The Process 6: Gudrun's Surprise

by Tit for Tat

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This story contains elements of an adult nature. If you are not 18 or stumbled upon this by accident, please move along as there is nothing to see here. Those that are of age, please enjoy. Story contains Magic, Body mod, BE, Penis growth, Living Latex doll, Maid, BDSM, Multiple gender roles
story continues from part 5.2

The Process: Part 6: Gudrun's Surprise

Chapter 1

It was almost the new year with snow falling outside when Beringar and Gudrun announced a trip away from the house. The holidays were slow as most people visited family or were busy at work. The news was a little hard to handle.

“Like before, I have food for you in the refrigerator.” Beringar said to me as he hugged me close to him and sighed.

“Do you really have to go? Why not spend time with your family. It is the holidays.” Chef said as he frowned at Gudrun.

“We need a break.” Gudrun said with a deep sigh, though somehow still managed to look enthusiastic about the trip. “Are you sure that you can keep the place from burning down while we are gone?” she asked to me in which I responded with a and an 'mmm hmm'

I felt Maid's emotions tugging at me with a strong sadness that caused my own voice to tremble. We had all gotten so close lately that it was hard to see them go.

“Chef, you are to check messages and...”

“I know I know.” he said with a dismissive wave before giving Gudrun a big hug and a kiss. Beringar smiled at them just before Chef did the same for him. It was always nice to see the big, masculine man show such love for the somewhat effeminate chef.

“I'll do all the talking if something comes up, but Alice is in charge. I got it.” he said before hugging Gudrun again. I smiled as Maid clung to the side of Beringar like a child not wanting to see their parents off.

Beringar cleared his throat as he easily picked up the large suitcase and smiled at all of us. Gudrun gave a tearful wave, but smiled through it. They still hadn't said where they were going.

We all stood at the door and waved as they set the large, black Mercedes into motion. I sighed at remembering how much I used to love taking a drive.

- 0 -

One of the plans that we made while they were out was to do a little work to the room that we were outgrowing. Gudrun said that we could have a choice of any of the rooms that we wanted and picked the largest guest room, which was across the hall from the Master suite at the end of the hallway. There wasn't much to move, but we did convert the mattress into a enormous sex bed with a layer of flesh tone latex sheets over top of it. The pillows that Gudrun had found us reminded me of big squishy boobs like Maid's. I loved her tits so much.

After getting settled in, we spent the next few days deep cleaning the entire mansion along with taking time to fuck ourselves silly. I found it fun to dress Chef up in Barbie pink latex and jerking him off while Maid groped his tiny breasts from behind. It seemed like the more degrading that we could make the situation for him, the harder he orgasmed. Another thing that we tried was for him to have control over me while I had none over him. Several times he forced me to tie him in the dungeon then whip him until he cried. I wanted to stop at seeing him in pain, but with him in charge of me, I knew how far I could take it after a few sessions as well as how much he enjoyed it.

Maid began to constantly fill my mind with a buzz of love that never seemed to go away. Every moment that she spent with me, the feeling grew until it began to feel more like a background noise. In the moments that when I wasn't commanding her to do something, she usually tried to maul me sexually. I was glad that the Swartz's gave Chef the power to make her orgasm because she could have become a nightmare... now that I couldn't ignore her emotions.

Something else fun for me to try was to be inside of Chef's ass as he commanded me to grow. He would howl in pain then make it bigger, each time causing his ass to squeeze me even tighter. I would then be forced to pull his arms behind him as Maid fucked his pointy, Barbie pink penis with her black rubber mouth hole. Seeing her with a short crop cut of spaghetti-like rubber hair was still something I was getting used to, but she looked better with it. It was easier to grab onto and force fuck her mouth with.

Just days before they were due to return, I began to feel a longing for Gudrun and Beringar that I had hoped to never feel. Though we kept entertained, my growing feelings for Maid and Chef still didn't compare to the deep need that I felt to be near the Swartz's. Maid's own needy love was a constant reminder of what I was missing with them gone.

