Number 11 - Part 5 Twins

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2007 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/ff; doll; latex; maids; hood; costume; catsuit; voy; vacbed; susp; display; objectify; stored; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part 5 – Twins.

The past couple of days had seen me fulfil my wildest dreams and fantasies, here I was now just a doll in my Masters collection, used and played with, cared for and cleaned, stored and dressed without thought for my preferences and desires. After the previous 24 hours where I could not move due to the medication my Master had injected me with, I now had the use of my limbs and was being exercised by Maria in the basement. I had spent the best part of the night in her bed, being used by her for her sexual gratification and mine too.

I had been returned exhausted to the basement and stored away after cleaning by Maria in the lockers where all Master’s dollies are kept when not in use. I spent the next 16 hours locked away, enclosed in my bodybag and strapped down to the base of the drawer, which I was unable to escape from. Now Maria had fed me, bathed me and after cleaning me out with more enemas, I was currently on the exercise bike doing my best to keep going.

Maria had left me to fetch another doll from Master’s bedroom, she wheeled it down and placed it on the preparation table and as before she placed it’s legs in the stirrups just as she had done to me and went down and cleaned the doll out with her tongue. Again the sight of this seemed strange, for her to be licking out his cum from one of the dollies, I thought when she’d done that to me it was because I was after all a real woman encased inside a doll, but here she was doing the same act that she had done to me and other dolls.

That’s when I caught sight of my Master standing there watching her doing this, he had come in without any noise and quite unexpectedly as he rarely ventured into the basement. He was not shocked at what Maria was doing to the doll, maybe he’d seen this before and thought nothing more of it, or maybe he got a thrill out of watching Maria doing this. There was more to this relationship that met the eye, something that I couldn’t quite place my finger on yet.

Master saw me looking in his direction and walked over towards me, interrupting Maria as she quickly moved her head up from between the dolls thighs. Maria was about to speak when Master started to talk to me and Maria let the matter drop. She had been caught doing something kinky by Master but by his not acknowledging it had let the moment pass and Maria busied herself with cleaning the rest of the doll.

My Master asked me how I was feeling after the recent lack of muscle control, had I got all my movements back yet. I reassured him that there was no problem with my body. I didn’t say anymore about what had happened between us because I didn’t feel that I had been given permission to express more.

He then asked me if I would perform a special favour for him, he had a close friend staying the weekend and usually gave him three dolls for his use whilst he stayed here, he would like me to be one of those dolls. He then gave me permission to speak. I said that as I was one of his collection of dolls that he could use me as he wished and if that meant giving me to one of his friends and it would please my Master then I would be happy to do so. And thank you for asking me.

I then asked if he would know about me being a real woman rather than just another doll. He said that he wouldn’t tell his friend unless I wanted him to. I felt deviously wicked at that moment and felt my dolly side come to the fore, I asked if it would be okay for me to have the same medication that Master had used on me before, that way I could be the best dolly for my Master and please him. A smile formed on his lips and he said that he would grant my wish. He was pleased that I was becoming more used to being part of his collection and another doll for his use and pleasure.

He then spoke with Maria and asked that she get me ready for him that night. Maria spent the next few hours doing housework and left me to relax in the basement. Finally she came down to get me dressed for Master. Tonight I was to be dressed as a maid, an identical uniform to Maria’s. Stockings, gstring and bra, over which she dressed me in a black latex maids outfit with white latex apron. Finished off by a white latex maids head piece. Now we looked the same in our costume.

Maria strapped me onto the trolley and took me upstairs. Though this time not to Master’s bedroom but through another door. This room was nicely finished and had the bed set in the middle of the room, looking around I could make out furniture spread out through the room and then I could smell an odour in the air. Rubber, the room smelt of rubber.

Maria went over to the bed and pulled down the covers revealing the sheets made from latex, in fact the entire bedroom was covered in latex. From the furniture to the curtains, everything was rubber. Maria unstrapped me from the trolley and moved me onto the bed, positioning me to one side which was strange because other times I had been placed in the middle. Maria then pushed the trolley into the cupboard to one side and returned, she began adjusting things in the room and then walked back to the cupboard. When she returned she was adjusting a latex hood she had placed over her face, she too now looked like a dolly, in fact she looked like me, we were twins.

She finished her preparations around the room and with a final look at me she laid on the bed next to me and posed herself the same as me, flat on my back with my legs slightly apart and my arms at my side. We were both now laying here waiting for Master to come into the room.

We didn’t have long to wait as the door opened and he walked in wearing a black latex catsuit that covered his body but leaving his face uncovered. He looked over at the twin dollies that awaited him on the bed and smiled. He was pleased with his dollies. I was surprised at Maria joining in on this, but then I had been surprised many times whilst in this house. Master climbed onto the bed and lay between us, all three laying there covered in latex inside his special rubber room. Again I resisted the urge to move, I was a contented dolly now her Master was here and looked forward to the prospect of being used by him shortly.

I was again surprised when I felt my Master move on the bed and climb on to Maria, I moved my eyes towards their directions and saw Master kissing his maid through the latex mask and she was returning the kiss with equal passion. Although she did manage to keep her hands at her side, her head and lips responded to Master’s ministrations. They were making love, this was no mere sexual act of a Master taking his servant, and I was being left out of the action, just a foot or so away from me on the other side of the bed.

I could hear them as their passion heated up and finally he entered her, shortly I heard her moans of pleasure as her took her to orgasm. They continued for some while, Maria was a very passionate woman by accounts and her climax’s echoed around the room as she succumbed to the intense feelings coming from inside her. All the while I lay there in my dolly state, getting more turned on by the goings on just inches away from me, it took sheer willpower not to jump up and join in.

Finally Master climaxed inside Maria sending her into another crescendo of cries as her orgasm coincided with his. Both spent they lay there on the bed, I seemed to have been forgotten about. But wondered about what was happening here. My questions were soon answered by my Master climbing on top of me and using my body which resulted in our mutual satisfaction. He then lay between us and fell asleep, no doubt exhausted by his efforts at pleasing the two latex clad maids.

Maria soon left the bed and came around my side, she grasped my arms and pulled me up and off of the bed, taking me over to a latex bag that lay on the floor, she unzipped the side and placed me inside. Closing the zip she then ensured that my mouth was placed around the tube that protruded from the bag. She then connected a tube to the side and flicking a switch began to withdraw all of the air from inside. I was trapped inside a vacbed, unable to move. I was then moved by her using a pulley and raised up until I hung on the wall, I was just another piece of the furniture. Satisfied that I was safely enclosed with the latex vacbed she returned to the bed and began to play with Master.



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