The Process 5.2: More Family Members

by Tit for Tat

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This story contains elements of an adult nature. If you are not 18 or stumbled upon this by accident, please move along as there is nothing to see here. Those that are of age, please enjoy. Story contains Body mod, BE, Penis growth, Living Latex doll, BDSM, MF, MFF, FF
story continues from part five

The Process: Part 5.2: More Family Members

Chapter 5

Beringar came back from his trip and I attacked him with a mighty hug which barely moved the large man. His bluish-green eyes sparkled as I reached for his crotch to try to unzip his pants.

“Not quite yet.” he said with a chuckle before kissing Gudrun lovingly. “Did you encounter any problems while I was gone?” he asked to her with a surprisingly chipper attitude.

“No. Just mindless sex and talking.” Gudrun said with sexy chuckle. Her smile drooped just a bit as she gave him a funny look. “Did something happen?”

“Well.. yes.” he said with a sigh, but still smiled. “I have a surprise for both of you. Give me an hour and I will summon you.” he said with a toothy grin that I never saw from him. It was almost creepy.

“Alice.” Gudrun said stiffly to grab my attention. I turned to her to see her smile and extend her hand. “We will be in the kitchen.”

Almost an hour on the dot, Gudrun had finished eating and asked me rhetorical questions about what Beringar's surprise was until he entered the kitchen.

“Ladies.” he said with a bow. “Please come to the library.”

Gudrun looked at me with confusion before I nodded and stood up. We left the room with each of us holding one of his hands.

In the library was a crate in the middle of the floor. We all stopped at just entering the room before Gudrun gasped in horror.

“Beringar... tell me you...” she said as she turned to him with wide eyes.

“The perpetrator and mastermind of changing people against their will into sex toys.” he said as he produced a golf ball sized black sphere with a white line around the equator. “I took care of several problems at the same time. Alice, this belongs to you.” he said as he offered the ball to me.

As it plopped into my hand, I felt it's rubbery texture on my skin along with a creepy presence within it. It was as if that strange presence had a connection with my mind somehow.

Beringar moved to the middle of the room and kicked the side off of the crate violently causing a black, shiny human form to splay out from it's insides. “I found this despicable man and his friend hiding in a bunker in the USA. His friend was more than willing to help me out because he was afraid this man was going to change him too. I made him a deal that I would build him a ranch so long as we could come back to the site anytime we wanted. His friend now guards the place”.

“Beringar... it that?” Gudrun asked as the black form began to move.

Gudrun held onto my arm as the figure unfolded and stretched slightly before getting to it's knees. She looked like some huge breasted, rubber maid standing on a pair of heels. She had white ruffles at her ankles more at her thighs like garters and the same on her arms. Her black skirt had the same edging along with a giant glossy black boobs that were capped with thick erect nipples. A thick mass of white ruffle adorned her neck and around the black doll hole she had for a mouth. Her face was devoid of any features along with a maid's hair catcher being the only thing to cover her bald head.

“Beringar... no...” Gudrun said with a hint of disappointment in her voice as the looked at him.

“I assure you that this was the best way to do this. He is paying for what he had done to over 50 people. He will be of use to us as our own tireless maid and he can no longer change anyone else. In this form, he can tell no one of what he has done.” Beringar said as he looked pleased while eying the maid.

“I... I can't belive you did this.” Gudrun said as she began to sound a little bit angry. “You did the same thing to him as what happened to Alice. You are the same as he is.”

“No.. I am the means to an end.” Beringar said sternly as the maid looked at the two of them while holding still. It seemed as though she had no eyes or ears, she could still see and hear. “This man was planning on going bigger and using more people. Would you rather I have shot him?” he asked with a little anger of his own.

“I would have rather you turned him in to the authorities. You are not a vigilante.” Gudrun shouted as she move quickly to him. She balled up her fists and hit him on the chest several times before grabbing her wrists and controlling her. “This is not right.”

