Preppie Dolls 4: The Trix for Trapping

by Izhane Twilight

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© Copyright 2014 - Izhane Twilight - Used by permission

Storycodes: F?/fm; cd; tg; shemale; D/s; tease; strip; torment; majick; transformation; rubberization; objectified; rubberdoll; mouse; enslave; cond; oral; climax; cons/nc; X

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CONTENTS WARNING Forced Feminzation (Sissification; Mild cuteification); NC Rubberization/Encasement (forced permanent rubber coating, including eyes.); Adolescent on adolescent intercourse; Female on shemale intercourse; Cunnilingus; NC intercourse; Mild body alteration; Rubber Doll Transformation; Mental Manipulation and Reeducation; Sexual reconditioning; Enslavement; BDSM (Foot worship, Moderate Discipline; Pleasure torture; Orgasm Denial; NC slave training & enslavement/ Forced submission; Role reversal); Orgasm denial; Severe behavior conditioning and alteration. Foot Fetish.

Part 4: The Trix for Trapping

Phoebe had dozed off a little bit, but fortunately, Tom’s bathroom floor was not at all sufficient for sleeping. After only a few minutes, the cramps woke her right back up. Phoebe knew she needed to leave in time to catch Patricia after her practice, also before Tom’s folks arrived back at the house. As she shifted her gaze to her Kitten, though, she found it difficult to get up. Her newest victim didn’t seem as distressed by the discomfort of the floor. The black latex kitten was pressing every inch of flesh that she could against her mistress, still purring and nuzzling. It was a beautiful experience for the seductress… to feel her slave’s gentle and affectionate touch, knowing full well the tormenting need, the shame, and the helplessness of the victim trapped inside. The knowledge gave her a warm feeling throughout her horny body, and she wanted desperately to love her Kitten and torture her victim all evening. There would plenty time for that though, after she took her pet home. Right now, she had a Trixie to trap.

Phoebe stood up and stretched, carelessly leaving the kitty lying needy on the floor. She had to be hasty, but she fortunately had everything already straight in her mind. Still completely naked, she left the bathroom and moved quickly and without a care through Tom’s house (or what used to be Tom). She looked through the bedrooms until she found his, and rifled carefully through his drawers. As soon as she found his under things, she confiscated a pair of briefs, and made her way quickly back, leaving Tom’s room looking untouched save inside the drawer. She was already donning the briefs by the time she returned to the bathroom. She ignored Kitten for the moment as she picked up her skirt and rang it out, quickly got dressed save the leggings and panties, which she grabbed along with her purse before walking back to the couch to put her shoes on and fetch Tom's car keys.

The house had a carport, but her horny escort had parked in the driveway. She needed to move the car into the carport, and to do it as inconspicuously as possible. She left through the side door. She hurried into the driver’s seat and pulled the car in without being spotted, then tossed the items in the passenger seat. She then moved quickly back inside, leaving the back passenger door open. She returned to Kitten as quickly and quietly as possible. This would be the difficult part, getting her Kitten into the car with as little commotion as possible.

Kitten had curled herself into a near fetal position after only a few moments of Phoebe leaving her side. As Phoebe had first gotten up, the rubber kitten was trying in vain to hold onto her mistress, but could not find it in herself to be forceful. Having nothing else to which to cling after mistress was gone, she was forced to cling to herself. Phoebe knew that as soon as she started to touch the doll, it would immediately try to embrace her again, which would inevitably make movement difficult for them both. Still, she had to get her into the car rapidly and without drawing attention.

Phoebe was proven right as she merely touched the doll's arms and the kitten reached to wrap herself around her seductress. Phoebe intentionally distracted the doll with a direct and rather rough grope of its new breasts. Each time, it seemed to feel different… more real. The rubber breasts felt that much thinner, that much closer to her original skin, despite being the same size. Kitten, overcome by the new and increasingly enjoyable sensation, nearly keeled back onto the floor. It was enough though, to wake the toy up, so that when Phoebe stepped back, the doll instinctively followed.

Phoebe was able to develop a stop and go pattern in this fashion, teasing the poor kitten as she conditioned her at the same time. Every time she got to close to Phoebe, the young mistress would threaten her with a torturous touch, causing Kitten to freeze up momentarily. After a couple of times she added the commands "stay" and "come" until Kitten was able to follow mistress submissively to the car, despite the toy's ignored and burning need. After this, it was simple to coax the toy into the back seat, where she again curled up into herself. Phoebe wanted to stroke the toy’s leg, but didn’t want to torment it any further… still it needed reassurance, and maybe a bit of enforcement of its place.

It would have been more merciful to stoke her leg, but Phoebe also wanted Kitten to stay good and teased; the denied sex toy would need to get used to it. Phoebe’s hand embraced and gently caressed Kitten’s newly vulnerable foot, causing the doll to squirm softly. She wanted to jump her again, but had to focus. “There’s a good kitty, nice and horny for mistress, but so vulnerable and sweet. I will always take good care of you, but time apart will do you good, and make you all the clinger when it is time to play.” She leaned in to kiss her toes with a cruel but caring smirk, shut the door, calmly entered the driver's seat, and departed.

On her way back to school, Phoebe once again began to ponder her solution to three missing students, one missing car, and her fingerprints and DNA all over Tom's house. She'd have to act soon, tomorrow in fact, especially since she was about to add a forth to the missing list. The last thought, though, brought her mind back to the task at hand... Patricia.

At the last red light before school, she returned to her purse for the same needle she'd used to capture Tom. It was empty now, but she was more than ready. With a gentle grin, but one darker then the most insidious face she ever showed to the world, she pulled out an aspirin packet and opened it, placing the contents into the syringe. Though disguised as aspirin, the pills were hardly for medicinal purposes. She hurried to act on the green light, and soon after, pulled into the school parking lot where Trish and a couple other girls were waiting on their rides. Trish stood up with a rather annoyed look on her brow, and moved toward the tinted vehicle. Her mood changed quickly enough, however, when Phoebe shut off and exited the car.

"Phoebe! What the Hell? Why are you in Tom's car? Where the hell...."

"Geeze, Trish, chill the hell out. I borrowed Tom's car for a few minutes. He's waiting for us inside. How about we..."

"How about you give me the damn keys and tell me where he is, and stop fucking calling me Trish... Phoebes!”

