Preppie Dolls

by Izhane Twilight

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© Copyright 2014 - Izhane Twilight - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/mf; cd; tg; shemale; majick; transformation; crystal; objectified; maid; rubberdoll; enslave; cond; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons/nc; X


This story describes the origins of Phoebe as well as many of her motivations and methods. If you prefer the mystique and any mystery of Phoebe’s misadventures, then you may not care for this one. Additionally, it has some heavy-handed dramatic themes which also influence how the character might come off. Just be aware, that as with any prequel, this story may offer some viewpoints left best in the dark to certain readers.

Mature Themes of Homophobia/Gender Dualism, Parental Neglect, Kidnapping.
NC Transformation: Rubberization, Dollification; Immobilization; Teenage Dominatrix; Female on shemale intercourse; NC Fellatio; NC intercourse; Enslavement; Cross-Dressing/Shemale/TG.

Part 0: RubberMaide

She tossed about in her bed, trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep, but it was proving useless. “C’mawwwn Phoebe, get uuuup… I’m not having you get expelled from another school because you can’t pay attention an alarm or a school bell!” The alarm wasn’t the issue so much as Phoebe’s mother’s constant monotonous droning every morning; nobody would have been able to sleep through it. The sixteen year old grumbled as she tossed off the sheets and stumbled to the bathroom, her mother still droning on from the hallway. She did her best to groom herself, but her dad freaked out every time she wore even a slightly goth-like accessory… so her hair, long and black hair had to remain undone save for a natural wave. She couldn’t wear make-up because it was unnatural, hell she was lucky she could wear her hair long. She got ready rather quickly, motivated to shut up the incessant buzzing of her otherwise neglectful mother.

Phoebe walked out and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, and huffed. It wasn’t that she was unattractive, quite the contrary. Phoebe had relatively soft features, and was quite pretty, save for maybe a slightly strong chin. She had a little bit of muscular development, but was sleek and wiry for the most part. None of this took away from her perky rear or b-cups. Her curves were slight, but present, and her legs were extremely well built. Phoebe was pretty hot, all things considered. In fact, the only reason she was huffing was because her dad forced her into baggy, dumpy, decidedly androgynous clothes, to the point her schoolmates had trouble telling if she was a boy or a girl. This included her pajamas which were black, concealing, and rather figureless. She was clearly reminded why when she started to change her clothes at the chime of 6:00, meaning the next series of monotone groans from downstairs.

As Phoebe let her pants fall to the ground, she looked again at her sexy body, and the one reason that she couldn’t enjoy it. Phoebe had a 5 inch penis, and the sex organs beneath it to match. Phoebe was not born female, but as soon as she was old enough to perceive gender roles, she felt very unhappy and unnatural. Her REAL parents noticed and over the next few years learned to acknowledge, accept, and even help treat her transgenderism. Phoebe had started hormone treatment at 6, and by the time she hit puberty at 11, she blossomed into a lovely young lady. Unfortunately, about a year later, her parents were lost in a tornado while she was away at summer camp.

With no surviving family that would accept the freakish adolescent, her pleas to get put into a private orphanage fell on deaf ears, and she was condemned to the Monsignor Aaron Southern Public Orphanage, or as it was usually called, Southern Comfort Cemetery. No one ever actually died there, save for about 3 suicides a year, but the best any child could hope for was to escape into the corrupt foster system… like Phoebe. By the time her “parents” got hold of her, it was too late to fix “him,” so they just had to de-gender the teenager as much as possible.

“Phoeebeeee… you’re gunna be late again, and if you get kicked out you’re going back to the orphanage….” Phoebe’s mother continued to groan on like a ghost who had grown bored of his haunt, clearly communicating little actual concern or interest in her so called daughter.

“Yeah, right… and loose this precious house you can only afford because you feed me CARDBOARD!” Phoebe spoke in a decidedly feminine voice, with little more than pure scorn. Her parents never gave any affection of any sort, and indeed just used the money to pamper themselves. She didn’t know what was wrong with them, and didn’t really care… She had a plan. The ritual would be prepared soon enough, and she’d not have to deal with them anymore, and if she could forge the papers right, she would be able to stay in the house, and get emancipation in a year. The house was pretty nice, after all. That extra trickle from spending the extra welfare money on themselves served her “parents” nicely. They had a three bedroom, two story town house with some rather impressive architecture. Phoebe’s favorite part was the two-story open and fogged outset window in the living room, with a rather huge risen windowsill. Hell, they even had a fucking maid. … Anyway, she couldn’t bear much more of this incessant noise, and finally buttoned her shirt, grabbed her bag, and hurried downstairs to go to school.

School was at least a bit more relaxing. Phoebe was able to get her otherwise neglectful mother to drop her off well in the back of the campus, so she could easily find a little corner behind an old shed to put on some makeup and fix herself up as best she could. Phoebe had trouble getting along with most of the students; after all she was a bit messed up. Fortunately, between her androgynous nature, and misfit demeanor, she was able to win the hearts of the school’s feminist clique. Ironically, Phoebe did not appreciate their lifestyle. Phoebe aimed to be as feminine as possible, and they were looking to accept her because of a demeanor forcibly thrust upon her by uncaring providers. For now, Phoebe had friends. She was grateful, but wished she could convince them how wrong they were to ignore their potential…. To take for granted what she wanted so badly. It wasn’t even fair… but she had friends… and it would have to do for now.

