The Process 7.1: Nanny & the Suit

by Tit for Tat

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This story contains elements of an adult nature. If you are not 18 or stumbled upon this by accident, please move along as there is nothing to see here. Those that are of age, please enjoy. Story contains Magic, Body mod, BE, Penis growth, Living Latex doll, Living latex suit, Automaton, Maid, Preg BDSM, Multiple gender roles
story continues from part 7

The Process: Part 7.1: Nanny & the Suit

Chapter 6

I asked Beringar to give me a quickie to which he gave me a strange look, but obliged me. After fixing my hunger, I found Maid and hugged her tightly. I felt her confusion as I left her embrace then told Chef that I was going to be indisposed for 24 hours. My sphere was already in Nanny's room and I headed there quickly with my arousal still at full flame.

When I entered the room, Nanny was in the bathroom with a loud, alternating sucking sound. As I looked into the white, tiled room, Nanny was sitting on the toilet and massaging her breasts while moaning. Thick streams of off white liquid shot into the glass canisters that covered her nipples, then down clear tubing to a 5 gallon container. A small pump with attached motor was doing all of the work.

“Cool.” I said with my hands as she saw me looking. Her expression of pleasure dipped momentarily only to replaced with shock. I sat on the cold floor across from her and watched in amazement. I had never seen someone milked before. “Does it feel good?” I asked her before she nodded and moaned softly.

“It feels like someone is sucking my nipples. The pressure inside is going down too. I think... I'm.” she said as her eyes closed with her legs pressing tightly together. She grabbed at the sides of her breasts with her body beginning to tremble just as her voice came back. She moaned loudly with jets of milk flowing faster as she came. “Ohh.... oh shit.” she said softly with her hands adding to the tremble. It suddenly made me wish that I could orgasm the same way.

Once the milk stopped coming out, Nanny continued to let the machine suck at her. I sat forward just a little and watched her writhe in pleasure. She saw me looking and smiled with embarrassment before bending down and shutting the thing off. Her breasts were down to about a EE size with the same huge nipples at the tips. Once the canisters came off, her red nipples seemed to deflate and soften until they were pliable and a quarter of their previous size.

“I wish I could cum from something like that.” I said with my hands then looked down at my permanently large, barbie pink nipples. I thumbed them gently to feel them give slightly then looked up at Nanny who was smiling widely. She seemed to be losing her nervousness around me already.

“But you have other ways to be excited. I only have this and... the other.” she said as she looked down towards her crotch.

“You can’t orgasm any other way?” I asked her with my hands. She shook her head no and smiled widely.

“I wanted to be limited so that it reminds me of what I need to do.” she said before standing up. She carefully opened the container for the milk with it looking nearly full and smelling slightly like new latex. The smell was similar to the same goo that changed me but with no hint of the vinegar that came with it. It was actually pleasant. Nanny then asked a long string of questions about my own body and what it could do.

“I'm ready for the next part.” I said with my hands before she turned to me slowly.

“Are you sure, you will be inside me for 24 hours.” she said before I nodded again and stood up. I looked deeply into her brown eyes before moving closer and kissing her. It felt like the right thing to do. Nanny paused at my kiss then held me gently against me before returning it. My breasts pressed against her own as my tiny penis pressed again her chubby, but sexy legs. She looked into my eyes with a bright smile before giggling nervously.

“I am surprised at what I feel for you.” she said causing me to cock my head to the side in confusion. “I would let you take me if you want.” she said as a hand wrapped around my flaccid cock. “I like you too.”

“Do you want me to have sex with you?” I asked with my hands as I backed away.

“Only if you want to. I don't need it, remember. I would be glad to be with you if you need it.” she said before kissing me again. Her beautiful brown eyes seemed to be almost dancing with excitement.

I shook my head no and hugged her again before her breath caught in the throat. I thought something was wrong but saw her smiling when she looked back at me.

“I'm terribly excited.” she said before looking down. I saw her legs beginning to part slightly to expose the doll hole at her entrance. “I hope you don't mind. That will make it easier for entry.”

I looked at Nanny with curiosity, but it only came off as a stare to her. She giggled slightly then took my hand. “Let’s go to the bedroom, we have more room there.” she said with a smile.

After getting to the bedroom, I saw how wide her hips had become. There was nearly a foot of space between her legs with her entire width across her hips becoming more that three feet. It was an odd sight to say the least.

