Night of the Living Dolls Chapter 8: Voyages to Strange New Lands

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2010 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; lesbian; transform; lovedolls; island; horror; sex; cons/nc; X

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Author's note: This story is based loosely on the classic horror film Night of the Living Dead with an ASFR spin to it now. There are themes of sexuality, profanity and nudity throughout this tale so if this bothers you at all, please move onto another story or site.Otherwise, enjoy !

Chapter 8: Voyages to Strange New Lands

The boat slowly pulled away from the dock and into uncharted waters as Debbie and the others looked for a few moments at the burning carnage they were leaving behind them. Even though they were on a larger boat than the one they had previously, the women felt no safer that any other time of their hurried flight away from the latex carnage behind them.

" Are you sure that you can steer this thing? I know you say you watched your father pilot cruise ships all the time out of dry dock but this is still a pretty difficult thing to do, " Debbie said nervously as she peered out at the sun that was still rising in the sky.

" Relax. This ship can pretty much sail on its own and if the maps I looked at are correct, we should be at our destination before sundown. We'll drop anchor and use one of the evac boats at the stern to go ashore. Sound good? " Betty said firmly with a voice that was much more commanding than the others had heard previously.

" Uhhh, yeah, I guess so. Exactly which island are we heading to again? " Colleen inquired as she stood next to Betty and peered out at the featureless water in front of the boat.

" It's an island that lies sixty or so miles southwest of Cuba. There's a native population of a couple thousand people on the island but they're mostly located on the side opposite to where we'll be landing. At worst, we'll have to deal with twenty or so of those dollies and flying pumps when we come ashore. Frankly, I think we all need a couple of days to relax and not worry about running for our lives from sex toys, " Betty intoned as she used her hands to help in her explanation.

" Yeah, well, that sounds just super but shouldn't we try and contact someone in authority at some point? We can't just keep running from place to place for the rest of our lives! " Jill exclaimed as she slammed her right hand hard against the side of the cabin wall in obvious frustration.

" As much as I share your sentiment, Jill, I want to remind you of what we saw on TV when we were back in the mall. Remember? If the cops and those left in charge are using guns and such to take those things on, they're probably winding up just like that reporter chick.... latex and rubber fuck toys!! " Debbie snapped angrily as she took out a pocket knife and sharpened the end of the spear she was holding.

The other women looked at Debbie and were a little surprised by the ferocity of her outburst. However, before any of them could say anything, Jill started to cry loudly as she rocked back and forth on the deck chair. " We're just going to run and run and keep running. Why don't we just go pick out some nice padded cardboard boxes and accept the fact that we're just going to be part of a world filled with mindless sex dolls that wander about looking for someone to make love to us? No more worries, no more fears, just mindless desire.... " Jill wailed even as she buried her head in her hands.

" Listen, Jill, I don't have time to get you sorted out mentally. When we get the boat docked and are on the island, we can all go our separate ways to different places there. If you want to track down the first dolly that is there and embrace an existence of latex and rubber and no thoughts other than what box you can be stored in, go for it! Until we get there, however, could you please shut up and stop annoying the hell out of me and everybody else??!!! " Debbie snapped with her eyes blazing and her jaw clenched.

Just like that, Jill stopped her wailing and sat back in her chair in silence though her eyeballs were pinballing all over the place. For Debbie and the others, they weren't sure if Jill's current state was any better to be around than the emotional one of a few minutes earlier.

Colleen walked over to Betty and patted her gently on the right shoulder. " I have to say, the sooner we get to shore, the better for everybody concerned. Debbie and Betty seem to be, well, getting a little loopy in their own way, if you know what I mean, " Colleen muttered as she peered out the window at the waves that were partially visible under the moonlit sky.

" I have to say, I'd like to spend a day or two not having to worry about things I only saw in boxes under my boyfriend's bed. Harry never knew I was aware that he like to use love dolls before we started to go out. In fact, I wasn't sure that he stopped playing with those things even after things got serious between the two of us, " Betty replied and managed a faint chuckle at the same time.

Colleen smiled and nodded in understanding " Oh, I understand. Ummm, I hate to ask but, uhhhh, when was the last time you heard from Harry before things went, well, topsy turvy? " she asked Betty with a voice tinged in sympathy.

" Ummm, well, Harry called me that afternoon and told me he was swinging by the downtown to look for costumes we could wear to an upcoming adult costume party being held nearby. I think he was going to try and get me to go as a living sex dolly. I tried calling him after things, well, went to hell in a hand basket. All I got was a ' Hello ' and then a muffled sound before the line went dead. I'd like to think that he, ummm, he managed to get through all of this madness still alive and perfectly normal. Maybe, when the world gets back to normal, we can try and get back together, " Betty replied hopefully though her voice clearly she didn't hold much hope in her own words.

