Night of the Living Dolls Chapter 1: The calm before the storm

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2010 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+; house; explore; scare; horror; cons; X

Author's note: This story is based loosely on the classic horror film Night of the Living Dead with an ASFR spin to it now. There are themes of sexuality, profanity and nudity throughout this tale so if this bothers you at all, please move onto another story or site.Otherwise, enjoy !

Chapter 1: The calm before the storm

The grass glistened with dew as the sun rose heralding the arrival of another day. A nearly deserted roadside hotel stood out from the mostly wooded area with only a single car parked outside. The road that ran in front of the highway was deserted with only the screech of black crows breaking the silence that pervaded inside.

However, it was far from silent inside the one room that was occupied in the hotel. The television was showing a recently released Hollywood blockbuster while the sounds of running water emanated from the washroom. After about ten minutes or so, a blonde woman emerged from the washroom with a towel wrapped around her waist and rubbing another one through her wet hair. She had several visible cuts and bruises visible on her arms and legs indicating a recent struggle with someone or something.

After the woman finished toweling her off, she sat on the edge of the bed and opened up a duffle bag that was sitting on top. A silky C cup bra and panty set were the first to come out followed by a red t-shirt and blue shorts with matching socks. After those, the woman extracted a laptop computer and, strangest of all, several long yarn needles and a couple of air pumps you might see for inflating tires.

The woman dressed and then stood up with her computer in her arms with a brief pause as if she was listening for something in particular. A few seconds later, she walked over to the table by the door and set her computer on top of it. After plugging it into a nearby wall socket, the woman flipped open the lid and started typing immediately after it was finished booting up.

"My name is Irene Bates and I'm writing this so that someone will be able to comprehend the story I tell here. It's been about 48 hours since things went topsy turvy in my life and in the world around me. I still find it hard to believe what happened without warning to everything and everyone. It all started...."Irene typed out on her keyboard before leaning back in the chair and staring up at the ceiling. She closed her eyes as she rubbed her forehead in deep contemplation.

"The start ? do I know ? seems like it happened long ago...and not just yesterday..."Irene thought as her mind flickered back....back to ...

Two days ago.....

"Geez, are you sure you're going to need all that, Doreen ? You're just going on a field trip... not on a six month voyage to the jungles of Africa."Irene said jokingly to her red haired room mate as she watched her pack up to go. She looked out the room window and saw several other women standing around chatting with bags packed up around them.

Doreen laughed softly as she zipped up her canvas bag and put it on the floor next to two others. "If I could get away with packing just one bag, Irene, I would. Unfortunately, the archeological dig that we're going on in the nearby mountains will require several changes of clothing not to mention the notebooks and tools I have to take with me. I just hope that the place isn't full of mosquitos or any other bugs."she said softly.

"Well, my March break is going to be more than just digging up old bones and pottery. My boyfriend Jack is coming by tomorrow to pick me up and considering the fact that this college is an all girl one, I'll be more than happy to see a man that is within ten years of my age for change. Ha ! "Irene said with a broad smile and chuckle.

Doreen stared at her room mate for a second and sighed. "You're so lucky ! I get to spend the next week pawing over rocks and old bones while you get to have your hands on stuff that's rock hard.. in a good way. Ha! Ha!" she said with a laugh as the two embraced.

Irene walked with her friend downstairs and shortly thereafter waved good-bye as Doreen left on her bus along with her fellow spelunkers. As the bus disappeared in the distance, Irene turned and looked up at her nearly deserted residence. Aside from a few foreign exchange students and a couple others who like her were leaving tomorrow, the building was empty and devoid of any energy or fun.

"Hmmm.. now what the heck am I going to do for fun tonight ?" Irene thought to herself as she walked up the concrete steps back to her building. She had just reached the entrance when a blonde haired woman came running up to her from behind calling out to her.

Irene turned and saw it was Francine, who lived on the floor just below hers, who was heading towards her. Known for her willingness to party and treating men like candy samples who could be disposed of on a weekly or even daily basis, the blonde's voluptuous physique and perky attitude made her very popular with the men in the town nearest the campus.

