The Process 4: The New Maid

by Tit for Tat

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This story contains elements of an adult nature. If you are not 18 or stumbled upon this by accident, please move along as there is nothing to see here. Those that are of age, please enjoy. Story contains NC, Body mod, BE, MtF, Living latex doll

The Process: Part 4: The New Maid

Chapter 1

It had been 3 years since my best friend Mike and I had discovered the place.. It looked like some kind of forgotten pump house in a secluded valley just outside of town. Mike and I were doing some exploring one day after work and found it. I'm glad that he didn't chicken out when I decided to go inside.

The pump house looked ordinary at first, but there was nothing in it, but it looked like one that you would find on a farm. It had cement block walls, a steel roof and blacked out windows with a vent pipe coming out of the top. What we found below through a trap door came straight out of some kind of science fiction magazine.

Stairs led downward from a trap door in the floor. 4 flights of stairs down a concrete square led to a kind of bunker. It took us a few days to jimmy the beaten lock open, and we weren't ready for what was behind it. It was some kind of underground silo. The main portion of it was a large, cylindrical room with hidden panels that could be moved, a lighted ceiling and a large curved mirror to look inside. On the hidden side of the mirror was a room that looked more like some kind of military study minus any indication that it belonged there. Several steel panels on the walls covered up anything that used to be behind them. Many books lined the shelves along with a few tables and chairs to sit at. It was among those books that I made a great discovery.

“Tim, we gotta get the fuck outta here.” Mike said nervously as I poked around. “The electric still works and I'm pretty sure that whoever was here is coming back.

“Chill, Mike.” I waved as I picked up a book. Mike was always afraid to do any adventuring and tried his best to have no fun at all. Despite this, I couldn't help but call the red headed shit my best friend, and he always came with me despite his fears.

- 0 -

In the weeks that followed, I began to figure out what the place was all about. I spent a lot of time by myself or with the help of Mike. We had discovered some kind of magic that allowed experimentation on humans. Mike, of course, flipped out and didn't come back for a few days. I, on the other hand, consumed the words on the pages as if they were food for a starving child.

I found out just how real it was when I used some of the basic spells to change a rabbit into a rubber statue. It worked by infusing the living parts of the rabbit into an inanimate object to store it's life force. The remaining object would then live on as whatever it was turned into so long as the stored life force was not destroyed. The one limitation was that whatever was changed, had to be turned into some kind of rubber or plastic. It didn't have to be changed all the way, but whatever part was changed, it could be changed in a number of different ways and permanently.

- 0 -

I used every bit of money that I had along with some that I was able to con from Mike to buy the property that the site sat on. It was a little strange that the property was so cheap, but there wasn't much on it besides some small hills and a lot of plains grass.

The last bit of money that I had, I used to build a small pole barn next to the pump house. It was big enough to be a small house with everything needed to live in. Mike said that I was insane, but I had a plan.

When I went to find the source that powered the place so that I could tap it for the house, I found something disturbing. In a small room, just past the study in the bunker was a black, rubber statue of a man tirelessly pumping his legs on a modified bike. The bike was hooked to a small generator.

The man could neither hear or see me and didn't even respond when I touched him, he just kept cycling away as if it were his only job. In awe of the black rubber man, I almost missed the golf-ball sized metal sphere that sat on a shelf behind him. It was in a glass canister that looked to be sealed somehow. I later found out that it was his life force trapped in that sphere. It was something that I never told Mike... ever.

- 0 -

As things began to progress with my new obsession, I found a... willing subject to test. It took nearly a week to convince Mike that using the person was a just thing to do as they were of no use to society and would probably die in a matter of weeks anyway. I found that man in the next town over, which was about 15 miles away. Some old forgotten bum that looked as though his time were growing short.

The first time was exciting, watching the spells work and the man willfully starting the process himself in order to get some food. It all had to be willfully done by the person in order for the spell to work. The end result was a super model perfect rendering of a sex toy that looked nearly human despite it's rubber body. As a precaution, I kept the sphere for the man in the library even after selling him off for almost 6 grand. Mike got a bit of the cut for helping out.

The next few times were about the same with the product coming out as I had set up. The rubber formula contained a portion of the spell while the runes in the floor did the work of extracting whatever live force or human remains came from the person. Despite Mike's reluctance to continue with the work, I was able to convince him as well as pay him for helping. The fact that I was getting a bit of notice with my sex dolls was also attracting more customers.