“He asked me to return the keys myself, little miss all that, and I intend to do so. If you want to know where he is, then you will be quiet and follow me.”

Phoebe had her suspicions about Patricia, and about what it was she was always trying to hide. Her run in with Tom earlier had given her a pretty strong feeling, but she had to make sure. She was testing Patricia with her domineering tone, and got the answer she wanted when her so called friend took a stern look and practically had steam coming from her ears. Patricia certainly enjoyed ordering everybody else around, but had no tolerance for being ordered herself. Phoebe turned away and walked into the building, with a satisfied, excited, and wonderfully evil look in her eyes.

Patricia impatiently followed her newest rival up to the drama hall, and towards the prop room/classroom behind the stairs. Phoebe briefly excused herself into the bathroom, leaving Patricia waiting impatiently. Phoebe very calmly, and happily, removed the syringe, and filled it with water, dissolving the pills. Then, without a second thought, she reached out her arm, rolled up her sleeve and injected the off white substance into her bloodstream. When she came back out, she just smiled smugly at Patricia, and moved towards the classroom. The lights were mostly out, but Phoebe seemed to open the doors as if they weren't locked. This may have occurred to Patricia as odd, if she were not so distracted by Phoebe's behavior.

“Where the hell...”

“Silence!,” barked Phoebe in an aggressive tone. Patricia was not about to co-operate.

“Why in the world...”

“I said be silent,” Phoebe commanded yet again, turning to offer Patricia a stern look.

The quickly angering girl looked as if she was about to snap, but was caught off guard when Phoebe smiled gently and invited Trish into the room with a movement of her finger.

Patricia stormed into the room. By the time she crossed the threshold, Phoebe had locked the other door. Patricia could clearly see that Tom was nowhere in sight, and started to figure out that Phoebe was up to something. She moved to the same door and shoved Phoebe out of her way as she tried to unlock it. Phoebe smiled gently and gave readily to Patricia's force. As Patricia realized the lock has somehow been burnt shut, Phoebe had already reached and locked the other door in the same fashion. Patricia was rapidly losing all patience.

“Listen to me, you psycho little bitch, and don't you dare tell me to shut up, or it'll be the last thing you say. I don't know what the fuck you're up to, or what you did with Tom, but I’m not going to tolerate any more of these games. Whatever you did, I want you to fix it right this second, give me those keys, and tell me where Tom is. Then, I will leave, and we won't see each other again till tomorrow in class. Understood? Good, now let me out!"

Phoebe's mood quickly took a polar turn. She strolled over to Patricia, eyes keeping more or less downward, and spoke with a much softer, mousier voice.

“So forceful, and so confident. I didn't know you had it in you. I'm sorry I had to trick you and talk to you that way, but I had to know if you were really the kind of person I thought you were.”

Patricia froze for a minute, blinking in confusion, but then quickly shook it off. “Whatever, just give me the keys and...” Patricia couldn't ignore her instincts for long. Phoebe had said something that at the same time worried and amused her.

“Wait...what do you mean... what kind of person?” Phoebe didn't answer.

“Tell me, NOW!”

“That kind of person.”

Phoebe dropped her sweater on the floor and undid the only fastened button on her blouse in order to expose her breasts to Patricia. Patricia knew that Phoebe knew, and they both knew what Phoebe was talking about. Although Patricia was mostly straight, she couldn't help but notice, and become slightly aroused by, Phoebe's actions. It wasn't so much the sight of Phoebe's breasts, but her submissive behavior, and her seeming willingness to just offer herself in this way. Nonetheless, Patricia knew better than to trust the crazy dark girl, especially between her sudden change in behavior over the last couple weeks and the recent goings on. Her mind didn't have time to wander. She didn't let it.

"Yes, very nice, but I don't even like you, what the hell makes you think I'd want to... just let me out.”

Patricia's voice had lost its forceful edge. She didn't intend to egg Phoebe on, but Phoebe was entirely intent on egging Trish on, straight into her bed. Phoebe was too clever, though, to seduce her as she had Tom. Patricia would be a little more challenging... a little more fun. Phoebe casually removed her shirt, but moved away from Patricia at the same time.

“It's a shame really... I thought you would have had it in you, to put someone like me in my place, I wasn't wrong...” She jumped up on the teacher's desk, facing Trish and innocently removing her shoes. “... was I?”

Both of them knew she was beginning to get under Patricia's skin, and Patricia wasn't ready to let her. She swallowed a little, unnoticeably, then let her mind wander where she didn't dare before.
“Where is Tom? Where are Nicole and Liz?”

Phoebe looked at her with a blank expression. “Why on earth would I know where Nicole or Liz are? As for Tom, he can wait in the gym till we're done.”

“We are done. Now let me out.”

Phoebe smiled and began to run the sole of her right foot up and down her left shin. She even began to blush a little bit. “Ooh, there it is again, that cute tone of yours. Surely with that attitude you could handle me... but I guess we'll never find out.” Phoebe jumped off the desk and began to put her boots back on.

“Who says I couldn't handle you... you can't even handle yourself. Fuck until recently, you didn’t even know yourself! You're hardly worth ME. Now stop wasting my time and open the fucking door.”

Patricia couldn't let Phoebe get away with that kind of talk. She had to assert her dominance when it was challenged and Phoebe knew it all too well. She approached with a far less submissive demeanor, and picked up her shirt. She looked directly at Patricia and spoke with a highly sarcastic tone as she approached the door.

“Yes ma'am...whatever you say...” Patricia was already quite annoyed, and now Phoebe was pulling this shit. She turned Phoebe around and pushed her against the door.

“Don't get smart with me, you little bitch. If I wanted to, I would have you licking my feet clean.”

“Yeah, whatever, but since you're afraid to try, I suppose I'll just have to find somebody who can handle a real challenge.” She reached for the doorknob, turned it, and opened it right up. Patricia was notably confused by this, but Phoebe was feeding her ego, and pissing her off at the same time.

“That's right, psycho, I speak, you obey.” She pushed Phoebe out of the way and walked with a confident conceit through the door. Phoebe calmly buttoned her shirt, simply standing there, as her submissive tone began to turn dominant again.

“I guess I'll just need to find someone who deserves me.” Patricia was becoming furious. She couldn't allow Phoebe to talk to her this way, and if she lost now, Phoebe would never let her forget it. She turned and backhanded Phoebe in the face.

“You want me to show you who's the better woman... I'll take your ass apart here and now.”

