The Process: Alice's Story 2: The New Owners

by Tit for Tat

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This story contains elements of an adult nature. If you are not 18 or stumbled upon this by accident, please move along as there is nothing to see here. Those that are of age, please enjoy. Story contains NC, MC, Abduction, Body mod, BE, Penis growth, Sex doll, Packaged

The Process: Alice's Story 2: The New Owners

Chapter 5

I began to think back to my life as I laid helplessly staring at the lighted ceiling of the round room. Though I hated my job and where I lived, this was not something that I wanted. They were forcibly turning me into something that I didn't want. Some kind of sex toy for a couple in a different country. It was like a form of rape.

As I relived my life as if I were dying, I began to wonder what I now looked like. I had come to terms early in life that I was not a good looking gal. Now that they had changed me, images and guesses came to mind. It was too bad that I couldn't even feel myself to get a better idea.

My isolation while being stuck in my own body seemed endless. For some reason, I wasn't even tired despite laying on the floor for hours. The constant tickle in my scalp and slowly increasing tightness in my body kept my thoughts from drifting too far. Frustration kept me at the edge of anger.

At some point, I began to feel something within me as if it were some kind of dull warmth. It was familiar, but I just couldn't exact it to any one feeling I ever had. While reasoning a way to get out of my predicament, I found that it had increased. I was becoming... aroused. A kind of arousal that seemed to heat my entire body instead of just my loins.

“MMM!!!!” I yelled once again in frustration. The slowly building arousal also came with a feeling like I needed to pee. It wasn't until the need grew stronger that I realized that it stemmed from wanting to get the cum out of me. The realizations only took more from me that I didn't wish to give.

The longer I laid alone, the more the sensations built. My arousal had built to a slow, constant need leaving me feeling warm and fuzzy, but yearning for action. My new penis also seemed to have a need of it's own with voiding the fluid inside of me. No matter what I tried, I couldn't alleviate either of them. I stewed in my current position until the loud footsteps of the guys echoed in my mind.

“Alice.” the taller man said happily just out of my field of view. “It's time to see what you can do now that you have stabilized.” he said before standing in front of me with the metal sphere. “Alice, try to sit up.” he said as I felt my mind strongly urge me to do so. I pushed my arms back to sit up just the man sat down in front of me. He was wearing only a pair of cutoff pants and a smug smile. It felt like my torso were 'sagging' in the position I was in.

“Very good.” he said with a big smile. He paused for a moment before setting the sphere on the ground and hooking his thumbs under the waist of his shorts. “I have something for you that you will come to enjoy whether you want to or not.” he said as his already hard cock sprung from the material to bob in front of him. I had seen many of them before, but none of what was happening was on my terms. The sight of his cock in front of me pissed me off. He picked the sphere back up.

“Alice, crawl to me and suck me off.” he said with a sly smile as I felt my body responding. I trembled internally to try to stop myself, but it was as if my body had taken over me. I inched closer to him after getting on my hands and knees feeling my back arch strangely. My arms and legs seemed almost rubbery in a way.

His crotch inches closer to my face until my mouth was just above him. There was no ceremony to the action just before I pressed him to my lips and let him in my mouth.

Everything felt wrong. It was as if my lips had been turned into some kind of ring around my wide open mouth with my inner cheeks pressing tightly against the shaft sliding inside of me. The sensations that my rubbery skin gave me sent thrills of excitement that only seemed to increase my arousal. His skin felt like magic to me.

I took all of him into my mouth and throat just before raising my head and doing it again. I didn't even have time to process what was happening. My body was doing everything for me with portions of my mind urging me to do so. What made it worse was that the pleasure had started to make me want it even more.

“Good.” the man said before gasping and running his hands through my new hair. A bit of it spilled into my view as I worked his cock only to find it a bright yellow and plastic looking. I moaned softly as the friction of his skin inside my mouth sent waves of pleasure through my entire body. The guy groaned again and opened his legs a little wider.

“Yes... just like that.” he said as he moved my head a little faster with his hand on my head. I began to moan along with him just until it felt him cumming. “Yess!” he yelled before groaning. His cock pumped his load into my throat but I could taste it. It was like warm, sweet cake batter. He shuddered several more times until I felt his cum's warmth stop just above where my stomach used to be.

