The Process 5: A Family of Sorts

by Tit for Tat

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This story contains elements of an adult nature. If you are not 18 or stumbled upon this by accident, please move along as there is nothing to see here. Those that are of age, please enjoy. Story contains Body mod, BE, Penis growth, Living Latex doll, BDSM, MF, MFF, FF

The Process: Part 5: A Family of Sorts

Chapter 1

It was an emotional night sleeping with Gudrun and feeling her softly breathing form tantalize my own body with just her skin against me. It caused me to want her even more. The nervousness that I felt when she fell asleep was long gone, but the the value of what I told her was still there. Even with Beringar, who seemed to turn to jelly and shed his stiff, steely nature when around me had a place in my heart. I didn't know if it was because I was made for them, if it was my new body that compelled me to be interested or if it was something that I genuinely felt. The feeling was real regardless of what created the emotion. I truly wanted to be a part of them, it began pulling on me the more that I spent time with them.

Gudrun began to stir under me and I felt an excitement at her coming awake. She sighed happily and pulled me against her as I felt another rush of pleasure from her touch. She touched me yet again and smiled before slowly looking down at me. I wished that I could have smiled back, but my hands just under her breasts were showing the feelings that I had instead.

“Have you been with me all night?” she asked hoarsely before I nodded and held my position on her. She smiled widely and ran her hand through my plastic hair causing yet more pleasure within me. “Did you sleep?”

I shook my head no and she frowned before sitting up slightly with me sliding down her body. She yawned and stretched as I sat up to look at her with a warmth of happiness filling me. I felt as if I were already hers without asking her to take me. She studied me for a moment then looked thoughtful before handing the pad of paper and the pen back to me.

“I have work to do today, but I want to converse with you. Did you mean what you said last night? You have feelings for me?” she asked as I took the writing utensils. I nodded at her and held onto the paper and pen while looking her in the eyes. She nodded back at me then looked down over her body.

“Could I explore your body and see what you can do?” she asked before I nodded and looked down at my own body. My tiny, limp penis had yet to be used properly and just the thought of doing so warmed me with even more uncomfortable arousal. The thing was useless unless she made it hard for me. I took the paper and wrote some things down.

'I would love for you to explore me. I have a need that only you can fulfill. I have not had a chance to use my penis. You can change me however you like.' I wrote before handing the paper back to her. As she read it, her smile widened just before a loving expression filled her.

“I know that you were created for us, but I don't want to use you just because of that. You are a person inside.” she said as I took the paper back and wrote some more.

'I love that you treat me like a person, but I have needs. Despite that, I WANT to share myself with you. It doesn't matter if it is my body is doing this or if I am. I want to be a part of you. I want you to use me for what I was created for. I have no other choice and I think you deserve it.' I wrote then handed the paper back. Gudrun read it carefully before a tear rolled form her eye. She looked at me and smiled widely before giving a single nod.

“Allow me to shower and prepare for the day. There is work to be done before the party tonight and before Beringar comes home. Are you hungry?” Gudrun asked as she slide out of bed and looked me over. I was a little, but I shook my head no as the need was not so great. She smiled and rolled her brown latex leggings down to expose her stark white skin. The more I saw of her, the more I wanted her.

“Please make the bed for me while I am preparing. I will meet you back here.” she said as she walked toward their large bathroom. I nodded at her with a longing to keep her near me nagging my senses.

After making the bed, I picked up her brown latex leggings and cleaned them. They were a little sweaty on the inside, but a little talcum powder seemed to dry them quickly enough. I don't know where the knowledge of care for the latex came from, but I knew enough of how to clean it and hang it properly before she came back.

“Where are my leggings?” Gudrun asked as she looked about the floor. I pointed at the closet before she padded to where they were hung and inspected them. She turned back to me with a smile and walked in my direction. “Excellent.” she said happily.

I felt a tinge of pleasure from doing a good job for her and knew it was due to my programming. Despite that knowledge, I allowed myself to feel good for it. It was a happy revelation.

