Preppie Dolls 1: Lizzie

by Izhane Twilight

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© Copyright 2014 - Izhane Twilight - Used by permission

Storycodes: F?/f; cd; tg; shemale; majick; transformation; latex; rubberization; objectified; rubberdoll; cheerleader; enslave; cond; tease; mast; sex; climax; denial; cons/nc; X

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CONTENTS WARNING NC Rubberization/Encasement (forced permanent rubber coating, including eyes and throat.); Adolescent on adolescent intercourse; Shemale on female intercourse; Body Control; NC intercourse; Humiliation; Breast enlargement & mild body alteration; Rubber doll transformation; Mind suppression; Mind manipulation; Mental reconditioning; Orgasm Denial; Enslavement. Forced Feminization (girlification of tom-boy). Foot Fetish.

Part 1: Lizzie

Phoebe sat in the corner of the class, staring and starry eyed at the girl she had quietly crushed on for the last few months. Although Phoebe had befriended several of Liz's friends since transferring to her school, the two girls had little in common. Phoebe was quite feminine, and rather proud of it. She was known for her fluffy slippers, fuzzy socks, silky hair, and pretty outfits. She may have dressed a little dark, preferring blacks and purples, nevertheless she was always quite notably female, at least now.

Over previous weeks Phoebe had come out of her shell. When Liz met her, Phoebe dressed rather nondescriptly. Since she decided to be herself, at the advice of some of her other girl friends, she had begun to frequently wear high heel shoes, sometimes boots, and at times would show off a fair amount of skin. Her black hair was styled into a gentle braid-able wave with a hint of bangs, and she kept her fair skin soft and flawless. Finally, her glasses helped solidify the naughty schoolgirl look. Elizabeth, on the other hand, was rather more rough and tumble. She was interested more in athletics, video games, and outdoors than shopping, make-up, and gossip. She wore plain boyish clothes, which only played down her already flat chest, and the most revealing thing she ever wore was slightly tight sportswear. She kept her light brown hair short and simple, and paid little attention to her skin. She was the quintessential tom-boy.

Despite their differences in style, the two girls had rather similar personalities. Both were independent, a little aggressive, and very strong-minded. Perhaps that was where most of the tension between them came from. Despite her decided femininity, Phoebe had always been very self-sufficient, and decisive. She usually liked to be in control as well. This tended to rub Liz the wrong way, but Phoebe still tried to forge, or force, a friendship. Liz was rather unreceptive. It was less due to their personality conflict, and more to Phoebe's disconcerting demeanor. There was something a little off about her, at least as Liz saw it. She felt Phoebe was a bit creepy, like she had a dark streak, besides just her clothes. She couldn't put her finger on it, but Phoebe just made her a bit nervous.

Perhaps it was simply that Phoebe liked Liz, although she didn't make it known. Perhaps it was her sudden change in demeanor over the last few weeks. Perhaps the two were connected. Then again, perhaps it was something still more veiled. Liz always felt as if Phoebe was trying to pull her into her world. Phoebe had made overtures towards feminine activities, and just made Liz feel she was trying to control her a bit. Reasonably, Liz was a little crept out by this. It was as if Phoebe wanted to change her for some reason, but the motivation was decidedly unclear. Though Liz did attempt to not completely ignore her, she usually tried to keep her distance.

The bell rang, jarring Liz from her sleepy daze and kicking Phoebe back into reality... sort of. Liz, feeling Phoebe's attention, packed her things a bit hurriedly and disappeared into the crowd. As they made it out and towards the cafeteria, Phoebe caught up with Liz anyway, and she had a proposition.

"Lizzie, Lizzie… wait up a sec."

Liz rolled her eyes a bit and stopped, smiled politely, and turned. "What's up Phoebe, I wanna get to the cafeteria before nothing good is left."

"It'll only take a sec. Me and some of the girls are getting together tonight at my place..."

Liz sighed a bit, silently, as Phoebe continued to try to persuade her. "... I know, you're not too into hanging out with the other girls, but we're only gonna be hanging out, have some food, watch a couple movies, just chill, y'know?"

Liz inhaled and spoke as if trying to sound tactful. "Phoebe, you know I really..."

She was interrupted mid-sentence. “C’mon Lizzie, We've all been getting stressed out with exams, besides they have been your friends a lot longer."

Liz sighed. "Ok, fine… but only if you stop calling me Lizzie, and no girly stuff, just chilling."

“I promise Liz, and I won't torment you or the other girls with my girly-ness."

"Ok, well what time?"

"6:30 should be good, bring some clothes to sleep in, c’ya then." Phoebe walked off with her usual sway. Liz sighed and simply continued on her way.

That evening, Liz showed up just before 6:30. She couldn't help but notice there were no cars. As Phoebe answered the door, she looked a little surprised. At the same time, Liz looked over Phoebe's pajamas with very little surprise, but a fair bit of curiosity. She wore a rather tight halter-top, black with a somewhat glittery honeybee on it. Her pajama pants at least were long, but they were also black and yellow, decorated with bees and honeycomb. Their cuffs rested atop fluffy, fuzzy black slippers. Along with the pigtails, it was everything cute and creepy Liz had expected, but she also recalled Phoebe’s father being a bit more conservative. She just assumed Phoebe had grown more comfortable at the new school, and that her parents were less concerned with what she wore, than how she behaved or talked.

