The Process 7: New Additions

by Tit for Tat

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This story contains elements of an adult nature. If you are not 18 or stumbled upon this by accident, please move along as there is nothing to see here. Those that are of age, please enjoy. Story contains Magic, Body mod, BE, Penis growth, Living Latex doll, Living latex suit, Automaton, Maid, Preg, Lactation, Engulf, BDSM, NC, MC, Multiple gender roles
story continues from part 6.1

The Process: Part 7: New Additions

Chapter 1

Over the course of the the next summer, things remained fairly the same with some big differences. For one, Beringar had already started excavation for his planned underground domicile. The heavy machinery worked nearly nonstop unless there was bad weather or it became too muddy to work any longer. When the dirt was removed, incessant drilling and stone removal cluttered the silence of the house.

As for personal matters, we continued on as usual but had some breathing room with guests that stayed who knew of our situation. Every time the Umbach's came to visit, I was loaned to them and happily enjoyed their company. Jenni even learned to sign just for me.

It was almost autumn when Beringar took a few days away from the mansion for business. I assumed that someone was going to be converted. When he came back empty handed, he smiled saying that it was an actual business trip. He left two more times before I learned that not every time he left a new person would be added.

Concrete was poured and steel beams were laid as I watched out the hallway window at the construction. Maid stayed with me almost constantly and seemed to nearly need my touch when not cleaning or working. From what Beringar had planned, the new construction was going to be well suited for our needs.

“Family!” Beringar yelled up the stairs. I was in the middle of doing Chef from behind while he poked Maid only to stop quickly. Gudrun was on the far side of the bed reading when she nearly threw her book down. We all knew that excited greeting.

I expected a crate or something, but instead, a small cardboard box with international labels greeted us at the dining room table. Beringar smiled widely as he opened it carefully with a small knife to drop the contents to the table. It looked like a red latex catsuit.

“Say hello to Suit.” Beringar said with a chuckle as the pile of folded rubber began to move. I watched in amazement when the folded material began to take the shape of a person and fill out.

Like maid, the red latex person had no eyes and only a round hole for a mouth. It seemed to be genderless, but kind of looked like a male due to it's lack of hips.

“Suit?” Gudrun asked as if she knew nothing of the surprise. Beringar nodded as did the hollow, red latex person. The person began to sign quickly with it's shiny red fingers.

“I am here?” he asked before we all nodded. Well... Maid still could never understand it.

“Yes. You are here. Welcome home.” Beringar said as the red person slid off of the table and moved it's body. He looked as if he were lighter than air.

“I can't believe this is real. My dream. Come true.” he signed as he looked at all of us. As he turned to look at Beringar, I noticed the red zipper at the back of his head that ran down to his lower back.

“Yes, Jerrel.” Beringar said with a laugh.

“Oh my.... Jerrel?” Gudrun asked before he turned to her and nodded. The man was completely silent but his body squeaked as it touched itself as if it were a balloon filled with air.

“Would you like me to tell them?” Beringar asked before Suit nodded emphatically.

“Jerrel will now only be known as Suit. No one other than us five will know his true identity. Suit is hollow on the inside and can be put on just like a real catsuit. He has little to no strength and passes what he feels to the wearer when they are in control of him. If Suit is in control, he can use your body as if it were his own. His insides... well... lets let that one be found out.” Beringar said with a chuckle.

“Can I try you out?” Chef asked happily. Suit nodded but Gudrun gave Chef a look. I couldn't get over the air filled, red suit standing before us acting like a person. Chef easily handed over his sphere to suit who let it absorb into his stomach area. Gudrun only giggled.

“How do we do this?” Chef asked before Suit turned around and pointed to the zipper behind him. “Ahh.” Chef said as he gently tugged down the plastic-like pull. Suit slowly opened to reveal that there was indeed nothing inside of him, just a suit that moved.