Chapter 2

I followed Gudrun around as she did her business by calling people and making arrangements. It was about noon when Beringar came home and found us. I hopped up from my seat next to Gudrun and ran to him with a hug. He seemed a bit surprised, but held me in his strong embrace with a laugh.

“Are you hungry, dear?” he asked as I felt him put my hand on his crotch. I looked up at him to see him smile happily and nodded. This time, I pulled his zipper down and took him in my mouth right where I was. Feeling his large dick widen and slide inside my lubricated tunnel caused me to moan and realize just how much I missed it. The large hunk of a man who crumbled when near me seemed to enjoy me just as much.

Just after Beringar came in me causing myself to orgasm, he pulled me to standing and thrust his fingers into my mouth. After pulling them away with his cum still on them, he reached behind me and inserted them into my ass. I groaned as I hugged him tightly against me to breathe in his cologned scent.

“Feel better?” he asked before adding himself to the hug. I nodded against his upper chest and let my head rest against him. He chuckled softly before picking me up in his arms and carrying me to Gudrun. My orgasmic high drained my arousal and left my mind a little foggy.

“Ladybug. Is Alice alright?” he asked softly as I looked up at him. From my angle, I could see the sharp lines of his jaw and the piercing stare from his almost green eyes to someone other than me.

“We had an interesting evening. Alice slept with me.” Gudrun said before Beringar smiled and looked down at me. “Alice said that she wants to be a part of us and our world. I feel that she is honest about it and it's not her body making her, though it has some sway on her.” Gudrun said as I watched Beringar study me.

“Is this true Alice? You want to be a part of us and not just a guest until we can figure this out?” Beringar asked me gently. I hesitated for a moment then nodded at him before he looked back at Gudrun.

I put my hand on the blue shirt covering his chest and drew outlines of his pecs underneath. He looked back down at me with a smile and looked thoughtful.

“You know what it is that we do. You would want to be a part of our house?” he asked just before setting me down. I turned to look at Gudrun who had paper and a pen ready for me.

'I do. I would be willing to do what is needed to help. I want to be a part of your family. I decided that it isn't even worth going back to what I had even if I got out of this. Your kinky world and parties seem to fit my new role. I admitted to Gudrun that I have feelings for her and I also have them for you too. You both are the most kind people I have ever met and I would like to stay, as your personal toy if I need to, but as a lover and a friend at best.' I wrote before handing the paper to Beringar.

Beringar studied me for a moment before reading the thing quickly. He paused then reread it again before looking at Gudrun who nodded then both looked at me. Beringar looked... flabbergasted.

“You... want this?” he asked as he looked down at the paper. “You were forced into this. Have you had a change of heart?” he asked as he looked at me. I hesitated again before nodding at him. He looked at Gudrun who smiled and nodded. “I'm still going to find the demon who did this to you and make him pay.” he said with a growing anger.

I started to become a little afraid of the large man who probably could kill me with his bare hands. “Alice is not the last one that he will do this to. I don't care if you are coming to terms with it, but this needs to stop.”

“Gummy bear.” Gurdrun said with a bit of concern as she stood up to walk to him. “Please... we have guests arriving in a few hours. Do not let your anger ruin the evening. Put it on the shelf.” she said as she put her hands to hid heaving chest and looked up at him. Beringar seemed to melt under her sensual stare and nodded. He still looked angry but smiled.

“I will hunt him starting next week.” he said before bending slightly and kissing Gudrun. “I will be setting up in the dungeon.”

Beringar smile at Gudrun then softened a bit before looking at me. “Alice... I am truly sorry that this has happened to you, but I accept your offer if it is your true will. We will keep her and treat her as a special member of our family. Do you agree?” he asked as he looked at Gudrun.

“I do.” she said happily before stepping up and kissing him. “I was going to test her abilities, do you want to be present?”

“No.. I need to work to let out my anger.” he said sternly then smiled just a little. “We can play later.”

