Night of the Living Dolls Chapter 7: What Place is a Safe Place

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2010 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: Dolls/f+; F+/f; capture; bond; transform; lovedoll; escape; horror; nc; X

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Author's note: This story is based loosely on the classic horror film Night of the Living Dead with an ASFR spin to it now. There are themes of sexuality, profanity and nudity throughout this tale so if this bothers you at all, please move onto another story or site.Otherwise, enjoy !

Chapter 7: What Place is a Safe Place

The five women sat silently in the boat as it sailed away from the island that had looked to be a perfect refuge just a short while ago. However, the fact that they saw the latex menaces form a bridge from the mainland to their island was frightening and unsettling on many levels.

" Look, I don't know about you guys but there was something seriously fucked up about that bridge those dollies came across! " Debbie shouted as she made her way around to the back of the boat where everyone, save for Colleen, was sitting down and enjoying a cool beverage.

" I just hope we can find a place that doesn't have any of those things. The way they shamble towards you with that loud squeaking and..... and..... change your friends or anyone they get hold of into one of them, " Betty slurred before she finished off what looked to be her seventh or eighth beer.

Jill shook her head as she looked over the map she had managed to grab out of the house before they scrambled out and away from the advancing dolls. " The best way to deal with those latex menaces is to NOT talk about them constantly and keep focused on the present. According to this map, there should be a small village named Lorrington on the left side of this river about thirty miles ahead. The guide I managed to grab with the map says that Lorrington normally only has a population of 3,500 and is fairly isolated with one main road in and out of the place. It sounds like the kind of place we can go to and not worry too much about being attacked, " she said as she traced her finger along a blue line on her map.

" There's no place safe for any of us! They're going to get us all sooner or later so why do we even try and be safe? " Wendy moaned as she covered her face and started to rock back and forth in her chair.

Colleen and the others sat and stayed silent as Wendy started to cry louder by the second. After thirty seconds or so, Debbie walked over to the sobbing woman and pulled her hands away from her face. Without a moment's hesitation, Debbie slapped Wendy hard across the face with her right hand and shook her shoulders roughly.

" Look, darling, you've got to keep it together! We're all in this until the bitter end and I'm not going to see my chance of making it out alive screwed up by one bitch who can't keep it together. Do I make myself clear? " Debbie exclaimed as she raised her right hand to strike the woman once again.

Before Debbie could act, her hand was grabbed by Jill in a strong grip. " Look, I know things at the mall and the island didn't work like any of us had hoped. However, if we start beating on each other physically and verbally, we'll fall to those dolls in no time at all. We're all going to have our days of being down so let's be a little more supportive of each other, " Jill said in a soothing voice.

"babble bullshit......" Debbie thought to herself as she slowly backed away and wrestled her hand out of Jill's grip. After a moment of two of awkward silence, Jill made her way back to the steering cabin of the boat while the others settled back into their seats or went below to try and get a little sleep.

The next twelve hours or so proved to be relatively uneventful for the group of women on the boat. The only thing any of them saw that was unusual occurred just after dawn of the following morning. The women had gathered on the top part of the boat except for Debbie, who had kept watch overnight and was grabbing a nap below deck. They were scanning both sides of the river for signs of people, dolls or something out of the ordinary when Jill shouted that she thought she could see something from her side of the boat. Rushing over to the side Jill was on, the women saw what looked to be a motorcycle driving on a road parallel to the river. The women, excited at seeing another living person, were going to steer the boat towards the bank nearest the biker when they saw something that was becoming all too familiar.

When the bike moved into a section of road devoid of trees or other obstructions, the women were horrified to see hundreds of dolls clustered on the road and around it. From what they could tell, the person driving the bike tried to go right through the menacing mob but was unsuccessful judging by the sight of the bike flipping into the air without the driver. Moments later, the women heard what sounded like several gunshots coming from the area followed by a single shriek. Shaking their heads, the women turned and went below partly to stay out of sight but also to try and forget what they had just seen.

Several hours later, Debbie called out that they were approaching the dock of Lorrington and for everybody to come up topside with weapons in case there were any dolls in or around the area. As they approached the area, they saw that there was five or six luxury boats moored at the dock but there was no sign of any people or dolls in the vicinity.

