Passion for Magic

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; crystal; magic; transform; lovedolls; oral; cons; X

This story is the sequel to She Loved To Be A Love Doll


Alice bubbled with excitement as she drove down the highway to go home for the night. Jane was going to use the mysterious crystal she had brought home recently as part of an intimate night for the two and she was going to be the one transformed this time. Alice remembered vividly how she was transformed into an inanimate love doll the first time the crystal was used. She was unable to move and speak at all but this was more than adequately compensated for by the feelings of her latex form being caressed and fondled by her lover. It was the kind of experience that Alice would experience again and again if she could.

After a short period of time, Alice arrived at her house and raced inside to get ready for the big night. She was about to go change into her most provocative outfit when she noticed that her answering machine was indicating a waiting message. When she played it back, she learned that Jane would be on her way home within the hour and that she had an exciting bit of information about the crystal to share with her.

Giddy with excitement over the news, Alice quickly dressed herself in a slinky bright pink mini dress that ended just above her knees. She had just finished applying her perfume and makeup when she heard a door open and Jane's voice calling out to her.

" Hiya, sexy ! Have I got a surprise for you tonight ! Get out here so I can show you what it is ! " Jane shouted while dropping several bags on the floor. She had just thrown her car keys on a nearby table when Alice came rushing up and embraced her in a tight grip followed by a passionate kiss planted squarely on her lips.

After several seconds of intimate caresses and probing, Jane disentangled herself from her lover and room mate and sauntered over to the blue couch nearby which she plopped herself onto. She leaned over and started showing Alice all the little items she had picked up for the night.

However, Alice was more than a little impatient and started poking through Jane's parcels with a single minded purpose. When she came across the black leather box she was looking for, she almost squealed out loud with delight as she pulled it out of the box.

Jane shook her head in slight disappointment. " Well, I can see you're in a one track frame of mind tonight. I guess now would be a good time to tell you about what I've been doing today. I decided to do a little experiment with the crystal while I was at work to see if I could make things more fun, " the dark haired beauty said as she grabbed the box out of her lover's hands.

" I took the crystal into a local diamond dealer who was also an expert in cutting jewels. I got him to examine the crystal without telling him the secret to it and asked if it was possible to split the crystal into two equal parts. After he went over the surface meticulously for the better part of an hour, he agreed to do what I asked him for. Once he was paid, I waited for the better part of 15 minutes before he emerged from the back of his shop with two crystals. I had him put the new crystal on a silver strand like the original and here we are, " Jane said opening up the box to show her lover the result.

Alice's eyes opened wide as she saw two crystals nestled inside the box attached to separate necklaces. She saw the necklaces had tiny A and J engraved into the clasps of the jewelry pieces. She was going to take the necklace marked A out of the box when Jane abruptly closed the box and put it to one side. She then took Alice's hand and made her sit on the couch beside her where she looked into her lover's face with a trace of concern etched on her face.

" There is one thing I want to point out to you before you start using the necklace. The effect of transforming the wearer into their stated desire that we saw or felt before may have been altered by my splitting the crystal in two. Until we know what exactly those effects are, you have to promise me that you won't use your necklace at the same time I have. Do you understand, Alice ? " she said in a serious tone.

" Uh-huh... I won't use it while you're changed into whatever you want to be. I promise.." Alice muttered though she was only half listening as her mind was racing with images of items she could turn herself into. She stood up and walked over to where they kept their video camera which they used often to tape their frenzied love making sessions. " Shall I set up the camera to film tonight's little session of passion ? " she inquired while continuing to glance at her necklace.

" Wait until I make a phone call to my sister-in-law Eileen first. She's supposed to be coming to take care of the place in the next few days when we go to that big convention in Atlantic City and I want to make sure she has a key to the place, " Jane said as she picked up her cell phone and put her necklace to one side.

Alice tapped her left foot on the floor impatiently while her lover chatted amicably on the phone with her relative. While she waited, she started to daydream about what form she would take on next. " Love doll ?...naah, already did that..mannequin ?'d be cool to be on display... another sex toy ? ...oohh, so tempting...what to be.. what to be.... " she mused to herself as she let her fingers slide over the precious crystal.

