The Process 8: Rubber Colony

by Tit for Tat

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This story contains elements of an adult nature. If you are not 18 or stumbled upon this by accident, please move along as there is nothing to see here. Those that are of age, please enjoy. Story contains Magic, Body mod, BE, Penis growth, Living Latex people, Maid, Preg, Lactation, BDSM, Multiple gender roles.
story continues from part 7.1

The Process: Part 8: Rubber Colony

Chapter 1

Once Suit was put into his punishment, things went back to a semblance of normalcy. His malicious control over Gudrun had left an unease between us all in it's wake. We all took the rest of that evening to write out some hard written rules to follow for those that had been converted. The very first rule dealt with what had happened and stated that no one was allowed to forcefully take control over another without consent as well as a description of what they wanted. The rule even applied to Maid who could still be controlled using her sphere.

Gudrun had given me her sphere after the meeting and told me to do whatever I wanted with her to make up for the situation. I only wanted to hold her lovingly in my arms and did so until I was content. We talked for hours about what had happened as well as her mood lately. She was missing her other love.

Gudrun thought it might be a bit of fun to stay under my control with Beringar being so busy so I commanded her for the next several days. One of her chores was to milk Nanny using her own body as a milking device. I took my usual spot next to Nanny as she worshiped my giant penis, though it was still new to me to have someone like just playing with it so much rather than using it as it was intended. Nanny always seemed so happy to have it in her hands while chatting.

Things improved in our little family even further once Suit was released to Automaton. He seemed genuinely sorry at what he had done and admitted that his dominance had gotten the better of him. Beringar offered him to stay with Automaton and be under his control for an entire month just to gain some perspective. Her agreed easily.

It was near the end of summer before Beringar had finally announced that the new construction was finished enough to take a tour. Not a single person who had experienced the noise or who had looked out the window was not excited to check it out.

The door leading to the underground area had been sealed by a control panel that was installed in our own basement. A short hallway led to yet another, larger door. Beringar entered another code causing the door to swing open into a brightly lit, large room. On either side of the large room were doors with numbers on the front like little apartments. The concrete walls had been painted a neutral brown with the doors lining the edges done in a contrasting natural oak.

The first thing that I noticed as I stepped into the fairly large room was the spongy, blue latex floor. It felt like some kind of foam underneath the material and a little odd to step onto. Beringar had no such issue as he seemed to be used to it. Beyond the first 16 doors and the large open area, an archway led to what looked like a dungeon playroom. Only a few bondage structures were set up, but the purpose of the room was obvious with it's lowered lighting and dark, sensual colors. The walls to the right and left of the large area opened with doored-archways into other rooms.

To the right was yet another large room containing several TV's, furniture to lounge on and even a few beds. Towards the back was a glassed off section filled with rows upon rows of bookcases, though still empty. Back through the dungeon area and into the other archway was the computer room. Many computers were set up on comfortable looking desks and there seemed to be enough of them for about 20 people at a time. Just like the entertainment area, a glassed off section at the rear housed yet more bookshelves as well as a few chairs for reading.

Back at the entrance of the compound was small room that didn't look like the others. It housed a video network that monitored the activity of all the rooms as well as who was at the doors to the colony. A large set of concrete stairs led downward next to the room.

The second floor was similar to the first with less attention to detail. Beringar said that he wasn't yet finished with setting it up, but he did show us the stored barrels of latex milk that we had been collecting in a one of the large rooms under the computer area. Beyond what was the dungeon above us, a large doorway lead further underground. Beringar said that it was where the new conversion process was to be and only he and Gudrun had access. Due to the problem with Suit, he felt that it was too risky to allow anyone else to enter without at least he or Gudrun to come with them. It sounded like a good idea to me. The area that was under the entertainment room above looked like some kind of wet room with showers and tubs. Beringar said that some people might wants some water play with a laugh.

So ended the tour of the facility with any of us welcome to come back anytime we wanted. Beringar said we could pick out own rooms for permanent housing if we liked, but it wasn't really needed. Automaton actually picked one out for himself and we checked it out. Beringar explained that every room was similar to start with and contained a bed, TV and storage space for anything that one would want to be. The beds were a double queen that could easily sleep 5 or six in each room if needed then a large closet area just behind the bed. Near the front of the room was a large dresser as additional storage. It seemed fitting that none of the rooms had a kitchen or a bathroom.