Slowing the boat down as they drew closer to the port, Debbie motioned for Jill to get to the edge of the boat nearest the dock so she could jump onto the wooden landing and help moor the boat. Roughly five minutes later, the women were all standing on the deck looking around for any signs of activity.

" Heads up, everybody! There's a couple of women coming towards us and they seemed to be driving a golf cart, " Colleen exclaimed as she gestured towards the parking lot in front of the dock.

When Betty, Wendy and the others looked in the indicated direction, they saw a silver and gray golf cart had come to a halt and two women were getting out. One was a blonde haired woman wearing a dark gray and blue business suit with a clipboard in her right hand. The other woman, a full figured brunette dressed in skin tight lycra top and bottoms, was just behind her with what looked to be a large glass bowl that contained quite a few slips of paper.

" Hello, ladies, and welcome to Lorrington. My name is Patti Sanderson and I'm, well, the leader of this town now. This is Miranda Rollins, who is my chief aide and head of the census for the town, " the blonde haired woman said as she nodded towards the woman next to her.

" Ummm, hi. So what's the story with your little town? You seem pretty calm considering what has been happening everywhere, " Colleen said as she looked over the two woman suspiciously.

" Oh, I can assure you that when those damned dolls started to show up here, things were extremely chaotic. I was attending a marathon session of the town council when the comet passed overhead and things went crazy. Lucky for me, I was one of the few councilors who was in another part of the building when things went crazy. We lost more than a few people that night and the hours afterwards but we're a pretty resilient bunch. I got hold of Miranda and about fifty other women and figured out a way to contain the dolls and those damned flying air pumps. There's a nearly completed two story office building that we managed to lure of all of them into with a few of us acting as decoys. Once they were inside, we locked the place up and blew it sky high with explosives that were on the site. The few dolls and pumps that escaped we managed to take care of with equipment from the track and field place nearby, " Patti intoned as she gestured towards the northern part of the town.

Debbie nodded and was visibly impressed by what she had heard. " It certainly seems like you people got your act together but I do have one question. I know your town only has the one road leading out of it but there are towns and cities further inland. Have you taken any precautions against dolls that might be coming in your direction via that road? " she asked as she got into the front seat of the cart.

" As you can see, we're lucky to be bordered by swamp land on the east and west sides so those dolls won't be coming through that area anytime soon. For the main road that enters into town, we've erected a temporary barricade on either side of the road with a gate made of sheet metal across the road itself. While we gather together the materials to make the walls more permanent, I've taken a few other steps to make sure that those dolls don't bother us for the time being. Now, I'm going to take you ladies to the town's main hotel to stay there temporarily until we get you a more permanent address. Be sure and give your names to Miranda before you get settled in. One of us will be coming by tomorrow morning to give you a tour of everything that matters in Lorrington, " Patti exclaimed as she drove into an empty parking lot that fronted what looked like a three story motel. A minute or so later, Miranda pulled up next to her and Debbie and the others were together in a group.

After giving the briefest of directions, Patti left and Miranda, after jotting down everyone's first and last names, departed as well with the women staring in their direction in silence for several seconds. After that, the women trundled inside to get their room keys from a deserted front desk and headed off to separate rooms. Before they completely split up, Colleen asked everybody to wait a minute or so.

" Look, I don't about any of you but there's something strange going on around here. For starters, does anybody find it odd that we were picked up in what looked like oversized golf carts? If you don't think that's strange, ask yourselves where the hell is everybody? Even if you can think that's ok, ask yourselves why they seem content staying in this town and aren't looking to find a safer place like we are? If you ask me, Lorrington sounds like a place straight out of a bad horror movie! " Colleen proclaimed while gesturing in all directions wildly.

" Eh, take it easy, Colleen. At the very worst, this town is a little off their rocker as a result of everything that has gone on. After everybody had gotten a good night's sleep, we'll take a closer look at what is going on around here, " Jill murmured in reply as she stifled a yawn and headed down the hallway.

For everyone else, they were a little surprised by what Jill had said as they knew it was only just after 9 in the morning. However, considering Jill's tantrum on the boat that was close to a nervous breakdown, everyone figured that she was a little overwrought and needed a few hours of rest. After tossing some of their possessions into their respective rooms, the women separated with Colleen, Debbie and Wendy setting out to explore the town and the others settling in for a few hours of rest.

