Night of the Living Dolls Chapter 3: Making sense of a Plastic Nightmare

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2010 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: Dolls/f; transform; lovedoll; capture; horror; nc; X

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Author's note: This story is based loosely on the classic horror film Night of the Living Dead with an ASFR spin to it now. There are themes of sexuality, profanity and nudity throughout this tale so if this bothers you at all, please move onto another story or site.Otherwise, enjoy !

Chapter 3: Making sense of a Plastic Nightmare

The sun slowly rose illuminating the dew on the green grass that circled the silent buildings that made up the large college campus. However, the outside was far from silent as love dolls moved back and forth around the buildings in a way that, to anyone who saw it, would be seem to be a random manner devoid of any purpose.

For the five young women huddling together in the basement of Phi Sexus Toica, the objects shambling around outside making squeaking noises as their rubber and latex bodies made contact with each other as well as the building were all too real.

Sitting in the main TV room with blankets over the windows, Irene, Gretchen and Mandy spoke quietly among themselves as to what their next move should be. Francine was chewing on a chocolate bar in the corner rocking back and forth in an overstuffed chair with a glazed look in her eyes. Debbie had grabbed the remote control to the television and was frantically scanning through the channels looking for one that was still on the air.

"I don't understand... how could blow-up dolls have enough weight to break down a door? How would they be intelligent enough to be able to follow us? What did they do to Kylie to make her one of them and are we....?" Mandy asked the other two with her voice trailing off at the end.

"Where are all the men? There is no one around but us anywhere in the area. This is not good at all.. not good." Gretchen said in broken English. Her face had a foggy look to it as if her mind was refusing to accept what had transpired in the last twelve hours or so.

"Look, regardless of what we think is true, we have to go on the assumption that these love dolls are not the lightweight fuck toys that we may have caught our boyfriends with in the past. The fact is these sex toys have surrounded us, are becoming more numerous by the minute and somehow can turn one of us into one of them. Right now, we have to figure out a way to get from this building to a car we can all pile into and go somewhere for help." Irene said with a note of cool determination.

"There's no place like home... no place like home... no place like home..." Francine started chanting while clicking her red bunny slippers together rapidly. Gazing at her with a saddened look, Mandy stood up and went over to the traumatized brunette to try and get at least a small part of her mind back to reality.

"Hey, everybody, I think I found a channel that is still working. Take a look..." Debbie said as an image flickered on the screen with a female voice, obviously shaky by it's tone, becoming audible. All the women turned towards the TV save for Francine, who was still rocking back and forth in her chair.

"......hard to say what's going on and why but here's what I can .. umm.. tell you today. Late last night, a brilliant light lit up most of the midwestern states and parts of Canada with devastating and bizarre affects.. uhhh... who were in visual range or exposed to the light directly. Children under the age of 18 have disappeared altogether with only their clothes left behind where they were before. For adults, the light produced effects that were just as traumatic and even more bizarre to those who went unscathed. While some people disappeared like the kids, witnesses report seeing women they knew walking around looking like naked sex dolls not speaking or giving signs of intelligence. As for the men, we have unconfirmed reports of.... if you can believe this.... large quantities of inflation pumps appearing in place of them." the female newscaster said while flickering her eyes around in a nervous manner.

"Numerous rumors are rampant in the area from those unaffected by the light. One woman said it was the Lord's work and a sure sign of the apocalypse to sweep away the sinners. Another woman said she saw Army troops moving through the woods in the back of her property though she also said it could have been a couple of deer. A third woman had the most disturbing report as she reported that several of these living sex toys were in her home and moving towards the area she was calling from. A few seconds later, there was a sound of splintering wood and the line went dead save for the sound of rubber rubbing against carpet and muffled noises."

"As for myself and the technicians here, we were working in the basement going over tapes for the next day's newscast when the phenomenon passed over the area. Thankfully, there was no one else in the building at the time above us and the few people here besides myself managed to barricade the doors to prevent the entrance of these.... these toys. We've tried reaching some of towns and cities beyond the city limits but all long range communications seem to be down. Some of the people here have tried going online but the internet itself seems to be down.... maybe due to the events of last night."

