Night of the Living Dolls Chapter 6: A Shrinking Circle

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2010 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: Dolls/f+; capture; transform; lovedoll; escape; horror; nc; X

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Author's note: This story is based loosely on the classic horror film Night of the Living Dead with an ASFR spin to it now. There are themes of sexuality, profanity and nudity throughout this tale so if this bothers you at all, please move onto another story or site.Otherwise, enjoy !

Chapter 6: A Shrinking Circle

The women quickly went up the ladder indicated by Betty and found themselves standing on the roof. Looking around quickly, they saw no sign of the dolls near them though there were already a few of the dolls starting to grapple onto the bottom of the ladder with paddle hands evident on a few of them.

"Sorry, dollies, but you're not getting up here anytime soon!" Jill snapped as she slammed the lid shut and jammed a piece of wood into the locking mechanism. She wasn't sure that the inflated menaces had the strength to get the hatch open but she didn't want to leave anything to chance.

To the surprise of everyone except Betty, there was a shiny black and blue helicopter parked in the center of the roof. As the women ran over to the chopper to look it over, Jill glanced around to see if there was any of those airborne inflation pumps they had encountered before. Peering over the roof's edge, she saw there looked be hundreds and maybe thousands of love dolls streaming through the mall entrance nearest her. To her great disappointment, Jill saw that among the masses of latex and rubber, she could see the dollified beings that used to be Gretchen and Cathy, who were identifiable by the thin strips of clothing clinging to their shining bodies.

Shaking her head in sadness, Jill looked around and saw there were quite a few of the flying pumps in the air around the dolls but the pumps were making no attempt to move farther away. If she didn't know better, she would have sworn there was a symbiotic relationship between the dolls and the pumps.

"Hey, Jill! Stop looking at those dolls and get your ass over here!" Debbie called out as she and the others clustered around the chopper and peered inside it. Sprinting over, Jill saw that the chopper looked to have more than enough room for all the women to fit in. In her mind, however, there was one big problem with using the helicopter to escape the grasps of the lethal latex mob.

"Yeah, yeah, nice chopper, ladies, but I think you're all forgetting one thing. We don't have the keys to it and none of us know how to fly the damned thing!" Jill snapped at the women gathered around the machine.

"Well, as it happens, I have the keys to the helicopter. The mall manager was planning to use it as a part of a promotion to lure high profile business owners to the place with the idea they might rent space here. However, the pilot for the chopper, a retired navy guy, isn't, ummm, available for obvious reasons so I guess Jill is right. We're screwed," Betty said with a heavy sigh as she twirled a set of keys around her right index finger.

"Ummm, I should be able to. As long as it's fueled up and has a ten person capacity, I should be able to fly us off the roof and wherever we want go with little problems," Irene murmured as she ran her right hand over the plastic nose of the chopper.

"You? Where the hell did you learn how to fly a Bell 222 helicopter? " Debbie snapped as Irene caught the keys tossed to her by Betty and unlocked the pilot's door to the chopper.

"My dad was the head guy at the Air Force base I grew up on and since I was his only child, he wanted me to learn how to fly something like this in case ' those darn commies swooped in and overran America! '. I guess he was partially right, " Irene replied as she squinted to look at the fuel gauge and glanced at the interior for anything of use.

"Ok, fine, you can fly the damned thing! Before we sail off into the wild blue yonder, why don't we figure out a safe place that we can go to? Uhhh, and while we're at it, let's make it quick and such, ok? " Debbie said while gesturing towards the roof hatch they had closed just a few minutes earlier. The hatch was starting to show the effects of multiple blows from the under side with a low moaning becoming audible as well.

"We could fly to that semi private island that is located about twenty miles northeast of here. The only way to access the island is by boat or private plane on a small airstrip in the middle of the place. There is about ten homes located on the island altogether plus some other buildings owned by the government. I'm not saying it'll be completely vacant but it's better than landing in an area swarming with these inflated nightmares, " Jill exclaimed as she tossed her knapsack inside of the chopper followed by several wooden weapons the women had fashioned to use against the lethal latex dolls.