Chapter 2

It was unusually warm for a post new years day with a thunderstorm booming outside the mansion on the day they came home. The power dipped once then went out completely only to return minutes later. Maid actually seemed afraid of the storm while Chef donned a raincoat and went outside to be among the weather. I was petting Maid in the library when I heard a suitcase rolling across the floor causing my heart to leap for joy. I nearly threw Maid out of my lap.

“MMMMM!!!!!” I yelled through my nose as they passed the library. The rolling stopped before they turned around to look at the freight train that I had become. Gudrun looked a little worried just before Beringar stepped into to take the brunt of my sprint into him. “MMMM!!!!!” I yelled as I hugged him tightly and kissed all over his rain streaked face. I could feel Maid's excitement beginning to build within me simultaneously.

Beringar laughed heartily and set me down before I attacked Gudrun. “Alice.... I missed you so much.” she said as she squeezed me harder than she ever had. I kissed at her neck and tugged at her butt before looking into her wet eyes. She dropped her things and kissed me as if she hadn't seen me in years. The smell of rose tinted perfume wafted through my nose.

“Where is Chef?” Beringar asked as Maid hugged against him tightly. Maid pointed out toward the large double doors that led to the patio out the back of the mansion.

I pulled myself away from Gudrun and looked her over before hugging her again. I was so excited that I yelled again and hugged Beringar one more time.

“Somebody missed us.” he said with a loud chuckle before I nodded vigorously. Maid mimicked my own movements.

“Maid, can you get the rest of the things from the car? The water will roll right off of you.” Gudrun said before Maid nodded vigorously and clacked her built in heels to exit the front door. With the weather and the dim light outside, there was little chance that anyone would see her.

“I'll go find chef.” Beringar said as he hefted two of the large suitcases as if they were nothing.

“Are you okay, did everything go smoothly?” Gudrun asked me as I hugged her again. I nodded with an 'umm hmm' without letting her go. “Help me get these things upstairs. I want to talk to you.” she said with a wry grin just as I pulled away from her. Beringar passed us upstairs with a bright smile to help Maid. Gudrun set her things down at the end of the bed then turned to me to kiss me deeply. I sighed with half a moan and pulled her body close to mine.

“Beringar will keep the other two entertained, I want to talk to you in private.” she said with a dazzling smile. I nodded at her and felt my excitement rise within me at finally having her back.

Gudrun took me to one of the guest rooms and locked the door behind us. “This one has extra sound proofing.” she said with a giddy laugh. Something felt a little odd about how she was acting.

She removed her scarf and threw it to the bed then unzipped her sweater to reveal her creamy, braless chest underneath. I had seen her chest many times, but there was something definitely different about her. She only held her arms wide and smiled as if it were an invitation to check her.

I slowly inserted my hands into the material covering her. I moved the sweater outward finding that they were at least two cup sizes bigger, maybe a double D now. She smiled as she shrugged her top off leaving her bare from the waist up. Off came her shoes then belt with only a smile. The desire behind that smile showed that I was in for some fun, but I kept wondering how her breasts became larger. A boob job took months to heal.

I stood still and watched her impromptu strip tease, which was more like a simple undressing only with sexy eyes. When she was fully nude, she smiled even wider.

“Our trip was very productive.” she said as I saw her belly button widen with a gold ball falling out of it. It took a moment for it to register before I gasped loudly through my nose with and stepped back. “That's right, I finally got my wish.” she said as her skin shimmered slightly before it's shine reflected some of the low light. Her super short red hair began to lengthen with large curls giving it some bounce until it settled at her mid back. She looked like a pale skinned, red haired goddess. It was terrifying.

“Beringar spent a long time getting me perfect.” she said as she stepped closer to me and put the gold ball back into her belly button. “There are so many things I can do.” she said just before taking my hands in hers and squeezing them gently. “Would you like a show?” she asked with excitement. It was obvious that she had no idea how I was feeling.

