Night of the Living Dolls Chapter 2: Bright Sky, Dark Changes

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2010 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: Dolls/f; transform; lovedoll; capture; horror; nc/reluct; X

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Author's note: This story is based loosely on the classic horror film Night of the Living Dead with an ASFR spin to it now. There are themes of sexuality, profanity and nudity throughout this tale so if this bothers you at all, please move onto another story or site.Otherwise, enjoy !

Chapter 2: Bright Sky, Dark Changes

The six young women were just within eyesight of their residence and despite their constant calls and shouts, there was no sign of the campus security woman anywhere. Puzzled by the disappearance, Irene wondered where the woman had gone and why her clothes had been left by the car.

" A naked old woman.. wandering around the campus... not a pretty vision at all.. ewwww !!" Irene thought to herself as the group arrived back at the residence with some looking up at the night sky that still had a pink glow to it. The only other thing that seemed out of the ordinary was that it seemed eerily quiet with no wildlife sounds or distant sounds of cars passing by.

"Francine, Irene, this is really weird. Maybe we should call the police in town and tell them about the security woman going missing." Debbie said as she rubbed her shoulders vigorously partly from the chill in the night time air as well as general fear of the unknown.

Irene shook her head as she fingered the set of keys in right hand "We didn't actually see her disappear so what would we tell the cops ? We think she might have gone missing ? No, we wait until morning and if there's no sign of her by then, we call the police and tell them what we know." she said with a firm resolve in her voice.

"However, to be on the safe side tonight, maybe we should all sleep here in this residence either in our regular room or borrow one for the night. I've got the keys if anyone needs in to a room plus I'll lock up the main doors to the building before we all turn in. Anybody who doesn't want to do that is ok with me. " Irene said to the other five women.

After a few seconds of hesitation, the other women nodded in agreement with Debbie and Mandy agreeing to share a room on the ground floor with Irene going to the her usual room on the same floor. Gretchen and Francine took a room together on the second with Kylie taking a room near the end of the hallway. After everybody said good night to each other, Irene went to lock the residence doors for the night. When she went to lock the back door, Irene stopped for a minute upon opening the door and hearing the sound of what sounded like wet rubber hitting the ground over and over.

"That's weird..." Irene muttered as she looked out into the night air and saw what looked like many bed sheets blowing across the railroad tracks at the bottom of the hill. Rubbing her eyes, Irene figured it had been a long and strange night with the pink sky and such. She closed and locked the door before heading off to bed for the night hoping all this weirdness would be back to normal by the morning.

Several hours later.....

Kylie clicked off the desk lamp and laid back on the bed for the night. It was a warm night so Kylie only wore a thin set of white panties to bed with no top. As the blond haired beauty laid back, she closed her eyes and imagined her boyfriend Jason, a professional hockey goaltender, being with her in the bed and the two making wild passionate love over and over......

Kylie fell into a light sleep during which she dreamed her and Jason were kissing each other deeply with him on top of her exploring her quivering body with his huge hands. After an unknown amount of time, she partially woke up to find someone on top of her and pressed tight against her mouth. In her sluggish state with her eyes still closed, she thought at first it might be Jason somehow but when she fully opened her eyes, she saw to her horror the painted features of what looked like one of those blow-up sex dolls you'd find in one of those adult entertainment shops. The doll's mouth had formed a tight seal around her mouth and Kylie could feel its' vibrating tongue darting in and out of her open mouth.

"Mmmmpph..." Kyle tried to yell out but her talking was muffled by the love doll's continued pressure on her face. She tried to push the doll off of her but found to her horror there were two dolls on top of her! Both dolls were heavy enough to keep her pinned to the bed and more amazingly were moving!

"What the hell is going on here ?....oohhh... these... these dolls... why are they alive ?....." Kylie thought to herself as she found herself being stimulated by the doll pressing its' hands tight against her breasts caressing and fondling her tits with its' smooth surface. As Kylie became aroused in spite of her struggles and felt her nipples became hard and erect, she felt her panties being pulled down by the other doll followed seconds later by the doll's tongue probing her exposed pussy. She tried once again to arch her back and shout out her feelings though this time it was a combination of trying extricate herself from the predicament she was in and express her feelings over being vigorously stimulated.