As the trio of women started to walk down the sidewalk north of the hotel, they could see that the chaos from the advance of the living love dolls was evident on the roads and in the driveways of the houses. There were several cars that looked to have been abandoned in a hurry by the drivers though there was no sign of overt violence around them. However, when Wendy peered inside a blue Honda that was straddling the sidewalk the women were on, she saw there was what looked to be a tear in the driver's seat and a small piece of latex wedged into it. Remembering the lessons learned about handling any part of the dolls, Wendy took great pains to avoid coming in contact with the material as she searched the rest of the car. She saw that the keys were still in the ignition but the gas gauge was reading empty. Puzzled, Wendy pulled herself out of the car and saw the reason for the gauge reading : the door to the gas tank was open and a piece of clear plastic hose was lying atop the lid to the trunk.

" Why would someone siphon the gas and leave the car sitting here? I know things have been a little crazy recently but that Honda looks like it's less than a year old. Why would people do something like that? " Debbie wondered out loud as she looked over the car's exterior.

" It might be that the gas stations in town ran out of gas in a hurry with people trying to get away from those damned doll menaces. I just wish....HOLY FUCK! LOOK OVER THERE!!! " Colleen ventured before she paused and shouted as she spotted two love dolls staggering out from behind a bungalow across the street.

" I'm on it ! " Debbie said as she unslung the bag around her right shoulder and got out the crossbow she was carrying with her. Colleen and Wendy, at the same time, maneuvered to keep the car between them and the dolls that were advancing towards them.

" Debbie, I don't mean to rush you but those things are getting closer so you might want to get your bow thingee working, " Wendy called out with a voice that was quickly approaching a scream in tone.

"Hrrrhhhh........jjjjnnnnn........join us.......usssssss........." the blonde haired doll, who looked to have D cup sized boobs, squeaked as it, along with a dark haired doll, advanced towards the women with a pace that seemed slightly faster than the dolls they had encountered in the past.

" Sorry, you fuck toys, but I don't feel like joining your air filled ranks at the present fucking time! " Debbie snapped as she pulled the crossbow taut and shot a bolt directly into the blonde doll that was closest to her. Even as the doll hurtled backwards and it's odd speech ended abruptly, Debbie had thrown another bolt into her crossbow and shot the other living sex toy between its buoyant bosoms.

" What in the hell is going on? I thought those jerks that run this place told us they had got rid of all those air filled menaces! Sheesh! " Colleen shouted as she stood up and walked over to where Debbie was standing.

" Ummm, before we go back and get a few more weapons to walk around with, shouldn't we inform the people that run Lorrington know that there are inflatable dolls wandering around their streets? I mean, for our well being as well as the people here, " Wendy exclaimed with a voice that still had a trembling edge to it. She, of the trio, was having the most trouble dealing with the constant movement from the latex menace that was seemingly omnipresent.

Debbie was about to tell Wendy what she could do with her suggestion ( colorful metaphors and all ) when they heard the approach of several more golf carts. A minute or so later, the carts stopped in front of the trio and Patti and Miranda stepped out from one of them. The other cart, containing two women dressed in what looked to be ill fitting police uniforms, pulled up behind the women with what looked to be several cardboard boxes stored where the clubs normally sat.

" Ladies, I would suggest you return back to the hotel as soon as possible. It's not very safe to be walking around Lorrington at the, uh, present time. Besides, I think, uhh, the mayor has important, ummm, important matters she wants to talk to you about, " one of the police women muttered though in a manner that indicated she wasn't quite certain what to say. With that, she and her fellow officer took out what looked like modified mop handles and gingerly set about the cast of removing the deflated dollies.

" Whoah, hold on here just a second. Aren't you going to tell us how these dolls are just wandering around town even though we were led to believe things are supposed to be relatively secure here? Why the hell do you, and everyone else around here, want us to just go back to the hotel and sit around like good little girls? " Jill snapped at the locals that were gathered around them.