With no one in living in the area yet, the place felt lifeless and boring. Despite that fact, we all went our separate ways to explore. Maid, of course, stayed with me causing me to laugh a little as her barely audible voice pointed out every good place to have sex.

Chapter 2

After everyone had left, Maid and I stayed behind. I started to enjoy her constant nagging for some kind of attention, though I often ignored it due to her never gaining satisfaction myself. I ushered us both to the new bondage room and strapped her to an x-frame. Maid liked being bound in such a way that she was left completely exposed.

There were only a few toys and implements of pain, but the whip looked like fun. I had never used one before and the fact that I couldn't hurt her made for good practice. I could actually feel her amusement beyond her arousal while practicing on her. I grew bored of it quickly and fucked her hard against the frame. I wasn't allowed to cum and neither was she, but it was fun to try. Maid enjoyed her helplessness with feelings of encouragement filling me.

Back in the mansion, I found everyone but Automaton and Nanny in the large dining area talking. Beringar was writing down some ideas of what everyone was saying as Maid and I sat in. Marc was complaining that the area was a little too drab. Beringar only smiled and asked if he wanted to liven it up a bit to which Marc agreed happily.

Chef asked about some kind of private outdoor area like a garden. Beringar came back saying that it was in the works to add a walled off area outside and above the facility for just such a thing, but wasn't ready to be implemented. Beringar also said that any idea would be taken under consideration and the colony to be looked at as a blank slate. It could be changed to whatever we wanted over time.

“Can you perform the process here now?” I asked Beringar who lost his smile for a more serious expression.

“I can. Next week, I am going to the ranch and demolishing the other. Mike is happy to be rid of it, but I will continue to support his ranch as I have been.” Beringar said softly. Gudrun nodded as she looked at him then to me. “I'm going with him to look at the horses. We should only be a few days.”

“Oh.. that reminds me.” Beringar said as he stood up and left the room without any more words.

The conversation continued on without him as the Umbach's asked about our official business of being a kinky getaway. Gudrun said that we would continue to do so as it offered a considerable income as well as hiding our activities below ground. She also stated that we were going to start making our own latex items. Members of the colony could help if they liked and it offered something to do as a job. The prospect sounded good to me as I found myself getting bored at times.

Soon, Beringar came back to the dining area with someone I didn't recognize behind him. It wasn't until he got a little closer that I realized who it was when he smiled. It was Billy, the fun guy from Australia only completely rubberized with shiny skin.

“Hello all.” he said happily before sitting next to me. He was dressed in his latex cowboys outfit and nudged me with a sly grin. “Care for another ride?” he asked with his accent still in tact. He chucked a little causing me to laugh and look at the others.

“Billy is the first to be changed here.” Beringar said as he sat back down.

“I can say I've had rougher days, not many but a few.” Billy said before resting his elbows on the table and leaning forward.

Beringar then went on to explain that Billy no longer wanted to be able to go back to resembling a human. His shiny latex skin was his new permanent look. Billy only nodded and added that normal people no longer held any interest for him and he wanted to commit to the new colony. Billy admitted that he liked fucking, humor and fun. If he could get all three at once, he was a happy man. He also made his melon sized breasts grow saying that he always wanted a big ol' pair and no man alive ever went at least some point in his life wondering what it was like to have them. Beyond his removable breasts and shiny rubber skin, his only other feature was having control of his penis. Like me, he could make it very large, cum when he wanted too and generally control it any way he liked.

Beringar explained to us that he had a job for Billy that seemed fitting. Billy was to become the sheriff for the new colony and keep things in order. Billy only nodded and tucked his thumbs into his armpits with a nod. He sure liked the old west from America. Jenni whispered something to Marc to laughed and nodded.

“You know Billy, there is nothing like sex as a good initiation into the household. You want to join Jenni and I?” Marc asked with a wry grin.

