Preppie Dolls 5: SexySweet

by Izhane Twilight

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© Copyright 2014 - Izhane Twilight - Used by permission

Storycodes: F?/fm; cd; tg; shemale; D/s; tease; torment; majick; transformation; rubberization; objectified; rubberdoll; enslave; cond; oral; sex; climax; cons/nc; X

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CONTENTS WARNING Forced Feminzation (Sissification; Mild bimboization); NC Rubberization/Encasement (forced permanent rubber coating, including eyes.) Adolescent on adolescent intercourse; Female on shemale intercourse; Shemale on shemale intercourse; Cunnilingus; Fellatio; NC intercourse; Mild body alteration; Rubber Doll Transformation; Mental Manipulation and Reeducation; Sexual reconditioning; Enslavement; Orgasm Denial; Severe behavior conditioning and alteration. Foot Fetish.

Part 5: SexySweet

Tom's car pulled into the garage at Phoebe's house about 8:30 pm. By now, Tom's parents would be wondering what had kept him, but it was still far too early to suspect any foul play. Phoebe had left the house rather untouched in appearance. She'd only have several hundred pounds of evidence to worry about. First, though, she had two toys that needed to be put away. She got out, closed and locked the garage, then approached the front passenger door. She opened the door and gently took Trixie's rubbercoated hand, and guided her out. The simple gestures of Phoebe's hand were command enough for the mouse doll. As Trixie stood up, Phoebe kissed her immediately, rolling her lips gently, yet forcefully, against her slave's mouth. She embraced her new squad member, rested her hand firmly against the back of her head, and spoke quietly, but aggressively, into her ear.

"That's my girl. You were quite well behaved in the car. I believe you see now how rewarding obedience can be; you'll do quite well here as my slave. Now, remain still and quiet and wait, once we get inside, I have a special reward for your behavior." Trixie, even knowing everything that had transpired, was more than thrilled to obey her Mistress. At once, she was afraid of incurring Phoebe's anger, and excited at what pleasing her Mistress could offer. The experience in the classroom had seemed to brand Trish... Trixie's… mind with her new status. Every thought of disobedience made her cringe, and every thought of submission allowed her to feel safe in the arms of the very person who terrified her. These feelings, along with the lingering effects of the transformation and denied sexual need, only got Trixie aroused at merely hearing Phoebe's authoritative voice, calmly and affectionately commanding her. Thus, the broken doll stood silent and still, awaiting Mistress's word before she dare act.

Meanwhile, Phoebe had to quickly shift gears as she helped her helplessly horny kitten out of the back seat. The sex Kitten's first instinct was to press her wanting form against her new lover to feel the warmth of Phoebe's body against her hypersensitive rubberbound flesh. Phoebe, all too intently, pushed Kitten back with her hands against the doll's breasts. This only made her tremble more needily, not to mention that it felt as if the rubber coating itself was even more close to Kitten’s skin, and that her breast hurt a little as Phoebe touched them. She didn’t really think to care though, she wanted too desperately to be with her conqueror, but in any case, refused to act against her Mistress. She stood back and waited for Phoebe’s come and stay commands to move. Phoebe guided the sweet but needy Kitten, by the hand, though, as she entered the house. "Come, Trixie," she commanded firmly, and the eager slave doll followed her Mistress with docile, quiet, and mousey movements.

As soon as they got into the living room, Phoebe stopped just in front of a chair, turned and nudged Trixie backwards and casually barked the word "sit". She sat immediately down with no hesitation. Phoebe continued to guide her kitten towards the drapes hiding the tall window. As soon as she got there, they both paused. Kitten still very much wanted... needed even, to press herself against Mistress and be made love to, driven entirely by a potent horniness contained within her delicate motion. Phoebe, pulled up the drape a bit to expose Lizzie. "Little Lizzie!" The mentally incapacitated squirrel toy hopped quickly to attention. "You have a new sister to play with, waiting for you right over there." She had an amused smirk as she looked towards Trixie. "Go and have fun with her, welcome her to our family, and do whatever you like."

Phoebe knew it was a vague command, given Lizzie's exceedingly fogged mind, but figured that her need to please and natural talents would take over, just as they did when she had the toy dance. Similarly, just as when she danced, she was somehow able to sense Phoebe’s other creations. Her head pointed in the direction of Trixie. "And Trixie, you co-operate completely with Lizzie and let her do whatever she wants to do to you." The command alone was enough to motivate Trixie into playing along with the bouncy sex doll, a mild static field along with her tail helping her dodge the furniture.

"Now, kitten," Phoebe began as she reached behind the drapes and guided Nikki out, "I know candy-cane is your favorite girl, besides me of course, and she will be available to play with you soon enough... but for now little Nikki bunbun here still needs to learn to fully surrender as you did. Since you are as physically driven as any silly boy, and she is mentally needy like most girls, and because you still have that lever, I think you two are the most freakishly perfect couple, so I want you to help her, ok?"

Something sank inside of kitten when the "b" word struck her ears, and more so when her remaining masculinity was brought to attention. Phoebe had moved to walk away from the couple, but was well aware of the effects her words would have. She sidestepped beside Kitten, hugged her, and spoke softly into her ear as she stroked the sensitive extremity. "Now now, sweet kitten, Mistress knows you're not a boy anymore. I only meant that your leftover sex drive is what makes you such a special slave. Don’t ever think of yourself as a silly boy, anymore. You're no more male than you are free." She backed her head away then pressed her nose against Kitten's. "You're my sweet little sex kitten, now... my good girl, and my other good girl needs help to understand her new place the way you do." Kitten lowered her head and snuggled against Phoebe, all the while filling the snugbunny with intense jealousy, and guilt from that jealousy. Phoebe kissed Kitten on the cheek, knowing she had effectively reassured her as the doll’s tail swayed delicately and it purred lightly, and the creepy collector then headed upstairs.

As she left, Kitten began to shyly approach Nikki. She felt sorry for the bunny, if truly Nikki was not as complacent in her servitude as she was. It didn’t even quite make sense to the sex saturated mind of the kitten, but that alone disturbed her. Something other than serving Phoebe? What a painful distraction… Nikki, meanwhile, was moving away from the kitten, but just barely …trying desperately to resist the desire to snuggle a hot body. This only encouraged the horny Kitten to lunge at the bunny, embrace her powerfully, and kiss her deeply. Nikki would have loved to resist, but the warm rubber against the warm rubber, the feeling of yet another sexy shemale embracing her against her will, further weakened that will, and Nikki was left embracing Kitten's warm, soft, gentle body, while Kitten was only further encouraged. Meanwhile, as Phoebe passed the couch, Lizzie and Trixie were already dry humping, touching one another all over, while indeed, Lizzie's talents and desire were leading the docile mouse into what would inevitably be, a very intense night.

Phoebe still had a rough night, and while she had taken care of the high maintenance care of her Preppie Dolls, she still wanted a bit of a distraction to ease the stress the evening would bring, plus she was horny again. Admittedly, her body wouldn’t be able to take a lot more… she needed something simple and comfortable… a gentler release to keep her head in the game without wearing herself out. She didn’t have to think too hard as she headed to Melissa’s room first.

Phoebe didn’t have all night to play with the doll, but Melissa was so beautiful, and she deserved her share of attention. Phoebe smiled in an uncharacteristically innocent fashion as she sat beside the toy, removed her shoes, and took a moment to admire her work. “Hello beautiful. I hope you haven’t been too lonely.” She pulled back the covers to expose her toy fully and was already growing erect as she looked over the dark skinned doll in the satin pajamas. The glossy, soft pink pants nicely outlined her thighs and draped barely over her heels bringing a gentle attention to her pretty bare feet. The matching camisole was just snug enough to display her breasts and nipples without being offensive or tawdry. Her hair had been put in a loose ponytail to show her small and delicate ears, and her still bright eyes remained open in a soft expression. Unlike her cheer dolls, Melissa was generally aroused, but not tormented by it, and the person she used to be had settled quite calmly. Phoebe knew as long as she took good care of her first doll that Melissa would be comfortable and content.

What Phoebe was more worried about, though was the lovely doll that had gone unattended for a day. Melissa would have to get used to it, eventually… but either way Phoebe was more than ready to play, and still limited on time. “I’ve let you rest for a whole day, and now I need you beautiful to help me relax while I work.” She idly began stroking the doll’s foot as she spoke softly to it. Melissa’s toes curled automatically, but Phoebe, for once, was paying attention to other things.

“What should I do with you, dolly. I’ve already had a pretty good blow job today. I’ve already done, everything today.” She pondered very briefly before she just smiled and scooped the doll into her lap. “Let’s just find out as we go.”

Phoebe then shamelessly gripped behind her head and went in for a kiss, wasting no time unzipping her pants, as the doll immediately responded to the warmth by pressing its lips to her as its arm absent-mindedly wrapped around Phoebe’s back. She guided the doll’s hand onto her penis, and it immediately wrapped around the pulsing phallus as Phoebe’s hand raised to stroke a nipple through the satin, causing the doll to kiss deeper, arch its back slightly and tighten its grip. Phoebe also responded quite predictably, moaning cutely and bucking herself into the hand. The doll’s lips were so soft, and her body so warm, but on top of it, and on top of the involuntary responses, Melissa’s body always seemed to react just right to Phoebe. Her member started thrusting into the rubber grip. Phoebe knew she was masturbating herself with Melissa’s help, but she didn’t quite realize it. With Melissa it was hard to pinpoint who really was in control. Phoebe just knew she was incredibly hot and it felt really good.

Phoebe would easily have cum, but she didn’t want to just yet. She hesitantly broke the kiss and pulled the doll body away, only to guide it to straddle her. The doll easily gave and complied with Phoebe’s desires as she looked into the blank, but somehow lively eyes of the toy. “So beautiful.” She kissed the doll again and again it kissed back as she guided herself through the slit in the satin pajamas and Melissa’s ass pushed down on and began to caress and stroke with gentle hip movements, against Phoebe’s own sex.

Phoebe began to unceremoniously thrust into the latex orifice as she released the doll’s lips and embraced it, resting her chin on its shoulder and nibbled happily at her ear. Even as the doll’s arms and legs wrapped around her helplessly, Phoebe blushed and softly giggled as if Melissa herself was making love to her. She was even a bit …grateful, as she enjoyed her innocent crush in a sinister way. Still, she had no conception as she curled her toes, breathed hotly against the doll’s ear and whispered into it. “You’re so pretty, Me…Me… Melissa. So sweet. You know… you know just how to touch me.”

The twisted girl had successfully kept her insanity quite private. She genuinely believed her words. “I…I… I love you.” After that she had neither the will or clarity or say much else as the doll automatically nuzzled her. Phoebe took it as genuine affection and it could never be known if perhaps there was… but it was enough to pull from the evil child a soft and steady stream of warm pleasure. Melissa had no choice but to enjoy and wrap tightly around her owner, milking Phoebe’s dark pleasure through. By the time it was through, Phoebe as back to nuzzling the doll affectionately as it fell still with the waning of Phoebe’s sexual desire.

Phoebe snuggled the doll through the afterglow and kissed her earlobe once more, before she stood up, slipped out, but still held the doll in her arms, and proceeded to carry it upstairs. It was some effort picking up her backpack, but she managed to do so without having to put her sexdoll down.

As Phoebe moved upstairs, she was reminded of time constraints and hurried calmly up to her room, where she rested Melissa on the bed only a moment, so as to toss her clothes, and those she had collected over the evening, into the hamper, but not before clearing Trish's pockets onto her bed. Then she carried Melissa into the shower with her and washed both herself and her sextoy off and proceeded to get them both into their nightclothes, gently speaking to her Melissa as she dressed her back in her favorite jammies for the doll.

