The Process 1: Alice's Story

by Tit for Tat

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This story contains elements of an adult nature. If you are not 18 or stumbled upon this by accident, please move along as there is nothing to see here. Those that are of age, please enjoy. Story contains NC, Abduction, Body mod, BE, Penis growth, Sex doll, Mild gore

Part 1: Alice's Story

Chapter 1

I hated this shit hole. The hours were terrible, it stank of smoke and working the bar didn't have the allure that it used to. Not to mention getting hit on by severely drunken guys had lost it's appeal. I wasn't the best looking girl and knew that their compliments and rude advances had nothing to do with my looks, though, everything to do with the alcohol that seemed to consume them. At least some days were better than others.

My name is Alice and I'm about 5'5” with medium brown hair that I keep short in order to make life a little easier. My short, messy hair also eased the length at which the never ending, booze infested proposition for sex that my job became in the later hours of the night. I didn't have what you would call a sexy body either. I was about 50 pounds overweight with barely any tits to speak of and a shape that resembled more of a beer can than a wine glass. To put it nicely, most people could do better than me and I knew it. My only redeeming quality was my brown, almond shaped eyes that seemed to get most of the attention. If the rest of me had worked out like my eyes had, I probably wouldn't have been stuck here. I knew I could do better, but I had given up some time ago.

I was cleaning up one night with two guys at a table in the corner who seemed to be doing nothing but sipping their drinks and watching the bar flies as they eventually got drunk enough to stumble out. It was both a blessing and a curse that they were quiet, but they weren't ordering anything other than what they had originally purchased. They looked more sober than I was.

“Alright guys... it's about that time.” I said as I stepped to their table. They talking and checked me out. It wasn't often that I had sober guys give me that kind of look and frankly, it creeped me out. “Can I get you one for the road?”

“I think we're good.” the taller, lighter haired guy said before the shorter, ginger one nodded.

“Finish them up boys, I'm closing up for the night.” I said before cleaning off a few tables. I heard some moans coming from the bathroom and sighed as I put up a few chairs along the way.

“Get the fuck out of my bathroom and find a room.” I said as I beat on the door. “That or I call the cops for public indecency.” I shouted before hearing the moans stop and a guy say fuck under his breath.

I went back to the bar to see the two of them stumble out, leaving one only one more guy passed out and the two odd guys in the corner. I turned the lights low and began to mop the floor hoping that they would get the hint. The older guy finally woke up and looked around as he about fell out of his chair and made an exit.

“Come on guy's, I wanna go home.” I said as I finished up my routine. It was inevitable that someone would make it impossible to close the place up at a descent hour.

“Sorry, we'll be leaving.” the taller, light haired guy said as he pulled on the shorter ginger guy. The short guy nodded and smiled at me before they both left.

I sighed and threw my rag into the sink behind the bar. Looking to the bathroom, I just didn't have the energy to deal with it. “Fuck it.” I said as I grabbed my keys and my coat.

Walking out into the cold, I turned the double lock on the door and shivered. It was a good thing that my apartment was just down the street. I was just about to turn when gloved hands pulled against my mouth and kept me from yelling. A thrill of terror exploded inside of me just as I felt a sting in my ass. I fought for a second longer until my muscles stopped obeying me. My mind fogged over seconds before a wave of exhaustion took the world from me. Blissful rest cleared away all of my remaining thoughts that something terrible had befallen me.

Chapter 2

I was in a wooden chair with the breeze cooling my hot skin. My view showed my body in front of me with the ocean just beyond. My black bikini did little to cover my pathetic boobs and chubby stomach. I really didn't give a fuck. I looked to my right hand to see some kind of tropical drink in my grip and the taste of coconut on my lips. All of my cares melted away. I even slipped a hand under my bottoms to rub the only friend I had left in the world. She always treated me well when I felt good enough to play. The familiar sensations added to my the heat in my skin and the fuzziness that came only from relaxing with a drink.

- 0 -

My head was killing me. I tried to open my eyes and move my body, but it felt as if I had been hit by a truck. Thoughts about the beach lingered in my mind until I felt the cold, hard surface below me. My body, hot like a fever, felt like it was sizzling against the solid coolness under my form. I was naked.

The fog began to lift as I opened my eyes to watch the room around me spin. I had been there before from the consumption of too much alcohol, but this was different. I didn't do this and if felt as if I were almost floating.

