Number 11 - Part 3 Maid's Maiden

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2006 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f; doll; cabinet; stored; maid; latex; bond; trolley; straps; prepared; armbinder; lerbinder; gag; harness; display; cabinet; strapon; lesb; oral; climax; cons; X

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Part 3 - Maid's Maiden

Whilst laying there for however long I was in what I now call 'the doll's filing cabinet', I heard a couple of drawers open and close around me, but I was left undisturbed and even drifted off to sleep until awoken later when Maria came and opened my drawer. She unfastened the straps holding me, unzipped the bodybag that had until now covered me and moved me back on to the trolley. Straps again fastened me to the trolley and I was moved back towards the lift. I wasn’t being prepared before hand, maybe he was going to dress me again himself. The lift door closed and Maria pushed the third button taking us both to the top floor. 

When the door opened Maria pushed me down the hallway passed several doors until she reached one. Opening the door she pushed me inside, I looked around the room, this must be her room she had brought me to. It was definitely a woman’s room with clothing everywhere, makeup laying on the bench top and soft lighting with candles glowing away. Maria had changed as she closed the door, locking it behind her, from humble and dedicated servant to ravenous maiden, she seemed as though she was devouring me with her eyes.

I was moved over to the bed and unstrapped from the trolley, she guided me onto her bed and followed me down taking me in her arms, her mouth pressing against mine, her lips soft and warm touching mine. I didn’t know how to respond, was I still supposed to be a doll, was this woman meant to be using me like this. Her hands followed the contours of my body, encased still in the latex doll suit. She began exploring the inside of my mouth with her tongue, that delightful tongue that had driven me to climax earlier in the day. Her hands rubbing my soft pliable flesh under the latex skin. She knew exactly which buttons to press as I lay there allowing her to use me this way. Soon her head was down between my legs seeking out the beautiful nub that was my pleasure centre, her lips kissing me and her tongue again doing wonderful things to my entire being. She really knew what a woman wanted down there.

After I lost count of how many orgasms I had experienced, Maria left the bed and reaching out for something with straps started to put this on herself. When she turned to face me she had put this very large strapon device, one end I could plainly see, the other deep inside her. She returned to the bed and mounted me, pushing the intruder in to me. She took her pleasure several times and gave me several more before she finally finished. She lay half on top of me as she cuddled up to me, she lay her head on my shoulder and soon we both drifted off to sleep. 

I was returned back to my drawer in the morning and she bade me not to speak of this with the master. So she took dolls back to her bedroom without the masters knowledge. I hoped to return to her bedroom again soon. 

The Master came down to check on me about a hour after Maria had returned me to the drawer. He opened the drawer followed by the zipper of the bag, but only enough to reveal my face. He asked how his new dolly had liked her first night in storage, and he gave me permission to reply. I said that I had enjoyed being part of his doll collection and loved being used as his dolly. He seemed very pleased with my reply and bade Maria to fetch me from the drawer, make sure that I was again fed and then prepared for display again.

He then left me as Maria began releasing me from the bag. I was soon sitting eating the mash that Maria had prepared for me. She continued cleaning the doll Master had used during the night I had been in Maria’s bed. She surprised me by going down on the doll and cleaning out his seed as she had done with me. She seemed to relish the taste and continued until she had cleaned every drop. The doll was then undressed, cleaned and wheeled into the storage area.

Maria returned to me and began to speak, she explained that the dolls usually had a rotation timetable. Master used each one in turn and that as there were now eleven dolls, each doll may only get used once or twice a week. Three dolls were currently out on loan and one was on display elsewhere in the house away from the bedroom. I was now out of the rotation, I wouldn’t have been returned to the bedroom for another two days yet. “But then Master makes the rules and we can only follow.” She said.

I began to wonder about Maria, she seemed to be more than just the maid of the house, but my thoughts were interrupted by Maria holding up the enema pack and pointing me towards the toilet. After she had finished and I was now clean again, both inside and out, she moved me back to the preparation table. Soon I would be going back upstairs to a display cabinet inside my Masters bedroom. Maria began getting me dressed. Again more latex came out of the cupboard and onto me.

This time it was a red latex catsuit, I was going to covered head to toe like the other doll dressed in black. What I didn’t know was that I was again going to be tightly bound, but this time even tighter. She continued getting me prepared, following the latex catsuit came another armbinder, again red latex and again my arms were fastened behind me. Next came a leg binder, both legs were slid into the latex sleeve and the laces tightened enclosing my legs in their grasp. A posture collar in red latex held my head in position, the only part on me not covered in red was my eyes and my mouth, there were small holes under my nose allowing me to breathe.

Over the top on this was placed a strap harness of red leather, the straps criss-crossing my tightly bound body. Maria adjusted the straps tightening each one in turn, working her way down my body. Any movement that I thought I had was taken from me by the pressure exerted from the harness. My arms were held tight against my body by the straps, my legs already encased in the latex binder were now restricted even further by the tight body harness.

Maria finished off by buffing my bound body until I glistened in the light, reflecting it back, the shine polished to perfection. Now it was time to return upstairs but not before she placed a ring gag in my mouth. I had wondered about how I was going to be used with all this bondage restricting access. Now it turns out I was going to be putting my mouth to good use.

Soon I was being placed inside a another cabinet, this one on the left hand side of the bed. The straps tightened holding me to the display stand and the glass door now closed. Maria went about her job of tidying the room before leaving she glanced over at me in my display to check that I was ready. A red latex column bound to a display stand awaiting her Master's pleasure, and that pleasure would be coming via my mouth, the ring gag making sure that I was ready and available for him to use when he so desired, I again had no say in what would take place.

Just another sex toy waiting use.

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