“Wait” I signed to her as I felt my breaths coming hard through my nose. “Why did you do this?”

“Alice, look around you and the family that we have. Do you remember those first few days when we met? I told you that I wanted to be you. I always wanted this.” she said before sighing and looking away from me. “Since I was little, I've loved the feel of smooth surfaces and anything shiny. As I entered puberty, the only thing that seemed to arouse me were the rubber gloves under the kitchen sink. The stretchy, smooth feel, the smell, the constriction when putting them on.” she said before turning to me. “I could never get off again without them. I've always been a rubberist.”

Gudrun came a little closer to me then put her hand in the middle of my chest to feel my heart beat hard within me. “When I saw you, my heart beat like yours is right now. You were so... perfect.” she said before frowning. “Until you reeled in terror away from me. It tied my stomach in knots and made my heart hurt for days after hearing your story, yet I couldn't help but be turned on by you and envy you. I felt so guilty.” she said with a growing sadness.

I put my hand on hers and pulled her a little closer to me as she looked in my eyes. Hers began to change and flatten looking less real and more like my own. “Then you began to began to tell me that you cared for me and liked me. You pulled me to be with you, I.. I couldn't stop.” she said before I took her other hand in my own and watched her change before me.

“That day that Beringar brought Maid home, I was furious. I couldn't believe that the he would do that to another person, even if it was the one that did it to you.” she said as her fingernails disappeared. I looked down to see her breasts slowly growing with her nipples keeping in proportion to their size. “He told me the whole story that night. The story of Tim and Mike, Mike's fear of being changed by his own friend and the magic that he found int that bunker. It started an obsession that I have harboring for too long. I could become like you.” she said as I felt her breasts pressing into mine with their growth.

“Beringar was not satisfied to change me until he knew I could fit into the real world. Chef wanted to be a part of the change too, so we used him to test what he would come out looking like as a normal person. It was an added benefit to what he already wanted, his deepest desire to become like us.” Gudrun stepped back to show me her figure that continued to change in front of me. Her breasts were already larger than mine would ever get at full size with her hips widening and waist narrowing.

“I want to be all female.” she said before looking down at my limp penis. “Beringar wanted to be all male. He made the change as well.” she said before her pussy began to change.

Instead of the normal thin lips between the puffy outer ones, her entire mound began to swell and change. The top of her pussy where her clit was seemed to simplify and display the growing pink nub that was nested there. Her inner lips shrank slightly leaving the puffy outer ones to envelope them and filled the entire space between her legs. Moisture began to leak from her readily.

“I get to relive the best parts of growing a child within me any time I wish.” she said as her stomach began to bulge along with her still growing breasts. Her two inch wide by three inch long, pink nipples turned a a deep rose red as drips of white fluid leaked from them.

“I can live in a fantasy outfit or make any kind of clothing that I want.” she said as her skin quickly turned a deep red looking like a painted on latex dress. Small studs boiled up on it's surface along the seems giving her a sinister look. The color changed from red, the purple then black before fading away.

Finally, her mouth began to change with her lips fattening and becoming a circle. The soft rose color inside changed to an intense pink, looking much like my own. Her emotionless eyes stared at me with the rest of her body looking like some rubberized fertility goddess. Her gravid, round stomach propped up her truly enormous, leaking breasts up slightly and her hips gave the impression that she could birth children easily. I stood motionless as I feared the emotion the gripped me. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.

Her mouth changed just enough to allow her to speak while keeping it's sex toy like appearance. “Beringar owns half of my heart, but you have the other.” she said as she held a hand to her massively pregnant stomach. Her outie belly button parted to allow the golden ball to drop from it before stretching her hands toward me. “Take me into yourself and let me be a part of you too.” she said as her eyes slowly morphed back normal. The emotion that she held in them was true love. Her eyes trembled though no tears feel from them.