Suddenly, the memory of leaving the bar sprang into my thoughts just before the hands covered my mouth. The sting I felt in my ass, I had been drugged. Someone put me here.

“Yoooureee.” I slurred as I wobbled to a sitting position. “Yoooree in... fuur some... shit.” I said as I felt like I was going to be sick. The nausea passed when I closed my eyes and felt my entire body throb like I had held my breath too long. “WhenI... wakeup... I'm... gunna get ya.” I said before the thought of my own words tickled me. I laughed before falling over with my view perpendicular to the floor. The gray room looked almost round.

- 0 -

I came to with a start, feeling my body ache deeply. I sat up and felt the circular room spin for just a moment around me and began to panic at the sight. There was a long curved mirror around half of the room with the opposite side as nothing but concrete. There were no doors. The light above me seemed to glow through an opaque ceiling as if it were one big light, directionless and unobtainable.

I pushed myself to kneeling and saw some kind of artwork on the floor that looked like a large, circular symbol with many others around it. It could have been the drugs that were still in me, but they seemed to be moving, drawing themselves in even finer, more complicated symbols.

My breathing became shallow and rapid as I looked over my nude body, but that part didn't bother me. Where I was and how I got there were my only concerns. I knew enough from seeing many movies that the usual questions probably wouldn't get me anywhere. I started big.

“What is this on the floor?” I asked as the lines seemed to almost glow green as they continued to draw themselves. “Some kind of language?”

I stood up feeling woosey and got a better look at it. The lines formed a large circle that covered the entire floor with another circle inside of it about a foot away from the wall. There were 5 small circles, evenly spaced between the track around the outside that contained what looked like ancient runes or hieroglyphics. In the middle of the second large circle was a triangle made out of some kind of language. The whole thing looked terribly ominous.

No matter what I asked, I got no response. I yelled, I beat on the mirrors, I looked for a way out. The only thing that changed about my situation was that the floor had stopped changing along with the green glow dying out. Eventually, I ran out of steam and laid on the floor to fall asleep.

I woke up in the same situation only this time, I had to pee as well as being incredibly hungry. Knowing that there was no toilet available, I stood in front of the mirror and squatted to piss while staring into the mirror. I gave whoever was behind is my best 'I will murder you' stare. I doubt that it helped, but at least it made me feel better.

Three days, I slept on the floor of the room and filled my time with trying to get out. My frustrations were taken out by beating on the mirror incessantly and whistling the same tune over and over again. I hoped whoever was watching would get annoyed and let me out. The only problem was the hunger. I hadn't eaten in four days... if it had been that long.

“Come on you fuckers. I know that I'm fat, but I have to eat!” I yelled before hearing a grinding noise coming from the wall opposite of the mirror.

I yanked my head around to see the concrete moving as if it were some kind of door. I sprang into action and waited for my chance before a kind of metal panel rotated into place with the door sized portion of the wall sliding back in. I looked dumbly at the panel with an odd kind of spout coming from with with a sign above that simply said 'Food'.

“Yeah... like I'm going to fall for that.” I said sarcastically as I saw some kind of pink gunk dripping from the odd tip of the spout. The thing looked almost like a limp dick.

My stomach growled loudly before an intense pang of hunger followed. I considered it for only a second before sitting in the middle of the room with my legs pressed to my chest and my arms hugging them against me. The longer I stayed and waited, the deeper my hunger grew. I felt tears begin to run down my face with a fear of what was really happening. I was too stubborn to ask.

My hunger got the best of me after waking from a long, fitful sleep. The pain had grown causing my stomach to feel like it was imploding. Not only that, I felt weak from the lack of sustenance. I convinced myself that I would rather die than take whatever was coming out of the spout, but every time I looked at it, it became more enticing. I hadn't even used the bathroom in several days due to the lack of food.

I sat up weakly and approached the rubbery spout coming from the metal panel and pulled some of the viscous pink fluid onto my finger. It smelled like vinegar and seemed to dry on my skin like flexible glue. I was so hungry that I shoved my finger in my mouth and licked the strange substance causing my stomach to turn.

“I can't eat this.” I said as I turned and looked back at the mirror. I could almost imagine the taller, light-haired guy with his ginger buddy next to him. I closed my fist in anger and sighed deeply. It was this, or die. I was still trying to decide.

