Preppie Dolls 3: BoiToi

by Izhane Twilight

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© Copyright 2014 - Izhane Twilight - Used by permission

Storycodes: F?/fm; cd; tg; shemale; tease; strip; bath; majick; transformation; rubberization; objectified; rubberdoll; kittycat; boitoy; enslave; cond; tease; anal; climax; denial; cons/nc; X

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CONTENTS WARNING Forced Feminzation (MTF Sissification); NC Rubberization/Encasement (forced permanent rubber coating, including eyes and throat.); Adolescent on adolescent intercourse; Male on shemale intercourse; Mild Body Control; NC intercourse; Breast Augmentation and Moderate body alteration; Mind Suppression; Rubber doll transformation; Mind manipulation; Sexual reconditioning; Orgasm Denial; Enslavement. Severe Behavior conditioning and alteration. Foot Fetish.

Part 3: BoiToi

Phoebe stretched and squeaked, her toes pointing in mid-air in her Japanese loose socks, the baggy legging hanging lazily off her ankles, as the young "girl" happily awoke to a new day. As she stood up, she giggled as the soft socks cushioned her feet hitting the floor, and the legging slouched down around her ankles and heels. She smiled at the enjoyable sensations and retied her crimson kimono nightgown, draping it over her morning erection. Her smile then turned cutely sinister as she recalled last night, and turned her head back to the mass of shivering pink rubber that had been resting beside her. Nikki hadn't gotten any sleep at all. Nyx was still well aware, trapped inside the rubber coating, but more so was trapped in her own pleasure. Terrified and shamed, her mind was becoming convoluted. Thoughts of escape seemed like thoughts of losing everything. Fear of surrender was becoming anxiety over being able to perform her tawdry tasks to Phoebe's liking. Independence was beginning to feel like betrayal, of her mistress, and of her own body.

She couldn't deal with the thoughts that were wracking her mind and enslaving her spirit, though. She was too busy screaming inside herself... tortured by the pure essence of lust, and pleasured by the endless torment. Her denied body was at once sobbing within itself for release, but wanting nothing more than to press itself against Phoebe's body. It had only become worse every time her insatiable captor had taken her the night before... again, and again, and again. Every warm barrage of seed planted further doubt, and greater need in her, and it was only the beginning.

Phoebe walked slowly around at the bed, letting her lustful eyes drink the sight of her newest "friend". She'd had some compassion for her pet, allowing her to forgo the cheerleader uniform in bed. Instead, Phoebe had given her one of her silk nightgowns. Not one of her sensual black ones of course; that would be counterproductive. This one was bright valentine red. Phoebe had "inherited" it from the maid; it wasn't as if Melissa really could enjoy it anymore... but Nikki certainly could. Indeed, Nikki had been able to enjoy it quite a bit all night. Despite the rubber barrier she was quite able to feel the smooth, cool fabric, warmed by her needy flesh, as it slipped about over the smooth rubber, keeping her nipples and legs aware and wide awake so she could better enjoy her new and improved body.

As for the maid doll herself, Phoebe had even considered letting Nikki cuddle with Melissa the previous night, but her sexy senorita had no choice but to be a good dolly. She would not have deserved to be teased the horny Preppie Doll who was still learning to control herself. Last night, before going to bed with her bunbun, Phoebe had decided to let Nikki’s fate settle in, as mistress’s absence helped to drive her more into her desperation. Phoebe always did believe absence makes the heart grow fonder. So as she brought her prototype back to its own bedroom, where she sweetly reminded the toy of its purpose before tucking it into bed in an all too teasing pair of silk pajamas it had owned and never remembered to wear, Nikki had plenty time to want Phoebe more than she would have wanted to. In any case, perhaps Melissa belonged downstairs where she’d be comfortable not having to watch Mistress play with her cheer dolls. Perhaps that was best reserved for an upstairs maid with a few more lessons to learn.

So for now, Phoebe had Nikki all to herself, as she admired the cute pink and horny dolly. Poor Nikki still seemed to think that she was afraid of mistress, as she laid there, legs pressed together with desperation, arms curled up by her chest, ears pointing straight out… but Phoebe knew she just needed more convincing. The twisted dominatrix sat on the edge of the bed, her arousal making her knees shiver slightly, and she reached to touch Nikki's thigh. As she pressed the silk against the rubber, and slipped her hand wantingly down the long leg, shaped perfectly in its rubber constraints, Nikki immediately recoiled into a near fetal position, and as quickly surged with satisfaction that her mistress had returned to remind her of her torment. Her ears jutted forward insinuating the submission she was still afraid to admit as her body tried to recoil.

Phoebe's hand slid all the way down to Nikki's foot, squeezing it gently. The cuddle toy’s sensitive new soles drove her toes to curl tensely at the unfair pleasure of the touch, and caused Nyx to whine with terror and lust as her body responded longingly to the attention. Her back arched, her knees pulled forward, her neck stretched to push her head back, and bunny ears flipped all the way back. If Phoebe didn't know better, she'd think Nikki was having an orgasm. But she was not about to forget any more than Nikki was, and that only made Phoebe hornier.

Despite Phoebe's stamina just a few hours ago, she was swollen with want for her toy and pride for her new victim once again. Her own toes curled as she let go of any resistance. Her snugbunny was so cute, so soft and warm and needy, and Phoebe was hot. She needed a good lay to start today off right, and wanted to savor the satisfaction of her victory. Nikki could almost feel Phoebe's desire as the girl's eyes burned into the pink sex doll. The girl trapped inside was overcome was fear and want in anticipation of yet another round.

Phoebe wasted little time once her mind was made up. She rolled Nikki gently onto her back as she straddled the toy bunny, resting her heat firmly atop Nikki's mound. Her hands cupped hastily and fully around Nikki's breasts and she started to stroke. Nikki cried out inside for it to stop, but the pleasure... the pleasure was absolute torture, more so because she could no longer resist it, nor the urge to snuggle and nuzzle and love her mistress. The doll tried to sit up against Phoebe, to embrace her body and nuzzle her lovingly in gratitude for her fate, but Phoebe was not about to be so kind. What fun is such a wanting toy, if you can't tease it a little?

Phoebe's hands pressed firmly against Nikki's breasts, thumbs putting pressure on the nipples, and she began to stroke her heat through two layers of silk against the desperate love slave. Nikki's mind was overrun with need and horror; she knew was losing and there was no way to stop it, but she couldn't bring herself to become Phoebe's adorable cuddlebun. Repugnance, terror, desperate need, and darkness separated Nikki's mind from her body, but not her body from her mind. She could feel every stroke, every touch, every inch of Phoebe's body pressed against her, and she wanted more. Her ears softened, a she started to give to the desire for Phoebe to hold her lovingly, and kiss her gently as she took the bunny with such sloth and intensity so as to maximize Nikki's guilt and self-hatred. Phoebe reveled in Nikki's need to be tormented in this way, taking her sweet time as she dropped down to kiss Nikki's mouth.