“I 'd love ta get ta know my town folk.” he said with a tight wink and adjusting his crotch. Billy stood and bowed at us all before leaving the room with the lovebirds. His cute boyish butt ware bare for all to see with his chaps covering little from behind.

After Billy left with the Umbach's Gudrun began to talk more about the potential people that would be joining the new underground colony. She had a list of about 50 people who knew the truth about what was really going on with about half wanting to leave the normal world for something different. Now that the process could be done here, it wouldn't take long to convert those who wanted to be permanently removed from the world. Things were starting to move pretty quickly.

- 0 -

Beringar and Gudrun had left for their final trip to the United States leaving Billy and I in charge. Automaton was still in control of Suit and not allowed to be set loose until they came back. I decided that I wanted an extended stay with Nanny who agreed wholeheartedly to carry me. I left Maid in Chef's control and prepared to live inside Nanny for a few days.

Nanny had made a suggestion that I wear some kind of earphones and a receiver to hear what was going on, but I wanted the solitude to clear out some thoughts. I told her that I would send Maid if there was anything that I needed. The only hard part about what I was about to do was getting my daily dose of real cum to sate my hunger. It was a problem easily solved by just waiting it out. I had gone 3 days before without it being to unbearable, just a little uncomfortable.

Once I had worked my way into Nanny, she closed the world off behind me to leave the quiet, warm comfort of her soft rubber insides to confine me. I allowed myself to relax considerably before my mind began to wander. Occasionally, Nanny would interrupt my peaceful thoughts to assault me with long, intense orgasms. I had asked her about it before and was right that she was making me feel what she did while milking. The solitude and occasional helpless orgasm was incredibly stress relieving. The whole situation between Suit, Gudrun and I became easier to forget.

I must have been getting close to ready for release because my hunger was becoming uncomfortable as well as the fluid around me filling the space to allow more movement. Nanny said that her insides naturally lubricated and with her pussy sealed off, it built slowly. It was fine by me because it allowed me room to move, but it caused her to only become larger on the outside. Nanny loved being full.

Being born again was still an intense experience. Having control of myself while doing so was actually more fun. I was able to flex myself and stretch her pussy causing her to cum even harder as I exited her. She begged me to stop with a hint that she liked it too much to do it herself. I made it a point to keep my lower half inside of her for as long as I could before she eventually forced me out. Once among the real world again, I laid against her and stroked her body with my slippery, lube covered skin. I felt like I was starting to love the woman as much as I did Gudrun and Beringar. In fact, Suit and Automaton were the only two that I didn't really care for.

Chapter 3

Beringar and Gudrun came home and asked for Maid and I exclusively in their room. By their frantic undressing, I could tell that they missed us emotionally as much as they did sexually. They both talked about their trip as Maid and I helped to create a mini orgy between the four of us. It then became a pairing of Maid and Beringar with Gudrun and I breaking off like usual. Beringar had a special place for Maid just as Gudrun and I for each other.

Beringar talked about Mike, who asked them back anytime they wanted and extended the same offer to him. Beringar had already packed up the remaining few things from the site and had them shipped back. One of such things was a rubber man that could never stop cycling. The poor guy had no choice in any of it and there was no way to end him. The only way to stop it all and give him rest was to keep his life force far enough away that the man went dormant. I also learned that Beringar and Gudrun had no such limits on their own spheres. They were the only two that could be without them if needed.

Business began to pick up with several of the trusted members offering to work in the mansion as unconverted humans. Perks of their job was that they were able to be with the rubber people as well as go into the colony to play. A young guy, named Wuflgar and barely 18 loved to be dressed in various catsuits. He confessed that I was his embodiment of his fetish and asked for me often. I never refused his gentle and loving nature that involved no kind of control from either of us. I did have to give him my Sphere so that he could make me respond how I wanted to.

An older gentleman named Vincent, served as more of a butler, had a similar relationship with Maid. He did not want the transformation, but he enjoyed all things rubber like we did. I loved the somewhat strict way he had with her and began to command that she love him and please him as she did with me. Learning to spread my love and enjoy people for who they were was something that I was starting to incorporate into myself. Only Beringar, Gudrun, the Umbach's and Nanny held a place that was truly special in my heart. Maid of course would always be a part of me whether I wanted it or not, but her new friends kept her fairly occupied when he moved in.