"From what we have learned, these dolls that now roam the streets are not like the typical inflatable sex toys one might see in the local adult stores. They seem to have strength and weight of normal women despite their appearance and have some sort of rudimentary intelligence. We've had one unnamed person claim that there was more than one type of these dolls wandering the streets of our city though we can't quite.... uh... yeah... confirm this." the newscaster said as she twitched nervously in response to a noise she heard.

"We've attempted to contact the local police and fire departments for assistance but no luck so far. We want anyone out there who sees this broadcast to call us here at this station as long as it's safe for you to use the phone. Do not go outside no matter what you do until someone in authority tells you it's safe. Our numb..." the newscaster said before the screen went black.

Debbie banged frantically on the TV "C'mon, what's the number? What's the.... EEEKK!!! " she started to say before screaming at the sound of breaking glass. The women ran out of the room into the corridor expecting to see broken glass and lifelike love dolls slowly moving towards them. However, all was quiet as far as they could see with no sign of anything out of the ordinary.

Suddenly, without warning, a female figure jumped out into the middle of the corridor dressed in what looked like a grey and brown set of coveralls and wearing a full face hockey mask. Clutched in the woman's hands were what appeared to be yarn needles that appeared to have been sharpened by the holder. Flipping up her mask, the brown haired woman looked at the women with contempt on her face.

"What the hell are you bimbos doing here when the world's going to hell in a hand basket? Or do you want to wind up a mindless sex toy like the ones pounding on the windows right now? " the woman growled at the intimidated women in the hallway.

"Hold on, before we follow you anywhere, you mind telling us who you are, why you just came flying through that window and...." Irene started to say before the woman interrupted her by taking one of the needles in her hands and sent it whizzing by her head.

The women were shocked for a split second until they heard it strike a black haired love doll that was lurching silently behind them and sent it hurtling to the floor. The group turned to see the doll twitch as the air rapidly escaped from the hole left by the needle laying on top of the wilting body. Gretchen bent over to pluck the needle off the deflating dolly but found herself pushed harshly by the mystery woman.

"Don't touch that ! Any weapons you use against these damned dolls can only come in contact with dolls one time. After contact, the weapon takes on the same color and substance of the dolls and can produce the same transformations that you've already seen no doubt." the woman said as she grabbed a folded cardboard box out of her backpack and put it next to the deflated doll. Putting on a set of work gloves, she gingerly placed the deflated doll in the box before slamming the lid shut.

"Transformation? What do you mean....?" Mandy muttered as she looked around like the others for any other unwanted intruders.

The woman sighed as she picked up the box and shoved it into a hallway storage closet before closing the door to it and turning to the women. "Look, let's get this straight. My name is Jill and I was part of a team that was exploring a mansion on the edge of town when this whole craziness hit the area. Since then, I've spent my time running from building to building one step ahead of those zombie dolls." she said gesturing outside.

"But...but why....? " Gretchen started to say before the sound of more breaking glass filled the air and the familiar sound of latex feet slapping on the ground.

"I'd love to stay around and discuss life in general but if we don't get going soon, we're going to spend the rest of our existence walking around with air filled bodies. Is there an underground tunnel or way of leaving this place without going outside where the dollies are?" Jill snarled as she plucked a fresh needle out of her backpack.

"A tunnel in the basement leads directly to the Computer Science building though the entrance to it is locked at the other end for the break. Maybe we..." Irene said before the sound of glass breaking interrupted her. The young women turned and saw the now familiar sight of sex dolls piling through a shattered doorway. As the dolls pushed their way through the opening, Irene noticed the doll's movements were much more fluid than before though still stiff.

"Move now, talk later. Let's get the hell to the basement !" Jill shouted as she ran to the opposite end of the corridor with the other women right behind her. However, Irene paused before she went down the stairs and looked back towards the TV room she and her friends were just in.

"Wait a second.... Francine is still back in the TV room...we have to get her now !" Irene shouted and turned to go back to the room. However, she was roughly grabbed by Jill around her right arm and stopped moving after just a step.

"Don't be an idiot ! Even if your friend was still alive and hadn't been changed into a sex toy by the time you got to her, do you really think that the two of you would stand a chance against the horde of latex and rubber sex toys coming towards us? She's gone... let's get going before we join her ! " Jill snarled into the frantic Irene's face, who tried briefly to twist away.