"I guess, unless somebody has a better suggestion, that this island is the place to go. Say, where the heck has Mandy gone? " Debbie said before craning her neck to look for one of the group that seemed to have vanished. Before Irene, Jill, Betty and Debbie even began to start looking for Mandy, they all saw something that froze them in their tracks.

Walking out from behind a large air conditioner unit, a love doll started to shamble towards the helicopter and the women gathered around it. Judging by the open briefcase it was carrying in one of its' hands, the doll may have been one of the business women the chopper was meant for. Even as the doll lurched towards the women and Debbie lined up her crossbow on the approaching menace, Betty let out a piercing scream as she, and the others, saw another figure behind that the doll that was much more familiar.

With a look on her face that resembled Cathy before she fully transformed, Mandy slowly moved forward at a pace even slower than the doll ahead of her. Her clothes hung in tatters around her body though, judging by the shreds hanging from her fingernails, she may have been the one tearing at her garments and not the doll in front of her. The reason for such actions quickly became evident as the women saw part of an inflation pump bobbing in the air behind Mandy. From the look of it, it appeared to be attached to Mandy's back.

"Damn! Mandy, hang on! We'll help you in a minute or two! " Debbie yelled out as she lined up her crossbow and fired at the advancing doll. To her chagrin, she missed her target with the bolt whizzing by the target as well as Mandy and disappeared from sight. While Debbie reloaded her crossbow, the other women grabbed for sharp objects to use except for Irene, who continued her pre-flight checks.

After Betty missed the advancing doll with the snapped broom handle she was holding, Debbie finally managed to get her crossbow ready and hit the approaching doll between its latex boobs. Even as the doll sagged to the ground, the women turned their attention to Mandy and what they could do for her. Unfortunately, they could see that help was something that was no longer practical for their friend in distress.

"Oooohhhh...... " Mandy moaned as she staggered to the edge of the roof. Her friends could see a glossy appearance becoming prevalent on her legs and face with her arms already forming into a L shape like any other love doll. She was wobbling back and forth as her transforming body seemed to be buffeted by the breeze coming from the helicopter warming up.

"Mandy! Mandy, get away from the edge! Mandy, please.....!!! " Debbie screamed at her staggering friend and her pleas were quickly joined by the others. Ultimately, their pleas were for naught as they saw their friend tumble off the edge of the roof and out of sight. When the women moved to the edge to see where their friend had landed, they saw that the transformation of Mandy was much further along than they had suspected. Instead of landing on the pavement with a thud, Mandy seemed to float to the ground and bounced a little when she landed. The inflation pump detached from her back as the newly created doll slowly pulled itself to its feet and started to move about like all the other dolls around it.

Before the women had a chance to fully absorb what they just saw, there was a loud CRASH!!!! followed by the sight of the roof hatch being hurled in the air by the force of a blow. A moment or two later, several pairs of hands that were decidedly love doll in nature started to reach through the opening.

"We gotta go now!!! " Jill shouted from inside the helicopter to the stunned women outside. After a moment or two, Debbie, Irene and everybody else piled inside and slammed the doors shut just as the living dolls started slap their hollow arms and hands on them.

"We'll be in the air in just a few sec...WHOAHHHH!!!! " Jill started to shout before she was interrupted by the sound, and sensation, of something making contact with the helicopter's rear rotor. Irene, seated on the right side of the chopper, pressed against the glass window in the door and saw what looked to be a brown hair love doll fly through the air in multiple pieces undoubtedly from stumbling mindlessly into the blades. As the tattered remnants rained down around them, Jill checked her gauges to make sure nothing was damaged by the impact before pulling back on the stick and putting the helicopter into the air.

As the chopper winged its way towards the island destination, the women refrained from looking down and found their minds preoccupied by thoughts of what had happened over the last 24 hours. From the sights they had seen to the faces of friends and coworkers left behind, the surviving women were united in their hopes of staying alive in a world turned upside down no matter what......

Roughly twenty five minutes or so later.........

"......there's an airstrip just past this crop of trees that we'll be setting down on in just a few minutes. We don't know what's going to happen once we are back on the ground so everybody should be ready for those damned dollies as soon as we land! " Jill shouted into her headset so the others could clearly understand what she was saying.