“There we go, beautiful, nice and clean, and pretty. Just think, no need to groom yourself anymore or anything. You always get to be so cute and so pretty for me. You did really good, downstairs, Melissa.” She cuddled the toy again as she pulled the pajama bottoms into place. “Such a special dolly. Let me just get dressed, and then you can keep me company the rest of the night.” She kissed her nose and then proceeded to get dressed herself, putting on a little show as always for the inanimate …well mostly inanimate …doll.

She dressed herself for comfort, and her usual disturbing cuteness, in her honeybee PJ's and fluffy black socks. She was relaxed and needed her rest, but before she could get to sleep, she still had a few things to take care of. She carried Melissa with her downstairs, returned to the garage, and set the doll in a chair before getting to work.

She looked over the black SUV. She was less worried about the color, since she knew a few tricks to easily fix that, and even the license plate she could manage, with some simple movement of ink. The make and model would still raise some suspicion though, and her alchemy was not that powerful. Fortunately, it would be quite easy to forge the documents in her name. Though her alchemy was still relatively intermediate, she had studied calligraphy in depth, as well as a lot about dyes, hence the varying Preppie Dolls rubber coloration. The combination of these studies had taught her how to literally move ink on even the most official papers, with the annoying exception of currency. If the old time alchemists couldn't turn lead to gold, she didn't hold much hope of turning 1 dollar bills to 100's.

Phoebe snuck out back to fetch her supplies. The first step was to sprinkle some alchemical dust over the car, then spray it down with water. She knew as long as she was careful, the dust would dissolve the old dye and replace it with a subtle pink color. The License plate was a little more work, as the ink moving was easier than adjusting the shape. It took her a good hour or so but with a careful application of heat, softening chemicals, and a bit of paint, she was able to change 3912DC into 8713DO. After that, the title was child's play.

Rather tired from a long and busy day, Phoebe, Melissa in tow, made her way back up to the bedroom, not even paying attention as she passed the living room where Trixie was all too readily catering to Lizzie's playful whims, and the other two were locked in a rather intensely intimate embrace... Kitten making sweet love to a Nikki who only wanted to be held. Phoebe knew they would be quite well occupied as she casually made her way to her room. Phoebe had Melissa for company tonight, who she laid on the bed and tucked in again, before she sat beside the doll, and started nosing about Patricia's things.

Trish had little need for a purse, carrying only a wallet, a knife, some change, and her keys... no makeup, or lotion...not even a brush. Phoebe pondered how to best get to her next target, who had proven strangely elusive since having a bad argument with Tom, as she looked for anything interesting before committing to decompiling Trish's effects into their base elements. She already had a sort of ritual that would kill two birds with one stone, but thanks to her curiosity, she was able to find the key she would need to reach her next victim.

A note in Patricia's wallet seemed to elaborate on a blind date, though it took Phoebe a minute or two to put two and two together. The Note read:

----“Dear Patz...”----

...... "Dear Patz!?" Phoebe thought to herself... "But she got pissed at Trish?.... Anyway..."

---“Dear Patz,

I should be back Thursday or Friday. The dress thing was just bad timing, as I could have easily avoided Tom at school, but I had to get away from the house. Dad's lawyer showed up about more custody crap, and my Mom threw him out... then Dad showed up on Monday, and... well anyway, at least it gave me time to get in touch with Miranda. I arranged for her to pick Allison up on Wednesday afternoon at about 7, but I had to tell the receptionist it was for a blind double date. That stupid bitch is such a panzy ass throwback, she'd never allow Allison to live her life the way she needs. Anyway, I told Miranda to tell the receptionist that, but it would help if by Wednesday night you could get Eric and Donny to go with her to pick Allison up. It would make things easier on everyone, they could go their own way afterwards, and leave Miranda and Allison be. I just need your help cuz I won't be back for a couple more days.


"Isn't Donny that flamer?" Phoebe began pondering. "Donny and Eric... ok... then these girls... wait. Allison, Allison... ALI!? Little Ali that follows Candace around... she's a LESBIAN?... and what the hell... receptionist?... Oh, right. Then good, Ali won't be any trouble. Sorry Miranda, I intend to get there about 6:30." Phoebe grinned to herself before starting to ponder her remaining task. "Ok, well with Candace running off all the time, when her parents can't find her they'll blame each other. Nikki should be easy enough with her drunk dad and slut mom. They'll barely care as long as I justify it. Kitten and Lizzie might be harder. Not that Kitty isn't better off.... damn trophy whore parents. I just hope the families have a good homeowner's policy..."

As Phoebe continued to ponder she tried to get some rest, setting her alarm for midnight, and cuddling up against the Melissa doll. She'd need to work all through the night, and could only hope the rubber dolly and pleasant thoughts would help her grab a pleasant nap. As she wondered what she could do with a free day, she smiled as she remembered just how much work Nikki still needed. She couldn’t help but snuggle the warm doll, even rubbing against it a bit. Yes, tomorrow would be a very good opportunity... but her thoughts finally tapered off as she drifted quickly to sleep.

The alarm seemed to jar Phoebe almost the moment she fell asleep. An hour and a half felt like a minute, but if the storm was going to look natural, she had to begin now. She made her way to her basement through a door in the backyard, still carrying the doll with her, and approached her alchemy table. She posed the doll beside her on the meditation mat, but then had to strictly focus on the task at hand.

She promptly created a small fire in the fireplace she'd installed in the old furnace, and then began her meditation. She drew her concentration, balance, and emotional energy from the adult feminine form entombed in some sort of large crystal on the north side of the basement, and from a similar male form to the south, she drew energies of ambition, strength, and raw energy. As she meditated, she occasionally threw several blocks of ice into the fire, allowing them to melt, then occasionally blew against the flames. She repeated these actions at increasingly smaller intervals for about an hour, until the air became moist and breezy within the basement. After this, it was simply a matter of concentrating until the moisture spread outside and began interacting with the atmosphere. By 1:45 it was raining... by 2:15 it was coming down rather hard. Although the act of encouraging electric static in the air with flint rocks was easy enough, it took until 3 easy before the lightning and thunder even began. Phoebe had to remain patient, concentrate, and continue her work until her microcosm became focused enough to begin to effect the macrocosm. Finally, by about 4:10 AM, she was ready.

A simple spinning top was all it would take, along with her carefully encouraging it by directing her breath and the moisture around her. She began to feel as the cones formed in the sky. She needed to concentrate harder. Finally, she felt one briefly touch down. It took all her focus for a half hour before a large enough tornado would contact the earth, and then came the hard part. Phoebe had to be extremely focused and extremely careful. One break in her concentration could have devastating effects that Phoebe did not want on her hands. Fifteen minutes seemed like 3 hours, as she carefully focused all of her energy on guiding the twister with a pained balance of touch and mind’s eye imaging. She could not even look as her fingers delicately graced and guided the spinning top in a deeply mathematical fashion, but with careful application of temporal awareness and manual dexterity, she managed to guide the powerful storm in exactly the fashion she needed. Despite her success, Phoebe was completely exhausted by the time it was over. She would sleep most of the morning in the basement. She would have a good reason for missing school, at least. She wouldn't see it until tomorrow's newspaper arrived, but it was all over the morning news: "EF 3 Twister destroys 2 homes, damages several others; several people unaccounted for, amazingly, no deaths reported."

Indeed no one was dead, but Phoebe felt close. Nonetheless, Nikki's shitwipe parents would barely even notice, much less care she was gone. Trixie's mother was a bitch anyway, and her dad a pushover. Sure, they would worry, but Phoebe knew Trixie was much better off, as was Kitten. She wasn't even sure he wasn't gay, and would have eventually been disowned... even after all those damn trophies he was practically forced to win. Lizzie would turn up missing and unaccounted for when nobody would be found in what was left of her house, the same with the others. Any which way, Phoebe had caused enough distraction and chaos that a few missing teens would end up going unnoticed by most of the city... assuming anyone but Phoebe and the other squad members ever cared about any of them in the first place. Phoebe was sure they were all better off, especially Nikki...well she would be once she gave in and accepted her new life. Thus was Phoebe's work for the day cut out for her.

When Phoebe finally did wake up, the sun was already dipping into the western sky. It was about 1:00 pm, but at least she was able to get a good rest, even if only on a mediation mat. She stretched and cracked her neck and back as she stood to her feet, scooping up and silently snuggling the doll. She was already a bit damp and somewhat hard. Her dreams had likely been regarding her cuddlebun, actually… though the Melissa doll certainly hadn’t hurt, but in any case she didn't remember. Nonetheless, she hardly needed dreams, when she had a real bunny, frightened and needing comfort, resistant and needing more convincing. She stretched once more and made her way back to her dolls after tucking Melissa into her own bed once again. “Rest well, doll. I’ll see you again real soon.” She kissed the doll deeply on the lips, nuzzled her, and then hurried back to her Preppie Dolls.

Even denied sex dollies could apparently wear themselves out, as indicated by Lizzie twitching a bit on the floor, pinning down a squirming Trixie, and Kitten and Nikki still tightly embraced, Kitten still locked inside her lover as they both "slept". Phoebe's erection jumped directly to attention, but she had to hold off for just another moment. She approached Lizzie and roused her with a gentle shake. "Lizzie, spot, now." The tormented doll really wanted Mistress’s attention, but with the rubber controlling her body it was but a moment till she was posed in her spot, holding the pom-poms, remaining perfectly still despite the massive trembling inside of her. Trixie rose shyly to her knees and scooted towards Phoebe.

Lizzie must have pulled out all the stops (as was to be expected), and Trixie was probably quite overwhelmed and a little sacred. Phoebe stroked the back of her hand along her mouse's face. "Aww, was my poor little slavie overused?" Trixie just scooted closer to her Mistress. "Shhh, it's okay now, this just shows me how a good a girl you can be... and shows you as well." Inside the doll, Patricia was quite humiliated, but still somewhat comforted by Phoebe's approval. Trixie eagerly scooted forth to snuggle against Mistress’s leg. Phoebe continued to pet her gently. "Also, you can now be prepared for my most extreme moods, and I have an effective punishment for you letting me down."

Those last words scared Trixie, or even Patricia. She knew what letting down Mistress meant and it was too much for her confined mind to handle. Phoebe, not unprepared, quickly offered her slave the comfort she needed, and a potent re-enforcement of her new personality. "But Mistress knows her Trixie really wants to be a good girl. It makes her happy, keeps her safe, and keeps her in her place... just like my good girl needs." Patricia could hear every word, and knew what it meant. She was more than defeated; she was shamed and humiliated. She'd let down her friends and herself, but all she could care about was Phoebe's approval. Her Mistress then rewarded her doll with the greatest thing she could give her slave. She stroked her erection right up against her dolly's cheek, teasing the hell out of her and leaving her wanting, and then impacted the humbling by giving her a firm order, which both excited and further tormented her. "Now, sweetie, you see your lover girl over there? I want you to take off your shoes and socks, and place them next to that third spot near her, then take the same pose and remain still until it's time to please me again."

Despite the severe contradiction to Patricia's nature, she obeyed her Mistress without pause. She had not only been reduced to absolute inferiority to another, but to an adorable little girly-girl as well. Patricia's shame was so complete that it almost made her feel fulfilled. Patricia, even inside herself, was no longer Patricia. She was the Trixie that Phoebe wanted her to be, and soon enough she'd be as happy to be so as the masculine, straight, intelligent Tom was to have been replaced by the delicate, cock-loving, single-minded Kitten. Any thoughts that Pat... that Trixie was still fighting inside were silenced for now as Phoebe returned to her with a pair of pom-poms just like Lizzie's. "Now that you've been properly initiated, and have accepted your place, you are an official member of the Preppie Dolls." Phoebe put the pom-poms into Trixie's hands and effectively gave her mind the time it needed to rest and settle into surrender. Meanwhile, as happy as Kitten may have been to be who she'd become, she was still quite needy by design. Phoebe left her "official" dolls alone in their torment as she approached the others, and carefully coaxed Kitten away from her sister.