I teetered back and fourth at the thought of of getting more of the pink stuff onto my hand and forcing myself to eat it. The more I waited, the more I thought of taking the thing into my mouth and letting it fill me with whatever it had to offer me.

I wrapped my hands around the rubbery spout that had almost the shape of a penis and sighed deeply. I watched it come close to my face before opening my mouth and braced for the taste. I was pretty sure that I would have eaten my own shit if this wasn't available.

The vinegar taste touched the back of my tongue and I gagged with the smell wafting up through my nose. I willed myself to suck the thing only to have it feel like it was puffing up. I was no stranger to sex and it felt like a guy growing hard in my mouth. Before I had a chance to change my mind, the thing swelled to the point that it forced my mouth open with it stuck in my teeth.

“MOO!!!” I yelled around it as I tried to back up. Drips of the fluid spilled onto my tongue and made me gag once more. In my panic, I closed my lips and sucked hard on the thing causing a blast of the gunk to fill my throat making me swallow to keep breathing. The thing filled every space in my mouth leaving no room for breathing and dribbled some more. I couldn't help but swallow and panicked with nearly chocking constantly. Really... I wanted I should have chosen death.

Chapter 3

My stomach turned upside down and roiled with nausea as I sucked at the thing in my mouth. Despite swallowing enough that should have killed my hunger, it only grew worse. I put my hands against the metal panel and sucked for all I was worth with tears running down my face. The feeling of being semi-force fed was terrifying and wrong on so many levels.

I kept sucking at the thing with none of my aliments improving. I put my hands to my pudgy stomach to feel that it had grown significantly, I felt... fatter yet tight like I was over full.

I yelled and pulled against the thing that filled my mouth only to cause my jaw to hurt. Between swallows, I moaned and cried as if it would do me any good. Eventually, I gave up after several hours only to feel that the fatty tightness had spread to other areas of my body. My mind seemed to shut off and blindly suck at the thing. There was nothing else I could do and fear had gripped me in it's frozen hand allowing my body to blindly follow what was offered to me.

It felt like days until the fluid stopped flowing and the thing in my mouth began to deflate. When there was just enough room to free myself. I yanked my head backward from the wall and felt a terrible pain. Blood and teeth flew from my mouth as if in slow motion while I fell to the floor.

“EYAHHHH!!” I yelled as the pain filled my mouth. It felt like someone had taken every one of my teeth and pulled them all at once without any anesthetic. The sharp, knife-like stabs eventually dulled as I cried and felt my body. I was incredibly fat with tight, pale skin. The sight and feel of my body along with the intense pain was too much for me and I sobbed mindlessly into a deep sleep.

- 0 -

Sickness. A greenish-purple bile of desperation. The gut wrenching feeling of seeing someone you love die in front of your eyes. My mom on her deathbed. A putrid stench with no escape.

“Ugghhhh.” I groaned loudly as every inch of my body ached. My stomach wretched uncontrollably, my hair hurt, my bones ached, my head pounded and my ass quivered like I was holding in diarrhea. “Ugghhh.” I moaned again as I felt my fatter body in my hands. “Pleease... jus kill me.” I whispered with a strange lisp due to my teeth missing.

I rolled on the floor so that I was flat on my back and willed myself to puke. I wanted to choke on it and get busy dying. I was already halfway there.

I turned further to look toward the mirrored section of the room and saw an odd pedestal coming out from the exact middle of the floor with the triangle or symbols surrounding it. The stump looked like it was made of ivory with a glass cylinder sitting on top. Inside the cylinder was a prefect metal sphere with a highly polished surface. The lines of the floor crept up the surface of the pedestal only to flow into the sphere.

The sickness grew. I felt like I was ready to puke my insides out as the ache filled my entire body. The green glow filled more of the room just as my skin felt like it was ready to burn off or split open. I knew for a fact that I was going to die. I writhed in agony and the feeling of certain death until something snapped inside of me. It felt as if my insides were migrating in opposite directions and gathering in my ass and my throat.

I sat up quickly feeling my world spin as I simultaneously vomited and shit myself. I closed my eyes with the feeling that my stomach was turning inside out then opened them in terror. A bloody, mass of tissue clung to my mouth just as I threw up again. More came out along with the sensation of my stomach coming along with it.

My ass let loose and I was powerless to stop it as I felt the same thing happening behind me. A warm wetness touched the insides of my legs and grew longer with every involuntary heave of my body. I was literally puking and shitting my guts out.

