Number 11 - Part 2 Reality Bites

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2006 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; latex; doll; display; stand; cabinet; objectified; voy; used; sex; denial; maid; trolley; straps; prepared; bagged; stored; oral; climax; cons; X

continued from part one

Part 2 - Reality Bites!

Morning came and I awoke to find the bed empty other than the schoolgirl doll laying there, her legs splayed from the night before but no signs of my Master. The sunlight played through the windows and stuck to the floor, I had no idea what the time was but guessed it was still morning. The bed sheets pulled back revealing the doll in all her glory. Still in her school uniform but the skirt raised and the clothing disheveled, left just as her Master had left her the previous night after using her. 

Soon the door opened and Maria the maid walked in the room pushing a small trolley, her uniform black over white, the apron white with frills around the edge. She walked in to the bedroom with a purpose, that was to collect the doll laying on the bed and place her on the trolley. The doll was moved over by her with relative ease and placed on the trolley, straps were placed around the doll to hold it in place whilst in transit. As quickly as she came in she left taking the schoolgirl doll back out through the bedroom door to destination unknown at this stage. Again I had seemingly been ignored and left bound and held in place within the cabinet.

A while later Maria re-entered the bedroom, this time she had another doll, this one darker in appearance than the last one, a more Mediterranean look to her. Her hair was brown curls down over her shoulders, her white blouse revealing her breasts with the low cut top, the cloth slipping down over her shoulders revealing the tops of her round globes. The skirt came down below her knee to complete the gypsy look that she was dressed as. Large earrings and plenty of jewellery completed the look. Maria wheeled the trolley over to the now empty cabinet that had contained the schoolgirl, although she didn’t look too strong Maria had no trouble in lifting the doll from the trolley and placing her on the display stand. Adjusting the way the doll looked and then completing the finishing touches before securing the doll to the display stand and then pushing her back into the cabinet and closing the door. Maria then made the bed and after a quick tidy up left the room.

All this time I was ignored as if I was now just part of the furniture, just another part of the décor of the room, another dolly in her glass case. After Maria left I began to contemplate just what I’d gotten myself into, I had this great desire to become a doll, my one true wish had now become reality. Had I wished too hard, I was beginning to have second thoughts about being here, although at the moment there wasn’t a great deal I could do about it. My dream to become a doll, a mere object had been turned from fantasy into reality, and that reality was starting to get a bit tedious. Why didn’t they want to play with this dolly, I thought that was what dollies were for. But then dollies don’t have the choice of what happens to them now do they, I had chosen to become my masters new doll and that was what I had become.

My thoughts were brought back to the real world when I heard the door open and my master walk into the room, he strode over to my cabinet and began opening the door, finally I was going to get some attention, I craved his attention and would do anything he wished of me at this present moment. He began checking my bonds and running his hands over my bound body, feeling my flesh contained underneath all the layers of latex. He spoke briefly asking how I was and hoped that I was enjoying my first real experience of being a dolly. He left me standing there still strapped to the display stand and walked into the bathroom, he brought me back a glass of water with a straw which he attached to my gag and I found that I could suck the water through my gag. He again left me and sat down on the bed and made some phone calls, he became more involved in these and I had taken a back seat and was again just an object.

He finished talking on the phone and began to walk out of the room, I thought that I was going to be left again locked away in the cabinet, but he shortly returned and this time began unfastening the straps that held me to the display stand. Once free he lifted me in his arms and carried me to the bed, I was placed on top of the blankets and left there. My arms were still enclosed in the armbinder, my legs still wore the same leather thigh boots that held them rigid, the gag still in place, all he had done was free me from the display. When he returned from the bathroom he was naked and I could see his manhood rising to the occasion. I could do nothing but lay there as he climbed on to the bed and then on top of me, without any foreplay he entered into me, thrusting his penis into my waiting love hole, there was no pain as I seemed to be still wet from the nights activities.

He used me for his own pleasure, I was not going to cum it seems this time, he had taken me as he wished and had used my body for his own needs. I felt like a real sex doll after he had finished, I was just here for him. He quickly rose from the bed and called for Maria on the telephone, he then left me and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. I was still wanting to have my climax but again was denied this one wish. Maria entered the bedroom pushing the same trolley I’d seen her use earlier, she moved me across the bed and stood me up, then maneuvering my body she placed me down against the trolley and began fastening the straps to hold me in place, just as she had done with the schoolgirl doll. I was then wheeled out of the room and down the hallway. That was it, I had been used by my master and now had been discarded by him and taken away by his maid.