"You're a little early," insisted Phoebe, blatantly.

"You said 6:30."

Phoebe blushed slightly. "Oops, I should have said seven; 6:30 is about when my parents get home... Sorry." Phoebe smiled. Liz just looked at her for a moment. "Well come on in. We'll be in the living room."

Liz followed Phoebe to the living room. She couldn't help but notice the house looked a bit more lived in than Phoebe's mom preferred for company, which was odd since Phoebe had a maid that was nowhere to be seen. This gave Liz a fair it of pause but she shrugged it off as Phoebe’s voice interrupted her. She was curious why there was no "preparation". There seemed to be no food, no sleeping arrangements for Phoebe, everything seemed to indicate Phoebe was not expecting company tonight… but Liz was distracted by Phoebe’s annoying persistence.

“You should get ready before everyone else gets here, so we can get right to it.”

"Um... it doesn't even look like you're prepared for anything, here."

"I told you, silly, you're early. I still have to get the food out and stuff. You should go change while I do that."

Liz wandered over to the entertainment center. She didn't notice any movies out of place or anything. "You haven't even gotten any movies ready?"

Phoebe guided her guest towards the washroom. "Calm down. You worry way too much, tonight is for relaxing. Now just go change. The other girls are bringing stuff for us to watch."

Liz was very irritated at her persistence, but Phoebe tended to be very assertive that way. Liz dismissed it as the usual personality conflict between the two, tossed her things on the couch, and went to change. When she came back out, Phoebe looked at her with a bit of disappointment. Not only were her pajamas long sleeved, and a solid, dark green, but they looked like a poly-cotton blend.

"What, hey sorry they're not all pink and cutesy. What else did you honestly expect?" She noticed Phoebe had only retrieved a pillow and a couple of sheets. "Still no eats? What are we having to eat anyway? Shouldn't your folks be home by now? And where is that maid ya'll have?"

"Jeez, chill out Lizzie... sorry...Liz. I'm not in any hurry we have all night, besides I had go all the way upstairs. My parents will be home soon enough, and mom gave Melissa the night off. Come help me with the drinks in here, since you're so desperate for food." Liz was at the moment more confused at her odd behavior, but again, had never really been alone around the strange girl.

The girls went into the kitchen, where four or five bottles of soda waited, but not much else. Also, Phoebe's family normally kept a lot of soda in the house, as they shopped monthly. Liz began to become suspicious, until the bottle Phoebe was handling blew its cap, and exploded towards Liz, soaking much of her leg and part of her top in strawberry drink.

"What the hell, Phoebe? What did you shake that thing up before I came in here?" She was a bit too distracted by her wet leg to think about the fact that it was 6:50, and nothing had been prepared and no one was home yet.

Phoebe smirked nervously. “Sorry about that... I can rinse those out, and put them in the dryer."

"Great, I guess I need to get dressed again..."

"Nono your clothes are already packed up. I might have some more pajamas; we're about the same size."

"...Fine, but hurry up before people get here. It's almost seven."

"Oh don't worry too much about that." Phoebe grinned as she turned around and ran back upstairs.

She took kind of a long time, but returned soon enough, with some rather scant pajamas. They barely were enough to cover her butt, and the top was nice and tight.

"Ok, yeah, I'll just put my own things back on." Liz went into the living room and picked up her bag, but as she tried to open it, the zipper broke, effectively locking it shut.

"Oh come on!" Phoebe giggled softly and handed her the Pajamas. Liz huffed a bit, grabbed the "clothes" and went to change again.

As she cleaned up and changed her clothes, she started to wonder what was going on. Where were Phoebe's parents? Where were the other girls? How convenient was it that she was now wearing barely anything at all. She needed to demand some answers from Phoebe, she decided, as she tied the drawstring to the tiny pajama shorts. Still, she was now in a rather unintimidating state. With her legs showing and her belly exposed a bit, and with the pajamas exposing her figure, it was clear she was quite cute. Indeed, she had a little meat on her, just enough to give her noticeable curves, and while her legs weren't very long, they were far from dumpy. In fact, short of a little extra muscle, Liz was rather... hot.

The whole thing made her quite insecure. She was almost too shy to leave the bathroom, but she was also quite annoyed. She swallowed her pride, opened the door, and stared down Phoebe who was leaning over the back of the couch looking her down.

"It's already after seven and nobody's here, and I think you sprayed me with that drink on purpose... and what are you looking at? Seriously, what kind of freak are you, and what's going on?"

"Relax, Lizzie, they'll be here. It's only like 7:03. Anyway, my dad just called, they had a flat tire. You really need to loosen up." Phoebe went to get Liz's wet pajamas, but was quickly intercepted as her guest swiped them out of the sink.

"I told you not to call me that, and I didn't hear any phone ring."