The head honcho of this little group was Candace, and she was the one who irked Phoebe the most. Candace was a tallish blonde, but she never wore her hair down. It was fairly short, and always in a boring pony tail. She wore a lot of band shirts, mostly with one feminist theme or another, and usually relatively baggy. Phoebe couldn’t even really tell what she looked like under the baggy shirts and ever present jacket. She wore jeans and combat boots, and carried herself rather frumpily in Phoebe’s opinion, but oddly powerfully. When Candace was around, though, she was always so distant. That’s when she was around. Candace has a tendency to play hooky uncomfortably often, and was temperamental. She wasn’t the best student, and she used the “social pressure to conform to the patriarchal norm” as her most frequent excuse. Candace was decidedly feminist, but more so, she was prudish. The way she seemed to spurn anything sexual was at best annoying, yet she seemed to have one fellow wrapped around her finger.

Tom Lyon was an MVP on the school soccer team. He played football, but it really wasn’t his game, and he didn’t get much field time. When it came to soccer though, he had helped make the team one of the most popular in the area. He was also popular with the ladies. Tom was not extremely tall, about 5’6, but he made up for that in quite a few ways. His wavy black hair, and deep brown eyes, along with one the brightest smiles in school got him quite a bit of attention. His form was sleek, extremely so, but he was still quite strong… physically at least. Tom was used to pressure to always be a star, and as such was also use to taking a bit of abuse. Maybe that is what drew him to Candace, that need for affirmation and control. It was a shame really, and Phoebe knew he was a sweet guy, but Candace insisted on keeping him under her thumb to make her feminist point to the other jocks, and it was such a waste.

At least Candace wasn’t always around to bully him, but when she wasn’t, he was always so damn focused on grades and sports… and still had to deal with Patricia. Patricia was Candace’s lackey and sort of the “beta” of this little group. Patricia had decently long dirty blond hair, and unlike Candace, actually did stuff with it. Indeed, she was a fairly pretty girl, even with the absence of make-up. Patricia dressed fairly attractively, if decidedly casual; simple jeans and causal shirts were her norm. They covered her skin, but she definitely had a couple curves. Despite her general attractiveness, she was pushy, arrogant, and generally kind of a bitch. She was cordial enough, but Phoebe never could shake the idea that she was pretending or holding back. She did not, however, pretend to hold back when carrying out Candace’s dirty work when the big dog wasn’t around.

Patricia constantly nagged and bossed around not only Tom, but also Phoebe, Liz, Allison, and Nyx. Nyx, or Nicole, was your typical brooding goth: long straight black hair, dark make-up, dark baggy clothes… but she was fairly pretty, and less ashamed of it than the others. While Candace and Patricia came off as prudes, man-haters, and feminazis, Nyx was able to balance beauty and femininity with darkness and strength. Liz was the quiet one, more interested in keeping in shape, and athletic pursuits, than hanging out. She was the quintessential tom-boy, with short plain hair, no make-up, and generally gender neutral active wear.

Finally, there was Allison. Alli was a decidedly shy girl, and orphan at Western Public, who was a grade below the others. She followed the group around occasionally and said little, especially when Candace wasn’t around. Phoebe might have had figured that little Alli was Candace’s protégé, if only she had nearly the balls that Candace did… but the alpha bitch’s pet project never seem to really assert herself at all. Alli never really ate lunch with the others, and was rarely around unless Candace was. Even then, it was usually after school when Phoebe had to run home. Phoebe knew of Allison more than knew her, but chances were the shy little thing never even really noticed Phoebe. Phoebe figured Western Public, the orphanage that Alli lived in, had simply sucked out her spirit, and that Candace was trying to restore it in her own image.

Despite Phoebe’s take on their attitudes about things, they were still willing to spend time with her, and be it from pity, or sincerity, it was enough for Phoebe to get through her days. Indeed she developed a crush on Liz pretty quickly, and couldn’t help but enjoy Nyx’s style. Over time it would start putting them off, but Phoebe had a long way before she could be herself, and truly start getting on their nerves. They even invited her out for coffee that afternoon, but Phoebe had to decline. They were probably going to some weird feminist discussion group or some BS like that, anyway. Besides, Phoebe’s parents would not be getting back for a couple more hours, and although she was supposed to go hide her unnatural self away as soon as school ended, Phoebe had a date with the chemistry lab.

Phoebe couldn’t keep her experiments at home, because her parents regularly made sure she was not hiding girly intentions anywhere. The books and sciencey stuff she enjoyed, though, were of a very different nature. Phoebe had long since developed an odd affinity for tornadoes as well as built up a strong desire to improve her situation by finding that little bit of good and making it overshadow all else. Phoebe also spent a lot of time in the library, one of the few places she felt truly safe. Her princess fairy tales lead to interest in medieval magic which lead to the study of alchemy. The metaphor of turning lead to gold quite well matched the microcosm of her life, and over the last few years, she had dug up no small amount of occult research. This probably lent to her good grades in chemistry, which led Mr. Derringer to let her use the lab to study. In any fashion, her experiments needed energy… like a child needs nourishment, and well… Phoebe had not been raised correctly in these formative years. She was, at best, maladjusted.

That afternoon, Phoebe lost track of time alone in the lab with the notes and data she hid in her school locker, and with her unique chemical experiments. If the lockers were ever searched they looked like doodles and fancy drawings or math homework, but her parents would simply have tossed anything that didn’t fit their mold. Once she finally fixed the last miscalculation, she realized it was 10 till 5. “Holy, Shit!” was all she thought as she left the books, grabbed her notes, and jetted back towards her house. She’d have to take her notebooks with her, but if all went well it wouldn’t matter after tonight.