A few minutes later, the Bell helicopter settled down in the middle of the airstrip and the women quickly got out out when they saw the area was deserted. As they got out, the women saw that there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary in the immediate area. In fact, the only thing that looked out of place was an expensive sports car parked on the right side of the runway that had no occupants but all four doors were wide open on it.

"Ok, before we start checking out the immediate area, why don't we head for the hanger to our right? I've got an idea how we can deal with those flying pumps for now. It might be a tad uncomfortable but the alternative isn't nice either, " Irene shouts to the other women as she gestures towards the building in question.

Figuring they had nothing to lose, everyone quickly followed Irene's suggestion and sprinted over to the place in question. Finding the door to the hangar locked, Debbie wrapped her jacket around her elbow and smashed in the glass window with it. After unlocked the door, the women walked inside the mostly empty hangar and watched Irene as she quickly located what looked like some sort of cutting torch. Finding a coffee maker and a fairly well stocked fridge in an office, everyone except Irene indulged themselves in a cup of coffee and discussed what they should do next.

Thirty minutes later, Irene beckoned the women out to her and showed them what she had been working on: four sheets of metal that looked to be about two feet in length with two small holes at the top of each sheet.

"I figure that those flying pumps are going to be a bigger problem than any of those walking dollies we might run into. Since those pumps seem to go for a person's back, I've fixed up these metal shields that we can wear to protect ourselves from those things. They're a bit cumbersome but they will do until we figure out something else. I'll adjust the straps for each of you while we figure what part of the island we should go to and the best way to get there, " Irene said as she held up one of the metal plates for the others to see.

"We've got to assume that there are a few dollies on this island so I would suggest avoiding any part that has more than one house next to each other. Let's check that abandoned car we spotted near the runway to see if we can get it going and head for that large house I spotted south of here when we first got within eyesight of this place. Once we get there and make sure it's safe, we'll figure out what to do next. Does that sound good to everybody? " Irene exclaimed to the trio around her.

Somewhat surprised by the decisive manner Irene was now acting in, the others once again agreed to her suggestions. Fifteen minutes later, the quartet headed outside and headed towards the car nearby with glances cast all around them for anything out of the ordinary.

To everyone's relief, nothing attacked them during their brief walk and there was a set of car keys dangling from the ignition. Tossing their stuff in the trunk, the four got in the car and slowly headed down the road leading away from the airfield. Just as they reached the point where they turned south, they saw three busty love dolls shambling towards them in the middle of the road. Debbie, who was driving the car, hesitated only a bit before she gunned the motor and drove the car straight into the midst of the menacing sex toys. With louder than expected thumps, the dolls were sent flying in the air when they came in contact with the vehicle and tumbled into ditches on either side of the road.

Before the dolls had a chance to pull themselves to their feet and renew their pursuit, the car screeched to a halt and the trunk popped open. Debbie and Irene jumped out of the car and each quickly grabbed a weapon out of the trunk. A well placed spear throw and crossbow bolt shot later, two deflating dolls sagged to the pavement and the four women continued on their way.

A short time later, after a couple of stops to remove debris that was lying on the road, the women arrived at their destination: a two story house with a boat deck in front and several vehicles parked around the property. As Betty and the others got out of the car, they saw the doors and windows of the house showed signs of being boarded up with planks of wood.

"Hello? Hello? Is there anybody here? " Irene called out with her hands cupped around her mouth. She was met with a reply of silence.

"Hello? Look, there's none of those things out here right now. You're safe to answer us, " Jill shouted out as loud as she could muster and waited for a response while the others milled around to look over various things scattered about the property.

Less than a minute later, one of the women noticed the drapes at one of the ground floor windows was pulled to the left for a moment or so before it fell back in place. Jill and the others stood in silence for a brief period before the sounds of lumber being ripped away from walls could be heard followed by the sight of the back door slowly swinging open. A red haired, mid twenties women dressed in what looked like a slightly torn bikini top and blue jean shorts. Behind her, a brunette that was roughly the same age wearing a one piece blue swimsuit that was torn across the upper chest and barely was keeping her impressive sized breasts inside it. Both women were carrying weapons of some sort with the redhead carrying a rake that had the bottom broken off and sharpened into a point and the brunette holding what looked like some sort of water gun that had been modified to fire small wooden spikes.