Chapter 2

Beringar Swartz. A German man who heard of my product had contacted me via the internet and asked what I could do with my dolls. I had created about 12 of them before he contacted me and knew that there were many more things that I could provide. He asked for realism, I could give that. He wanted her to have an inflatable penis, done. Inflatable boobs, easy... everything he asked for, I could do. It was when I told him what it would cost then hearing no hesitation at the 190 thousand dollars that I started to get excited.

Bums and lowlifes were getting hard to come by until Mike and I were at a bar one night just to chat and blow off steam. We spotted an ugly chunk of a woman behind the bar with terrible manners. I felt sorry for the lady and talked with Mike about taking her. He reluctantly agreed and we bagged her quickly when the bar let out. It was fun to see the end result as a living rubber sex toy and able to do things on her own. I was sure the German guy would like it.

After making the trip to Germany and meeting the odd couple, I unveiled Alice with a bit of excitement. The big bald guy and his ugly red haired wife seemed to be rather upset. Beringar told me that if he ever found me again that he would do the same to me. The way that he picked me up and looked at me, I was terrified. I still got paid, I made sure of that. I also covered my tracks so that the guy would be sure to never find me.

I had a friend that seemed to get wind of what I was doing and asked for a doll. Since she was a friend, I told her what I could do for her and what she would get. I didn't leave out any details and said it was just magic that made worked she asked how. Mike and I found a junky three towns over and transformed him. After turning him into a living blow up doll, Mike said he had had enough. I still convinced the little shit to stay.

- 0 -

Things had been going well as we stuck to converting people into standard dolls. There were much fewer questions asked and much less mess to clean up. Mike seemed to be becoming much less interested in the business and occupied his time with his private projects. I started to come up with a plan to convert him. Didn't need him spilling my secret if he decided to quit.

We were just about to bag another old lady when Mike backed out at the last minute.

“Dude, we got her. It's dark, no one is around and no one is going to care. We could probably lure her with something if you don't want to carry her.” I said as I looked over at Mike. He had let his beard grow out and it looked ridiculous on him.

“No... just give me a day or so. This is starting to bother me. We can't just keep taking people and turning them into sex toys. It's just wrong.” Mike said as he looked out the window. I sighed deeply knowing that I needed his help in doing this. Maybe it was time to start thinking about converting him too.

After getting back to the barn, Mike took off. I went downstairs to do some more reading and found some interesting things to try. Maybe it was time to also see how some of this other stuff worked.

- 0 -

Mike had come down to do some reading with me and sat quietly all day long. I was glad that he was getting back into the business again. I would really miss him if he were gone.

I got up and went to the silo to check out some of the runes on the floor when the door ground shut behind me. I looked toward the large one-way mirror and gave Mike an angry stare.

“The fuck man. That's not funny.” I shouted at him, but knew I didn't need to due to the many microphones in the room.

“No... it is not funny.” came a somewhat familiar voice with a German accent. It took me a moment until I realized just who it was with a sudden fear.

“Hey, come back for another doll?” I asked nervously as I hoped he was just looking for another.

“I did.” he said with some finality. His tone sent shivers down my spine.

“Good, just let me out and we'll talk.” I said as I walked closer to the mirror. “Mike?”

For a good 2 hours, I talked to the mirror to get either one of them to say something. I was more angry than scared at that point.

“Come on Mike, let me the fuck out of here.” I said before pounding on the mirror.

“I'm sorry Tim. This has to stop at some point.” Mike said dejectedly. It was his tone that started to scare me.

“Mike, come on buddy. We're in this together.” I said before hearing nothing back. I banged on the mirror again before sighing deeply and facing the room behind me, the wonderful, magic room that had started to bring me some good fortune.

I stood at the mirror and talked to no one many times trying to reason with them. My anger was slowly fading to a desperate plea to give them anything they wanted. It felt like no use until I hear the grinding of the wall moving behind me. I looked at the mirror then to where the sound came from. It was the deed to the land.

“Sell it to me and I will let you go.” Beringar said softly. I looked toward the mirror and nodded as I signed the deed and put it back on the shelf. The wall slid back to it's position. I waited for many long minutes before having to finally piss at the edge of the room. I sighed and waited as I sat near the mirror.

- 0 -

It felt like a week since I was in there with no further contact with Mike or Beringar. I was terribly hungry and figured that they had left me for dead. I hoped that they would have at least left me the pen so I could end it if they had left me. The hunger that pained my lower section was the only thing I had left to me.

