Night of the Living Dolls Chapter 5: No Parking in the Inflated Zone

by Northern Chill

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Storycodes: Dolls/f+; capture; transform; lovedoll; escape; horror; nc; X

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Author's note: This story is based loosely on the classic horror film Night of the Living Dead with an ASFR spin to it now. There are themes of sexuality, profanity and nudity throughout this tale so if this bothers you at all, please move onto another story or site.Otherwise, enjoy !

Chapter 5: No Parking in the Inflated Zone

Debbie, along with the other women clambering over the barricade, turned to see what Gretchen was screaming about and they all screamed in horror. Gretchen was tumbling out of the vehicle they were just in with her hands wrapped around what looked like a pump for inflating love dolls. The reason that the women were screaming was that the object was writhing as if somehow, in some strange way, it was ALIVE!!!!

"Gretchen, what's going on? " Iris called out as she slowly started to make her way over the parked semi in front of the mall and back towards her college friend.

"I.... was... about.... to.... get.... out and this.... thing..... just came flying at me!!!! "Gretchen called out as she rolled to the ground in her struggle to keep the pump from moving up and achieving whatever purpose it had. Judging by the way it was twitching, it seemed intent to get behind her upper torso.

"Hang on, Gretchen, we'll be there in a second!! " Jill called out as she started to slide across the hood of a Dodge-Kymoto truck. However, she suddenly halted halfway across the hood and yelled for the others to stop going forward and seek shelter behind the car barricade.

When the women saw what Jill had spotted, they would have normally dismissed it as absurd if not for the insanity that was all around them. The air seemed to be filled with inflation pumps of different colors and sizes but all resembling the type packaged with inflatable dolls or similar type items. In addition to the pumps, there seemed to be an increasingly loud noise that resembled the squeezing of air in and out of the pumps. Judging by the way that the hoses were moving back and forth in the air, these flying devices were just as sentient as the one Gretchen was currently grappling with.

"Help me.... I........ think.... I can't.... hold this off.... any... longer.....!!!!! " Gretchen gasped loudly before falling silent upon the nozzle entering her mouth. Moments later, Iris and the others saw that Gretchen's struggles were dissipating rapidly as her screams for help were replaced by moans of pleasure.

"NO! NO!!!! " Irene called out as she spotted what was happening to Gretchen from her vantage point behind a rusty pick-up truck. She started to stand up and run to her friend's side but ducked back down when one of the flying pumps wrapped itself around the rear view mirror of the truck she was hiding behind and missing Irene by mere inches. With the ends still twitching, Irene shrank back and knew her friend's fate was sealed.

As Irene and the others watched, Gretchen's face started to take a glossy look that was all too familiar to them. Her face started to become glossy in appearance and her screams for help quickly faded to moans of intense pleasure.

"Hey! Hey, you dumb broads! Get in here now unless you want to wind up a walking love doll like all the other women in the area, " a voice called out from the mall area. The women crouched behind the barricade turned and saw an early 30's auburn haired woman ducking her head out of one of what they thought were locked doors.

"We can't! Gretchen needs our help before...... " Jill yelled back even as she saw Gretchen's legs start to separate and form a V shape with her arms pulling tight to her sides. It was at that moment that she, and the other women, started to hear the sinister slapping rhythm of rubber and latex feet starting to approach them from all sides.

"Your friend is done for and so will you be if you don't get your asses in here now. Last chance! " the mall woman screamed upon opening the mall door once again.

Jill, Debbie and the others looked around at the chaos that was threatening to envelop them all. After a brief glance at Gretchen, whose eyes were already showing signs of desiring nothing but lust, the women turned silently towards the mall entrance and quickly made their way through the door where the mall woman was. Just before the door swung closed and was locked, one final person slipped through with the others that was a surprise to everyone..... the partly transformed woman who they had found in the car back at the university.

"Get away from the doors right away! I have to roll a barricade in front of it otherwise those damned dollies will try and break in when they see us," the mall woman said as she started pushing what looked several oversized mirrors mounted on 4 or 5 trolley carts towards the mall entrance. After a moment or two, the college women joined in and helped push the facade in front of the doors just as several latex fingers could be seen latching onto the hoods of the vehicles parked outside.

"All right, you bimbos, let's get a few things straight. My name is Andrea and I run this mall. If you have any problems or concerns, talk to me or Betty. My word is law here and if you have a problem with it, you can go back out in the parking lot with those fuck toys. According to the info I've got, the army is going to be in this area in the next 48 hours to help deal with all the dollies and help the survivors. All we have to sit tight and make sacrifices if we need to," the auburn haired woman, dressed in what looked like blue overalls and work boots, said with a commanding voice.