After what seemed like an agonizingly long period of time, Jane put down the phone and smiled. " Ok, everything's all set. Eileen will be here the day after tomorrow and look after the place for us. I told her that a key to the place will be taped inside the mailbox in case we aren't here to greet her. Now then, I'll go to the bedroom and get everything started for the evening. For a change, why don't you wait out here until the whole transformation process is done with ? I'll leave the camera on so you can see the whole process later on like before, " she said with a sly wink.

Alice pouted for a second as she really wanted to see the whole process from a different perspective but nodded in agreement. She watched as her roommate and lover walked slowly to the bedroom while letting one of her dress' straps down from her shoulders in a seductive manner. Jane then stepped into the bedroom and closed the door behind her leaving Alice alone with her thoughts.

Once alone, Jane quickly removed the rest of her clothing and placed them on a nearby chair. After turning the video camera on that was positioned opposite the bed, she climbed onto the bed and placed her necklace around her neck. She thought about assuming a position for the transformation but figured Alice would be too excited to even notice. As for the transformation itself, Jane had already decided on becoming an inflatable love doll like her lover had before.

" Turnabout is fair play after all.. the way Alice ranted about the change, you'd think it was the first time ever she had sex... " Jane thought as she looked into the camera with a wry grin on her face. She then leaned back and started to chant softly while closing her eyes in eager anticipation.

" I wish to be a love doll.. I wish to be a love doll..." Jane chanted out loud while laying back on the bed. After fifteen seconds or so, she could feel a change starting to happen to her body. Opening her eyes, she saw that her skin was starting to change rapidly from pink flesh to tan latex with no sign of freckles or blemishes visible anywhere. Seams were becoming visible all over torso running up and down her arms and legs. She could feel her ability to move or breathe was quickly dissipating with her breasts rapidly becoming rigid mounds of latex capped by bright pink nipples with seams forming around them.

" It's happening..I feel so good..I can see why Alice wanted to use the crystal again.... " Jane thought as she closed her eyes and reveled in the changes to her body as it completed its' change into a lifelike sex toy filled with nothing but air. She felt her mind slipping into darkness accompanied by the feeling of the most intense orgasm that she had ever experienced that showed no sign of ending...

After Alice heard no more noise coming from the bedroom, she quietly crept up to the bedroom door and opened it slowly. Her heart skipped faster as she saw her lover lying on the bed as a newly transformed love doll waiting for her to use her. Giddy with excitement, the blonde beauty stripped off all her clothing save for her own necklace and hopped up on the bed. She took the necklace off the doll and placed it on a nearby table to avoid puncturing the doll. Hoisting the doll up so that it was resting on its' lower legs, the blonde beauty grasped it by the upper legs and poked her head between them. Looking up to see her lover's face frozen in erotic bliss, she began to lap at the plastified pussy with her tongue reveling in the smooth surface it came in contact with.

Alice spent the next few hours probing and caressing her lover's body in ways very similar to what Jane had done to her before. After reaching yet another intense orgasm, Alice settled back on the bed with the doll straddled across her mid-section and both of them coated in Alice's love juices.

" My god, that was intense ! I thought we had fun in bed before but this..this was unreal ! I just wish I could experience what Jane was feeling right now.." Alice muttered out loud before she realized she had made a big mistake. She had made a wish with the necklace still on ! After thirty seconds or so, the transformation started and before she could do any more, it engulfed her entire body and changed her into a love doll as before. However, there was one major difference this time as now there was two lifelike blow-up dolls lying on the bed who both looked like Jane ! The only difference between the two was one wore a necklace with a large A engraved on it.


The front door to the house swung open and in walked a red haired woman carrying several luggage bags. She put them down and closed the door behind her.

" Jane ?...Alice...?...are you two still here..? " Eileen called out.

Only silence greeted her..though there was a faint sound of plastic rubbing on plastic...for now...

To be continued....

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