We all watched as Chef entered the red latex person with suit helping a little here and there to get Chef inside of him. Once Chef was in, Suit reached around and pulled up the zipper. The red latex covered Chef stiffened visibly.

“Wow... fantastic.” Chef said as he turned toward us. “I feel him all over me. The sensa....” he said before the mouth of the suit entered Chef's mouth and sealed off his words. Chef put his hands to his face then shuddered as his penis began to show on the inside. The red latex wrapped around his member just before Suit put a hand to it and stroked it.

“He can't stop me.” Suit signed before putting his hand to his cock again. It was an odd notion that Chef was inside the suit, but Suit was the one controlling him. From the outside, it looked a little uninspiring. “Who is first?”

“Who is first?” Gudrun asked with a little excitement. Maid pushed past both her and I to hug the red featureless man roughly against her. Suit looked up to us and received several nods before placing her on the table and aiming it's now large cock at her. Maid spread her legs stiffly to the sides and laid her arms on the table, a new position that showed that she was willing to take whatever came her way.

Chapter 2

It was two whole days before I had my chance with Suit. Seeing Maid inside of him was fun as he replicated all of her frills and even her skirt in the red coating, but I was dying to know what it was like. Everyone had enjoyed themselves immensely, but never said what it was like.

As I entered suit, I felt his insides to be slick making it easier to get in. Also, when his inner skin pressed against mine, it felt as if he were touching every inch of my body. It was intoxicating. After I was in with the back zipped up, Chef installed my sphere into the front of Suit and I felt my body stiffen. Suddenly, my sight and hearing were gone as a tickling entered my throat and ass. I was a complete bystander and controlled by the thin layered man around me. I wasn't surprised at Suit causing my breasts and cock to grow almost instantly followed by him stroking my entire length. The pleasure it generated was incredible.

The interesting part about Suit was that his insides could move. It felt as if he were caressing and tweaking my nipples while his hands did other things. Also, he could fill either of my two holes and fuck me without even moving. I came so hard and so many times that I seemed to drift off into a land of pure pleasure. I was almost shocked when he allowed me to see and hear again. It must have been at least a day because my hunger was starting to get to me.

When it was time to come out, I didn't want to leave. Suit's control over me had tapped into my submissive side and taken hold. To be controlled so completely seemed to cause my mind to melt. Gudrun had to hold me for nearly an hour after leaving so that I could recover. Maid joined in as well and able to take away my momentary depression. Such an odd feeling for being removed from someone's control when you want to be there.

Suit began to be a normal part of our daily lives with variations on what we would do with it. He preferred to be called it due to his new lack gender, only he or she when it assumed control over the person in it. Beringar's favorite game to play with Suit was to stay in control and wear him like any other clothing. He thought it was fun to take Suit's sphere into himself and use him like a condom when he came. The awkward ballooning ball of jizz at the tip of Beringar's cock caused Suit to laugh, or at least he made mention of doing so after being freed from the large bear of a man.

One thing suit disliked was to not be used or filled. When alone, he felt nothing and was absolutely powerless. Even filled with water as an experiment, he had a little more strength, but still felt alone. We all made sure to fill him at least once a day. I had to refrain from staying in too long because I would get attached.

Construction continued into winter as Suit was introduce to the others of our little secret society. A disadvantage of being worn by non-rubber people was that he could never be in control. He did, however, enjoy himself immensely when worn by other people as he could feel once again.

I asked about the Umbach's not showing for two parties in a row and Gudrun said that they had some family issues to take care of. I did get to spend some more time with Donna who started to open up to me. Despite her love of latex and rubber, she wanted children. It was sad to hear her talk about being barren with tears in her eyes. I just wanted to hold her forever.

I was able to meet several more people and get to know them much better over the course of a year. One of my favorites was an older woman named Gladys from America. She swore all the time and told dirty jokes causing me to laugh constantly. Beyond that, she had an enormous pussy that could take nearly half of my size. An impressive feat considering how big that was for a normal person.