- 0 -

Newly converted people began to fill the spaces provided in the colony. I was part of the screening process with Beringar and Gudrun with only the three of us making the decisions on what to do with people. It was a game of give and take with most as we had a set of rules to follow. A few of the converts wanted only to be complete slaves, it made the whole process easier with them only wanting a few things in specific. My favorite of them was a woman who wanted to be called Pure.

Pure was a rubber fetishist through and through, but she really craved the control of others as if it were some kind of drug. She was a tiny woman at only 5'2” and very thin. The only thing that she asked for was that she would be able to feel pain as well as pleasure and transform into the other person's fantasy when controlled. She refused to play with someone if they weren't able to control her even a little bit. Several others came before her, but her desire was somewhat unique as she wanted only to satisfy others fantasies.

One man named Herle wanted to become a latex leopard person. He wanted a prehensile tail, features of a cat for his face and paw-like hands. Beyond the obvious cat parts, he wanted the ability to be either male or female depending on the situation, but never half of one or the other. He had a unique outlook on life that focused mostly on leisure. He also was going to contribute his considerable wealth just to be a part of what we created.

Many converts had something simple to ask for such as changeable boobs or different genders with becoming rubberized as the main focus. It was only the special ones that seemed to draw me. Even the one woman who wanted to become a true blow-up doll was interesting. The other that became a voluptuous, red rubber demon was another.

As the stables began to fill, I started finding myself spending more and more time underground. Things became interesting once 20 people lived continuously in the new colony. We had room for several more, but it was already evident that the place would soon be outgrown. One of my new favorite activities was to sit in the large common area and just watch. No one really seemed to care who saw them or who joined as long as they asked. The freedom that we gave them was evident in their happiness. Old lives were shed as if they were some kind of dead, dry skin.

It was interesting when a non-convert came to play. More than a few times, new people would arrive and stand in shock at what they saw. One guy actually wet himself as he saw the display before him. It soon became my favorite game of escorting new people to the colony and watching their reactions.

- 0 -

Things began to change in the house with the Umbach's generally entertaining the normal crowd, Nanny with her new friend constantly inside of her and Maid following Vincent like a lost puppy in her duties. Chef stayed busy in the kitchen and pursued his foremost favorite thing to do in life which was to cook. It didn't help matters that he had taken a young man as his apprentice that liked to fuck as much as he did.

As for Beringar and Gudrun, they became known only as the Baron and Baroness or Lord and Lady. I spent much of my free time with either of them and attended to duties that they did not have time for. One of such duties was to make my rounds to look for suspicious activity. We had one guest that had a camera hidden in her vagina when she came in. After that fiasco, no one was allowed to bring in their own clothing and full cavity searches were started. Beringar even upgraded the video monitoring system to include all areas of the house and the property as well as the underground. It was a busy time.

Chapter 4

I liked Pure quite a bit. She was an interesting person and showed me a side of myself that I didn't know I had. The first time that she changed for me, I was shocked to see her look almost like me except for being a little chubbier with bigger boobs along with a working, changeable mouth. Her hair was a metallic white with green eyes and her build reminded me of a slightly slimmer Nanny. Like me, she had a scalable, controllable penis and a submissive nature. What I found about her was that she drew out my hidden dominant side that stretched back to my days at the bar and filled me with a new purpose. She enabled me to like domination in a way that I hadn't experienced before.

I had Pure laying on a padded latex bench as I cinched heavy rubber straps onto her body. As I tightened one of them around her thigh, her extremely pliant skin bulged as if I were squeezing a balloon. Just the sight of seeing her body react in such a way caused my arousal to rise significantly. It was like her entire body was made out of the same squishy flesh that Maid's boobs were only more malleable. I couldn't help myself in grabbing the tighter bulging skin and squeezing it roughly. Pure's exclamation of pain added to the thrills that consumed me.