"Who the hell do you think you are? You look like some kind of ordinary janitor and not the owner of this place!" Debbie snapped as she, and the others, noticed that there seemed to be other noises coming from inside the mall.

"Look, sweetie, all you have to know is that I've got the keys to all the doors so if ya don't like it, you can go out to where ya came from. The army will be here in a couple of days so until then, let's keep the questions to a minimum and we'll all get along, ok?" Andrea snapped as she gestured behind her for emphasis. "I'll show you all the stores we have access to and areas to stay out of, "

With a few glances among themselves, the group of college women silently followed Andrea as they headed down the empty hallways of the mall. Jill noticed that, for the most part, the stores they walked by were open with more than a few showing signs of looting, struggles or both. There were a few that were locked and dark though Debbie and the others saw a few glimpses of flattened latex and rubber which indicated that a few of the walking love dolls had been here before.

"Yep, we were lucky, Betty and me, that we happened to be working in the mall here when everything went crazy and such. Although, there was three of us here in all when things went haywire here in the mall and.... well....... Inga...... " Andrea said before her voice trailed off and she stopped in the middle of what looked like the mall's food court.

"Why don't you tell them the truth, Andrea? Inga got turned into a blow-up doll because we.... were too late locking one of the entrances and some of those things got in. We tried shooting at them with guns we found in the gun shop but the bullets.... sniff.... the bullets just bounced off them! They.... they were everywhere! Inga managed to get the rest of the doors locked but.... sniff... the dolls were between her and us. Andrea stabbed at one of them with a mop that had broken in two and when we saw the doll deflate on the end, we.... sniff... started getting rid of the rest of them. Just as we had finished them off, we.... we..... heard.... Inga! She.... she..... " Betty said with tears rolling freely down her face as she approached the gathered women.

"She had been turned into a sex doll like the others. She looked like Inga but was nothing more than an air filled bag of rubber and latex. Anyway, once we took care of the toys, we started securing the other stores and that brings us to seeing you ladies outside," Andrea said with her voice showing none of the temporary uncertainty that was there before.

"Look, I don't mean to be a wet blanket but have you thought about what you're going to do if the army is late getting here or doesn't arrive at all? " Debbie asked as she looked with great interest at the food displayed to her right. Although she considered herself a ' picky eater', she, like the others, hadn't eaten much outside what they snared out of the vending machines.

Andrea's face turned beet red for a second or so and she raised the broken mop handle in her right hand upon hearing Debbie's response. "The army is coming and that's that!! Now, if you're hungry, Betty can fix you up some food and such while I go and check a few stores at the other end of the mall, " the woman said nodding towards the Chuck's Chicken and Bob's Beastly Burgers outlets.

Debbie was about to say something more but was somewhat forcefully elbowed in the ribs by Jill. With that, the women, including the semi transformed woman who was remaining silent and virtually ignored by the others, slowly took their seats while Betty started to cook up some burgers and fries.

"Look, everyone, I know this has been a weird 48 hours or so but doesn't anybody find this place, not to mention Andrea and Betty, just a little too strange? " Irene said quietly to the rest of the women gathered around her.

"Hey, we've got food, comfort and the army is on the way. What's so odd about that.... you want things to be as crazy in here as they are out there? " Jill said as she sipped on a soda that she had grabbed from a nearby store.

"We can't.... can' too.... comfortable........ " an unfamiliar voice gasped with a very noticeable wheezing between the words heard by the gathered women. Turning in the speaker's direction, the women saw that it was the partially transformed woman, who everybody had forgotten, that was the one talking.

"Ummm, I don't mean to sound nasty but who the hell are you and, well, are you still, uh, you? " Debbie snapped in the half woman/ half doll.

"My Cathy. I was.... was the Vice-President of the Minerva University for Young Women.... and was working at tidying up...... some details....mmmmmm...... when things went crazy. I saw dolls streaming through.... ooohhh....fuck.... through the......uhhhhh........ hallways mmmmmm...... get away. Two or three.....ohhhh....things...... fuck me!..... grabbed me and I......I..... felt my body..... changing. Before they finished me off, they......errrrr...... they moved off and..... good dolly!...... I got car, " the woman said even as she was absently rubbing her right hand against what sounded her rubberized right breast.

The women, stunned by the first hand telling of an attack and recalling how they had left friends behind to experience such a fate, remained silent for several long seconds afterwards. Finally, Debbie coughed slightly in preparing to ask Cathy a question but was interrupted by the arrival of Andrea and Betty with burgers and fries they had cooked up.

With the audible sounds of latex slapping against the doors of the mall, the women managed to start eating some of the food prepared for them. As they ate, they were surprised to see Andrea pushing what looked to be a large screen TV, connected to an extension chord, out in front of them.

