The Process 3: A New Doll

by Tit for Tat

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This story contains elements of an adult nature. If you are not 18 or stumbled upon this by accident, please move along as there is nothing to see here. Those that are of age, please enjoy. Story contains NC, Drugs, Abduction, Body mod, Living latex doll, Inflatable, Transport, Mf

The Process: Part 3: A New Doll - Loverboy's Story

Chapter 1

It was a dream come true, a fantasy built on fire and pure energy in layers. The fire danced in my veins, it made me... better than human. I was a god. I was everything.

I came back to reality after living my drug fueled daydream that always felt better than real life. It hurt the most knowing that it had ended, even more so than the slowly increasing pain that followed and need to satisfy my body's craving for more. It was also getting harder to get back to the little piece of heaven each time due to the lack of money. Just one more.

- 0 -

“Look... that one.” a tall man said to his friend as they watched a homeless man shiver under a box cardboard box for a blanket. “He doesn't have much time left before he does something bad”.

“He looks to be in good shape otherwise.” the shorter, ginger man said with a bit of trepidation. “I thought we were done with this. I don't think...”

“That's right. You don't think, just do. You're getting paid aren't you?” the taller man asked before the ginger haired guy swallowed hard and nodded. He seemed to notice that his shorter friend had become increasingly less enthusiastic lately. Maybe it was time do something about that as well.

- 0 -

I needed another one and fast. Maybe some panhandling would get me enough cash for a score. There was always other possibilities.

I was thinking of ways to get some cash until I heard a car pull up just outside my place of warmth. My pile that had kept me somewhat dry and safe rustled just a little before I felt something sting my leg. I knew that feeling.

“Please... make it a good one.” I said with a bit of excitement just before my world began to swim in my eyes. “This doesn't feel right.”

My blankets were pulled from me just as I saw a tall, blonde haired man along with a shorter, ginger haired man. The taller one smiled before my world went black. I was starting to hope that they had killed me. It would have been better.

- 0 -

I began to come to with the the familiar ache distorting my perception along with the fire in my blood that came with it. I felt my hands tremble as I pulled them to my face to feel that I was actually alive. I opened my eyes, finding myself in some kind of circular, concrete room.

“Hello?” I asked shakily. I hoped for all hopes that this was not some kind of detox. I needed my fix in a terrible way, not some kind of helpful soul to keep me from what I really wanted.

I looked around some more only to find a large, one way mirror that covered half of the wall to my right along with no doors or windows. “Hey!!!” I yelled as I stood up feeling like my legs were going to give out on me. “Come on.... kill me or gimme what I need!” I yelled as I felt like one or the other would do.

I heard a grinding of stone behind me and looked to see a portion of the wall moving like it had become a doorway. I stood stock still until a metal panel began to slide into it's place with a small shelf. My heart lept when I saw exactly what I wanted on that shelf.

I ran to the shelf that contained a needle with my skin beginning to itch with the familiar need and anticipation. The clear contents could only be what I hoped for. “Oh Thank you.” I cried as I took the needle in my hand and trembled with the joy of what it contained.

Without any warm up or something to tie off and pull a vein, I stuck myself and plunged the needle slowly as the fire filled my arm. I started to smile as the familiar fire traveled up my arm and further into my body to relieve the building ache and itch. When I looked down, the thing was empty. I waited, it wouldn't take long.

The more I waited, the more I started to worry. It only usually took seconds for this shit fest called life to vanish and give me the one place I truly wanted to be. It wasn't like me to think too much anymore.

It was an hour before I started to feel something. It feels kind of like a slowness inside of me, like my pulse had begun to almost stop. At the same time, a kind of heat built like the core of me had been kindled. It was also the same kind of heat that came with sickness, the sweaty, uncomfortable inner rot. At the first hint of the warmth, I hoped they were killing me.

After another hour, the pain inside my body had grown to more than uncomfortable. It felt as if my skin were tightening all over me with my breathing becoming labored. I was sweating bullets with the deep ache that felt like fire continuing to fill me. Pulling myself into a ball and waiting for the inevitable, I noticed a pedestal in the middle of the room with a glass cylinder to cover something. It looked like a tube lipstick. I scratched my hands incessantly.

