Number 11 - Part 4 Dollification

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2006 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; doll; latex; catsuit; harness; armbinder; legbinder; gag; display; cabinet; bond; objectify; drug; used; oral; sex; denial; climax; cons; X

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Part 4 – Dollification.

Again it seemed that I would have to wait ‘my turn’ as Master retired to bed with another dolly from his collection, this was the doll dressed as a latex covered cop that I’d seen Maria prepare before. He even used the handcuffs from the belt of her uniform to bind the dolls hands behind her. It seemed strange that you’d tie up an inanimate object like a doll, but then to others it would seem strange making love to a plastic doll. My Master would be able to have any woman he chooses, he seemed to have plenty of money, was well off and lived very luxuriously by what I’d seen so far. I still didn’t know much about his life beyond the dolls, what he did to afford his lifestyle, the frequent phone calls that he’d made whilst I was waiting for him to use me last time seemed to indicate that he worked for himself or ran some company. And then there was Maria, how many people employed maids these days, only if you had some serious money behind you.

The lights in the cabinets went off indicating that my Master was now sleeping and that I would now have to wait even longer before he would use me. The tight constricting latex holding me firmly in it’s grasp and the leather straps binding over them making sure that any movement on my part was near impossible, Maria had done a good job of my bondage. I closed my eyes and let my mind drift off into my dolly thoughts. I slept on and off during the night, the tightness of the harness digging into my body caused some small amount of discomfort and kept me from sleeping too long before reminding me of it’s presence. At one time I started to cramp from the restrictive position I was held in and thought that I would have to call my Master to release me but I managed to ease the cramp by flexing the muscles involved and the cramp eased into a dull ache.

I must have finally managed to drift off into slumber after a restless night when I was awoken by my Master opening the cabinet door, it seemed that he wanted to use me now for his pleasure. I was soon untied and placed face down on his bed, he climbed onto the bed and moved my head on to his lap, my open mouth awaiting his stiff member to enter therein and provide for his delight. He pulled the covers up over my tightly bound form and covered me completely beneath them, he then pushed his erect staff into my now quickly salivating mouth and pushed himself fully into me. The ring gag holding my mouth in the perfect position for him, I was unable to close my lips around him or to do anything other than lay there whilst he used me or more so used my mouth. He began talking whilst using me, I then realised that he was using the telephone whilst my mouth was being used to fulfil his sexual desire, no thought was given about my needs or desires, I was just his blow job doll and he wasn’t even paying attention to what he was doing to me. I felt more of an object than ever before.

My mouth remained around his erect member for some time whilst he conducted business on the telephone, at one point he even placed a pad on top on my head under the covers to write down some details that he would require attending to later that day. Was he gaining any pleasure from having my mouth around his penis or was this some degrading way of showing me that I was a mere object for his sexual gratification. Was this part of my dollification, my path to becoming a mere object, some rich mans plaything. I was deriving no pleasure from this act other than to please my Master but even that was hard to achieve with the ring gag holding my mouth open, I could not use my lips to bring him to climax. I was just a receptacle to place himself into and use to gain his pleasure when he wished. My thoughts were brought back to the here and now when he finished on the telephone and his hands grasped either side of my latex covered head. Moving my head back and forth, he began moving himself within my mouth, pushing further each time towards the back of my throat.

Each thrust he would get further into my mouth and he began using my throat, cutting off my air circulation and blocking my ability to breathe. I thought that maybe he’d forgotten that I wasn’t just a doll and was a real woman pretending to be a doll, as each thrust cut my breathing and I started to panic when he took longer strokes and took his time using my mouth leaving himself longer in the back of my throat. I found it difficult to breathe under the covers and with him using me the way he was caused me to start to panic and then thrash my body about. He stopped and quickly raised the bed covers and jumped from the bed, he seemed agitated by what I had done and left the bedroom heading into the bathroom. Now I had gotten my breath back I was feeling sorry for what I had done, I felt that I had betrayed my Master and had not been a good dolly.

He returned holding something in his hand, he spoke asking me if I wished to continue as one of his dollies, he was displeased with my actions and expected me to become more doll like in my behaviour. He went on to say that he would give me one more chance to be one of his dolls but he would require me to have something to slow my muscles and movements. He showed me a syringe with a clear liquid inside, he said that this would relax me and I would be unable to move myself for the next 24 hours. Would I be prepared to take this? Otherwise he would dress me and return me to the airport and I could make my way home. This turn of events shocked me, I thought that he was gentle and kind but this showed another side to him. Did I want to continue or should I take my leave. I had wanted to experience this most of my life, I have always wanted to be a doll and have someone take me, use me and take care of me.

