate was moved into a new place. This time I guess it was the long-distance truck, the loading took ages but eventually we were all on our way, was I still with the other dolls? 

The pain through my body was intoxicating, at each bump the a transit support up my arse, jiggled in and out, the rings in my nipples and clit bounced, and my standard documentation tugged on my left breast via the plastic tagging barb – I felt alive!

We stopped, perhaps at a central distribution centre; I was unloaded, shifted, stored and then re-loaded, transported again, then again; unloaded, shifted, stored, re-loaded, transported, I lost count as I was couriered across the country.

Eventually I sensed it was a small truck, making my final trip to my purchaser!

My body was in turmoil I had experienced several fantastic orgasms during the trip, but just didn’t know what to expect now.  When the moving had ceased for some time; I knew I had arrived at my destination.

Suddenly the crate was being opened, the light blinded me since I had been transported in almost total darkness for I guess 19 hours, but as my eyes adjusted I could see him facing me, looking at me all over. Since the initial blinding I had stayed totally still, I had decided during the night that it would be best to just go along and act like a genuine ‘love doll’ – if he was prepared to pay for this – what would he do if I acted like trouble?

He tutted and sighed with a bit of disappointment, “Never mind, she still looks so realistic”, he said aloud – but I guess to himself.

He unzipped his fly, and took his cock out, it was already quite stiff as he placed it on my lips, he gently eased it over my lips, back and forward a few times, it felt fantastic! 

Before this, I had never got past ‘point 1’ with a boy before; I was still a virgin who had only had a brief play with a boy’s cock.

Now these sensations from my lips as his bulbous cock rode in and out over my lips were driving me wild, I had never imagined what a blow job would be like.

His cock drove further in, and I could feel the underside of his cock rubbing along my tongue, the ball pierced through my tongue was having some serious effect on him as well! 

I tried to curl my tongue up as he withdrew, but then he stopped – almost in shock, I froze again, I thought it would be nice for him, but it stopped him, after a moment he started again.

He started to drive it further and further in, but with a huge rhythmic motion the bulbous end slipping in through my lips, sliding along my tongue, and finally right down my throat till his balls slapped against my chin, his powerful hands forcing my head on to him, not that I would have resisted, I was loving every minute of it! 

At each drive and withdrawal of his cock, the pull on my head was relaxed and I sank down on the transit support, which pulsated up my arse, followed by pressure on my head again and I was lifted slightly off.

I was being driven wild! 

In the past I had tried to masturbate at home, I had pulled at my nipples, or used my hairbrush up my cunt, even tried playing with my clit, but it had felt too silly and un-sexy. But this! Wow, every part of me was being excited, the feelings in my mouth and throat, the monster up my bum, my tits jiggling with the heavy rings sending my nipples into orbit, and the ring in my clit – this was bringing me sooo close!

It was such a physical explosion of sensation, but it was the complete mind-fuck that was with it, here I was just a standard ‘love doll’ still secured to her transport packaging in the ultimate submissive pose, even her standard documentation remained fixed to her breast via the plastic tagging barb, she was here to be used – and that ‘love doll’ was me!

I could feel the explosions from my clit, I was coming, such a fantastic high, I was there, the sensations rocketing through my body. Then his cock tensed, and I could feel him exploding down my throat, and he relaxed, but for what seemed like ages after this I was still there, my orgasm slowly subsiding, coming inevitably back to reality. As I came off this massive high, I could feel my breasts heaving, then in complete shock he spoke.

“What.. Woh.. You ….Your real!”

He stepped back and looked at me, I looked up and slowly nodded.

He looked fantastic, wow, this guy was gorgeous, he could have any girl he wanted, OK at this moment he looked like a complete prick, stood there, his half erect cock dangling out of his fly, and a completely gormless, shocked look on his face, but other than that….

“My god!… How?… It’s just well your body – it looks too good to be real, I just didn’t think any girl could look so,  Jesus!”