“Alice.. you will hunger for this in your mouth like you would for food.” he said before pulling me off of his cock roughly. He mumbled something quietly until his sagging erection began to rise again. “Alice, face away from me, but stay on your hands and knees.” he said forcefully.

Before I could even process what was happening, my mind commanded my body to do just as he asked. I tried to look in the mirror ahead of me, but it was too far off of the floor to be able to see my reflection. The guy took up a position behind me and slid his cock easily into my ass. I had never taken one there before and expected it to hurt, but was surprised when it felt just like my mouth. The gentle stretching of my opening along with the magical sensations from his skin flooded my body yet again with more pleasure. It seemed to fill every corner of me with a warm buzz and tingle. I cringed at the though of how amazing it felt.

“Alice, Orgasm.” he said eagerly just as a sudden rise in pressure within my body caused my breathing to nearly stop. I moaned in fear as the pressure built quickly and overtook the heat that was slowly filling me from before. It felt as if I were going to pop from the pressure just before an explosion replaced everything all at once. I moaned and whimpered with a tremble as another wave exploded inside of me. The world seemed to fall off into the distance with nothing but ecstasy to fill the void that it left. Over and over, I came until it began to fade allowing me to come back to reality. I felt him cumming in my ass along with the warmth of his release filling me like before. It surprised me again as I tasted him, even there, with the same sugary cake flavor.

“Alice, you will hunger for this in your ass like you would for food.” he said with hard, shallow breaths. He pulled out of me quickly and left me as I was. “Alice, stand up, face me and get hard to level 5.” he said just before my body obeyed him. I caught a glimpse of myself in the curved mirror, but it was too distorted for me to see what I looked like. Instead, I stopped, facing him with my new penis inflating below me. The sensation of it growing felt as odd as it did pleasurable.

“Alice, jack off for me.” he said as my hand moved to strange appendage and wrapped around it. I gasped as I felt my hand too small to grip the entire thing as I pumped up and down it's shaft. The tall guy only smiled as he looked at me and regained his breath. I expected it to feel better than it did, but it was more like stroking the top of my arm than it did something that was supposed to pleasure me.

“You'll notice that it doesn't really feel that great, does it?” he asked me. I couldn't respond to him as he still had control over me while holding the sphere. “You will need the touch of human flesh to have that feeling. Latex or clothing will also have the same effect on you, but your own body cannot pleasure itself.” he said as he looked to be recovering.

With the multitude of new sensation coursing through and over my body, it was hard to think for myself. I should have been angry, I should have been scared but instead, I felt... horny.

“Alice, Lay on the floor on your back.” he said calmly before, once again, my mind and body obeyed his command. I felt my breasts move a little more than normal on my chest and the new pole between my legs waggle with my movements.

“I have to test you out to make sure you work properly. Set ejaculation to two.” the tall guy said as I saw his face appear just above me. “Alice, you may orgasm when I tell you to, but you will ejaculate when I say cum.”

I felt his hand wrap around my penis gently sending a rush of pleasure through it then into my body. I gasped at the sensation the gulped hard with my strange throat. His hand began to move, but it looked as if he disliked the task. “Alice, cum.” he said as I felt a strange convulsion just under my penis. A gentle pressure filled the inside of it until it shot free from the tip. Several large globs landed on my eyes and skewed my view of the man before more followed. It was as if he were purposely shooting my load onto my face.

The only sensation that I gained from making me cum was that it felt good to be rid of the fluid inside of me. His skin on mine was very pleasurable, but I came without orgasm. It was a strange sensation.

“Very good.” he said as his hand left me. I could feel my own slimy goo covering me and sliding off of the slope that it landed on. “I believe that you are ready.” he said before standing up and taking the sphere with him.

Chapter 6

I watched him leave my field of view and his soft footsteps before a door closed. My strained breaths came in shallow gasps of fear and arousal before I felt my body seemed to loosen. My hand flew to my face and I wiped the stuff off of me quickly. My eyes felt as if they were just shallow indents in my face and the gentle features of where my eyes should have been felt more like a constant flow of skin.

“I can move!” I shouted in my own mind with a sudden realization and sitting up quickly.

I looked down over my body to see that I now had firm orbs for breasts with permanently hard, bright pink nipples the size of thimbles. Below that, I gasped as I saw my penis. It looked to be about 12 inches long and nearly 2 and a half inches wide. The surface of it was smooth and shiny like a tan balloon with just the tip of it having any kind of features. The tip was the same bright pink as my nipples.