Still, Phoebe held her toy firmly against the bed, rather than against herself, letting the utter confusion and insanity permeate her plaything. She kissed Nikki gently, lustfully, slowly, as she continued to rub against the suffering, needy toy. Her kimono finally slipped from between her and the red nightie, only furthering Phoebe's evil intentions. Phoebe, though, was too lost in lust and dedication toward her intent to perceive any evil in what she was doing. She absolutely adored this, reveled in the pleasure, held true affection for her toy, and felt no guilt at her actions. In fact, she felt an obligation to help her toy become the snugglebunny she should rightly be.

Finally, Phoebe slipped her arms down under Nikki's back and without a moment's hesitation the writhing, pink, rubberclad body threw her arms around Mistress, and nuzzled cutely, however firmly, against Phoebe's cheek while her neck was mouthed and kissed. Her legs wrapped desperately around the small shemale, and the silk barrier was pushed away, leaving hot pulsing flesh against smooth needy rubber. Nikki only hugged and nuzzled more intently, ears sliding alert behind her head, begging as best she could for Mistress to love her, as every sensation, emotion, and defeat pierced the darkened mind of the once dark girl, but there was nothing she could do. Her body was about to be granted its wish, as her mind was about to descend further into shame.

With pride and affection, not to mention psychopathic lust, Phoebe drew back over Nikki's mound until her dripping tip rest softly against the raging need waiting to fill her every selfish desire. As Nikki trembled with terrible lust, Phoebe reassured her by slipping a hand into her blond hair, pulling her head back, and firmly kissing the frightened doll's lips. Nikki responded, to her own dismay, exactly as Phoebe wanted. She held Mistress' warm body close, and pressed lovingly into the kiss, taking enough comfort in Phoebe's dominant assurance for her ears to begin to flatten against her head. Just as her body was melting helplessly into the kiss, Phoebe pressed her determined penis deeply into Nikki, but with no hurry. Every inch saw Nikki kiss harder and hug tighter, until Phoebe broke to take a breath, and the bunny immediately returned to nuzzling.

Nikki had no control over her body or her need anymore. She was helpless to watch and to suffer as her body became exactly what Phoebe wanted. Her overly delicate feet slipped slowly against Phoebe's legs, toes pressing into the loose socks, further driving home Nyx’s slow defeat as she tormented herself so for Phoebe. Her nose pressed affectionately against every part of Phoebe's face, as her captor's breath pushed hotly down her neck. Her body and arms hugged, snuggled, and squirmed against her conqueress, all the time her ears resting flat against the back of her head. She gave every indication of being nothing more than a needy, devoted cuddleslut, and Phoebe, through all the intense pleasure the toy outside was giving her, could feel the imprisoned girl’s slow surrender.

Phoebe was in her own little heaven, and it was hotter than any hell. She lovingly and slowly caressed Nikki's rubbery walls, as she eagerly and readily drank her sweet bunny's helpless affection and sensual attention. Lost in her own twisted love, Phoebe slipped into an almost hypnotic rhythm, remaining aware of every touch as she let it soak through her body. It was a truly lovely experience for the captor, as Nikki, without hesitation, made sweet and adorable love to her like a good snuggle slutbunny should. Her pretty and delicate toes caressing Phoebe through the expensive cotton, her sweet little muzzle blindly nuzzling her, ears communicating complete submission, and her body at once cuddly and lustful against her owner were all driving Phoebe into a deeper trance of painfully smooth and slow movements through the warm rubber walls.

And just as slowly and smoothly, she finally came inside of Nikki, so delicately and warmly that it took a couple of seconds to even notice the change of the pleasurable sensations, while all the while Nikki was all too aware of every warm and tormenting drop.. It seemed to Phoebe to flow for minutes upon minutes, and to Nikki, as tormenting as the sweet pleasure was, Phoebe’s satisfied lust was nothing more than the highest praise and most generous reward. Once again, Nikki was sent into the depth of maddening pleasure, with no hope of relief. Finally, Phoebe trembled out the last of her seed, and fell heaving against Nikki. The tortured love bunny only continued to sweetly hug and nuzzle her Mistress, as inside her madness was no cure for her shame. Phoebe could feel the shallowness of her pet, and assured Nikki once again. "Time my sweet snugglebunny. You'll be nothing but my loveable cuddle toy through and through. You only need time." Nikki responded only by sweetly pressing her nose under Phoebe's jaw in a delicate nuzzle, although her ears did start to rise again…indeed, Nikki still needed time.

For now though, Phoebe was fully satisfied and fairly awake. She lifted up the loveable bunny as she rose up and slipped out of the toy. She didn't want to just toss Nikki aside, not when she had come so far. Nikki continued to snuggle her, arms and legs remaining wrapped tightly around Phoebe, as she was carried downstairs, over to where Lizzie was standing cutely in her spot. "It's time to take your place next to Lizzie, sweetie. You have to let go now, and I promise to come back, and to bring you a new friend. Nikki’s ear began to lift rapidly from her head, as she was hard pressed to let go, but with constant reassurances and assertiveness, and a little physical force, Phoebe was able to get her to stand in her own spot beside Lizzie.

Lizzie had posed herself, but Nikki's mind was still clouded, and she still needed work. Phoebe all too happily helped her to take her pose, gently guiding and physically placing Nikki’s body into the same showgirl pose as her sister. Phoebe knew that his was teasing Nikki; it had already sent her ears pointing practically straight up… but as she carefully placed her feet, it was teasing Phoebe too. Moreover, though, the cute and girly pose itself would help the budding cuddle toy adapt to her new role, as she would remain trapped all day as such. Phoebe did have to lift the bunny’s arms in order to remove the nightgown, but once Nikki was in place, her desire to be cute was able to hold her like a statue. Phoebe then returned upstairs to get ready and to fetch Nikki's uniform.

At this point, Phoebe was kind of regretting moving Melissa. Her room seemed lonely as she started her shower and lazily stripped. It wasn’t the same without an audience. In any case, she had to get to school and didn’t have time to worry about that now. Phoebe did catch another glimpse of herself in the mirror as she relieved herself of the kimono. She looked at her cute body in the loose socks hanging over her ankles, posed a little and smiled. At least now she could enjoy herself for who she was. More so, Melissa, Liz, and Nicole could too… instead of expecting her to be someone else. And soon Patricia and… oh right school.. oh, damn... shower!

She kicked off the socks and stepped into the running water, taking the time to enjoy her body as she shaved and washed to be sure to look extra nice. Around the pelvic area, while she was washing, she couldn’t help but think about Melissa again. She needed to be washed, probably. Playing with Nikki had also not helped her “desire” to not return. As she cleaned, she looked at herself and pondered maybe a different kind of rubber fuck doll for her upstairs maid. She might have tried to take care of herself right there, but time was fleeting, and she had to get out of the shower, get dry, and get dressed.

