The Process 6.1: Invitation

by Tit for Tat

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This story contains elements of an adult nature. If you are not 18 or stumbled upon this by accident, please move along as there is nothing to see here. Those that are of age, please enjoy. Story contains Magic, Body mod, BE, Penis growth, Living Latex doll, Maid, BDSM, Multiple gender roles
story continues from part 6

The Process: Part 6.1: Invitation

Chapter 5

“Alice, do you have any regrets in regards to what you have become?” he asked softly. His question caught me off guard and was rather complicated to answer. I moved away from him and sat up so that I could use my hands to talk.

“If you are asking if I enjoy loving you, Gudrun and the others, then yes. If you are asking about my past and not asking for this, a little.” I said with my hands before he nodded and smiled just a little. “Though I didn't choose this, I am beginning to feel better about what I have become. I just wish that I could communicate without these.” I said as I indicated to my hands.

“Alice... I really do love you.” Beringar said with a bit of a pause. “Do not take it lightly because there are only a few whom I truly love. I can't quite place what it is that causes it.” he said before looking away from me slightly. “You are... the person of my dreams... a... fetish come to life.” he said before looking back to me. “But it's more than that. You have... a personality that allows you to overcome, an inner strength that you cannot see.”

I took in his words, but I didn't know what to do with them. It was hard to figure out how someone could love me without being able to talk to them or show my own emotions. I could only hope that it was my actions that showed how I felt about him as well. I took his hand in mine before letting it go to talk again. I had some questions of my own.

“What now?” I asked him then sat still. He gave me a funny look then sat up along with me as his body changed back to mostly normal.

“What do you mean?” he asked while giving me a quizzical look.

“I mean... you have Gudrun, Me, Maid and Chef. You have this beautiful home and more money that you will ever need. You have good friends that share your interests, a body that will never get old, sick or change with age and never need to eat or sleep. Do you plan to live the rest of your days endlessly having sex with the rest of us? Can we just simply enjoy? Will it be enough?” I asked causing him to look thoughtful for a moment before smiling widely.

“This is what I love about you.” he said happily before sighing. “It is like you know what I am thinking.” he said before laughing and shaking his head. “I want to tell you something that I have only told Gudrun, this is between us.” he said while staring at me with a suddenly serious expression.

I nodded at him before he sighed again and leaned back slightly.

“You mentioned our friends. Giel is one of our closest friends and considered family to a certain extent. Now that he is what he is, he is most definitely family.” Beringar said with the thoughtful look coming back again. “Gudrun and I were talking on the way back from America and joked around with an idea. It is of the same lines that you were just asking, What next.” he said as he looked out over the room.

“What if we were to offer the same deal that Giel received to every one of our friends who wanted it? What would they want? What would they say, how would they react?” he asked before looking back at me. “Beyond that, what would we become, a secret society of the most depraved fetishists? Would they all live here? Would they be allowed to live outside?” he asked almost to himself.

“If they are anything like Giel, Gudrun and yourself, they would jump at the opportunity. I did not ask to be changed into a transgender rubber doll, but I can see the appeal of it to others.” I said before Beringar looked at me with a curious smile.

“What would you have become then? You were never of the lifestyle, but now that you know a little, what would you be?” he asked with a happy smile.

His question asked a little more than I was prepared to answer. I sighed and shrugged my shoulders before looking back at him. He only smiled and looked at the bed between us. Gudrun's latex milk had already soaked into the sheets and solidified.

“I think that given the chance, One who wanted to live their fantasy would do it. Even if the cost was high, they still would. You have a large enough house to take many in. Even if we were to put several to a room, there would be enough room for nearly 30 people.” I said with my hands as Beringar watched them.

“I had another idea.” he said with a growing smile as he sat up a little higher. “What if... we built another wing of the basement. One that dwelt under the ground, outside that could house others like us. We could all live with no fear of others seeing us. Even if those that wanted something more extreme, more extreme than maid. They could live there and interact with others that share the same passions. We can still use the estate to entertain others who seek us for kinky entertainment, but have a colony of rubber people of all sorts to ourselves. It would be like a dream come true to me.” Beringar said as if he had this plan for quite some time, but only now just vocalizing it.