When Phoebe arrived home, her parents were not there yet, but she would have other things to address. Walking into the house she could hear the screaming, but her Spanish was wanting. Whatever was being said was not friendly or pleasant, but it didn’t last long. She heard the door across the living area near the utility room slam as Miguel stormed out. She managed to hide herself so as not to interrupt his apparent rage as the back door slammed, leaving little other noise than Melissa’s crying to fill the back corner of the house.

Melissa was Phoebe’s parents’ maid. She was a legal citizen, but most of her family had cut her off. Melissa… may or may not have been straight, and that was enough for her to be disowned. Miguel was her abusive boyfriend. Honestly, Melissa didn’t have a lot, but she did have a kinship with Phoebe, even if she resented her for it. Melissa was taller, but a bit thinner than Phoebe, so some of her clothes fit Phoebe, and Phoebe occasionally explored her closet. It bugged Melissa, but she was not un-cool about it. She tolerated it because she felt for Phoebe, and because she didn’t have any more love for Phoebe’s parents then the neglected youth did. Phoebe approached Melissa’s room, knocked softly on the door, and let herself in.

“Go away Phoebe.” Melissa spoke in a soft accent with a softer voice through her tears. Phoebe didn’t know what had happened, but Melissa didn’t frequently cry. She seemed ok physically, so he hadn’t hit her, but still, Melissa was one of the few people Phoebe cared about… in her own twisted way. She sat next to her, hoping to get a better idea of what was up.

“Are you ok, hun?”

“Don’t call me that.” Melissa looked at her and saw her makeup and what not. “You should go wash that off before your parents get home.”

“I’m not worried about them… but I am kinda worried about you,” Phoebe insisted as she let herself in and sat beside Melissa on the bed. The maid outfit, although bland, didn’t help keep Phoebe at bay. Phoebe may have been at a girl at heart, but that didn’t mean she didn’t like other girls. It always made Melissa uncomfortable, but Melissa was hard pressed to have the same effect on Phoebe.

Melissa was a thin, attractive, young woman. She was an enviable size four, and only 23 years old, and even that she didn’t show. She looked maybe 19 or 20, at least to Phoebe. Maybe it was because Phoebe regarded her as exotic, or maybe she was just hot. Her legs were long and thin, but lightly padded with muscle from heavy walking, giving them a divine shape. Her waist was long and narrow, giving her b-cups and her hips clear definition. All of it was wrapped in smooth skin the color of caramel, but with a soft glow. She had a body of a model. Phoebe figured her face was the reason she was relegated to the lower socioeconomic rungs. Not that she was not pretty, Phoebe found her lovely. Her eyes were a bit big for her Latina heritage, but it gave them a depth, albeit a sad depth. This only gave her a more delicate air. Her lips were thin though, and her nose small but sharp, but it all came together very nicely and was framed by silken locks that contained the soft moods she emanated. Unfortunately for Phoebe it covered her small ears… Phoebe’s favorite feature of hers.

“C’mon, you can trust me, tell me what happened.”

“It’s none of your business… you’re not even old enough to…”

“Did he break up with you finally?” Phoebe interrupted, unphased as always.

Melissa looked at her sternly before her face quickly softened. “It’s complicated… maybe it would be better if he just did.”

Phoebe knew this was personal, and that Melissa wouldn’t exactly talk about it, so she fell back on her usual methods. “You should still try that new lingerie he got for you.” She looked at Phoebe with a bit of shock and a bit of offense, before she just looked down, and cried a bit more. “Be pretty for you, not for him.”


“I haven’t even tried them... I promise. Besides, maybe you can use them to seduce another guy. That’d show him!” Melissa didn’t respond.

“C’mon… they are SO cute, and you know they’re you. He knows your style, but he doesn’t appreciate it, maybe someone else will. In any case… you deserve to feel good about yourself.” Phoebe knew Melissa’s habits fairly well, and knew just what to say. She did kinda want her to feel better, but she had other things in mind as well. Just then, she heard the front door open and close. She hugged Melissa randomly, and then hurried to the back stairs to avoid her parents, leaving Melissa vulnerable and with things to ponder after the conversation.

Normally, Phoebe would head upstairs to hide like she was supposed to, but she was tired of hiding, and there were always other ways to avoid people. Rather than going upstairs, Phoebe headed down to the basement. Her parents would likely be too preoccupied to even care about her for a couple of hours. When they did catch up to their “son”, she’d need to have the ritual prepared… but a lot of alchemy was simpler than magic tricks and medieval chemistry rituals/experiments. On her way down, she made sure to mess with the heating ducts and break the thermostat. The rest of the house would get cold, but the basement and rooms just above it would quickly get warm and muggy. Phoebe might have been able to meditate to create an indoor breeze without an energy source, but the previous night spent adjusting the vents to close off air flow save to the basement, was a more effective means of creating a hot heavy air flow down there. The next stage would be a bit trickier, but she felt confident she had the fuel necessary… for now. She just had to wait.