With a sudden terror replacing my constant, warm arousal, I stood quickly and felt odd. I put my hands to my waist and hips to find that I had taken on a much curvier shape. It was then that I noticed a full length mirror where the food station once was. I paused with the fear gripping me until my curiosity won.

I was the same height, but I had waist length, straight blonde hair that almost shined in the light. My eyes still had the same almond shape that I was used to, but looked as if they were almost painted on and much larger on my face. The deep blue within them looked terrifying. I reminded myself of some kind of Japanese cartoon caricature or anime character.

Below my eyes, my lips had turned a fire engine red looking more like a ring where my lips once were. I tried to close my mouth only to find that it was now fixed in an open position. I swallowed to see the pink, baggy insides of my mouth to bulge slightly then relax. It reminded me of some kind of horrid blow up doll.

Further down my body, I saw perfect sized breasts with a slight droop capped with bright pink nipples. My upper torso slimmed slightly, but my waist had shrunk to tiny proportions. I put my hands around it in awe to find that I was just inches in the front and back from being able to touch my thumbs and fingers together.

Lower, my waist flared intensely, but with a delicate curve into my much wider hips. Between them sat the absurd new addition that didn't look like it would even come close to being on this body. Even lower, my hips blended into nicely tapered thighs then long legs which ended in my small feet. I felt my plush ass behind me then let a finger delve between my cheeks to feel the ring that had become my asshole.

I trembled as I poked a finger into it as I imagined it looking just like my mouth did. I slowly turned to check out my back side to find that it was just as I had suspected. Even though my body frightened me, I had to admit that I looked every bit a part of what I could assume was almost every male's fantasy.

For hours, I studied my body with all of it's new nooks and crannies until I began to realize that my constant, humming arousal caused me to overlook what was happening. I had become that thing that every guy at the bar drooled over and all the bar whores wished they could be. My own body had become the thing that I even wished I was since youth, but overcame to find that looks weren't everything. I was actually a living, breathing sex toy. My mouth and rubbery, shiny, beige skin proved it.

My enormous, toy looking penis began to deflate in front while checking myself out. It shrank down to a floppy 3 inch long by one inch nub and squished in my hand when I squeezed it. The need to drain it's contents was still there but buried under the warm arousal that never seemed to leave my body.

The feeling that I had already lost the battle against what was happening caused to fill me with despair. I slowly sat on the ground with my back against the mirror and held my arms against me. I started to get the feeling that it would be impossible to get out of this. Even the shining hope of going back to my shit hole job and apartment felt like it was losing its power to fuel my resistance. I felt the emotion of crying, but no tears escaped my eyes.

Chapter 7

It was a long time... however long a period of time it was. There was no reference as to if it were day or night and there was no clock to identify with. My constant arousal had caused me to lazily caress and squeeze my new rubbery body as I laid on the floor. This was my new prison, a prison inside my own body. A prison that allowed me no sleep or visible emotion.

“Alice.” I heard softly as I saw the taller man enter the room with the sphere in his hand. “It's time to meet your new owners.” he said as I held my glance and looked away from him. It didn't seem like it mattered anymore. “I hate to see you go as you are my best creation yet.” he said as he stooped in front of me. I couldn't close my eyes so I just stared at him.

“I am going to send the sphere along to them first. You will find out what it means to be away from it.” he said with a smile before standing. “I hope you enjoy your new home.”

The man left the room, but I didn't move. After he was gone, I sat up with my legs crossed and back against the wall and waited. It was a few minutes before I felt my legs begin to go numb. I tried to shift them under me to get the feeling back but they didn't move. Pulling my arms up, my elbows and hands seemed to lock until I could no longer move them as well. I started to panic as all the feeling left my body just before my breathing stopped. Terror struck me as the world began to dim. Maybe I really was dying after all.

- 0 -

My face was touching my penis. I felt my legs pulled up and tucked against my sides with the lower sections of them folded up and over them. My arms were folded in on themselves and behind me. There was no way I could ever get into this position.

I was in a box of sorts, I could tell. The dimensions of the space that I was in would give even a contortionist nightmares. There were voices outside, muffled with a familiar accent. The accent sounded like... American? Even the thought of an American accent sounded odd, I was American.

A sudden light filled the areas around me just as I felt a waft of cool air caress my back.

“Oh goody... it's her.” A woman squealed.