Phoebe was feeling sexy today, largely thanks to a night of intense play with her new toy. As she brushed her teeth, she pondered a more seductive look, before strolling to her dresser and causally toweling off her hair on the way. She was finally calming down till she pulled on her black leggings, wiggling her toes and enjoying the quality nylons. Her black mid-calf boots would make her legs look fantastic, but first she needed a bottom. She elected the hot pink and black plaid skirt. It fell halfway down her thighs, but the legitimate schoolgirl skirt was a far better tease. A black silk blouse and a dark pink sweater completed the outfit. A little dark lipstick and some light eyeliner, a few pieces of silver jewelry, and she was ready to take on yet another day, and take in yet another dolly. She could not help but take a brief moment to admire herself in the mirror, but her morning excursion had eaten up time. She gathered Nikki's outfit off the floor and hurried back downstairs.

Nikki was easy to dress. Phoebe made sure not to touch anything erogenous and slip the clothes on with relative haste. Fortunately, Nikki was occupied posing "happily" for Mistress. It was fortunate for Nikki at least, for Phoebe this wouldn’t quite do. Sure she was trapped in a cute outfit and pose, but Lizzie probably made her feel better about that. It didn’t stand to reason, but Phoebe couldn’t risk it. She had also managed to grab a large red hair bow to go with Nikki’s outfit. “I decided you needed a little extra to remind you just how cute you really are, bunbun.”

Nyx wanted to recoil at Phoebe’s overly cute tone and sentiment, but Nikki had no intention of moving. Phoebe giggled playfully as she tied the bow into Nikki’s hair, making sure to tease just a little, before she set one ear up, and the other half up, hanging down in front. It did indeed enforce the prison of cute Nikki was subjected to, as did Phoebe’s girly squeak immediately after. When Phoebe was finally done tormenting the cuddlebunny, her eyes drifted back to Lizzie. She moved to her tomboy girly girl, stroked her chin, and kissed her nose. "I promise, cutie, that you'll still get plenty attention, little Lizzie." Lizzie didn't really move, and she certainly didn't understand Phoebe, but she was delighted at the attention, and somehow took comfort in Phoebe's reassurance. With a great deal of pride, a moderate satisfaction, and a healthy modicum of conceit, Phoebe sashayed out of the door and onto her day.

Phoebe, much to her enjoyment, got a lot of lustful looks over the course of the morning, but she was more focused on other things. She was in a conniving if thoughtful mood. Wheels were turning in her head even as she kept up with the day's lessons. In French class, though, she was less than enthusiastic. Not only did she hate French, but as she watched Patricia play miss honor roll in the front of her row, she continued to find her more and more annoying. Whenever she spoke, Phoebe could hear that bossy, bitchy undertone to her voice. Phoebe only really ever tolerated Trish because she had such an interest in Lizzie, and a powerful desire to help Nikki understand the joys of feminine perkiness and girly grace.

What she felt towards Trish was a bit darker, and Trish may well have picked up on it. There was always a friction between them of an unspoken nature. Phoebe continued to ponder how she preferred to leave it unspoken, with Nikki and Lizzie not around to buffer them anymore. This began to give rise to other considerations, but the bell sounded and interrupted Phoebe's train of thought. As Patricia stood to walk out, she snuck an indignant look at her "friend". Phoebe had had enough of this... For one, Trix was surely going to begin wondering why both Liz and Nicole were not showing up, and once she started gabbing with Candace it would only get worse. Secondly, Phoebe was running out of crushes and still had a squad to build, not to mention Patricia needed to learn a lesson.

Phoebe didn't engage anyone for the rest of the day. She ate alone, kept to herself, and walled herself off from everyone. This was not at all unusual for Phoebe, especially on a day when she felt mopey, or angry, or whatever. As such, no one really noticed as she stalked Patricia that day: following, watching, trying to understand how she went about her day. As a stroke of dumb luck, Candace had decided not to show up again today. It made it seem like the girls were playing hooky, and helped keep Patricia's mind occupied. To Phoebe's further delight, as it would prove, Patricia also knew why Candace had stayed a stranger recently, and that day after school, she confronted that very reason.

Phoebe continued to track Patricia after school. As Patricia invaded the soccer team crowd, just before they were to get ready for practice, Phoebe was able to sneak into the locker room area in the guise of getting a soda and snack, before disappearing into the small lounge beside the stairwell where Patricia cornered Tom. Students occasionally bummed about in the lounge which was supposed to be for the coaches, but was forever wide open.

Phoebe was able to conceal herself in a corner, where the sunlight from the windows left part of the room blanketed in shade. A gothish, mopey chick could remain rather inconspicuous. As such, she did, as she eavesdropped on the conversation between the soccer star, and the feminutcase.

"This is getting to be intolerable, Lyon. I don't know what it was you said this time, but it's starting to look like you're upsetting the rest of Candace's friends as much as Candace herself. Now I already told you to back off with all your hormonal crap, but I wasn't giving you license to act like such a pig that you scare Candace away from school, and our friends too. I don't know what it was you said or did this time, but I do know if you hadn't pulled that homecoming dress crap, it wouldn't have gotten so bad. This is the last time I'm going to warn you to treat my friend like a person with a mind, and give her the respect a woman deserves. I'm going to be watching you like a hawk Tom Lyon, do you understand me?"

"I thought she was..."

"I don't want to hear it; all I want to hear is yes." Patricia was speaking to Tom as if she wanted to be an equal, but her tone made it sound as if she felt herself superior, and as she continued she sounded more like a mother than a high school girl... or a high school whatever she was.

That was when the soccer star started to take offense. "Oh, yes ma'am, I am so sorry to defy your mighty feminine will ma'am..."

Phoebe could almost hear Patricia leering at Tom. Whatever she had left to say, she choose not to use words. As Phoebe caught a glimpse of Trish trotting away, her heels seemed to barely touch the floor. She walked with a powerful grace, and slightly conceited sense of self that hinted to Phoebe what it was she'd seemed to be hiding since the girls had met, but for now Phoebe was conjuring other dirty thoughts. Patricia's voice carried to both Tom and Phoebe. "And don't forget you promised Candace you'd pick me up after practice."

Patricia was on the swim team, and they finished up around the time the soccer team got back to campus. Tom apparently gave Trish a ride whenever Candace wasn't around to do it herself. By now, Patricia was off to other side of the gym complex, and Phoebe had "lost" the trail. Phoebe, however, was an adaptable girl, and she had her straight side... well sort of. The star of the soccer team was rather cute, in a way that made Phoebe feel playful. It seemed she had a few options left after all.

Tom was running late thanks to his friendly chat. He ducked into the lavatory even as the bus was loading. When he was trying to hurry out he was delayed by yet another girl getting in his way. Despite his hurry, Phoebe was a refreshing change from his prudish semi-girlfriend, and her lawyer, Patricia. Tom had to re-gather himself for a couple seconds after catching only a glimpse of the young lady in the provocative, sexy pink and black. She had been right, her legs did look amazing, and feeling sexy this morning was paying off. In his moment of disorientation, Tom's eyes strolled quickly up and down her form, but to Phoebe it seemed quite a long viewing. She was already getting horny from the attention, though, and had to proceed quickly.