"I'm Colleen, the owner of this house, and this is my cousin Wendy. I don't know how the bunch of y'all wound up here but you can't stay here! The first one who takes a step towards that house with the idea of looting it is going to get the same thing as those fucking toys! " the brunette called out while gesturing towards Irene and the others.

"Whoah, whoah!! Let's calm down before things get out of hand! I think we're all in the same boat so why don't we talk things out? I'm Jill and these are my friends. We landed on this island a short time ago after getting away from the same type of freaks that were after you. Is there anybody else alive in the nearby houses? " Jill replied in a soothing voice as she tried to keep things from getting out of control.

"I, umm, I don't think so. Wendy and myself were sleeping in the house's basement when things started to go nuts all over the place. We ran upstairs to find that my cousin Jane had been changed into one of those damned blow-up things and was moving towards us! Lucky for us, we managed to get outside through a back door before we got turned into one of those dollies. However, it was like ' out of the frying pan and into the fire ' for both of us as we saw dolls coming towards us down the road you were just on. Wendy quickly grabbed her bow and arrows that she had been practicing with earlier and together, well, things get blurry from there, " Colleen intoned while gesturing around the grounds.

Seeing the remnants of several punctured and deflated dolls lying in a heap behind the house, Irene nodded in understanding. "That's pretty much what we've been dealing with. Have you handled any of those deflated dolls because I've heard what happens to anyone that isn't careful? " she asked the two across from them.

Wendy sighed as she lowered her weapon "We were barricading the outside of the house and were about to start piling those dollies into a shed out back when Connie McAllister, a neighbor from a house on the other side of the island, came running in from somewhere. She was practically naked and a little, well, disoriented when we saw her. Before we could say a word to her, she started grabbing the dollies that were strewn on the lawn and started tossing them in the ditch. It wasn't more than a minute or two later that me and Colleen saw her skin start to become shiny and heard moans coming from her mouth. She turned and started staggering towards the two of us looking more inanimate than human in appearance. Realizing we didn't have much of a time, I held her off with a rake while Colleen stabbed her in the right leg with one of her arrows. As we watched her deflate, we realized that handling these things with our hands could be just as bad as a successful attack, " she said as she gestured towards a red haired doll lying atop others in the ditch.

"That's a good idea. Look, why don't we sit down, have a drink and figure out what we all want to do next? We'll tell you how we wound up here and some other stuff as well, " Debbie said softly with a hope that the situation had calmed down now.

After glancing over at Colleen, Wendy nodded slightly and pointed towards the house. "There's some cold beer in the fridge on the main floor. We got a portable generator going when everything went nuts in case the power went out suddenly. There's no phone but its not like we have anybody to call there! " the red haired women intoned with a decidedly forced laugh uttered at the end.

Debbie, Irene and the others said nothing though their faces reflected clear skepticism in the sanity of their hosts. Walking inside, the women saw there was several large cardboard boxes stacked in one corner with DOLLS! written in big letters on the sides of them. Grabbing a six pack of what looked like an imported Canadian beer, Debbie handed one to everybody in the room before taking one for herself and putting one back in the fridge.

"Well, what do we do now? Do we wait until some government people show up and tell us that everything is back to normal? Or do we try and get things set up for a long stay on this island? " Irene asked as she gestured towards the window on her left before taking a long swig on the icy cold beverage she was holding.

" If I can venture an opinion, I don't think waiting here for the big guys in suits is a good idea at all. To start, I think we should go to the other houses on the island and make sure that there aren't any more dollies lurking around here. After that, we should gather up all the food, firearms and anything else we can scrounge up. What do you think of that? " Wendy proclaimed as she walked into the room and got a beer for herself.

"It sounds good, Wendy. To be honest, hunting down those dolls is a heck of lot better than running for your life from those things. We should rig up some padded armor for us to wear in case we run into any of those flying pumps while we're doing stuff outside. If anyone else has ideas, let's hash 'em out after a night's sleep, " Irene replied as she tried to stifle a yawn.