Chapter 3

After Beringar had left, Grudrun walked with me up to the master suite. I looked at all of the empty rooms with the doors open that her and I had cleaned in preparation for the event. From what I heard over the phone, the party was to last the weekend with people coming from all over the world to attend. Most were from Germany, but several were from France, the UK, USA and even Japan.

“Alice, this weekend... I need you to stay in your room.” Gudrun said as we walked hand in hand. I looked at her and saw that she didn't like the idea. “Your appearance would cause many questions that we can't answer.” she said before I stopped her and looked her in the eyes. I knew that she would want me to attend the event and nodded letting her know that I understood. She smiled a little and petted the side of my face sending ripples of pleasure through my body.

Once in the bedroom, Gudrun quickly slipped off her baggy, yet elegant white blouse then slid her black latex mini skirt down her legs leaving her naked in front of me. She smiled as she reached into the nightstand and pulled out the golf ball sized metal sphere that contained my human parts. I felt a little nervous at seeing it, but she smiled and patted the bed.

“Since we ordered you with what we wanted, you may know some of the things that you can do, some of them may not be so obvious.” she said as I sat next to her. “Where would you like to start.” she asked as she looked over my body.

I thought for a moment and though I wanted to use my new equipment on her, I also wanted to ease into it. I looked down and pointed to my chest and saw my almost shot glass sized nipples poking into the air. Gudrun nodded and stood up to face me.

“Make them as big as they get over the course of 3 minutes.” she said softly as I felt the tingle start right away.

I cupped my tits in my hands to feel them slowly growing before Gudrun set the sphere down and moved them. “I want to watch them.” she said with a hint of desire in her voice and lust in her eyes. I nodded and rested my hands on the bed beside me.

Watching them grow and feeling them getting heavier was incredibly strange. I wasn't in the right mind to really take it in the first time, but now, it was actually turning me on more than I already was. Gudrun ran a hand down from her neck to one of her nipples and rolled it in her fingers. “So sexy.' she said in a deeper tone as she looked like she was getting lost.

The tingle finally stopped with the weight in front of me changing how I sat. I had to lean back slightly to keep from falling over with each one of my massive mammaries inflated to the size of my head or larger.

“I would love to have the same size myself.” Gudrun said softly as she cupped her own breasts. “It was my idea to give you ones so large at command.”

I cupped my tits in my hands to relieve some of the weight and breathed deeply at feeling so dirty with them attached to me. They made me feel more like an object than a person. That thought seemed to thrill me more than it should have. Gudrun stepped between my legs and lowered her hands to gently caress just one of them.

“Would you like to continue?” she asked before I looked up at her and nodded. “I'll pick the next change.”

Gudrun picked up the sphere again and smiled widely. “Make your penis as big as it will go.”

Again, I felt the tingle where my useless, limp penis was and noticed it swelling as I pulled my breasts apart to watch. “Get fully hard.” Gudrun said as the tingle intensified. The floppy, growing stub began to go rigid as I felt it fill with a kind of erotic pressure. The pressure grew until the skin began to tighten then died off. By the time I was done growing, my penis was nearly a foot and half long and almost 4 inches wide.

“Good lord.” Gudrun said as she stepped back and looked me over. She put her hand to her pussy and gently rubbed it as a glazed look filled her eyes. “Magnificent.” she said with a whisper. “Such a nice size.”

I let go of my breasts to reach down and take my cock in my hands. It was big enough that it's tip was able to press into the valley between my enormous tits. I felt even more like an objectified fantasy, but my arousal twisted it into a fantasy of my own. I wanted to be her deepest desire, I was her deepest desire.

“Grow your hair to your butt.” she said with a slight tremble as I felt my scalp tingle. My hair tickled down my back quickly just before it stopped and pooled slightly on the bed. Gudrun seemed to be lost in just the sight of me.

“Do you feel sexy?” she asked me as her breath seemed to come a little heavier than normal. Just by seeing her reaction alone, I had to nod. Gudrun only shook her head in disbelief and looked down at the sphere in her hand. “Set your ejaculation to level 10. You will ejaculate and orgasm when I tell you to.” she said as she came a little closer to me.