“You... should remove it first.” a familiar male voice said but with a strange accent. It was like he was having trouble speaking our language.

Large, strong hands grasped at my sides before I was easily lifted from the box. My body unfurled as if it had no life to it until the numbness began to wear off. My vision returned shortly after.

“It's... name is Alice.” the man said before a man with a deeper, precise manner of speaking spoke up in American. I couldn't tell what they were saying. It was so confusing.

“I am American!” I shouted in my mind then realized what was happening. The familiar voice was speaking German, my language. That meant..... “Oh no!” I said in my mind as the strong arms sat me into a chair. I looked about the room with it's expensive furniture and historic art pieces to realize I was in a house of wealth. I saw the taller man talking to the bald muscular guy who had pulled me out of the box. An older, but still pretty woman was running her hands all over my skin and smiling as if she had just made the find of a century. She had short, red hair and bright, almost translucent blue eyes. Her hands felt fantastic on me and I moved to pull them against me.

“She moves!” the Woman squealed with excitement before I felt a terror run through me. The new people, the new location and strange environment caused me to tremble. “Alice?” she asked me as she tried to hide her excitement. “Alice, welcome home, dear. You are our new plaything.” she said with a creepy smile then touched the floppy penis between my legs.

I jerked away from her as fear filled me before she gain a shocked expression and looked away from me. “She is terrified.” the woman said almost angrily.

The large bald man frowned and looked at the tall familiar man before talking quickly in American. The taller guy seemed to shrink under the larger man.

“Please... do not be afraid, dear.” the red haired woman said as I reeled from her again. She seemed honestly concerned that I was not okay. “Are you hurt at all?”

It took a moment to think about my body only to find that I couldn't find one thing that bothered me besides a slight hunger in both my mouth and my behind. The constant arousal still filled me and the nagging need to rid my self of the fluid that man put inside of my new penis.

“She acts, just like a person.” the red haired woman said as she looked behind her again. “You said she was a doll.” the Bald man barked at the tall guy and picked him up by his shirt with his legs kicking under him. He was incredibly strong. The woman kept watching them as the tall man began to talk fast.

The conversation between the two of them progressed with the large Bald man getting angrier and angrier. After a few minutes, he threw the tall man to the floor while shaking his head in disbelief. He pointed to the door and shouted. The tall man only nodded and scrambled backward to leave.

“What is it Gummi Bear?” the Woman asked as the Bald man approached me with a solemn look. He was staring right at me.

“She was... changed, against her will into this.” the man said before the Woman looked back at me. She looked confused for a moment before tears came to her eyes. “I am afraid that whatever that American weasel did, it is permanent. She is stuck like this forever.” he said as his words confirmed my fears.

I wanted to cry. I wanted to fall through the chair I was in. I wanted to say something.

“Is this true?” the Woman asked with her voice trembling. “You are... a person? You did not want this?” she asked before tears rolled down her face. Her sudden caring emotions seemed to trigger something inside of me that allowed the fear to lose it's grip. I looked from her to the large, concerned bald man then back to her before nodding gently. “Oh how horrible.” the woman cried before pulling me tightly against her. I heard her sob as the Bald guy look over her and took my hand in his.

“I am sorry child. This... is cruel. A fantasy for some, but not for the unwilling.” he said with kind eyes as he pulled on the woman's shoulder gently. “I fear that this will bring about many problems. She will not be able to leave the house or converse with anyone. How is one supposed to live like this?” he asked.

I found the man's precise, intelligent words and caring nature crumble against my expectations based purely on his looks. The woman pulled away from me and looked deeply into my eyes as tears still fell from hers.

“We... own you now.” the woman said with a deep sorrow. “How can we really own a person?” she asked as she look at the man. He put hand on hers and shook his head as if he didn't know. I started to feel something for the two of them already.

I had a sudden idea and I motioned to write on something. “Fetch a pen, Gummy Bear.” the woman said frantically. The man moved quickly before the woman took my hands and gave me a pitiful look. “My name is Gudrun and his name is Beringar. Your name is Alice?” she asked me with a sudden interest. I nodded cautiously before the man came back with a pen and paper long with something to write on.

I scribbled fast and told them who I was and what had happened to me. The both watched with rapt attention as I hesitated with details. My city, names or anything else that was specific seemed to elude me. Even the name of the bar, I could see it above the door, the words meant nothing. It wasn't even a language.