“How this is supposed to work is that my insides are slippery and stretchy. You have to be pushed in or use a lot of force. Once inside, curl up like a baby or use whatever position you want. We are all pretty flexible.” she said with a wink. Her nervousness was still there, but a kind of confidence was added to it from knowing how her new body worked. I simply nodded and waited for her to tell me what to do.

“Time to add an outie.” Nanny giggled as she pulled my sphere from the box and installed it into her belly button. “I'm so excited.” she said as her hands trembled once more. “Are you ready?”

I nodded and stood where I was for her to make the first move. I made a motion to point to my sphere in her belly button then act like a zombie making her laugh. “Good point. Maybe I should move you how I need you.” she said with a giggle as I felt my body start to move on it's own.

Nanny spread her legs while standing as I crawled under her and looked up. The extra large doll hole with its pink center was the only hole she had. I thought it odd that she would have some kind of anus. “I'll try to keep you occupied.” she said with a nervous giggle as my hands reached up to the glistening hole between her thick legs. I began to get a little nervous myself.

My hands plunged into her warm, rubber hole as it opened easily for me. Nanny moaned loudly above me at the penetration causing me to stop. She looked down at me again as my body lifted closer to her. I had to bend my head straight as I came close then felt her rubber hole engulf me removing all light and sound. My arms hit something and curled over towards my head as I began to stand up. She was incredibly tight around my shoulders then breasts.

It became obvious how difficult the task was when I felt like there was no more room inside of her. I felt her using my legs to push me further getting only to my hips with my head curling against my body. My legs began to move with hers until she made me kneel on the toilet. This time, I felt her letting her weight drag her down and my hips passing her entrance. The whole ordeal was like I was being eaten by some soft, warm sensual beast that I didn't care to be consumed by.

My hips finally stretched her wide enough as I felt her tremble and slow her movements. The increasingly tight confines of her insides constantly pressed against every part of me just as I felt her entry closing onto my legs. The constriction forced me higher into her with the bed pushing even more of me in. I was sure that I wasn't going to fit.

It was several minutes of pause before she tried again with her swallowing me to my ankles. I experienced a moment of panic as I felt hands on them and push hard just before I felt my feet press tightly against my ass. I was freed from her control, but I was pressed so tightly against myself that I had no room to move. I was able to reach under me from where I came in only to find the hole sealed tightly behind me. I was truly stuck. It was like being sealed into a compressing, slick rubber balloon with only warmth, silence and darkness to accompany me. It felt strangely familiar.

Chapter 7

The first few minutes inside of Nanny were a little intense as I had to calm myself to prevent panic at what I had allowed. My arousal had gotten the best of me and directed my thoughts into this being something intensely sexual to experience. Instead, the warm, tight darkness left me only with my own thoughts and nowhere to go or nothing to do.

After some time and a few awkward movements as if the world were shifting around me, I began to reflect on the time that I had spent with my new family in the mansion. Since leaving my old world and body behind, life had started to take on a new meaning for me. Food, sleep or work were no longer important. I used to hate all three of them, but lately I began to yearn for what I didn't have. Maybe a project was in order.

The space around me slowly filled with a watery, slippery liquid that gave me just a little more room to move inside of my tight confines. I was still basically pressed into a tight ball, but the fluid had allowed me to reposition myself. Due to the fact that my body was now made of rubber, any position I was in was comfortable, but I liked having my arms against my stomach.

I had just started thinking about Nanny and what she looked like when my arousal began to steadily increase past the point from when I had entered Nanny. An intense need for release filled my entire body, but I had no way to relieve it. I tried in vain to touch my penis or run a hand over my breasts, but there just wasn't enough room. Soon, the intense arousal began to give way to an unnatural pleasure. Nanny was using my sphere to play with me while inside of her.

My arousal filled me so completely that all of my dreamy thoughts had been driven from me only to be replaced with images of being fucked or playing with others. Maid's frilly white ruffle surrounded love holes floated through my mind as I dreamed of filling her to her limit with my huge cock. Being pressed tightly between Beringar and Gudrun as I fucked her with Beringar in my ass consumed me. Having Chef make me control him and abuse him physically assaulted me. The new love for Marc and Jenni soothed me.

I came suddenly and hard causing me to press outwards against my warm rubber prison that compressed me. My orgasm lasted for what felt like an eternity before I finally came down with my arousal finally becoming extinguished to it's lowest level. The sudden burst of pure erotic pleasure left me sated and dull, but my mind refused to shut off. I could only imagine Nanny draining her breasts and unwittingly causing me to feel what she did.