After she was fully strapped to the bench and immobile. I laid on the floor below her and looked at her hanging breasts. Her eyes were focused on me while filled with the pain that I knew she enjoyed. I found that my dominance over her was equally a part of how much she gave back to me. I craved her reactions to my abuse.

“I love your nipples.” I said as I tugged on them after signing. The fat, stubby nub gave and stretched toward me with Pure groaning with pain. She had told me that the pain was inexorably intertwined with the pleasure that she felt. My whole goal was to cause enough pain in her to make her orgasm which would trigger my own. I squeezed her pink rubber nubs until they flattened before twisting them harshly.

“Ooaaaa!” Pure yelled in agony without a mention of stopping. Her ability to handle anything I could give her was intoxicating. She only looked at me as I begged her to tell me to stop. She would only shake her head and keep to her silence that was of her own will. I didn't command her to not speak, but speaking would end the game if she did.

After several minutes of roughly torturing her fat nipples with my fingers, I added some clip on weights that pulled her breasts closer to the floor and changed them from a soft rounded shape into a tapered cone. I smiled at my handy work as she breathed hard and shook at her bonds. Once standing, I used her to allow my cock to grow then slid it up and down her bulbous ass. Her cheeks felt just like the orbs on her chest and I squeezed them together to create a delicate friction on me. Part of my bargain to cum only when she did allowed me to give her an ass job for hours.

Pure was moaning in pain with her breathing beginning to approach the point that I knew it wouldn't be long. I had enjoyed the incredibly long 'bunning' of her ass before I had inserted my cock into her rear hole. The plan was to let it grow slowly until either she came or told me to stop. She knew this game as we had played it before.

“Ohh..... OHhh.” Pure yelled with her voice increasing along with the pleasure/pain that she felt. I encouraged her to orgasm by starting a slow rocking of my hips and smacking the prominent globes of her ass as hard as I could. Her cries of pain suddenly went silent just before I felt the oncomming rush of orgasm. I groaned in anticipation and redoubled my effort in heating her ass with smacks. Pure's entire body went rigid under me just as I felt my cum blasted from the tip of me to fill her. Part of my fantasy was that I would fill her ass with my cum only to have it seal behind me as I exited her. At the same time, she would cum just as I had. I made sure that the white, slippery liquid was dripping from under her even as my orgasm continued to rock me. I knew from previous experience that my load inside of her would cause serious discomfort and bloat her abdomen making her waistline disappear as well.

When I finished pumping my load in her, she moaned softly in pain and I watched her rear hole close behind my cock. A little of my cum escaped to run down the front of her and add to her own. I took a moment to gather myself before stepping to the front of her. Her mouth was next.

Using Pure's mouth did two things simultaneously. If she had made it this far, she was still able to tell me to stop by speaking. Once my cock was in her mouth, she had no such choice, she knew the boundary and nodded for me to continue.

I didn't give her the courtesy of a warm up and pressed my cock against her lips only to have it deflected from missing slightly. I held her face in my hand with a rough grip and pressed again before she let me in. I felt her tongue swirl around me all the way to my crotch as I filled her entire throat and then some. At this point in the game, I would orgasm regularly in her mouth until one of two things happened. Either I would reach 20 orgasms or she would cum again. I liked when I won because it meant that I got to force twenty more orgasms on her. Her cock was painfully super sensitive and it only took a few dips into my mouth to make her cum so hard that she wished she wouldn't have.

That was our game almost every time. There were slight variations, but it was almost always the same. The only other game that we played was keep away where I would bind her arms behind her and tie her feet together. She had to try to keep me from raping her ass and had to endure whatever I gave her if I won. There was no penalty except for denial if I lost. My only handicap was that I had to wear ballet heels which were incredibly hard to get anywhere in. The entire first floor of the colony was our game field.

I was at nineteen when Pure shook uncontrollably under me sending a surprise orgasm rocketing through me. Like the other times I had used her mouth, she enjoyed being face fucked so much that she was actually able to cum with minimal pain added. I was happy that she had orgasmed, but a little sad that our game was over. It meant that I had to let her win.