He slipped his cock back in his jeans, as he paced backwards and forwards, he looked so excited, but didn’t know what to do. I was finally coming back down to earth after the massive orgasm, and was able to take this guy in, fairly short hair, perhaps a little balding at the top, his large chest showed perfect pectoral muscles rippling as he paced, his arms tensing and relaxing as he turned, his white t-shirt hid nothing! His face looked, well it was difficult to see his expression was of confusion, excitement, and yes boyhood excitement summed it up!

He left through one of the doors off the hallway, I could make it out now, I was still in the hallway, he returned after a minute or so, came straight up to me lifted my documentation and cut the plastic tagging barb, he pulled the tag out of my skin making me jump a little. Strange, I felt slightly disappointed that I was no longer tagged!

He stood reading the paperwork he had just removed, looked at me.

“Should have read this first, shouldn’t I?” “It says you are a ‘live love doll – Jo’” he laughed “Yea, Jo live love doll!… Wow”

He lent behind me and cut the two tie wraps fixing my ankles to the base, and then he released the straps from around behind my knees, my arms still firmly attached to my corresponding ankles. Grasping, one arm under my legs and his other between my back and arms, he lifted me up - off my anal friend; and carried me through to what looked like his bedroom, he placed me down on the bed, on my back, I was in exactly the same super submissive post I had held since yesterday, but this time lying on my back, he stood back, shaking his head in disbelief as he left the room.

By all manner of common-sense I should be terrified, my hands still tie-wrapped to my ankles, lying naked with my legs apart, my pussy on display to whomever walked through the door, in some strange town I don’t know where, with a strange man who had already violated my mouth and throat; - but I wasn’t!

Instead I just lay there, feeling content; it was like I had found my place in life.

He came back in the room looking nervous – looked at me, shook his head and left. A few minutes later, he re-entered the room and repeated his look, head shake and left, like a little boy, excited but nervous he came in and out of the room for ages, always undecided. 

It took some time, but then I realised, ‘He Was Nervous About Using Me!!!!’ 

I sniggered to myself, what drip orders a ‘love doll’ and then can’t use it? After all I am only a toy for his use! He re-entered the room, turned to leave, I could feel my mind screaming, “I am just a love doll, so get in here and use me – no-one will know!” He turned back in my direction, purposefully this time, and with a sense of determination, he removed his jeans – had he heard my mind screaming?

Almost immediately he positioned himself in front of me, I swung my legs out a bit to give him better access – should a love doll do that?

I could feel his cock touching the outside of my pussy folds – or should that be “No 2 hole - front?” But then he stopped, moved down a bit, and pushed his cock in my arse – sorry “No 3 hole – rear”!

The sensations as the end made it’s way in, sent shivers throughout my body, slowly he worked his cock-head in and out, he was obviously savouring the feeling as it slipped in and out of my rear hole, progressively he pushed deeper and deeper on each stroke, but to my delight he increased his stroke as well, so I had the pleasure of his bulbous head working it’s way through my entrance combined with the long deep thrusts within me, it was over all too quickly as his cock exploded in me, I could feel his body shudder each time his cock pumped his cum into my hole.

I was panting, I could feel my chest rising and falling, but with each breath my pant slowly diminished to a normal rate. His limp cock slid out of me as he stood up, somehow it felt just right that he didn’t need to speak, or even acknowledge my existence, after all I was just a love doll.

He left the room returning after some time, he showered, and changed – he was clearly going out, so I was left undisturbed on the bed, only the few glances directed at me, usually followed by the shake of the head and smile acknowledged I was there.

I woke with a start, he was back, I could sense it was dark and very late, but he was not alone, was that one other? No,, - two others I think. He burst into the room, I could smell the beer on him, he strode over to the bed, lifted me up and placed me on my knees in my usual standard submissive pose for a ‘Love doll – kneeling version’, he took a couple of steps back as his two friends entered, one each side of him.

“See, what did I say”

“Cor, she’s good, but she ain’t real!”

“Na, you’re off you’re head mate, it’s just one of those dolls, like that company your dad invested in makes.” 

“Look guys, she is from Efox models, and she is real!”

“No way, no living person has a dream figure like that, skin perfect, and look at the mouth,!!”

My owner walked across to me, stroked my head

“Oh she is real all right, aren’t you dear!”