Phoebe had spent a fair bit of time in the basement, hiding among old clothes she could play with, spying on her parents’ records, learning some tricks for manipulating ink, and so on. In recent days she had prepared two very carefully placed …shrines almost. On the north and south of the basement she had created two large holes beneath trap doors carefully hidden with some of her sciencey tricks into the floor. Her parents would not notice the well concealed doors behind the stack of alchemy books, bottles, and notes next to the north one, or the pile of gathered women’s clothing from the basement chests beside the south opening. Phoebe just sat down and removed from her bag a couple of vials of powder, one bluish white, the other light brown, along with two spinning tops, and series of lightly spiraled wires. She began to meditate after she set up the wires in a complex pattern and waited for the basement to turn into a sauna as the house became increasingly chilly. Eventually her parents would investigate. By 9:00, she would be proven right when her dad came downstairs to see what was wrong with the furnace.

“What the hell, it’s hot as… Why are the lights… Phoebe… what are you doing down here?” He saw the pile of clothes. “Oh for the sake of… Those are your mother’s and your grandmother’s clothes… what the hell have you been doing. This is not how we raised you, son!”

“You didn’t raise me, my parents did, and I’m….”

“Enough out of you, you’re in a lot of trouble, young man. This is abominable behavior, and I won’t be embarrassed by you.” Phoebe ignored him as her mother came down to see what was going on.

“For the love of…. Whyyy on eearth is it so haahht in here. What on earth is all this mess over here… seriously child… what are you, worshipping Satan?” She droned on endlessly as she wandered to investigate the stack of books and candles and vials. Her dad moved towards the pile of clothes to start to put them in the adjacent chest. “Look at what he has been doing… we can’t even keep old clothes in our house. We probably have to lock the closets or else he will not be able to get any better…” The two continued to speak about her like a misguided lunatic they had happened upon. Within moments they would be more worried about what they had truly happened upon.

Phoebe poured out the brownish powder into her left hand and inhaled deeply, before suddenly blowing it along the air current at her father, where it seemed to be attracted to his body heat and formed a cloud around him. It would take her mother a moment to really react, giving her time to pour the white powder into her right hand, and do the same to her. This was when she would have to concentrate. The dust clouds were very distracting and disorienting, getting into their eyes and breath and causing them to remain where they were as they tried to gauge their own equilibrium. Phoebe took several deep breaths and started spinning the tops as she focused on their voices. Her dad was yelling and becoming very firm and angry as her mother was becoming alarmed and showing what signs of hysteria she was capable of. It wasn’t hard for Phoebe to unify the physical reality of her discomfort from the heat with the emotional torment of her oppressive foster parents, as her fingers continued to guide the tops. As the air within the room began to spiral a bit she dropped the tops in the carefully laid paths of wire she had created.

Phoebe had to continue to concentrate but as the tops spiraled the air flow in the basement seemed to follow them until they fell into the center of the contraptions and Phoebe’s fingers fell to spin them faster and faster. Within moments small wind spirals formed around both her “parents”, pulling in the heat and moisture as they became opaque with the color of the dust. Phoebe opened her eyes and maintained the air spirals until the color dissipated. Once the tops finally fell to the ground the air flow returned to normal and the spots where her parents stood were exposed. A feminine form entombed in a white crystalline formation, and a masculine one in a bronze crystal hung from carefully placed hook pullies in either spot. Trapped inside were high levels of emotional masculine or feminine life energy that would help to fuel her alchemy for decades to come. She lowered both into the ground and covered up the holes with the trap doors as she relaxed from the intense process. As she was finishing taking down the hooks to put them away she heard a noise at the basement door. It had been ajar this whole time. Fortunately, the pullies were the only real noise that would have resonated beyond the basement, but for now, she had a lose end to tie, and a friend to take care of.

Phoebe hurried upstairs and was headed to the front door, but fortunately she knew Melissa better than she’d anticipated. As she noticed movement in Melissa’s room, she quickly shifted to slip in and close the door as the woman was getting dressed. She had tears forming again, but this time likely of fear. More importantly, though, she was wearing the lingerie Miguel had given her for Valentine’s Day. Phoebe’s little game had worked, and hopefully the compound was strong enough. There was only one way to find out.

“Please… I can just go. I won’t tell anyone, I promise. I did not like them either.” Melissa was terrified, and only half dressed. Her yellow blouse looked terrible with the jeans, and her work shoes threw it all off horribly, but Phoebe was looking past the open blouse to the soft purple laced bra that was a perfect contrast to her skin. It was lace lined, but with fair sized satin cups that seemed to be only one layer and showed her nipples clearly. The satin had to be nice to turn her on even through all this. Phoebe had to see the rest, but Melissa was more concerned with getting to the window. Phoebe smiled and began moving to block her. “It’s ok Melissa, I don’t wanna hurt you. I wanna help.”

“What…What did you do to them?”

“It’s ok; I promise… they are still quite alive. I just put them away where they can’t selfishly use people like you and me anymore.”

“You’re going to go to jail.”

“Sweetie, you’re the only witness. No one will miss them. No one will find them… as for you… I’d like to keep you.”

“You are crazy… even if it is their fault; you cannot pay me.”

Phoebe began to approach as she jolted backwards toward the bed. “Nono… not keep you on, silly. I want to keep you. I want to take care of you.”