Again I began to think back to my new life and what to expect in the future. From what I had seen of Beringar's plans for the new construction, the little underground city would be almost more like a playground. Individual rooms offered a space for those that lived there to have a little something of their own as well as some privacy, but there was also a large common area for group play. He had plans for a pool, but said it would be too hard to integrate into the facility. Another area was a bondage playroom much like the basement in the mansion as well as a reading and entertainment area with internet access. Something that was added at the last minute was an area to be used to manufacture latex items.

It all started to make sense now that I had uninterrupted time to think to myself. Nanny was a latex making machine. Her breasts produced half a gallon each of watered down, natural latex per hour with no way of stopping them. I wasn't sure of how much latex sheet that would make, but I started to see how her milk could be used to make such a thing. Even a comment from Gudrun about learning to craft items for herself was pulled into my conscious as if I had heard it but never really gave it any thought. In fact, I began to remember many things that I never picked up on. My constant lust and arousal seemed to keep my mind occupied, but my memory seemed to have improved when allowed to look back.

When looking back, I started to notice things that I never picked up on at the time. Beringar was one of them. Despite his gentle dominance over me and his loving nature, I found that he was actually quite intimidating to others. Gudrun was fairly cold to others. I remembered several situations where she came off as emotionless and cruel, but It wasn't they way that I really knew her. It was as if I concentrated enough, I could dig past my constant, nagging twinge of arousal and access the things that it blocked from me. A whole new perspective on things began to open.

When it came to thinking about Maid, I started to get a feeling of regret that I had never noticed. The feelings that she bled into me while standing close or touching me were also infused with near whispers of her voice. When I realized that she was actually talking to me, I felt like I wanted to cry. Her childlike voice wanted nothing more for me to use her and command her. She nearly constantly begged for me to be inside of her and squeeze her big, squishy boobs. I felt bad that I never heard it before.

While still thinking to myself and learning more about what I was missing due to my body's needs, the quickly building arousal began to fill me again and fog my mind. The sensation continued to build and I moved to try to touch myself instinctively. I found that I had even more room than before with the liquid filling more space around me. Like before, my arousal built to a peak and stayed causing me to stew in my own helplessness just before a massive orgasm rocked me. This time, I felt my tiny limp penis pulse intensely just before I came hard. My cocked pumped incessantly with my cum adding to the fluid surrounding me. Soon, I had even more room to move about.

Chapter 8

Things began to change when Nanny's body seemed to be able to move me somehow. The world around me felt as if it had me pointing downward. Slow even pulses of pressure from the fluid pushed against my body for several minutes before stopping. It seemed to come in waves of 15-20 minutes each time. It was an incredibly strange sensation.

Suddenly, I felt the fluid draining around me with her rubbery walls coming to rest against my skin once more. It felt as if my hair were being sucked out above me somewhere. I tried to move my hand up to the top of my head to figure out what was happening, but her body squeezed me too tightly. She squeezed me so tightly that I thought she was going to literally crush me.

The deep, powerful squeezes became more intense as the time went on. It felt as if an hour had passed until I felt a strange ridge at the top of my head. The ridge grew wider until it felt as if it were about to engulf my face. I remembered what was happening. I was about to be born.

Nanny's body squeezed me even harder causing my head to enter the hole above me with force. I filled her canal until my shoulders stopped the progress. The strange rhythmic pressure of her pussy around my head caused me to once again fill with arousal. The whole process should have been terrifying, but something else caused me to crave it.

Her body around my head began to loosen slowly with ever contraction until I felt the top of me head cool with the air of the room. It wasn't until it felt like my shoulders were going to cave in that her body squeezed me tightly inside of her, I began to move.

Slowly, I began to emerge from her pussy only to look up her body and see her orgasming madly. She had her eyes closed and pushed hard every ten seconds or so causing my body to be forced out of her yet more. Every push seemed to fill her with a massive unstoppable wave of pleasure.

“No.... now more.” she yelled loudly looking as if she definitely had had enough. She grabbed a hand next to her attached to Gudrun.

I looked around to see that everyone was in the room watching before a pang of embarrassment filled me. Remembering my thought's while confined to solitude, I tried to concentrate on Maid. She was extremely horny and her excitement caused her to nearly buckle at her knees. “So hot.” she said whispered over and over again.