With that, the boat was silent for the next few hours as the women awaited getting to their destination and a refuge from the insanity of the past week. After a short period of time, Betty shouted for the others to join her right away. With everyone gathered around her, Betty motioned for them to look at the view in front of the boat. " There's a dock coming up that we'll be able to tie up and disembark. We should get ready for any, well, surprises and such, " she muttered to the others.

Everyone hurried to get ready and the tension mounted as the dock grew closer to the boat. However, there was no sign of anything or anyone in the area as the women disembarked. Betty told the others that the scene reminded her of one of those sixties movies where the cast would find no people and spend the rest of the flick trying to find out what has happened. A few nodded but the remark did little to alleviate the tension the permeated the group.

Slowly moving inland, the women saw no sign of the love dolls or flying pumps on the island. There were houses and other signs of recent habitation in the area but no people whatsoever could be found. After a couple of hours of careful investigation, the women felt safe enough to relax and plan what to do next. They entered a modest dwelling and took seats in the wooden chairs for a few minutes while they chatted.

" Look, maybe this is the place we should take a stand. I mean, we've been running from place to place and getting out by the skin of our teeth. Once we're reasonably certain that the dollies and those flying, ummm, pump things aren't here, why don't we try and settle down and make the best of things. The alternative is taking the boat and looking for an island or area that hasn't been or won't be overrun by those dollies. Anyone think this is a bad idea? " Betty said slowly but loud enough so the others heard every word she spoke clearly.

For a minute or two, there was nothing but silence save for the shuffling of a foot or the sound of a a distant seagull before Debbie coughed and stood up. " Ummm, well, that sounds ok and such but in the short term, let's focus on making sure this island doesn't have anything that will give us a nasty surprise in the middle of the night. For now, let's make sure this place is secure for the night and get some rest before we set out to check the security of everything around us and maybe find a few vehicles and other things we'll need for the forforeseeableuture. Everybody agree with that or should we get back on the boat and head off for another island? " Debbie stated and gestured the area where the boat was moored to punctuate her final words.

Realizing what their choices were, the women quickly agreed to Debbie's plan of action and spent the next couple of hours securing windows and any other openings in the house before sitting down for a light meal. Afterwards, with two bedrooms being the only places for sleep, Jill and Betty agreed to share one bedroom with Colleen and Debbie occupying the other one. The women had cleaned up and were just preparing to go to sleep when an urgent knocking could be heard at the front door of the house. Debbie was first to emerge from her room and motioned for the others to keep quiet and follow her towards the door.

" Hello? Who's there? What do you want? " Debbie called out even as she pointed at her crossbow at the doorway in the event something menacing tried to break through the door.

A moment or so later, the women heard what sounded like several women talking back and forth in English and a language none of them understood. " Umm, hello? We are people living in this area that want talk with you women now. Could you please open the door so we can talk with you please? "

Debbie looked at Colleen and the others and after everyone nodded silently, she took down the barricade placed against the door and slowly opened it with the other poised to strike against any surprises. A few moments later, a woman that looked to be in her 50's or 60's entered followed by two younger women that looked to be in their twenties. All three were dressed in beach wear that had seen better days with the younger two carrying what looked to be makeshift spears and the eldest woman armed with what looked to be knitting needles that had been sharpened by something crude.

After a moment or two, the new arrivals spoke led by one of the young women. " My name is Juanita and this is my stepmother Lola and this is, uhhh, friend Francesca. We have lived on this island all of our lives until the night where the sky filled with light and things went crazy! There was these things that flew through the air and we saw many, many.....what is going on? Is the army going to be here soon? Who are you and where did you come from? " the dark haired woman in a blue bikini muttered even as her right hand shook nervously every few seconds.

" Oh, that's gong to be a long story. Why don't we sit down and we can go over what we've done and how we can make things safer for us all. Lola, why don't you sit on the couch over here? Lola? " Colleen said to the older woman but was met with a puzzled look on Lola's face. Juanita tapped Lola on the shoulder and spoke to her for several seconds in the language Debbie and the others had heard earlier. After a moment or two, Lola sat down on the dusty couch as Juanita explained to the others that her stepmother had a very limited knowledge of English and spoke Spanish mainly. Considering how crazy their world has been recently, Colleen figured this wasn't that big of a deal.