Although my signing was basic at best, I felt a bit liberated at being able to communicate some of what I thought beyond the reaches of my own mind. Beringar and I talked for the entire rest of the day and even into the night. The fact that the sun went up and down didn't really seem to matter any longer.

We talked about ourselves and our pasts to which Beringar seemed to love me even more. When he told me more of his own children and his career, I began to see a side of him that I didn't know much about. He was a strict, yet loving man who spent most of his life working. Occasionally he and Gudrun would spend their evenings at kinky events and consuming their equal love for all things rubber and latex. It wasn't until their children had grown that he decided to sell everything off that he owned to settle into this lifestyle. It was in this time that their passions seemed to evolve. I was supposed to just be another part of their rubber collection until I arrived and wasn't what they expected.

The conversation changed yet again into what all of this could mean to others. Beringar confessed that the idea of a magically altered colony of rubber people excited him terribly, but had reservations about the idea. I had my own problems with it as I was initially forced into the same ideal, but learning to like it.

At some point during the night, Beringar and I decided to check on the others. I had been getting a slowly growing need from maid due to my lack of presence with her. She seemed to be having a good time from what I could feel, but she missed me. The amount of love that she felt for me was almost suffocating at times.

As we entered the main suite, Gudrun was laying on top of maid and kissing her gently as Chef slowly made love to Gudrun's ass. Beringar chuckled deeply and put his hand around my waist as we watched for a moment.

“Maid, cum for me.” Gudrun said softly just before Maid writhed and twitched silently under me. Gudrun giggled happily then moaned from the pleasure coming from behind her.

Chef turned his head slightly only to show that he had been gagged with his own tongue. It seemed as if Gudrun was making sure that she was going to be fucked no matter what anyone else wanted. Beringar chuckled again and tugged my hand to go with him.

As night turned to day, the sex all but evaporated in the room as Beringar talked about his idea. Maid sat in my lap with my cock up her rear and made me squeeze her boobs roughly while listening. Chef laid out across the bed right at Gudrun and Beringar's feet. It was obvious that the Swartz's were the ones leading the conversation and in control of the room. I very much liked the idea.

Chapter 6

Over the next week or so, the five of us had come up with a solid plan with making Gudrun and Beringar's dream come true. In a few weeks, a meeting would be called for those that were considered the closest of friends and spring the news on them. Beringar had been creating some drawings of an underground rubber utopia in the area next to the mansion and connected via the basement. I had spent much of my own time in learning to sign better with both Chef and Gudrun as my teachers.

We had 4 guests that stayed for an extended weekend and had to mind our manners. I started to see why the underground area would be perfect for someone like Maid or I when guests were about so that we weren't confined to our rooms. Maid could actually get away with it when Gudrun had a zipper temporarily glued to her back and lenses stuck to her eyes to looked like glasses or goggles. Anyone who saw her would think that she was just in a suit. The only way that I could get out was to put on the gasmask and heavy suit that I donned during that last big party.

The nights in the mansion became all out fuck fests to try sex in every way imaginable with everyone sharing a common enthusiasm. I felt that I had started to become Gudrun's favorite as I ended up with her more than the rest of them. It really didn't seem to matter much in the grand scheme of things.

When the next big party/meeting was growing near, we cleaned out the dungeon area to make room for more of an exhibition stage. Gudrun had come up with the plan to first show off Maid and I then Chef before herself and Beringar would reveal their secrets. Beringar had some rules that he said he would announce before the party. Most of our cleaning during that time involved being strapped to a piece of furniture or tortured in some means. It was erotically exhausting though there was no actual way to become tired as we were.

- 0 -

“Dinner is to be served at 6PM” Gudrun said to Chef as we all sat around the large dining table. We had agreed to have a final talk before all of the guests arrived. Maid, chef and I were all asked to help guests get settled. Chef would explain the special circumstances and ask the vow of secrecy at the door. It all sounded so intriguing.

“Some guests may take the news better than others. Some guests may become scared. It is in our best interest during the reveal that we lock the dungeon to bar exit. After the drama, the door will be unlocked. We will never force anyone to have what we do, but those who do not make the change will be forever asked to keep our secret. Does anyone have any questions?” Beringar asked without anyone speaking up. He smiled widely and nodded once before standing up.