"I need to rinse those before..."

"I'LL put these in the dryer now and wash them later. If no one is here in 15 minutes, I'm going home! Where's your laundry room?"

"I wouldn't recommend..."

"Phoebe I'm getting irritated, just tell me where the dryer is."

Phoebe just stared at her for a moment, more annoyed than intimidated. "It's right past the bathroom near the kitchen. But I should..."

"You've messed up enough things already." Liz huffed her way towards the laundry room. Phoebe just followed several steps behind her with a tiny smirk.

Liz entered the utility room, and turned on the light. Oddly, the utility cart was in the middle of the floor, but the broom closet was shut. She dismissed it as she went to the dryer to put her clothes in. When she tried to turn it on, it didn't work. She tried again before she looked about and noticed the cord going through a small hole into the closet. It seemed to be loose. Phoebe had quietly stopped outside the door to wait. As Liz opened the closet, she was met with a rather unsettling surprise.

As she opened the door, it appeared the maid's body fell on top of her. She screamed and stepped back, as Melissa settled on the ground. Within a moment, she realized the "maid" was a rubber doll, although very realistic... and warm. She picked up the doll to look over it. It looked exactly like Melissa, except for the decidedly kinky outfit. Its transparent top barely covered its chest and shoulders, and the miniskirt liberally revealed the garters holding up the hot pink stockings to match the apron and lining. She also wore frilly pink gloves and a cap. It was quite an insult to Melissa, although it was enough to provoke curiosity even in Liz.

She touched the doll's noticeably round breast. The doll seemed to shiver, and its arm jerked. Liz reacted almost on instinct, pushing the doll back into the closet. As it fell she couldn't help but notice its joints moved practically like those of a human. Numerous thoughts ran through Liz's mind in that one moment. Why was she here? Did Phoebe have some bizarre fantasy involving her? Why, and how, was there a perfect rubber replica of the maid, and how did Melissa or her parents not know about it? Liz didn't want Phoebe to see her with the doll... who knew how she would react? Liz picked up the doll once again, trying to stuff it back into the closet, but as she grazed its breasts it trembled once again, and both arms jerked. Liz was caught off guard for only a moment, but a moment was all Phoebe needed.

Without a sound, Phoebe entered the room, moved behind Liz, and pushed her guest into the closet using her own body. Phoebe locked the closet door behind her, her other hand wrapped around Liz's torso. Liz was immediately sandwiched between Phoebe and the increasingly warm rubber doll. The doll's arms automatically grabbed Liz's ass and pulled their crotches together, seeming to press against her. Liz tried to yell, but her mouth was quickly covered by Phoebe, whose other hand was quickly slipping towards her mound. While Liz was becoming rapidly afraid, she was also becoming rapidly aroused, as the hot doll rubbed against her. She tried to struggle, but the locked door kept her squeezed between the two hot bodies. It wasn't until Phoebe grabbed her mound, and Liz was pulled against Phoebe's pelvis, that Liz became truly unsettled. She felt something hard pressing into her ass crack, like a vibrator, or a....

Caught off guard, Liz slammed Phoebe into the door, only pressing the member deeper into her crack. "Oops, should I have mentioned I have boy parts before inviting you over for a little fun?" Liz instinctively struggled away, pressing into the reactive rubber doll, and furthering her own confusion and arousal. She had to get out fast, but as much as she rammed Phoebe against the door, it didn't stop the strange "girl" from grabbing and caressing her mound through the shorts, as she took the time to flirt aggressively with Liz from behind.

Meanwhile the doll continued to respond to her struggles in a very pleasurable manner, which Liz was having difficulty ignoring. "How do you like my doll, Lizzie? Her name is Melissa, and she's a very special doll."

Liz was too busy worrying about resisting Phoebe from behind to bother fighting her arousal from the front. Her body was quickly becoming stimulated, her breath heavier, and her anxiety far higher. "Every naughty thing you do to her, she will react to it. She's not just an ordinary doll. She stays warm, feels soft like a human, and can respond to your movements for added pleasure."

A thought crossed Liz's mind, but she quickly dismissed it. Meanwhile, she was becoming damp with the hot rubber toy stroking against her, and the hand gently caressing her aroused sex. Her refusal to admit the pleasure of a shemale's unsolicited touch only made it harder to resist. She whined furiously, thrashing with both resistance and pleasure. "She can even secrete fluids. Only a special doll can do that. You see Melissa responds so much like a human... because she used to be a human."

Liz obviously didn't believe Phoebe, but she was still startled. If nothing else, she was being molested by the weird new girl... who wasn't even a girl! She squealed into Phoebe's hand, trying to free her mouth, but Phoebe was too fast. At the same time she clenched her eyelids, and tried to press her legs closed, attempting to ignore the growing arousal, especially at the unexpected surprise. She was quickly greeted by a new sensation, though. Something warm and smooth was coating her sexlips, and Phoebe's attention felt even better. "And since my Melissa has turned out to be such a good dolly, I have decided to make more, and you're next, Lizzie."