However, the pleasure she was feeling was quickly tinged with a sense of horror as she felt her body starting to tingle in a different way. Kylie saw through her struggles that her skin was starting to change in shape and appearance from a healthy flesh color and look to an artificial look in appearance. She also felt a strange sense of lightness as if her body was becoming one that was filmed with warm air.

Kylie's struggles to escape became weaker by the second as the pleasure she was feeling started to overwhelm her desire to get away from the bizarre situation she was in. She felt the doll's mouth slide off her own and smoothly slide across her face and neck. Soft moans of pleasure emanated from Kylie at that point instead of screams for help that she was trying to shout just a few minutes earlier.

"Mmmmm..feels good... no..must get away... get.... used... used like a good doll.... no... what's happening ?...why am I thinking...think... so hard to think.... ooohhh...." Kylie thought as she saw her body taking on more and more of a glossy look by the second. Her breathing was starting to slow quite noticeably and was coming out as ragged gasps through her nose mostly. She could feel the second doll moving from her pussy to her torso and legs with the sound of plastic rubbing against plastic becoming more and more evident.

Kylie felt more and more relaxed even as her body started to resemble the dolls on top of it. She felt her pussy, very moist from the doll's ministrations, slightly open as if it was inviting probing by anybody or anything. Seam lines were becoming visible on her limbs and torso with her fingers and toes clenching tightly together. Her ragged breathing completely halted as the change claimed her torso and chest transforming her C-cup breasts into twin mounds of soft plastic capped by bright pink circles and small nipples that were permanently erect.

"Good... so.. good.. need to give pleasure... NO!!!...... must not..... want.. pleasure... need to make happy...." Kylie thought as the thinking of a love doll became more and more prevalent. She could no longer talk at all but she didn't want to anyway as she bathed in the pleasures she was feeling. Her mouth slowly pulled on its' own into an O-shape with the interior becoming a soft bed of pliable rubber and latex devoid of teeth and her tongue. She could feel her anus moving a little higher on her artificial body before it opening into the same ovular shape that her other two openings now were.

The two dolls slithered off Kylie's body and stood by the bed as the transformation completed its' process. Her eyes shimmered as they became just painted features on her face with her cheeks taking on a bright pink glow that matched the pink aeroloe on her chest. Her arms clenched tight to her sides with her forearms sticking up in the air at 45 degree angles to her body ready to hold and give pleasure.

"Need pleasure.. give pleasure... must give pleasure... make others give pleasure..." thought the doll that was a young woman named Kylie just a few minutes ago as it got off the bed and followed the other living sex toys out the door and search for someone to satisfy their desires.

At the same moment.....

Irene had just managed to close her eyes when she heard screams emanating from elsewhere on the floor. She hopped out of bed and ran into the hallway where she found Debbie and Mandy screaming at the top of their lungs while gesturing at the doors to outside on either end of the corridor. Rubbing her eyes, Irene scurried to the door on her right but when she got within a few feet, she stopped in her tracks and her mouth widened in horror and shock.

Irene saw what appeared to be more than a few inflatable love dolls pressed tight against the door and they were moving on their own !! Their plastic bodies were rubbing against the wood and glass in the door causing loud squeaking sounds that were unsettling to say the least. Looking at the windows next to the door, she saw they were filled with O-shaped mouths pressed tight against the panes with painted eyes staring at her.

If the situation was any more bizarre, Irene would have laughed hysterically at what she saw. However, those thoughts quickly disappeared when Gretchen and Francine came tearing down the stairs in their pajamas and Gretchen brandishing a long butcher knife.

"These.. these dolls started coming down the hallway towards us. I tried to stop them with my knife but it didn't even stop them. This is bad." Gretchen exclaimed in broken English while glancing behind her nervously.

Irene looked behind the two young women at the stairs leading upwards and saw three naked love dolls slowly making their way down the stairs with their rubber legs making loud squeaking noises as they walked. The most frightening part of the sight was that one of the dolls resembled Kylie! With her long blonde hair, painted blue eyes and exaggerated plastic tits, the doll seemed to be an eerily similar copy of the woman as a doll.