Chapter 3

I was frozen. The most beautiful creature I had ever seen was standing before me and offering me more than her love. She was offering me her life. The small, golden sphere in her hand trembled. A thin purple line could barely bee seen on it's surface.

“Wait.” I signed to her causing her to deflate in the moment. I turned quickly and left the room to my own with a sprint. I passed Maid in the hallway and felt a tremble of fear that something was wrong. I didn't even care that my floppy flaccid penis slapped my legs or my breasts threatened to jiggle off of the front of me. I had to have it.

On the top of the dresser was my own silver life force in the size of a golf ball. I panicked as I came close to it them spied a small box nearby. I dumped the contents and used a pen to roll the ball into the box with terror nearly consuming me due to the proximity. Once in the box, I seemed to be shielded from it's influence and sprinted back to where I left Gudrun. Maid was just about to catch me with her fear present once more before I closed the door and locked it behind me.

Gudrun was right where I left her. I gently put the box in her hand then caressed her golden sphere before taking it from her other. She opened the box and choked back her emotion before reaching inside and picking it out. I put her sphere to my belly button as she looked at me and did the same. Without words, both spheres entered us and disappeared beneath our shiny rubber skin.

Instantly I felt myself getting hard as my penis began to grow. At the same time, my breast began to get heavy with my arousal rising rapidly. The constant low hum that usually filled me quickly built to an almost panic as I did the same for her. Gudrun moaned with a nasal tone and pressed her hands against her huge breasts. She could almost barely reach her own nipples. The resulting force of our mutual attraction sent us nearly running toward each other where we met awkwardly. We were simply too big to reach each other.

I didn't stop Gudrun who took one of my large fat nipples in her fingers and rolled it hard between them. The sudden rush of pleasure form her touch and the rough pinch sent a tidal wave of pleasure through me causing my hips to jerk with a mini orgasm. I yelped through my nose at the startling sensation and yanked on her super sized nips. Latex milk sprayed from the tips of them with Gudrun nearly grunting with the same reaction. She seemed to be more in control of herself than I was.

Quickly, she removed herself from me and turned toward the bed. As she climbed in, her belly almost dragged the surface with her nipples leaking streaks of darkness on the material. She thrust her ass toward me and hugged her breasts against her with a tremble in her breathing. The sight of her exposing herself like was stirred a primal need within me that sent me in motion. I climbed onto the bed behind her and pressed my huge erection against her hole. Without thinking, I pushed into her to feel her enormous pussy swallow me greedily. It pulsed and kneaded me with a determined strength until I buried all of it within her. It had to fill her to just below her stomach.

I wasn't ready for the debilitating orgasm that came next causing me to shoot my entire load into her. At the same time, she yelled through her nose and reached back to pull me tightly against her. My giant tits kept me from meeting her fully, but she dragged my arms down to rest on the side of her own swollen breasts while I came. We both orgasmed for nearly a full minute. I couldn't even think straight through the ecstasy that filled my entire body.

I felt like I was floating in a cloud of pure pleasure as Gudrun shrank below me. Before long I was spooning her from behind with my enormous cock filling her. Our breasts had shrunk to their smallest size and I held her against me, only to realize that I was sobbing. Gudrun took my hands into hers and caressed her own body with the same reaction. It was as if we had just exchanged portions of our own souls with each other and the resulting beauty was too much to contain.

I held Gudrun against me for several minutes before she caused my cock to shrink while staying hard. She rolled in front of me with her mouth covered in my cum before pressing her body against me. My cock grew once more as she stared into my eyes and brushed my hair out of my face. I knew from this moment on that sex would never be the same, even stranger than before. The scale of orgasm and emotion that we shared could never be topped. I began to realize just how much Gudrun meant to me, not just as my keeper and lover, but as a true love.