I was sleeping again when I heard a wall move. I was weary and weak from not eating and hoped that they had finally let me go. Instead, I saw a familiar panel appear on the wall and a terror rush through me. It was the 'Food' dispenser that I had used on countless people.

“It's your choice. You can die or you can eat. Only your will can decide.” Beringar said over the loudspeaker.

“Fuck you, krout.” I slurred before leaning against the wall again. My stomach felt as if it were about to implode and I shook as I held it in my hands. I never knew how bad this felt.

I made it another day before the hunger and weakness made me give in. I knew that I could last another 3 or 4 days at most before dying, but I also knew that it was a terrible way to go.

I nearly crawled to the 'Food' dispenser and got to my knees in front of it as I saw a black fluid ready to drip. I could only hope that I wouldn't end up replacing the man at the bicycle as I put my mouth to the flaccid penis-like dispenser and sucked. The viscous fluid tasted like vinegar and rubber and instantly turned my severely empty stomach. It was already too late to spit it out.

If I had known what they were experiencing, I would have never put them through it. The incredible sickness that I felt was easily ten times worse than starving to death. The deep aches, need to vomit and severe diarrhea made me curl into a tight ball on the floor and moan.

“We had a man lead our country once that was like you.” Beringar said as he stood near the middle of the room and placed a black sphere on the pedestal. I tried to reach for him before clutching my stomach and growling in pain. “He decided on his own which lives were more valuable than others. He performed terrible atrocities in the name of our country. He gave the promise of hope backed by hate. In order to take this terrible power from you, you will become one of the 30 people whom you turned against their will.” he said with a humph before turning ans leaving the room. I tried to reach for him before I slumped back to the floor.

Chapter 3

I knew what was coming, but I wasn't ready for it. My body that was fattened and full of the rubber was going to expel my human parts to the floor only to be absorbed by the sphere. I trembled and shook just as my last breaths left my lungs and heaved violently.

As I puked up my guts on the floor, I quickly removed my clothes as fast as I could. I didn't want what was coming out of me to get stuck against me. Just as my pants and underwear were off, I let go of my bowels only to feel an intense cramp push from inside of me. I watched in horror as a bloody tube of my insides lurched froward from my mouth along with my teeth. It was so uncontrollable that all I could do was sit on my hands and knees to let it happen.

It was nearly and hour with disgusting innards attached to my mouth and ass before they finally fell free to the floor. The green glow of the runes transported the material to the black sphere on the pedestal just as I felt my cock and balls ache. The pain grew until I felt a sickening detachment to see them fall off as well. I reached for the loose meat frantically just as the floor absorbed it then fell over. I was too frightened to pass out.

Next came the skin. I had only watched in fascination from the outside, but never knew the terror of what came next. My skin grew tight on my body with several sections gaining deep crevasses. Soon, the crevasses ripped open only to show a black shiny surface underneath. I shook in terror at remembering the man at the bicycle generator.

As my skin burst and peeled away, I began to feel a little better. My hair fell to the floor under me just before my eyesight changed to blackness. I put my new rubber hands to my face to find that my mouth had already changed to a sex doll mouth. My nose was sealed shut and my eyes were no longer there, just slightly sunken depressions but smooth overall. I shakily felt to my crotch to find that my penis had been replaced with a doll hole. My whole world seemed to crumble before I passed out.

- 0 -

I came to with a start, feeling changes continuing slowly all over me. I could see again and put my hands to my eyes only to have them feel the same, though I could see through the black skin there. I looked down as I noticed a strange jiggle to find that I had started to grow breasts. They already looked to be a c-cup with large, protruding nipples, All of my skin was pure, shiny black.

I stood up quickly and nearly fell over as my feet felt funny. As I caught myself with my hands, I felt my arms give at odd angle and my new breasts jiggle madly under me. I looked down at my feet to see that my toes had merged along with short spikes jutting from my heels. They were giving me heels, built in and never to be removed.

I kept checking myself regularly to find strange ridges forming here and there. The ridges eventually changed to either black or white and lengthened. There was a ridge around each of my ankles, the tops of my thighs, one around my narrowed waist, one at my neck, shoulders and each wrist. On my bald head, I felt yet another ridge beginning to grow.

It took several more hours before the ridges began to resemble something. The one at my waist grew quickly into what looked like a short skirt to cover my intimate bits to a degree. At the edges of the skirt were white ruffles about an inch in from the edge. The ridges on the rest of my body began to resemble the same white ruffles on my skirt. When the white apron began to appear, I realized what I was becoming. I was a black latex, rubber maid.