I nodded my consent to the injection, and without much ceremony he pushed the needle into my rear and pushed the plunger. The drug didn’t seem to take too long to act and soon we were back in the same position as before with my head in his lap and his erect member now probing the back of my throat, but this time I couldn’t move. I was indeed now just a sex doll being used by her Master for his delight. He used me for his pleasure and I soon felt him swell inside my mouth and knew that soon he would be cumming in my mouth or more likely my throat as he pushed himself further into as he released himself into the back of my throat. I could do nothing to stop this nor wanted to, I wanted to become one of his dolls and was now just like them. His sperm sticking to the insides of my throat and mouth, I didn’t swallow, indeed I found it hard to due to the effects of the drug. He left himself inside my mouth as he came back from his explosive climax as I lay there still in the same position that he’d put me in and not wanting to move, even if I could do so.

I thought that he would be calling for Maria to come and collect me, but instead he moved on the bed and began releasing the restraints that held my body in it’s bondage. First he removed the leather harness that had held my body so rigid and immobile, next came the leg binder as he eased my latex covered legs from its grasp. My legs lay still on the bed my ability to move them gone now with the muscle relaxant taking effect. He rolled me onto my front and began taking off my armbinder, he seemed to be more tender and caring now than before. He’d had what he wanted from me and now felt more inclined to play with me, that was what I was thinking. But really whilst he had been annoyed at my actions previously he understood that I had panicked and only relapsed because of this. He spoke to me whilst undoing the bindings and expressed regret at how he had behaved. But he was glad that I had consented to the medication, he had meant to introduce me to this later and hoped that I enjoyed my time as an immobile object.

After releasing my arms from the binder he rolled me back over onto my back, all I had left covering me apart from the doll suit was the red catsuit Maria had dressed me in. He began exploring my body, running his hands over me, the feelings of pleasure as he gently caressed each part of my body bringing a moist warmth between my legs. He was actually giving me pleasure this time, more than a mere plaything. I could not reciprocate any of his actions, my body would not act on my thoughts and each time I tried to move I found myself unable and actually unwilling. Soon he mounted me and began using me again, but this time he made sure that I achieved my climax before him. And when I did the whole world seemed to stop, the power of the orgasm overwhelming my mind, I must have blacked out from the sheer delight that this man had given me.

I awoke to find myself alone on the bed, I tried to move but found that I still couldn’t. I think I may have uttered a sound, I was briefly unsure where I was at that point and I think that I again started to panic at my inability to move, but my Master had only been in the bathroom and soon returned to my side. He eased himself next to me and caressed my body, and my panic attack soon evaporated. He again spoke to me and wanted to thank me for becoming one of his dolls.

My thoughts soon drifted to sex and the thought of him using me again. He must have picked up on this signal, although I don’t know how I could have expressed it. He again mounted me and entered my sex, pushing his erection into my soft, moist waiting lips. But this time he used me for his own pleasure and mine had again taken a back seat. It seemed that I was again one of his dollies and he was just using me to gain sexual relief.

I loved the way I was still unable to move whilst he used me, to me this seemed to be what I’d been missing all this time when acting out my fantasies of being a doll. Every time I had been able to move part of my body, either consciously or unconsciously, this had frustrated me in the past and now it seemed that here with my new Master I could now fulfil my role perfectly.

I spent the rest of the day in my Masters bed, I was being treated to a special day in his presence. He would leave and come back to either check on me or use me, each time I felt more content with being his doll. My body still unwilling to move I just lay there waiting the next visit from my Master. Soon the light started to fade outside and the room was being lit by the display cabinets. When the door opened and in walked Maria followed by my Master. Maria had another doll on her moving trolley and brought the new doll over to the bed.

Master spoke to me and said that I had been a good dolly today but that now I would need to be cleaned and prepared as all the other dolls have been. He checked if I had gained any movement but found that I still had none. He helped Maria move me from the bed and place me on the now vacant trolley, whilst Master tightened the straps to hold me in place Maria made his bed and placed the new doll in my place. Master then kissed me on the forehead and bade me goodnight as Maria began wheeling me out of his bedroom.

Maria took me on the trolley to the lift but instead of going down to the basement I was again taken to her room and used by her during the night. Getting up early the next morning she had me back downstairs, cleaned, prepared and stored away before Master rose from his bed and called for Maria to collect the dolly that had replaced me.




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