Chapter 4

Gudrun and I petted each other with her encouraging me to touch her new body. The sight of her left me in constant wonder of what this would mean to us. Eventually, I let her mouth return to a normal state so that she could talk.

“Do you like it?” Gudrun asked softly. I hesitated before nodding then saw her smile “I am spending the night with just you. Beringar wanted some time with Maid and Chef.” she said as she ran a hand over my chest between my boobs. “I'm still getting used to not sleeping.” she said with a giggle.

I nodded at her and placed my hand on her chest. She smiled a little more as I saw the love return in her eyes again. “The process was... painful.” I nodded again before she looked just a little sad. “I can only imagine the fear of it happening when you didn't know the end result. I thought I was dying.”

I took Gudrun's hands in mine and put them to my heart causing her to smile again. She only nodded at me as if we had one more thing to share that strengthened our bond.

That night, Gudrun got into a 69 position and said that she wanted to taste me. It was interesting to have her swollen rubber pussy above my face and was the first time that I had even been that close one that wasn't my own. I found that since there was really no way to pleasure her orally, I used my hands and even my arm inside of her. She came so many times that I lost count.

After several hours, she rolled so that we were face to face again and asked me to make her how I wanted her. It only took a few small tweaks to make her mouth like mine but still able to talk with her pale skin shining in the low light of the room. I liked the look of her swollen belly and made it grow until she looked 9 months pregnant. For some reason, it really turned me on. I never felt that way toward pregnant women before. It didn't help that Maid's roller coaster of emotions were bleeding into me, she was so horny.

Gudrun explained a little more about her body while making me fuck her slowly. She could make her skin give her a latex outfit of her choosing or cover herself entirely if she wanted to. It was something that would make normal clothes and the rigors of caring for her wardrobe a thing of the past. Her breasts were a different story.

Gudrun's breasts could be made to lactate, but it wasn't normal milk. The milky substance that came from them was actually a natural latex suspension that when dried, would harden into latex. It was nearly the same thing extracted from rubber trees in South America. Her and Beringar wanted a way to be able to have a supply of their own rubber and Gudrun always dreamed of doing it this way. It was a fantasy of hers. Not only that, she hinted that breast feeding was such a turn on that she wanted to be able to do it again.

Some time near the morning, we both got up from bed and I felt a bit awkward. I wished that I had a way to talk with her beyond some simple signs. Gudrun agreed when I asked if we could learn more. She had actually had sign language taught to her during the process along with the same language base that Chef had. It would have been nice to know that Chef had it as well.

Gudrun and I left the room and walked hand in hand to the patio behind the mansion. We still held hands as we sat in the chairs as our dollified selves to watch the sun come up. The smell of rain was still in the air as well as the chill, but the temperature didn't really bother me. I just felt a little stiffer. It was when Beringar came to get us that I started to wonder what he had done to himself.

Beringar talked once we were inside with Gudrun leaving to go get Chef. She had handed my metal ball to Beringar before taking her own gold one with her. We decided to use the same room that Gudrun and I had just used for a little privacy.

“Did you like her new body?” Beringar asked happily as he closed and locked the door behind us before adding my ball to his belly button. I watched it disappear and nodded slowly before looking up again. He smiled widely before sitting next to me with his arm going over my shoulder. “Did she tell you what I had done?”

I shook my head as I stared into his wonderful eyes. He smiled even wider and nodded once before standing up. “We had both come to an agreement when talking about what we wanted. Gudrun wanted to be the embodiment of the female form. It was a natural choice for me to embrace the masculine.” he said as his skin began to shine and smooth. Her looked down just as his muscles grew thicker with his height growing slightly.

“I've always wanted to be a strong man, but my body would only let me gain so much.” she said as his body continued to bulk up. It wasn't the body builder kind of physique with individually bulging muscles and a veiny overlay. His body was more toned muscle, just larger in proportion. I couldn't help but stare at his penis which was about 8 inches limp along with a tight scrotum underneath.