Another one of my favorite people was Billy from Australia. Due to the distance that was required for him to get to Germany, he wasn't available often, but I seemed to be a favorite of his. He liked boobs as big as he could make them then fuck me for as long as he could while mimicking an American cowboy. His brown latex chaps and cowboy hat along with his energetic attitude entertained me to no end. That and him dressing me like a wild western girl, but in latex, was a riot. Between Billy and Gladys, there were often more jokes and laughs than there were sex.

There were also some people that I didn't care for. The punkish, mohawk-haired woman full of piercings, name Rhoda, liked to use me as well. Instead of being fun, she would make me hard and ride me for hours while degrading me. Often times, I was reduced to sobbing due to her words and wanted to curl into myself. It was only after the third time that she used me like that when Gudrun asked her not to use me. She had much more fun with Chef anyway as he liked the treatment.

Another one that I didn't care for was a creepy, almost sickeningly thin man named Foun, used me as a pillow and read to me. Though I liked his stories, seeing him in a skin-tight catsuit and hearing his voice did nothing for me. I kept letting him play with me just to hear him read but it never involved sex, which was a mixed blessing.

There were many others that were fun in their own ways, but nothing worth remembering. Ordinary sex with just latex or rubber just wasn't enough anymore.

Chapter 3

Just after the new year with all of the construction next door happening inside, the Mansion was quiet with Maid covered in Suit next to me. Maid and Suit seemed to really enjoy each other as she could take monumental amounts of need without release. Suit was laying across my lap and gently caressing it's breasts when a familiar face walked into the room. Beringar and Gudrun where elsewhere with Chef.

“Hello Alice.” Jenni Umbach said with a bright smile. Suit sat up as excitement filled my stomach. She stood where she was with her arms wide as I came at her. “It's been a while.”

I nodded emphatically as I pressed myself into the warm wool of her sweater. When I backed away, she smiled with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Marc and I are here to stay.” she said causing me to pause as I gave her a confused look. She smiled again as I saw her teeth change into a solid white line that glistened. Her tongue and lips brightened into a light pink. My hear dropped out of the bottom of my stomach.

“You in here? Oh... there you are.” Marc said happily as the news continued to send me into a excited tremble. Marc stepped in as I let go of Jenni to hug him just as hard. He chuckled at me before I let him go and ping ponged a look between the two of them. Suit eventually stood beside me and saluted them.

“When?” I signed as I tried to think past my excitement.

“About a month ago. We've been deciding if we wanted to live here or not. We had our own friends to leave behind, but a near slip made us change our minds.” Jenni said before I hugged her again. I felt her neck length hair tickle my hands as it grew before my eyes.

“What did you do?” I asked with my hands before they both laughed.

“Beringar tried something new with us.” Marc said with a big smile. “We joined our life forces into one sphere.” he said with Jenni nodding vigorously.

“Whoever has the sphere is the dominant and had a penis. The other is the submissive with either an opening or a vagina. The submissive one is feminized a little while the dominant is not.” Jenni said happily.

“Why does the submissive have to be feminized?” I asked causing them both to laugh.

“Because we like it that way.” Marc said happily. “Would you help us get our things? We can give you a demonstration.”

I agreed without thinking and walked with Jenni as we went to the front door. Suit/Maid followed just behind us and I felt her sensuality spill into my own emotions. She was always so aroused lately, even more than normal. Suit didn't even have control over her.

Jenni and Marc took the room next to ours across the hall from the master suite. It was still set up as a guest room, but would probably be changed.

“Jenni, strip.” Marc commanded. Jenni's eyes lit up with excitement as her hands began to unbutton her green sweater. Marc only smile widely as he opened up their suitcase and looked for something.

“I love what we did.” Jenni said with excitement before showing off her meager chest and somewhat athletic build. I had come to like her small proportions, she wasn't a very big girl. After her pants and pink panties came off, she lifted her legs and removed her socks to stand nude in front of us.