Liz was certainly not willing to believe this. Phoebe was trying to confuse her, mess with her head. As these thoughts came and went, Phoebe continued to mess with her twat. It felt as if the substance was coating her clit, and running down her thighs. She also felt it on her nipples. It was smooth, though a bit abrasive, thin, but dense, cool, but solid, like.... Like latex! Liz didn't consider the logic. As the latex spread over her breasts and pelvis, and the rubber Melissa rubbed up against her, her eyes flew wide open. With a burst of adrenaline, she smashed her foot against the door and broke the hinges.

The door fell with a crash against a pipe on the wall, and Phoebe fell flat against it. Liz's athletic prowess enabled her to shift her balance enough to run for the door and out of the room as Melissa fell against Phoebe. It would take Phoebe a moment to gather herself. Liz stopped just into the living room, only long enough to notice her pajamas seemed to be turning into lavender latex, but not tightening enough to account for the feeling of latex overtaking her skin as it enveloped her mound and breasts, and spread over the sides of her body towards the back.

Her first reaction was to try to get the pajamas off, but as she touched herself, she only further aroused herself. Still off guard, she dropped to her knees from the simultaneous sensations on her chest and sex reacting to even the slightest touch of any of the rubber. She could only succeed in rubbing the latex garments against her already aroused flesh, which only seemed to make the rubber spread faster. It quickly covered her buttocks and enveloped her breasts, sealed over her sex, moved towards her rear orifice, and began to cover her back. She was plainly aroused, but with her clitty and lips wrapped and sealed and rubber, her stimulation was rising continuously more slowly. By now, Phoebe had made her way back to the living room. She grinned over the frightened girl kneeling on her floor.

"I wouldn't bother trying to remove those, the more you struggle with them, the faster they take effect."

Liz looked back at Phoebe with both shock and anger. "Take effect? How? What did you do to me, freak?" Liz spoke through heavy breaths, as she continued to become more intensely teased.

"Relax Lizzie. The process is completely irreversible. Just try to enjoy it.” Phoebe knelt behind Liz, moving to grab her breast, but Liz sprung up, turned around, and jumped back.

"What Process? What's going on, Phoebe? Get these off!" By simply moving, Liz continued to stroke herself, and within a few seconds it felt as if her "pajamas" had formed a second rubber skin over her.

"I'm afraid I can't do that, Lizzie... Even If I wanted to, and I very much don't."

Liz looked at Phoebe as she spoke with no sympathy and wore a smug, perfectly content expression. "You psycho freak!" Liz exclaimed, before running towards the door.

The faster she tried to run, the more intense the pleasure became. She fell to her knees, breathing heavily, before even crossing the room. The warm feeling of the latex was spreading over her skin. She looked down to see it moving down her thighs and enveloping her shoulders, as well as rising up towards her neck. She panicked and tried to tear it off, only further stimulating her skin. As she struggled hurriedly to free herself, Phoebe casually untied her drawstring, and let her bottom fall over her slippers. The slippers were quickly left empty as Phoebe stepped out of them, approached her guest in only a tight top and satin panties, and knelt behind her quietly. Liz managed to ignore her at first, but this time Phoebe reached straight for her lips. She began mercilessly stroking her through the tiny rubber pj's. Liz couldn't help but release a moan as the pleasure shot through her, but even Phoebe's caress only slightly enhanced her slowly rising arousal.

As Liz's neck and knees were tightly coated, she felt what little of her torso was showing being enveloped as well, so precisely as to still show off her belly button. Liz began to thrash her body, trying to escape Phoebe's teasing, and kick or elbow her at the same time. This only encouraged Phoebe, and made Liz all the more aware of the rubber, now halfway down her arms and calves, and spreading under her jawbone. The more she fought, the more pleasurable it was, and the more quickly the rubber seemed to spread. "Damn you, Phoebe, I'm going to make you pay for this!"

Her own arousal allowed her to squirm her way from Phoebe's embrace, and kick her in the gut. Her body, however, was tormenting itself, and ever so slowly rising towards a climax. She fell on her hands and knees, and then rolled onto her rubber ass. By now, her face was being quickly overtaken, and the rubber had run down her legs and arms, and was covering her ankles and wrists. Her ears were coated over first, but pressed against her head. Her eyes remained free long enough to see the rubber running off her pajamas, only they were no longer pajamas. Her shorts had turned into a pleated miniskirt. It was mostly bright pink, but with purple and bright red stripes along the bottom and waistband. The halter-top had also turned bright pink, save for the large diagonal purple stripe in the middle, lined top and bottom with light red, and decorated with pink, glittery, cursive letters reading "Preppie Dolls".

At once Liz was offended, disgusted, and pissed. She had been forced into some kind of kinky, girly, cheerleader costume by a psycho shemale. "Preppie Dolls!? Phoebe whagggh wuuh."