The pain took me to a familiar place where all things eventually went. It was a place that didn't belong to this world, an escape to somewhere... not here or there. I hoped it would be my final resting place, the place that ended all thoughts and feelings.

Had I died? I wasn't breathing. I couldn't hear my heart beating anymore. Is this was death was? Laying motionless on a cold, stone floor. No sound, no lights. Was this a dream just before death?

I let my thoughts sink back into what I felt again. The ache that filled my body from before now felt like a fire that consumed me. I moved my hand to my face to see that I was still alive. My mouth tasted like rubber and chemicals. My teeth were floppy flanges of skin.

I sat up quickly causing the fire inside my body to move like liquid. I was burning from the inside out with no water to put out the flames. Maybe this was hell.

Looking over my body, I noticed something horrifying. My skin had converted to a uniform beige color with a shine like you would find on a car. Seams joined my various body parts like I had been assembled from pieces of the shiny skin. I felt around myself with a panic until I contacted my penis. It was hard and odd looking. It looked more like a blow up cock from back in the days of remembering such things. Even my toes had merged together to form solid feet with no discernible features. Fear exploded in my mind when my memory filled in the blanks for me.

“I am a blowup doll?” I asked as the pain threatened to take away all of my thoughts. I groaned further with my panic overriding my feelings. It didn't last long before the immense pain caused me to coil up into a fetal position and pray for death. I hoped it would be swift.

Chapter 2

I saw a man walking toward me, but the pain that felt like liquid fire inside of my body kept me from even hearing his footsteps. He stopped in front of me and gave me a creepy smile.

“Are you in pain?” the man asked before I found the courage to nod. It felt as if the fire inside of me had become some kind of pressure that needed relieved. The man smiled at me and and placed his hands on my flesh.

A sudden tinge of pleasure coursed through me that overshadowed the pain, his hands feeling even hotter than I was. With a gentle shove, he rolled me onto my stomach with my penis pressing against my stomach. How could I be this hard when I was in so much pain?”

His hands left me momentarily until I felt his fingers touch something in the small of my back. Again, the surge of pleasure coursed through my aching body with the feeling of him tweaking a nub that felt more like a nipple. After a soft tug, a rush of pure panic shot through me from just that one spot before he stood up. It felt as if the molten pressure that had filled my body was now escaping from that one point. I sat up quickly just as the man made his exit to a door that was never there the first time.

The floor below me began to fill with green lines and a dull glow before I reached back to see what he had done to me. I couldn't quite touch what it was that he had touched, but I felt something warm and liquid coming from it. I pulled my hand to my face to see it covered in blood, thick, unnatural blood and a shade darker than it should have been.

In a panic, I stood feeling more of the pressure dwindle within me and the blood that gushed from my back spraying onto the floor. My panic turned to terror as the floor soaked up the blood transported it to the pedestal by the surging green lines. My right leg gave out.

I fell to the floor with my wrists buckling slightly under my weight. I tried to stand again only to have my ankles roll as if there were nothing inside of them. I began to cave with the creeping notion that I was voiding myself of my soul only to be left with the the body of a blow up doll.

The more I tried to stand, the less successful I was in doing so. The pressure that held the fire inside of me seemed to be slowly fading along with the heat that accompanied it. My body collapsed into itself as if I were a deflating balloon. I stopped trying to fight it and found the sensation actually making me feel better in a way. Though I was deflating, the terrible liquid fire was exiting me. My mind began to cool.

When my body finally gave up on me, I found that I could only look straight ahead. My thoughts felt like they were dwindling to nothing as I began to forget. The blood that pooled under me gradually became less of a puddle and left my field of view. I cried for help inside my mind just before everything went black.

- 0 -

I came to in heaves and surges but with a fog that filled my mind as to what was happening. I felt an incredible tingling pleasure from the nub in my back just before I felt hands on my sides to hold me. I was looking at the ground with my head bobbing slightly up and down due the the warm breaths that filled me. I still couldn't move.