Nanny screamed even louder with a mix of pain and pleasure as her last push forced my hips through her narrow opening. Unlike going in, she kept her pussy instead of her doll hole which made exit more difficult. It seemed to be a part of her fantasy to experience it as it was supposed to happen.

Soon, I was out of Nanny and laying on the bed in front of her covered in slime. Maid came to me quickly and wrapped her arms around me. I still couldn't move.

“Unbelievable.” Chef said with a bewildered expression. I looked up at Nanny to see her finally starting to calm and her body quickly returning to normal. Gudrun was smiling from ear to ear and petting Nanny happily.

Maid tried to get me to touch her, but Nanny still had control over me. Nanny looked as if she were in some king of pleasure coma. The reality of the room around me suddenly caused the world to seem cold and emotionless again. Being inside of Nanny was the ultimate in comfort and safety.

Maid sat up from me and pointed to Nanny's stomach. Beringar nodded and asked Nanny to let me go. As soon as I was free, I sat up and hugged Maid with a deep sigh. She clung to me tightly as I listened carefully for her voice. “I love you. I love you.” she chanted over and over again with her emotions twinged with a deep need to please me. Again, I started to really understand what she felt towards me.

“Well, how was it?” Beringar asked to me as Gudrun tended to Nanny.

“Soft, dark, warm, peaceful. I thought more while inside than I have since being here.” I signed to Beringar with everyone watching my hands intently. Maid had run a hand between my legs and was playing with my limp penis. Her gesture was actually comforting after finding that I could actually hear her voice and knew what she needed.

“That was crazy.” Marc said with a happy laugh. He looked more like himself as did Jenni.

“She looked so cute being that big.” Jenni said with a giggle towards Marc. Marc nodded as he smiled and held onto the rubber Jenni.

“I want to go next.” Suit signed with Beringar and chef laughing. I looked up at Nanny to see her smiling at me with swollen breasts.

“Can I have so time with her? Alone?” I asked to Beringar who nodded.

“A little privacy.” he said with a nod and a smile. “Let us know when you are done.” I held onto Maid letting her know that I wanted her to stay. Nanny didn't seem to mind as she still cooled from the ordeal.

“Wow.” was all Nanny said after everyone had left the room. She cupped her large breasts in her hands and smiled before rubbing her slightly chubby stomach. “Never in my own fantasies was it ever that good.” she said with a tremble in her voice. “Did... did you enjoy it?” she asked as she sat up a little higher on her pillows.

I nodded emphatically and looked down at Maid who was still caressing me and trying to entice me. I gave her a mental order to take it back a notch.

“What was it like for you?”

Nanny described the entire ordeal from me trying to get inside all the way to birth. I tried to imagine what she looked like with her belly as big as she said that it was and her breasts swollen with a need to be milked. Nanny said that it was really hard to walk, but that added to how sexy it made her feel. She felt womanly and important for once.

When she started the process of giving birth, she said that her contractions had filled her with more orgasms than she was used to. They grew in intensity with each one until she couldn't take it anymore. The Pain of being stretched actually pleased her more than the contractions. She laughed with a vow to never do it again, but knew she would.

Nanny and I talked for quite some time after the experience with me laying on her slowly growing chest. I found that she grew up in a very poor neighborhood and was always picked on for being a bigger girl. She saw herself as sexy as I did and knew it was the right choice to stay as big as she was. I really enjoyed her slightly jiggly body covered in tight rubber. She was so soft and inviting.

She found out while young that she loved the cock. It was more of touching them or having them in her mouth that she liked more than sex in general. Once, she thought she was pregnant and checked every day with excitement only to later find that she was unable to have children. That fact was what started her into a life of caring for them instead of trying to have them. Her guilty pleasure was giving hand jobs or blow jobs to the men in the household.

I asked if she wanted mine to play with, but she said she was in need of milking. I looked at her chest that had grown to near beach ball size before tugging gently on her nipples with a giggle. Nanny laughed with me and said I could watch if she wanted to. Maid nodded to her statement and we settled for a show.

Chapter 9

Several days later, I tried to please the ever present need out of Maid. I fucked her for hours, made her cum many times with the help of Marc and Jenni and even beat her while trying to torture her breasts. Everything that I did left her only wanting more. It was well into the third day that I gave up trying to ever sate her desires until I realized what I was missing. I listened to her barely audible words as she held me and picked up on one phrase in particular. “I love to please my Alice.”