“How have things been?” Marc asked as he sat on the bed. “Jenni, stand.” Marc said as Jenni was about to do the same. She only nodded and smiled while waiting for my answer. They already knew about Suit, but I filled them in on the other things that they had missed. The whole time, Jenni seemed to gain more of a shine with her body gaining some curves.

Marc smiled at my hands then looked to Jenni who smile back.

“We kept busy trying to clean things up before moving. We don't really need much here, but we did bring some things that we wanted to keep.” Marc said as he put the paddle in his hand down and undid his pants. He looked nearly normal once fully nude.

Like Beringar and Gudrun, Marc's skin began to change to a rubbery shine with his cock gaining a fake look to it. “I can make it bigger, cum when I want to and as often as I want. The only thing that I can't do is cum more than a few ounces.” he said as he walked in front of Jenni then behind her. He smiled widely before taking the paddle and smacking her ass more than a little hard and leaving a echo ringing from the strike.

Jenni cried out in pain and reached back to her ass with a hurt look. Marc only smiled and took the paddle into his hands again. “I like for her to have a little control, it's more exciting that taking everything from her.” he said before moving closer and kissing her gently. Jenni only nodded as she rubbed her ass then smiled at me.

“Can you show them what I can do?” Jenni asked shyly.

“But I like the way you look. You are so sexy.” he said just before smacking one of her tits roughly. The small globe shook violently before coming to rest with Jenni looking excited about the treatment.

“I like them bigger. Marc likes them as they are.” Jenni said with Marc nodding and looking back at her again. Jenni then gasped as she stiffened her arms at her sides. A gentle moan escaped her lips as her small breasts began to grow. They slowly surpassed B's. C's, D's then DD, EE then into double handed territory until they stopped just smaller than my own. Jenni nodded as she bit her lower lip before smiling at me.

“This slut loves big tits. I mean, I like them too, but I like smaller ones better.” Marc said before giving both of them a hard smack. Her almost flat nipples began to perk up and harden into sizeable nubs. Marc smiled widely and twisted one hard in his fingers causing Jenni to nearly cry. “I do love nice big nipples. They are fun to torture.” he said as he let go and smacked tit hard. Jenni yelped then nodded as if she actually enjoyed the pain.

“I can give her fuck holes like you have, take away her eyesight, make her drool juices from any hole, control her libido and even her orgasm. When she is in control, she can do the same to me.” he said before looking back at Jenni and eying her up and down. “This slut likes orgasm denial. I prefer to try to hold it back and fail resulting in punishment.” he said before looking back at me.

“You sound like the perfect match.” I said with my hands and Maid nodding next to me.

“Well... there is also another option.” Marc said as Jenni's proportions began to slim back to normal. Marc held his hand to his belly button as a blue and red ball dropped from it. Just as it did, his penis shrank into nothing just before a pussy identical to Jenni's rubber one formed. His nipples thickened slightly with larger aureola then puffed out with tiny breasts underneath. He was barely an B-cup, but I found them cute.

“This is what we become when neither of us have the ball.” Marc said before extending the ball out to me. Jenni nodded with a big smile as she seemed free to do what she liked once more. “If you take it, we will both be under your control just like us using your sphere, though, we will remain feminized. The one sphere controls us both.” he said with a broad smile. Even Marc's voice sounded a little more effeminate.

I took the red and blue sphere in my hand and looked at it carefully. It was nearly the same size as my own.

“You were so kind as to let us use you in any way that we wanted.” Jenni said with a happy smile.

“It's only fair that we share.” Marc said before red maid tugged at my elbow. I could feel a sense of dejection within her.

“Can you tell her that she can stay. She is feeling left out.” I said with my hands. Marc nodded and told Maid what I had said. At least with other signers in the house, I could communicate to Maid via a third party.