Just as I thought I couldn't take anymore, I heaved to feel the rest of whatever was in me to finally come out. I looked down to see a pile of bloody entrails that included my stomach. The green lines of the floor absorbed the bloody mess in front of me with dancing runes. Seconds later, the same happened behind me before I collapsed.

- 0 -

I awoke with the sense that something was terribly wrong. The awful nausea and incredibly loose stool were gone, but the deep ache in my bones and the tightness of my skin had filled the void. I sat up and pushed my face from the floor weakly to see strands of my own hair being consumed by the runic green lines and panted heavily with a fever filling my body. I started to panic as I tried to talk noticing that my tongue had come out with my innards. I felt my face with my hands then to my head that was now almost completely bald. In a panic, I put my fingers in my mouth to search for my missing tongue to find that not even my gums remained.

“UuuuAAHH!!!” I yelled through my nose. My throat wasn't even allowing me to breathe through it anymore. I yelled again just as I saw the skin over my hand split. I expected it to hurt, but it felt more like a relief from the pressure under it. My other hand did the same before popping sounds came from all over my body. I was... molting?

As my skin came apart with deep lacerations, I saw a shiny, slightly pink, beige color appear underneath. I touched it with my withering fingers only to have my skin peel away like a sun burn. I frantically pulled at my skin as panic filled me only to have it come off in large chunks and strips leaving nothing but a shiny, almost rubbery texture underneath.

“UuuuAAH!” I yelled in desperation with my body changing into something hideous. I looked back over at the spout on the wall to see that it had been replaced with nothingness. The floor absorbed everything that came from me and sent them to the sphere in the middle of the room. “The sphere!” I yelled in my mind.

I stood up quickly as my legs trembled under me. I felt like I was about to cave in on myself with my bones aching intensely. I took a step toward the thing just as my right legs bent backward at the knee in a way that it was not supposed to do. No pain came from my injury, but it sent me face first to the floor. It felt as if every bone in my skull shattered with a sickening crack. Still no pain.

The fear of what was happening drove me. I pulled myself along the floor and reached for the glass covered sphere above me. I was inches away from it before a horrible fear rippled through my body. The thing terrified me in some primal fashion, a fear that causes even your body to reel in terror. I yanked my hand away only to feel the awful feeling fade the further I got from the sphere.

I gave up all hope that any of this would end like a bad dream as my body continued to do strange things. The ache in my bones had finally ceased, but it left me unable to move like I was just a pile of flesh. Strange undulations under my skin seemed to be redistributing my wealth of new fat to places that didn't have it previously. My breasts swelled slightly along with a general tingle all over my body. With the terrible sickness and pain fading from me, I collapsed once again with the fatigue of the event consuming everything I had.

Chapter 4

There were sounds of men around me, two men, familiar in tone of voice and action. My body didn't even tremble or move when I tried to open my eyes.

“Now... Alice right?” I heard a familiar voice say as fingers touched my eyes. A sudden rip like a band-aid coming off left me looking up at the tall, almost blonde man from the bar. I squealed in horror through my nose, but my body was completely unresponsive.

“Alice... spread your arms for me.” he said as I felt my arms move of their own. It was like his words had wriggled into my brain with some part of me wanting it for myself. It the movement without my own will terrified me. “Good.” he said with a smile as I noticed the metal sphere in his hands. “I'm sure that you have lots of questions, but that isn't important right now. We still have work to do.” he said setting the sphere back onto the pedestal.

I tried to follow him with my eyes as he left my field of view, but I could only look forward. I didn't even need to blink anymore.

“We need to work pretty quickly, remember? She is only malleable for a few hours.” the tall man said before the ginger one grunted in response. “Thanks.”

“That's pretty freaky.” the ginger man said with the taller one sighing.

“It's what they wanted. They offered a lot more than the normal price if we could deliver on our promise.” the tall man said as he stood over me with a smile. I wanted to tell him to fuck off, to stop all of this, to change me back, but jaw was slack with my mouth wide open, unable to move.

He stooped down below me with some kind of glass thing in his hand that looked to be attached to some kind of a hand pump. I shivered in terror as he spread my legs and placed it right over top of my pussy.

“MMM!!!!” I yelled through my nose as I heard him squeeze the pump. “MMMM!!!”

My yells did nothing to stop the man who pumped slowly at the thing. I felt some kind of suction against my private area with it growing incredibly strong with every hiss. Something deep inside of me began to move with cramps like it was my time of the month. I yelled helplessly again.