“Sure I'll fight you... then I'll know you have to beat somebody up to stay on top of them...assuming of course I don't humiliate you.”

“That's it...” Patricia forced herself back into the room, shoving Phoebe to the ground, and tearing her shirt off in the process. “ want humiliation, I will show you humiliation.” She closed the door behind herself, and pulled Phoebe back up onto her feet.

“I only did that, so I can make you kneel. I don't need to fuck your sorry ass to put you in your place... so don't think I will. You're the one who doesn't deserve it. You're so intent on showing me your naked body... strip.”

“Now she wants to try and play, after she's already run away. She thinks she'll put Phoebe in her place. Sorry, chicken, not today.”

Phoebe knew that giving in too quickly would not serve her. She had to pull Trish into the moment, and then seduce her. Besides, she wasn't quite ready to show her new victim what was really under the skirt. Patricia was becoming more willing to play her game. She knew that Phoebe wouldn't just bow down, she had to embarrass her first.

"Cute, very cute indeed. Ok then, I'll save you the embarrassment for now, sweetie. We both know chances are I have a much more impressive vagina than you do.” She walked to the desk and hopped up on top of it, lifting her feet straight out. “If you don't want to strip yourself, strip me. You’ve decided you like femininity so much… maybe you should find out what a real woman looks like, then see who gets to judge who. …Well, I’m waiting!” Patricia was smug and seemed to have something in mind. They both knew it was obvious, that was the idea. Patricia was trying to make Phoebe nervous. Phoebe was happy to play along.

She smiled coyly and moved towards Patricia, kneeling in front of her, and pulling her sneakers off. As Phoebe took her sweet time, carefully and gently removing the shoes, she was pleased to realize that Patricia had showered after practice, it would make her façade a bit easier to maintain, but mostly, she was paying attention to other things. She continued to smile and looked directly up into Patricia’s eyes, in a defiant gesture. Patricia continued to stare her down. Phoebe looked down again, working very hard to maintain the guise of delicate submission in the form of gently removing the shoes and delicately pampering the feet.

As Phoebe removed the socks from her feet, she discovered Trish was wearing sheer nylon hosiery underneath. It was amusing, and only further explained Trish’s behavior, but it was also everything Phoebe could do to keep her erection inconspicuous, as she looked upon the elegant extremities, her hands brushing against their nylon coating. She grinned widely, looked up, and defiantly winked at Patricia, but Patricia caught Phoebe off guard with her next move.

Trish shoved Phoebe forcefully towards the floor with her feet and shifted much of her weight off of the desk and onto Phoebe's ribs. It was not enough to prevent her from breathing, but certainly enough to be very uncomfortable. It didn’t help that the soft, warm soles gracing her bare flesh was forcing a hard on that remained painfully contained in the snug briefs. Phoebe's smile began to soften, and her stare began to weaken. Patricia continued to look dead at her and began to smile.

“This must be rather unpleasant for you.”

“Depends on your definition...”

“Shut up. You speak only when spoken to. Understood?”

“Sure why no...”

Patricia put all her weight into one foot and shoved into the bottom of Phoebe's breast. Phoebe tried not to moan as the toes petted the delicate flesh. “That is not how you address me... you want me off of you, you have to earn it, bitch.” Both remained silent for a moment. “Am I clear?”

“"Yes, quite...”

“Yes... WHAT?”

“Yes ma'am.” Phoebe's voice showed more discomfort than submission. This wasn't exactly what she had in mind, and at this rate, she’d need to work quickly, but it would have to do.

Again, there was a moment of silence, save Phoebe's distressed breaths.

“Better, now do you want me off of you?”

“Yes ma'am.”

“Really... after all you asked for this.”

“I meant no offense ma'am, I was only...”

“Quiet. No excuses. Ask me nicely.”

“May I please be let loose?”

“Try again.”

“May I please be let loose... ma'am?”

“Do you think you deserve it?”

“No ma'am.” Phoebe knew what Patricia was wanting to hear.

“Neither do I. Those who don't deserve… must beg. Beg me, Phoebes, beg me like the pathetic little mousie we both know you are.”

Phoebe wasn't particularly good at begging, and while her lungs were in a bind, part of this was quite enjoyable, making it all the less sincere. She had to think for a moment while she temporarily swallowed her pride, and looked past her immediate and primal arousal to her coming revenge. She smiled, looked up at Patricia submissively, and as quickly cast her eyes away. She needed to say something that wouldn't quite satisfy her victim. She needed to push the right buttons.

“You were right to be so harsh with me, ma'am. Please forgive me for angering and abusing you, I...”

“Abuse? You dare to tell me that what you did is worth calling abuse? I knew you weren't worth my time. You don't even know the first thing about begging.”

“Yes ma'am, you are probably right. I am being foolish and deserve...”

“Telling me you deserve chastisement is NOT begging, you stupid little bitch.” She pressed her other foot more firmly against Phoebe's ribs. It was beginning to become rather painful, and little else, but it was working.

Phoebe knew the longer she drew this out, the more into it Trish would get. Each time Phoebe had to be corrected, Trish got off on it a little more. Indeed, Patricia was becoming more aroused by the moment, and it would lead her to make a mistake that would ultimately establish who was really in charge... for good. Phoebe "tried" once more to beg.

“Please ma'am... I know I'm not worth your mercy, but I am willing to make it up to you in whatever way you see fit. Release me, and I swear to you that my obedience will be unmatched. I will gladly do whatever you wish, please ma'am, I beg you release me.”

“That's far better, little mousie.... but as you said, you are not worth my mercy.” Patricia moved one foot towards Phoebe's face, toes pointed directly at her lips, just far enough to tease the fuck out of her without making contact. “Lick it... and I better like it, bitch.”

Phoebe tried intently to ignore, or at least disguise, her excitement. This would be… fun, but very difficult. She smiled with a playful bashfulness at the dominatrix, and slowly lifted her tongue, curled it to press her tip just beneath Trish's big toe, then flattened it and slid it back into her mouth across the bottom of the delicate digit. Patricia was maintaining, but the sudden twitch of her foot told Phoebe something she was very pleased to learn. Phoebe could tell that Trish had sensitive feet, not to mention soft.