Chapter 4

All I really wanted to do with Jenni and Marc was to spend time with them. They were probably my new favorite two people beyond the original 5 that had been changed. Both of them were so cute as they stood in front of me, eager to be used. Although they had all of the capabilities of being something more than human in their rubberized bodies, I just wanted to love them. I wanted an intimate encounter rather than mindless sex.

I had Jenni ask Maid to go get my sphere as I stood in front of them. Marc and Jenni both seemed to heightened sexually and giving me lusty stares. I just wanted to see them kiss, and they did. My faint thought was enough to send them into motion in front of me.

When maid came back, I had her give the sphere to Marc to install it. He did so readily, but I made him unable to use it without passing through me. It effectively allowed me to control myself.

“Why don't you make them bigger?” Jenni said as Marc kissed her neck. I just shook my head no and signed that I liked their smaller sizes. Jenni only smiled, but it started me to wonder why all the women wanted bigger boobs. The answer for myself was that I felt sexier with bigger ones, but it was nice to get them out of the way when not needed. Plus, I liked them on other people. Maid's were my favorite.

Marc and Jenni continued to make out in front of me before allowing their hands to roam their own bodies. Soon, their hands were cupping each other's pussies and gently fingering just as Suit covered Maid came near me. I could tell she was getting turned on by the simple display. I allowed my cock to become larger by using Marc, but left it limp.

As things progressed, I laid on the bed with Maid watching from the side. Marc and Jenni followed me into bed then transferred their own kissing to my breasts while stroking my limp penis. Their soft touches and gentle sucking at my nipples felt divine. I wanted this to last as long as possible.

At regular intervals, I had Marc command maid to orgasm while watching so that she didn't feel left out. I could feel her appreciation waft into my senses along with her joyous pleasure for at least including her somehow.

I let myself get hard while growing my breasts for the two of them. I was more than content just to let them kiss my body and fondle my fake looking penis. It was obvious that they were happy just to please me in the way that I wanted as they both never seemed to stop smiling.

Over the course of the night, I finally got to the sex after laying Marc on the bed and filling him past capacity. His overstretched rubber pussy provided him with nearly as much pain as it did pleasure, but he liked it that way. Jenni sat on his face while looking at me as he ate her out, both cumming many times before changing positions with Jenni on the bottom.

Jenni was laying on Marc and kissing him while I did her from behind. I relieved Jenni and fucked Marc as Jenni held me from behind and whispered words of encouragement, her hands kneading my large breasts. Marc begged me to cum inside of him to which I obliged.

After a long intense orgasm and giving Marc only a quarter of what I had, my cum bubbled from his mouth causing his speech to fail before falling onto him. I rolled so that I was looking at him just as Jenni pulled in behind me. Marc cleared the cum from his mouth enough to have Maid hug and tease Jenni from behind as we all laid together. Marc's smile looked as if it would never fade.

“Thank you Alice.” Jenni whispered from behind me. Marc nodded with an even bigger smile, sharing the same sentiment.

“Painful yet pleasant, intimate yet intense. Such a great way to welcome us to the house.” Marc said with Jenni wrapping her arm over me. I looked down to see Maid's red rubber hand stroking Jenni's arm too.

“I am surprised that you didn't take us to our limits to see what we could do.” Jenni cooed as her hips writhed behind me.

“As did I. I feel a little... underwhelmed compared to you.” Marc said, still smiling. I raised my one hand from him and signed slowly.

“I wanted to spend some quality time with the both of you since I like you more than most. We can have crazy moments later. I enjoy your simple, slim looks. Just being rubberized is sexy to me.” I said to him before his smile faded with a nod of understanding.

“I will tell Jenni.” Marc said before he smiled showing a bit of emotion in his expression. “Thank you.” he said with a genuine appreciation. I only nodded and stroked his face.

The four of us laid in bed and caressed each other gently for nearly the whole rest of the day. I changed positions to look at Jenni after Marc told her what I had said and she agreed that it was nice to take things slow once in a while. After being in the house as a sex doll for over a year, the slow pace was welcomed.