"Since all this stuff started, I've been checking this TV on the hour to see how things are going elsewhere. The local stations are all out but the national ones still seem to be working. Let's check it out," Andrea said as she made a few minor adjustments before switching the TV on.

As Jill and the others looked on, the first number of channels yielded nothing but static as Andrea clicked the remote quickly. Finally, after five or so seconds of fiddling, an image appeared on the screen that appeared to be the studio for one of the national networks.

"........hard to sum up what has been going on over the last 12-18 hours but, at this point, I'll try and describe what we know. Around midnight, a comet that seemed to appear out of nowhere roared through the night sky traveling from east to west and was visible through most of this country. Eyewitnesses report seeing people standing outside disintegrating right before their eyes leaving only their clothes and a pile of dust. However, these horrific sightings were only the beginning of the nightmare that has gripped our country as it was discovered that people under the age of 18 and over 50 had vanished in a similar manner. Before people could come to grips with this, the weirdest part was just starting to happen."

"Women were reporting seeing female neighbors transforming into what appeared to be latex love dolls that were alive and available to move. At first, the changes appeared to happen without outside help but reports started to come in of..... as hard as it may seem to believe..... hordes of these dolls rampaging through streets and buildings. For any unfortunate woman who were engulfed by these moving sex toys, it proved disastrous for her as these dolls would rapidly convert the woman from flesh and blood to latex and plastic in a matter of minutes. The transformed women seemed to be just like the other dolls in terms of purpose and these hordes swelled in size very quickly, "

"As for the men in society, as many of you are no doubt aware, many of them disappeared in a manner similar to the women leaving only their clothes behind. There were also scattered reports of what looked like inflation pumps found in the middle of..... hold on..... I'm getting an indication that we have a report coming in from station KLZY in northern California. We'll try to get you that report in a minute but bear with us as many of the people here are doing jobs they are unfamiliar w........ " the studio host said before the screen faded unexpectedly to static.

"Shit! Let's try something else....... " Andrea muttered as she started to click through the channels once again.

"It's kind of a relief to know that the whole world hasn't gone to hell like it has around here, " Jill whispered to the other women between mouthfuls of food.

"Ah, here we go! " Andrea called out as she found another channel that was still broadcasting. From what the women could see, it appeared to be a reporter stationed in the street of an unknown city with several heavily armed women standing in the background. Jill and the others could hear a noise growing louder by the second as well that sounded very familiar to them all.

"......Monique Fallsworth reporting from downtown Fort Wayne where we've hooked up with a group of women belonging to the Young Urban Gun Owners Society. I've got their leader, Angie Whitling, with me and she seems to have a strategy against these hordes of dolls that seem to be everywhere. Angie, could I have a word with you for a second? " the TV reporter called out to one of the armed women.

"Hiya, Monique. I gotta say I've liked seeing you on TV when you covered the weather. You seemed a lot smarter than that idiot Ron guy. Ya know, I remember...... " the burly Angie started to say even as the sound of latex slapping on pavement grew louder by the second.

"Well, Monique, we've got a plan that I think will take down these damned dollies. I've got Glenda and Birdie to lay down tire puncture tracks across the streets behind us and to the west. Rhonda is positioned in a second floor window armed with a rocket launcher that is pointed into the street directly ahead of us. In the street behind us, we've planted several explosive charges into and around the street to use if we need to get out of here in a hurry. The main attack on these dolls will be me and the executive to handle. We swung by the local police station and.... hear that?...... ladies, it's go time!" Angie called out to her fellow gun toting women.

"A brave stand by the members of the Y.U.G.O.S. though whether it will work out remains to be seen. We've gotten unconfirmed reports from Duluth and Portland that these dolls are impervious to small arms fire. Due to the chaos that seems to be going on around the nation, we're unable to confirm or get any further details about...... wait a second.... Jane, I think I hear something," the TV reporter intoned to the unnamed studio host before turning and facing the direction Angie had moved in.

When the camera operator swiveled around to follow Monique, the women watching from inside the mall gasped upon seeing an all too familiar scene. At the far end of the street, there looked to be hundreds, perhaps thousands, of love dolls moving steadily towards the group of women. In addition to the sound of latex and rubber making contact with the street's surface, there was a fairly loud moaning coming from the dolls.

"All right, Rhonda, let these fuck toys have it!!!! " Angie yelled out to her right to the concealed woman she had stationed in her plan. A few moments later, a powerful projectile flew out of a window and smashed into the street about 75 feet or so in front of the dolls.


When the smoke started to clear, the gun toting women saw a fairly large hole in the street but the blast hadn't slowed the dolls in the slightest. In fact, there were dolls walking directly into the hole caused by the rocket and they seemed to climb out of it without missing a step.