Instead of trying to sate her sexually, which was not possible, I began to give her tasks to do. She was a maid after all and I started to make her work. It seemed a little counter intuitive, but I would tell her how much she pleased me after working so hard only to have her fill with extreme pleasure. She wasn't after me sexually, she was after me to please me. Sex was just a secondary calling for her.

After realizing what it was that satisfied her to some extent, I began to use her in such a way just to keep her busy. Even if a room or spot was cleaned, I had her perform the task everyday only to reward her with praise. Maid seemed to appreciate that she was finally starting to make me happy. I was just glad that her strangling love no longer burdened me, but I did get to enjoy her love when I wanted to.

As for Nanny, I got to see her pregnant with a person for the first time as well as watch the process. Suit/Automaton got their first chance as Maid and I watched in awe at the team slowly disappearing inside of her. The more that the team worked to gain entrance, the bigger Nanny's midsection got. I thought it would be creepy to see something moving inside of her, but it actually turned me on. In fact, most unusual events seemed to turn me on lately.

Nanny allowed Suit/Automaton enter her under his own power after he had asked. As she slowly filled with his movements, Nanny gained a sexual fluster to her movements as if the process were extremely pleasurable. She described it as being stretched as far as you could go with the biggest, wiggly cock you could find then becoming instantly pregnant.

After the Suit's red foot finally disappeared into her, she orgasmed hard as her body began to change. Her legs began to move back together with her extra large doll hole slowly changing into an inflamed rubber pussy. Nanny moaned seductively and reached under her huge belly that nearly pushed her breasts up into her face. She was just out of reach due to the new size of her. It looked as if she had swallowed a giant beach ball leaving her massively pregnant. I was so worked up that I didn't realize I was fingering one of Maid's holes under her skirt.

Once Nanny became pregnant once again, she asked me a favor. She wanted to play with my cock and make it as big as I could while milking. Of course I obliged her and had Maid fetch my sphere
After helping Nanny get situated on her milking machine, Maid offered the ball to Nanny. She took the ball in her hand and caused my cock to stiffen as it grew. She looked surprised at just how big I was.

If I said that Nanny was a cock hound, I would have been wrong, she was a cock enthusiast. After that first time in the bathroom with her stroking and sucking the tip of me while being milked, She asked for me often. She also asked for Chef, Beringar and Marc on occasion. Never once did she want me to fuck her properly, though I did want to bend her over in the bed and push my dick into her chubby ass. Her round, full ass looked like two globes of jiggly rubber that screamed for attention.

Nanny also attracted another idea that the Umbach's came up with. They had some special panties created that had a tube extending from their rear entrances into a collection container. On some days, the two of them would give Nanny their sphere and suck her dry with her latex milk exiting their ass. The milk would them be funneled by the panties into the collection container as if they were their own milking machine. It soon became obvious that Nanny wouldn't want the machine anymore with live people at her tits.

Suit and Automaton were the most frequent volunteers to be inside of Nanny who grew to almost need the feeling of being pregnant. She found that she could hold someone for nearly a week if she wanted to, but always asked before she did. Maid seemed to have a fantastic time when I told her that it would please me to see her inside. For some reason, Beringar or Gudrun never took the offer.

Chapter 10

Over the course of the summer, things began to change in a way that I wasn't incredibly happy about. Beringar was increasingly missing as he guided the last few efforts in the construction as well as being the only one allowed inside. I had been spending most of my time with the Umbach's and Nanny until Gudrun came to need me increasingly more.

At first, Gudrun wanted me with her at nights or when guests weren't about. After about a week. I barely left the room with her controlling me to caress her or play with her while laying in bed. It seemed that all she ever wanted was sex. I would fuck her for hours with my cock as big as it would go stuffed into her stretchy, oversized pussy then flip her over to do her from behind. She liked to let her breasts grow large enough to rub on the latex sheets and grow her belly to look pregnant like Nanny, but much smaller. Her voracity claimed every moment of my day.

“I should make you my personal fuck slave.” Gudrun said one morning after Beringar had left the room. Beringar and I had tag teamed her all night long with her still wanting more. At the moment, she was running a black gloved hand down my chest and staring at me with a deep need. Maid came into the room carrying a heavy box and set it at the floor in front of us before turning to leave. “Mistress will be so pleased.” I heard her whisper in my mind before she left without pause.