Nikki was both exhausted and used up for the time being, as opposed to the horny kitten, so Phoebe allowed her bunny to rest for a while, while she gave some much needed attention to her boitoi. Kitten was easily awakened, as if she would ever be anything else, but with a permanent erection that could never be satisfied, it took less to excite her than any of her sisters. All Phoebe really needed to do was touch her, and Kitten was more than ready and desperately wanting for Phoebe's love. Phoebe took a moment to admire her prize. All of her girls were special to her, but this one was an accomplishment. She had taken a silly, however cute, boy, and used him as a canvas to create the beautifully delicate and graceful creature before her.

"You're so beautiful, my Kitten, so soft... sensual... pretty." Phoebe's words served to re-enforce what needed no re-enforcing, but she also took a certain thrill from dwelling on her selfish deeds. Kitten felt as if to blush, but the black rubber made that at best unnoticeable. As her head dropped from the affectionate praise, Phoebe gently lifted her chin back up and kissed the sex kitten softly, yet hotly. Kitten's mind didn't even have to think. It knew that Phoebe was hot, and that her member was quite more literally the same way. As well, since that first time only Phoebe’s heat could fill her cold need. Boi or girl, it had no meaning, Kitten just wanted Mistress inside her, to warm her and comfort her and torture her body. She just wanted to be taken.

Kitten's hands delicately slipped down Phoebe's back to her behind, allowing her to lift her arms and pull off her top. As the kiss broke, the doll only became more immediately horny, but so did Phoebe. As Kitten pulled her closer in desperation their erections pressed against one another and eagerly pulsed together. Every second made the poor Kitten more desperate, such that as Phoebe guided her backwards to the couch, she could barely keep her footing. The continued odd sensation in her breasts was only a further distraction, as they hurt a bit, but sincerely felt more and more like real breasts wrapped in rubber. Either way, by the time they reached the sofa, and Phoebe pushed her toy down and quickly straddled her, Phoebe was naked save for her socks. "Remove those."

Kitten anxiously fumbled off her Mistress's socks as she carefully guided her to lie down on the couch. She knelt between the kitten's open legs and returned the favor, removing the doll's sneakers, then teasing at her clit through the satin before pulling the panties away, leaving her exposed, but still quite cute in her skirt and top and bobbie socks. The proximity of Phoebe to her sensitive thighs was difficult enough for Kitten to resist while awaiting Mistress; she wanted to whine as her delicate feet were released, and couldn’t help but squirm quite desperately as her trapped sex was teased too, and through the smooth satin. None of this was discouraging Phoebe, who finally leaned in over her and let her pelvis descend just between the doll's upper thighs. She continued to stroke the trapped erection, only immediately reminding the doll how empty she was. It didn’t matter how wonderful the attention to her front felt, it only made her want Phoebe’s penis in her more. Kitten would have cried if she could have between the mix of desperation and excitement, but she could only squirm as Phoebe took her sweet time, pressing against the Kitten's "puss" before ever so slowly pushing in.

It was torture and bliss for the kitten, and even as her body was filled with Phoebe's lust, her Mistress selfishly took her sweet time satisfying her toy. Phoebe was all too happy to take it slow and torture Kitten. As conquered as she may have been, she still needed to be reminded that Phoebe owned her now, and that Mistress's pleasure was all that mattered. Indeed, such a beautiful toy deserved the torment, especially since Phoebe's pleasure was all that the Kitten truly needed to achieve her own. Phoebe was merciless as she pressed in slowly, warming the doll's orifice only slightly with each motion... at first with the taper of her tip, as the full width pressed into the last such tormented spot. Indeed, Kitten was loving it. She was enduring horrible pleasure torture, yes, but she was still able to respond in exactly the way she should have. In graceful and gentle motions, she softly wrapped her legs around Phoebe, teasing herself all the more as she embraced her Mistress with an affectionate hug, slid her tail around Phoebe’s thigh and playfully up towards Mistress’s own pucker, and waited patiently as Phoebe's lips fell to kiss the eager mouth of her slave.

With each inch Phoebe granted, Kitten’s body softly begged for more, and with each inch Phoebe held back, the doll's body became ever softer in her arms. Finally, Mistress was making love to Kitten. Mistress's body was hot, her breath heavy, her member throbbing, her heart pounding. Not only was she loving Kitten, but she was loving what Kitten was freely giving to her. The thrilled doll answered only by pleasing Phoebe more, even to her body's own dismay. Her thighs stroking Phoebe’s skin, her lips giving tenderly, her tail playing at Phoebe’s ass… her needy puss being tormented this way only seemed to guide her submission and sensuality as she slowly rode Phoebe, torturing her whole body in the process. Fortunately, the Kitten's rhythm and subtle teasing coaxed her Mistress in completely, but even as her tortured puss was finally getting filled to ease her desperation, Mistress pulled the warmth of her lips from her doll, and leaned up to begin to slowly fuck.

Kitten would have whined, but had neither the capacity nor the time, as Phoebe lifted the kitten's lips to her left nipple, and Kitten's own lust compelled her to gently lick and suckle. As Phoebe gently caressed the weak spot behind Kitten's new ear, sending waves of torment which only further encouraged the doll's lips, she ran her other hand down the doll's left arm, as the right continued to hold onto Mistress. Phoebe then guided the rubber coated hand under the skirt and to the doll’s own tormented phallus. She wrapped Kitten's hand around the vulnerable member and forced the doll to masturbate herself... slick rubber upon slick rubber. Kitten was by now lost in her horrible bliss, but still ever eager to give Mistress pleasure. She curled her hypersensitive toes within the soft cotton socks and rubbed them across Phoebe's bare soles, gradually pressing down. This only solidified her pleasure’s merciless grasp on her as the gentle caress of the cotton, and the soft warmth of Phoebe’s own sole filled out the pleasure wracking her entire form. She then slipped her tail into Phoebe’s backside and pushed just enough to gently stroke the prostate. Kitten knew every button to push.

Phoebe, suddenly too overwhelmed to think about Kitten’s torment, gasped audibly from the sensation and felt her penis tremble from the sudden pleasure. It was enough that Phoebe was perfectly happy to take full advantage of her doll's femininity and torment to her own pleasure, but even Kitten wanted please Phoebe above anything else. The emotional rush of dominance and affection made Phoebe lose control well before she wanted to. The stroking of the cute toes under soft cotton against her sensitive feet, the delicate massage of the latex inside of her, the warm rubber body holding her close as it tortured herself for her owner... Phoebe's body rapidly tensed up and then practically melted into Kitten's embrace, as she exploded mercilessly into the doll, tugging herself against the latex walls, tormenting the horny sex kitten as she stimulated herself through a release both long and intense.

Anyone else might have jumped as the cream blew aggressively into their backside, but Kitten only pressed her toes, fingers, tail, and lips down harder, only to carry Phoebe's orgasm out for quite a few more seconds, while actively torturing herself so her body would comply, even as the warmth brought her to the brink of maddening denial. When Phoebe finally lost balance, and collapsed heaving on top of the doll, she regretted her premature loss of control, but blamed herself. Kitten was only doing what she was designed for, and she was doing it damn well. Even now, the doll delicately cradled and supported the dazed Phoebe, soothing her Mistress with her gentle purring, despite the need still and forever raging within her.

"Holy fuck!" Phoebe exclaimed, still half in a daze. "That was amazing, Kitten." she lifted a hand to stroke through the dolls long hair. "My sweet, beautiful girl... I am so proud of you." She rested against Kitten's chest, enjoying the purring as a smirk came to her face. "You know my kitten, the best thing about a boi, is that her uncontrollable hormones lead her to want nothing more than her Mistress's pleasure, thus allowing her to simply enjoy the moment."

Kitten didn't quite pick up the reference, or really quite understand the words... she was wracked with denial and at the same time thrilled with Mistress's reaction. Phoebe knelt up and tightly hugged the purring sex doll, as she whispered hotly into her ear, even as she continued to mercilessly stroke behind it. "I'm sorry it ended so early, Kitten, but I promise you, that I will learn to last long enough to truly take my full pleasure in your desperation. But since you were so perfect, I have something special for you. First, go take your place beside Trixie, to her left. Take the same pose and place your shoes and socks in the same manner."

Kitten obeyed without hesitation. Although she was still suffering the endless torment of her denial, she'd been reminded her purpose to gently and delicately love her Mistress, and she had succeeded. Once her pose was taken, Phoebe returned with yet another pair of pom-poms to welcome her "most improved" squad member. "You were amazing, my kitten, you have turned out exactly as I desired, and still better." She continued as she placed the pom-poms in her hands, "Welcome to your new home, sweet Kitten." The doll could barely even hear much less understand her, but it was happy enough to have given Mistress such pleasure through its own suffering, but as Phoebe placed the pom-poms in her hands, it gave the doll a sense of completion as she perfected the pose and settled into her torment, by now not even recognizing that it was torment. All that mattered was the approval in Mistress’s voice.

Phoebe stepped back a moment and looked upon her collection. Her adorable perky Lizzie, her sweet and delicate Kitten, and her obedient, docile Trixie. They were beautiful, and so cute in their little outfits, but Phoebe was far from fulfilled. She still had two spots empty, three counting Nikki's, and poor little Nikki wasn't quite ready to accept her fate yet.

In a way, Phoebe felt sorry for Nikki. It seemed so unfair that while Kitten was so happy in her new life, Trixie so willing to please, and Lizzie so mindlessly eager, that her cuddlebun was still fighting that silly goth girl inside of her. Mostly, however, Phoebe just wanted her toy. Nikki was somehow special to her; she felt more connected to her bunbun than the others. Perhaps it was because she had work to put in still, or the thought of what all her work would earn her in the end. Perhaps she wanted a sweet doll that she could snuggle warmly with, that would nuzzle her and cuddle close and sweet. It was so absolutely adorable that Phoebe could barely wait for her bunny to be complete. Yet again, maybe she just wanted to help silly Nyx become the cuddleslut she knew the bunny could, and in her mind, deserved to be. It really didn't matter, as between all these thoughts Phoebe's erection was becoming painful. Fortunately, she had a long afternoon to relieve both Nikki's doubts and her own lust.

As Phoebe neared the doll, curled up alone on the carpet and looking all cold and pitiful, a grin of dominance, possession, and genuine, however twisted, affection stretched across her cheeks. Phoebe knelt down, lifted up her bunny, and cuddled into her. Nikki, quite aware that it was Phoebe, was bombarded by the contradictory feelings. Knowing it was Phoebe meant knowing it was the person who had violated her, stolen her virginity, kidnapped her, and was continuing to play sick mind games with her. Fury, fear, and humiliation were as potent as desire, need, and subservience. She didn't want to obey Phoebe, but she knew it was the only way she would be held, kissed, and loved. She didn't want to snuggle or seek safety in someone else's arms, but she knew all too well it was the only way to feel safe, comfortable, in any way good. Her body sought only to betray her as it embraced Phoebe and pulled in close, nuzzling her in order to at once thank her Mistress for the attention, and beg for love. She felt pathetic that she needed another's touch to be happy, only more pathetic was the need itself, and Phoebe was absolutely thrilled.

"Aw, my sweet cuddlebunny can't ignore her body at all anymore, and I bet her mind isn't far behind. You can't resist your needs for long, little one. Inhale those sweet candy scents, feel the erotic prison tempting you. Focus on all the thoughts that are constantly trying to destroy Nicole, and leave behind only Nikki. You can't help it, snugglebun, you need my touch... my love, and I want to love you my sweet little slave. You just have to give in, surrender, give your existence to me as your Mistress, and all the fear and all the confusion will go away."