As the guests arrived, Chef would ask for a vow of secrecy to which no one denied. Not a single person seemed less than excited that the party/meeting would be something life changing for all who attended. I could feel my excitement build along with Maid's next to me as we helped guests to their rooms.

Chef seemed to be in an exceptional mood as he prepared the nights meal with only the guests in mind since we needed no such treatment. At dinner, Maid and I helped at the table and served food with several questions about us from guests. It was obvious that Beringar and Gudrun were barely containing their own excitement.

After dinner, the party as a whole entered the dungeon in the basement. It was made clear that the door would be locked allowing no one to exit until after the meeting. Several guests seemed to think it unnecessary, but commented that it must be pretty exciting, whatever it was. Once everyone was in, Chef typed the code into the door control and locked it before joining the rest of us on stage.

“Friends, family and fellow fetishists. We ask you here tonight in strict confidentiality to invite you to learn of something amazing. Some of you may find the news exciting, some may find it... overwhelming. All that I ask is that you stay and remain calm until the meeting is over. I am positive that every one of you will have questions.” Beringar said as he sat on the folding chair next to Gudrun. Both of them were dressed as if there were in charge of some kinky business meeting. It was my turn.

“This is Alice.” Chef said as he motioned to me. I felt butterflies in my stomach as everyone looked at me as I stood. Chef smiled as he came close to me to help me out of the heavy rubber suit. “Alice... is a real life, rubber sex doll.” he said with another smile as the suit came off of me. I looked out into the crowd to see many people turning to their neighbor and whispering quietly.

“I will bring her before each of you so that you may inspect her.” he said as he fingered the metal ball in his hands.

The first two people we approached, I remembered from last part, the Umbach's. The young woman smiled at me with her husband eying me up and down. “This is her life force. If you control it, you control her.” Chef said as he showed it off. I could see the guy nearly staring at my limp penis trying to figure out how it was attached.

“Alice. Get hard.” he said as I felt the familiar tingle affect my lower regions. The Umbach's as well as those seated around them gathered to watch my penis grow.

“Wow. How do you do that?” an older, single woman asked. Chef only chuckled before looking at me again.

“Alice, grow your breasts to full size.”

Again, the tingle consumed my chest backed by the pressure from growing. I watched all of them watch me with a steadily increasing fascination. Several from the other side of the rows of chairs began to crowd around.

“Really, how is it done?” a tall man asked with a Nordic accent.

“Magic.” Beringar said as he stepped from the stage with Maid. “Take a good look at both of them. Look for how it is done. You will see no seams, no mechanical devices and no gimmicks. You will only see them for what they are.” he said before gently ushering Maid to the others.

Beringar took my hand in his then asked for a bit of space. “You see, she is made completely of rubber.” he said as he took my arm and bent it in a way that it should not go. I giggled at the funny feeling then studied reactions. For some it clicked right away.

“She does not eat, does not sleep and does not age. Her penis can be made to grow as well as her breasts and she doesn't even have to breathe. With her sphere, she can be commanded to do anything that you want her to with a simple thought.” Beringar said with a big smile.

“Bullshit.” said a younger woman who was dressed like she had just come from the eastern block of Germany. She had several piercings in her face and wore nothing but a black latex bondage harness. I remembered her from last time when she had brought her red latex encased friend to a party. I looked to Beringar to see him smile and extend the sphere to her.

“Give her a try.” he said as I watched the sphere change hands. A sudden nervousness came over me but tinged with an excitement. Someone new to control me.

The woman gave me a sly grin before I felt my penis begin to grow. It filled to its full length in a matter of moments as my breasts shrank down. A feeling of deep arousal began to fill me and I pressed my legs together to keep it from climbing.

“” she said with a slack jaw. Others were looking at her in disbelief.

“May I?” the tall man from the back said as he stepped forward. The arousal had grown to the point that it was getting hard to think. I sighed and swallowed causing my mouth tunnel to shrink as he took the sphere. He looked at me and unzipped his pants.

