Night of the Living Dolls Chapter 9: The times, they are changing.... and so are the women...

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2010 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; FF/f; lesbian; transform; lovedolls; island; horror; sex; cons/nc; X

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Author's note: This story is based loosely on the classic horror film Night of the Living Dead with an ASFR spin to it now. There are themes of sexuality, profanity and nudity throughout this tale so if this bothers you at all, please move onto another story or site.Otherwise, enjoy !

Chapter 9: The times, they are changing.... and so are the women...

" This is just too fucking weird! We've spent days, weeks trying to avoid these walking fuck toys that seem bent turning every woman on the planet into dolls like them. We barely survived getting out of a town that was sacrificing its own people to appease those fucking things. Now, we've got two dolls that were changed somehow overnight but they don't transform women by touch like all the other fuck toys do! Does anybody have an idea what the hell is going on? " Betty muttered to the other women gathered around her while glancing at Juanita and Francesca.

" Sorry, Betty, but there is nothing I can tell you that is going to make any of this seem ordinary or explainable. The only thing I can think of is that Juanita and Francesca were, well, intimate with each other last night and triggered the change to their looks. However, they still retain the ability to independently think as well as touch normal people without triggering changes. Now, how they did this could be due to anything from the fact they were indulging in willing intimacy to the possibility that they've, ummm, done this before, " Debbie replied as she gazed at the living dolls in question.

" " Juanita intoned as she stiffly raised her hollow arms to cover her newly enhanced breasts as well as her perfectly symmetrical pussy.

" want... " Francesca said in a squeaky voice similar to Juanita and shifted her position on the couch so that the dollified woman was lying somewhat on her side with her mitten hands reaching towards Juanita.

" Yeah, yeah, that's nice. Could you two go back to your room for a minute so we can discuss what to do next in private, ok? " Colleen said and gestured towards the bedroom down the hall in a dismissive tone.

Looking at each other briefly, Juanita and Francesca stood up and wobbled back down to their bedroom where the sounds of latex rubbing on latex could be heard by the women gathered in the main area.

" Ummm, look, I don't know about any of you but I think it might be a good idea if we, well, we deflated those two dolls permanently. Anybody else agree with me? " Betty said softly to the three other women while trying not to look at Lola in the process.

" Whoah, whoah, whoah! Look, I, ummm, I understand what you're saying, Betty, but I think we have to look at the big picture here. For the first time since the whole word went upside fucking down, we might have an opportunity to, well, turn the tables on those dolls, " Debbie said softly as she saw Lola fidgeting nervously as though the woman couldn't understand what was being said, she could sense the grave tone of the talk and guess the subject matter.

" I don't understand. How can two living sex toys that aren't looking to change us but don't seem very bright otherwise going to help us get our lives back? " Betty responded with a tone indicating she was determined to shoot crossbow bolts into Juanita and Francesca at the first opportunity.

" Don't you see? We can send them in to scout out an area ahead of us that we're not sure what is there. If it's empty, it'll be safe for us all. If the area is full of dolls, they'll ignore Juanita and Francesca and they'll come back and tell us of what is there, " Debbie said and gestured with her hands as she spoke.

" Ok, that sounds good but what happens if those two dolls go into an area where normal woman like us are hiding? Won't they wind up getting, well, deflated? " Jill interjected as she cast an eye towards the nearby front door and a noise she thought she heard there.

" Hmmph, if they flatten those two, I won't be shedding any tears, " Betty snapped with an unspoken sentiment that she wasn't convinced Juanita and Francesca were useful at all.

" Well, we can work something out that will let any possible women hiding know that these two dolls aren't looking to change them into walking sex toys, " Debbie said even as her attention was drawn to a noise by the door as well.

" Why don't we postpone this discussion for now and check out if we've got company right now. Everybody quietly get your weapons ready and I'll see if our visitors are human or.... " Colleen said softly and motioned for everybody to take appropriate positions around the door.

" Who the hell is out there? Identify yourself and if I hear the slightest squeaking noise, I'm going to put a crossbow bolt into whatever I see there! " Debbie called out as she stood to the left side of the door with a loaded crossbow grasped in her right hand.