As Phoebe spoke with that cutesy undertone in her voice, Nikki wanted to cry, both from fear and desperation. She knew she was beginning to lose, and was terrified to lose her independence, her strength, but every softly spoken word made her need Phoebe's affection even more, and it was beginning to make her needy of a bit more as well. Still, she refused to let Phoebe take her away from herself. Her will was too stubborn and too strong. She only began to shiver as she fought the urge to nuzzle her Mistress, but resulted only in pushing her nose deeper against Phoebe's neck. Her ears still pointing straight up though, assured Phoebe that more drastic measures were needed... and that was just the way she liked it.

"I see that silly Nicole isn't so willing to let go, but the overwhelming scent of bubblegum tells me that Nikki's need for Mistress’s snuggles isn’t just winning, but is making my sweet bunny horny. Isn't it?" The words were as true as they were cruel. Nikki was beginning to squirm as her affectionate nature was driving her to a painful and humiliating state of arousal, and she knew her body was not going to be able to escape. "I think then, that it's time that Mistress and bunbun share an even more intimate hug, No?" "Yes" was the first word that came to the bunnyslave's mind. It was quickly followed by all the reasons she couldn't, but none were strong enough to dismiss the only reason she had to. They both knew that for Nikki to ever, ever feel safe again, she had to belong to Phoebe.

As Phoebe lifted Nikki to carry her upstairs, the bunny simply hung on for dear life to her Mistress, incessantly nuzzling and nosing her all the way to Phoebe's bed. As soon as she was set down upon the mattress, she opened her legs and grabbed Phoebe. While Phoebe was kind enough to kiss the needy bunny, she was able to fight away from her powerful and needy grip. "No no, now, cute Nikki. I know you want Mistress to take you, but you need to earn that today. The harder you work now, the sooner we make sweet love every day, and Mistress can hold your needy little body all night long whenever she pleases. Soon enough you'll be entirely mine, Nikki, until then I have to make you work for it. I need to know you really want it, and you need to tell yourself you truly need it."

She stroked the chin of the shivering rubberdoll. "I want your slavery as much as you want to give it to me, but to make us both happy I have to make sure you lose the battle within yourself." Phoebe's words were as plain and cold as they were sweet and sincere. She knew Nikki was to be hers, but to win her prize she was willing to be as cold and merciless as was necessary. "Now, my sweet bunnybun, kneel down on the floor."

Nikki knew all too well where this was going, and was able to put up a moment of resistance. She absolutely HATED the idea of going down, especially on a man...or a woman with a penis, as the case seemed to be. Worse still, was the thought of swallowing it; it repulsed her, but even that could only keep Nikki's needs at bay for a fleeting moment. Phoebe ran her fingers between the still quite alert ears, facing to either side, and through the girl's soft, blonde locks, and stood in front of her. "If I have to force you, I won't have the energy left to be with you. Kitten already all but spent me... yes, and Kitten was amazing, I bet she'd suck me off quite well, and then I could hold her all night."

Phoebe's voice alone was piercing every shred of fight in Nikki. It took all of her mental power to remind herself of "that" in order to resist, but as soon as the thought of Kitten cuddling Phoebe all night, while Nikki was left alone in growing need for affection, flooded the bunny's needy mind, it tore her violently from herself and her ears flipped forward while still pointing straight up. As much as she wanted to fight back, to remind herself of who she was and what she was willing or unwilling to do, to remember her pride, she couldn't help but tremble onto her feet and immediately fall to her knees. It probably helped that the pleasure of standing alone was more than she wanted to deal with, but she hardly hesitated to do as asked once properly motivated.

Nicole was once again too distracted from trying to resist, but all Nikki wanted was to be held, loved, and spoken to in that sultry and gentle voice of Phoebe's. The bunny had to do as Mistress wished to get what she needed. More than that, she wanted to please Mistress; she needed to obey. As Phoebe gently took hold of the back of her head and pushed her lips to the tip of the hot, waiting phallus, Nikki NEEDED to taste her Mistress. As the pink, rubbercoated lips slipped hotly and swiftly over the tip, before pressing down firmly on the end of the shaft, Nicole felt a little bit more of her mind being defeated. It only made her more eager to cater to Phoebe's desire.

Phoebe watched as the doll slowly caressed the end of her member, and began to gently flick her tongue against the tiny slit. It was as if the young dominatrix could see the thoughts in her toy's head, gauge the battle, and watch her victory slowly spread throughout the weakening mind of her captive. Indeed, Nicole's mind was being wracked by self-pity, which was making it all the easier to enjoy the thought of sacrificing her life and mind to her loving conqueror. She was tormented with the growing inability to care for herself or even be proud in herself, and Mistress’s love and pride for her was seeming more and more like her only chance to even justify herself anymore.

Meanwhile, Nikki could taste Phoebe, even through the rubber, and the damned smell of gum was encouraging her to not only fellate her captor, but to do it cutely. The destruction of a large part of her pride was a massive blow to what was left of her waning willpower. Phoebe didn't know, for the moment, which she was enjoying more, the sensation of the tight rubber lips and hot rubber tongue beginning to overtake her cocktip completely, watching her victim slowly loosing herself to become what Phoebe desired, or looking at her bunbun so adorably and affectionately making love to her Mistress with her mouth.

Indeed, she looked much like a small child, suckling happily on her mother's teat, as her neck tilted a bit towards the left and her eager lips gently petted the warm flesh of Phoebe's potent erection. Equally as eager, was the job itself. Although Nikki had remained very shallow, the warmth of her mouth and the feel of the latex as she pressed her lips tightly against Phoebe whilst her tongue gently and all too slowly caressed the tiny stretch of skin just under Phoebe's tip, was quite successfully driving the dark youth into bliss. Despite her inner struggles, Nikki's hands quickly rose to caress either side of the wanting shaft; the thin, smooth rubber dancing hotly across the sensitive flesh only showed them both how much power Phoebe already had.

As her ears unwittingly began to relax a bit, Nikki was all too well enjoying her dainty cuteness, while Nyx helplessly felt her sweet bunny muzzle lovingly pleasing her captor. In the intense emotional and physical desire, the greedy Phoebe was already breathing hard and working a bit to keep her stamina. Kitten had left her with her guard up, so she'd not be nearly so merciful to the still resistant bunny. In fact, it gave her an idea, beginning with the powerful re-enforcement of Nikki's current efforts to carefully chip away at what was left of Nyx.

"That's a very good girl... and you look so adorable doing that too...." Phoebe had to hold her stamina even harder as she fought her breath to speak. "...You make me just want to tie us together in a cute....sweet.... nice long sn....snuggle."

Phoebe's distressed words only further intensified their effect on Nikki. Not only was Mistress getting excited about giving her pet exactly what her body pleaded for because of this, but she was genuinely enjoying what Nikki was able to do. Humiliation had all but completely overtaken the anger and disgust in the girl, as still shown by her left ear beginning to fold over itself …and Phoebe was nowhere near finished. "Oh, Nikki, you're... you're doing so wonderfully. You're making me ver.. ve... veryy proud of you, and more... moreso.... very horny." Nikki began to slip the rubber against Phoebe's flesh rather quickly. Phoebe squeaked through a hard exhale and fought to regain her voice. "Mmh.. sweet cuddlebun...'re amazing, but the.. the... the longer I... I... last... the closer I will... want... to.... hoOLd you."

The words were coming out much harder, and Phoebe was really fighting to keep control, but her words did slow the doll to a gentle, delicate, and painfully slow attention against the throbbing flesh. The youth caught back some of her breath as she prepared to enact the other part of her plan. "Yes... yes that's a... a good little... snug... snug... snUGglebunny. The longer Mistress lasts, …the longer Mistress …love's you... i... if you want Mistress's attention... you'll suck... suck me... good.... and long."

Phoebe knew what this was doing to the prideful woman still trying to survive inside. Every word made Nikki want to love her Mistress longer, and every second of her taste, made the bunny enjoy this more, and every shred of pleasure taken broke Nicole a little further, and part of her was perfectly happy with that. She wanted so bad for Phoebe to hold her, close and warm, and to love her, long, soft, and sweetly, and the closer she came to completely loosing herself, the closer she was to forever being in Mistress's secure embrace. She carefully continued to fellate Phoebe for almost 15 minutes before Phoebe's body finally told Phoebe's mind to shut the hell up.

Phoebe tried. She really did, but even her body had its limits, and the blood in her erection along with the constantly blue balling herself was causing her some rather potent pain. She continued to encourage her doll, though, even as she was losing it. " bunny... there we go...right.....right...." Her eyes glazed over and rolled upward slightly towards her eyelids before they fell closed. She couldn't help but release a tiny squeaky moan as her body twitched and her breaths fell over themselves, then holy shit what a blow. The pain from the hot explosion was only tempered by the intense pleasure as the seed pressed its way violently through Phoebe's length.

The relief of the pain itself was enough to draw the orgasm out several seconds before Nikki's work added to it even more. As the salty warmth poured into her mouth and penetrated the latex to push down her throat, all disgust was replaced by shame, especially as Nikki absolutely loved it. Taste aside, even, Mistress's body shivered enough to communicate clearly to her slave the severity of her pleasure, which Nikki was hardly hesitant to prolong with quick flicks of her tongue so that she could milk Mistress for more of the wonderful warmth filling her mouth and throat, and more of the wonderful reward of Mistress's pleasure. Another part of Nyx was dead, replaced by the part of Nikki that couldn't wait to receive this command again.

Rather well winded, Phoebe collapsed sideways onto the bed, her head hitting the pillow rather roughly. A prideful expression was frozen onto her face. She knew as well as Nikki what had happened to the bunny. While Phoebe's dark little heart was filled with satisfaction, a hole had been left in Nicole. A part of her was gone, and she knew all too well that her hope of escape was dwindling quickly. Worse yet, she knew Phoebe was not finished with her, and her body... as well as part of her mind itself.... very very much wanted Phoebe's love. Though as long as anything was left of the cold, unaffectionate goth girl, Phoebe was prepared to show no forgiveness.

"Nikki, pet, go to my dresser and fetch the tote out of the top left drawer. I have a special surprise for you in there." Nicole knew this couldn't be good, but she was hard pressed to disobey. Her body was hurting to be made love to, and she knew only co-operation would earn her Phoebe's attentions. She couldn't physically bear the idea of not being with Mistress this evening. She rose and hesitantly made her way to the dresser, again able to sense in some fashion what was in there and where it was, retrieved the tote, and gracefully carried it back to the bed.

"Good.... now kneel." She didn't quite understand this time, but she knelt. She barely even realized the cute and naive way she was carrying her body: ears up and alert for Mistress’s commands (and part due to the continuing inner struggle), hand cutely in her lap, nose lightly twitching, kneeling upright elegantly but cutely contained in a small space as her tail wiggled back and forth. Phoebe was worried about what had yet to be done, though, not what had thus far been accomplished. She continued as she took the tote from the doll. "You're a slave now, Nikki. I'm going to expect you to behave like one...besides, it makes you look so sweet."

Nikki shifted cutely as her ears lowered a bit, softened her stance and lowered her head, almost making herself look sweet in response to the same sentiment. She emptied the bag onto the bed. To Nicole's dismay, she saw nothing, and remained still and a bit nervous until Phoebe patted the spot on the bed next to herself. Nikki did not hesitate to obey, but before she completed the movement from floor to bed, Phoebe had loosened the cheer skirt to allow it to drop. Nikki began to conceive what was next. Her concerns were only solidified by the removal of her top. As Phoebe knelt on the floor and the cool sensation touched Nikki's toes and sent a cool shiver of desire through the eager bunny body, she cutely pointed her toe to ease Phoebe’s efforts even as she closed her metaphorical eyes in simple shame of what was coming. As the silk thigh high was drawn up her leg, Phoebe was all too happy to elaborate.