“Did you know that you have a hidden pouch in you?” she asked almost breathlessly. She looked as if she were almost unable to control herself. “Open your belly button.” she said as I felt a tingle for just a few seconds there. I kept my eyes on her before curiosity got the best of me. I reached under my tits and found that my belly button had widened and deepened about 3 inches. It was just a small depression.

“I wanted this so that we could hide keys in you.” she said with a pause then turned. She reached into the nightstand and pulled out a set of handcuff keys. “Put these in your belly button and close it.” she said as I felt my body take control. I removed the keys from her hand, placed them in the depression and felt it close up on my finger. As I pulled my finger out, the flesh sealed behind it leaving no trace of what was under there. Gundrun looked as if she were about to tackle me.

“You are so amazing. I feel guilty for wanting you so badly.” she said as she set the sphere down. I felt as if it were my cue to tell her how I much I wanted her and to not feel guilty about it.

I stood up as she was still facing the nightstand and touched her back just under her armpits. She trembled slightly as I wiggled my fingers between her arms and sides just before wrapping them around her chest and squeezing her against me. My enormous breasts pressed mightily against her with my large, stiff nipples digging into her flesh. My cock slid up her back and pressed just into the crack of her ass. By the way that she trembled and gasped, I thought she was going to orgasm just from my touch.

“It's not fair.” she said in a near whisper. Her words caused me to loosen my grip before she turned to me with tears in her eyes. “You have everything that I always wanted for myself.” she said as she stared into my eyes. Her hands hung limply next to her. There was a kind of sadness that tinged her extreme arousal.

I couldn't talk, so I just sighed and held her against me. Wetness touched my shoulder and rolled down it before she began to hug me back. “I want to be you.” she said softly.

I didn't expect her words and it confused me for a moment. Why would anyone want a body like this? I was a rubber skinned, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, big-titted shemale with a giant cock. Beyond that, my body hungered to be filled with cum in either of my doll holes and arousal constantly haunted me. I could even be controlled or changed by something that I couldn't even get close to.

“You have perfect skin.” she said as she ran her hand up my right arm. “Rubber, shiny, soft. You can never die. You can change your body to fit your needs and you are built for sex. All... my fantasy.” she said as she looked into my eyes. Her pale blue, shimmering orbs held a new emotion for me, envy. I didn't expect it. “You are so sexy, you make me tremble.” she said as she pulled away slightly. “Can I touch you?”

Of course I nodded and looked down to see her take one of my giant, soft, rubber nipples into her fingers gently. I sighed as I felt the pleasure from the simple action absorb into my entire body like heat dissipating into water. I kept my eyes on her as she looked up at me with a need beginning to build.

“Will you... fuck me?” she asked with more shyness than I had grown accustomed to from her. I suddenly began to realize why she had asked my permission. She wanted me to be a lover, not a slave or a simple toy. I nodded at her and looked toward the bed.

Gudrun continued to hold my hand as she laid in bed with her head on the pillow. I entered the bed with her and felt my enormous tits sway with incredible weight under me. As she spread her creamy, toned thighs, she exposed her completely shaven pussy that was an angry red with arousal and glistening with her own juices.

“I want to take all of it, but you may be too big. Adjust your size so you barely fit in me.” she said as picked up the ball to say the command then set it back down. I simply nodded at her as I climbed over top to look into her eyes. Her desire had caused her body to writhe on the bed under me. She looked like some kind of angel.

Instead of plowing right into her, I laid my weight onto her and allowed my breasts to squish between us. I lowered my head with my hair flowing around my head before she reached up and kissed me straight on my doll mouth. Her eyes showed that she wanted this more than anything.

She kissed me lovingly with an increasing intensity until I felt her grasping at my breasts. The sensation of her lips and tongue in my doll hole and her hands on my tits sent waves of pleasure through me. I began to loose my thoughts to the fog of my own desire.

Slowly, I worked my hips back and my face away from hers to line up with her needy pussy. As I pressed the head of me against her, she gasped and brought her legs around my back. Using my penis to fuck someone was new to me, but I also knew how it was supposed to work.