Without a word, I felt my body react as I stepped forward and got to my knees in front of everyone. Just as his descent sized, already erect cock exited his pants, my head lunged forward to take him in one shot. I groaned with pleasure as his fleshy tool glided on my internal walls.

Suddenly my groan became a hum without warning. My head began to move slowly on him.

“What kind of madness is this?” the man said from above me. I heard several gasps and hushed conversation before I stopped, fully impaled on him and unable to move with my voice humming. A hysterical woman's voice sounded from where maid was causing the man to turn quickly and his cock to pull from my mouth.

“This can't be. It's not real!” she yelled before I felt control of my body once more. I stood up quickly to go to maid and see that her breasts had been inflated slightly with her bent over backward at her waist in an unnatural position.

“Everyone.” Beringar shouted loudly and backed up. I found myself following him thoughtlessly. “I assure you that this is no trick. Maid and Alice are honest rubber people. And I will tell you of how they came to be.” he said as I heard several other panicked voices. “But first, I want you all to focus on Giel. You all know him well and most have been with him.”

“Ladies and Gentleman.” he said as he held up his arms in front of everyone. “Beringar found a way to give me everything that I ever dreamed of.” he said before lowering his arms. Several guests refused to sit. “Watch me please and do not be alarmed.” he said after shucking his white cotton outfit.

“I am also a rubber person.” he said as his skin changed suddenly from fleshy to shiny. His briefs morphed into panties with the white cuffs forming at his ankles and wrists. “I always wanted to be beaten, humiliated and feminized. I have gotten my wish.” he said as the crowd looked onward in silence. Chef did a little turn as his body continued to change into his full chef's attire. “We asked you here tonight to show you what we have become.”

“Magic.” Gudrun said as she called me to her. I walked to her slowly seeing everything from horror to excitement in the crowd. “Alice came to us because we had ordered a sex doll. I had found one online and could not believe the quality. When Alice came to us, we found that she was a person... forced into becoming this against her will.” Gudrun said as I looked at her. She looked emotional, but had no tears.

“I found the man responsible for changing her and found out the horrors behind his actions. He was changing people against their will into inhuman, inanimate sex dolls, for profit.” Beringar said with a bit of anger. “I took his machine and transformed him so that he could hurt no others. It was only when Giel wanted the process for himself that we began to see the true nature of the horrific machine. For us, it gives us what we have been searching for. Embodiment of our own fantasies.” Beringar said confidently.

“I too have made the change.” Gudrun said as her clothes vanished into her body. Several gasps came about the crowd before she looked at me with a smile, her skin slowly growing shiny. “The reason that we asked you all here is that we would like to be comfortable around you in our new forms.

“We want you to treat Alice, Maid and Chef as if they were an extension of our own family. We also trust you all enough that we feel confident in your secrecy. Knowledge of this will never leave this room” Beringar said as the crowd seemed to be calming just a little. One woman near the back in particular looked the most upset.

“Questions? I'm sure that everyone has questions.” Gudrun said with a nervous laugh. Her grip on my hand would have hurt if I could feel pain. The woman Umbach stood up and looked around with a smile.

“When can I change?” she asked with her husband standing and nodding in agreement. Several others stood up with the same reaction.

“That is your first question? You do not want to know how it feels, how it works or the details?” Beringar asked with his entire body shining in the low lights. He was the hulk of a man in his new form instead of the gently toned former.

“I see it first hand of what you are. It's like you looked into my own dreams and made it come true already.” the woman Umbach said with her husband nodding. I was surprised to see that almost ¾ of the crowd agreeing with the sentiment. Beringar looked to Gudrun with a stunned expression before looking out to the crowd again.

“I did not expect such a response. I only meant to inform.” he said before several people stood and came to the impromptu stage. “I am not offering nor commanding anyone to make such a change as it is life altering and permanent.” he said to the ones close before looking out into the room. “I would like to speak to those that have doubts or unease about what they have seen. All others can speak with Gudrun and Giel.” he said with a bit of finality.

Maid and I stayed with Beringar while a large crowd of people gathered around Chef and Gudrun. Those that had not had the same reaction were still sitting and talking amongst themselves in the rows of folding chairs.