The attention was giving Phoebe a rise. Of course, it helped to be looking at Tom, both because of what she saw with her eyes, and with her mind. Her eyes were looking at a clean-cut young man, deep brown eyes, dark wavy black hair, and a slender if decently athletic body. What her mind saw would match what her eyes looked upon soon enough. Anyway, she was still getting a rise, and it was too soon for her to give herself away. Besides, he should have been craving her attention, and the rise should have been his, at least as long as she allowed it. These were the thoughts in her head while all Tom was thinking about was ...well... That, and that he had to hurry off to practice. Besides, he had a girl, even if it was rough sometimes... or all of the time. Then Phoebe spoke and his brain retreated right back to prehistory again.

"Hey there Tomcat, looks like you're gunna miss the bus, and a whole 2 hours before you gotta pick up the bitch queen."

"I...I.I...can still make it if I hur..."

Phoebe was in full swing. Recently she'd had to lure and trick people into her complex traps with contrived pretenses, it was fun to throw about her feminine wiles to snag one every once and a while. She quieted Tom by placing a finger on his lips, as they both heard the bus engine ignite.

"Surely, you can miss just one practice. With all your girl troubles I think you could use a break."

Phoebe's voice was soft, sensual and patient. As she sought to quiet the Lyon, she moved aggressively forward. If Tom hadn't been an athlete he'd have tripped over his own heels by now.

"I'll um.. get sore, if I..."

"You worry too much, sweetie," She had managed to corner him against the wall by now, and was staring unerringly into his eyes. "I think we can find some way to keep active."

As Phoebe grinned diabolically, her plan began to work. Tom was now the one getting exited, and Phoebe was just plain having fun.

"Um... I have a girl.." This time it was Tom who stopped himself. He seemed slightly unsure of his "boyfriend" status.

"One that doesn't appreciate you, or even treat you like a man,” continued Phoebe for him. “I'm a proud girl, and strong, but I can use it to satisfy... not emasculate." Her hand was against his chest, pushing him against the wall, as her face drew teasingly closer. "Why don't you try a real girl for once, Tomcat?"

Tom was often called such things in jest. The name Tom Lyon drew a lot of jokes and feline references. Usually Tomcat was a lunchroom term of endearment, but when Phoebe used it took on a whole new life. It became sexy, seductive, and carried and evil undertone that even Tom was able to notice. But he didn't really care at this point; at worst he figured she was intent on making him cheat, and idea which was quickly becoming more appealing after the weeks of arguing and being ridden by Patricia.

"I guess, she's only kind of my girlfriend, and... um.." Tom had a definite lump in his throat, making for two lumps total. "well she's probly gunna.. I mean... we.. well...." Phoebe nodded as she continued to stare and listen patiently. "I suppose I could use a break... maybe someone to talk to, but it's not private here. Maybe we can go to my place... grab a snack... y'know." A tiny smirk was forming under Tom's nervousness.

Phoebe giggled softly and backed off a tad. "I suppose can offer a friendly shoulder..."

They both knew that they weren't gunna be talking, and that Phoebe was offering much more than just a shoulder. It was sort of true, though, that they intended to grab a snack.

"I..." Tom gulped again.

"You drive a black compact SUV... you're such a boy." She smiled and once again laid her hands heavily back upon his chest, her lips approaching his ear. “That's why you need me to take care of you."

Tom was too disoriented and horny to pay any mind to Phoebe's treacherous tone. "I'll meet you at your car in a couple of minutes; I need to go grab some stuff." She gently kissed the lobe of his ear and moved back before walking off. Tom was left breathing slightly hard, and in other ways much harder. He didn't want to cheat, but Phoebe was incredibly hot, and Candace hadn't offered nearly such generous incentive. His hormones and his needs made his decision a good bit easier. The bus was long gone, and he had the time to kill, anyway. He hurried to his gym locker, got his stuff, and fumbled for his keys, before making his way to his vehicle. The entire way he kept pondering second thoughts, but his manhood was far too persuasive.

Phoebe had made her way to the girls' room, and rifled through some miscellany in her purse. She pulled out a condom and a small needle, and smiled as she injected the dark pink fluid into the wrapping. She grinned while she quietly put the condom back into her purse, and tucked away the needle. She then made her way to meet Tom, lacking no more innocence than any other girl who seduces one already spoken for.

The ride to his house was uneventful. Phoebe had to let Tom focus on driving; otherwise they could both get hurt. She only offered a suggestive glance and fidgeted a bit with her skirt. It only took about 5 minutes to get to his house, and he was as clumsy with his house keys as he'd been with his car keys. Phoebe waited patiently. As soon as he got his keys, he hurried to his door. Phoebe made sure to take her time, let him sweat a bit. The more distracted he was, the less likely he'd be to pull out.

Tom watched, as the attractive young woman strolled up his walkway and made her way into his house. She was making sure to walk with just enough sway to hold his attention. By now, Tom was getting quite anxious, and was only focused on one thing. Phoebe smiled as she walked past him into his house, making herself perfectly at home.

Tom's house was nothing special, a normal upper middle class abode: two stories, small rooms. The walls were mostly white with a few pictures or knick-knacks here and there. The rather large trophy case was bit telling though. Phoebe did notice that even Tom’s biggest accomplishments were pushed to the side in favor to his Dad’s various and dated awards. It was no secret how the Lyon’s felt about winning. The house had a slightly Celtic theme, but overall it was pretty run of the mill. The furniture was nice though, as Phoebe discovered when she took a seat on the rather soft couch. She crossed her left leg over her right and casually unzipped and removed her boot. Tom could tell she wasn't one for foreplay. Quickly, Phoebe's shoes were off, and Tom was sitting next to her, not quite sure what to do. Phoebe continued to act perfectly naturally. "I think I'm gunna go powder my nose, perhaps you can get us something to drink?" She didn't wait for an answer before going off to find the bathroom.

She actually washed off her makeup, and removed only her sweater and her blouse. She dug out the condom and slipped it into the elastic of her leggings, taking her time with all of it. It was only when she began to run the bathwater, that Tom came to investigate. She stuck out a hand and pulled him into the bathroom.

Tom's eyes went directly to her bra, and she began to guide Tom carefully towards the bath. She reached over and turned on the shower head, quickly dampening the back of Tom's shirt. After he pulled it off, the next thing he saw was Phoebe's bare breasts. He moved to grab and Phoebe immediately undid his pants, walking up against him, almost knocking him into the tub. He quickly finished stripping even as she walked him back, managing to strip completely just before having to step into the tub. Phoebe still in the skirt and hose, stepped without a second thought into the shower. As quickly as her hand wrapped around his erection, his were wrapped around her breasts. He began to speak, but she forcefully kissed him, and then pressed closer to his body.

