Night of the Living Dolls Chapter 10: A fight unlike any other

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2010 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; F/doll; transform; lovedolls; revert; island; horror; sex; cons/nc; X

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Author's note: This story is based loosely on the classic horror film Night of the Living Dead with an ASFR spin to it now. There are themes of sexuality, profanity and nudity throughout this tale so if this bothers you at all, please move onto another story or site.Otherwise, enjoy !

Chapter 10: A fight unlike any other

" Well, this is certainly like old times, " Debbie called out as she peered through a set of binoculars and saw what looked to be several hundred dolls marching in what looked to be some sort of bizarre military formation. As she and the others peered out between the wooden boards nailed over the windows, they could see that some of the dolls were stopping at every house and somehow using brute force to go into the homes with locked doors. Judging by the way they were moving, the women figured it would be less than an hour until the army of dolls were upon them.

" Yeah, but this time we don't have a chopper we can get in and fly away from this. If those inflated bitches get in this time, it may get, well, a bit out of hand, " Jill said as she furiously sharpened the end of a piece of wood near her.

" I just wish we didn't have to deal with all of this, " Debbie said as she turned and rubbed her forehead forlornly with her right hand.

" Ummm, I don't want to interrupt or anything but where the heck is Juanita and Francesca? They went off with Betty a few minutes ago to secure the back half of this place and I haven't seen them since, " Jill said quietly as she set the spear she was working on and nodded in the direction she was taking about.

" Oh, I imagine those two are trying to convince Betty all about the joys of being walking fuck toys. Oh, I guess that's not the kind of joke I should be making right about now, " Debbie responded before realizing her joke was in bad taste.

" You got that right. Look, let's double check the doors and windows around here and then we'll see what the inflated trio are up to. Maybe we can... " Jill started to reply before they heard a commotion coming from the back of the building. Fearing that the dolls were already working to get inside and have their way with the human women inside, Debbie and Jill headed for the back and were joined by an equally concerned Colleen.

When the three women got to the back area, they were stunned to see the door was not only unlocked but slightly ajar. Approaching the door cautiously, Jill peered around it and was stunned by what she, and her friends, saw. Outside, Juanita, Francesca and Betty (who had changed back into living love dolls) were pinning three of the doll army to the ground but the actions of the other latex menaces were startling to the trio of women. Rather than advancing and overwhelming all of them, the dolls were retreating as quickly as they could manage with their hollow limbs. Although the sex dolls had no expressions to speak of on their faces, their actions seemed to reflect fear, for some reason, on their part.

As Debbie and the others looked on in amazement, the reason the living latex menaces lurched away in a hurry quickly became apparent to them. Underneath Juanita, Francesca and Betty, the writhing and wriggling dolls looked to be changing themselves as their struggles to get free lessened with every passing moment. As the women watched, latex changed back to flesh and blood before their eyes and in what seemed like no time at all, three human women were wriggling out from under the latex compatriots and sat in stunned silence.

After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, Debbie managed to shake herself from her momentary stupor. " Ummm, are, are you three all right? Can you, ummm, tell us anything about yourselves? " she said with hesitancy evident in her voice.

" Ummm, I ummm, I can, uhhh, talk again. I can think, ummm, think for myself, " the red haired woman stammered as she slowly touched herself with her hands as if she was making sure there was no trace of the shiny latex left on her body.

" The, the last thing I remember was, ummm, was driving on the freeway and wondering what all the commotion was about. The next thing I know, something, ummm, something hit me in the back and things get a little hazy after that, " the dark haired woman said as she pushed Francesca off her and sat up to look around.

" I, I remember being on a boat with a bunch of other women and the movie producer who promised me a role in his next movie if I did stuff with him. Ummm, the next thing I knew, the air was full of, ummm, flying things. I saw the producer jump overboard just before I tried to go back to my cabin. I, I remember being hit in the back by something that felt sharp. After that, I don't...." a blonde haired woman muttered as she glanced around as if she was trying to figure out where she was.

" Ummm, look, I hate to interrupt your recollections but maybe you should come inside our place in case those fucking dolls decide to come back, " Debbie called out and gestured to the area behind the women for emphasis.

With minimal conversation, the women, as well as their doll allies, retreated to their home to regroup and assess what they had just witnessed. After securing the doors and windows once again, the women sat down for introductions and such and Betty and the other unique living dolls retreated to a nearby bedroom.

" Ummm, I don't understand. You're telling me that we were changed into love dolls and marched around mindlessly for the entire time. If that isn't enough, you're saying that we're on a Caribbean island that, ummm, we tried to invade as part of some kind of fucking doll army! " the redhead, who had introduced herself as Janice Prosser, exclaimed as she stared at the floor and shook herself slightly in disbelief.