I stood up quickly feeling the odd weight on my chest jiggle as I tried to adjust to standing on my new feet. Carefully, I walked to the mirror and pounded on it for them to let me out. I was freaking out more than just a little at what I was becoming. The weight of my situation had only begun to settle into my mind.

No one came to see me, I couldn't really even tell what I looked like due to the curve in the large mirror, but I did have a chance to explore myself. My hands were solid black without any kind of features that I would have had like knuckles or fingernails, they looked to be like they were inside of some kind of glove. I knew what it looked like from the outside, but never expected to have a first hand look.

My chest was one of my biggest worries. My new boobs looked huge on me from this angle and seemed to have much more wobble than the rest of my body. They were like water filled balloons in comparison to the plush yet firm, black skin on the rest of my body. I grabbed them in my hands and squeezed only to feel a sudden excitement emanate from them. I ran my hands lower and lifted my skirt to find what had happened below. Trembling with a fear, I jerked as I touched the wide open hole where my penis used to be. I would have cried if I could have.

Exploring the rest of my body as it continued to change, I found that all of the extraneous bits were a part of me and even had feeling. As I pulled at the hem of my built-in skirt, it felt much the same as if I pulled on the fleshy part of my ear. Even the apron and large, white bow that grew from the middle of my back had it's own feeling. The stupid looking headpiece that formed into my head followed the same pattern.

My anger started to come back to me from what Mike and Beringar had done, but it began to change as soon as I felt it. My frustrations at my new body changed into a low hum of arousal that seemed to cause my mouth to water as well as the holes below. I stuck a finger into my mouth to feel the rubber passage to give way to my finger and have it slide easily inside. I was surprised at the lack of feeling that it gave me, but wondered if I would turn out like the others needing outside stimulation to get anything out of it. That though alone caused my body to chill at what was truly in store for me.

I put my back against the wall and allowed myself to drop to the floor feeling my new tits starting to get in the way of my arms. They had become easily a double handful and were probably nearing the size of my own head. An awful feeling came over me and I realized that it was something that I had never experienced, remorse. I actually started to feel bad about those that I had converted without their consent. This was what if felt like to be trapped inside your own body with it changed to something that you didn't have control over.

I thought about all of the people that I turned into immobile sex dolls and wondered exactly what it was like for them. I made sure that it would be enjoyable for them, but they were actually thinking inside their new bodies and really were people, just like me. Even Alice, the one that I turned into a living, walking love doll was trapped in such a way, but at least she could do something about it. I felt even worse at giving her the hunger in her holes and it thought would keep her occupied instead of constantly needing.

- 0 -

I thought to myself for hours as my remorse turned to guilt, then anger again and back to fear. It was a roller coaster of emotions that hid the passage of time from me. Eventually, I felt a rise in my arousal that seemed to immerse all other emotions in it and create a need that I knew would follow. It was useless to even try to pleasure myself as I knew I wouldn't get enough to help sate the feeling. I had designed the emotion, after all.

I heard the grinding of stone that meant someone was coming in, but I was too emotionally deflated to even look. This was my new prison and the price for what I had done.

“Tim..” I heard Mike say sheepishly. I looked up to see him sigh at me with Beringar next to him.

“Your new name is Maid.” Beringar said as he held the black ball in his hand. “I have talked with Mike and come up with a plan for this place. You, however, will be shipped back with me to work. I will see you there.” Beringar said with a stern expression just before he nodded at Mike.

“Tim... I wanted all of this to stop.” Mike said softly. I couldn't even look at him anymore. “I asked you several times that this was not the right thing to do, you never listened.”

I felt his words enter me before I looked up to see him frown. “You stopped being my friend when you stopped listening to me. I feared for my own safety when you gave me that look saying that I was next. I had to stop you.” he said before I looked at the floor.

I knew he right. I had stopped listening to him and his voice of reason because of my greed and lack of dignity in what we were doing. I was starting to accept that this was my punishment.

“Beringar now owns this land and wants me to keep watch over it. My dream has always been to have a ranch and Beringar is going to fund it for me as well as keep me on his payroll. I'm sorry it came to this.” he said softly and began to turn with a hesitation. I thought he was going to say something else, but he just shook his head and walked out. The door stayed open behind him.

I looked at the open door and started to stand just before my legs tingled with a bit of numbness. My ankles collapsed under me followed by the same sensation in my arms. Mike came back into the room with a shipping crate just like the one we sent Alice in. My heart sank as he placed it in the center of the room with my vision dimming and my body limp. I guess my punishment truly did fit the crime.

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