Her hasted words weren't enough, as the rubber poured into her mouth and sealed over her nose and eyes. She grabbed her face, falling onto her back. The sudden movement reminded her of the rubber covering her now wet but constricted sex. As she tried in vain to free her face, she involuntarily drew her legs in, rubbing her toes along the floor as her feet were rapidly enveloped. The rubber soaked into her hair and sealed her head, lining her mouth and throat. In moments, it also covered her hands entirely. Before she could help it, her fingers had stuck together, and were left that way as the rubber "dried". Only her thumb was left separate. Her toes were affected similarly, leaving only the big toe independent of the others. Not only was Liz sealed in skintight lavender rubber, but she was also growing hornier by the minute, however slowly.

To exacerbate her dilemma, Phoebe wasted no time pouncing and straddling the rubber bound girl. Liz was still quite disoriented. Blind and muted, she was mostly distracted by fear and a feeling of helplessness, still more intense than her painfully slow rise in arousal. She continued to try to free her face, or at least scream, but her coated throat would make no noise. Phoebe grinned, as she straddled her writhing captive, placing her hands under Liz's top, and gently squeezing her small, tightly coated breasts.

Liz's first reaction would have been to knee Phoebe in the back and try to wriggle free, especially as she realized this rubber wasn't coming off without a fight. Just as she raised her leg to attack, the pleasure of Phoebe's touch hit her just as the scent of the rubber covering her nostrils overpowered her. Distracted from her emotional distress, Liz was taken by a moment of lust. The toes of her lifted foot curled slightly; her other leg rose to press against Phoebe's back. As Liz began to weaken to her body's desires, Phoebe was just beginning to warm up.

She ran her thumbs over the pert nipples sealed under thin rubber. Liz's reaction was involuntary as her hands embraced her captor's sides. She continued to try to focus on where she was and what she was doing, but the fumes and the pleasure were too distracting a combination. Despite her current plight, however, there was a good bit more she'd need to endure, and Phoebe was wasting no time.

As Liz felt the rubber seal tightly to her skin, she began to lose focus on what her body was doing. Her hands began to hold and squeeze Phoebe's sides. Her back arched slightly to press her chest into Phoebe's attention, and her wriggling and struggling began to die down. At first, she thought the rubber was constricting her oddly, but could not explain her other movements. She tried to regain control of herself, but helplessly inhaled another whiff of latex fumes, becoming once again separated from herself.

As her body continued to move in odd ways, she was further put off by a sudden increase in the sensitivity of her breasts. With each squeeze and each stroke of her nipples, she experienced more pleasure at Phoebe's touch. She was quite soaked under her new skin by now, and dizzied by the fumes. It was almost involuntary as she pressed her breasts into Phoebe's hands before noticing her captor's fingers were much tighter around the mounds, as if they had filled out to a b-cup. The extra pressure Phoebe exerted to wrap her hands over the breasts, and the extra volume pushed Liz deeper into her dazed pleasure.

Within a couple of moments, Liz felt her legs actively pressing to Phoebe's back. It felt as if her toes were curling on their own. She was also responding more directly to Phoebe... stroking her belly under the devious hostess, pulling the captor closer to her body. Granted this was... quite nice indeed, and she was extremely dizzy, but she was also dressed up like a chauvinist sex fantasy, and being molested by a tranny. She knew this was intolerable, and she had to get away from Phoebe quickly.

Her mind clearing a bit, and as the panic waned, she tried to put her feet down on the floor, and position herself to shove Phoebe off of her, but as her feet hit the floor, it sent a shiver of pleasure straight through her. She inhaled as much from the new sensation invading her body as she did to prepare to forcibly push Phoebe away. Phoebe took immediate advantage of the distraction, as she fell forward and forcibly kissed Liz’s coated lips. Liz was forced to breathe in deeper, inhaling a strong dose of the distracting fumes. At the same time, she felt herself kissing back, and realized it wasn't just an involuntary reaction.

As she tried to push Phoebe away, she found herself too distracted to control her arms. Rather, her arms slowly embraced Phoebe, one moving down towards her butt. She pressed her still growing mounds into Phoebe's affectionate hands, her newly sensitive soles against the floor through the warming rubber, and gently pulled her molester closer to her struggling form. She tried to resist such reactions, but it felt as if the rubber was moving for her. She finally realized that her vulnerability to these sensations was slowly increasing her arousal and distraction, allowing her rubber coating to take control of her movement.

Phoebe broke the kiss gently and smiled with pride as she spoke softly. Despite her ears being covered over, Liz could hear her quite clearly. "Now you just relax sweet Lizzie. You're my sexy little doll girl now. It's time to calm down, and behave like a good cheerleader slut."

Liz wasn't about to surrender, especially as she began to realize this was not likely a part time gig. Whatever was going on, wherever everyone was, didn’t matter nearly so much anymore as she fought against the rubber directing her movement, but as her apparently now sexually sensitive feet slid smoothly against the floor… as her rubber thighs teased her horribly slowly towards a real arousal, and Phoebe’s warm body slid on top of her, her hands caressing the wonderfully sensitive rubber titties, her body was helpless but to cutely return Phoebe's second kiss. She knew she had to regain control of herself before she was forced to dance and boink like a cute, girly, little bimbo. She'd have little luck as still more distractions overcame her.