Melissa did not know what Phoebe meant, but it didn’t matter. She had to go before something bad happened to her. She ran toward the door but Phoebe grabbed her and let a hand land conveniently on her breast. Melissa was immediately distracted by the sensation as Phoebe began to rub. She had to get out still… she didn’t even really like men, and this was … well technically a boy. She was fun to shop with once in a while, but she just did something to her parents. Melissa tried to struggle away but Phoebe wrestled her to the floor, and got her hands on both breasts. Melissa was again quite distracted for a brief moment, but the fear of rape was becoming very real. “I see you put on the lingerie… and you seem to really like it. Now you trust me with underwear, trust me with this too. I’m not going to hurt you.”

Melissa was crying by now, she had no idea what Phoebe was gonna do, but it couldn’t be good. For Phoebe’s part, she only wanted to help her, and was nothing less than sincere… even if there was a hidden meaning. Phoebe got up to lock the door and window as Melissa was momentarily prone. “What are you going to do with me?”

“It’ll be alright, Melissa,” Phoebe began as she proceeded to take off her clothes, exposing her black satin bra and high-cut panties, through which her arousal could be plainly seen. But what she had to worry about was arousing the likely lesbian maid, if any of this was going to work itself out. “How about this, I won’t touch you; I just wanna see the lingerie.”

“Please, Phoebe, I don’t know what is happening, but you can trust me, I…”

“Then take your clothes off. C’mon… just let me see. I never got to try them on myself, and I really wanted to.”

Melissa didn’t know what to think. She was quite scared of Phoebe, but Phoebe was kind of nice looking… for a tranny especially. No. She was only 15. This would have made perfect blackmail to keep her quiet. Melissa again tried to make a break for it, but Phoebe rapidly pounced her and laid a deep kiss on her as they fell to the ground. Melissa tried to resist, but part of her was hard pressed to remove herself from the intimacy of another feminine form. She may not have been a woman, but Melissa had been with men before, never a girl… and… Melissa had to fight these thoughts, even as Phoebe was tearing away her shirt. Melissa was sure Phoebe was going to rape her…or she would rape Phoebe, but in any case, she could not ignore her body; she was becoming slightly aroused.

Phoebe broke the kiss, but immediately started to again caress her breasts. Melissa tried to speak, but Phoebe’s attentions were… desirable and caused her to softly moan as Phoebe looked over the top. The bra was attached to a soft transparent veil that wrapped around the thin body below, and it was so smooth. Phoebe’s hands began to move over it, rubbing it against Melissa’s flesh as her thumbs kept at the nipples. It was a really nice feeling and Melissa’s body began to react, even as she continued to cry.

“Mmm, does it make you feel beautiful, Melissa?”

She didn’t answer for a moment as Phoebe scooted back and started to unzip her jeans. “Phoebe, we can’t...”

“This is about me, not we, silly girl… but don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you.”

Melissa could not think how to react. It didn’t help that she could still seem to feel Phoebe’s hand on her sides and nipples even as she was removing Melissa’s shoes and socks, exposing the purple nylon stockings wrapped around her long if small toes. Phoebe would be momentarily distracted; this would be Melissa’s best chance.

Phoebe had a thing about feet... a sexual thing. Melissa used to wander around the house barefoot some evenings. Whenever Phoebe would look at her legs it was one thing, but eventually Phoebe started getting the nibbles around the same time Melissa was walking around at night. Melissa started wearing longer night gowns or robes, but Phoebe still had a way of “stalking” her. Eventually she realized Phoebe was paying more attention to her bare feet. Socks and slippers didn’t seem to help until she started wearing fluffier slippers that left quite a bit more to the imagination. Phoebe had not had a glance in almost a year, and now she had Melissa’s stocking foot in her hand. It was everything Phoebe could do not to rub, or even nuzzle. Melissa didn’t wait for her to decide. She kicked Phoebe aggressively in the face, hoping to have a chance to get away, but the second she made contact, it sent a pleasured sensation through her entire body. She cried out and tried to get up, but it was as if the lingerie was sticking to her skin, and making it hypersensitive. It was a new, strange, and wonderful sensation that not only kept her on the floor, but had her rubbing her thighs together.

This was all very exciting to Phoebe, as she shrugged off the kick and sat up to pull off Melissa’s jeans, exposing the lacy French cut panties and lace thigh highs, all highlighted, as the bra, with carefully placed tiny lavender flower decorations. Against her most sensitive spots was the softest satin, lace only decorating the edges. It decorated her form perfectly, so perfectly, Phoebe was almost ready to explode just touching her, but that would have done neither any good. Rather, as Melissa was intently distracted with the pleasure dominating her skin, Phoebe gently ran her hand up her captive’s legs only enhancing the enraptured girl’s arousal. Phoebe could feel the nylon smoothing into a near rubber sensation with the fine consistency of the fabric. What she had done to the clothing was working, and soon enough, she wouldn’t need to explain anything. Phoebe wrapped herself around the squirming maid and kissed her again as she pressed her satin clad erection against Melissa’s very damp panties. Melissa whimpered but reacted without thinking, kissing back and pressing against Phoebe.

Phoebe continued to rub her own legs against Melissa’s, and her hand against her back, while the other cupped and caressed a trapped breast. Melissa did start to notice something was odd… she couldn’t feet the bra straps anymore, and it was becoming hard to distinguish when Phoebe was touching her bare flesh or her clothing. It was an alarming feeling, but it was amazing, and she could not help but respond favorably, even as she tried to resist the youth. She could feel the throbbing member against her covered flesh, and knew all too well Phoebe was too young, but she kissed so good, and with all the tenderness of a woman. She touched her like a woman should, held her like a woman would. It was its own hell… so close to a lovely young thing and she was a boy, and a teenage one at that. Melissa whined as she forced herself to break away, she wanted to speak, but as Phoebe started rubbing around her breasts, something felt terribly wrong.