One man seemed outraged that we would even do such a thing even if it were possible. He looked to be having trouble even believing it. A fairly rotund woman dressed in a latex ball gown was crying and wouldn't look at anyone. I went to her and tried to calm her but only caused her to cry harder and try to get away. Beringar spent considerable time with her as the angry man gave in to his curiosity to study both maid and I.

Chapter 7

Throughout the rest of the night, a flurry of activity kept the room in a constant buzz. Beringar had used both Maid and I as an example what he was looking to avoid in forced changes. In the end, they were convinced that they had no desire to become what we had but did vow to not tell a soul. The rotund, emotional woman seemed to be very much attached to Beringar and asked to ignore her outbursts. The angry man soon became happy and several others that were of the dislike crowd began to at least accept the news.

After a time, Maid and I had rejoined Gudrun and Chef who were talking with several excited guests. It soon became obvious that her and I were to be used in order to figure out what it was like.

After many, many more questions, I was given to the Umbach's to use for the evening with Maid going to a short, dark haired man. It didn't take long for Jenni and Marc to remove me from the dungeon and take me back to their own room. Thankfully, Gudrun had reminded them them to ask me yes or no questions since neither of them knew how to sign.

I learned that Jenni and Marc live in Berlin and had been pretty successful in their own ways. They had met Gudrun at a party and been invited back many times. Jenni was more of a dominant female and liked to torture her husband who was much like Giel in many respects. Marc was a very funny and outgoing guy who did well working with other people. It was a game of theirs to take turns in their dominance over one and other. I liked them both instantly.

The first order of business was for me to fuck Jenni with Marc watching helplessly tied. She seemed to love the fact that I could make my penis any size that she wanted then fuck her as hard as I could go while as big as she could take. When I would look at Marc, I could see him struggling to try to touch himself but getting nowhere in his latex straight jacket.

After bringing Jenni to three hard orgasms, she made me use my face to keep him pleasured, but not to cum. He groaned and begged to cum as she changed into a purple latex corset with black latex leggings. She whipped his back from behind while ordering him not to cum or else. I felt like he was going to pop any minute.

Jenni stopped whipping him and put something on while behind him. “Do you like Alice trying to make you cum?” she asked menacingly in his ear.

“Yes Mistress.” Marc said with a tremble as he struggled to keep from going over. He grunted painfully shortly after as I felt his lower body push closer to me.

“I know you love your ass filled with my cock.” she said just as her own rhythm added to mine. She laughed and smacked his ass hard as he whimpered.

“I'm going to cum.” he said in a near whisper as his legs danced under him. I couldn't stop myself from face fucking him and probably wouldn't have if I could. I was ready to cum myself.

“If you cum, Alice is going to fill your ass. You better think about that one.” Jenni said maliciously before smacking his ass again. Marc whimpered one more time before his breath caught in his throat. Soon, I felt his warm cum enter my mouth and sated the hunger that had been building all day. My hand raised of it's own accord.

“You little shit.” she said as she backed away from him and smacked his ass hard. Marc was now crying and begging for leniency.

“I'm sorry Mistress. I'm sorry.” he cried over and over again just as I felt myself able to move. I removed my face from his softening cock and half-mindedly moved some of the cum there to my ass. I was ready to boil over and have my own orgasm, but I wasn't the one in control.

Jenni nearly threw Marc to the bed, face down as I felt my cock grow longer, but not wider. She smiled widely at me and came close for a slow, sexy kiss. “You are so hot Alice.” she said with a seductive smile before facing me towards him.

“I hope you are ready fucker.” Jenni said as I felt my body react on it's own again. I climbed onto bed behind him and pointed my cock straight at his rear entrance. I started to push into him with his tight hole opening just enough. Marc yelled in pain and thrashed under me as Jenni entered the bed from behind me. “I am going to use your ass. Cum with everything you have when you are ready.” Jenni said just before inserting her fairly large strap-on into my own ass. I groaned in pleasure then thrust forward to feel her cock pulling out.