Irene thought quickly. "All right, everyone, grab some clothes and whatever weapons you can find. I'll barricade the stairs here to keep these.. .these living dollies back. Don't look at the doors or the outside windows.. just act perfectly normal. If anyone has a cell phone, call the cops right away... hell, call anyone ! " she shouted to the other screaming women who, hearing the authority in her voice, immediately hustled off to nearby rooms.

Shaking just a little, Irene started piling chairs and garbage cans at the foot of the stairwell hoping to at least slow down the living dolls' slow advance. She could see they were just turning the corner and moving onto the stairs leading to where Irene and her friends were. Now that the dolls were closer, Irene saw that the walking sex toys had imperfections that normal dolls wouldn't have like tattoos and a birth mark on the right plastic cheek of the one that resembled Kylie.

"Geez, could these things actually be living women that have been changed into love dolls ? God, how many of these things are there ?....what happened to the men ?.... " Irene wondered to herself as she watched the awkward advance of the dolls while piling more obstacles in front of them.

Suddenly, a loud noise rung out that sounded a lot like a gunshot from back on the floor. Dropping the chair she had in her hands, Irene rushed back into the floor hallway and down to the room where the noise emanated from. Arriving at the room in question, she found Mandy standing in the middle of the room holding a hand gun in her right hand and a bullet hole visible in the partly opened glass window.

"I..I was gathering up my stuff when I saw those.. those dolls outside my window trying to get in. I grabbed the gun that my grandmother gave me for protection and fired a shot at them. I'm not sure I got them but they're not in the window anymore." Mandy wailed while gesturing towards the shattered pane with her weapon.

Irene gently plucked the gun from the shaken woman's hands and quickly went over to the window in question. She glanced outside and saw lots of movement outside in the semi darkness but no sign the bullet hit anything in particular. Closing the remnants of the window as best she could, Irene turned back and hastily threw some things into a gym bag such as clothes, chocolate bars and a pair of scissors.

She dashed out into the hallway where the other four women were waiting carrying backpacks, gym bags and whatever else they could carry. Irene was about to ask if any of them had gotten hold of the cops when she heard a noise coming from the basement entrance near where she had set up a barricade.

"Don't go in the basement !" Debbie yelled at Irene, who ignored her friend and ran over to the barricade area. To her shock, she discovered that not only were the dolls trying to get over the barricade but there were some slowly coming up the stairs towards her from the basement.

"Damn !... I forgot the basement had a separate entrance to outside... these things will be all over us in a few minutes... damn..! " Irene thought to herself as she watched the advancing plastic horde. With no other items to hold these things off handy, she thought up a quick course of action.

"All right, everybody, get up the stairs on the opposite end and go to the second floor now. There's a walkway roof we can crawl across to the adjoining residence, which was locked down for the break. From there, we can take the walkway to the other campus building. Now let's go !" Irene yelled at the others as she rushed past them towards the stairs in question.

"But...but... " Mandy started to say before there was a mighty CRASH! and the door near the barricade gave way with inflatable dolls tumbling into the hallway. Seeing this, the women screamed seemingly as one before rushing to follow Irene up the stairs.

Once the five women reached the second floor, Irene threw open the window in question and motioned to the other women. "C'mon.... crawl through and over to the window opposite. Francine, you go first and open the window normally or with this hammer. " she said handing the dark haired German woman a large rubber hammer.

One by one, the women scrambled out the window and across the walkway roof trying not to make too much noise to bring attention to themselves. Luckily for them, Gretchen found the window open and the five crept inside the silent and dark building.

As Irene closed the window behind her, she glance at the window in the residence they had just come from and saw the naked rubber form of Kylie pressed up against it with eyes staring straight at her with no look of intelligence behind them apparent.

Irene shook her head slowly "What kind of hell is going on ? Is this going to happen to all of us eventually ?" she muttered to herself before walking away from the window and talk to the other women about their next move...

If they still had the time to plan...


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