The bra strap was gone and it felt like the same satin that had adhered to her skin was on her shoulder. And it wasn’t satin… nor nylon, but some rubbery blend of both. The firm young body rubbing against her only made the sensation pleasurable, no matter how little sense it made. Melissa was still crying, trying to resist the seductress, as Phoebe’s hand slid smoothly down her back, to her ass, and plugged her pucker as if there was nothing covering it. Melissa pushed herself away and scooted back, teasing herself all the while before she finally opened her eyes to see what was actually happening. Her clothes had indeed adhered tightly to her form, but also to each other. Whatever she had on before seemed to be gone, replaced by a satiny stretch rubber body stocking that stuck to her like glue, and while it constricted her breasts appropriately, it seemed to rather perfectly mold to her sex.

Melissa was hot as hell, but also effectively terrified, and barely able to make a run for it… or a very fast crawl. As she moved to the door she bumped her knee on something in Phoebe’s pants pocket, knocking the vial free. Phoebe made a sudden noise and as Melissa turned in reaction, the youth’s face seemed alarmed. “Crap the antidote!” Phoebe tried to jump for the vial of liquid but Melissa got it first. Phoebe seemed panicked and Melissa definitely was. This could have been an antidote to anything, including what happened in the basement… or it could have been for this. Melissa didn’t have time to think as Phoebe lunged forward to grab it. Melissa just shot it down before Phoebe could stop her. As Phoebe landed on her though, she simply returned to kissing the woman and once again groped her backside.

This sent Melissa reeling in sudden pleasure which seemed fueled by the fear and the confusion. It was as if all adrenaline was becoming arousal, and she was again distracted by the attractive young lady, rubbing her hand all over her imprisoned body. The more she fought back, the more the rubber adhered to her and the more amazing Phoebe’s attentions felt, so as Phoebe’s finger entered her virgin backside, Melissa almost broke under the combination of intense arousal and harshly pacified resistance. Her initial concerns were real, but they seemed… distant as Phoebe opened her mouth to slip Melissa her tongue while gently caressing her anal walls through the strange substance. Melissa couldn’t deny she wanted to be with Phoebe… but she was scared and this was wrong on so many levels. As Phoebe’s hand disappeared for a moment she barely had time to think before the hot tip of the shemale’s organ grazed her oddly sensitive sexlips.

Melissa could not abide this… she had to get away. If she could escape Phoebe maybe that antidote would work… if it was an antidote. Why would she have brought that with her? Was this planned? What did she drink? It didn’t matter. She had to get away but as she tried to push Phoebe off, she only touched her breasts and pushed her slightly forward. Melissa was becoming far too weak for her level of adrenaline. Phoebe smiled as she started to rub the “body stocking” over Melissa’s neck. “You’re way too gullible. That’s why you need me to take care of you, doll. That antidote only works if you can get away, by making you unable to fight the compound. It weakens you so that I can take you, which will help you keep resisting until it overtakes you, then help your body assimilate.”

Melissa was stunned… and confused… for long enough that Phoebe could consume her face with the rubbery satin to keep her from screaming, then kissed her again. Melissa’s lips readily gave, even as her body tried desperately to fight the pleasure… so much so, that it refused to fight Phoebe as she eagerly penetrated the encased woman and started to finger, fuck, and tongue her captive all at once.

Melissa couldn’t moan anymore, but she could still fight, and she tried. The more she tried to resist the more the increasingly rubbery substance felt like her own skin. Meanwhile her body itself was becoming rapidly weaker. Not only was she having trouble resisting Phoebe, but she was starting to have trouble not responding favorably to her as she kissed back and barely began to ride the disturbed child. Phoebe was meanwhile ramming the crap out of her until she almost exploded but quickly pulled free, and smiled at Melissa as she tried to catch her breath. “Nono… not yet… not on the floor like this.” Phoebe, clearly somehow already free of her panties, unclasped her bra in front of her captive, as she continued. “I should make love to my new toy on the bed.”

Melissa wanted to try to get away, but her body had become weak. She tried to move and fell over, barely able to try to pull herself away. Her vision was fogged, but she could see she wasn’t as purple as before… the lingerie was fading into her skin tone. She didn’t have long to think about this, though, as she was trying to weakly crawl away. She knew she would not get far, though, as she felt her ankle being lifted. The second Phoebe kissed the ball of her sensitive foot, she had a small spasm from the pleasure and fell practically still. She started trying to breathe harder, but was barely breathing as it was. What?... it didn’t matter as Phoebe flipped her over and started to rub the foot through the delicate rubber satin that seemed to be her skin. As soon as Phoebe got her arch, she wanted to orgasm, and nearly did, until Phoebe stopped just short and placed both rubbery satiny feet against her rock hard member, and started to rub herself. “If I don’t train you to do this now, you’ll never be able to learn.”

Melissa was horrified at what that meant, but it didn’t seem to matter as the heat of the shemale compelled the girl to curl her toes around the tip and start to rub. Phoebe cried out in ecstasy as the soft soles contained in … whatever graced her wanting flesh and started to stroke delicately. It was humiliating, but it was as if Melissa’s body reacted to Phoebe’s arousal, and she was far too weak to fight by now. Phoebe whined in a painful pleasure and humped until her member slid between the girl’s arches and Melissa’s feet started to tug, stroking the smooth “skin” around the kinky youth’s desire until Phoebe trembled and exploded into the air.