I gently pushed myself into her and felt my penis shrink slowly. Gudrun closed her eyes and moaned deeply just as I felt my tip enter her and stop shrinking. “Yes... fuck me.” she whispered with her arms trembling.

I felt the tip of me disappearing into her warm wet hole and the resulting pleasure climbing into my own body. The sensation was unreal and completely foreign to me, but incredibly sensual.

“Ohh.... so big.” Gudrun shouted as her eyes widened as if it hurt her. I stopped pushing forward only to feel her legs pull harder against my large ass. “More...” she shouted as her legs pulled harder.

As I slid into her and hit what felt like bottom, my hips still weren't touching hers. Gudrun was moaning and sliding her legs all over my back just before her hands reached for my breasts. “Please... Alice... fuck me.” she breathed as he eyes came open. I could both feel and see the need that had been building within her. I could only wonder how it felt.

I started a slow rhythm and felt every inch of her warm, slick insides slide along my rubber shaft. I instantly understood why men liked pussy so much as there was no other feeling in the world that came close to it. Getting fucked was nice when I had one of my own and my doll holes were good too, but this... this was heaven.

I opened my eyes and looked down to see Gudrun crying while she gasped and moaned under me. Again I stopped until she pinched my nipples hard and pulled with her legs to keep me going. “Please... more.” she said weakly as I felt her legs tremble and leave my back.

Seconds later, she gasped deeply with her hips trembling along with her legs just as her pussy clamped down hard on me. I knew that intense feeling and what it was like to have someone keep going while it happened. Gudrun screamed and grabbed anything she could with her fingers digging into the sides of my tits that dangled over her. Despite the force that she clawed at them with, I felt no pain. It only sent my own pleasure even higher.

The need to free myself from the cum inside of me that felt like an increasingly full bladder began to overcome the pleasure that I felt. I pumped into her harder causing her to squeal and pant as she pawed my hanging tits. Even when she came again, I continued hoping that I could cum. No guy I was ever with could last this long.

“Alice... stop.” Grudrun said breathlessly as she pushed against me with her hands. It took me a moment to realize what she had said and stopped quickly thinking that I was hurting her. “Shoot it on me.” she said with a tremble as she pushed be back a little further. “Please... cover me in cum.” she said as she stared into my eyes with desire.

Her request was a little odd, but I wanted to cum so badly that I did as she asked. After pulling out, I began to stroke myself and backed away from her slightly. “Cum for me Alice. Cover me in your seed.” she begged with hardly any breath left.

I felt the fluid inside my lower half boil in excitement as a twinge of intense pleasure reverberated up and down my penis. Just as the viscous, milky fluid rocketed from the tip of me, a massive orgasm filled every inch of my body and curled around my mind. I closed my eyes and moaned deeply with each spasm causing more and more cum to spill from me as the sensation grew to intense waves of pure ecstasy. I had never cum so hard in my life and never wanted it to end. The pleasure mixed with the draining of my insides was both a relief and a burst of new emotions. Along with my affection for her, it was what I really wanted to share with her.

I began to come down and opened my eyes to see Gudrun completely covered in my cum and rubbing it all over her body and mouth. Her eyes were barely visible under the stuff and she had begun to finger herself with short blissful moans. She looked like she was in her own little piece of heaven.

“Lay on me.” she said with a tremble as she held out her free hand that was dripping with my cum. I didn't argue with her and lowered my body until the warm spunk slid between us. Gudrun wrapped her arms around me and rolled so that I was under her instead of me on top. Her hands slid slickly over my body and spread my own cum onto me as much as it was on her. Her mouth found mine and kissed me hungrily as I tasted the rubbery, chemical smell of my own seed. I was a bit disturbed about how it tasted and the feeling began to turn me on as much as it did her.

Chapter 4

“Thank you.” Gudrun said breathlessly as she laid her gooey face against mine. “Thank you.”