If felt like an hour as the man ruthlessly pumped me. It was like he was sucking my entire vagina out of me. I shuddered as a strange part of me touched the glass as if my inside of my vagina were on the outside of me. The pressure continued for three more pumps until a loud hiss relieved the intense suction. The man laughed just before I felt his hand encircle whatever he had created. It was floppy and.... sensual.

“NNNNN!!!!!!”I yelled through my nose as I realized what he had done. It felt like a limp penis.

“You have the rest ready?” the man asked before he looked over me. “It's time for the fun stuff.”

My breathing built to a rapid pace in my chest as he picked up the metal orb. “Alice, get hard for me.” he said just before I felt a tightness enter my external pussy. The tightness turned into an odd throbbing pressure with tantalizing tingles for a few moments just before the tightness returned. The man smiled and stared at me. “Alice, make it bigger, thicker.” he said before looking down again. The same sensation came over me and I screamed.

“This is full size.” he said with a chuckle causing the other guys to gasp.

“Holy shit man...”

“It's what they asked for.” the tall man said before looking over at the other guy.

“We are supposed to be making love dolls, not some freaky creations.” the ginger guy said as he handed the taller one what looked like a huge syringe. The cylinder part of it was bigger than a 2 liter bottle with a needle about the size of a pen.

“Oh relax, the money is worth it.” The taller guy said just as I felt something enter the tiny hole at the tip of my converted vagina. I screamed through my nose as I felt something entering my new penis then flow inside of me as if it were filling my bladder. The pressure continued to build until the fullness of my bladder felt more like cramps and gas pain. I realized he was filling me with whatever was in the large needle and it was taking up space in my lower abdomen, feeling less like a need to pee the more he forced into me than it did a general need to let it out somehow.

“Okay.” he said with a laugh before handing the large syringe back to the other guy. The ginger man stayed conveniently out of my view. “Just a little bit more.” he said as I felt his hands on my flabby boobs. “Alice, make your breasts grow until I tell you to stop.”

Suddenly, I felt a warmth building in them before my skin began to tighten. I could feel them gaining weight and a strange pressure add to the warmth within them. His hands moved to my waist and squeezed it tightly causing my mass to shift lower at the same time. It felt as if my hips were getting wider from his precise massage.

“Alice, stop growing your boobs.” he said before standing up and looking down at me. He tilted his head to one side while examining me then smiled before nodding. “Alice, these are full size.” he said before turning away from me. “Alice, go soft and make your breasts as small as they will go.”

The heavy weights on my chest lost a bit of their pressure as well as feeling lighter at the same time. My new penis below me sent a strange chill up my spine as I felt the tingles of it's deflation. Both of the guys left my field of view with my proportions returning to normal. It was a good ten minutes before they came back, the taller man with a chair.

“While your body finishes it's malleable state, I am going to explain what you have become.” he said as he looked into my eyes and searched them. “You are being turned into a sex toy for a couple in Gemany.” he said causing my voice to catch in my nose. His words sent a shiver of fear through my body and I whimpered helplessly as by body did nothing to show my emotion.

“The sphere now contains most of your humanity and is very special. If you get too close to it, it will hurt you mentally and physically, but it will not do any permanent damage. If you get too far from it, your body will begin to shut down until you become an inanimate object with no real way to tell that you are alive. The person holding the orb will be your master and will be able to command you any way they wish. When the sphere is not being used, you will have free will once again.” he said before looking over my body.

“Your tits have a setting from one to ten. One is what you currently have and ten is full size. Your penis also has the same scale with one being as it is and ten as big as it goes. You can also be hard or soft at any of those sizes. I also filled you with 3 liters of a substance that resembles semen. You can ejaculate on a scale from one to ten with increasing results the further up the scale you go. Ten will cause you to void all of it at once. Your body will slowly replace all of the fluid in two days time.” the tall man smiled and produced the metal sphere in his hands again.

“We need to give you time to solidify so we'll start again tomorrow. All of the bad parts are over.” he said with another smile before gently tossing the sphere in his hands. “Alice, stay still until we return.”

With his last words, he put the sphere back onto the pedestal with the sounds of their footsteps leaving the room. I screamed through my nose hearing it echo in the room then again. Terror filled me as my worst fears had come to life. They had turned me into some kind of freak.

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