Feeling the strain of the last 36 hours or so, everyone quickly agreed to getting some rest and after securing the doors and windows, the women collapsed onto beds, couches or whatever they found to support a few hours of rest. Colleen and Jill volunteered to take turns keeping an eye open for anything that might show up unexpected. Fortunately for them all, the night passed uneventfully with more than a few hours passing without a sound heard save for the snoring of a few weary women.

When the sun rose the next morning, the women stretched and after a brief breakfast of cold coffee and stale doughnuts, they started to put together the gear they figured they would need. Jill, who knew next to nothing about the rigging of such stuff, agreed to keep an eye open while everybody worked on the protective gear.

After rigging up stuff for everyone to wear using everything from kitchen pans to spare car parts in the garage, Debbie ventured outside for a minute and saw Jill staring out at the river with a crossbow lying within easy reach.

"Jill? What's the matter? Do you see something out on the water? " Debbie inquired as she raised her right hand to her eyes and glanced out at the area beyond the dock.

"Hi, Debbie. I, uh, I don't know. A few minutes after the sun started to rise, I thought I saw something out on the water. I don't see it anymore so I guess it must have been my imagination, " Jill replied as she picked up her crossbow and prepared to join the others, who were waiting in two trucks nearby.

Debbie nodded in understanding. "Well, if it was a boat or something like that, I'm sure they'll be back this way in the future. Right now, I think it's time we did a little dolly hunting, don't you? " she said with a small smile. Jill nodded in agreement and a few minutes later, the trucks were moving down the road slowly towards the other houses on the island.

As the women traveled, they talked about what the houses would have cost them if they were living in them and what kind of furnishings they might have and so on. They started to quiet down when they approached the first house to check out, a two story home that looked to have been built in the last five years or so. Slowing down at the foot of the driveway, the women stared up at the house for several minutes to see if there was any sign of people or dolls or flying pumps. After seeing nothing, Irene unlocked the passenger door and was just about to step outside when she, and the rest of the women, were startled by a loud THWAAP!!! as a flying inflation pump smacked hard against the windshield of the truck with the long hose wedging itself tightly into the small amount of space between the door and the truck frame.

"Stay cool, Irene!!! I'll grab this stick and get that thing away from you as soon as possible, " Jill shouted as she popped open her door and hopped out with the weapon she mentioned clutched in her right hand. Moments later, Jill, with the aid of Irene and Colleen, managed to pry the writhing object off the truck and pinned it to the ground. After making sure the pump was firmly secured to the ground, the women covered the pump with several shovels of grass and dirt even as a few of them kept an eye open for any more menaces.

Roughly ten or so minutes later, the women finished their task and started to proceed on foot towards the house at the base of the property. Colleen was following along when she noticed that Jill had stopped moving and was turned towards where they had left the trucks. "Hey, Jill, you going to join us or are you looking to work on your tan out here on the lawn? " Colleen called out to Jill with a bit of whimsy to try and break some of the attention.

Jill shook her slowly "I'm coming, I'm coming. It's just, well, I could swear I hear the feet of those god awful dolls heading down the road we just drove on, " she muttered as she turned and peered down the road in the direction that they came from.

Colleen joined Jill and looked, as well as listened, for anything that sounded like the living sex toys they had to come to fear. After a brief period of time, Colleen shook her head slightly "I think that's just the incoming tide hitting the rocks down by the island's pier. There's no way those things can get on this island. Let's settle back and enjoy this place of tranquility in a world that has, well, got fucked up but good! " she proclaimed as she wrapped her arm around Jill and steered her in the direction of the house.

If the two had waited another minute or two, they would have seen figures starting to appear at the far end of the road. Figures that were growing larger in number by the minute.......

Less than ten minutes later.......

"Ya know, this is quite the place here. Appliances, fully stocked fridge and freezer, portable generator to keep the lights and everything going. Geez, if we can round up a few other things, we could stay in this place for a long, long time! " Irene muttered as she opened up the fridge and peered inside it.