As much as Phoebe was enjoying this, as crazy as it was driving her, she had to keep focused. It helped a fair bit that the fly had landed in the very center of her web. This time, she ran the tip of her tongue along the ball of Patricia's foot. As hard as she tried, Trish couldn't help but wiggle a tad on the desk. Her weight shifted, only a bit, off of Phoebe, allowing Patricia's so-called ‘mouse’, to breathe gently and warmly over her nylon wrapped toes as she ran her wet tongue over all five digits. Patricia rested her toes against Phoebe's nose to allow Phoebe access to the still more vulnerable part of her foot.

Phoebe wanted to moan, to squeak, to squirm, but soon enough, if she saw it through, she would have her pleasure at Trish’s expense. She whimpered cutely, if a bit pathetically to hide her pleasure and to deceive her prey, but wasted no time pressing the tip of her tongue firmly against the very center of Trish's sole, then massaging deeply, rubbing the nylon a bit roughly along the whole of her arch. Patricia was beginning to lose her focus. Her feet were splendidly vulnerable and it played right into Phoebe’s hands; it also didn’t hurt Phoebe’s focus to imagine what would happen once the rubber enhanced them even more.

Patricia was already loving this attention to her sensitive soles, but as well, the humbling foot worship. She let her eyes close, and her chest could be seen clearly rising and falling with slow, but heavy breaths. Phoebe took the opportunity to begin focusing her attention into a slightly outward spiral. Her skill, and Patricia's weakness was driving the domme crazy, but she hadn't forgotten the previous exchange. She lifted her other foot off her perceived plaything and placed it next to the first, her arches forming a small cavern just above Phoebe's mouth. Despite the fact that Phoebe was now free… and trying desperately to contain herself, she continued to pleasure Patricia in the same servile fashion. It was clear that her prey was becoming quite a bit more aroused, and would be far easier to win over if she just focused and continued to play her cards right.

Phoebe continued to lick along Patricia's arches, but took it a bit further. She pressed her nose into the upper space between Patricia's feet, and let her lower lip stroke against the inner edge of her heels, then breathed a warm, heavy breath into the closed space and licked deeply between the soft arches. Patricia moaned audibly, but she knew she was starting to lose it. She quickly moved her feet off to either side, and scooted back to stabilize herself, so that her legs would hang off the edge of the desk. Phoebe seized the moment to make sure her erection would not be noticed, free herself of the impressive distraction, and capitalize on the opportunity set before her. Before Patricia even realized it, Phoebe was kneeling between her legs, her face nearly in Patricia's crotch.

Patricia looked down at Phoebe, who in turn looked at the floor and remained quiet. Patricia didn't miss Phoebe's submissive yet eager smile.

She mustered up her dominance again, stared down and Phoebe and simply barked, “What?”

“That was rather enjoyable ma'am, you seemed to enjoy it yourself... if I may say so. I understand that you’ve won, ma'am, and have better things to do, but... If I can please you that much just attending to your feet, imagine how well I could do here?”

Trish was already quite aroused, and the half naked girl kneeling between her legs was effectively preventing her from losing that arousal. It didn't hurt that Phoebe was behaving totally submissively, and more so that she was probably right. Patricia hesitated, but it was beginning to seem she may as well let Phoebe finish her off and be done with it. Nonetheless, she was notably reluctant, and Phoebe could tell. Phoebe, herself, was quick to regain full focus, though. “Please Miss Patricia, allow me the privilege of doing this for you. Just think, you would have both proven yourself better than me, and you will have wrapped me around your finger.” Phoebe knew just what to say to appeal to Patricia, but the suspicious girl continued to fight her urges. Phoebe gently reached her arms down, wrapped her hands around either of Patricia's feet, and gently caressed her soles in their dead centers. “I know I am not deserving of the privilege, but you deserve whatever pleasure you can get from me ma'am.”

Phoebe’s rather cute begging for a taste was pretty damn hot, but the stroking of her already pampered feet helped push the domme over the edge from aroused to just plain horny. She unzipped her jeans, and within a mere second, Phoebe had dropped back, lifted Patricia’s legs up, pulled the jeans off, and was back with her nose to Patricia's lips. To her delight, Trish's nylons were only thigh high, and better still, her red french cut panties were satin. She barely waited for Patricia to give the command. “Well, what are...” Phoebe's nose dove against the smooth fabric, rubbing gently, but quickly up and down her dampening lips. Her nose reached Trish's clit just as her tongue met the bottom of the vulva. She rubbed her nose gently against the sweet spot just long enough for her tongue to stroll up the labia and replace it, at which point she gently, and very accurately, circled her tongue around the delicate flesh. All the while, she continued to stimulate Patricia's sensitive feet.

Patricia was rapidly getting extremely excited. She squeaked trying to contain her moans and couldn’t help but squirm a little. Phoebe was pretty creative, and it felt really good, but Trish was still quite far from orgasm. Phoebe was more than happy with this. The longer it took Trish to cum, the better chance she'd have of sealing her prize on the first try. Phoebe pressed her fingers into the sweet spots of Patricia's feet and turned her head to kiss her vaginal lips through the satin. This time, when Trish swallowed it was much more obvious. Her toes began to curl and her hands clenched tightly against the desk. And Phoebe was only beginning.

She began to pull down at the panties with her teeth, continuing to attend to Patricia's feet with both hands. Patricia was happy to help, and no sooner than the satin was out of the way, was Phoebe again kissing the labia of her momentary domme. Patricia pulled off her shirt, revealing her black, red laced, waist pinch, and black satin bra. It wasn't long before the bra was off as well, and Trish was massaging her own breast with one hand, and trying to keep herself from falling with the other. At the same moment, Phoebe elected to press her tongue between Patricia's lips, teasing them ever so slightly. Phoebe had a long way to go before reaching Trish's spot, but was about to be saved the trouble. She could feel the first beads of sweat forming on Patricia's feet, and knew they were on her forehead as well.

Phoebe smiled inside Patricia's lips, and teased incessantly as she waited for her saliva to react to Patricia's body heat. She was the first to feel the beginning of the rubber forming under Trish's stockings and spreading along the soles of her feet. Phoebe was getting incredibly horny, but so was Tricia. It wasn't till the substance began to wrap around her toes that Phoebe’s prey noticed it was there. “What the...” Phoebe distracted her another moment by diving into Patricia and tongue fucking her, while making sure to leave plenty saliva behind in the act. Patricia moaned once heavily and again curled her toes, already sealed in rubber as they were, saving the big toe, in quite the same fashion as with the others. She knew something was going on, but was starting to approach an orgasm as the rubber only enhanced her already sensitive feet while Phoebe was just… just so damn good. It only motivated Phoebe to know that it was only a short while now, until her newest Preppie Doll would be ready to serve her.