One of the 'police women' turned and stomped towards Jill until her face was only inches away from Jill's. " Listen up, missy. In case you haven't noticed, the world has changed in a big way and that means I don't have to put up with pretentious, bitch oriented idiots like you any more! Now, unless you want me and my friend Angie to use force to follow our requests, I suggest you take your pretty little legs and get the hell back to the hotel RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!! " the woman snarled with venom dripping in her last couple of words.

Noticing that Angie had pulled out a service revolver and was holding it in a manner that suggested she knew what she was doing with it, Jill immediately changed her attitude completely. Raising her hands upwards, she slowly backed away from the two police women. " Uhhh, ok, I get the message. We'll head over to the hotel and wait for the mayor or whoever she sends for us. Uhhh, good luck with cleaning up, ummm, this mess, " Angie said hoping to diffuse the situation.

" Yeah, well, get your asses back to the hotel. I'm sure you'll have a whole different attitude once the mayor explains how things operate around here now. Well, that and the cerem....uhhh, just move your butts!!! " the policewoman snarled at the women before returning her attention to the deflated menaces.

As the women turned and headed back in the direction of their hotel, Colleen glanced around to make sure they were out of earshot of the police before clearing her throat. " Is it just me or did that police chick almost let something slip that seems like a secret of some sort? It's like there's something going on here that the twerps running this place don't want us to know about. It sounds like a conspiracy, if you ask me! " she whispered to the others.

" Well, Colleen, you are a bit of a conspiracy buff but I gotta agree with you. Something is certainly wonky here and I think we should check things out before we get any kind of unwelcome surprise. Let's slip out out a half hour before dusk and do a little private snooping, " Debbie responded quietly and was met with silent nods by the others.

A short time later, and after making sure no one was in the vicinity, the women crept out of their hotel room and made their way towards what look to be a gathering that was happening on the east side of town. They were just out of the hotel's vicinity when they heard the approach of several cars heading for the hotel parking lot. Ducking behind a pile of debris just before the cars arrive, Colleen and the others saw two women get out and head straight for the door of the room they had just vacated. A minute or so later, the people emerged from the room and engaged in a brief but animated exchange. Nobody in Colleen's group could hear most of what was being said except for one word that was repeated over and over - SACRIFICE.

" We better check out this gathering as soon as possible and try to figure out a way to get away from these people if things look to be getting out of hand, " Betty muttered softly to the others as they silently crept towards the gathering once again.

Less than twenty minutes later, the women were quietly crouched in an RV whose owner was nowhere in sight and watched as what looked like the entire town gathered around a platform that had a dais and an odd looking metal device mounted at the back of the platform. The crowd was abuzz with anticipation but there was no immediate sign as to who or what it was all about. A minute or later, however, Patti and Miranda took their places on the platform flanked by two members of the local police force with another woman setting up what looked like a mike of some sort. Thirty seconds or so later, another woman dressed like a deputy took her place on the right side of the platform accompanied by a woman with a bag over her head and her hands bound behind her.

" Ladies, thank you for attending tonight's meeting. I know that times have been tough since the world went insane a short time ago but we've managed to turn Lorrington into a safe and peaceful fortress with the help of of all of you. You all know that the rules of this town are far different than the ones that existed in the time before things went to hell in a hand basket I think, though, that you all will agree with me that Lorrington will be regarded as a piece of heaven compared to the insanity that the rest of the world has become. I fully expect that over next month or two, we will see things get much better in the area around us, " Patti intoned to the gathered woman, who murmured with approval as they heard her speak.

" I'm gonna try and blend in with the crowd and find out a little more about this gathering. Look for an opening we might need in case things get out of hand, " Wendy whispered to her friends and moved away quickly before any of the other women could object to her plan.

"....tonight, we're going to show once again that stability is something that always comes at a price. As we all are aware, I realized very early that the latex menaces mean to change all of us into latex and rubber replicas of themselves but I also knew there was some sort of intelligence going on in those things otherwise they wouldn't be moving around in such concentrated masses . To keep them from overwhelming our small community, I decided the best way to appease them is letting them take from our community one individual every four days and they leave us alone in the interim. This kind of arrangement in the past would have resulted in me being thrown in prison or an insane asylum with good cause but the times, they have changed. In this new reality, self preservation and making hard choices are something we all have to make. To that end, I did make a proviso that if a woman who is not a resident of Lorrington is discovered here, she will be the one who is chosen to be our sacrifice for peace. However, since we do not have any newcomers, ummm, available, we will choose the individual in the manner that it was determined last time. Lorrington's deputies will escort each of you to the stage, one by one, where you will choose a number out of the metal barrel on the left side of this stage. Once everyone has drawn and the numbers written down by one of my staff, you will head back home where one of you will visited....Heyy!...What's going on there??!!! " Patti said before gesturing towards a disturbance on the right side of the crowd.