That week, Maid, Chef and I helped Marc and Jenni get their room set up the way that they wanted it. After talking with Beringar and Gudrun, Jenni and Marc were to stay there even after the new construction was completed. By summer, the new place would be opened and ready for anyone who could not pass as human to live in. The Umbach's room was changed so that they had a squishy latex bed, blue latex carpet and various artwork done in the same manner. After spending several more nights with them, I came to know their intense love for all things rubber. Their ideas even rubbed off on Gudrun who began to decorate the master suite in the same manner.

The time came when Gudrun and Beringar wanted me for their own for some time. I loved the two intensely, but the gentleness of being in control of the Umbach's was really starting to grow on me. I didn't beat or torture them as much as they liked, but they seemed to hold a special place for my gentle dominance over them. Jenni called it delicately intimate with a hint of control. Marc said it was my natural style.

With Gudrun and Beringar, it was different. Beringar loved to force both of us to do what he wanted, which I also enjoyed greatly. It was never a dull moment when it came to either of them. I was even privy to some of the plans that they had been making in private, something that they agreed to let only me in on.

One of the plans in the new construction was to add what he had found in America so that he could perform the transformations locally. I was a little shocked by hearing him talk about it so frankly, but he had figured out how it had worked. He also mentioned Mike, who had built up a ranch of his own and was breeding horses. I found out that Gudrun loved horses and planned a visit just to see them.

Most of my time was now spent with Beringar as he did business from his office. He would cause his straps to bind my arms tightly behind my back and force my head to bob on his dick until he orgasmed. I didn't really mind as he treated me with love and respect while doing so rather than some kind of toy to be tossed away. It was an odd relationship, but an intensely satisfying one. I always had to make room to do the same with Maid as her clingy love for me was never satisfied no matter how long I spent with her.

Chapter 5

A new arrival came to the house without Beringar even leaving. I knew the person was coming after spending time with Beringar and hearing his conversations with Mike. Mike performed the process without Beringar's help.

The man's name was Raymond and he was from America. After what he wanted in a meeting with Beringar and Gudrun, I knew what to expect, but was still a little shocked to see him. Raymond was changed into a featureless, genderless person with forever beige, shiny skin like my own. He could be given a penis that resembled one in shape only. His primary means of gratification was by touch only. His entire skin was one large erogenous zone and a mere caress could get him off. His arrival was actually a blessing in disguise.

A meeting was called in the dining area with every one joining excitedly. Even Suit had removed himself from Maid who had been inside of him for nearly a month straight.

“We have a new member to add to the household.” Beringar said as he motioned to Raymond sitting next to him. Beringar filled us in on the details with everyone watching the new person in excitement. He was yet another that could not speak, but knew sign language. Beringar also let us know that Raymond was very submissive and craved to be controlled. The featureless beige doll nodded and gave a thumbs up at hearing himself described.

Raymond, who preferred to be called Automaton, was welcomed into our family and initiated by Chef. Chef seemed to really enjoy the smooth featureless man, but Suit was the one that he seemed to be almost built for. I learned from Beringar that Raymond was the next choice exactly because of that reason.

With Automaton inside of Suit, they seemed to become a complete person. Automaton craved Suit's control and Suit's constant caress on him caused Automaton to be in nearly a constant state or pleasure. Since suit needed the person inside to give him a sense of feeling, Automaton kept Suit in nearly the same state as he was. It freed up Maid from her duty of keeping Suit occupied.

Just before summer, yet another new arrival came to the mansion, but a complete surprise to both me and everyone else. I felt butterflies in my stomach when I found out that it was Donna, the nanny from England. I also found that she had quite a unique fetish that she never discussed with anyone.

“Alice, would you like to spend some time with Nanny and get to know her?” Gudrun asked as I looked at the new arrival with a bit of nervousness. She still looked the same as I remembered her.