The warm pressure filled me unlike the liquid fire had done before. When I felt like I was appropriately full, and arm grabbed me about the waist while the other hand pressed the thing in my back. The dull thud of the nub sent shivers of pleasure up and down my skin, it was almost too much pleasure to bear so quickly.

“There were go.” the familiar voice said after laying me on the floor. All I could see was half of his upside down body as well as the lights that seemed to come from nowhere above me. “I am going to some time to get used to yourself.” the man said before taking the lipstick from the pedestal. I watched him leave my field of view with the sound of grinding stone following just before a tingle filled my body.

The tingle became more intense just before a shock of electricity crackled across my skin. The sudden feeling caused me to jerk and roll to my side. I felt oddly, light and pliable.

I stood looking at my hands to find that my fingernails and knuckles gone. I turned them over then back again before putting them together to feel them give slightly as if I were filled with air. I panicked a little as I slid one hand up to my wrist and squeezed causing it to collapse slightly. It surprised me as it felt more pleasant than the terror I expected.

The thing that literally stood out the most was my penis. Unlike before, it seemed somewhat smooth and lacked the hole at the tip of it. It was also bigger than it was before and completely erect as if it would never go down. I grabbed it just as I had done with my wrist to feel it cave slightly from the hard squeeze. I was surprised that it didn't do much for me at all.

Looking back up, I found a mirror placed in the room as if it were specifically for me. I ran to it and felt fear at what I saw. I was a living, male blowup doll.

As if I were designed to mimic what one looked like, there were seams that joined the pieces of my body at my ankles, down the backs of my legs and so on. I had gained a more muscular appearance and manly shape, but all of it felt false as I knew what laid beneath it.

I checked my face to see that my mouth still worked as it should, but it was all wrong. My lips were nothing more than air filled rubber, my teeth were just ridges of the same, but in white and my throat ended at the back of my mouth. I stretched out my tongue to feel it extend much further than it used to and shine with a glistening wetness. The taste of rubber was the only thing that I had.

My eyes were now nothing more than what looked like painted on or glued sections of the same material that I could touch them with my fingers. It was odd to feel my new rubber skin under my fingers, but see my shiny fingers pushing against my eye.

The hair on my head looked like it had been molded from some kind of Ken doll, but it was attached and filled with air like the rest of my body.

The initial shock of what was happening began to sink in and I trembled before reaching to my back. I knew the little nub was there, but now matter how hard I tried and despite being able to physically reach it, I just couldn't touch it. It was like it was off limits and unreachable.

“Don't want you letting your own air out.” a familiar voice said as I saw the taller, blonde haired man leaning against a wall. I jumped at hearing him sneak up on me then backed away slowly as he began to walk toward me. “You were created for your new mistress, Veronica. I think she is going to be very happy with the way that you turned out.” the man said as he came closer and closer. I backed against a wall before he smiled widely.

“It's time to let your air out, Loverboy. By the way, that is your new name, Loverboy” he said just a few feet from me.

I panicked and bounced to my right just before I felt the man's hand sink into my wrist and hold me fast. I shook to try to get away from his inhuman strength only to feel him pull me closer to him. I trembled in fear before swinging my other hand to hit him as hard as I could only to have it nearly bounce off of his soft, yet rock-like body. He laughed and shook his head at me.

“I'll need to make one for me.” he said with a long laugh before I felt his hand on the nub of my back. I felt a tug then a soft thud just as the pressure inside my body began to decrease

“Don't worry though. When you are re-inflated, you'll do nothing but please your mistress. I guarantee it.” he mused before letting go of my arm. I jerked it away from him as I felt my lower legs start to cave in on themselves. I looked down to see my stomach begin to droop just before my legs would hold me no more. The man laughed again while walking to the door and looking back. I fell face first to the ground with my body giving out once more.

