New Doll 3

by Fetishbabe

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© Copyright 2005 - Fetishbabe - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; mod; lovedoll; packing crate; shipped; cons; X

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Part Three

“Right get this doll through to ‘cleaning and disinfecting’!”

The words were ringing in my ears as I was transported with the other dolls down to the cleaning and disinfecting area, I watched as my dollfriends  (one could hardly say girlfriends!) were each loaded in turn on the cleaning station, on the two special nozzles, one in the front and one up the bum, which would then cleaned the inside whilst sprays cleaned the outside.

Then it was my turn!

I was starting to tremble – is it safe – will I be OK?

Just then Erica returned, sensing my fear she said “It’s OK, we didn’t use the outside spray quite the same last time, and we won’t now – or the oral spray”

Last time??? – They couldn’t have – could they?

The two nozzles were slid gently up my two lower holes as I was lowered on the station, Phil squirted a removal solution over my legs, releasing the stockings, and then removed them, adjusted the external sprays, closed the shutter and started the sprays.

The external sprays hit my body, it was a sensuous, delicate spray, and as I was relaxing into these feelings, suddenly the two nozzles burst into life, I could feel the warm spray slowly rotating inside me, I felt my belly expand slightly with the pressure, it was heaven! 

The sprays douching my pussy and arse were a sensation to end all fantastic sensations! They were constant, gentle, and intense, I sensed the flow reducing, only to re-start – I guess for the rinse following the clean. Then this flow reduced – to be replaced by a warm flow of air, this too stopped, but unexpectedly I felt a large squirt of something into each hole.

I was lifted off the station, and transported round to the storage area, as we arrived Erica was marking the shelf where I was to be stored.

“Enjoy that?” – it was obviously a statement rather than a question, as I could not answer.

“We used the cleaning sprays on you last time as well, the cleaning sprays really clean you out, the best enema you could ever get!  Then the lube at the end of course, we couldn’t of got you on the transit support – well you know…”

That was it – the squirt at the end – lube! 

“I have issued you with a new barcode, and – if you want tonight we can send you on a new job – would you like that?”

I nodded my agreement; Erica smiled and then walked away.

Did I just do that? Agree to this?

It was later in the day when I was collected from storage, I was dressed ready to go, this time, white socks midway up my lower leg, black high heeled shoes with a cute ankle strap, a white blouse - completely transparent in the right light which was tied under my boobs, exposing all my belly to my grey box pleated skirt, which barely covered my bum, then the obligatory school tie. 

I was loaded onto the transit as before and boxed-up ready for shipment.

The trip was just as exciting and thrilling as the first time, even though no one “examined” my crate like last time – I was a bit disappointed at that, I would have kept totally still, then with the camera in front of me – thrown myself forward at it, only to return to my normal position – my observer would have shit himself!!! – And no one would have believed him!

I wasn’t quite as afraid as last time as my packing was being removed, but nervous is perhaps too light a term.

As my eyes grew accustomed to the light I could make out my new owner – the one whom had gasped “wow” when he removed the packing, not much to look at this time, somewhat geeky, obviously lots of money but still a geek never the less.

He was however incredibly gentle, he removed my restraints and helped me to stand, offered me water, as I sipped the drink..

“My name’s Anthony…., you look – well you are fantastic”

He told me a bit more about himself – not sure I was that interested but after all I was just his love doll – he could use me however he wanted and talking appeared to make him comfortable.

Eventually he went quiet, I sensed he was getting around to the point of using me. “Could we, well May we…” I nodded my head before he finished, and he led me to his bedroom. 

He spent so much time examining my body, stroking it slowly feeling my boobs, kissing my nipples, my belly, and my inner thighs; It was so sensual, I know he was doing this for himself – He had said he was still a virgin, but I was melting under his caress.

Then his tongue flicked my clit – the electricity shot through my body, sensing this he found it again, and again, slowly I was building an earth-shattering climax.

All too soon I was being re-packaged for my return, he was no longer a virgin, and I had been fully utilised in each and every hole, this time it was I that was disappointed to be going.

Upon my return and cleansing, Erica insisted that my mouthpiece was removed, and that we should talk.

It was a couple of hours before I could talk properly but we had a good discussion.

It appears during the initial set-up of the company, Erica had borrowed a large portion of the funding from a then local businessman, the loan had almost been cleared when the businessman re-located, upon his death his son had “found” the debt and instead of allowing Erica to clear it, had forced her to “send a real girl as a love doll”, hence my situation.

We also discussed my boobs, it would not be safe to keep injecting saline, so if I wanted Erica would pay for silicone implants, I jumped at the opportunity. 

Soon I was supporting permanent boobs, and had settled into a routine, the weekends I would be done-up as a ‘weekender’ and sent to owners, and the rest of the week I would work in the office as before – but at night I was placed back on my storage shelf. Some weeks I would keep the mouthpiece fixed in from the Friday through the following week, till the Monday following the second weekend. This felt so right, submissive, and just right for a love doll, but I could only have soup or baby food to eat.

The only thing making me nervous was that my parents would be returning soon – what could I say to them?

“Hi Mum, - oh this boobs, I need them for work, when I am sent out to be used by my owners as a sexy love doll” – I think not!

Tragically I never needed to face that, close to the end of their extended holiday they were both killed, after visiting Egypt, the whole of Europe, and Africa they had took a few days to the US, and of course were mugged and shot dead as many tourists are in Miami – only 5 minutes after leaving the airport car hire place.

So following the funeral here I am, waiting to be packaged up for my next owners, should be interesting, after all I took the order and must admit to pushing for the extra kinky stuff, my nipples already aching from the heavy bells attached to my nipple rings, my arms strapped hand-to-opposing-elbow behind me, Ballet shoes, an incredibly tight leather corset, collar, and a breast harness so tight around the base of my boobs that they are going shiny and purple already.

I hope the lads at this stag party will like me! 


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