Patricia was still the domme, and had to make sure this bitch knew who was boss… plus something was wrong. It was hard, but she mustered enough logic to push Phoebe back, and quickly shuffle away. She couldn’t help but cry out softly as the rubber on her feet sent her horny body reeling, but she was quickly becoming more scared than horny. Beginning to panic, she fell off the desk, and ran towards the door, only to discover it was once again sealed. Her feet were already quite erogenous and the pleasure wracking her form using them caught up at the same moment and she whimpered… almost submissively, and dropped to her knees. “You didn't think I'd just let you walk out, did you... ... ma'am.” Phoebe's sarcasm was almost painful, but Patricia was distracted by her rage and her panic, not to mention her nigh inescapable arousal. As the rubber coating overtook, caressed, and softened her feet and began to tingle inside her awakened sex, she could not possibly ignore the pleasure.

“What did you do to me, you freak... fix it, now!” Patricia's tone had also changed... she was afraid, and it was music to Phoebe's ears.

“Patience, ma'am, soon everything will be fixed, and we will know who is really in charge here. I can promise you one thing, Trix: unlike me, you are quite deserving of the domination you are about to experience.”

Phoebe smiled as she casually walked towards Patricia, who was already attempting to remove her stocking and peel away the coating. She was distracted, however, as the rubber flowed out of her vagina and began to conquer her mound. She quickly discovered it wasn't coming off, only the hair was. Terrified, and rather infuriated, she instinctively charged to attack Phoebe. Phoebe was ready, though. She quickly dodged Trish and let her run into the desk. It was understandably painful; enough to distract Trish for only a moment, which all Phoebe needed to take the advantage. Phoebe pounced and wrestled her victim onto the desk, with her back down.

"You fucking psycho bitch, there's no way you're going to get away with whatever you're trying to do.”

Driven by pure adrenaline induced fear, she attempted to kick Phoebe off of her, but Phoebe needed only stroke Patricia's rubber coated lips, and her newest doll lost control of her legs from the severe jolt of pleasure. The white rubber was well on its way to her knees by now, from both ends, and had already surrounded her ass. Her horny body couldn't deny it felt rather nice. Terror quickly turned into a far more docile fear. Phoebe simply smiled as she took advantage of Trish’s rapidly weakening body, to lift up and lick both of Patricia's hands before easily pinning her back down.

"Phoebe, please, whatever it is you want, you can have it, just don't do...whatever it is you're doing.” Phoebe smiled with evil amusement, and genuine concern at once.

“I always knew there was more to you than meets the eye, miss dominatrix... and yet, you're so much better at begging than I am. I wonder, who is really the domme here.”

Patricia didn't know what to say. She was trying desperately not to cry, and then she felt the rubber overtake her palms. Phoebe could tell she was about to scream, and so she kissed her. She kissed her hard, wet, and sloppily, and no sooner than she rose, were Trish's lips sealed in white latex.

“Oh yes, I forgot the most important part of my submission. I forget to thank you appropriately. Thank you, Trix. Thank you for allowing me to seduce you. Now that your body heat has activated the enzymes in my saliva, it won't be long at all before you join lizzie, nikki, and tomkitten in my collection.”

Trish’s eyes were tearing up. She didn’t know what was going to happen to her, but more so… she could do nothing to resist the pleasure invading her mercilessly. Her struggles turned into adorable squirms. It was all Phoebe could do not to squirm in response to her victim’s torment.

Patricia continued to try to escape Phoebe's grip, but it was quickly becoming all but impossible to resist the pleasure. She felt the latex as it met at her knees and entirely coated her legs... wrapped her fingers together and began to spill down over her wrists, overtake her chin and her nose, and slip under her waist pincher. Her frightened struggles were quickly interrupted as the fumes began to enter her nose. They were best described as soft and delicate... and weak. She had no idea what it meant, but it was effective in disabling her long enough for Phoebe to make sure she was effectively incapacitated.

Phoebe quickly pulled the panties back up onto Trish's behind, but then tore them at the bottom, giving herself free access to Trix's vulnerable sex. Patricia had a fleeting thought of what was coming and it thrilled her and frightened her. As she began to try to recompose herself as best she could, Phoebe distracted her again by spitting on her waist pincher, tearing some of the laces, and flipping it up over her chest. In a way this was somewhat merciful; as the rubber started to overtake the flesh the inside of the garment, it saved her the torture of having to wait for it to reach her breasts, although it had already gotten rather close on the bottom, and was quickly spilling down over her neck. She was more distressed though, at the substance wrapping around her scalp through her hair and threatening to overtake her eyes. Before she could think about it, though, she was overwhelmed by the sudden intense pleasure as the rubber reached her nipples and spilled out from under the waist pinch to quickly meet the rubber spreading up her arms and towards her shoulders.

As she was whimpering at the disabling pleasure coming from her breasts, Phoebe quickly removed her skirt and the briefs. “You were right about one thing, Trix...” Patricia opened her eyes and looked at Phoebe. A look of shock came over her face as she saw the rock hard male sex staring at her. “...You do have a much nicer vagina than I do.” Patricia tried to back away, as the rubber overtook and sealed away her vision, leaving Phoebe's phallus the last thing she would ever see.

The psychological impact was effective for Phoebe's means. It not only distracted Trish long enough for Phoebe to wrestle her weak body and pleasure wracked body chest down and legs spread onto the desk, but played with her mind as the thought of Phoebe's member congealed with the soft, hypnotic scents of the rubber, and the undeniable pleasure all over her body, especially her already delicate feet and her now her exposed breasts. It didn't help that as she was finally sealed away in her cocoon, the rubber began to spread over the outside of the waist pinch, after completely covering the inside. Phoebe grinned as she lifted Trish's panties and spit against the waistline. She then watched for a brief moment as the rubber from the upper garment coated the outside even as it spilled over her shoulders to form shoulder straps. It wasn't but a couple seconds more that the panties were being coated as well.