Chapter 3

Warmth filled me. The same pulsing, tender heat that coursed through my hollow insides caused my mind to stir. The fog that held me immobile began to lift as I felt my thoughts start to flow again. I looked down to see a delicate female hand holding the front of me with her touch sending sparks of pleasure through my body. My body slowly filled with every breath causing my wrinkled and folded rubber flesh to inflate like some pool toy.

“I must be in some kind of drug induced fantasy.” I thought to myself, but even that thought felt false to me.

I moved my arms to feel the one holding me before I heard the female giggle between breaths. Her mouth teased and bit at the plug in my back sending immense waves of pleasure across my entire surface. When she stopped blowing into me, her fingers pushed the valve closed causing a near orgasmic force to make me tremble.

“Let's have a look at you, Loverboy.” the woman said as she picked me up and turned me to face her. She was so much stronger than I was, and moving like I was lighter than air caused a quick panic to flood me. Despite my fear of finding all of this a little too real, I wanted to know who was talking to me.

As I turned, I took in the sight of the small hotel room. It was easy to figure out where we were due to the cheap furniture, small room and phone with the hotel's info next to it. As I gazed into her face, a strange knowledge seemed to fill me as if I was hers. A deep need to be with her began to warm the air inside of me.

The woman looked to be in her early thirties with long, raven, black hair, green expressive eyes and a somewhat pointy chin. Her lips were on the thin side, but her smile showed her prefect, white teeth. Down lower, she looked to be fairly petite with small breasts capped with inverted nipples. She looked to keep in shape due to the ridges in her abs and the slight amount of bone that showed in her hips. I felt an overwhelming sense that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

“You are such a cutey.” she said with a somewhat smokey voice as she held me at arms length to look me over.

Part of me wanted to fight to get away from her, but another begged me to pull her close to me. It was as if she were programmed into my mind as my ultimate lover, though not quite what I expected.

“I am Veronica. I am your new mistress.” she said happily as the words seemed to reverberate inside of me. Her intoxicating smile along with her statement seemed to solidify what I had first thought at seeing her. I was eternally hers. The man in the back of my mind was telling me it was all wrong, but I didn't even want to fight it anymore.

Veronica pulled me close to her with my feet only inches from the floor before hugging me tightly against her. I felt my inflated penis poke against her flesh just as she breathed in deeply at my neck. “I love how you smell.” she cooed as she kissed my skin and hugged me tighter. “You smell like latex... my favorite.” she cooed again before hugging me tighter.

Her skin against mine reinforced the her statement to me and I felt powerless to fight what was happening. The tingle of pleasure effortlessly blocked out any resistance that I could muster.

Veronica pulled back slightly to look me in the eyes with hers showing a deep love for me already. Under any other circumstances, the look would have been creepy. At that moment, her stare bored into my soul and seemed to fill a need that I never had before, a need to be wanted and loved just for what I looked like.

“Can you speak?” she asked gently. It took a few moments to process her question as my mind was still wrapped around the effect she was having on me already. I shook my head no and tried to say something by moving my mouth. In doing so, she seemed to grow intensely awe stricken by my mouth.

“Oh wow.” she said as she held me to her with just one hand. “Open up.” I couldn't have disobeyed her even if I wanted to and opened my mouth just before she stuck a finger inside to explore it.

She moved to get a better view as she poked my inflated teeth then my tongue to which she smiled widely. “Close.” she said while leaving her finger. I bit down on her only to have her gasp slightly and tasted her salty skin beyond the constant rubber tinge to everything. She wiggled it about sending a chill of pleasure across my body once more and I felt compelled to squeeze her.

Veronica pulled her finger out and smiled widely as she turned it and put it in her mouth. She seemed surprised for a moment then smiled seductively. “You even taste like rubber.” she said with a sexy giggle before setting me down.

My first instinct was to run for the door after being freed from her grasp. A shiver of arousal mixed with the air inside of me froze my actions I found the only thing I could do was to stare at her. A need began to invade my thoughts, a need to be used. It was foreign, but familiar in a way.