"It's what might be described as Valentine red," she said as the thigh band settled, surrounding Nikki's left leg in a cool and smooth sensation... the silk, itself was of course too light to penetrate the rubber and only really for Phoebe's enjoyment. She continued as she pulled its mate up the other leg, the doll delicately pointing her toe then lifting her leg into the rising stocking. "They have a small pink lace frill on top, which perfectly matches your new skin. Right to your left you'll find a satin bra... put it on."

Nikki hesitated, but Phoebe's touch felt so nice, and as the second thigh band settled, making her feel girly and cute for Phoebe, she wanted more. If it excited Phoebe, then worn by Nikki... Nikki would excite Phoebe. Wracked inside with guilt, she felt around until she located the bra and fussed about to get it on. Meanwhile, Phoebe was helping her with the thong. "These match the stockings. The bra has a tiny lace frill along the top of each cup, which is what you feel tickling your chest there.”

The bra was small… skimpy, and the tickling was far more teasing to the vulnerable dollie. She felt all the cuter as the tiny cups, barely above her nipples, lifted up her already pert breasts, even as the satin rubbed past her feet and over her legs. “The panties include one all along the top with a similar lace pattern along each leg hole."

Nikki could definitely feel these garments. She had never really worn a bra for this purpose, especially not such a lacy and skimpy one. Nor had she ever worn a thong. As she wiggled into the satin panty it unforgivingly wedged into her ass and wrapped tightly around her lips. It was all rather constricting, pressing right up to her "skin" and not letting her forget they were there, not to mention excessively effeminate. This only reminded her of her enhanced feminine form and severely exacerbated her arousal. What was worse is that the arousal began to encourage her to like feeling like a cute and still sultry sex object. Just as she was like to start blushing, she felt the mits slip on.

"These are transparent white, mostly meant to accentuate your overall cuteness with again matching frills. A lot of other outfits will have much nicer mits, but by then you'll be all mine anyway. After all, I sense we're getting very close to success... especially after that amazing, and so sweet and adorable blowjob. You should be very proud of yourself, fuckbunny."

She wasn't proud at all. She was completely humiliated, but of course Phoebe knew that already, if only by her ears once again pointing straight up. Still, here she was continuing to break her into the cute snugglebun she was so afraid of becoming. As the thoughts swam through the dollie’s head, reducing rage and resistance to simple fear, Phoebe was putting the final touches on her outfit. Nikki couldn't feel the satin of the teddy falling over her form, but she knew what it was. "This is also transparent white and simply brings attention to everything else."

Nikki wanted to touch herself, to press the satin against her skin, but she knew it wouldn't feel like anything and would still only serve to arouse her further. She held her hands in her lap and continued to tremble, ears alert from conflict and guilty arousal, as Phoebe removed the large pink bow and pulled back her hair. "Pigtails would be cute, but not so much sexy on'd look five, what with the pink and everything, so we're just gonna do a pretty pony tail and tie it with your special bow. I need my Nikki to be cute, but also sexy...if I'm going to make love to her all evening."

Nikki’s ears jutted to full attention. She wanted to get up and run away. She knew as soon as Phoebe's arms, and body, and sex touched her, she'd continue to lose the person she was. She was already humiliated and afraid, but the sick irony was that Phoebe was the only one who made her feel anything close to safe. These thoughts were shattered as the smoothness of satin and the softness of light memory foam graced her vulnerable feet, wrapping around the soft and erogenous extremities, distracting her with a pleasure that brought her back to the reality of the situation as the softness not only reminded her how cute she was, but made her want to be cute if all of these lovely sensations were the reward.

As her ears started to relax yet again, Phoebe’s next words were tying it all together very nicely, and very accurately. "The pink satin ballerina slippers complete the outfit, and quite nicely, I think. Not only do we get to make sweet love, but you get to be so cute while doing it." Her voice squeaked with the word cute: a sarcastic and intentional ploy to enforce the already overwhelming sensations in the bunny girl. The slippers against the alien sensation of sexually stimulated feet indeed brought the whole of her outfit back to her attention. The satin thong in her ass, the smooth sensation against her thinly coated nipples, the soft warmth on her feet, the hair ties back with a girly bow, and even the stocking bands wrapped around her thighs …she just felt so sweet and cute, like a cuddly sex slave. It would have been so easy just to fall wholly into Phoebe’s trap. Phoebe then quickly circled the bed and lounged along the other side. "Whenever you're ready, precious... Mistress is waiting for you."

Nikki shook, she shook terribly, but she was able to at the very least remain still despite how badly she wanted to leap toward Phoebe. Phoebe just smiled, as her alert ears continued to betray her to the collector. "I can wait all night." Nikki continued to fight it. She wanted it; she wanted it so bad. She longed for her touch; she desperately needed Phoebe to just hold her and tell her she was loved, but she couldn't give in, she just couldn't! "I don't think you can though. I mean those cute panties outlining your ass as they slowly ride up into your backside...." Nikki was fighting her body, but was already loosing. "That bra supporting and accentuating your cute titties." She was shaking so furiously as to vibrate the bed. "I know you can feel how cute you are, don't you want to share it with me. I'd love to get my hands all over my sexy little bunny... hell in that outfit I could even..."

Nikki couldn't take it anymore. One ear dropped halfway as the other flipped forward and pointed straight out, while her body vigorously seized control and jumped towards Phoebe, who immediately threw her against the mattress, straddled her and kissed her deeply. "I knew you'd come around, cute stuff, and I know it won't be long before I own you completely." Nikki didn't care to listen anymore, she only wanted the touch, the heat, the sex… and Phoebe was all too happy to give it to her good little bunny girl.

As Phoebe placed her hand gently against the cheek of her pink cuddlebun to admire her work for a moment, she could see the desperation in her. Even though her eyes were coated over, the position of her ears said nearly everything. As she slipped her hand under the doll's head, she showed a smile her slave could feel. "It's ok, now, Nikki, you've been a good girl, and now you're get your reward.” She paused as she leaned down to touch her tip against the doll's covered sex, even as the toy churned needily under her. "And soon enough all of your fears will be as lost as Nyx herself, and your only thoughts and desires will be of Mistress's pleasure."

Nikki definitely heard that, still Phoebe made sure she had no time to think about it by kissing her even more deeply and letting her body fall against the needy doll. Nikki's back arched and she would have screeched in pleasure if she could, rather she only discovered the feeling against her lips grow warmer, as her Mistress had pushed through a small opening in the fabric. All she could conceive to do at that moment was embrace Phoebe and nuzzle passionately as the young shemale entered her prize, and Phoebe made no delay in lodging herself in her captive.

Nicole was trying to think, but she couldn't even pull forth the cognizance to try to resist. Phoebe had tormented her so much and weakened her to such extent that she couldn't even feel her mind over her own body, and her body was Phoebe's devoted love slave. She churned into her captor as she held on for dear life, or so it seemed, while in fact she was slipping all too quickly. Phoebe kissed softly down her neck, chrring and cooing to remind the doll just how cute she was. Furthermore, she couldn't help but torment her toy by rubbing her toes upward along the back of her legs and slipping a hand against her breast, as a thumb sweetly stroked her nipple. Phoebe wanted Nikki to be fully aware of her predicament even as she could do nothing but lust after Phoebe.

Phoebe dearly hoped her lovely toy would break under the massive pressure, especially when she was there in such an intimate moment to comfort her and welcome her into the ultimate submission. Nikki herself could do little more than squirm cutely, pound against the phallus warming her desperate body and press her nose into her beloved Mistress's neck and face. Phoebe's hands were so loving, yet so merciless on her breast, and on the back of her head and neck. The doll’s ears were still pointed forward, but trying to fall, but Nicole could barely even register fear anymore. Mistress's body was so warm and here it was cradling her vulnerable and adorable form. Her penis was so warm and welcome inside her needy little body. Her hands were so inviting and so sweet. Everything called Nikki into complete surrender.

All the bunny could hope to do now was ignore everything, but as she tried to turn her body off, the slow passionate love making and the calm domination of her Mistress was too much for anyone to ignore. She could feel Mistress getting closer as her voice praised the doll in incomprehensible whispers. Oh god, how she wanted to give, to surrender, to let herself become Phoebe's favorite cuddle toy forever, but something deep in her mind insisted on refusing. Even as the rabbit outside curled her toes, and rubbed up against her lover, and made hot, but so sweet love in such an embarrassingly cute manner, she continued to try and ignore anything she could. She could ignore reason. She could ignore words. She could ignore fear. She could even ignore humiliation, but she could not imagine how to ignore the pulsing member coming closer and closer to release inside of her.

Minutes were feeling like seconds, and her defeat seemed to coming at her like a heat seeking train. As Phoebe's orgasm finally approached and almost pulled the girl into utter surrender, she used the only defense she had left. Her mind completely shut down just as her Mistress poured her wonderful nightmare seed into her body. What had been nearly a half-hour felt like three minutes, and now Nikki was locked in a painfully affectionate embrace with her captor whose warmth was ever so gently invading her body, as the pulsing member continued to stroke her walls. She'd known as soon as her conscious resurfaced she'd have to either escape or give herself, mind, body, and spirit, to the "woman" who sought to take away everything she was, and give her everything she......

Phoebe's torment had been so intense, and Nicole knew once more it would be her end... but what was worse, part of her, something deep in the core of that original person wanted it, and yet was terrified of it. Her final thought didn't complete itself as she went blank. Nikki did start to slowly recover, finding herself weak and afraid in the arms of an evil yet loving Mistress. She'd not lost this time, but there was no escape for now. She could not ignore how she needed Phoebe after such an unimaginable mental backlash. Phoebe recognized her return to awareness as the doll pressed herself in a firm snuggle against her beloved Mistress, ears starting to flip back and lower against her head. Nikki wanted nothing more than to escape into the comfort of her shrinking prison, to be held close by her captor, but Phoebe was not so willing to let Nikki get the best of her body, as did Kitten. She had already carefully ridden her orgasm as Nikki blanked out, and was well prepared for another. After all, she promised her good dolly a long night of love-making.

Phoebe backed away and let the dolly drop against the bed. Nikki was all but devastated as Mistress shied away from the snuggle she so desperately sought, while Nyx was horrified as she realized Phoebe still wasn't finished. Phoebe was more worried though, that Nicole had seemed to find an effective escape in sealing away her mind, and since the slave still wasn't quite awake, her Mistress had to get her attention. The next thing Nikki felt was her leg being lifted from an odd angle before the warmth of Phoebe's mouth graced her vaginal lips. It was quite disorienting to the girl, as it was quite pleasant to have Mistress's affection while brutally noticeable that it was decidedly uncuddly.

There was no embrace and no gentle cradling or nuzzling, and it threw off the toy who was designed to, and being aggressively programmed to need and seek only sweet and warm snugs. Though Phoebe's arms did not surround the needy doll, her lips wonderfully surrounded her horny lips, and once again the toy found her toes curling, her ears rising, and her body wanting. Nicole tried again to turn herself off, but the horniness was too much and the absence of Mistress's arms left her no safe haven. As Phoebe's tongue slipped between the rubber folds, Nikki's whole, horny and denied body cringed, even as the muscles tensed up with pleasure. The torment of knowing she'd have no release from this single-minded attack on her body had effectively brought her back into full consciousness. Once again, Nyx was at her captor's wonderfully evil mercy.