“Gudrun told me that you have a certain fascination with me.” Nanny said with a cute giggle. I felt my stomach drop from me as I looked to Gudrun who giggled as well. I still didn't know what it was that Nanny was about. It was both terrifying and exciting at the same time. I still nodded as I wanted to get to know her better.

“You are simply a rubber person?” Chef asked with his curiosity getting the best of him. Chef never seemed to be at ease until he had solved every mystery that came his way.

“Nanny asked that we let her know you all in her own way.” Beringar asked with Nanny looking as if she were a bit embarrassed. “I know her true nature, but she wanted to keep it a surprise.” Nanny was now looking at me with a sheepish grin.

Beringar formally introduced Nanny to all of us and explained Suit/Automaton as well as the needs of everyone in the room. Hearing him explain it in such a way reminded me of just how diverse we were becoming in our own desires.

Gudrun asked if Nanny had any questions before everyone got up and left. Beringar smiled as he set the box that normally contained my sphere in front of her before leaving. My nervous excitement ratcheted up another two notches.

“Alice, correct?” Nanny asked gently as the others left the room. We had already spent time together, but her question seemed to be more of formality. I nodded at her causing her own nervousness to show. “Would you care to join me? Beringar asked us to use room 12.” Again, I nodded but with a little hesitation.

Upon entering the room, I found that it had already been decorated and set up for her. It was strange that her room was at the complete opposite end from the rest of us upstairs, but there was no denying it was her room with memorabilia from the UK.

“So... Gudrun said that you like me?” she asked as she closed and locked the door behind her. I felt a little awkward about the admission while also knowing that it was a little childish to feel that way.

Nanny crossed in front of me and sat at the bed before patting it with a smile. I paused as she began to remove her dress then proceeded to sit next to her.

“I find you interesting.” Nanny said happily with her drab blue dress looking difficult to remove. She stopped and offered her back to me with her hands in her lap. I took the hint and nervously unbuttoned the few remaining black circles. “The last time that we were together, I felt a connection with you. I usually don't go for girls.” she said with a giggle as she allowed the top of her dress to slide from her shoulders. I still hadn't seen her naked.

“I never liked girls until I was changed. Now I have no preference.” I signed with my hands to see her smile. “I think you are uncommonly pretty.”

Nanny's happy smile faded just a little as she held her dress to her chest only to have it replaced with a genuine appreciation for my remark. She looked down over her body then smiled at me. I think she would have cried if she could have.

“I've always been a big girl. Beringar convinced me that I should stay that way. He said I was sexy as I was.” Nanny said with her brown eyes focusing on me. A slight strain entered the corners of them. “I like the way that you look too. Were you always this shape?”

I answered her as I saw her strain a little more with her arms clutching her chest. She only nodded while watching my hands then smiling at hearing me describe my old self. “So you didn't like how you used to look?” she asked softly as she let the front of her dress fall. I kept myself from looking only for manner's sake.

“Not really. I didn't want this, but I look better than I did.” I signed as she turned toward me.

Her breasts looked as if they were much larger than they were when I first saw her. At the front of each one were dark red nipples that were already very large at about 2 inches wide by 3 inches long. They were as jiggly and malleable as Maid's

“They grow constantly.” Nanny said with a sheepish smile. “I talked with Gudrun about what she can do with hers. I wanted the same thing, but uncontrollable. I make about half a gallon of latex milk in each per hour. Gudrun said that we could use the milk to make and sell our own latex clothing. I loved the idea.” Nanny said as I felt my arousal at her admission rise within me.

“The only problem is that they need to be sucked in order of it to come out. Does your mouth work like that?” she asked with a bit of a frown. I sighed through my nose and shook my head no. “It's okay because Beringar provided me with a pump. I can get it out myself.” she said before smiling and rolling one of her large nipples in her fingers.

“So how big do they get before they stop making milk?” I signed to her before she smiled sheepishly once more.

“They... don't stop.” she said before an embarrassed smile came over her. “I wanted them to always make milk. I get off my having my nipples sucked.” she said with a nervous giggle. “And... I have another fantasy.” she said as if it were too much to say.