“Momma is horny after working all day. I think it's time to test you out.” she said as she pushed me backwards. My legs hit the edge of the bed from the force that she used and I fell over so quickly that I didn't even have time to react. Since I was so light and filled with air, I nearly bounced off of the soft bed before she climbed over top of me. “I've been waiting for you.” she said with a sensuous smile.

Veronica wasted little time in straddling my lower half and squeezing my air filled penis with her hand. It was as if my desire for her had made it harder somehow. She groaned slightly as she rubbed her pussy against it then slowly started to sit on it. I felt her pussy open for me with her delicate inner skin sliding over my rubber skin. The pleasure was beyond imagination, by far the best thing that I had ever felt in my entire life.

Before I knew it, I was fully inside of her and felt her squeeze her pussy on my cock. “Such a lovely cock you have there.” she said with a sensual laugh before raising up and placing her hands on my chest.

She was done with words as she began to slowly fuck me. Every time that she came down fully onto my body, her weight would cause an intense rise in pressure through my whole body that was an erotic sensation in itself. I felt as if I had died and gone to some kind of kinky heaven.

Slowly, Veronica began to build to a climax. She never took her eyes off of me, but she did have to close them from time to time so that she could experience her pleasure. I found myself getting excited at seeing her do so, it was as if the notion had been crafted for me, to revel in her pleasure. Pleasure of my own was delightful, but secondary only to hers.

“Ohhh.... oh shit!” Veronica exclaimed as he body began to tremble above me. I felt a rush of further excitement seeing her about to cum and grabbed at her wrists to hold her steady. Her pussy began to massage my squishy penis sending waves of other-worldy pleasure through my skin and clouding my mind. It was as if her orgasm was filling me with the release that I needed, though it wasn't an orgasm. It was more like I was absorbing her sexual energy to sate a hunger that I didn't know that I had.

Veronica nearly collapsed onto me sending the pressure inside my body to my extremities then back again. Her weight gave me a sensation of feeling safe and secure, a feeling that I hadn't felt in years. She greedily kissed at me with her tongue entering my mouth as I tasted her. It was strange to feel any kind of pleasure from the kiss but her skin was like magic on me.

She kissed me for nearly an hour with a dwindling enthusiasm, but her eyes showed that she was lost in it. It wasn't until her hips began to rock that I realized I was still inside of her. I was surprised when she stopped kissing and laid her face into my neck.

“You are the best boy ever!” she said softly as her hips slowly worked back and forth. “We are going to have so much fun together.”

Veronica never looked at me again as she started to fall asleep with me inside of her. Due to her weight, I could only use my air filled hands to rub her back and stroke her hair. A feeling of accomplishment tinged the pleasure that the encounter still filled me with. I wanted to make her happy.

Chapter 4

That night was strange. No matter what I tried, I couldn't fall asleep. I couldn't even move with her on top of me. I began to think back to the life that I had before any of this.

I used to be a software engineer just before my company went under. Things snowballed as I looked for work until the day I got evicted. Instead of moving away or trying to look for something out of my field, I went to the bar with the few bucks I had left. Like an idiot and probably too drunk to care, I took an offer to try something to help me forget. That's what started me on heroin.

I got a job at a grocery store and grew more dependent on my next fix, which seemed to come closer and closer together. When I was high, I was the king of my own world as I left this one behind. I couldn't seem to break the cycle and too depressed to ask for help. It was only when I got fired from my job for missing too much work that I ended up living on the streets. That was only 4 months ago.

As my new mistress pinned me to the bed helplessly, I began to wonder how I was changed into this and why it seemed to take control of me. It was magnitude of times better than where I was, but this was not my choice. The strangeness of my new air filled body and conflicting desires left me to wonder just what was going to happen. I couldn't deny the deep and sudden attraction for the woman who just used me like some kind of toy and pillow. I was pretty sure that whoever created me had instilled these feelings that I could not fight.

My mind wandered until the morning when mistress began to wake up. I began to find that calling her mistress in my mind seemed to be the only thing I could call her. Veronica felt too... unimportant.