Now, the young conqueror had simply to keep her victim alert, and at least for the moment it was a relatively easy task. Phoebe's tongue easily found the pink rubbercoated clitty and gently caressed it as her lips softly and warmly made love to Nikki's pussy lips. It was the most amazing thing Nicole had ever felt... the rubber enhancing every expert movement of Phoebe's mouth, the intense denial only rising and rising, as Nikki's love for her Mistress was used to tease her mercilessly. Phoebe began to gently suckle as her tongue dove in and stroked the delicate, coated walls, and Nicole wanted to crush her head from the magnitude of the torment, but Nikki's body, now completely enslaved to Phoebe, would not permit Nyx the pleasure.

As Phoebe moaned and lapped deep inside the desperate doll, building towards a climax that would never be, her cruel attempt to break down Nicole, while drawing in Nikki's need for affection was succeeding all too well. For several minutes, Phoebe continued to fuck her victim with her tongue until Nikki was a desperate ball of want, and Nicole was rapidly approaching insanity, something Phoebe could not afford. Finally she relented and was almost taken to guilt as she looked upon Nikki, curling into an intense ball of adorable desperation that would have whimpered desperately for Mistress is she could have. Phoebe's next act would be as merciful as it was cruel.

Phoebe's legs slipped against the outside of the red silk clad legs of her victim, as she gently coaxed the horny bunny onto her belly and straddled her from behind. Nikki was all too happy to co-operate as Phoebe was finally pressing her warm flesh against her again, but Nicole was suddenly remembering the first time Phoebe raped her as one of her best friends acted mindlessly on Phoebe's every word to help capture her. Indeed, she wanted to scream or even tremble in terror as Phoebe lifted her onto her knees, used her member to again push away the thong, and lodged the cleavage of her rear against Phoebe's hard, and now quite wet sex, but all Nikki bunny could do was adorably reach her hands back to grab Phoebe's hips, and lean her head back ever so cutely to nuzzle her violator in gratitude and need as her ears again began to drop.

Phoebe nuzzled back into Nikki's hair as she whispered her evil words into the doll's ears. "That's right, cuddlebun finds this familiar doesn't she? Poor silly Nicole in there trying so hard to fight back, can't help but remember her first time, and more so how much she adored it." To her dismay, Nikki and Nicole were once again blurring as it all came back to the beginning, and she was reminded how passionately and obediently she allowed herself to be taken. She could feel the need for Nikki to be with Mistress, to love her, to be sweet for her, and to be her cutesy, needy snugglebunny. She was reminded of the scent flooding her nose and muddying her mind as she felt her body nuzzling and petting against Phoebe as Phoebe prepared to take her from behind once again.

"This is where it all started for you, cuddlebun, and a fitting place for it to end." Nicole didn't care for the sound of that, but as usual Phoebe was well prepared to refocus her victim as her now throbbing erection pressed delicately into the doll. Suddenly Nicole was that helpless victim from a couple days before, being wonderfully violated by her sexy captor and loving it all too much, but this time was worse. This time her body showed not even the slightest sign of resistance.

Indeed, as Phoebe's arms surrounded the doll and cupped her pert tits, as her legs caressed the silk clad legs of the pink rubberdoll, and as her lips caressed the toy's adorable bunny ears, Nikki reacted in exactly the fashion that was expected of her. She desperately tried to nuzzle Phoebe, curling her toes into the fleece insole and lifting a foot slightly, pressing her breasts into Phoebe's hands, letting her ears almost flat, and churning her body in the cutest way possible, almost as if to beg for deeper penetration. Phoebe took her sweet time entering her doll, but was hardly content to just pump her a bit. Phoebe reached back her hand and grabbed the bunny's cute little foot, stroking her thumb through the satin slipper over the edge of the delicate sole, reminding her once more of the slippers which again brought home the entirely of Nikki’s cute and sexy appearance and behavior… as the other hand remained behind so her thumb could caress the erect nipple under the satin layers. Phoebe's lips were no less active, petting the jawline of the sweet sex bunny, and moaning cutely as her member slowly slid its way into the slave's waiting canal.

Nikki was adoring every torturous second, realizing every softly moving and cutely twitching contour of her form, as the need for orgasm was alleviated once again by the closeness of Phoebe's body and the potential for her pleasure. Whether she needed Mistress to hold her, or needed to please her captor... the need for Phoebe, the dependence, was rapidly invading and filling the hole left in Nyx after the humiliation of the blowjob. Nicole could feel herself slipping away second by second as her body gave in and her very spirit was rapidly becoming a twisted mix of Phoebe and Nikki, and there was less and less she could do to prevent it. Even still, she could not sob, or scream, or even beg as her pride left her, whilst her body happily succumbed to Phoebe's sweet dominion. Phoebe continued to take her precious time until she finally filled the dolly, causing Nikki’s toes to clench within the slippers and body to press firmly against Mistress, and then Phoebe tormented her with one more all too well timed command. "Ride me slave.... I want it slow but cute…like the bouncy bunny you are."

And so she did. Nikki eagerly rolled her hips and wiggled her legs, and began to bounce rhythmically and just as adorably as she should have… up and down on her Mistress’s sex. There was nothing more humiliating Nicole could imagine, but such was the point as her eager bouncing on Phoebe’s throbbing rod was proving disturbingly rewarding and … even a bit… no, no Nicole refused to admit it. Phoebe just held her with a dark but sincere smile barely forming over the hot breaths escaping her lips as the bunbun yanked happily at her member. Nicole wanted to ignore her body, but this felt really good, and she felt really good, and as Mistress began to giggle she felt so damn cute and complacent and docile. It was hot, it was pleasurable, it was cute, it was… NO!

Then Phoebe’s member started to throb hotly and she squeezed the bouncing bunny doll closer and now Nikki knew Mistress was happy with her helpless body and that made her happy, happy to be Mistress’s adorable sex bunny. As her body slid through Phoebe’s arms and she had no release to look forward to, this was getting harder and harder to deny… and Phoebe was entirely prepared for a long night. The dominatrix carefully spared her movements and timed her stimuli, spending her time and focus on tormenting the dolly, only every once in a while pressing her chest to the satin clad rubber of her back, or letting the blonde hair slip across her neck, or tightly squeezing her own legs against the cutely stockinged legs of her toy, until she felt herself getting close and felt Nikki getting pathetic. She giggled loudly and nuzzled the weakened dollie as it did the bunny hop on her cock and helplessly nuzzled back as it felt Phoebe’s approach. Mistress was close, and it was because Nikki was so cute, and so obedient, and so giddy, and so fun. DAMMIT!

One ear flew straight back up. This was fun… Nikki was being painfully and aggressively cute for Mistress and as much as she tried to hold back… she was having fun, and now there was no way to escape that damning fact! Just as Nikki wanted to squee with joy and cry in shame at once, Phoebe finally pressed herself deeply into the bunny as she moaned softly into the doll's ear and let her seed flow into Nikki, all the while stroking her foot through the satin to keep her quite cognizant of the situation, and all but pinching her nipple. Nyx's humiliation was driving her into another haze and Nikki's rush at making Mistress cum was driving her to complacency. Again, Phoebe spoke up.

"Ah ah, sexy cuddlebun... Mistress isn't nearly finished with you." Her voice was soft, and slightly distressed from the sex, but still firm and yet reassuring. “You're doing so good, don't you want it to last?" She did, and she didn't... Nikki did, Nyx didn't, Nicole did...didn't she, did she, the lines were again blurring. As Nicole worked to separate her body from her mind, the only thing that had kept her free, Phoebe worked just as hard to force them into one until Nicole finally had to admit her body had won. They made passionate love for several more minutes, Phoebe caressing and stroking every inch of Nikki's form just right to love her and possess her at once, and all the while re-enforcing the all too enjoyable cuteness that was serving her so well, and which in a few minutes brought her Mistress to another sweet and gentle orgasm. As the seed of her captor filled her rubberclad, wanting, denied bunny body, it seemed to drown Nicole's resistance. Nicole was still there, but her body was lost, and Phoebe was all too happy to seal even her partial fate.

She backed away and pulled out slowly, leaving poor Nikki again wanting and desperate for Phoebe's touch. Phoebe was quite willing to ease her misery as she repositioned the girl onto her back, moved to straddle her chest and lifted her lips back to Phoebe's still erect member. This time Nicole was helpless to do anything as her body happily and eagerly complied, wrapping its lips cutely once more around Phoebe and sucking happily. This time Phoebe was happy to let her go quite a bit deeper as she maintained a gentle enough respiration to speak. "My Nikki looks so cute, but as long as any of Nyx is left, she won't be able to obey me all the time. Nicole still has to learn absolute submission and need, but I won't pun... punish you now. Your body is mine now, sweet cuddlebun, you've all but lost. You can’t deny anymore how much you need me. Otherwise..." She squeaked and moaned a bit as she felt herself near one last orgasm." ...otherwise you... you wouldn't so immediately give yourself to me this way. A... a good Nikki knows that a good blow... blow job, means a good long snuggle... and... and..."

As Nikki's rubber tongue delicately caressed her nearly worn member, and those warm pink lips locked hotly around her shaft with a powerful suck, Phoebe cared not to fight her pleasure and fed her toy her reward. As Phoebe finally began to soften, cum flowing gracefully from her penis, Nikki eagerly and adorably lapped at it and suckled softly to swallow it all. Despite the girl trapped wthin, Nikki... Nicole even (whether she'd admit it or not) adored the taste, and adored Mistress's reaction. "Mmmmm... there's my sweet cuddlebunny, lick it all up now like a good little bunbun." Nikki did exactly that… her pink rubbercoated little tongue slipping rapidly and cutely out of her lips to lap away at every salty drop. It was adorable, and Nikki knew it all too well, but it was so good. Phoebe gently stroked Nikki's cheek as the last of it seeped out. "Very good girl. Now come to Mistress and cuddle, it's time for bed. You wore Mistress out, bunbun, and you deserve your reward."

Even though the body was willing, Nicole's shame and fear still slowed Nikki down a bit, almost like a weight too heavy for the poor cuddlebunny to bear. As she slowly crawled into Phoebe's embrace, and curled up like frightened youth in her captor's arms, ears mostly flat, but still twitching a bit, Phoebe could tell the fear was still holding her back from the bliss that she wanted to offer her bunny doll.

Phoebe smiled and petted her head as she held the needy bunny. "It's ok, my cute little slave. Surrendering oneself completely is hard, and I know you can't hold out another night. You’re as good as mine, now. I’m not angry that silly Nyx was able to elude me; the important thing is you need your Mistress now, and she promised she'd be here to hold you... and I will. I am a little disappointed though, bunbun. You're such an amazing slave... adorable, affectionate, obedient, and so sweet. I really had hoped you'd be mine tonight. We both know you want to. What do you have to go back to? All your friends are here, your parents don't seem to care much for you, and I offer you genuine affection. Don't you want to join your sisters, be a sexy Preppie Doll like all of them? Don't you want your pom-poms, to be fully accepted in the only place you're welcome?"

Nikki couldn't do anything but snuggle a little tighter. By now, she was absolutely terrified. She did want to join her sisters, to be given her own pom-poms, the apparent symbol of Mistress's complete claim, but she was so scared. She knew what it could mean to depend on another, especially one so selfish and twisted. She didn't want her life in the hands of another... but she did...but she didn't... but she did... Exhausted, the frightened bunny finally drifted into a comfortable semiconscious afterglow in the only safe place she knew anymore, albeit the very place that would end her... Mistress's arms. Phoebe simply watched the doll sleep for the rest of the evening, stroking her long soft hair, thinking fondly of the finished product, until she too drifted into a pleasant dream state. It would seem Nikki would have to wait a little longer, for tomorrow she had yet another unique prize to claim.