“Alice?” Pure asked me with a tremble as I removed the weights and began to unbind her. I nodded before she turned her head and smiled at me with her metallic white hair falling around her face. “Do you ever get bored of me?” she asked softly. The one thing that never happened was getting bored of my favorite fantasy with one my my favorite people. I shook my head no before she laid her head gently on the bench.

Once Pure was loose, I took her into my arms with both of us facing the rest of the room and the back against the wall. I always loved cuddling her slightly chubby, extra squishy body against me. It was only the third month and maybe the 20th time I had been with her.

“Do you have anyone you really love?” she asked me gently as we both played with her extra malleable boobs. Mine were much firmer than hers and I liked hers so much better.

“Nanny, the Umbach's, Berringar and Gudrun.” I said with my hands before she took them and put them to her breasts again. She liked them played with after one of our games, she was like Maid in that respect.

“I never thought it was possible for me to love someone.” she said softly as we still looked out over the room. “When I became... this, I thought I was going to become my own fantasy. In a way, I did.” her hands stopped on mine and held them tightly against her before she sighed. “Will you promise me something?” she asked before I said yes with my hands. “Promise me that you will never get tired of me.” she said with a little emotion backing her words. It concerned me that she was getting so emotional over something so small. I turned her to look at me.

“I may make some new games for us, but I could never stop wanting you. I don't know how anyone could when you offer them their own fantasy within you.” I signed her her before her eyes trembled. She nodded with her hands grabbing at mine then kissed me hard while pressing my head against the wall. I knew that kiss. It wasn't passion, it was love. I kissed like that too and for the same reason. I could only watch her expression soften after her lips removed from me to hug me gently again.

Chapter 5

Pure and I had become quite an item when I wasn't performing my duties or visiting with my other loves. She played with other converts in the colony, but always came back to me when I would retire underground for the night. An interesting thing started to happen as I spent more time with her. My fantasies with her began to change and evolve. I was a little embarrassed to see a large tattoo on her upper chest and back saying “Property of Alice.” Pure didn't really seemed to mind at all and even flaunted it at times. Another change in her was that the heavy rubber straps that I had often used to bind her began to appear and tighten when she gave herself to me. They seemed to keep her in a constant amount of pain as they dug into her skin and bulged the rubber flesh around them. Her hair had also changed from the metallic white to a what looked like chrome. I really started to fall for her.

One evening, Pure came into the mansion with me because she didn't want to change back. She smiled from ear to ear as we walked. I felt my heart flutter just at having her with me on the occasion. The plan was to spend some time with Gudrun and Beringar who had requested my company for the night. It was starting to get harder to share myself equally with others anymore.

It was a rather special night where our spheres were all traded with each other to have some kind of control over each other. Pure's sphere had stayed with me as per her request, but mine had gone to Gudrun, Gudrun's had gone to Beringar and his was given to Pure. It ended up becoming a chain of command that left Beringar in the lead with Pure at the lowest since Beringar had not allowed her to do anything with his beside change him how he needed.

The next evening, Pure and I spent time with Nanny. Pure seemed to figure out where I got my ideas for her plush body and enjoyed the ultra pregnant woman as much as I did. We joined Marc and Jenni the next night with Jenni ending up becoming a dominatrix to all of us. It was the first time that Marc had ever had all three of his holes filled simultaneously. We nearly broke him, but laughed about it at the end. Pure really enjoyed Jenni's sadistic nature as a dominant.

Another night, we joined Chef and his boy toy Thomas. I always had a suspicion that Chef was evenly bisexual, but I never expected the passion that he showed for the fairly ordinary kid. It was actually kind of nice to see the two men enjoy themselves so much and allow us to join them. Thomas was eager to give both Pure and I a try.

Maid seemed to become firmly under Vincent's control though I often felt her love for me boil to the surface of her emotions. While with him, she was never allowed to have anyone but him. It was a mixed blessing as she was well taken care of and out of my hair, but I did miss her childish need for me.

Nearly a year had passed with the colony filling past capacity. Of the 30 rooms, all of them had been occupied with some of them being shared by as many as 4 people. In all, there were 66 people that now lived in the underground rubber paradise. Pure also evolved with my fantasies with her body becoming super squishy compared to our first meeting. Her body was becomming so loose that it was getting hard for her to carry herself around anymore. The fact that she was struggling actually caused her arousal to increase. She loved the fact that I was making it difficult for her.