Her scream filled the first floor as she fell backwards and continued to squirm with pleasure as Melissa’s feet continued to respond to her cues. It did not take long to milk the orgasm though, as Phoebe was nearly collapsed… but Melissa had no reprieve. The heat of the semen against her sensitive skin enslaved her to the young creature for several moments until there was little pleasure to be had by either. Phoebe was not close to done, though, as she returned the favor by caressing Melissa’s own wet rubbery skin with her toes, just enough to keep the captive girl occupied while she came down, and for her to tease herself enough to finish what she had started.

Within less than five minutes, Phoebe had managed to begin another erection as she finally moved off Melissa who frantically tried to try to escape. If this was an anti… As Phoebe picked her up off the ground to carry her to the bed, Melissa forgot what she was thinking as the pleasure overtook her form. The soft bed didn’t help, but Phoebe straddling her was worse. Melissa had grown powerless to resist physically, but at least she could see again… somewhat. It was enough to know that she was back to her natural skin color with only a hint of purple. But Phoebe was more interesting to look at for that brief moment. 15 or not, she was damned hot, and Melissa was not going to get a say anyway… that and damn she was getting hot, herself. She might have noticed her mouth was unhindered when Phoebe kissed her this time, had she not been so preoccupied. Meanwhile the rubbery skin that had seemed to replace Melissa’s… her gorgeous naked body… her helpless form was driving Phoebe right back to where she started as she again pressed her heat into Melissa’s body, this time more gently, and steadily.

By now Melissa realized her body was not really in her control anymore as she clenched around Phoebe and weakly started to tug at her member. Phoebe broke the kiss and Melissa’s lips fell against Phoebe’s jaw line as she moaned aloud. Melissa’s arms wrapped mindlessly around Phoebe as the youth hugged her victim, and her legs closed in against her captor as Phoebe calmly fucked her new toy. For Phoebe, Melissa’s flesh was that of a fine rubber replica with skin barely indistinguishable from a human. That and this doll was very, very responsive, and it would only get better. Phoebe passionately and tenderly fucked the young woman however she pleased.

Melissa could only hope that she could take some pleasure too as she coddled the horny teenager and gave her whatever she desired. Gently Phoebe rubbed over the clit again and again, only trapping Melissa in her pleasure, and forcing her to comply bodily. Melissa could barely help but adore the attention as other concerns seemed to matter less, but things would get nice and hot for her in another few moments, as Phoebe finally released her heat into the captive.

Suddenly, it started all over again for Melissa as the warmth seemed to invade her body and magnify her pleasure, she was all too aware of Phoebe’s still erect penis ejaculating inside of her body, of Phoebe’s breast pressed aggressively her own, of the youth’s arms hotly wrapped around her, and she felt herself giving in to it, but didn’t want to… but did. She wasn’t fighting the sex anymore, but now the pleasure. It became incredibly tense incredibly fast as she felt a cold heat inside of her canal that drove her to rub her legs against her captor, to nibble at her ear, to rub her bare feet against her pert ass, but she knew she was just begging for Phoebe to cum again. She needed to resist the pleasure but again Phoebe started to fuck… and it felt so much better. Melissa’s mind was torn as she struggled to make her body comply but her movements were stiffer and her muscles were tensing up. It didn’t hurt; it felt amazing, as she struggled to not struggle to fuck Phoebe back, but her body was desperately trying to respond.

As it did, the deranged shemale was in heaven, kissing down her neck, groping her ass and her tit in either hand, and fucking her intently as the doll could not seem but to press her new rubbery flesh back into the young woman. No matter what Melissa wanted to do, it turned into trying to give Phoebe maximum pleasure, and it worked. Within minutes Phoebe came yet again, and Melissa wanted to scream as the heat penetrated her so deeply it warmed her g-spot intensely and the girl came throughout her form. Melissa didn’t want to want this, but her body did. Her body wanted more. As the cold heat penetrated her torso and began to spread down her legs and to her breasts, she wrapped herself as best she could around Phoebe, but she was barely able to control her muscles. Being stiff and weak, and somehow muted, she couldn’t even whine as Phoebe removed herself and carefully began to turn Melissa’s body around.

Melissa wanted her back! She wanted to fuck as much as Phoebe would let her. At least her body did, but she seemed to be rapidly losing control. Meanwhile Phoebe’s only difficulty was navigating the nearly dead weight onto her lap where she could freely pull her hair out of the way to kiss the back of her ear, smell her hair, and set the new dolly’s pucker down on her immortal erection. Melissa was once more overtaken by pleasure as her body was being used this way, but wanted to think so many bad thoughts. She knew it didn’t matter as Phoebe pulled her feet under her legs to position her, placed her hands on Phoebe’s waist, where they seemed to stay, and cupped her breasts gently to rub that cold heat into more of her body as Phoebe’s arms started to lift and drop the ass as it closed in around the now welcome cock to guide her dolly to ride her. Melissa could barely move by this point. She could only wrap her fingers around her captor’s sides and caress her as she quickly adapted to the rhythm and rode Phoebe in just the perfect way.