It felt as if I were doing her a service instead of the other way around. Her happiness brought my own and I squeezed her against me as I felt a rise in pleasure from satisfying her. A feeling that my body had created for me, but one that I appreciated none the less.

I laid on top of Gudrun for several minutes as she idly smeared my cum all over my back. As I lifted my head from next to hers and felt my hair stick to her, I used one of my hands to clean the cum covering her eyes. She held still then opened them to show a mix of emotions in them.

“You are a magical creature, Alice.” she said as moisture began to press the cum away at the corners of her eyes. “I... you are a dream come true... that makes me selfish.” she said before I used my same finger and pressed to her lips. “I can't help but feel guilty for using you.”

I shook my head no and sat up feeling strings of my cum stick between us then see the rest darkened the sheets of the bed around her. I wanted to tell her what I was thinking, but had no way of doing it. Instead, I made several hand gestures about taking a shower to which she agreed.

Gudrun wanted to use the sphere to change me back, but I made it a point for her to leave me so that she didn't feel so guilty. In the shower, She stared at me as I washed her and myself off. I had actually started to enjoy myself now that I finally had some fun time with Gudrun. I was pretty sure at this point that even though I was something that I never wanted to be, I was never going to want to go back to the shit life that I had. The love Gudrun showed for me along with the intense pleasure that I gained while playing was more than I could ask for.

- 0 -

After the party over the weekend where I was locked in my room and attended to by Beringar, I was released and stayed with both of them most nights. Gudrun loved to have me cuddle with her and play with my full sized breasts while I fingered her. She allowed me to orgasm any time that she or Beringar did which added a level of enthusiasm to get them off.

One night, Grudrun fixed Beringar face down to the bed and had me fuck his ass. I never knew that he liked that kind of thing until he encouraged me to put it in him. Gudrun put herself under his face and made him eat her as I fucked his ass. Filling him to the brim with my cum seemed to be a fantasy of his own. My favorite nights were when I was pressed between the two and held tightly between them. It didn't matter which way I was facing as they both tickled my fancy equally.

Over the next few weeks, a guest or two would stay with either Gudrun or Beringar tending to the dungeon or making food. In between the alone times, I was never left alone as playing with me seemed to be either of their new favorite things to do with me, not that I minded. Their treatment of me and asking what I wanted made me feel special and wanted. Other times, they treated me like a toy and did what they wished with me without asking. It was those times that I really felt my new role fit me like a glove, I almost preferred it that way.

Beringar and Gudrun had a lengthy conversation one night before coming to bed with me. They didn't talk much, but Beringar refused to cum in me. The next day, each time he came, he added it to a cup that was left in the refrigerator. Just before he left for a week of business, he kissed me lovingly and said that his cum was to help with my hunger while he was gone. The love for him only seemed to grow the more time I spent with him.

With Beringar out of the house for a week, Gudrun spent nearly every waking moment with me. She had ordered some latex clothing for me in various different styles from causal to super slut and even dominatrix. I found that my favorite was a tight yellow t-shirt and a pair of styled latex jeans. Gudrun's favorite was a tiny bikini that did nothing to hide either my tiny penis or my huge nipples. It was almost comical. Her other favorite was an all black catsuit with metal studs and rings attached to it in which she used for me to dominate her. Gudrun was typically the dom in any role, but she loved for me to take her for some reason. She said that it was because she felt helpless when next to my 'Super Dick'.

We began to discuss the problem of how I couldn't let the guests see me and none of our ideas seemed to be helpful. Acting like I was inside of a suit was okay from a distance, but up close it was too easy to spot. Trying to portray me as some kind of android was also out of the question as it was too hard for me to act like a robot. I liked the idea of putting me in a catsuit and binding me so that I couldn't really be seen, but it just wasn't fun. Plus, the exposed bits of me gave my secret away as no one could do what I did, not a real human.

I asked if we could just tell certain people that I was special and not to ask how it was done. Gudrun seemed to think about it and nodded before giving me a stiff maybe. She said there were several people that they could trust with their life, but there were always problems with that. I had a little hope that I wouldn't become trapped in the house when guests were around.

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