As Phoebe enjoyed the kiss, she cradled Liz's head and began to stroke. Liz felt an odd pressure on her hair, as if it was being pulled and suddenly adapting. Between this and an affectionate grope to her butt from Phoebe, who was slipping her lap over Liz's mound, Liz was left open to the next wave of rubbery fumes. She attempted to fight, but was getting horny as hell on top of her weakness. The combination took control of her body. A leg wrapped itself around one of Phoebe's, and she warmly pulled her lover against her filling c-cups. As her new, round, perky breasts finally came to fruition, new changes were quick to take over.

Phoebe continued to contently kiss her new plaything as she stroked her growing hair, gently pulling it from her scalp, and allowing it to blend with the rubber, into fine brown silky strands. Liz, meanwhile, was more concerned with the more urgent matters. As her breath became deeper, so did the effect of the fumes become stronger. As much as Liz tried to control her body, she was now too weak and too aroused to resist Phoebe's pleasurable advances. She felt her thumbs slipping into the sides of Phoebe's panties, and encouraging them off. Meanwhile, with her breasts pert and pretty, the rubber seemed to be tightening over her body, pressing her legs and tummy in to match her figure to the new pair.

She knew what she was becoming but could only respond physically. The arousal was becoming far too distracting, especially it as continued to rise slowly despite Phoebe's actions. At the same time the fumes continued to hold her senses captive, preventing her by now, from even thinking clearly about her situation. Her body, beginning to surrender to the rubber and its own needs, rolled gently under Phoebe's as a leg pressed in against her captor, her hand cupped Phoebe’s ass affectionately, her lips sweetly kissed back, and she rubbed her sole against the back of the leg of the conniving, perverted little new girl. It all just teased her further into the sensual confusion, as it merely encouraged her captor to molest the increasingly helpless doll.

Phoebe's perverse designs were quickly beginning to seem irrelevant, however, as the odds were rapidly stacking against Liz. Her cute girly body in her cute girly outfit was getting too horny for her to even try to resist her body's cute and feminine behavior. Her leg wrapped gently and affectionately around Phoebe's. She practically cuddled her, and began nuzzling her, responding very affectionately and adorably to the source of her humiliation and arousal. Phoebe was there, she was ready, she was hot, and Liz's body wanted her. She desperately tried to regain control, to hold her breath or keep still, anything. Nothing seemed to work as the lengthening silk hair pressed against her sensitive neck through the rubber. As if this wasn't yet humiliating enough, she learned she was to be further decorated as the rubber began to inflate at her tailbone, and either side of the top of her head tickled with the gathering of more latex.

Liz wasn't dumb and had a good idea of what was next. Distracted with this new problem, and her arousal finally reaching a point she couldn't ignore, she drank the fumes with her heavy, horny breaths as she rolled over, pinned Phoebe down, and pushed down her panties. Phoebe only smiled as this new “spirit” her cheerleader was showing merely reflected how quickly how well the doll was adapting to her purpose.

With everything she had left, Liz tried to pull away, but as Phoebe's prick poked her rubber coated lips, she was unable to resist the ever more scintillating aroma invading her nose. She was becoming too weak, her mind clouded by numerous distractions, and Phoebe's lust had almost completely taken control of her needy body. She pressed her lips to her captor, straddling widely over Phoebe's lap, allowing the horny hostess to press freely into the smooth rubbery cunny.

As the pointy rubber ears poked out of Liz's beautiful, now shoulder blade length hair (which conveniently covered her sealed away human ears), Liz's mind was entirely incognizant. She knew what was going on, but she wasn't able to pay attention to that anymore. Her thoughts were dominated by her horny body eagerly slipping more and more quickly over Phoebe's pulsing member, and the satisfaction with which it was filling her happy new body. With each thrust, she inhaled deeper, and with each inhale, she was given more to her body's whims.

She excitedly groomed the intruder with her rubber walls as she leaned in to sweetly kiss her new mistress. The answer to her pleasure was beginning to bridge the gap between her yielding body and her clouded, confused mind. Still more damaging, she could feel the rubber at her tailbone continuing to inflate out into a catlike tail, and the ears, although decidedly rodent-like, solidifying on top of her head. This would only reinforce the painfully girly behavior her body was demonstrating, and serve to condition her mind into its new frame of thought.

As Liz's mind, lost in a fog of pleasure and latex aroma, adapted as such to her new behavior, her body was able to completely take over. She still knew this wasn't right or welcome, and it wasn't her, but her body liked it, and she had no choice but to go along. As Phoebe began to throb hotly inside of her new responsive toy, a feeling of victory came over her, driving her to near orgasm. She sat up and guided Liz into an ideal riding position, to take full advantage of her conquest's new personality.

Whatever resistance Liz might have had left was quickly broken as Phoebe gently stroked her thumbs along the now erogenous feet of the doll to encourage her. Indeed, to her great satisfaction, the horny cheerleader doll immediately started bouncing happily up and down over her mistress's sex. Phoebe contently enjoyed watching her eager lover fall into her role, as she continued to rise quickly to climax. She moved her hands into Liz's top once more, and simply allowed them to stroke over the bouncing breasts and nipples. Liz herself was finally rising quickly towards her own orgasm, while her new tail filled out, ballooning out as the rubber softened into a pillowy squirrel tail wrapped in latex, which promptly wrapped around Phoebe’s torso.