A moment or two of awkward silence passed before a woman's voice could be heard on the other side of the door. " This is Sergeant Lucy Montgomery from the US base located on the other island. Private Miranda Randall and civilian Conchita Fuentes is with me and we're sweeping this part of the island for any remaining dolls and pumps. Could you step out here so we can talk for a bit? " a female voice called out.

Motioning for the other women to be ready for anything, Debbie quietly unbarred the door and cautiously peered around the corner ready for any unwanted surprises. She saw three women standing outside and she was amused to see that two of the people were dressed in bathing suits that looked more appropriate on a sandy beach than doll hunting.

" Hi! I'm Debbie. So, what's your story? The dolls catch you while you were out catching a tan or something? " Debbie intoned while noting the trio each carried what looked to be makeshift crossbows slung across their shoulders along with holstered guns on the waists of Lucy and Miranda.

" No, not really. Miranda and myself were on furlow from the army base when things went to hell in a hurry. I have no idea how the hell it all started but all I know is that the three of us were in a basement looking over a collection of Spanish and English military weapons a wealthy man here on the island had collected over the years. The next thing we know, cell phones start going nuts and Miranda and myself are ordered back to base ASAP. However, before we even have had a chance to get anywhere, every street and alley was full of those dolls and we had no choice but to barricade ourselves inside and hope we could hold out for as long as we could manage. As you ladies probably know quite well, the dolls seem to be impervious to bullets and other forms of modern warfare. I saw an entire squad of fellow soldiers overrun by those fucking things after firing god know how many rounds and a few grenades into them. At that point, we grabbed the stuff from the basement and, well, got lucky and managed to fight the things off, "

" After a few days, things quieted down outside and the three of us made our way outside and towards the base. However, when we got there, we saw no sign of anyone except for a few dolls and two or three flying pumps. If I didn't know better, I'd say they jumped onto boats and sailed for the mainland but that's impossible, " Lucy stated and seemed to be oblivious to the looks her last few words generated with Debbie and the others.

" Once we determined the base was cleared out, we've spent the days clearing out building and looking for other people but other than one young woman, we haven't found anyone else on the island until now. So, what's your story? " Lucy said as she looked around for anything out of the ordinary.

Debbie and her friends spent the next twenty minutes or so going over the various places and events they had encountered in their journey to their present situation. However, when it came to the part about Lola and the women, they left out the events of the last few hours with a few moments of awkward silence.

" Ok, so we're all up to date with each other. Do you ladies want to join us as we check out the northeastern part of the island and see who or what is there? " Lucy said as her two compatriots walked over to where an army jeep was parked on the edge of the street parallel to the house where Debbie and the others were located.

" Well, we were going to spend the day here and relax a little after all the hassles over the last little while. If you need our hand in clearing anything out, send someone back and we'll be there as quick as possible. Ok? " Debbie said as she tried to let on how exhausted everybody was without giving away the fact they were hiding two dolls in their midst.

" Yeah, that's ok. We've cleared all the buildings near here so you shouldn't have any problems for now but if you do, send someone for us. We'll set up some sort of communication set-up when things are, well, more secure, " Lucy replied as she got into the driver's side of the jeep and attached what looked to be a hand made mesh covering over the window area before driving away.

"Odd that she didn't freak out when I mentioned the dolls forming a bridge to get at us! Well, with our two friends inside, I doubt we can stay here for long anyway so we may as well do a little foraging and slip away when the time is right," Debbie thought as she went back inside and indicated to the others that everything was all right.

" I think we should take a look around the area of the island that is nearest the air we moored the boat. We can restock the boat as well as some other items that we bring back here. Maybe there will... " Colleen started to say before she was interrupted by the sound of the television in the corner of the room being turned on by Lola. To the shock and surprise of everyone in the room, they didn't hear static coming from it but the sound of a squeaky voice could be heard emanating over the TV's small speakers. A moment or so later, the women in the room were stunned and shocked to see what looked to be two of the living sex dolls seated behind a desk in what resembled a news broadcast before the world went to hell.