Patricia was still trying to get away, but she felt significantly weaker, more frightened, and still overpoweringly aroused, and Phoebe was not nearly ready to show mercy yet. She threw her legs over Trish's and pinned her arms between the toe and the high heel of each boot, then casually and quite mercilessly wiggled herself into the doll's sex. She began to search for her toy's g-spot and didn't take long at all to find it. It was quite clear by the sudden surge in Patricia's squirming, that Phoebe had found the best spot with which to torture her newest slave.

Trish tried desperately to get away, but had become far too weak. She knew by now whatever she was breathing was making her feel weaker, softer, almost more willing to give in to her captor. She squeaked silently and squirmed as best she could, but it was to no avail. Phoebe's member inside of her was driving her deeper into the darkness that had seemed to consume her. She didn't even have a clue as the rubber reshaped her panties into a cute miniskirt, and her waist pincher into a matching top. Trish had no idea she had been turned into a cheerleader doll, but that wasn't what Phoebe was wanting her to know, anyway.

"Enough Trix. Stop fighting me, your place is to pleasure me... after all, you are simply a toy now. Be a good girl and return my affections, and I promise to be gentle with you.” Trish may have been vulnerable and a victim to merciless pleasure wracking her body, and her mind may have been giving her mixed messages, but she had to do something… she wasn’t anyone’s toy. With each inhale, though, she became weaker, not so much physically as mentally. Fear was becoming more potent than anger as she felt increasingly docile, and pleasure more powerful than willpower as the warmth inside her tormented sex only weakened her against her own bodily lust. She had to resist. She knew she had to... if she had any chance at all. With all she could muster, Trish tried to pull away from Phoebe. Phoebe's reaction was quick and calm. She simply reached back, lifted Trish’s wonderfully pleasure weak feet to either side of her chest, wrapped her fingers about them and began to tickle as she continued to gently, carefully, and purposefully fuck her toy.

The pleasure flooded the poor girl’s body with no room for thought of resisting or even ignoring it. Phoebe was skillfully stimulating the very nerves in her helplessly erogenous feet that sent signals directly to the genitals, coordinating her tickling with the stroking of Trish's g-spot. Immediately Trish began to spiral helplessly towards orgasm. The skilled fingers stroking the nylon over her trapped feet, the rough caress of her needy sex... the thought, the imprinted sight of Phoebe's penis... it was all too much. Quickly the strange smells began to completely overpower her mental faculties. The feeling of weakness and full body pleasure seemed to blot out any resistance, and the soft sensations felt as if to be changing the very person she was. She cried, sobbed even, inside her hot rubber prison, as her body was sent nearly to the peaks of pleasure, and still she tried to resist.

“You're being a very bad girl, Trix, I'm going to have to punish you if you don't behave. Show me you want me, girl, show me how badly you need me, and maybe I will allow you to cum one last time.” After the self denial she had had to endure earlier at the mercy of Patricia’s feet, Phoebe smiled with nothing less that cruel power lust as she savored the moment to torture her toy, even while offering her a way out. “Such beautiful and delicate feet… such a soft, sensitive, servile new body. How easily I could torture a pleasure denied slave doll. You wanna cum so very bad… Your whole body enslaved to pleasure that only I know how to give you. The transformation is not quite yet complete. If you submit, you will be granted one release before it becomes impossible forever.” Phoebe continued to brutally tickle torture and sexually torment the small body, and it did seem to be getting smaller.

Patricia was no longer able to notice the physical changes, but they had not yet relented. Slowly, they were reforming her muscled swimmer’s body. Her ass was getting a bit larger, her tits perkier, even her nose was becoming smaller. Her muscles were being leveled out into delicate curves appropriate for a docile little slave. She had no way to tell these things were happening, much less that her hair was losing all pigmentation, but gaining a good amount of fluff and volume. She could feel, however, that the rubber was congealing near her tailbone and on one either side of the top of her head. She didn't really care what it meant, though. She was far too distracted with trying to resist giving in to Phoebe.

The horrible pleasure of the foot stimulation was quickly taking more and more attention away from her trying to hold onto her sanity. Her mind was still entirely lucid, but she felt a painfully powerful instinct to give in, to obey Phoebe's every word, as the seductress offered mercy in the midst of her torture. Phoebe had underestimated her stubbornness, however. Patricia was fighting it with every fiber of her being. Despite slight frustration, though, Phoebe was not all discouraged... rather, quite the opposite.

“I'm sorry my little slave... I warned you, but you chose to disobey me.” Phoebe suddenly stopped stroking inside Trish's sex, leaving her g-spot waiting and wanting, and at the same time began to more firmly rub and stoke her soles. Suddenly Patricia's body was being flooded with want and no satisfaction. As Phoebe slowly pulled out, Trish tried to defy her by clenching and pushing against her, as she gave all her strength to pulling her feet free. Phoebe was not pleased, and her response was not delayed. She quickly turned about facing Trish's feet, straddling her legs.., and pulling her soles to her face. She immediately planted her nose between them as she did before, breathed much more hotly against them, and licked far more aggressively. This time, though, Phoebe was going to enjoy it properly.

Trish no longer even noticed the extra rubber on her head and tailbone, especially since the circular ears had almost fully taken shape, as the whip like tail was just solidifying to become a permanent part of the doll. She could care less as she was being quite literally tortured by her mistress. The pleasure was absolutely unbearable. She wanted to cum so badly... she needed it, and every stroke of Phoebe's tongue only made it worse. Through all of it she STILL was not prepared to submit. She managed for long enough to stop her desperate squirming and gather enough strength to try to kick Phoebe in the face. Unfortunately, for Trish, this was the last she had, and it failed.

Phoebe quickly caught her ankles, and without a second thought, backed up onto her toy's back, holding her up with one hand on the front of the ankles, carrying the other as high as she could into the air, and let it fall across both rubber coated ass cheeks with enough power to leave her own hand stinging for a week. “BAD GIRL! I am in charge now, slave, and you will obey me, or you will be sternly disciplined!” She smiled darkly, intent to enjoy what she had been resisting all day, and torment and break her toy in doing so. She scooted a tad forward, lowered the doll’s painfully sensitive feet and plowed herself hotly between the two arches.

Nylon and warm latex wrapping the soft, warm soles as the toes curled opening the arches… Phoebe saved foot jobs for special occasions, and this revenge was definitely one of them. Phoebe’s own toes curled as she squealed to keep from crying out and rammed herself between the delicate feet. The sheer heat of Phoebe’s penis and the throbbing and warming against her now torturously pleasure wracked soles drove Trish to writhe and squirm in a way that almost made Phoebe blow… but this time Phoebe could escape, and this time, Trish was the one suffering from unbearable and undeniable pleasure that would never drive her over the edge.