Her hand was enough to prevent his penis from bumping her own budding erection, but that wasn't going to matter in a few minutes. Phoebe took it upon herself to turn around, distracting him further, as she pulled down her bottom layers of clothing to reveal to her bare ass. Tom's instinct was to reach around to try to finger her, but as her left hand pulled off the left stocking with ease, the right intercepted Tom before he found out more than she wanted him to know for the moment. Gracefully, she guided his hand away, then refocused her right hand to finish stripping, revealing the condom she had snuck into her left stocking. Tom hesitated. She shook her rear a bit then pressed up against him. Tom almost fell over as he backed up to fight with the condom. Phoebe encouraged him by fingering herself as he looked on.

Although Tom was not used to such a dominant woman (at least not in this fashion), and had never been so directly seduced, he was no stranger to the bed, or to condoms, and he quickly wrapped himself and moved back towards the wet naked girl in his shower. Phoebe readily removed her finger, clearly inviting him to take its place.

Tom was decently endowed, well over an inch thick and some six long. It would be a little uncomfortable, but Phoebe wasn't just experienced in giving. Tom didn't really notice the slight tickle in his flesh as the water from the shower ran down over his member. No one had ever offered him anal, before, and he was understandably pre-occupied. As he approached her, she bent forward slightly, placed her hands on his hips, and used him as leverage to rise up on her toes, giving him better access. He was already pressed between her cheeks; he just had to move back a bit, and then go for it.

He felt the condom tighten, and the tickle became more noticeable, but so did Phoebe. "Now now, tomcat, be a good kitty and ease on in. You wouldn't want to hurt me, would you?" Phoebe's tone was confident and reassuring, albeit sarcastic and tawdry and it just kept Tom on edge. He figured his erection was just filling out a little more, and didn't notice that the condom had become slightly pinkish, and that the water seemed to be dripping off slower. He was far too busy pressing himself into her rear. Phoebe wasn't the tightest pucker, but she was tight enough for the back door virgin to take a great deal of pleasure as her walls pressed in around him. They held one another's hips as he slowly built his rhythm, being careful and patient, but also savoring the experience. Phoebe was just enjoying the foreplay for now.

In a few moments, Tom's breath was far heavier than Phoebe's. She continued to breathe slowly and deeply, pressing and pulling, as he throbbed hotly inside her. Phoebe was definitely erect, but it was in anticipation of what was yet to come. Her erection began to stiffen further, as Tom finally braved the reach around again. Her grin grew larger in concert with his hand moving closer, until he fumbled over her boy parts just as he was building to an orgasm. The mix of pleasure and disgust shocked him for a moment, freezing him into a pre-orgasmic state. His eyes flew wide open, and he shoved Phoebe off of him. Her skull would have easily been smashed open had she not been prepared. Her hands hit the wall, and she grinned darkly, looking over her shoulder.

"Problem, Tomcat?" In her current position, Tom could easily see her masculinity dangling. He was momentarily distracted by this, and as such he failed to notice he was still fully erect and water was seeping into the condom itself, which was turning darker and darker quite quickly. He started to open his mouth to voice his anger, or shock, or confusion, or whatever, when he noticed the substance that had been his condom start to spill over his testicles.

When he looked down, his penis was covered in almost opaque black fluid, and it was quickly enveloping his testicles as well. Before he was able to put two and two together, he hurriedly tried to remove the "condom,” but succeeded only in getting some of the rubbery substance on his fingers and teasing himself. The rubber gave him a wonderful new sensation, awakening the full delicacy and sensitivity of his flesh. His eyes closed with a soft, if shocked sigh, and before they opened a small set of fingers was caressing the coated erection and scrotum. Tom knew it was Phoebe, but it felt too good. Besides, he was also distracted with his fingers, which were much more quickly succumbing to the latex coating. Phoebe had to make sure Tom stayed in the shower long enough that the "dehydrated" rubber prison could encapsulate him fully, and so far, she was succeeding.

Tom was so distracted by the pleasure and his inability to react to the numerous and confusing stimuli, he barely even noticed his fingers sticking together, while his thumb and hand were rapidly coated. He was aware, however, of the rubber spreading onto his thighs and towards his taint. It oddly seemed to tingle more against his inner thighs than anyplace else... so far. The encasement of his backside may have even seemed oddly enticing in his subconscious. Thusly, he easily noticed when it began seeping up his crack and reached his wrist. He was far more distracted by the unwelcome pleasure as it teased his own orifice. He only made it worse by trying to elevate his hand to look at it. The whole time, though, Phoebe was caressing his rubberclad member, and he could barely pay attention by this point to anything other than these rapidly overpowering physical sensations.

"Didn't tomcat enjoy the caress of little Phoebe's insides? Sexy little Phoebe... Hot little Phoebe?" Tom knew that his Phoebe was a fake. Focusing on that might have been enough to break this unpleasantly pleasant cycle, but then she cruelly managed to further distract him by reminding him of the wiles which had caught him in this mess in the first place, and he remained vulnerable as long as Phoebe continued to hurt him so wonderfully. Every touch of his penis, trapped erect under her fingers, only further reminded him of the odd feeling inside his thighs and the pleasure of the rubber wedgie. He was still close to orgasm, but holding it back with whatever heterosexuality he could muster within himself. Nonetheless, as the rubber slowly moved around and down his legs, approached his elbow, creeped towards his naval, and finally snuck into his anus, he was forced to realize the potent pleasure of not only the rubber, but the invasion of his orifice. As pleasure overwhelmed instinct and resistance, he was becoming held at bay between the rock of his sexuality, and the hard place of Phoebe's irresistible attention.

After several hasted thoughts, his brain finally hatched that the water was spreading the latex, but by now it had overcome his elbow, and taken his backside, most of his thighs, and a lot of his calves. He had to get out before it got any worse. He almost managed to push Phoebe away, but she dived back in and kissed him, pressing her hot erection against his own and sending him back into a pleasant confusion.

Before he realized, Tom found his hand on Phoebe's side. Before he could react, he found her breasts pressing against his chest, and his body reacted for him. He remained fully erect and extremely aroused as the rubber rose up to his chest and enveloped his shoulder, quickly surrounding his neck. It had to be Phoebe’s breasts, that pleasant sensation now on his chest as well. He knew it could not be that they were responding erogenously. So why did he want to rub his thighs together? As he fought between awareness of his predicament and his body's growing want, his legs were all but completely enveloped. Just as he was able to muster the willpower to push Phoebe away, the rubber slipped between the wet ceramic and the soles of his feet, enveloping them, and leaving only his big toe separate, just like the other victims. It was nice. It was all far too nice.