"Connie, the reports we've been getting about these dolls being more than simple latex and rubber adult toys appear to be correct. We're going to move back a little and see what success Angie and her friends have against this doll mob, " Monique said with her voice noticeably wavering a little.

Moments later, the camera focused once again on Angie and the women belonging to her gun club as they took position behind a hastily constructed barricades. As the dangerous dollies neared the women, Angie motioned for the women around her to open fire at the count of three.

Jill, Irene and the others inside the mall flinched and covered their ears seconds later as the sounds of gunfire blasted through the TV's speakers. For what seemed like the longest time, the screen was full of smoke and only faint images could be seen through it. The women watching the television sat in silence as they watched and hoped that the situation would turn out good for the women there. However, as the sounds of gunfire became intermixed with moans that grew louder and louder, the women started to think this wouldn't be the case.

As the camera, which was starting to become somewhat shaky, continued to focus on the battle, the smoke started to dissipate somewhat and a horrifying scene became evident. Three of the YUGO women had been disarmed by the living latex lovelies, pinned to the ground and were in various states of being transformed themselves. Screams of defiance were quickly being replaced by moans of pleasure as flesh and blonde became latex and rubber. The camera, focusing on one woman, caught the transformation of one woman, a fire engine red haired woman of slender build, into a buxom love doll whose eyes were frozen in a look of eternal lust.

"The battle is not going as well as expected for the YUGO women at all. In fact, I may have to break off from reporting in order for me and my camera woman to get away safely. Debbie, let's get to the van now and.... oh my god..... what the hell???!!!!!...... " Monique intoned as she glanced around in an increasingly nervous manner while gesturing towards the TV van before trailing off. The camera swung around to see a large number of dolls emerging out of a building no more than two or three buildings away from the reporter.

The women watching inside the mall screamed and yelled at the TV as they saw the TV camera drop to the ground abruptly. Although the operator was moving away from it, the camera was still operating and showed the reporter and her assistant try desperately to get into the van and away from the chaos around them. However, the advancing sea of dolls moved faster than the two women and a familiar scene played out like before.

As the women, screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs, had their clothes ripped from their bodies and were dragged to the ground, the camera caught the approach of a new group of living sex toys: the women who used to be part of YUGO. Their leader, Angie, was now a naked blow-up doll with painted eyes and a mouth that moaned like all the other dolls around them. This group quickly joined the other dolls in overwhelming the TV women and the yells of defiance faded away forever.

"Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck!!! " Andrea exclaimed as she snapped off the TV and hurled the remote to the floor. The seated women looked on in stunned silence as Andrea and Betty quickly moved off with the latter trying to calm things down as best she could.

"Look, I don't know about you guys but I think we should look at a way of getting out of here ASAP. I know things outside aren't very pretty but I think that broad Andrea is getting pretty close to cracking. Maybe we should figure out a way to get to the roof and...... wait.... where the hell is Cathy? " Irene started to say before stopping and looking around for the partially transformed woman.

Before they had a chance to go looking for the missing woman, they heard a loud CLANGG!!!! followed by the sound of several heavy objects crashing to the floor coming from the direction that Andrea and Betty went in. Irene and the others quickly stood up as a group and moved in that direction.

They had gotten about 3/4 of the way when a frantic and bloodied Betty ran smack into them and tumbled to the tiled floor. "She.... she's freaking out! She started talking how there's no hope.... the world is going to be overrun by these things and we're all going to be changed into these mindless latex and rubber toys. Before I could stop her, she was taking down the barricade and....and..... " Betty sobbed and pointed towards the entrance at the far end of the mall.

"Oh shit........... " Debbie said as she saw what was unfolding at the entrance in question. Love dolls, of different sizes and appearances, were streaming through a door that had been unlocked by Andrea. As for the self appointed ruler of the mall, Andrea was pinned to a wall of glass by at least five dolls and had part of her outfit ripped away by the latex menaces. Oddly, the woman, already partly transformed by the latex menaces, was showing no resistance to her fate and looked almost resigned to it.

"Let's get the hell out of here!! " Irene shouted as the women realized their safety had been compromised. The group quickly ran back towards the area they were in only to hear the slapping of latex feet coming from another entrance area near the food court. Peering around the corner, they saw that another door had been opened ( though this one was courtesy of an object thrown through the glass) and the person responsible for it was none other Cathy!

"Noo!! It's not possible!! " Jill screamed even as she, and the others, saw that the dolls were joined not only by the fully transformed Cathy but Gretchen as well.

"Quick! While we still have a chance, let's get to the roof! I have an idea! " Debbie exclaimed as she gestured towards a door leading to the service area of the mall.

Having no time to plan, the women followed Debbie to a ladder that led to the roof.....

And whatever laid beyond.......


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