I found my body moving without my will and opened the box. Inside was a long length of chain, a collar, several wrist and ankle straps along with a set of pad locks. Connected to one end of the chain was a square plate with a hole in each corner. Only after I had removed all of the things did I see a cordless drill with some large screws. Gudrun only smiled seductively as my body took the drill and the plate to mount it to the headboard.

“You are mine until Beringar can give me what I need.” Gudrun said as she wrapped the collar around my neck. I started to get a sinking feeling that I was going to be trapped for some time. She laughed sexily with her breasts brushing my back then locked the length of chain to the collar. I couldn't move at all while she attached and locked the cuffs at my wrists and ankles. “So sexy.”

Gudrun ran a single finger down my back and stopped to cup my butt in her hands. I felt my arousal building without my wanting it to. This felt wrong, Gudrun didn't treat me like this.

I was let loose from her control and pulled at the chain on my neck. From its length, it looked as though I was constrained to the bed and just around it, but no further. I pulled at the chain again and turned to her as I moaned and shook my head. “Mmm mmm.” I yelled at her before she gave me yet another seductive look.

“Not until he is done.” she said as I felt my breast begin to inflate. My cock quickly followed as her hand began to stroke its length.

“This is wrong.” I said with my hands causing her to ignore me. “Gudrun, why are you doing this?”

My words had no affect on her as she changed her mouth into a doll hole. After getting to her knees in front of me, she impaled herself on my cock and began to bob her head while moaning softly. I was forced to let her face fuck me until chef entered the room. He said nothing as he waited next to me then sprang into action once Gudrun came. I then laid on the bed with Gudrun impaled on top of me while Chef took her mindlessly from behind. Gudrun looked as though she would never stop. Something was definitely wrong.

Suit/Automaton entered the bed above me and inserted his featureless cock into Gudrun's mouth. My hands reached up and twisted her nipples roughly as she came nearly every five minutes. The scene lasted for nearly half a day with no change in our position or activity. Gudrun seemed lost in her pleasure.

Beringar came into the room and smiled at the situation. He casually entered the bed as I signed around Gudrun. “Something is wrong, she won’t stop.” I signed quickly before Beringar stood up.

“Gudrun, stop!” he barked causing her to slow her motions and eventually come to a halt. “Release them. They are not your slaves.” he said roughly as I felt my actions becoming my own once again. Chef seemed to snap out of it and nearly fall backwards from Gudrun. “Everyone out!” he yelled angrily.

Chef looked astonished for a moment then shook his head before nodding. Suit/Automaton quickly followed Chef. I tried to move, but Gudrun never allowed me to get out from under her.

“What is the meaning of this Gudrun?” Beringar said angrily as he pulled on one of her wrists. Gudrun removed her waxy gaze from me with the force of his yank with a yelp. “Ladybug!”

“Please... I need... more.” she said as if in a trance. Her hips began to move on me again as if she was losing control of herself. Beringar followed the chain on my neck to the bed and grunted in frustration. He reached under her and cupped a hand on her stomach.

“Give me all of the spheres.” he said before Gudrun slowly shook her head no. “Now!” Again she shook her head no and started to fuck me again. Beringar's expression seemed to gain a hint of fear. Instead of complying, Gudrun pressed herself onto me and caused her flesh to grow clothing. A tight flesh colored suit flowed onto us both and trapped me against her. She closed her eyes and moaned as she began to ride me once more.

“What has come over you, woman?” Beringar asked as he began to grow in size. The angry look on his face still tinged with curiosity.

“I need sex.” she said before pressing her mouth to me and rimming my doll mouth. I tried to push her out of me but only succeeding in making my tunnel tighter for her. Gudrun moaned and stiffened on me as her pussy squeezed my oversized cock in orgasm. I was starting to become more

I felt an orgasm coming on and jerked under her with a moan. Gudrun's vibrant red hair began to grow in abundance and cover my face. My orgasm took me and I could feel myself pumping my cum into her. At the same time, I felt her nipples extend and begin to fill the space in our sack with her latex milk. My own cum began to spill from her mouth as she continued to kiss me and hump me. I was terrified.

“Gudrun, stop this.” he yelled, but had no effect. “What the fuck is going on?

Beringar stormed out of the room and began yelling for the rest of the family to come to him. Gudrun then caused her assets to grow and orgasmed on me again. I couldn't deny how good I felt, but my fear was slowly winning. Gudrun was scaring me.