I grunted in frustration and wrote simple names of things like bar for where I worked and apartment where I lived. It seemed as if the important details had been stripped from me.

I gave the writing to Gudrun with Beringar looking over her shoulder to read. Her eyes searched the paper back and forth with tears slowly forming in her eyes. Beringar grunted angrily and left her side as she read before he came back with the metal sphere and a few printed pages. He accidentally got the thing close to my leg before I felt a sudden terror filled me.

“Nnnnnn!!!” I yelled as I pointed at the sphere. Beringar pulled it away quickly causing the agonizing feeling to subside just as fast as is came to me. He looked at me then to the sphere before reading on. His eyes widened before moving further from me then gasping.

“Gudrun.... he really did do this to a living person.” Beringar said with a look of shock before handing her the papers. Gudrun took them and looked them over quickly. Again, her already tear stained cheek began to collect even more moisture. Then Gudrun stood and looked deeply at Beringar before they both looked at me.

“Alice?” the woman asked before I cautiously nodded at her. “I... I am sorry. I thought.... we were getting a sex toy, not a human being that was turned into one.” she said before she started crying again.

The pain that she displayed in her emotions far exceeded what I was feeling. I stood up and gently took the pad and paper from her knowing what I had to do, I didn't have a choice anymore.

'I was turned into this against my will, but I feel that I have to fulfill my body's new needs. Will the two of you care for me and try to help me find a way out of this. I will try to be what you asked for. I don't have much of a choice.'

I handed the paper back to them as they read it over. Beringar seemed to read very quickly and waited for Gudrun to finish before she looked at him. Beringar then looked at me and nodded with a solemn smile.

“We will help you.” he said with Gudrun nodding in response. “Maybe we should get to know one another first. It seems as though we have a new guest as opposed to a toy.” he said before turning to Gudrun.

“Can I get something for you, do you need to eat?” she asked softly.

As I thought about it, the memory of what the tall man said came back to me. The hunger in my mouth and my ass had grown to be somewhat uncomfortable, but there was only one thing that could fix it. I decided to wait until later before asking for them to help me with it.

Chapter 8

Over dinner, in their large, almost feasting hall of a dinning room, Gudrun and Beringar talked about who they were without any questions of my own. They were a wealthy family with their kids having left home and both of them beginning to explore a lifelong love of a kinky lifestyle, it was why they ordered me. Despite being complete strangers, I really liked their straight forwardness. It allowed me to trust them rather quickly.

Beringar had owned several manufacturing facilities in cities all over Germany including Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart and Nurnberg but later sold off most of all of it to pursue a more private lifestyle. He and Gudrun had been married since they were 17 and now bordered on their mid forties.

After some basic discussion, I was given a tour of their house, it was really more of a country mansion. There were 12 rooms, each with their own bathroom, a large study/library where I was unboxed, a gourmet kitchen, an entertainment room, a grand living room, entry hall, office and several multipurpose rooms. It was in the basement that things began to grow out of the ordinary.

Just beyond the large laundry room was an expanse that seemed to be made up of 3 smaller rooms. There were multitudes of bondage devices, strange tables, whips, chains and a variety of what looked like rubber suits or clothing.

“This is where we play.” Beringar said without ceremony. It was as if he were showing off one of his facilities that he described at the dinning room table. “As you can see, we are invested heavily into an alternative lifestyle. We are well known in the underground as place of pleasure and kink. We have guests and visitors from around the world who stay with us that share our interests. Even those that accept bondage, slavery or servitude to someone else so willingly.”

“That is why we are so unhappy about your situation.” Gudrun admitted as she held my arm. I was thankful of her wearing clothing as to not send thrills of excitement through my body as we talked. “You did not choose this for yourself. This is a crime.” she said as she stopped before looking at me. “I am sure that we will find this man and put you back where you belong.” she said as she took my hands and filled them with the magic sensation. My hunger began to creep into me again.

“We do not wish to use you unless you wish it for yourself. If you would like, we will take care of your needs of your body and nothing more. It would be a continuation of crime to force you to perform for us if it is not in your will.” Beringar said as he looked over the mighty room that beckoned deviant behavior. I had only heard of such things.

“Does your hunger bother you?” Gudrun asked in a near whisper. She gave me a knowing look as if the paper she had read about me explained it all. I paused as I felt it continuing to grow before nodding at her. My admission didn't seemed to bother me as much as I thought it would. The knowledge that I needed it allowed it to be easier to accept somehow.