For the next hour or two, the women took turns telling the story of how they dealt with the world being turned upside down with Juanita translating for her stepmother. As they neared the end of their tale, more than a few women were starting to show signs of fatigue. At this point, Colleen figured they should call it a night and suggested Juanita and Francesca take the bedroom at the far end of the house, Lola take a room with Debbie and Colleen, Jill and Betty sleep on the furniture in the living room while taking turns keeping an eye open for problems. Too weary to argue, everyone agreed and headed off for bed.

A short time later, Juanita and Francesca quickly divested their clothes and sat down but their eyes and bodies revealed they had something on their mind besides sleeping. One thing the two had not mentioned to the new arrivals was the fact that they were not friends but rather lesbian lovers. To that end, and despite the dangers that could exist outside the house they were in, Juanita and Francesca quickly gave in to their emotional urges and were soon exploring each other's bodies with their tongues and fingers caressing each other's bodies. As their mutual passion increased with each passing minute, neither woman noticed that their bodies were becoming shiny rubber in appearance and telltale freckles and other imperfections rapidly disappearing. Seam lines started to become visible on the women's arms and legs and the moans of pleasure coming from Juanita and Francesca were becoming squeaky in sound and nature. Both women's breasts were swelling into twin spheres of latex framed by the same seams that were evident on their limbs.

Even as their eyes became nothing more than painted features and their bodies turned into inflated latex and rubber with hollow interiors, Juanita and Francesca continued to rub their artificial bodies together in response to the passion coursing through their hollow bodies. After ten minutes, the dolls slowed down and Juanita rolled off her latex lover to lie on her back with her arms, bent at the elbows in a classic blow-up doll pose, jutting into the arms and her seam covered legs spread wide to invite probing of her O-shaped pussy and the latex sac inside it. Beside her, Francesca was undergoing similar changes with her hollow body coming to rest on her side and her left forearm brushing up against her latex lover next to her.

After a minute or two of the latex dolls rocking back and forth on the bed, Juanita and Francesca wobbled into a sitting position where they spent around ten minutes exploring their new bodies with faint squeaking noises heard from their probings. When the two finished their exploration, Juanita and Francesca looked at each other briefly as if they were communicating on a telepathic level. A moment later, the two living sex toys stood up and wobbled towards the bedroom door in a manner that was similar to the dolls roaming everywhere now but different for anyone else.

" Hey! Hey, wake up! I think a couple of those damned dollies got into this place! You might want to try and let Lola know what is going on, as best you can, " Colleen exclaimed as she pulled herself out of bed and woke up Debbie at the same time. With a groggy Lola following behind them, the two shuffled towards the bedroom door in a manner indicating how mentally weary they were of fighting the latex menaces intent on converting them into living sex toys.

" Hello? Hello? Who's there? Jill? Betty, is that you? Whoever is walking around better speak up right fucking now! " Colleen called out as she peered around with the aid of a flashlight that was less than full strength. Unknown to Debbie and Colleen, Lola was going in the opposite direction towards the room where her niece and friend were supposed to be sleeping.

"I really fucking hope that this turns out to be a rat or something like that!!.... I don't think I can handle this endless fighting off latex dolls time after time.... let it be just a rat or something like that!" Debbie thought to herself as she clutched a sharpened mop handle in her right hand and braced for the slightest sound of the latex menaces. However, Debbie and Colleen were unprepared for the sound of Lola talking in an excited manner and very familiar sound of latex dolls behind her.

" What the fuck is going on here??!!! " Colleen called as she whirled and pointed her stick in the direction of Lola. To Debbie and Colleen's surprise, they saw the older woman facing towards them with a pleading look on her face and though her words made no sense to either of them, she seemed to be begging them not to do something. A moment or so later, the full moon in the night sky broke through the clouds and there was enough illumination in the hallway to see things more clearly. Debbie, Colleen and the other women joining them were shocked to see Juanita and Francesca had been transformed into living love dolls and were directly behind Lola. The women were going to yell for Lola to get away from the two dolls but what happened next caused the words to die in their throats.

" We.....won't " Juanita gasped with a squeaky voice as her mouth opened and closed rapidly.

" We.... want to... help... you... " Francesca wheezed with her right hand draped over Lola's body. At this point, Debbie and Colleen were going to charge at the two dollified women with the intent of destroying them when they saw that Lola was unaffected by her contact with the two dolls.

" She's not fucking changing! " Debbie called out as she motioned for the others not to attack for now.

" Man, can this fucking world get any more fucked up? " Colleen moaned as she leaned against a nearby wall and closed her eyes.


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