I nodded slowly; the one on the left just laughed, “Mechatronics, you’re operating a control!”

The other looked unconvinced either way, - I could feel his eyes burning into me.

“No she is breathing!”

My owner lifted me on the bed facing away from the other two, leaving them arguing – was I real, was I not.  He stripped, and then manoeuvred himself under me, between my legs, and with his hand he quickly slipped his cock full depth into my pussy. I breathed in quickly, shocked at the abruptness of it. “Well are you joining in guys?” 

His question snapped the other two back from their argument, and within moments, I was a fully utilised love doll! The one from the left was thrusting deep in my “No 3 hole – rear”, my owner in my “No 2 hole – front” and the remaining cock ramming down my “No 1 hole – oral”.

I was torn this way and that, as they went in and out of sync with each other’s thrusting, occasionally all three would be pumping in at the same time.

My “No 3 hole – rear” was the first to receive the contents of the cock within, followed almost immediately by my  “No 1 hole – oral”. My owner continued longer that the other two, but his cock also dumped his cum with a pulsating orgasm.

I was left on the bed, placed in my standard kneeling pose; I could fell the come sliding slowly out of my two lower holes as they spoke to each other.

“What a submissive bitch, gosh she must have been tied up since, well before you met us in the pub”

“She arrived like that”


“Yea, the packing case arrived this morning, well yesterday now, and that’s how she was”

“Packing case?”

“Yea, sent overnight, arrived just before 9”

“You prick, how long has she been tied-up? - She must have been packed say before 4 on Friday; it’s now just gone 2 in the morning. Fuck! She’s been like that for what 12, err, 36, 37, 38… 38 hours!”

In no time at all my wrists were released from my ankles, and was left alone.

It took some time before I could straighten my legs and walk, but when I could, I went through to his en-suite bathroom, I managed to drink a bit of water, through my un-moving mouth, held as it was in the delicate slightly open shape by the tube fitted in my mouth and throat, I caught sight of my make-up in the mirror, I hadn’t seen it this close up to now!

My skin was a light natural tone, but slightly plastic looking, my eyebrows were gone, and a delicate brown arched line in their place, around my eyes was lighter, almost white in places, and certainly over my eyelids. Most striking was the black lining around my eyes, emphasising the long eyelashes also in black. My lips were a light pink, going to silver in the centre of my lower lip, they looked larger and sexier than I could ever have imagined.   Even a little beauty spot was placed just left of my lips.
I was overwhelmed by my own sexiness! It even sent a ripple through my body when I realised that this face – the make-up was both mine, and mine for the next six months, as the dyes used were so permanent!

I kneeled down in my now familiar, and now comfortable pose, knees apart, heels tucked under my bum, arms straight down and slightly behind to line my wrists with my ankles. In the bright light of the bathroom, and the full-length mirrors I just admired my body, before I had become this beautiful love doll I was an odd-shaped girl, with too small a waist and tits for her hips and bum, now it was almost impossible to believe I was a real girl!

 By late day the guys were awake, and of course taking repeated advantage of their love doll – ME!

It was late evening when my packing crate was pulled out  “I won’t have time to pack you in the morning; the courier is collecting you at 9” he said as he read the instructions from my information pack. Soon I was lowered onto my transport support, I guess the cum in my rear hole providing all the lubrication needed! My ankles were secured to my wrists and to the transport support, I could sense a real feeling of loss as his completed my packing – he really didn’t want to return his love doll!

The transport back was the same explosion of sensations as the outward journey, but otherwise uneventful.

Once back at the factory I could sense the urgency in everyone to unpack me, I could see Erica, she was the most nervous, and absolutely everyone looked embarrassed! 

“Are you OK?” 

I nodded slowly back to Erica,

 “We will get the throat thing out first.” 

Slowly I shook my head, Erica looked back in shock, after looking at me for a moment asked softly

“You want to keep it in?”, 

I nodded! 

“You want to stay…As a love doll?”

I nodded again.

“Right get this doll through to ‘cleaning and disinfecting’!”

Story continues in Part Three


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