“It’s ok… Melissa. You’re gunna be… my perfect… little sexdoll. It’s… it’s too late to reverse the effects. That odd feel… feeling …it’s you… turning… into rubber… but… you’ll be a sp..special dolly. You see… Your body will remain pleasure co…. conditioned… and selectively… responsive… to….” Phoebe didn’t need to say anything else as it set into Melissa’s head, which stood up firmly as the odd inner sensation overtook her neck while Phoebe came deeply into the sex toy once again. She cried out and clasped her lips for a moment to speak again. “Milk it doll… milk it nice and… an.. and… “ Phoebe wanted to continue but didn’t need to. The dolly loosened its grip to gently coax out a slow stream of seed as Phoebe guided its bouncing to regulate herself. “Good doll… leave me enough… to… to give you one last batch… to… to seal. your transformation.”

As Phoebe stopped a moment to catch her breath, the doll fell still, but its mind not as much. The psycho which had somehow made it so her semen accelerated or enabled the change. All this settled in gradually as the girl caught her breath, the doll’s anus massaging her to keep her hard for another volley. She was helping this …this freak seal her fate even as she figured it out. But how come …what could make semen… the antidote! It wasn’t an antidote at all! Melissa finally realized this as she was removed from her owner, and posed on her knees beside the bed. It was the very thing that trapped her like this. Her next thought was the taste of salty semen as the nicely lubricated penis graced her lips. The doll could barely move at all, but it could move just enough to put Phoebe’s penis in its mouth and start licking as it wrapped its nearly flesh-like rubber lips around its owner to gently suck.

Melissa had no choice, she was effectively a programmed sex doll, and in any case, she wanted Phoebe to enjoy herself, and sucking her was the best way to give her that. Melissa could not bob her head, but she could caress Phoebe’s now hypersensitive frenulum with her tongue. Plus the sensation of the penis in her mouth was calling attention to her head. Meanwhile Phoebe took her hands and started caressing the palms and she placed her own feet on top of the doll’s soles to tease herself and to stimulate Melissa’s feet. This pulled the sensation that indicated the transformation towards the extremities to help Melissa seal herself away in her fate. All she needed now was her owner’s semen once more to finalize her new existence as a sex doll. Part of her knew that even as her toes stroked Phoebe’s feet, and as her fingers caressed her hands… she was a pleasure doll, and moved only to please its new mistress. Phoebe just knew her doll’s mouth was warm and wonderful as the lustful sensations finally drew one more hot orgasm out of her penis.

The doll’s throat immediately swallowed it and even as it tried to suckle mistress for all it could it felt its hands and feet falling still. It tried to gently pet her with its lips and lap at her sweetly as its tongue moved less and less, but finally as Phoebe fell heaving onto the bed, the now naked dolly just knelt still, staring at Phoebe’s finally softening crotch, waiting until mistress wanted to play with it some more. “I’m gunna really like having you to play with Melissa.”

Melissa could do nothing at this point to react. She wanted Phoebe, or anybody… she just wanted more pleasure. It was as an addiction that had broken her, while the real cause of her… life change was enjoying the afterglow and a night of freedom. Come tomorrow there would have to be phone calls, and missing person’s reports, and forgeries, and crocodile tears… but now she had the energy source with which to do it, and a toy to relax with afterwards. It just needed a few final touches. Once Phoebe finally came down, she sat her doll up on the bed and went to the closet. “Ok, now that you are mine, we need to get some better clothes on you. On me too, now that I can be myself.”

Melissa watched as Phoebe rifled shamelessly through her things and took out a pair of honeybee pajamas and some of the fuzzy slippers Melissa wore to avoid Phoebe drooling over her toes. Melissa could see quite well now, as her vision, through frozen, had cleared up with the end of the change. Phoebe playfully tried on the jammies and posed a little for her doll. They fit relatively well: the pants being fairly loose and a bit long, just enough to bunch up on top the slippers, and the top being a tad snug, showing off Phoebe’s form rather well. “Hey I really like these. I’ll enjoy my new wardrobe, but these will be my favorite jammies! Now for you!”

Melissa would not be so lucky. Phoebe decided her wardrobe was going to belong to Phoebe. Melissa needed a different look. There was no telling where they came from, but Phoebe came back with a pink bundle, including what looked like a corset. “I’ve always wanted to see you in pink, that and you need to look like a sexy maid should. Now let’s get you all dressed up for mistress, ok?” Phoebe was suddenly more giddy and brighter than Melissa had ever seen, at some level it made her happy for her, but she was more worried at the moment about other things, as Phoebe pulled the pink silk stockings up her legs, and secured them with a black garter belt. She locked the doll’s torso into the pink corset with black laces which pushed up her breasts nicely, and accentuated the look with pink gloves, a pink collar, and a pink maid’s cap all lined with black lace.

“I have a whole pretty uniform to put you in, Melissa! You’ll have to wait until tomorrow though.” She squeaked with an aggressive playfulness as she scrunchied her hair into a pony tail. “And it’s time you show those adorable ears. They’re just too cute to go hiding. Tomorrow we can dress you all up pretty like a good maid slave, but it has been a long day, and now its bedtime, sweet girl.”

She kissed Melissa’s ear, sending still more pleasure coursing through her with no escape, as she laid her down on the bed, turned out the light, and cuddled up close with her new plaything who could not help but snuggle right back, motivated by the pleasure that was her body now. Melissa would never really rest again, but Phoebe quickly fell asleep in her dolly’s arms. Melissa quickly decided this would be the only pleasurable rest she would ever get again as her mind surrendered fully to her fate as Phoebe’s rubber sextoy.



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