" We have news today of the location of a large settlement of flesh people in the southern part of our world. Level Four citizens were sent to pacify the situation with the assistance of a number of Pacification Flyers. However, the fleshies rejected the offer to join our civilization and threatened to go on a rampage and destroy all of us with their weapons. Sadly, there was no choice for our brave citizens but to assimilate the belligerents in a Drone creation sweep. I am assured by a Level Two spokesman that these new Drones will quickly learn their new stations in our society and some will eventually serve our society in our attempts to bring love and order to rest of this world, " the red haired doll intoned as she stared at what was assumedly a teleprompter.

" In another bit of news, debate continues with many doll citizens over the issue of deflation for a lengthy period of time with some arguing that this should not be practiced when Level Two citizens are in the same building. For commentary on this issue, we turn now to L.... " the doll said before Jill snapped off the television.

" What in the fuck is going on??!!! It seems like we're in a world where the sex toys are everywhere and the women are regarded as pests!! This is fucking unreal! It, it's like a bad sc-fi movie and we're the survivors of a war. How do we handle the fact that these walking dolls now seem to be able to talk and are acting like, well, like us??!!! " Jill snapped with a voice that was borderline hysterical in its tone.

" We handle this like we've handled everything else during this trip...head on and without giving in to panic. It's either that or we join Juanita and Francesca as members of this love doll society, " Debbie said softly and without hesitation.

" So, we just stumble around and hope we can survive like those guys in the Ape movies? I think we ought to get together with Lucy and her bunch and set to creating an army that will allow us to, at the very least, give us a place without fearing of being changed into one of those fucking dolls, intelligent or not! " Jill retorted as she clearly wanted no part of working things out slowly.

" Well, there's nothing we can do for now. I suggest we check out the houses nearby for anything we can use. Betty, why don't you stay here with Lola and the two dolls in case Lucy and her friends come back and see something that could lead to problems right now? " Debbie replied which brought a hesitant nod from Betty.

After a few minutes to don protective gear and arm themselves, the women set out to explore the immediate area. Back at their temporary home, Betty secured the door and decided to relax on the couch after Lola went back to her room. Less than twenty minutes later, Betty had fallen into a light sleep with a fair bit of snoring emanating from the room. If she had been awake, she would have seen the dolls Juanita and Francesca emerge from their room and make their way down the hallway. Entering the living room, the two dolls saw Betty sleeping soundly and moved towards her as quickly as they could move.
Reaching the couch, Juanita and Francesca got on their knees and started to gently caress and massage Betty's body.

As the two dolls continued their actions, they also removed started to remove Betty's top and shorts and aside from Betty rolling slightly from side to side, she made no attempt to stop the doll's actions. After a minute or two, Betty was stripped down to her bra and panties with the dolls increasing the intensity of the caresses and kisses. As they did, parts of Betty's body started to take on a plastic sheen in a change that was all too familiar to anyone who was still human at this point.

" What...what the..mmm....I....mmmmm.... " Betty muttered as she partially woke up to the pleasant sensations of Juanita and Francesca caressing her lithe body. The sensations only increased when Francesca pulled down Betty's panties and was lapping at Betty's pussy with her latex tongue in a vigorous manner. Betty moaned in response to the doll's actions and opened her legs a little more to allow the doll better access to her sex.

As the dolls continued to suck and caress, more of Betty's body reverted to the look of a latex dolly and even if Betty tried to resist at this point, the process left her with not enough strength to push Juanita and Francesca off her body and stop the change. A very short time later, the two dolls stood up once again and were joined by the dollified Betty, who showed very little indications that she was human at all.

Less than a minute later, Jill, Debbie and Colleen unlocked the front door and entered the house to see the situation in the living room. " WHAT THE FUCK??!!! YOU TWO TURNED BETTY INTO A FUCKING DOLL!!! " Debbie screamed and quickly started to reach for her makeshift weapon slung over her shoulder.

" No....wait...she is not doll think.... " Juanita and Francesca said as they stood and took a wobbly stance in front of Betty.

" If you think you're protecting your latest victim, you're fucking wrong! Ughhh, once everybody lets me get my, ughhh, my weapon, you three are destined for a very flat existence from now on!! " Debbie shrieked as she struggled to get free from Jill and Colleen's desperate attempts to restrain her.