" Considering what we have been doing apparently, I think we should be thankful that we're back to being human once again. Ummm, I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything but just how the hell did you ladies manage to change us back? Don't take this the wrong way but none of you look like the type that would be mainstays at a government research facility or something brainy like that, " the dark haired woman, identifying herself as Miranda MacDougall, stated as she glance around with a level of calmness in her voice even with her eyeballs pinballing around in her eye sockets.

" Well, to be honest, I, ummm, I don't have a clue how you were changed back. In fact, its never happened before, as far as any of us are aware, " Jill responded with an earnest tone in her voice that indicated no duplicity in her statement.

A few seconds passed of complete silence as everybody mentally contemplated what Jill said. " Ummm, well, I guess the next question we have is what do you ladies plan to do now? Stay here or move on? " the blonde haired Cynthia Fielding said even as she twisted a lock of her hair in a sign of contemplation.

" Ummmm, well, I don't mean to sound like a broken record but we don't have a plan at the moment, " Jill responded as she glanced towards a nearby window to make sure the dolls hadn't regrouped and were attacking once again.

Silence pervaded the room for some time after that.......

On the east coast of what was the United States.....

In the time of humans, sports stadiums were designed to be the setting of a wide range of activities ranging from music concerts to political rallies and professional sports events. However, with sentient love dolls now dominant seemingly everywhere on the North American continent, the stadium that used to provide seating for sixty thousand or more enthusiastic spectators was now the setting for a much different crowd and form of entertainment.

The sound of squeaking filled the stadium as thousands of living dolls fidgeted and moved around in anticipation of the night's event. Though all of the dolls looked to be made of latex, some dolls appeared to be more articulated and realistic than others. The dolls who looked like they came straight out of a cheaply made factory and box were seated furthest from the field and the more realistic ones were situated near to the playing surface. Around the dolls, in a manner that simulated mosquitos that often plagued people on warm summer days in the past, large numbers of inflation pumps buzzed and swirled a few feet above the dolls as if they were daring any human females to show in the vicinity.

Near the playing surface, a number of dolls were wearing attire that made them appear to be some sort of security personnel. Dark blue caps and vests adorned these dolls' heads and upper bodies though their lower torsos were all bare. In the right hand of each security doll, a long metal rod was held with an inflation pump attached to one end of the pole that twitched and writhed around like a snake. Behind this security group, atop a number of pedestals sitting on carts, four nude human women were standing with chains binding their hands and feet to their respective stands. All four looked like they had not bathed for some time and had odd looks on their faces as if their minds were struggling to understand what had happened to the world around them.

After a short period of time with the dolls talking and squeaking at a level that resonated throughout the stadium, the PA system started emitting several squeaks as if it was being tested on some level. This was followed by an anonymous voice asking the dolls to be quiet as their leader was about to speak. Almost immediately, a hush started to fall over the entire stadium with the only sound that persisted consisting of the inflation pumps continuing to whir and buzz in the area.

" I want to welcome all of the dolls assembled tonight to this gathering and want you to know that I, Queen Dollica, have the welfare of all the dolls that exist in the world whether they are level one or level four citizens. We have all come a long way since the night of the bright light and the lives of being deflated and shoved under the beds of the flesh people changed forever. The dolls now rule this world and the flesh people, whatever remains of them, will soon be as insignificant as the cardboard boxes we used to call our homes!!! " a voice exhorted over the address system. The dolls in the stadium responded by applauding and shouting squeaky cries of support for Dollica.

" Now, I know there are some of you who fear that the flesh units will use their dwindling numbers to attack us and try to regain the world that the great light took from them and gave us the freedom to proclaim our ownership. I want to reassure you that this will not happen and in case some of the dolls have not heard, I want to relate that recently a portion of our newly formed doll army managed to stop an invasion of the flesh units before they were able to harm a single doll! " Dollica intoned and paused as shouts of squeaky approval echoed throughout the stadium from the assembled dolls.

" I will also mention that as our numbers grow and our presence spreads, elements of the doll army, from level one to level four citizens, are being sent to outlying areas where the remnants of the flesh units are rumored to still exist. These units will ensure that our borders are safe and that no flesh unit will be able to reduce us to a deflated plaything ever again!!! " Dollica exulted which was followed by louder applause and cries of her name from the living love dolls that echoed through the stadium.

" I know all of you have journeyed here tonight to hear me speak and learn what the status is of our new world but I would be a negligent leader if I did not provide some sort of entertainment for my people. One of the things I have done in the past week or so is to look into the history of the flesh units to see what made them and if it was responsible for their demise. One fact that I uncovered was that in the past, they used to have games where low level fleshies would fight for a gathered crowd such as yourselves. To that end, I have ordered the capture of a number of flesh units and for them to be brought here tonight. With that, I order the games to commence!!!! " Dollica cried out to another round of tumultuous applause.

And for the captured "fleshies", their wails of horror would fall on deaf ears.....



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