A few moments later, the crowd parted and Colleen and her friends gasped when they saw the source of the disturbance. With two burly women pinning her arms behind her, Wendy was being dragged towards the stage and going by the relieved looks on the crowd's faces, no one was going to stop the events that looked certain to unfold in the next few minutes.

Almost immediately, Jill and Colleen whispered to the others that they should rush over and save their friend from an unpleasant fate but Colleen pointed out that the crowd numbers meant they wouldn't get within arm's length of their friend before being caught and dragged away by the deputies to a future fate similar in nature. " Let's get a little closer and wait for our opportunity to save Wendy and get the hell away from this crazy town. "

As the women watched, Wendy was dragged up the stairs and onto the stage where the town's police women quickly handcuffed her arms behind her back and stuffed a gag in the struggling woman's mouth. Once she was secured, the mayor turned her attention back to the crowd standing before her and motioned for them to be quiet. " Well, it seems we are in luck tonight as we have a stranger from outside of the area that will be tonight's sacrifice. She even told the deputies that she'd be willing to do this but she should be bound and gagged in case she changes her mind. I think that, with that in mind, we should get things going right away. Laura, will you deploy the sacrifice slide? Anna, let the dolls know that it's time for feeding, " the town's mayor said to the deputies without a trace of compassion evident in her words.

" We gotta do something!! We can't wait for this to happen to our friend! " Jill said to the women around here and everybody agreed. Just as they stood up, however, they saw that things were moving much faster than they anticipated. To their horror, they saw what looked to be thousands of love dolls advancing on the town's population and judging by the screams of fear and panic growing by the second, the women were not prepared for the latex menaces fast approaching them.

" Everybody calm down! The dolls are probably upset that we didn't send them their sacrifice on time. Stay clear of them until we get the sacrifice to them and I'm sure they'll leave us alone. Deputy, release the sacrifice! " Patti said to the frantic people even as the mayor motioned for Wendy to be shoved down the slide.

"This ain't what I expected when I agreed to take this job!! I'm grabbing a car and getting the hell out of this place!" Miranda, the mayor's aide, thought to herself as she quietly edged away from the mayor and made her way down to the grassy area next to the platform. Miranda briefly thought of jumping in a golf cart and taking it to where she had secretly hidden a fully gassed up BMW in the event of unexpected problems but figured that would be pushing her luck. The dark haired woman figured it was, at most, a ten minute jaunt and once in her car, a short trip to the town's dock and boarding the boat brought to the town by those outsider bitches.

"Maybe I'll head for one of those little islands in the Caribbean and ride this craziness out while improving my tan on one of the beaches down there," Miranda mused silently as she ran to the left and towards the garage containing her car. Unfortunately, at the very moment Miranda chose to go down a side alley to cut down the time needed, the love dolls were marching through the end.

" Oh, fuck! Can't go this way! I better turn around head...oh, fuck! " Miranda said as she saw the approaching dolls and turned to backtrack only to find the other end was blocked by a large number of dolls as well. Realizing she had no avenue of escape, Miranda picked up a jagged piece of wood lying on the ground and mentally swore to take down as many of these dolls as she could before they overwhelmed her. However, Miranda's brave stand was quickly and unexpectedly interrupted by a long plastic rope wrapping around Miranda's right wrist. The rope jerked downwards with such force that the weapon Miranda was holding dropped out of her hand and clattered to the ground. With another rope snapping around her neck, Miranda was forced to stare into the features of an animate love doll but she was unprepared for what happened next.

"Serve us...... serve us or become a drone....." the dark haired love doll next to Miranda intoned with a squeaky voice and swept its hollow arm to the area behind it that was teeming with dolls that looked somewhat different than the speaker.