“Gummy Bear, Alice needs to be fed.” Gudrun said softly before smiling at me. “Is there a certain way that you would like to do this?”

I thought about it for a moment before sighing deeply and nodded. I dropped to my knees and looked at Beringar who watched me from a distance. “You need them both, correct?” Gudrun asked before I looked up at her and nodded. She smiled and nodded at me before leaving my side. Beringar walked slowly to me with a comforting smile before kneeling as I was.

“I would like to treat you as a part of our family until we can get this straightened out.” he said before putting a hand on my leg. I shivered from his touch before he smiled again. “Please, ask me when and where you feel comfortable to...” he said before searching for a word. “Feed.”

I took the initiative to reach toward his crotch and undo his belt. He seemed surprised by my actions, but I was hungry. He nodded at me then stood up before helping me out. After his pants came off, he lowered his bikini briefs to show his hairless, muscular body with his limp penis already bobbing to attention in my face. It was fairly large even as flaccid as it was.

As soon as he was hard, I pushed forward and let him slide into my mouth. The pleasure that he created there caused the rest of the world to move to he background. I couldn't help but enjoy it, my body forced me to. I didn't even noticed as Gudrun joined us to the side of me while I fucked Beringar's cock with my face.

Soon, Beringar grunted mightily as I felt his cock swell. Gudrun pulled my face from him before placing a condom over his cock just in time for him to fill it with his cum. He grunted and jerked his hips as she lovingly stroked him to ecstasy. I actually wanted him to put himself back into my mouth.

Gudrun then used a kind of large eye dropped to suck some of it out and put into my mouth. As the sweet cake-like flavor entered my rubbery hole, I felt it slide further into me until the hunger behind it dissipated. It didn't take much. She then went behind me and did the same to my ass. It was awkward but I was grateful to feel the growing hunger fade to nothing. She smiled at me and handed the rest of the condom to Beringar

“We will take care of you, Alice. Please do not feel that you have to do anything that you don't want to.” she said as I felt my emotions welling up inside of me.

This was the first time in as many years as I could remember that anyone had actually cared for me in any way at all. The Swartz's were a kind duo who seemed to feel my plight along with me. My emotions caused me to hug Gudrun against me without warning. She paused and stiffened before turning and hugging me back. Her eyes seemed to stare right into my soul. A new part of me wanted to join her eternally

Chapter 9

Over the next few days, I began to accept what I had become. The Swartz's were kind to me in every way and I found myself growing attached to them. I even started to have feelings for them, though I didn't know if they were fueled from my body or from myself. I never had this kind of freedom in my past life, as odd as that freedom felt being trapped as I was.

Beringar spent most of his time in his office where he seemed to be dealing with his own past life of business. I found that feeding from him while under his desk felt strangely comfortable for me. Later in the evening, he would fill my ass to sate my hunger. Gudrun had used the sphere to allow me to orgasm whenever he came so that I could at least enjoy my new duty.

There was a party coming up in a few days with Gudrun and Beringar making many plans. I seemed to be developing a habit of following Gudrun around to help her. Every time she smiled at me or thanked me for my help, I could only feel even more drawn to her. It was more than just a friendly attraction because I liked her as a person.

Beringar had gone to town for the night leaving just Gudrun and I alone. They had given me a room next to their large suite where I had begun to feel even more alone than when I lived with myself. Since I never slept, I had taken up reading as a hobby. Tonight though, I just couldn't get in the mood to concentrate. I was restless.

“Oh hello Alice.” Gudrun said happily while reading in bed. “Is there something I can do for you?” she asked happily as I approached her. She smiled widely and put her book down while taking off her glasses. I liked that she either slept nude or coated in a latex garment of some fashion.

“Is something bothering you? Are you hungry?” she asked as she sat up a little. I shook my head no and placed my hand on her arm, her soft skin sent tiny tingles of arousal up my arm and adding to my constant simmer. She only watched me as I slid my hand up to her shoulder then back down again. I felt a little nervous at coming on to her.

“Alice... do you need something?” she asked softly as if being careful not to force her will on me. I didn't answer her in conventional means, but instead moved my hand to her exposed breasts and caressed it gently. Her eyes only watched mine before taking my hand in hers and squeezing it. “Do.. you want... me?” she asked gently.