"Yeah, they even have the complete DVD collection for shows like 48, Desperate Maids and a couple of others. I wonder who owned this, well, mansion on a tiny island? " Debbie muttered as she plopped herself on a nearby recliner and started to leaf through a magazine she had found.

"If you think all that stuff is impressive, you should take a look at the boat that is tied up at the dock here. It looks like the type that could carry all of us several times over and with ease. I wonder if it has....OH!.... OH MY FUCKING GOD!! EVERYONE GET OVER HERE NOW!! WE'VE GOT BIG PROBLEMS " Colleen said as she stared out a window facing the back of the property while using a pair of binoculars she had found.

Hurrying over, the other women quickly saw what Colleen was shouting about and it struck them as one of the strangest, and most frightening, things they had ever seen. From what they could see, thousands of love dolls, and probably much more than that, had formed what looked to be a bridge from the mainland to the island out of their bodies. Advancing across this bridge was a large number of love dolls accompanied by inflation pumps that were swirling around their heads like angry mosquitos and they were are already marching up the shore towards the houses and the women.

"LET'S GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!! " Colleen screamed as she turned and raced towards the front door of the house. With barely any hesitation, the rest of the women followed Colleen outside and hurried across the lawn before all of them stopped in their tracks a short distance from their vehicles. They saw the love dolls had advanced faster onto the island than they had thought and were already swarming over the women's trucks.

"FUCK!!! LET'S GET BACK TO THE HOUSE AND FIGURE WHAT TO DO NEXT!!! " Irene shrieked as she turned to head back to the house. However, she had stopped far too close to the dolls and when Irene turned to get away from them, two of them grabbed her around the waist and partly pulled her to the ground. By the time the other women had quickly pulled Irene away from the latex menaces and ran back to the house, it seemed to be too late for her. As the women quickly secured the front door and windows, Irene glanced down and saw that the dolls, in their limited contact, had done much more than rip away most of her skirt and panties. The skin around Irene's waist was turning glossy and she could see, and feel, her sex starting to change into the O shaped opening all love dolls had.

"Hey!! There's a boat moored to the dock at the back of the property. If we get our ass down to it, we can get the hell off this island and.... " Jill exclaimed before trailing off when she saw the gloss on Mandy's body.

" Look, Irene, if, ummm, if you, uhhh, want me to stay for a few seconds and, ummm, give you... " Debbie started to murmur before waving off by Irene.

"NO!! Look, you guys get the hell out of here!! I'll hold this inflated bitches off, uhhh, as long as I, mmmm, I can. Fuck me!! " Irene called out even as she started to rip away her remaining clothes to reveal the glossiness spreading rapidly all over her body. As she staggered up the stairs with the rest of the women scrambling out the back door, Irene could see seams starting to run down her arms and blemishes and freckles starting to rapidly disappear from her limbs. Figuring it was only a matter of time before she was fully transformed, Mandy used her remaining strength to block the back door before staggering to the nearest bedroom.

Collapsing onto the bed, Irene could see seams starting to appear on her arms and legs and her breasts were changing into two glossy spheres that were larger than normal and capped by bright pink nipples. Out of curiosity, Mandy reached with her left hand for one of her swollen bosoms and even as she reveled in the sensations that rippled through her body, she could hear the front being broken down by the menacing dolls.

"How could a bunch of inflated bags of latex and rubber turn...mmmm... turn women into fuck....mmmmm..... turn into love dolls....oooohh.... need to be touched.... this isn't fair!!!....I...I...I want to be touched..... held...caressed... obey the...." Irene thought even as her legs spread into a V shape, her eyes took on a wide eyed doll appearance and the rest of her body appeared to be nothing more an air filled of latex and rubber. A moment or so after Irene's transformation into a living sex toy was complete, the sound of wood breaking and glass smashing could be heard echoing in otherwise silent house.

A short time later, love dolls started to stagger into the bedroom that the woman once known as Irene though if anyone was human witnessed this, they might notice that some of the dolls looked more complex and detailed and the others. When one or two of the dolls reached towards the dollified Irene, one of the more realistic dolls stopped them.

" " the doll wheezed.


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