Tom had the chance to escape, but he slipped on the slick rubber, falling onto his ass. The sensation in his feet matching those in his thighs and chest, none of it made sense… yet. At least as he fell, the rubber helped absorb the impact and caused him to slip more. His thighs touched to one another and his feet slipping on the ceramic was one more distraction to fight off. He caught himself with his free hand, but it would not be free much longer. The soft breath of a "w" barely escaped his lips as rubber poured into his throat, and continued up his head. He didn’t even register the ease at which it penetrated his throat.

Phoebe straddled the all but helpless boy, and smiled as she took his chin into her fingers. Only his left arm and upper head free, he looked directly at her with anger… and fear. Still, Phoebe could see, and even smell, the want under his confusion and alarm. She reached for his penis again and kissed him. He could not bother with the warm fingers touching his member, reminding him more of the rubber warming his anal walls, or the softness of his lips, as his resistant inhale sucked in the rubber and a powerful, dizzying aroma. It was best described as sweet, a tad spicy, relaxing, and even a bit sensual. As he became dizzy his eyes closed, and he was caught off guard by the power of Phoebe’s kiss against his oddly soft lips, and the attention to his wanting shaft. His sealed arm managed to flail about as his ears were covered up, and his eyes sealed over.

By the time the rubber enveloped his left hand, he was almost submissively trapped in the kiss, and could not fight against the sensation confusing his entire body. The rubber was nice on his feet, warm on his thighs, potent against his chest, and cold in his ass. He was too dazed and becoming way too horny to resist, even if that didn’t quite yet make sense to his overwhelmed mind. To keep from slipping, he instinctively embraced Phoebe, as she kissed and caressed her black rubber prisoner, only his hair left showing. No sooner than he had grabbed onto her, did his situation continue to deteriorate.

The latex coating rapidly began putting firm pressure on his waist, legs, and even his neck, but left breathing room in his chest and hip areas. The sensation and carefully placed pressure immediately began to force his muscles in unusual movements, and the fragrance and arousal only added to the alterations, as his touch and reactions became smoother, softer, and gentler. What had been fighting back inside Tom was beginning to realize he was losing, and turned from resistance to nervous anxiety. Even as he continued to panic, he couldn't ignore his arousal. The fragrance was also seducing him a bit, as if Phoebe hadn't done that well enough already, and his body was very slowly but very surely surrendering to Phoebe. He began to hold her just a little tighter. He began to rub into her fingers, and even started to kiss back.

His heavy breaths were both nervous and aroused, but it began to feel as if his mind and body were separating, and he quickly became aware of to what extent. Tom felt his scalp began to tingle, and was too distracted to care why, until he realized his body was adapting to the rubber's new contours. His waist was becoming smaller, his legs slenderer, and his hips rounder. When Phoebe's hand took his head, and he felt the cushioning of too much hair, it finally clicked.

A small tremble ran through Tom's body, so small and delicate as to tell Phoebe her progress was good. As Tom began to realize what it meant, the sensitive thighs and chest, his hair, his movement against Phoebe, the powerful fragrance of womanhood permeating him, Phoebe was all too aware of his anxiety. His gentle, almost effeminate touch helped to make it obvious to the aggressor. But it was his gentle kiss with eager lips pressing back helplessly as she ran her fingers through his lengthening hair, his penis hardening under her attentions, and his increasingly delicate embrace that drove Phoebe to leave him to linger in his torment. The sweet smells and softness of his body kept him too confused to try and resist, and held him on the edge of his self-denied orgasm. Through the irresistible if unwanted pleasure, his need only grew, and his will weakened. Even as his rubber covered member became firmer in the sweet embrace of his captor, Phoebe herself was fully erect and throbbing, but this particular project was going to require some patience on her part. She had to wait, and he had to learn to suffer his want. Despite her raging desire, she simply kissed a little deeper and wrapped her hand around both penises, stroking the wet flesh over the slick rubber, adding her warmth to Tom's many problems.

Tom's mind was being taken by a wave of fear and humiliation... but mostly fear, despite, or perhaps from, Phoebe's affectionate offensive, and his own growing need to encourage her. He didn't even know exactly why he was afraid of such intense pleasure, but he was and it was distracting his mind from his body. Simultaneously his senses were distracting his body from his mind. The darkness only added to his fear, but conversely the taste of the strangely sweet latex, the smell of flowers and sensual oils, and of course, her warmth stroking against his own was giving his body a mind of its own. Tom knew that was a penis against his own, and he liked that feeling, even if by no fault of his own.

He barely even noticed his thighs finally rubbing together, but did know his pucker still felt cold, and it was just starting to settle in why. His body was becoming nice and girly, and as much as he wanted to resist, he didn’t want to. He continued to embrace Phoebe more affectionately, and react more girlishly as she skillfully kept him subdued. His leg moved to wrap around hers, toes petting the back of her leg, teasing him far more than it should, and her far more than he could afford. She moaned and opened her lips to slip him her tongue. His nose moved aside to accept a deeper kiss, and his member pressed lustfully against hers. The better it felt against his penis, the more he was punished with the feeling of emptiness in his backside. He didn’t want to admit he knew what it meant, but by now, his breaths were mostly of arousal. He was rapidly forgetting himself, but Phoebe was prepared to help him find his identity again... just perhaps, more to her liking.

By the time Phoebe's hand began to gently slide over Tom's cruelly soft and sensitive chest, he had lost control of his body. With each moment, he felt more feminine, more attractive, more passive, and quite a bit hornier. He was embracing, caressing, and stroking his captor, as his fear was sealing away his mind. Phoebe’s next move didn’t help much at all, as she began aggressively massaging his chest. He didn’t immediately understand as they started to give until the rubber started to thicken and mold. His chest was weak and responsive as the rubber in his body began to seep beneath the flesh of his chest and help push them forward just a little. With every second, as his new mammaries were molding themselves into Phoebe's cupped hands, Tom could almost feel her touch through the layering rubber against his delicate chest. It felt really nice, if a bit… distant, but as she continued to gently guide the shape of his chest to her preference, he became more and more sensitive and more aroused.

His thighs rubbed together hotly as he began to forget he even had a penis with the aggressive emptiness of his tailhole. The vulnerability was only making his body feel more feminine and strive further to fill the role. Fear felt like submission, and the pleasure of his own movements in the rubber almost convinced him he was female. By now, he was the one kissing Phoebe, deeply and passionately, as his body tensed in still growing need, and could only respond by stroking Phoebe continuously until she reacted with obvious pleasure. It was as if he wanted to be made love to, as a woman, and the fact that he couldn't only made him more fearful, and as a result, more reactive to her touch.

Tom's mind was becoming too confused and overwhelmed. His only blessing by now was that his sex drive was darkening his mind, completely separating him from himself, and taking his body where it wanted to go as he faded into lust. Phoebe wasn't about to let him take relief in his last moments of conscious torment, though. She broke the kiss, much to the rubber doll's dismay, and whispered with warm breath against his sealed ear... "You see, the best thing about a boi, tomcat, is the way his uncontrollable hormones lead him to enslave himself, and save his captor the work."