“Ung....” she said as I felt her hips sliding on me. She lifted her head with sleep still I her eyes then smiled widely at seeing my face. Her eyes lingered in a half awake wonder at me before she sat up on my waist and stretched. As she did, I slid out of her with a tremble of pleasure.

“I love you Loverboy.” she said happily before dismounting me. “But, I have to get ready for work. Momma's got to make some money.”

I sat up quickly and felt the loss of her presence create a void inside of me that I needed to fill. It was like the growing, nagging need for a fix. The moment I realized it, my brain seemed to tremble in fear. She was my new addiction.

“I have to put you away for today, but tonight we get to go home.” she said before quickly turning me over and pinning me to the bed. I felt her tug at the valve in my back before the pleasure from it faded along with the pressure in my body. She let me go with a giggle before I turned over to try to grasp for her. She smiled and patted my head before walking away. My world began to fade as I laid on the bed and watched her make her way to the bathroom.

- 0 -

I was being reinflated again and felt mistress's warm breath entering my body. When I became lucid enough, I looked around to find that we were in a house. It wasn't well furnished or well decorated, but it was fairly quaint.

“Welcome to your new home, Loverboy.” Mistress said happily as she closed the valve on my back. I turned quickly to look at her and felt my heart melt at the sight of her. She stood up from the bed and looked around the room with a stretch before I got up to hug her tightly. “Miss me all ready?” she asked with another giggle. I nodded and felt my need for her wane with just the touch of our skin. It was as if her flesh was what took away the need in my body.

“Before I let you go anywhere, I have some rules.” she said causing me to nod as I still held her. “You are not to answer the door or look out any windows. You are physically unable to use the phone, the computer or open any of the external doors. You will forget how to read or write.” she said as I felt a strange presence next to my hand. I looked down to see a shiny tube of lipstick, the same one from when I was made.

“Now that being said, I'm ready for a movie.” she said happily before pushing me away from her. I looked into her eyes to see her smile before she held out the lipstick. She motioned for me to take it, but as I got close, the thing filled me with terror, a sense of impending doom and a promise of pain if I touched it. I yanked my arm away causing her to giggle.

“This is what controls you. You are never allowed to touch it, but I doubt you could anyway.” she said as she put it up on her small dresser. “I'm going to dress first. You just sit tight.”

I nodded before Veronica went to her closet and picked out a purple latex item. She smiled as she powdered her upper body then slipped the stretchy, floppy top over her head. It looked almost like a sports bra once it was on. The next item was a pair of latex stockings in the same color.

In the living room, she sat on the couch and turned the TV on with me sitting next to her. I wanted to touch her and be with her, but she made me wait. After getting the movie ready, she turned to me and smiled.

“Get between my legs and pleasure me orally.” she said as she spread her legs wide and pushed her ass to the edge of the couch. I needed little coaxing to do so as the excitement of giving her pleasure filled me with energy.

I knelt on the floor and placed my face over her fragrant pussy and began to kiss her. I could hear her sigh happily above me just before she threw a blanket over us. Using my much longer tongue and my nimble fingers, I made her cum several times with a little coaching. I felt like I was on top of the world as getting her off felt like my one true goal and brought intense pleasure to myself.

- 0 -

I found out that Veronica had a deep love for latex and rubber, but could only play at home. She was a traveling business woman and took me wherever she went to use me. I was lucky that she liked sex because it was almost exclusively what we did when she wasn't at work. Sometimes we would watch TV with me in her lap as she stroked my cock. Other times, she would dress up in outrageous outfits and use me until she could go no further. Each time she would deflate me, I would wake up to somewhere new with no indication that time had passed. I was always happy to see her and eager to please.

It was weeks before I started to wonder about my life again. Despite being thrown into this forcefully, I had grown to enjoy my new position as Mistresses personal sex toy. All of my responsibilities and cares had been thrown to the wind only to be replaced by my deep love for her. Mistress wasn't the one that created me, but the one who now used me for our mutual pleasure. She was the best drug of all. The one drug that I could never get enough of.

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