When Pure and I would play with others, it was always together. I would give her sphere to our play partner to watch her change into their ultimate fantasy. Pure always kept my own sphere, but it was only to allow me to control myself. She seemed to instinctively know what I wanted and changed my body for me. I was so in love with her as she was with me.

Beringar had come up with plans to add another wing to our underground colony creating almost a virtual city. Pure never left my side and was allowed to stay with me even in the private meetings that were meant for only Beringar, Gudrun and I. The garden area above the colony was postponed as the new construction began. New new area was to me more lavish and exotic than the last while only holding just a few more people.

Chapter 6

The last person to be transformed was someone who everyone else got to meet before me. She had her own room and never left. It wasn't until the day that I met her that I had fully accepted my love for Pure and completely forgot my previous life.

“Alice, there is someone who is looking forward to seeing you.” Gudrun said as Pure and I had visited one night.

“Who is in there? Why haven't I been able to see her yet?” I asked before Gudrun smiled and petted Pure and I both. Today, Gudrun had gotten to have her fantasy with Pure with Pure turning into a toned, manly fuck machine. Her tattoo never left even when fulfilling another fantasy. It seemed as though she had claimed me as much as I claimed her.

“Her name is Phyllis. She has been working backwards through everyone who has been changed to learn about them. You are last to meet her because you were the first to be changed.” Gudrun said as her hand gently massaged my scalp through my hair.

“She is very unique.” Pure said with a manly laugh before I looked at her.

“You've met her? When?” I asked causing her to laugh again.

“When you stayed with Nanny. One of your trips to clear your mind.” Pure said as she ran a stiff hand over my stomach. Gudrun liked her people much firmer than I allowed Pure to be. Her loving expression could still be seen even with the foreign face.

“So you too?” I asked with my hands before looking up at Gudrun. She smiled and nodded at me.

“You are the last. Everyone had seen her.” she said happily before her expression turned to thoughtfulness. “I think you will enjoy her.”

“Why, is she extra kinky?” I asked with my hands and almost laughed.

“You could say that, in a way.” Pure said before turning toward me fully. Her smile brightened just a little before she kissed my ring lips. At times like this, I was glad that I could never close my eyes. I could look into hers forever and always want more.

“She is expecting you.” Gudrun said causing me to break the stare and turn my head to look at her. “I can take care of Pure. I can see why you love her.” Gudrun said with a happy smile.

It was no secret that Pure and I were an item, but it wasn't until recently that we made it official in our announcement of love. In fact, there had been many that had coupled, tripled or even more as little groups began to form. Some combinations were odd, but worked while others seemed obvious. Mistress Black had taken two slaves and abused them constantly. She was one who transformed herself into an evil looking, pure black dominatrix with permanent metallic spikes in various locations. An odder couple was a very large man named Yohan who wanted to be genderless and took a quick love to Leo, the man who wanted to look like a leopard. They liked to watch others with Yohan petting his smaller friend. Leo gained the utmost pleasure just from his gentle pets and never seemed to want more.

“Do I need to go now?” I signed with my hands then signed deeply as I rubbed one of Gudrun's sexy legs.

“Maybe not this instant, but I told her I would send for you. She is expecting you soon.” Gudrun said before I stared at Pure again.

“Go ahead. I'll keep the Baroness entertained.” Pure said with a manly giggle before kissing me again. I wasn't a big fan of her new look, but she wasn't my fantasy right now. I only nodded, then looked the two of them over before sitting up hesitantly. With another sigh, I waved good bye to them as Gudrun winked with Pure blowing me a kiss. I picked up my box with my sphere in it and slowly walked out. Gudrun smacked Pure's ass so hard that I heard the loud clap and resulting moan in the hallway after I had left.

- 0 -

I stopped in front of the large doorway and sighed at the inconspicuous entry way. By now, most colonists had decorated their new dwelling to their likings or let others know who lived there by putting names on their doors. This one was just a featureless metal door that looked as if there were no way to open it. I nearly jumped out of my rubber skin when I touched the cold door only to have it slide sideways into the wall faster than I could blink. An extra large TV glowed on the other side of the bland room. An internet browser was flipping through pages faster than I could comprehend what they were.