Tom might not have been able to react, but he understood. She was right, he was trapping himself. That was good, right? As she nipped at his ear, molded his chest and rubbed her nice warm member against… well against him, the sensations in his backside and thighs were inescapable. His horny body was giving itself to her, and he just kept rubbing his thighs, and their penises… against each other.

She kissed him softly on the cheek, taking her evil pleasure in his final thoughts of defeat, as his mind retreated into itself in surrender, helping him well on his way to complete subservience. Meanwhile, resistance had left his body, becoming replaced with confusion. He was reacting entirely on sexual stimulation now, but couldn't entirely understand it. As his A cup steadily approached a B, his new breasts were taking a shape very favorable to Phoebe, as she molded them to her liking while kissing slowly down his neck. He found himself more than happy to bear his neck and let the little psychopath play with him, like a good girl should.

The fragrance in his nose, the feel of breasts, the submissive situation he was in, were all permeating his body with the image of femininity, and beginning to ease his confusion. As his form was wrapped into a sensual feminine shape, his muscles were pulled and pushed into ever softer and gentler movements, his body now moving too effeminately to tell where man stopped and slavegirl began. Even with his softer touch, he wanted to hold Phoebe tighter and closer, love her harder, and stroke her more firmly. With each passing moment, as he pressed himself more wantingly... needingly against Phoebe his pleasure was enhanced and his desire took firmer control. He was fully erect, and still very much wanting of Phoebe's touch, her affection, her love, and could no longer do anything to resist. His body easily gave in to its needs, passionately embracing Phoebe as she stroked against his desire, kissing her neck on his own accord as her lips teased over his, and continued to stroke, vigorously if absent-mindedly, against her own member.

It felt really lovely for Phoebe. Fortunately she understood that he was far more interested in her penis than his own, and attending it as best he could for the moment. She softly giggled at the affectionate and erotic attention, knowing that within, his surrendered mind was being flooded with defeat while overtaken with need. "Good tomkitty, you've let your body take control of itself. Now you need only let it take control of you."

Tom could hear her, but he couldn't understand. Luckily (or not), however, his body could. His denied peak was obvious to both, as his body begged Phoebe to take him; every touch of his penis now only reminded him of his empty, new “sex”. He was driven only by his burning sexual need. Phoebe wanted something a little more "sincere", however, before she could reward him as such. Phoebe simply had to torment him a little longer to truly claim her prize.

Fortunately, for the sex kitten he was becoming, as his breasts finally filled out into Phoebe's ideal, round, but wide awake C-cup, the final stage of his imprisonment that would help bring out that sincerity in the new slave began. Rubber had already collected at his scalp and tailbone. As his new rubber tail began to press out from under him, and the roundly pointed ears began form atop his head, Phoebe smiled and gently stroked his new ears. The sensation sent a gentle tingling pleasure into his mind, as the long, slender tail took its shape. He still didn't understand the sensation, but luckily Phoebe was there to help him along.

"Tomkitten likes his new ears, no?" Even as she spoke, she shifted a hand to his breast and firmly cupped it, pressing her own needy cock against his, and quite firmly, so as to fill his body with lust while reminding him of his newfound femininity. "Or should I say... Kitten, likes HER new ears?" Tom's mind, or part of it at least, began to register sexual pleasure with feminine reaction and behavior, but there was still work to be done, if he was to be broken of his masculine image, so that his mind could resurface as that of an obedient sex kitten.

With no warning, Phoebe reached for the shower knobs and turned off the water, then stepped out of the tub, leaving her kitten trembling with want, not only for sex, but for attention... affirmation of his femininity. He/she immediately jumped up, almost slipping from the wet rubber against the ceramic, but also from the pleasure sent through her feet, until Phoebe grabbed her and took her out of the tub. Kitten tried to embrace her, but was intercepted by a towel in which Phoebe wrapped her, and started wiping the water off of the rubber. By now the sensations of the rubber were becoming second nature to the surrendering doll, who allowed Phoebe to towel off her sensitive form.

After a moment, she coaxed Kitten to take over, which she did, eagerly, drying herself almost instinctively, so that she could be near Phoebe again. Tom's mind was beginning to resurface, and the towel against his rubbercoated, feminine form, the feel of breasts, the smell of feminine beauty, and of course, the need to be taken was all helping reshape it to Phoebe's preference. Tom's own logical mind, however, was still fighting whatever it was that was happening. It may have started to gain ground, until Phoebe returned, having grabbed some supplies from her bag.

As she lifted a dry Kitten's arm, Tom/Kitten momentarily froze with contradictory impulses, but as she slipped the bra strap over one shoulder, Kitten was more conducive to accepting the feminine accoutrement. While Phoebe continued to slowly, and teasingly dress Kitten, "Tom's" mind continued to resurface. Unfortunately for Tom, though, it seemed only for desire to feel and embrace the new image that was giving him… her… such pleasure… a pleasure she was no longer able to understand he could resist. By now her body was starting to feel "right". The scent of the fragrance had become a permanent fixture throughout the rubber sex kitten, and the grace and posture of a woman was settling in, seeming only to be correct.

Once the satin bra was fastened, and securely held her somehow sensitive breasts, Kitten was reminded of her erection, and the connection between pleasure and femininity. At that point, a new satisfaction surged throughout her wanting body. It was easy after that, once she felt the brush of fabric against her leg, to co-operate as Phoebe lifted her ankle to slip on the panty. Kitten lifted her other leg and pointed her toes forward, trembling in anticipation, as Phoebe slowly teased her. With cruel patience, Phoebe slipped the satin panties up across Kitten’s soles, up her legs, and against her thighs, giving her rubber slave plenty of time and encouragement to fully suppress the frightened man still lingering inside in favor of the horny kitten slavegirl.

As the satin finally surrounded what was left of her male body, and rode slightly up her slick, rubber clad buttocks, Phoebe leaned in to kiss her kitten once more. Kitten offered no hesitation or resistance. Indeed, it seemed natural, and incredibly arousing. It could not have helped that the pleasure of the satin warmth against her trapped erection only further reminded her of what was missing around the corner. As the satin settled into the crack it only conformed what Tom had feared. She needed to be penetrated, but she had to be good and girly if Phoebe was gonna love her like a good slave girl. Her toes curled and her body pressed against Phoebe, as the victorious doll maker delicately kissed her.

What was left of Tom was powerless as his feminine desire took full control of his body, and what resurfaced was naught but a sensual sex kitten. Still, the merciless collector wasn't yet finished. She pushed the kitten back a bit, before grabbing from her pile a Preppie Dolls uniform top, into which she helped the blind kitten. There was no sign of hesitation left in the slave. Having settled entirely into the Kitten identity, she co-operated fully to slip into the top. It felt sexy and wonderful to the doll and a moment later she was placed as readily into the skirt. For added effect, Phoebe slipped a pair of bobbie socks, and slightly snug sneakers onto the newest Preppie Doll.