“Do you submit?” Trish shook her head, although inside she was suffering terribly… she still knew it, and that was enough. She wanted so badly to give in. Every second, it felt more right. With every moment, her pride was eroded by the unsatisfied need, but the dominatrix was trapped mostly in her own pride. Phoebe stopped moving and Patricia would to have whined pathetically. Phoebe caught a breath, lifted her hand, and planted another firm slap on her exposed, and now somewhat larger, ass; then promptly returned assaulting the dainty and vulnerable feet with her wet tool.

Again, as the heat slid faster and faster against part of her body as responsive as her sex, but with no way to release from it, the pleasure torture wracked her softened form, and her weak struggles and squirming only caused her to yank at Phoebe more. Phoebe was about to lose it, but she gritted teeth, held back, pulled out, and managed to hotly whisper. "Do you submit?” It took everything in Trish's trembling body to shake her head again, but she did. “You impudent little bitch!” Again... Phoebe slapped the crap out of the white mouse doll's ass, and returned without pause to foot fucking her.

Phoebe's torment and discipline had not been enough. Patricia still understood what it would mean to lose, and it continued to hold her back, even as she was like to cry from the horrible pleasure, but when Trix heard the displeasure in Phoebe's voice it filled her with tremendous shame, and forced the rest of her resistance to quickly die. The thoughts of delicacy and weakness flooded through her needy body, and the only motivation she had left was to make it up to her mistress. The pain of displeasing her was far worse than any physical desperation she could experience. “Do you submit?” Phoebe's hand made it all the way up and began to fall again, before the last of Patricia's reflexes seeped away and Trix was able to weakly, and shamefully, nod her head in submission to her new mistress.

Phoebe pressed herself roughly against the bottoms of Trish’s wrapped toes, pushed the soft soles tightly against herself and squeaked in a painfully high pitch to avoid screaming though her orgasm. It was quite amazing, and as the poor toy just writhed with denied pleasure, Phoebe could barely think enough to make sure her semen didn’t get on the desk, much less enjoy the doll’s conquest. The explosion was little more than pure lust, and only a few seconds before Phoebe's body immediately softened, muscles relaxing and chest heaving as she dropped to kneel beside her slave. She reached into the mouse doll's soft white locks and gently stroked the back of her head. Trix was still maddened by need and devastated by what Phoebe had said to her, nonetheless she curled up close to her mistress, and allowed freely for Phoebe's pity.

Phoebe looked down at her toy with soft eyes if heavy breaths as she continued to stroke her. “Shhhhh.... it's ok, my little slave. Now that you know your place, you are free to serve me happily. I am not a cruel mistress, Trix, and I am prepared to allow you to make up for your defiance.” Phoebe got off the desk and walked around it. She had to move quickly, as it would be quite cruel to leave her frightened slave without her touch for more than a moment. She took Trix's hand and gently helped the doll get up.

“Down, Trix.” Her orders were confident, but there was no force in them. She simply expected obedience, and she received it. Trix shivered as her feet touched the floor, as if the rubber and nylon were not enough on her sensitive soles, they had been more than woken up over the past 30 minutes, and now warmed in an especially delicate spot with Phoebe’s victory. Phoebe smiled softly, if a bit hazily at the doll’s reaction. This one’s body would see to her permanent enslavement better than she could have anticipated. After a moment, it was enough of a sinister thought to help Phoebe get back in the moment.

Trix didn't have to stand on them long, though, with a simple push on her shoulder from Phoebe, she quickly kneeled, keeping her face downcast the entire time. Phoebe took the moment to look over her prize. She had defeated Patricia quite thoroughly, leaving only Trix, a sweet and quiet mouse doll slave, with a much cuter figure, and far gentler... and weaker... disposition. Phoebe was especially proud of this one, but it was still suffering. Trix was still terribly distressed over upsetting mistress, and Phoebe was not one to take joy in her slave's misery. To serve Phoebe was supposed to be pleasurable, and she wanted her slave happy. Fortunately, she was quite prepared to allow Trix to correct her mistake, and still take pleasure in it herself. She went to grab her purse and returned to her slave, crouching down as she pulled out some black make-up.

“See, being a good girl isn't so hard, is it?” Trix shook her head, no. “There we are, I knew you had it in you... now, we only have to fix a couple of things... you look silly with those great big mouse ears and that human face.” As she spoke, she dabbed some of the make-up on her nose and then used a gray eyeliner to draw whiskers that didn't stand out, but were just visible enough. “Now that will dry into your rubber and as such become permanent... it looks much better this way.” No sooner than she was finished speaking, she had gently wrapped a hand around Trix's head and softly kissed her. With a mere stroke of her tongue, she opened the doll's lips to reveal a still very human mouth.

Trix offered no resistance. In only a couple of minutes, she seemed to have forgotten how. Oddly enough, Patricia was still quite cognizant within the rubber layer, but knew she had been defeated. Trix blushed inside herself as Mistress paid such close attention to her. When Phoebe rose to her feet and laid her again budding erection on the doll's nose, no command was even needed.

Still stinging from Phoebe’s discipline, and from displeasing her, Trix was somewhat desperate to make up for her defiance. But as Trix gently, yet quickly took Phoebe into her mouth, running her tongue across the bottom of her member and slowly letting her lips fall against Phoebe's flesh, something in her told her to pull away. She knew if she did, she would incur Phoebe’s anger, but she was afraid to obey. She was embarrassed, ashamed... she felt.. low, yet as soon as her lips touched Mistress, she heard Phoebe sigh and felt as her penis continued to harden and immediately twitched.

Suddenly, Trix’s hesitation seemed pushed aside. It was as if tasting submission as she tasted the salty fluid glazed member. She felt a comfort and a pleasure at pleasing Mistress, a feeling she didn’t quite understand. She did, however, understand her reluctance. She was still forced to fight her dominant instinct, but that instinct was quickly becoming weaker as Mistress continued to express pleasure in her actions. Trix's eagerness continued to become more impressive as she licked up and down the shaft with excitement, if with confusion. Trix continued to be nagged by second thoughts, even as she slowly pressed her lips more firmly to her mistress. Phoebe laid a hand on the doll's head and sighed. She was already pulsing rather heavily in the toy's mouth, and with each new reaction, Trix wanted less to try to fight, and more to gain Mistress’s approval.