“I thought about ridding myself of my testicles, but I like the look of them. Instead, I left them there, but made them inert. They no longer hurt me the way that they used to.” he said before turning to his side and showing himself off.

The sight of Beringar definitely had an effect on me. I was never one for large, muscular men, but Beringar's body was causing my arousal to build much more quickly than normal. Not only that, the shine of his rubbery skin caused him to look more like he was inflated somehow. Her was the epitome of manliness without being overly done.

“Do you want to see it grow?” he asked with a chuckle as he saw me looking at his crotch. I looked to his eyes and nodded before looking down again. The impressive limp penis, that was the same color as the rest of him, began to fill slowly until it was just hard. It looked to be about 10 inches long and nearly 2 inches wide. A very big cock indeed, but compared to the rest of him, it looked rather small.

“How big is yours?” he asked as I felt mine begin to twitch with excitement. I looked down to watch it stiffen before the pressure inside of it caused it to lengthen. I looked up to see his doing the same as mine. Mine stopped growing, but his did not. It was scary big.

“Gudrun wanted me as large as I was comfortable with.” he said just as the monster stopped growing. It seemed to take up every inch of space between his legs and jutted out at a 45 degree angle from his body. It looked almost as big as my entire leg. “15 centimeters wide and 60 centimeters long.” he said with a chuckle. The knowledge of German allowed the conversion to be about 6 inches wide by almost two feet long. I swallowed and looked down at my own to see it pale in comparison though it was still huge.

“I can cum 4 liters per day..... I can also do this.” he said as black lines began to form on his skin. The lines broadened until it looked like he was wearing some kind of harness. The black then enveloped his cock along it's entire length before large, metallic studs formed all over it's surface. The sight of it was frightening.

“This is for Gudrun.” he said as he stroked it and smiled. A moment later, his cock began to shrink while still covered in metallic nubs. It was soon a size that I could probably manage.

Suddenly, I found myself standing with Beringar smiling widely at me. My body walked slowly toward him before wrapping my arm around his lower chest. He was easily a foot taller than I was now.

“Hold me like you are. I want to show you something fun.” he said with a chuckle just before I felt something creeping onto my body. I backed up just a little to see the black rubber straps of his skin leaping onto me. One encircled my neck and tightened as several more did the same on the rest of my body. A pair of straps circled the base of my breasts and started to squeeze them mightily. I felt them take the shape of rounded spheres with the pressure inside of them growing exponentially.

“I have the power to bind your body to me in any way I wish.” he said as he looked down at me. The sudden rush of being bound caused a trill of excitement to wash through me. Bondage was something that I was starting to really get into lately. This was adding to my list of things that I found myself getting excited over.

“Do you like being bound?” he asked as I felt control over my body again. I tried to move, but Beringar was like a statue. I nodded softly with my breathing increasing from arousal before looking up at him.

He smiled just before moving his hips slightly. His penis slid between my legs and pressed against my rear hole. “I want you dominate you.” he said happily and I found myself powerless to do anything but nod. The fact that the large hunk of a man could take me any way he wanted made me even hotter. He was so sexy. “Would you like me to leave control of your body or take it from you. I am going to use you how I like regardless.”

The arousal within me grew yet again before I realized I had no way to answer his question. I could really care less, I was already his. Beringar waited for an answer then chuckled before reaching behind me. I was forced by his body to hold him tightly behind his back with his waist attached to mine. My cock began to deflate against him with his stance widening, which took my feet with them just as he lined his cock up with my ass. I gasped softly ass as it lengthened to fill me without him even moving.

“You are so beautiful Alice. I could strap you against me and fuck you all day long.” he said gently before I looked up at him. He smiled with the same look of love in his eyes that Gudrun had earlier.

“I know that Gudrun loves you just as she loves me. I also feel the same. You are very special to me.. to us both.” he said just before rocking his hips and causing his nubby cock to ripple inside of me. The sensation was exotic due to it's unique texture and I moaned deeply in response.