“Please come in Alice.” a gentle melodious voice called to me. I cautiously stepped forward into the room only to have the door close just as fast behind me. There was no one in the room besides me. The TV and ornate looking bed in front of it were the only furniture.

“I've been looking forward to meeting you.” came a voice near the bed. It took me a moment to realize that the chocolate colored, shiny plastic of the headboard was talking. I thought it was a sculpture of a woman with African descent carved into it, but it was alive. The woman's arms moved with her eyes showing their intense hazel color. Her arms dropped to the massive breasts just under them and she looked to be incorporated into the background of the bed somehow.

“Yes, I am the bed.” she said happily as the lights in the room brightened just a little. The TV at the foot of the bed turned off with my breathing starting to increase. I had never seen anything like her. She was the most bizarre change yet. “Don't be frightened. There is no way that I can hurt you.” she said happily before gesturing to the turquoise latex sheets that covered the bed. “Please have a seat, I would like to get to know you.”

I hesitantly sat on the warm, soft surface of the bed and noticed how it seemed to radiate heat like a real person. “Yes, I really am the bed. I can feel you sitting on me.” she said with a happy laugh. “It's usually the first question if not the second.”

I was still staring at her as she smiled at me before I thought of my first question.

“Why are you seeing people in the order that they were created?” I asked with my hands as I had already been given other answers about her. She must have wanted to be a bed, because she had been converted into one. She also seemed to have a plan with seeing people individually and in order.

“Ahh, straight to the point. I like you already.” she said happily before cupping her massive breasts in her hands again. “First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Phyllis, but the others have been calling me just Bed. Fitting don't you think?” she asked with amusement. Her pleasant nature caused me to relax a little and I nodded with a little relief. I stared at her silently and nodded, waiting for her to talk some more. She seemed to be waiting for me to do the same.

“Why a bed?” I asked her before she smiled and laughed softly.

“I think I should start with more of who I am then and who you are before I can answer that question. First of all, I am a psychiatrist. I am a licensed professional with several doctorates in several fields. I was introduced to Gudrun when she visited me for post-partum depression after her fist child. I learned of her... interests and became good friends when she was no longer my patient.” she said softly as she waited for her information to sink in then continued.

“As for becoming a bed, it is due to the same reasons that all of the rest are here. It began when I stayed at a lover's home who had complete latex bed. I fell in love with it and even converted my own at home. There was nothing like sliding into it and feel it warm to me. I could almost bring myself to orgasm just sliding between the sheets.” she said as she let her hands drop. “Beringar didn't seem to like what I wanted for myself, but I convinced him to give me this. I can change into a more humanoid shape when I have my sphere, but I had Beringar lock it away so that I cannot”.

“You are going to be a bed forever?” I asked with my hands before she shook her head no and laughed again.

“No. I can become nearly human once again, but I don't want that to be an easy choice. As a bed, I am able to comfort my patients in the most intimate way as I talk to them.” she said before her smile faded. “You and maid are the only two here that did not want the change. Are you still bothered by what has happened to you?”

“I've come to terms with it.” I said with my hands. I was a little surprised that she had so much information about me, but I figured that she might after talking with Beringar. I had no more walls to hide behind anymore and telling her about me was easy. “I had trouble at first because I was forced into it. Now, I enjoy my kinks and even found true love through my exploration.” I said causing Phyllis to smile happily and nod.

“Alice, I have a gift that I want to share with you. I will explain how this works so that you will be comfortable if you would like to explore me as well. Everyone has taken the journey.” she said matter-of-factly. I hesitated before nodding at her cryptic knowing that she was going to tell me. “I was given a gift through my transformation that allows me to communicate mentally with those who lay within my sheets. I will use my body to bring intense arousal which will allow me to enter your mind. You will need to give me your spirit holder in order for me to do so. None of what I wish to do is harmful or uncomfortable.” she said with a calm voice. I looked down at the turquoise, latex sheets then back up to her with a nod.

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