Instead she stood up in front of me and let her dress fall to the floor. Her large, growing breasts looked proportionate for her body with her wide hips and thick thighs. Unlike most curvy girls, there was no hint of cellulite or stretch marks about her, only well rounded and ultimately sexy curves. My arousal at the sight of her nude body only increased further.

“My only trick is that I can change my skin and this.” she said as her skin began to take on a shine like my own. A pair of straps went up over her shoulders with what looked like a heavy, pale blue, latex bra pulling her breasts up a little. A pair of panties appeared on her lower region before she smiled and hefted her breasts.

“Is that your other fantasy?” I asked her with my hands as my breathing had increased. If I was a regular person, my pussy would have been inflamed while leaking juices everywhere. I didn't realize that bigger girls had such an effect on me.

“I... no.” she said with a nervous giggle.

“You know what I can do. You know everyone else's fantasies as they are living them. Why so shy?” I asked her before she looked away from me. Her bra and panties bled back into her skin and disappeared.

“I've always wanted to be a mother.” she said while looking at the floor. “I could never have children. But, I learned that I liked giving birth.” she said causing me to give her a sideways glance. She looked nervous again and played with her hands under her still growing boobs.

“I like big things inside of me.” she said softly. “I used to blow things up inside of me then push them out like I was actually having a baby.” she said before looking back at me with a nervous expression. “I can do that now.”

“You can have babies as a rubber person?” I asked with my hands. My interest was piqued.

“No... not really.” she said as she struggled with the thought of sitting down. She sighed then sat next to me. “I can take very large things now.” she said as she looked down then back to me.

“Like basketball large?” I asked


“Beach ball?”

“Human sized.” she said before sighing deeply.

“But human sized is about....” I signed with my hands before stopping. I hesitated while staring at her as I figured out what she meant.

“I can fit a full sized human inside me then give birth to them. It's been a fantasy of mine forever.” she said as if her admission was killing her.

“Really?” I asked with my hands as I looked down between her thick, shiny legs. She nodded while playing with her hands again before I laid my hand on hers. “How does it work?” I asked trying not to come off as being put off by her words. It was a little crazy, but not so unusual compared to Suit and Automaton.

Nanny looked at me with her expression showing that she wondered about my motive for asking. I nodded at her and put my hand on hers for encouragement. It was obvious that she thought her fetish was a little too strange to tell others, but she had made it possible to achieve it.

“I... widen my hips and loosen my pussy to allow entrance. The person or thing going in has to work their way in or I can sit to help. They fill my belly then I close up behind them before being stuck for 24 hours. Two hours before time is up, my body starts changing whether I want it to or not. Contractions come and feel like mini orgasms. My body then pushes you out for me.” she said nervously and waited as she studied me.

Her explanation of her fantasy actually turned me on, though I didn't think it would. I found my arousal rising within me and my breathing becoming shallow. I had to admit what her words were doing to me.

“I think that is incredibly sexy.” I signed with my hands as I watched her. Nanny looked up from my hands doubted my words. “I can't show you how I feel, but I'm getting excited about it.” I said to which she gave me the same look.

“You... Don't think it's weird?” she asked before I laughed through my nose and shook my head no. I pointed to my face then the rest of my body before she smiled a little and nodded.

“We are all a little weird in here. I think it is both sexy and interesting.” I said before she put her hand on mine.

“Would you try it with me?” she asked with her mood suddenly changing. She paused then gave me her sheepish grin once more. “I mean... I haven't tried it yet and..”

“I would love to.” I said with my hands after stopping her. “I just need to make sure I am ready for a full day.” I said before she gave me an appreciative nod.

“Just... don't tell the others. I want to let it out slowly.” she said before I nodded and stood up. “where are you going?”

“I need cum to fix my hunger.” I said with my hands before turning. I gave her one last look and felt my excitement increase at what she was offering.

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