After one lingering last glance back at the TV room, Jill followed the others down to the corridor hoping to herself that Francine didn't suffer when she met her fate.....

A few minutes later, the group of women were in the corridor and nearing the door leading into the computer hall. The women huddled together while Irene frantically sorted the large number of keys on the guard's key chain that she picked up last night. Jill kept looking over her shoulder at the mass of latex dolls that was moving steadily towards the women nervously twitching a razor sharp yarn needle in her right hand.

"Irene, hurry up and find the key to the door! The dolls are getting closer all the time and I don't want to wind up a fucking blow up sex toy for the rest of my life." Debbie screamed as she saw the dolls getting closer by the second.

"Yeah, hurry up ! I want to be safe from those dollies too" Gretchen yelled in an almost hysterical voice.

"Get the damned key, Irene. How fucking hard could it be to find one damned key?" Mandy shrieked as she heard the latex feet slapping the concrete floor... coming closer and closer.....

"Will you guys shut the hell up? I can't concentrate ! Nope... nope... maybe... uh-uh.... shit... maybe... damn..this one?.... YES!!!.... LET'S GO, EVERYBODY !!!!" Irene flung the door open and the other women quickly piled through just ahead of the soft rubbery hands of the zombie dolls. After everyone was through, Irene slammed the door shut and locked it just as the dolls were starting to press up against it. Once she had done that, Irene pulled the fire doors on the sides and secured them against the glass doors to provide a barrier of sorts against the advancing plastic horde.

Irene then turned and flung the keys to a stunned Debbie. "Check the other doors and make sure the fire doors are pulled shut. Kelly, go with her and help her if any of those dolls show up !" she yelled at the flustered Debbie. "Mandy, you and Gretchen check to make sure the windows are secured and give a shout if you see anything ! "

The women moved off cautiously to do the tasks asked of them when suddenly Debbie screamed and pointed at a window near the doorway. The group moved cautiously over to the extra thick glass pane and saw a sight which chilled each of them to the bone...

A young red haired woman in her early 20's, her clothes in tatters with her bra and panties still intact, was lying on the lawn surrounded by roughly twenty to thirty love dolls. Every time she tried to get up and run away, she was struck to the ground from the force of several doll hands pushing her down. The woman's eyes were wide open and she was screaming again and again for help as she desperately tried to get away from the living sex toys. Suddenly, the redhead's arms were grabbed hold of by four or five of the dolls while another doll leaned over and locked her mouth around the frantic woman's mouth. Simultaneously, a second doll (whose hands were the traditional mitten variety with no individual digits) clumsily pulled loose the woman's bra and started to fondle and caress the ample bosom of the woman.

As Irene and her friends looked on in horror, they saw the woman's body start to shimmer right before their eyes. Flesh and bone quickly changed to soft rubber and latex devoid of imperfections and body hair. The woman's eyes widened in shock though that was quickly changing to one of lust and desire. The woman's breasts were becoming glossy in look and seemed to be bobbing up and down like twin balloons as the other dolls continued to fondle them. The transforming woman's legs slowly spread apart shredding the panties wrapped around her waist. Muffled protests quickly faded away as the woman took on an appearance of a love doll in shape and look. As the doll twisted sideways, the women saw the transfomation was complete with an inflation plug that grew out of the small of her back.

Thirty seconds or so later, the evil process was done and a sex doll slowly stood where a living breathing woman once was. Standing amidst the tatters of clothing that no longer seemed important, the doll moved stiffly in a circle as if uncertain what to do.

"Geez, is that what happened to everybody? Is that what could happen to us? " Debbie said in a panicky voice that was rising in volume.

Suddenly, the new doll, acting as if she could hear Debbie's question, turned and looked directly at the women in the window. The living fucktoy raised its' right arm and pointed it in the direction of that window for several long seconds.

SQUUUUUEEEEAAAKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was the sound that started to be heard coming from the doll's mouth.

"SHIT!!!"Jill shouted in fear as the women scrambled from the window desperate to avoid the fate they had just witnessed..

No matter what.....


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