Unable to process what she was seeing and hearing, Miranda's eyes fluttered and she sagged to the ground in a fainting motion.

Back where the mayor's platform was located, complete chaos was erupting as women tried to flee the area but were engulfed by a large number of love dolls. For the majority of women, their screams of protest were quickly drowned out by the sounds of their clothes being ripped away by the sentient sex toys and the rubbing of latex and rubber on flesh. Faster than a person can say the word "transformation", flesh and bone started changing to rubber and latex and the shouts of despair switched to moans of pleasure. With every passing minute, the number of living love dolls grew larger with the amount of women decreasing correspondingly.

As for the town's intended sacrifice, Wendy landed on the ground with a slight bump and saw the dolls as they swarmed forward through the opening in the barrier and towards the people in the town. For the briefest of moments, Wendy thought it would be a piece of cake for her to evade the rampaging latex menaces and get back to her friends but this notion was quickly dashed when she saw a number of dolls notice her and surround her in a tight circle. With her hands still tied behind her back, Wendy knew it was only a matter of time until one or more of the dolls would drag her to the ground and change her into one of them but she'd be damned if she didn't go down without a fight.

Just as Wendy was mentally preparing herself for her fate, the circle parted and four dolls started advancing towards her in a measured pace with two of them holding what looked to be silver vibrators in their mitten hands. One other thing Wendy noticed, even as she struggled in vain to free her hands from their bonds, was the facial features on the dolls looked much more human appearance than any of the dolls Wendy had encountered earlier and looked more like animated Real Dolls or Teddy Babes than sex toys.

"Submit to pleasure.... submit and join us... join the Doll Dominion...." the dolls chanted as they drew closer and closer to Wendy. Before Wendy could wrap her mind around what she was hearing, two of the dolls grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her to the ground. The other two quickly ripped away Wendy's clothing with strength that belied their hollow appearance. A moment or so later, all four of the dolls were on Wendy with their limbs pinning her tightly and Wendy's sex and mouth covered completely. As flesh and blood changed to shiny latex, Wendy's thoughts shifted dramatically from independent thinking to serving the dolls and the leader of them all. As her breasts swelled into twin mounds of shiny latex, her mouth formed into a perfect round opening devoid of teeth and tongue and her limbs stiffened into tubes that already ached to be part of an erotic usage, Wendy felt one last coherent thought go through her mind before her body and mind completely succumbed to the desires a living sex toy.

"What the fuck do they mean by the Doll Dominion?.... is theresomething intelligent behind all of this...this.... fuck me... .fuck me... fuck me now...." Wendy thought to herself before her self awareness and individual thinking dissipated away and was replaced by the base desires of the living inflatable dolls around her. For Wendy, her struggles as a woman had come to an end once and for all and her focus now was much different and unspoken.

Elsewhere at that moment......

" Look, we can't look for Wendy any longer! We've got to get the hell out of here before we get overwhelmed by these inflated fuckdolls! Damn! " Betty snapped to her friends, who seemed to be rooted to the spot firing crossbow bolts at any dolls that menaced them.

" Yeah but where? " Debbie replied even as she fired a bolt into a doll that looked a little porn star Ponderous Peaks and reloaded for the next latex menace.

" We can't go out by the road and I don't think we can hole up in any of these houses for very long. Looks like our only choice is to head back to the marina! Take that, dolly! " Jill shouted as she drilled another doll shuffling towards with a bolt straight between its breasts.

" Fine, all right, let's go. I hope Wendy finds a way out of this and we'll meet again some day, " Colleen said somberly before turning and following her friends down to the marina on foot.

With the sounds of screams in the distance, Betty and her compatriots made their quickly to the dock where they found their boat tied up and fully fueled. Judging by the extra items they found on board, it was apparent the mayor and her cohorts were planning to use it for themselves at some point.

" Shit! The ignition is in pieces! We'll have to use another boat! " Debbie shouted as she scrambled out of the boat and jumped onto a larger boat next to it followed by her companions.

Just as they had cast off and were pulling out of the dock, the women heard a loud explosion and saw that a good chunk of Lorrington now looked to be engulfed in flames from some unknown source.

" Let's hope that isn't a sign of what awaits us down the road, " Debbie said to the remaining women as they headed out for open water and an uncertain fate.


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