Now Kitten was too aware of her sensitive breasts, needy sex, and now her newly erogenous feet, as the delicate extremities were wrapped in soft cotton, and cocooned in cute new sneakers. As Phoebe tied the shoes, finalizing Kitten's costume, it was as if she was sealing away Tom into his newly found femininity. Only more so, because by looking at Kitten's body in the cute uniform, no one would be able to tell she was anything less than female.

The shoes snugly wrapping her feet, the satin under things, slipping against her most sensitive spots, and the look and feel of a cute cheerleader, was exciting Kitten into a terribly desperate lust. The orgasm she'd been holding for almost an hour now was ready to blow even (or especially), if it meant being with Phoebe.

Phoebe's affectionate and gentle side was showing clearly by now. She knew she'd won, and no longer needed to torment her poor needy doll with all this teasing and preparation. Kitten was ready to play with, and just like the other Preppie Dolls, this one was special in her own way. Phoebe needed only to permanently seal away the old individual to fully claim her sweet Kitten. She needed only see that the doll's desire never waned, and allowed Tom to escape. Kitten eagerly co-operated in her own enslavement as Phoebe guided her to kneel onto the soft bath rug, spread her legs, knelt between her, and as she pulled the doll onto her lap… kissed her head gently, then pressed her lips firmly against her those of her toy. Kitten anxiously threw her arms and wrapped her new tail around the young recruiter, pulling Phoebe as close as she could against her body, and embracing her with deep lust and passionate affection.

Phoebe was finally ready to offer the tender affection needed to let her Kitten hold her close, as she returned the favor, tightly wrapping her arms around the rubber boitoy. Phoebe kissed down Kitten's neck as she slipped her member into the skirt and against Kitten's. Kitten responded with an uncomfortable wiggle. Having her penis touched was nice, but it wasn’t what she wanted. Phoebe affectionately and reassuringly continued to bathe her with kisses, and began to stroke her new, evilly sensitive, kitty ears. Kitten loved the attention, but wanted to be made love too. “It’s ok, sweet girl. Now that I own you and now that you’re being such a good and pretty Kitten…” She lifted Kitten up and lowered her to place her own desire between the doll’s satin wedgie and her tail, which remained gently coiled around Phoebe’s waist, tip swaying gently in the intense pleasure and satisfaction of mistress’s attention and her voice. “…It’s time for mistress to make love to you.”

Kitten may not have understood how that was going to work, but Phoebe had come prepared... for the panties had a small slit sewn into them just behind the anal area, into which she slipped her own lusting tool, and as readily pressed finally into the lonely rubber coated walls of her doll. Tom could feel his lust, the slave Kitten, sealing him away completely as that cold emptiness was finally warmed by his captor. Even if he didn't know it any more, with Kitten’s lust answered, Tom was forever trapped. The instinct to fight was there, but not nearly strong enough, not once Phoebe's heat filled the needy kitten's orifice after such a tormented wait. Kitten would have whimpered if she could, rather she just tightened her grip, nuzzled in a powerful want to share lips, and pressed her walls tightly over Phoebe as they both began moving against one another.

Phoebe's desire was easily as intense, magnified by the pride of her claim, while Kitten was driven only by the satisfaction of mistress’s warmth finally inside of her and her want for release, and/or for mistress’s pleasure. Phoebe wasted no time, gently kissing her pet, and stroking an ear, as she slowly, but forcefully pressed herself repeatedly into the new slave kitten. By now, even as she was sent spiraling into pleasure, Kitten knew what she was doing. Her feminine desire had not only taken over and resurfaced, but was willingly and wantingly making love to Phoebe, and in a wonderfully talented and dedicated way. The sex kitten was complete, and behaving exactly as it should.

Phoebe began to lose herself in the affectionate, yet extremely sensual encounter. Her work was done, and now she could enjoy her prize. Phoebe, nearly as horny as Kitten, herself, was being as giving with the doll as Kitten was with her. They embraced affectionately, as if normal lovers, kissed as deeply, and made love as hard. Phoebe took her sweet time, and it just made the horny Kitten all the more reactive and enjoyable. With every gentle push into her pet's orifice, and every painfully slow draw out, Phoebe shivered in slowly building pleasure, teasing herself with her own cruel affections towards Kitten. The kitty, desperate as much to release as she was to please, slid her hand to Phoebe's backside to encourage her to love her harder. At the same time, she grabbed the back of Phoebe's head and submissively invited her Mistress's tongue into her mouth. Phoebe melted into her rhythm, as Kitten's legs gently wrapped around hers even as the doll began to tremble with want.

As she kissed Phoebe gently and opened herself generously, she simultaneously clamped down to please mistress, and grinded her erection eagerly against Phoebe's flesh. The skilled combination of lust and gentle affection began to drive Phoebe rapidly towards the brink. She couldn't help but acquiesce a little to her pet, as the kitten so perfectly fulfilled her new purpose... to be an eager and ready, always wanting, ever sensual and erotic pleasure kitten. The new slave didn’t take long to drive Phoebe to release, and when she finally did cum it was as slow and sweet as the encounter itself, if not the entire process of winning herself a brand new sexy squad member. Even her breathing remained gentle and deep. She smiled gently, held the kitten tightly, and moaned softly in her long-lived pleasure.

Meanwhile, Kitten found herself unable to reap the same rewards. She didn’t understand… as her thighs, so painfully sensitive rubber against Phoebe… as her breasts bounced and teased her chest, driving her into a deep and pleasured need, there was no release from that overwhelming desire. But mistress had filled her emptiness, and now caressed it with warm seed. If Kitten didn’t release now, she wouldn’t. If she could not orgasm, she would be trapped in an intense desire for her entire life …but she didn’t seem to even care. The desire had been denied, by herself and now by mistress somehow, but as she felt Phoebe’s pleasured body tremble in her arms, she was nearly as satisfied to simply press down hard, milk her mistress, and drink her warmth into her new femme body, taking pleasure as best she could... in Mistress's enjoyment of her. Kitten was for sex. It was ensured she’d always want sex, but if it made mistress happy, Kitten was going to have to suffer unending pleasure and desire. Phoebe took full and guiltless advantage of Kitten's tormented reaction, embracing the doll as it gently coaxed every breath of her orgasm, before the dark collector almost became entranced as her body softened on top of her kitten with the last of her pleasure.

By the time she finished she wanted to fall asleep on the kitten, who in turn was still desperately horny, but simply held Phoebe tight, close, and warm, in return for what she had been given. Phoebe continued to stroke Kitten's ear, as she spoke softly once more. "You see, the best thing about a boi, Kitten, is the way her uncontrollable hormones lead her to enslave herself, and save her mistress the effort."

Phoebe simply basked for a few minutes in the afterglow. Able to do nothing else, Kitten simply held her mistress close, as a loose piece of rubber in her throat began to vibrate with her breath... leaving the horny kitten quietly suffering her want in Mistress's embrace, expressing only an obedient affection, through her soft, soothing purrs.


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