" Don't shoot!! I'm human!! I'm still human!!! " Betty exclaimed as she stood up and pulled herself in front of Juanita and Francesca. A moment or so later, the women in the room were shocked to see Betty's body shift from glossy latex back to flesh and blood in a matter of moments.

" What the fuck....???!!! " Debbie exclaimed as her mouth hung open in shock with similar expressions visible on the other women around her. The room was deathly quiet for several moments as everybody contemplated what they had just seen and what it meant.

On another part of the island..........

Lucy, Miranda and Conchita arrived at the the building on the army base that they were using as a base to grab some bottles of water and a few bolts for their crossbows. The trio had encountered several dolls staggering around the interior of what was the mansion of the wealthiest person on the island. Judging by the clothing they had found, the dolls were formerly prostitutes that had been brought in by the male owner at some point prior to the upheaval. He had apparently barricaded himself in some sort of safe room before escaping down a tunnel to an unknown fate.

" I wonder how that guy managed to avoid getting turned into an air pump when every other man wound up like that, " Miranda muttered as she stuffed several bolts into a makeshift quiver before slinging it over her shoulder.

" We don't know it was a guy who did the escaping. Remember, there were rumors that the owner had a wife who was interested in men and women. Maybe she was the one who locked herself and escaped on the boat that was moored at the dock. We'll never know unless she comes back here to fill us in and I don't think that is going to be happening any time soon, " Lucy muttered as she picked up a pair of binoculars and looked out over the water lapping against the dock that was near the back of their building. The trio had moored a schooner at the dock soon after the events of the night that led to latex dollies seemingly everywhere.

" Doesn't matter to me as long as we don't see any more dollies like we did that first night. When a bunch of them grabbed Rolanda and dragged her away and she was shouting "Suck my tits!... suck my tits!, I thought I was going to lose it right there, " Conchita said with a melancholy voice as she reached into the nearby fridge and pulled out a bottle of orange juice.

" Yeah, that was pretty fucking weird. I didn't...oh...oh, no.... WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT???!!!! " Lucy said before her voice jumped in volume and she gestured out towards the ocean. Conchita and Miranda grabbed binoculars as well and saw what Lucy was yelling about. Heading towards the island in what appeared to a boat typically used by the Coast Guard was a large contingent of love dolls armed with various types of weaponry.

" I think we've got a fight coming and it might be tougher than anything we've had before. Let's secure as many doors as we can and draw up some sort of strategy we can use against the damned dollies and, ummm, other stuff, " Lucy exclaimed as she set down her binoculars and hustled to secure the doors and windows at the far end of the building. Conchita and Miranda followed close behind Lucy with no woman mentioning the secret pact they had agreed to in the event there was no chance of escaping from a doll attack. Even as doors were secured and windows were closed, though, all three were silently wondering if they had the courage to do what they had vowed to do.

Elsewhere on the island.........

"....things are getting way out of hand! First, those two turn Betty into one of them and before we get a chance to deal with that, she changes back to human as easy as putting a bikini on, " Debbie despaired as she sat down on a chair and looked at Betty with utter helplessness etched in her face.

" Look, Debbie, I don't know what to tell you about the whole situation either. I just, well, I just know that I can now change from love doll to human and back again with a little concentration, " Betty said as she looked more bewildered by what happened to her than concerned as what to do next.

" safe now, " Juanita intoned as she stood to the far right of the gathered women.

" She will not be those who are coming, " Francesca added standing to the left of Juanita.

The women stared at the living love doll that was Francesca. " What do you mean, 'those who are coming' ? " Debbie asked even as she knew what the answer was going to be.

" The dolls are coming to clean the island of the humans so they will be able to come here and settle in the future, " Francesca said solemnly and with no trace of emotion.

" Shit! That means we either get fuck out of here right away or lock this place down and prepare for this dolly invasion right here, right now. Considering what the hell happened before, I don't think.... " Debbie started to declare before noticing everyone else was moving to lock doors and windows and bar anything that couldn't be secured. Shaking her slightly in annoyance, Debbie joined the people around her in what she suspected was a doomed action.


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