"Irene! I was just wondering if you wanted to have a little fun with me and a few others looking over the old Myers house. I got a copy of the key to it from one of the caretakers in charge of it for the campus. For an older man, he was quite yummy..." Francine said mischievously while chewing on the end of one of her blonde locks

Irene shook her head in slight disbelief at her friend's antics "You are one wild woman, Francine. Well, as long as we don't get into any trouble by looking around, it sounds like a lot of fun." she said in agreement which produced a loud yelp of happiness from Francine followed by an enthusiastic hug.


The group of women slowly walked down the deserted campus road towards the Myers house at the end chattering and laughing as they walked. Joining Irene and Francine was Debbie, Kylie and Mandy, who were members of the campus swim team and scheduled to leave in the morning with their team mates. The sixth member of their little group, Gretchen, was an exchange student from Germany who had decided to stay on campus for the duration of the break.

The group were about three quarters of the way there when they heard the sound of a car approaching them from behind. They stopped and and saw it was a campus security car which stopped just short of them. After a few seconds, a woman in her early 50's dressed in the drab green security stepped out and shone a bright beam of light into the group's midst.

"All right, ladies, where do you think you're heading to tonight ?" Mildred asked the group of women while slowly panning the light from left to right.

"Well, if you must know, we're heading to..ooof...."Irene started to say before being elbowed in the ribs by Francine.

"As Irene was going to say, we're going into town for some fun. We were going to go by car but it's such a great night out weather wise we decided to walk the half mile or so. Anything else you'd like to know, officer ?" Francine said with an obvious mocking tone to her voice.

Mildred frowned before switching off her flashlight. "Well, I'll be around if you have any problems tonight. With the campus almost deserted, I'm the only one on tonight. Take care, ladies ! " the plump lady said before getting back in her car and turning to go back the way she came.

"Old bitch.." Francine muttered as they watched the car disappear in the distance. She then turned to her friends and motioned them to continue walking.

Fifteen minutes or so later, the six women arrived at the house which stood at the top of a steep hill. Surrounded by a black iron fence with an open gate, it was an imposing sight with its' three stories looming over the women as they walked up the concrete walkway and up its' wooden steps. Arriving at the front door, Francine fished out the key and, with a grand gesture, opened the door up.

There was no visible light switches on the wall so Debbie flicked on the flashlight she brought with her. The six took their time wandering through the main floor looking over the various odds and ends that were on display.

"Guys, this stuff is boring. Why don't we go have a look in the basement? I bet there's all kinds of cool stuff down there." Kylie said to the enthusiastic agreement of the others.

They opened the door leading to the cellar and walked down the long set of stairs to the concrete floor of the basement. The six had just started to rummage around slowly with the flashlight providing the only light available when they heard a car motor outside.

"Quick.. kill the flashlight !" Mandy whispered and a second or so later Debbie clicked it off.

The six waited in the darkness for whoever it was to leave and let them get back to looking around. Five or so minutes later, they heard a loud rumbling which shook the floorboards above them along with a flash of light they couldn't see from their vantage point. After it passed, they waited in silence for roughly another thirty minutes or so to be sure the car was gone for the night. Once they were reasonably certain that whoever was outside had left, the girls went back upstairs and out of the house.

The first thing they all noticed was that the night sky now had a weird pink glow to it that wasn't there before. As they headed down the walkway, they saw the car belonging to the guard parked near the entrance. Irene walked over to the driver's side of the car and saw that side's door was open. She looked at the ground and saw what looked like the guard's uniform, undergarments and shoes lying on the ground with a flashlight and set of keys resting next to it. A little perplexed and finding no sign of the guard in the car, Irene stood next to the car and looked around in all directions.

"Hello.. security.. are you out there ?.."she called out several times as the other five young women gathered around the car.

After five or so minutes, Irene looked down and picked up the flashlight and keys. "Maybe we better head back to the residence now... I've got a bad feeling about tonight. "she said with a note of uneasiness.

The others quickly nodded and headed back up the road much quieter than they were before as they looked around for signs of the guard while walking. Ten or so minutes after they left the vicinity of the Myers house, the sound of rubber and vinyl sliding on pavement started to be heard... And was growing louder...


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