Phoebe awoke rather early Wednesday morning. It was only about 6 am, but she had fallen asleep rather early as well. The young dominatrix was all but trapped in her pet's needy embrace, so as she slowly woke up, she simply stroked Nikki's ear and nuzzled her softly, allowing her to rest in her torment. Phoebe thought it might be best for the doll to remain here for now. Her spot could wait until its occupant was ready move in on a permanent basis. Phoebe struggled to leave her dolly. The poor thing was doing so well, and being so good, quietly and cutely holding onto her Mistress... it seemed for dear life, but Phoebe knew she had other lives to conquer and repair. She was remiss to leave the bunny alone all day, so went downstairs to fetch the Melissa doll for her to cuddle. That way Nikki could get the snuggles she needed and Melissa would be just responsive enough to encourage the bunny not to avoid her. As Phoebe tucked the dolls in together, the two toys pressing eagerly up against each other, she considered staying home to get some chores done, but decided to go ahead and go to school, hoping to avoid suspicion. She kissed the lobes of both of their ears, and then dressed herself rather inconspicuously for the day, almost like the way she used to dress.

School itself was quiet that day. Whispers were abounding about the storm yesterday, and the rumors were beginning to circulate that Candace and Tom would have used it as a perfect cover to run away. Phoebe was prepared for this, having known Candace's parental issues, and it helped her out by dragging some of the others into the same rumor. As for Phoebe, being the rather quiet new girl, no one was willing to assume she was connected. Anyone who was was hard pressed to find themselves on the bad side of the creepy new kid. This only left Allison as a problem, and it would be simple enough to forge the transfer papers. She even considered talking to Donny and Eric, but that would leave witnesses and arouse suspicion. She had enough money stored away to pay off a couple fellows later this afternoon. She knew where to go, too.

After keeping herself inconspicuous for the day, she made her way to one of the less desirable neighborhoods in town. The people who frequented the area were rather intimidated by the young goth, who was known to buy some rather unusual contraband chemistry from some of the dealers, not to mention the small perky girl who fearlessly wandered this part of town. It wasn't hard for her to hire a couple nice looking fellows to pretend to be gay men pretending to be straight for five minutes for a bill each. Phoebe didn't waste any time going home, showering, getting dressed, and driving to the orphanage to arrive for half after six.

H.R. Destry Western Public wasn't much of an orphanage. It was one of two state run establishments in the city, with three private ones. The fortunate orphans, as it was said, lived in those, and the dead ones in Southern Public. WP was only a little better than its counterpart, but still famous for not giving a shit. The residents were fed and provided for well enough, but the children were infamously unhappy, and the teenagers nothing but troublemakers. Allison, a 9th grader at Phoebe's school, was an example of one of the good ones. She was sweet, but disgustingly shy and far too timid. Her social skills were crap, and her self-image was rather pathetic. She seemed to most to be Candace's pet project, but even Phoebe wouldn't have guessed she was a lesbian. It would make her job a fair bit more challenging. Granted, she conquered Kitten pretty well, despite his preference, but this was going to be a little different. Sure, Phoebe loved her dollies. She liked being in charge and in control, but like any girl, even she from time to time wanted a lover that was a bit more …aggressive.

It was a simple manner to convince the receptionist to let her take Allison out. Her temps simply had to smile and stand about for a bit. For all the clerk cared, a lizard could do the talking, as long as everything seemed to fit. Phoebe was told to wait outside for Allison. As she left she paid her junky friends, and they were off to buy drugs behind the supermarket or steal a car, or whatever it was those nerds did. Phoebe returned to wait patiently beside the car with the small bouquet and box of chocolates she'd purchased... well the bouquet she'd bought, at least.

The youth stepped out of the door, throwing a small empty white box away with mild frustration. It wasn't a secret that Allison smoked, nor with her situation, was it a surprise. Fortunately this fit well into Phoebe's plans, and fortunately she would prove quite helpful in helping the girl quit. She looked about and saw Phoebe who simply smiled and stood up straight. Ali looked curiously at the girl; she hadn't been expecting a white person. She shrugged dispassionately and timidly made her way to Phoebe. Allison, herself, was also white, and nearly as pale as Phoebe, but still very flush. She looked as shy as she was, and it wasn't a little. She was known to easily blush and laugh very quietly. Her bad habit had left a small, occasional rasp in her laugh. She seemed physically as frail as she was timid. She was healthy, but lithe, barely five feet and just pushing 110 pounds. She dressed in long skirts and modest blouses, but not so much as to hide her shape, which was one thing she did have. More so, she was pretty. Gentle eyes and a soft smile hid a faint loneliness, and her face was often hidden under her long, dark brown hair. Phoebe didn't know her story, nor did she care, as she was confident the girl would be happy enough again by nightfall.

"You.... you don't look like a 'Miranda'."

"You don't look like an Alicia," Phoebe replied.

Ali's response was indignant but soft, as if she wanted to balk but was too worried about scaring her off... or pissing her off. "My name's not Alicia. It's Allison."

Phoebe giggled as she walked around the car to open Ali's door. "I know."

Allison gave her supposed escort a strange look, but at the same time seemed amused and even a bit taken with Phoebe. She smiled faintly, and blushed rather more prominently, as she got into the car.

Phoebe smiled back as she closed the door and returned to the driver's seat, where she finally delivered the chocolate and flowers. "Oh, these are yours." Allison blushed further and said little.

As they began to drive, Allison didn't speak, but didn't remain still either. "Are you nervous?" asked her hostess.

"A... a little bit. I'm not used to these things."

"It's ok, I'm not going to push you..." Phoebe's voice fell into a mumble, "I'm quite sure you'll be doing that yourself."


"I was just getting my plans straight in my head..." she looked at the nervous youth. "Don't worry, it'll be fine. Relax. You are very pretty you know."

Allison blinked and took a moment to catch up with herself. She began to blush. "Thanks, you too... I'm not used to that, either."

Phoebe tried not to grin and pulled out a strange looking package of cigarettes, vaguely resembling a rather unknown brand. "Cigarette?"

"Oh, yes thank you. I didn't know you smoked. Hmm, I don't see many of these, are they any good?"

"They're different I suppose, but I like them well enough. Need a light?"

"Thanks." Phoebe lit the cigarette as they drew closer to her house. Allison seemed to have enough on her mind so as not to give notice that they were moving into an upper middle-class neighborhood, rather than a commercial district. Her distraction was further impacted when she inhaled the vile smoke.

She opened the window and hocked out all the spit she could to expel the taste. "Shit, these are disgusting. It tastes like... burning newspaper." Allison was keen, as the fake smoke was in fact little more than newspaper in a cigarette wrapper. The girl continued to gag and spit but couldn't get the taste out of her mouth.

"I guess that's why they're unpopular," Phoebe retorted all but carelessly.

"They're disgusting, and the taste is stuck on my tongue."

Phoebe had to control her initial reaction, but was amused and a bit put off, as to Phoebe, that description fit every cigarette ever made. "I'm sorry, hun, maybe some of the chocolate will help dull the taste."

Without really thinking or hesitating, she opened the box and tossed an entire piece into her mouth. She didn't notice Phoebe's grin, but she noticed they were pulling into a driveway. "Um...what are we doing here?" Inquired Allison with a mouth full of what was, for the moment, chocolate. Phoebe didn't answer. She simply got out opened the garage door, and came back to the car. Allison may have tried to get away, if other distractions weren't taking her attention.

The chocolates, which had seemed a moment ago to simply melt as she chewed, were becoming tough and chewy, and beginning to stick to her tongue and teeth. As she reacted, one hand fell upon the exposed candies in the open box and they began to stick to her hand as well. Her other hand was caught up in the substance as she tried to pull it off her teeth. Allison began to panic as Phoebe calmly opened the house door, then the passenger door. Ali was not so quick to trust this strange girl. It was enough that "Miranda" was white, and had given her foul cigarettes and rubbery chocolate, but the way she was dressed didn't help any either. She seemed casual enough in the torn black jeans, high heeled boots, and white blouse, but the black vest with the deep purple buttons, matching the purple studs on her belt, the choker, and black arm warmers, had given Ali cause for doubt from the beginning. Knowing Allison wouldn't co-operate, Phoebe nonetheless calmly suggested they go inside so Ali could find a sink.

Indeed, Ali tried to pull the door closed, for all the good it would have done her, but Phoebe didn't let her chocolate colored latex coated fingers touch the door. She pulled the timid girl forcefully from the car onto her knees. Allison tried to speak, but the substance was already coating her tongue and gums, and crawling out over her lips. Her eyes began to water as she became quite well terrified and her next reaction was to stand up and run. Phoebe smirked as she purposely tossed the remaining chocolates on the floor. Still, Ali barely made it beside the trunk of the car before Phoebe tackled her and flipped herself around so her back hit the floor rather undesirably. Phoebe was more worried about her victim though, as she pulled her face in and kissed her in a rather sultry manner on the now coated lips. For a moment, Allison didn't resist. The feeling was unwelcome, but oddly intoxicating. The lingering flavor of chocolate and the smoothness of latex combined to send a slight shiver through the girl. When Phoebe's tongue slipped through, however, Allison tried to push away with her hands, which were quickly becoming completely coated. She was once again distracted as Phoebe grabbed her ankles and removed her shoes while she watched her fingers become bound together save her thumb. The coating was beginning to fade into a deep red.

Allison was wearing hose, but it was of no matter to Phoebe, as the coating would easily penetrate. "Mmh, dark chocolate flavored rubber... a very sensual flavor you know." Phoebe threw the wedges behind her and smiled at her 'guest.' "See, I've made it easier for you to run away." Allison knew Phoebe was toying with her, but her body reacted before her mind could catch up. The young girl stumbled partially to her feet and moved backwards only to step on the candies and smear them against her soles. She fell again and was like to start crying only the latex had coated her chin and reached her nose, and she was struck with yet another distraction.

Allison's olfactory glands were suddenly flooded with the scent of dark chocolate. It faded quickly, but left the sweet taste against her now coated tongue and throat, in a weird way waking up her darker and more sensual instincts. To exacerbate that very effect her nose was then overpowered by the smell of flowers, especially roses, followed by a heavy concentration of human female pheromones. The young pubescent lesbian couldn't help but react with a deep inhale, quickly becoming horny as her nose was imprisoned in the coating, along with her cheeks as well as her wrists and onto her arms. She tried to gather herself, but at the same moment, the rubber was caressing the increasingly sensitive soles of her feet, as the "chocolate" seeped through the hosiery to begin coating her from the bottom.

It was all timed rather perfectly, and Phoebe hesitated to deliver her surprise so soon, but felt the confusion of sexual repulsion and overstimulation would best serve her sinister purposes. Phoebe unzipped her pants to free herself rather immediately seeing as she'd not bothered with any extra layers. Allison could hear her footsteps as she straddled the kneeling girl, placing her gender bend right in her victim's face. Allison had a feeling of dread overcome her that was proven warranted when she opened her eyes to see the erection. Befitting Phoebe's style, it was the last thing her eyes would see. She squealed what little she still could and fell back in a mix of disgust, confusion, and panic as the now bright crimson consumed her face.

Allison was quite suddenly trapped in darkness with no escape from the overpowering scent of hot sex, nor from the touch of the rubber. Indeed, it was becoming quite arousing as it wrapped around her foot binding together her four smaller toes as it dipped between them and the large one... as usual, teasing her as her soles seemed to be becoming more vulnerable to the pleasurable sensations. It also was crawling up her legs as quickly as it was her elbows, scalp, and down her neck. The rubber, still shifting in color to a light, almost shocking red, was creating an extremely pleasant warmth, making it all too hard for the aroused girl to ignore the stimulation. Nonetheless, the image of masculine sex was fresh in the lenses of her sealed eyes, and she knew she needed to try and get away before she was... indeed as yet it remained defined in her mind... raped by this... whatever she was. Little did she expect to be the one attacking Phoebe in a few minutes. She grabbed the hood of the SUV and tried to stand up, but could resist neither the slick sensation of the coating on her all too vulnerable feet, nor the overwhelming smell of sex and fell again to her knees. "Still trying to lock yourself safely away in my car? I have no objection to that. In fact, I think it's good place to start."