The position was odd with me strapped against him as he began to pump his giant cock inside of me. He only smiled and looked into my eyes with his hands in my hair. The look only lasted for a few moments before his mouth and eyes began to change. I thought he was about to gain a doll hole, but instead his lips just thickened. He smiled with his eyes becoming more like mine with a blueish-green iris in the same Anime style. His tongue came out with a soft rose color and lengthened until it touched my forehead. It should have been creepy to see the long, slick tendril approach me but my mind twisted it into something intensely sexual. My mouth wanted it inside.

Beringar retracted his tongue and smiled before fucking me in earnest. His loving stare and happy smile gave me a kind of inner peace despite the erotic sensations that were coursing through my body. After some time. Beringar came which triggered my own orgasm. I felt the hunger in my ass dissipate as a small amount of his cum entered me.

He moved us to the bed where he lay me onto it and let most of his straps detract. I felt myself getting hard again as he straddled his large frame over me to sink onto my cock. The straps still around my breasts felt as if they were growing tighter, but it was my breasts growing that caused the sensation. I looked down towards them to see them swell larger with the bases of them where they attached to my chest staying that same size. They looked more like balls attached to me.

Beringar pulled my hair to keep my head facing him as I saw his cock slide between my breasts. He smiled as just as it entered my mouth. Without a word, he began to rock himself back and forth which caused several things to happen at once. I was essential fucking his ass while he titty fucked me. The tip of his enormous studded cock pushed deep into my mouth and began to turn downward at the back of my throat. Beringar pushed my balled up tits closer together and roughly rolled my nipples in my fingers. I felt like I was going to pass out from the simultaneous pleasures.

I was used in this position for several hours with no release from the build up. Beringar came once to feed the hunger in my mouth, but seemed content to enjoy himself. I was completely at his mercy and enjoyed every minute of it myself.

Finally, Beringar began to build up to an orgasm verbally. “I have a little surprise for you.” he said happily while his voice strained. I tried to move my head to look up at him, but my eyes wouldn't allow me to do so.

Beringar grunted and moaned deeply just as his cock began to inch slowly out of me with each thrust. Just as he was at the rim of my mouth, I felt his hot cum begin to fill me. He allowed me to orgasm with him and I reveled in the long overdue release. My moans trembled in my nose before he pulled back just a little further. It surprised me to see his cum was silky black and pumping from the tip of him like tar.

His black cum stuck to my skin then covered my eyes to blot out the world. Little quakes shook my body as they lingered from my orgasm as he covered me in his black goo. The whole scenario was intensely erotic.

I heard Beringar laugh happily as he allowed my cock to soften in him just before the black stuff on my face and upper chest began to move. It felt like it was tightening on me and covering even more of me while slipping further into my mouth. The viscous, black substance felt as if it were alive.

“This is something that I thought of at the last moment. My black cum is actually more like living latex. I had but to think of what I want it to do, and it does it.” he said as the stuff in my mouth hardened slightly and thrust in and out. He laughed again before it pulled out completely then uncovered my eyes. I saw that the stuff was still connected to the hole in his penis as if it were still a part of him.

“If you were guessing, the straps or the black cum cannot separate from my body. I cannot cover you with it or strap you and leave. It is a very intimate gesture.” he said as I watched the black stuff suck back into his penis slowly. Once it was all gone, he let the straps loose from me and gave control back to my body.

“Would you like to lay with me? I would like some gentle intimate time.” he said with a happy smile just before I nodded at him.

Beringar rolled off of me then turned me so that he spooned me from behind. His massive hands pawed at my equally massive breasts with his breath in my hair. I wish I could have closed my eyes to better enjoy the experience.

“Do you like my control?” Beringar asked as he caressed me gently. I nodded as I realized that I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. His gentleness at binding and controlling me made me feel inescapably loved. We stayed as we were for several minutes before he sighed and turned me to him.

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