I paused and stared at her before slowly nodding. I could feel my heart beating harder in my chest at feeling an attraction to another woman. I had never considered the possibility before becoming this, but I also couldn't deny how I felt about her.

“Do you like me or does your body need me?” she asked before I paused and thought about it. It was a bit of both. I really was attracted to her and it had been growing ever since I had gotten there. Maybe it was more than just a like, it was hard to figure it out.

I didn't know how to tell her and instead put her hand on my chest to feel my heart beating hard. I stared at her before her eyes trembled slightly with a nod. “You... like me? Is that what you are trying to say?” she asked. It took a moment but I nodded.

I pointed to me I then to my heart and finally to her as I stared at her. I knew the feeling well enough to be able to admit it. It was hard to admit as I hadn't felt it for many people, but these two were different. It was like I was already a part of them. Maybe being bound to them as a sort of slave made me see them in such a way.

Gudrun's smile began to fade as her mouth trembled with emotions. “You love me?” she asked with a hesitation before I nodded calmly. “But you don't really know me.” she said as if she were trying to push my affection away gently. “How can you love me without even knowing who I really am? Maybe love is too strong of a word.”

I sighed deeply and pulled a slip of paper from her night stand then scribbled on it. 'I know enough that I want to be a part of you, you and Beringar, if you would let me. You are the kindest people I know and I'm learning that maybe I don't even want to go back to what I was. I'm scared of how I feel. I know that I at least want you, and I want to be a part of you if this is going to be my new life. Maybe love will grow from what I am feeling. My desire is more than just my body asking for it.'

I gave the note to Gudrun who read it slowly. The tremble in her lips reappeared before she slowly looked at me and smiled. “Come, at least keep me company. We can talk about this.” she said as she moved her heavy comforter and allowed me a spot next to her. Under the sheets, she was wearing a pair of dark brown latex leggings that reminded me of pants that equestrians wore. It didn't surprise me one bit.

I delicately climbed into bed with her then turned to hold her side against me under her arm. She paused for a moment then put her arm over my shoulder with a sigh. I was content just to feel her smooth skin tingle against mine. Several minutes went by as she gently stroked my back through my hair. I could feel her heart beating faster and harder.

“Alice... I can't help but to lust after you. You are the embodiment of my fantasies.” Gudrun said softly from above me before I looked up at her with my entire head. I could see tears in her eyes, but they weren't of sadness. “I don't want you to give up if your body is making you do this.”

I paused at her words and thought hard again about my past life as I watched her search my eyes. The feelings that I was experiencing at that moment far exceeded anything that I had before. Here, there was genuine care for my well being, a safe, comfortable place to live and a body that made me feel special and needed. I teetered on a monumental decision that would seal my fate either way.

I picked up the pen without the paper and looked her in the eyes before down at her modest, light-skinned chest. 'I am yours. I do not want to go back. I do not say this because I have to, but because I want to. I may have fallen in love with you already.' I wrote on her skin, but upside down so that she could read it. She watched me write it then looked down to read with a confused frown.

“Truly?” she asked after looking back into my eyes with hers trembling. I nodded at her as I felt her heart beat even harder. “And Beringar?” she asked causing me to nod as well. She paused before studying me then sighed deeply. “You will be used sexually if this is what you want. Not just by Beringar, but by me and maybe guests.” she said as if to push me away yet again. I nodded at her and stroked her arm once more. “You do not wi...” she started before I moved quickly.

I threw the covers back and climbed onto her body while straddling her hips. I placed my hands on her small breasts and lowered myself until I was laying directly on top of her with my head to the side. I wanted her to accept me without it having anything to do with something sexual. I wanted her to want me, as a person. It was the one thing that I had control over.

It took a few moments until I heard her begin crying gently as her arms wrapped around me. I adjusted my head just below hers only to feel her squeeze me even tighter against her. Her warmth and tingling arousal that she generated against me seemed to pale in comparison to the love that I felt in that moment. In an instant, I knew that I had made the right decision. I wanted to be hers... and his. I was built for them.

I ended up sleeping with Gudrun that night not as a sex toy, but a loving partner. My body craved to intertwine with her in pleasure, but my emotions won out just enough to hold her against me. It was the best feeling in the world, to be loved back, or at least it felt like. It was even more enjoyable as she fell asleep next to me with the sounds of her breathing to soothe my mind into a happy buzz. I hoped against all hope that it would never end. This beat even a good night at the bar.

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