By now, Liz's mind was obscured permanently in her fog, registering physical pleasure, confused shame, and some level of obedience due to her inability to move on her own, all as indications of her purpose and servitude. Her new horny, affectionate, and feminine identity, as forced upon her by the rubber, had completely taken over. What remained of her confused and defeated former persona, would soon enough have no choice but to settle into her new place as a cute cheerleader dolly and obedient pleasure toy for mistress.

For now, Phoebe was happy enough, having simply finished her toy. She watched her dolly bounce up and down on her member, smiled softly, and pulled Lizzie down with a snuggle over her bone as hot pleasure erupted from her sex into Lizzie's horny body. The warm reward against her rubber-coated walls drove Lizzie to the edge. She warmly (and tightly) embraced her mistress, expecting her own amazing release after that endless and slow buildup. Phoebe knew, though, that a release would diminish her mental fog, and was unwilling to take such a chance.

The wonderful release, the only reward from this hell that Lizzie could imagine, seemed to peter out as quickly as the need arose again with the warmth of Phoebe’s own pleasure. As Phoebe's hot seed continued to shoot against the horny cheerleader doll, Lizzie could only squeeze her mistress and enjoy pleasing her. Liz had great deal of trouble understanding this, especially as the sudden denial only drove her further into a fog.

After Phoebe's climax finally stopped, and Mistress caught her breath as she cradled her new prize. Lizzie, ravaged by desire and unsatisfied, seemed only to worry about her owner. Although humiliated, defeated, and now desperate for pleasure, she sweetly nuzzled and snuggled Phoebe, her tail twitching lightly, as her rubber skin solidified and settled into its perky, sexy cheer doll form. Liz was already forgetting how much she wanted release, ironically because she couldn’t release. What she could not forget was that it felt good to please Mistress, and now she only needed it more.

When Phoebe finally regained herself, she found herself eager to try out her new toy. She scritched Lizzie's head and gave her a light nuzzle. "That was a good performance, Lizzie. You're gonna be a great sex dolly!"

Lizzie could only respond to the praise subconsciously, nuzzling her mistress back affectionately and twitching her tail happily, Liz all but lost to the dolly persona. "Now we just need to see if you'll make a good Preppie Doll."

Lizzie, successfully reprogrammed by now to be all the cute and bouncy Phoebe desired, simply sat back and directed her face at Phoebe like a curious puppy. Phoebe pointed to a chest of drawers. "Go get your present out of the top drawer, while Mistress gets ready for you."

Responding primarily to the rubber's control, Lizzie bounced up cutely and walked over to the chest. She was reminded quickly how sensitive her previously calloused soles had become, but the teasing from her bouncy walking only continued to restrict her mental bonds. Phoebe grinned as the cheerleader doll walked on the balls of her feet in a perfect if perky feminine posture, a dainty but understated bounce in her step, her butt swaying softly and carrying her tail, which offered a peek at her backside by holding her skirt halfway up in the back. Liz's confusion, humility, and needful lust began to culminate into a vague realization of what she was doing, but between her body's will and her desperate want, she could not conceive to resist.

Phoebe went to her stereo, setting up a CD of techno tracks with a hard beat, and selecting the appropriate track. Lizzie opened the drawer, and was somehow able to find a pair of purple and pink pom-poms with bright red grips, matching her Preppie Dolls uniform. It was as if her new rubber skin was sensitive to their presence. More so, they seemed to seal her motivations into those of her new perky, preppie form. The desire to play cheerleader for Phoebe was reinforced by the humiliation of the independent tom, but it was beginning to seem as if that was as it should be. She was jolted out of her pondering as Phoebe hit play. The music grabbed Lizzie's attention immediately, and she responded automatically. She adapted a dancer’s posture quickly and without hesitation, and by the third eight count, began a rather intense cheerleader dance routine.

Phoebe grinned widely as she watched the molded body begin to move quickly and in perfect time. Without pause, the pom-poms flew excitedly into the air, and the dolly’s knees started bouncing up to her chest with a spring in her step that absolutely delighted Phoebe. As the disturbed girl took a seat, smiled like a child, and clapped her hands to the music and to the desirable jumps and kicks of her dolly, Liz was being tortured and could not even tell how much she was enjoying it. Every time her light and delicate feet bounced against the ground it sent a new wave of arousal through her trapped body ensuring her continued inability to escape the all but mindless cheerleader body that was now her. Each time her left arm would pop up and wiggle the pom-pom, her right knee jumped to her chest, or vice versa, causing the rubber to rub her thigh and strengthen her denial.

Meanwhile Phoebe only saw a perky straight posture and proud girly dancer. Since that was all she wanted, and what she thought Liz was supposed to be, that was all she concerned herself with, as every step ensured her Preppie Doll’s lasting compliance.