Maria pushed the trolley with me strapped on it down the hallway and around a corner, towards the end of the corridor was a doorway that I had not seen during my brief tour, as she approached the door opened and I was wheeled into a lift. She took me down to the basement, this was where it seemed that all the dolls not on display were kept, stored and prepared for the master upstairs. Pushing me over to a table standing near the corner she began to unstrap me from the trolley. I was now stiff and sore from being held immobile for so long, I wasn’t used to being held in such a stringent position for so long. Again she showed her dexterity by being able to move me from the trolley and onto the table in one swift motion. Before I knew it I was laying on my back and she was fastening straps about me to hold me to the table, it seemed that I wasn’t going to be allowed any free time.

My boots were removed and the the maid surprised me, after fastening my legs into stirrups and moving my legs apart she placed her mouth on my vagina and began to play her tongue around my clit and labia. She began cleaning me out with her mouth, taking the sperm that my master had just recently placed in me into her mouth. At the same time she was reigniting the flames of desire that had been simmering all night and had not been quenched by recent activities in that area. Maria was very good with her tongue and did an excellent job of cleaning me out, my climax finally came crashing over me in waves, my bound body straining against the straps that held me in place. She continued until she brought out a further two orgasms from my helpless body. I lay there exhausted and limp from what I had just experienced at the hand or should I say tongue of this wonderful maid.

Maria then became all business, she started to take off the stockings from my legs, freeing them individually before restraping them back into the stirrups, holding them in place awaiting my examination. She sang as she went about her work, I was still just another doll to her, but it appeared that they were her friends and she either spoke or sang to them as she got them ready. Not long after she had removed the last piece of clothing from my body and retightened the straps holding down on the table, when my Master walked into the room. Maria was surprised and then pleased to see him, it would appear that he didn’t venture down here often, and that this was Maria’s domain. He spoke to her then came over to me. He said that I was now going to become part of his collection of dolls and as such I would be given a number and be part of the inventory. I was to be number eleven, that would mean he had ten other dolls and I had only seen four up until now. The number would be placed on my body along with a barcode, that way he could keep track of where I was. I was just part of the stock now.

He then left instructions for Maria to ensure that I was fed and exercised before being put back into stock. The mere thought that I was now just a number sent shiver throughout my body. Maria continued her cleaning of my body and removed the wig from my head. I looked just like a plastic mannequin now. After she finished I was unstrapped and allowed to use the toilet, at first my walk was unsteady but with her help I was able to make it. She rigged up an enema to make sure that I was cleaning inside as well as out. A couple of flushes later I was ready. She lead me to another part of the cellar and sat me down to eat, this was just a mash that had been cooked up and she said that while it looked disgusting, it tasted okay. She left me to eat whilst she cleaned and prepare the clothes she had removed from me. Shortly I was placed on an exercise bike and made to cycle ten kilometres, she said that this would be enough to start me on. I hadn’t ridden in ages and was puffed out after 3 kms.

She prepared my replacement doll whilst I was exercising. I could see her dressing the doll in blue latex, this was a cop uniform so it turned out, another fetish male fantasy figure, the female cop complete with handcuffs hanging off her belt. Maria carefully applied makeup and then fixed a red haired wig to the doll. Now ready she moved the doll on to the trolley for delivery upstairs. Then the thought occurred to me, if that doll was to replace me, just as the gypsy had replaced the schoolgirl, then what was going to happen to me. Maria then left me tethered to the bike and went upstairs to deliver the fresh doll. 

I continued in my exercise until she returned shortly. Now she unhooked me from the bike and took me back to the preparation table. The straps retied and holding me in place. She began wiping me down again and polished my latex skin until she was satisfied with the result. After turning me over and completing cleaning me there too she brought out a laser marker and began placing the bar code and number at the base of my spine, I felt the heat through the latex doll suit that protected my flesh underneath. I was now numbered and part of his collection of dolls, a delicious feeling went through me at the thought that I was just an object, another of his love dollies. 

Maria unbuckled the straps and rolled me back but this time I was placed onto another trolley, this one had a flat surface, into a waiting bodybag. She pulled the sides up around me and began closing the zipper from my feet. She left the bag open at my head as she said she wanted me to see where I was going.

I was then moved through a door in the far side of the cellar. Inside were drawers, they looked like filing cabinet drawers but I knew that these were too big just to contain files. It was then that I saw each one was numbered, and there was a number eleven. She then explained that this was where all the dolls not on display are stored. She pulled open drawer three and said that this was the schoolgirl doll I had seen last night, all I could see was what looked like a body held inside a bag.

She closed the drawer and then opened the one marked eleven. She moved me over to the open drawer and again moved me with ease. She had me laying on my back on the base of the drawer but still allowed me to see through the open zipper. She then placed some straps around me, saying she didn’t want me wandering off. She then pulled the zipper closed, wishing me pleasant dreams as she slid the drawer closed, containing me within, just another doll on the shelf.



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