It was hours before I felt Gudrun stop suddenly and look into my eyes in terror. “Ohh.... Oh Alice, I'm so sorry.” she said with a whimper as her bag that covered us began to retract. I felt my body coming back under my own control then pushed her away from me as I turned my head. Her latex milk that had been building up between us rushed onto the bed to mix with my cum that had spewed from her mouth. She sat up quickly and leapt off of the bed. “Where the fuck are they?” she yelled as I back up on the bed. I sobbed softly and wanted to cry.

Beringar came running into the room with a red latex item in his hand. “Mmmmm.” I yelled as I pulled at the chain on my neck with Gudrun starting to cry.

“I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.” she said over and over again as she dropped to her knees and cried into her hands. Beringar sighed deeply with the others behind him before throwing the red latex onto the floor, it looked like Suit.

“It's not your fault.” Beringar said before going to Gudrun and comforting her. “Suit had your sphere and was controlling you. He was causing all of this.” Beringar said before looking at me. I was still crying and wanted all of it to stop. I wanted to yank the chain out of the bed and run. Beringar stood quickly and came to me as I backed away from him. He gave me a gentle nod as he took the chain in his hands and pulled with all of his might. The links separated slowly until the chain flopped against me. I bolted.

I was watching Beringar as I moved before hitting someone and knocking them over. “Mistress is unhappy.” Maid said just before I felt her fear of falling enter me. I looked just in time to see Maid nearly bounce under me as I landed on her. She wrapped her arms around me and held me tightly against her. I still tried to get away, but couldn't find the strength to command her to release me.

“Everyone, sit. On the floor.” Beringar said angrily as he took Gudrun into his arms while she wept. His commanding voice seemed to call to a part of my mind that couldn't disobey. Like maid, I had an instinct to please the large angry man.

“This is unacceptable.” Beringar said with the anger still filling him. “This will not happen again. Gudrun or anyone else is not to be forced to do something against their will.” Beringar said as he looked to me. “Alice, are you okay?”

I hesitated with a sob before nodding. Maid held me tightly around my waist. Automaton was sitting indian style, Chef was next to him, Nanny knelt on the floor with Marc and Jenni at the end.

“What happened?” Chef asked gently causing Beringar to look at the pile of red latex.

“Suit had Gudrun's life force. He has been controlling her for the past week without her knowledge.” Beringar said as Gudrun cried a little harder. Like Maid was holding me, I wanted to do the same to Gudrun. I hated seeing her so upset. “Suit is going to pay for bringing such drama into our peaceful home.”

“What are you going to do?” Jenni said before Beringar glared at her.

“Chef, go get the display from the dungeon.” Beringar said before Chef nodded and quickly left the room.

“Suit will be punished for what he has done. I want you all to remember what happens when you break the rules. No one is to be used unless they ask for it. This is basic.” he said as Gudrun pulled away from Beringar. She looked at me and crawled towards me with an uneasy look.

“Alice..” she said as she got close. I felt my emotions well up inside of me before I extended my arms to her. She began to cry once more as I held her tight against me. I sobbed softly through my nose and felt the love that had been missing from her. The heartbreak bleeding in from Maid let me know that she cared in the same fashion.

Chef came back into the room with a Mannequin. It was attached to a pole on its back to stand upright. Beringar got up quickly and picked Suit up off of the floor. Suit began to take shape once more and waved his hands before trying to sign.

“No... please. I am sorry.” Suit said as Beringar handled him with ease. Beringar and Chef both seemed to have the same idea as they began to install suit onto the Mannequin. “No..” Suit signed frantically. I started to realize that with Suit on the Mannequin, he would not feel it inside of him like a person and its hard body would not allow him to move. He would be stuck and alone until let out. It seemed like a fitting punishment.

“I didn't mean for it to go that far.” he signed just before Beringar and Chef threaded his hands over the Mannequin. It was odd to see his red skin moving on the Mannequin just before Beringar zipped it up with a grunt. Suddenly, Suit went still. He took Suit's red Sphere and dropped it into a lockable box to set it on the nightstand next to the bed.

“I suppose that we need to come to an agreement on some solid rules of conduct. Suit will be punished for the amount of time that he abused his powers. After which, he will be released to Automaton to control him. Does this sound agreeable to everyone?” Beringar asked with not a head vigorously nodding.

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