Phoebe roughly grabbed Allison by the hair, which was already beginning to fade to a slightly lighter brown, and pulled her towards the back door of the vehicle. Allison could do little to resist. She was drowned with a rather potent urge to jump the first female thing she detected, and distracted with the pleasant sensations and sensual scents overtaking her. She was beginning to feel like an animal in heat. Phoebe opened the door and easily enough forced the girl into the very back seat, then crawled into the car and closed the door, as she waited for Allison's transformation to take control.

Phoebe was horny, and her victim already knew it, aside from the erection, she could smell, practically feel her captor's arousal, and normally the fear would have easily turned her off. Allison couldn't, though, retreat from the arousal as the warmth and smoothness contoured her thighs, driving forth her own unwilling arousal, and swallowed her shoulders. Any fear she was experiencing was focused towards the impending sealing of her breasts and mound, and her feelings towards Phoebe were channeled into simple anger, as the entire situation began to become more arousing over the scents and sensations of animalistic sex. The girl was still aware enough to realize where she was, especially as she heard the car door shut and lock her in with her kidnapper.

Although she could think of little to do beyond try to attack and overpower Phoebe, as her fear seemed violently if ironically frightened out of her, she knew she had to resist. She whimpered what little she could and tried to back up into the corner to protect herself, but her rubbercoated and now erogenous feet slipped against the seat, only distracting her for the added pleasure of the rubber as it began to tease at her ass, and reach and spill over her breasts, even through her underthings, which were appearing to be corroded by the substance. It felt far too nice to resist and the frightened …or angry little girl softened and started to wriggle in response to the invading pleasure.

When the latex finally petted over her nipples and lips at once as the bra and panties loosened enough to fall away, she couldn't help but inhale deeply from the sexual stimulation attacking her virginal orifices and her feet, causing the powerful and sensual aroma of chocolate, sweat, and sex to permeate her already aroused form from within. At once, she snapped from fear and anger, and broke to the pleasure. She felt as Phoebe sat on the seat beside her, and could think of little immediately beyond mauling the bitch.

Allison's mind was quickly, though, becoming saturated with sex, and she was as hesitant to act on her instincts, as she was to respond to her body. She could still see Phoebe's penis plainly in her eyes, as even they too began to feel more surreal. Her mind seemed to be reducing itself to almost animal intelligence, even if the human was still well aware underneath her trapped senses. By now the rubber had taken on a hot pink shade and was quickly collapsing towards her belly button, having almost completely corroded her stockings. It wasted no time covering her tailbone and beginning to build up in that one spot, as well on top of her head, under her rapidly reddening hair. The confusion and resistance, snowballing within her, both broke as the substance tingled upon rimming and entering her sex and anus and completely overtaking her breasts.

She lunged at Phoebe meaning to hit, beat, strangle, or thrash her, but as she felt the girl's body against her own, however much a girl it may or may not have been, and pondered her face and lips and her fingers slipped over her neck, the arousal taking over her body began to dampen the hesitation in her mind, and leave her intense anger as little more than an unidentifiable bestial emotion which was quickly taken into lust. Phoebe knew exactly what was happening and simply smiled before Allison lunged her lips against Phoebe's and began to kiss her with the passion and lust of a wolf in heat. Phoebe wrapped her hands around the small of her victim's back just as the rubber converged there and finally sealed the girl in her Preppie Doll prison. The transformation was not nearly finished though.

From within her still intact skirt and shirt, the rubber poured through and quickly consumed them, condensing both the conservative blouse and long skirt into much smaller garments, while the tail began to stretch out in what for the moment seemed a feline design, however betrayed by the large pointed ears. As either finished their length, they were capped by the color of chocolate. As the rubber dried and sealed the girl in, that on her hands, lower arms, feet, and lower claves also reverted to the chocolate color, leaving her as Phoebe's first two-toned doll. As the tail filled out, the reason would become quite plain. Meanwhile Allison made the mistake of continuing to try and resist her urges.

The more aggressive her inner mind became the more receptive her body turned towards the sexual stimuli... the smell of Phoebe's pheromones distilled into the latex under the chocolate, the warm and unforgiving arousal of the rubber to all her delicate spots… and now her feet, and the hot body against her. She began to lose focus on gender. Phoebe looked female and smelled female, so in some weird way, the penis burned into her dark sight registered as female. With every shred of fight the girl inside tried to put forth, the animal in the pink rubber wanted her Mistress that much more. As the rubber began to solidify into the Preppie Dolls uniform, Phoebe's member was quick to slip under the hem and stroke the rubber encased lips of the fiery red head. Allison could only respond by pressing just barely against it before diving down onto her Mistress. As the pink, brown-tipped vulpine tail finally took shape, so had Phoebe's most passionate cheerleader slave. Allison was violently riding Phoebe even as the deep breathing, hot bodied shemale pushed her toy's back against the back seat of Tom's... now her... car and took her victim as deeply, slowly, and passionately as Ali would allow.

The newest addition to Phoebe's collection was quite a bit more aggressive than usual, and such was what Phoebe wanted. Phoebe wanted to speak, but Allison refused to stop kissing her Mistress. Phoebe could barely even breathe as the toy was using her rubbery back to slide against the seat and ride her even in the awkward position. Allison raised one leg to press her toes against the ceiling of the vehicle, as the other ankle was thrown between Phoebe's legs, to try to keep the redhead's skull from ramming the wall. As her delicate toes graced the surfaces she only moved faster, bracing herself fully with her tail wrapped around Phoebe’s waist. When Phoebe finally got her lips free, the rubber toes began stroking ever gently behind the rest of her manhood and forced a deeply pleasured moan from the girl's throat. As soon as the vixen determined Phoebe liked it, her relentlessness had a new outlet. Phoebe could feel her penis shivering, and knew then that she really didn't need to rub it in with this one, especially as the toy was busy rubbing Phoebe in every way. Phoebe's neck loosened up ever slightly, and Ali reacted quickly to grab her head and pull her down into another kiss.

Despite the vixen's extreme insistence, though, Allison was still trying to fight back from inside, but it felt good. Phoebe's chest pressed against her pert and encased globes, the delicate female form moving against her, the pleasure all over her powerful new body... it was as if her body could barely even tell whether Phoebe was boy or girl, and her mind was beginning not to care. As Phoebe's warmth graced her insides and began to drive her to orgasm, her mind clouded and blurred into her body. She didn't entirely want to fight this. She felt confident; she felt good, and it was fucking hot. In some way Allison knew she was being taken, but at the same time she liked taking another, and as the climax built within her, such opposites rapidly became meaningless and she only wanted to please herself in pleasing Phoebe, whether Phoebe liked it or not.

Phoebe herself had no doubt that Allison belonged to her now. In some ways she was the male... after all she was the one doing the fucking... more or less, and she would be all too able to hold herself hostage against her new lover. She resolved for now to surrender to the beast and let Allison ride out the pleasure until the inevitable, yet grossly pleasurable disappointment. She melted into the doll's lust and affection, and allowed the vixen to embrace her with arms and sex and pull her in as she wished, thrusting towards a climax not to come as she forced Phoebe's delicate skin into rapid strokes against herself.

Phoebe loosened her lips softly into the violently lustful kiss and let her feminine body melt into the still somewhat lesbian arms. It was exactly what the enchantress had wanted of her victim, an intense and sincere, if animally driven, lover. Phoebe's orgasm came so quickly she didn't even realize the shift from the deep lust to slow, dark, fluent pleasure, except in that her whole body shivered with the rise of the wonderful sensation, meanwhile Allison was to be left with a much different fate.

As the doll's pleasure finally maxed out she allowed herself to release, but nothing happened. The pleasure increased, and again she let go, but nothing. Finally she forced the release one last time much to the disappointment of her lusting body, as no orgasm was granted. In releasing her body to the pleasure she would not reap, however, Allison finally released her mind as well and with the intensity of the denial, her mind did not flow back into her body but was thrust at that moment of lust into subservience and helplessness. The pleasurable torment of what wasn't blasted through her left her body racing and her mind confused until it cracked completely into itself, as she became at once a creature of pure lust and a slave to her Mistress's desire.

Allison had woken up, and suddenly realized what she had become, and there was nothing she could do about it. With all the passion in her heated blood, she wanted Phoebe, and she wanted to orgasm, but she was as imprisoned in her own pleasure as she was in her own prey. She could not shake or cry or scream or run, only clench herself in terror, swimming amidst denied pleasure, and wrap her body around her warm, soft, beautiful Mistress... alpha... whatever. Then her rubber bound scalp felt the tenderness of Mistress's fingers running through her hair.

"Shhhhh, Hush now Alicia. I know your body is crying at once for both release and for desire for me, but there is nothing you can do now, my slave. You just have to calm down and let your body accept what it has become. I have released the passion that was inside you, so you don’t have to hesitate anymore. Now you can be the passionate woman you should be. But that new freedom comes with the price of subservience to me. I can’t simply let you become a raging animal, now can I? Your denial will remind you always who is the Mistress and who is the slave... and such a passionate slave you are, Alicia... yeah, that’s your name now, slave... Allison is far too soft a name for such an intense lover. Now you rest, Alicia. Breathe. Let the pleasure consume your body, and let your body consume your mind, and you won't have to worry about the guilt or shame or fear of being my slave." She kissed Alicia gently on the lips and several times along her cheek. "It’ll feel as natural as your lust, and your mind will get to rest as you learn your place."

Allis... Alicia could do nothing but hear the voice of her new Mistress... indeed her new owner, as it pierced her inflamed spirit and at once put the beast in its place and fed the fire of her passion. She wrapped her encased and helplessly aroused body against the softness of her captor and softened into the evil yet wonderful embrace, her mind lying awake as Phoebe fell into sleep there in her arms. Her body was still wracked with want, and only the exhaustion of the denial was enough to quell her raging lust, that and the thought of subservience to her kidnapper. Her body was a vessel of bestial desire, and her mind a prisoner of another. That thought and fear kept her quiet for now as her mind tried to balance the two. After all, she knew she couldn't escape… and quite honestly, she didn't want to.

The poor vixen couldn't help but squirm and wriggle a bit, desperately trying to escape some of the arousal tormenting her sultry new form. The rubber shaped her legs, hugged her already round hips, and accentuated her healthy breasts. She was furthermore trapped in her Preppie Doll uniform, all of which made her quite well aware of how smoking hot she was. Indeed the only thing easing the confusion of her new potent sexuality was the fittingly soft girl wrapped in her arms whose finger she was wrapped around. Alicia's mind was clouded with the confusion of her state and the juxtaposition of her feral need and submission... a competitive pairing of mentalities which would gradually overwhelm her thoughts to the exclusion of all others and give her fully to her new alpha as they became the only things on her mind. Phoebe's most challenging work turned out to be her easiest conquest. In short order, Alicia would be little more than a creature of lust, controlled only by the cleverness of her alpha female.

It didn't take much longer for the exhaustion caused by the sudden outpour of intensity to catch up the doll, and she slipped into a state of semiconscious lust. There was no doubt she belonged to Phoebe, and little concern would be given in the end to her disappearance. Hell, they'd likely just think she ran away. Phoebe had only one prize left to claim now, and the most important member of her squad would be by far the most difficult to defeat. Phoebe knew it would take a long thought out process to win her over, and she had a plan. For now, though, she was content to rest happily in the arms of her refreshingly aggressive dolly, after working so hard on all the others. The Squad Captain would just have to wait her turn.


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