As the music became steadily faster, Lizzie's movements became more complex. She was proving quite entertaining to her mistress. Phoebe quickly became very pleased, watching her dolly execute precise moves with speed and flexibility. Precisely as soon as the music hit an upbeat shift, Lizzie’s foot flew straight up in a perfectly executed high kick, and fell back down just in time to join the right in a cute little bounce into spin around that sent her right foot nearly straight up to her ass. All the while her silky locks bounced freely and her tail held her body in a perfect balance. It was as if the rubber had altered her very muscles, but Phoebe knew her body was adapting. Liz was already athletic, but now as Lizzie she was willing to use to it to be Phoebe’s adorable toy cheerleader. It was all the more satisfying for the dark youth because she knew that while the rubber coating was directing her movements, Lizzie was quite present in the performance.

Lizzie was still feeding off of her new Mistress’s pleasure, and every squeak from her excited kidnapper, every hop and clap from her captor that indicated she was doing good helped inspired every cute spin, bouncy kick, and peppy wave of her pom-poms. In turn every resulting bounce of her new breasts, spin of her leg joints, or touch of her cute bare feet against the floor offered both uncontrollable arousal, and a constant rubbing and tightening of the rubber on her sexy new body.

Worse still, as the rubber coating stretched and compressed against the captive's skin it was driving that arousal even higher. Not only was she getting better with each tormenting move, but she would also be kept quite "playful" for mistress, and on some level Lizzie knew that. Indeed, Liz had become Lizzie… Phoebe’s perky and preppie, playful and cute cheerleader love doll. The lust driving her as she danced happily for mistress, the incessant teasing that motivated each cute move, the rubber teasing and conditioning her, and the fog and sensual aroma filling her mind, all culminated to tell her this defeat was good, and to be cute for mistress was to be happy.

Besides her insatiable lust, Lizzie's very own controlled creativity and her need to please mistress was what gave the rubber-controlled movements a unique grace and personality. Each increasingly cute kick or spin only re-enforced Phoebe’s devious programming. Every wiggle of her butt made her want to be still cuter. Every wave of her pom-poms gave the dolly more spirit, and Phoebe adored every minute of it. Indeed, not Liz, but Lizzie herself was performing for Phoebe's pleasure. Inside herself, Lizzie could comprehend a sense of pleasure at mistress's enjoyment, vanity at her own cuteness, and the embrace of her orgasmic desperation which would allow mistress to enjoy her for a long, long time.

Phoebe's experiment had gone quite well. She had a perky living doll, and her own hottie cheerleader. She had also finally made Lizzie into the sweet girl she should be. Lizzie herself barely even realized as the music finished, but as soon as the last eight count hit her body threw up her pom-poms, lifted her left foot to her backside, dropped it with a bounce which guided her knee up to her chest, back into a bounce on five pushing her right foot into a high kick, carrying into a back flip before she landed in a split on eight, throwing up and waving her pom-poms.

Phoebe made a loud squee and applauded the performance as she bounced up and ran to Lizzie, lifting her up, and kissing her. "Awesome!" She was clearly exclaiming her own satisfaction with her new toy. Meanwhile, the dance had helped to further secure Lizzie's confusion, defeat, and need for affection. She sensed she had lost, but had no perception of whether it was a good thing or a bad thing. It didn't really matter anymore as Phoebe kissed her and groped her breasts. She perceived no choice but to return the kiss and hold her chest out for mistress to enjoy.

Phoebe walked her over to a large curtain in front a two story tall window. She pulled away the curtain to expose the large windowsill in front of the fogged glass, and motioned to a painted circle on the sill. It was some sort of sigil painted in glittery purple, with the same Preppie Dolls logo. Even though Liz could not see it, she knew it was there, just as she had the pom-poms. "This will be your own spot, Lizzie. When mistress is otherwise occupied you get to stand here and just look pretty, understood?"

Lizzie hopped into the spot almost immediately, and rather cutely, delicate feet sending a constant tease through her needy form. Nonetheless, she all too readily straightened her posture, facing a bit to the left, and held the pom-poms beside her thighs. She lifted her heel and bent her knee forward in a showgirl pose to show off her butt as her tail twitched a couple more times before standing up straight behind her and curling back at the very tip. Finally, she shifted her neck to face her head forward and fell perfectly still. Whether Lizzie liked it or not, or even knew it or not, she was now Phoebe's pretty Preppy Doll, and could do nothing but stand there alluringly, twitching her tail, until mistress wanted to play again. Either way, her mind was too clouded to prevent her from getting used to it.

Meanwhile, Phoebe was quite happy with herself. She liked having her own personal cheerleader and living, moving doll. It was a lot more fun than her immobile, new Melissa doll. Melissa was certainly fun to play with; the way she responded so accurately to sexual sensations was perfect when Phoebe just wanted a toy. Lizzie, on the other hand, could actively offer affection and amuse her by dancing and behaving with all the cute pep, sexual provocation, and girly attitude of a perfect cheerleader. Still, something was missing. Something about her wasn't so perfect. Besides, Phoebe wanted more. Perhaps she just needed to try something a little... different.


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