It took only a minute before I felt the pressure of release upon me. I moaned over and over again before my breath caught in my throat with Jenni leaning in against my back. “Fill him full of cum.” she whispered in my ear as the floodgates opened.

Marc laid under me and breathed heavily as I yelled and came hard. I could feel every spurt pumping into him and Jenni's hands come around the front of me to pull on my large nipples. I came harder.

“No.... no more.” Marc said with a strain in his voice. I was hoping that he could take more because I still had a bit to go. The pleasure was a constant pulse of pure energy through my body.

After I had finished coming in Marc's ass. Jenni rolled him to lay on his back then inserted a ball gag. She instructed him that he had to hold it in until morning or he would pay. Marc was now crying outright and trembling with the effort to hold everything I gave him. Jenni then laid on me and kissed me happily while stroking my still hard cock. Her girl-next-door look hid the beast that lay within her. So sexy.

Jenni slept on me with her hand casually brushing my stomach. Marc groaned many times during the night then cried when he couldn't take it anymore. I could just imagine the helplessness of him letting my load drain from his ass and relieve the pressure.

Jenni had left me immobile with only my thoughts to keep me entertained. Occasionally, I could feel Maid's pleasure bleed into me, but eventually even that wore off leaving a sensation of loneliness from her. I ran through the events of the day in my mind several times in detail until morning. I started to miss sleeping.

Chapter 8

Jenni awoke slowly with Marc still snoring lightly next to me. She smiled and kissed me lovingly before yawning and sitting up. We had a quick chat where I answered her questions about the previous night. She seemed to really enjoy adding me to their sexy time.

I showered with Jenni and enjoyed feeling the warm water flowing over me. She was having trouble keeping her hands off of me saying that she wished she could be like me. I kept thinking that she would not be reluctant to join in Beringar's idea.

After the shower. Jenni got Marc up only to find a disgusting puddle of cum under his ass that had soaked into the sheets. She let him out of the straight jacket to use the restroom and shower. We both laughed at hearing him void his bowels on the toilet. I answered some more personal questions in the mean time. Jenni was fun.

When Marc came back into the room, he was all smiles. I fielded some more questions from him before Jenni handed the sphere to him. Marc explained that they switched roles halfway through the weekend where he would become the dominant one. Jenni seemed fairly excited.

I was let out of service between the two and found a serious meeting being held over breakfast. Maid nearly jumped at me and squeezed me against her as she again sat in my lap. Beringar and Gudrun were trying to convince people not to make the change. Even the punkish, obnoxious girl who called bullshit was trying to plead her case. I didn't expect to see the large, emotional woman in the room with the rest and considering it as well.

There were too many people to get to know personally, but a single woman caught my attention several times. She always smiled, was very polite, had a beautiful face and a thick, voluptuous body. Gudrun caught me looking and explained that she loved latex and rubber, but not so much the bondage portion. Her name was Donna and she was from England. She was a professional nanny and incorporated her care for others into her fetishes. I didn't really know what it meant, but she was oddly attractive to me. As of lately, I found many more of the women more attractive than the men.

Throughout the day, I began to notice a trend among my extended family. Gudrun seemed to enjoy the men more than women, Beringar was the opposite, but Chef had no preference. The dungeon was a constant buzz of activity with all of us being used to some extent to show off our abilities. I never had the chance to be with Donna, who seemed to mind her own business and watch happily while dressed in a mix of different latex clothing. I also noticed that both Beringar and Gudrun seemed to keep some of their more 'exotic' transformations in reserve.

At the end of the day, I was formally introduced to Donna by Gudrun and I felt a little awkward about our meeting. Unlike the others, Donna knew sign language due to it being a requirement for her job.

Donna and I got along very well and I enjoyed her English accent as she spoke to me. She was a very gentle and calm person who laughed often. It was rather strange when she took me to bed and had me hold her. I expected much more out of her.

On Sunday, the party wound down with many people leaving due to work schedules. I kept thinking about Donna as she left with something about her causing my interest to flare. Finally, it was down to a man named Jerrel from Sweeden and the Umbach's. They seemed to straggle for a reason. I wasn't privy to the conversation as I was ushered off by Chef and Maid to perform family duties in the bedroom. Such an eventful weekend.

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