By now Trix was consciously resisting her contradictory urges. It scared her to think of displeasing Phoebe, even though she knew it meant she’d be conquered. Her shame was overshadowed by her desire to serve, but she couldn’t shake what was left of her old self. Then, Phoebe began to move gently in and out of Trix's mouth. The mouse responded by locking her lips and sucking powerfully on Phoebe's skin. The need to please outweighed the temptation to escape her. Phoebe twitched and squeaked a bit from the suddenness of the pleasure, and Trix’s hesitation began to quickly melt away.

As Phoebe continued to sigh and tremble in reaction to Trix’s enthusiastic submission, it became clear to the slave doll that such was her new life. Trix didn’t care anymore, she just wanted to make Mistress happy. When she began to hear Phoebe's breath becoming more intense, she offered Mistress the same intensity in return. She loosened her rubber coated lips just enough so Phoebe could slip smoothly back and forth between them, suckling delicately as her tongue seemed to become more and more agile against her captor’s shaft.

Phoebe felt herself beginning to get close, and she encouraged her slave to continue the good work. “That's it... good girl... Mistress likes.” Phoebe's hand pressed more firmly against the back of Trix's head, and as Trix heard her words, any hesitation within her evaporated. She knew her place, and wanted only to bring Mistress to her peak. Trix tried to moan as she moved her tongue more rapidly and pressed her teeth gently against the young seductress. She could taste the beginnings of Phoebe's response. She wrapped an arm around Mistress's waist, as Phoebe pressed her slave's head in closer. The phallus tickled at the toy's throat as Phoebe began to thrust in, seeping her pre-cum into the doll's mouth.

Trix was becoming quite pleased with herself and quite eager to give Phoebe the same pleasure. She knew her mistress was close, so she tried to pull the head into her throat as she lashed her tongue across Phoebe's pulsing flesh. This was all Phoebe needed to go over the edge. She swallowed and moaned at the same time, exhaled, and then released a gentle, warm stream of cum into the doll's mouth, nearly loosing balance as the toy continued to excitedly lick and suck. Trix was quite proud of herself and free of any reluctant thoughts as she gladly drank down Phoebe's juice. She barely even tasted it, but what little she did taste affirmed her newfound slavery.

Meanwhile, it was proving one of Phoebe’s more enjoyable victories as the warmth caressed through her member into sweet waiting mouth of her newest obedient slave doll. Phoebe was far too distracted with pleasure to be remotely cognizant, though. As she moaned sweetly and lustfully through the subserviently coaxed orgasm, and finally squeaked with the last expulsions, Trish only knew she wanted more. Nevertheless, the dollie was quite well behaved when Phoebe pulled out and remained still and docile, not resisting whatsoever as Phoebe wiped the last of the cum on the doll's nose.

As Phoebe stood there and caught her breath, hand resting on her slave’s head, Trix simply kneeled at Mistress’s feet. She knew all too well she had given Phoebe a great deal of pleasure, and had made up for her earlier insubordination. More so, however, she’d come to understand her place. Not only did she find herself ready and willing to obey any command Phoebe gave her, but was all too happy to wait at her feet. For all her resistance, for all she had said to Phoebe, she had no difficulty understanding, after being punished, and being hurt by it, and rewarded and reassured with mistress’s salty pleasure… that she was now a slave. When Phoebe finally recomposed herself, these new thoughts were quickly re-enforced. Phoebe had only to lift her to her feet, kiss her softly on the lips, embrace her, and offer three simple words. “Very good girl.” Trix happily melted into Mistress's arms and both enjoyed the embrace for several moments. Her mistress then guided her back a step, looked over her slave, and smiled. Trix seemed somewhat unsure how to react.

“Relax, my slave. You don’t have to worry anymore. You have nothing to concern yourself with, other than what I tell you… other than my pleasure. You’re mine now, Tricia… but you never took well to that name, did you, and it seems inappropriate now… Trix, or perhaps… Trixie. Yes, I like that much better. Trixie. I do believe, however, I will allow you to keep those stockings, as a symbol of what you were, what you have become, and what you will never again be. Unlike before, though, you won’t be able to hide it, not from yourself, not from anybody else.”

Phoebe reached into her bag, pulled out a nail clipper and licked it. She clipped a tiny piece of Trixie’s top, and another off the bottom. The saliva seemed to fill them back out immediately as she sprinkled the now liquid latex off the clippers and onto the shoes. “Now, put your socks back on, cuff them cutely at your ankles then put your shoes on. I am taking you to your new home.” Phoebe’s squeaky cute voice had resurfaced after her conquest. Trixie, though, had no reason, or no desire to balk at it anymore. Mistress was happy, and that was the best she could ask for.

Trixie obeyed without a second’s delay. Merely receiving orders seemed to excite her. It somehow wasn’t hard for her to find the shoes, now that a bit of her latex prison had dried onto them. Phoebe smiled as she watched the doll follow the command while she threw her torn shirt back on. With its collar still intact, the damage wasn’t noticeable under the sweater. She removed her shoes to put on Patricia’s pants; although they didn’t look very good with the rest of the outfit, her skirt was easier to carry then the pants. She put her boots back on, collected her skirt, Tom’s briefs, and Patricia’s shirt into a bundle, and proceeded to unlock both doors.

“We’ll take the furniture elevator to the back lot. You’ll stash yourself in a corner until I bring the car around, and then enter the front passenger door. Understood?” She looked at her doll. Trixie nodded softly and followed her mistress’s warmth quietly out of the building, towards the back lot, where she promptly found a shadow to conceal herself in until Phoebe brought the car around. The other girls were long gone, and Phoebe was able to retrieve her doll without notice. Fortunately, it was still too early for the car or Tom to be reported missing, but she had to think about covering her tracks quickly.

At the moment, though, she had a needy toy waiting in the back seat, two more waiting at home, and her new slave quietly awaiting her own arrival at Mistress's abode. There was very little she could do until she got home. There, she would be able to occupy the dolls with one another, while she attended to the business at hand. Phoebe drove carefully to her house as she pondered her solution, allowing her day’s work to rest in their painful desire for her touch... a desire that she had the rest of their lives to fulfill.


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