“It was the best way to handle it. Imagine if the authorities had found what he was doing then used it for their own. Do you remember papa talking about the days of the war, the things that the government did to strike down their own people, the experiments?” he asked as Gudrun cried again him. “Alice... is this punishment of the man who did this to you satisfactory?”

It only took a second for me to decide and I nodded as I gripped the ball in my hand and moved forward. The maid was looking directly at me and began to back up as I got close. I wanted to punch it in the face.

“Alice, open your belly button.” Beringar said as I noticed that he had my sphere in his hand. I looked down to see the depression widen and deepen just before looking back at him. “You will be Maid's keeper. Insert the ball into your belly button and close it.” he said as I felt my body doing it for me. My rubber flesh closed around the ball and sucked at my finger before I removed it. Again, there was no trace that the thing was inside of me.

“Maid now belongs to you since it's life was forfeited by creating you. I hope that you treat her justly and put her to good use.” Beringar said gently as he looked down at Gudrun. “We should talk in private.” he said causing Gudrun to nod and follow him. I was left with the Maid just in front of me and control over from the sphere buried deep inside my own body.

I began to step closer to the maid and she backed away looking around. I had to merely think of her standing still causing her to pause right where she was at. It was eerie to see her freeze like she was. Even without seeing the true person inside, I knew it was him, I could almost feel it.

I reached up fast and slapped the maid hard across the face with my anger building inside of me for what he did to me. The maid lurched sideways and fell to the ground with her breasts squashing under her. A red tinge filled my vision and I kicked her as hard as I could before letting go of my control over her. I was almost sad to find that my strikes caused her no pain as she tried to flee. “I hate you.” I thought in my head as I kicked her again.

I kicked her over and over as a sudden sadness came over me at treating her in such a way. She looked up at me from the floor as if there were nowhere to run with a soft sob exiting my nose. I hated her, yet I knew what she had become. It was punishment enough.

“I can't hurt you that way.” I thought to myself as other ideas for revenge entered my mind. I wondered how horny she could get and smiled inwardly when she shook her head. Her hands jerked under her and she waved them at me before placing them at her chest and squeezing like she loved it. Her head dropped backward slightly with her legs parting on her own to show me what was under her skirt. Her front hole was black like her mouth and surrounded by more white ruffle. She closed her legs over the hand that reached for it as she pumped it in and out of herself helplessly. I had only thought to make her as horny as she could ever get.

“Interesting.” I thought to myself as I thought her back to normal and extended my hand. The maid seemed to visibly relax and just stare at me. I shook my hand before it reached up to take it. I helped Maid stand before staring into her face with my hatred fading. I was going to use her, it would be her punishment.

Chapter 6

The first thing that I did was to interrupt Gudrun and Beringar with a note. Beringar read it and nodded before looking down at the sphere. I felt my body tingle and change as my penis grew to a medium size while gaining stiffness. Everything else was left as it was and I returned to Maid as I left the room. I took her hand in mine and she followed me willfully to my own room where I laid down a latex sheet on the bed and sat her on the edge. I was going to make her duty known to her first thing.

I pulled at the white hat on her head to bring her face to my penis before she tried to fight me. Her hands yanked at mine as I used whatever strength I had to force her mouth onto me. I shuddered in pleasure as I felt her slick tunnel engulf my rubber dick. She still fought me until I was fully impaled in her then I caused her to freeze.

It was an erotic sight to look down and see the shiny rubber maid impaled on my hard cock and I smiled inwardly hoping that she hated every moment of it. With that thought, I used my hand to make her bob on my cock sending chills of pleasure up my body to rattle around in my head.

I made her fuck my penis with her mouth for a good twenty minutes before pushing her off to fall onto the bed. With a grunt, I turned her over and found her rear hole installed a little higher than where it would normally be and her ass cheeks molded together as if one big lump. Again, the delicate white ruffle surrounded her hole. Just for fun, I released control of her in the vulnerable position just before sinking my pole into her black hole. She struggled and tried to close her legs on me, but there was no way for her to get leverage. I pressed myself into her back and held her arms down just before humping away. The pleasurable friction from her rubber hole filled me with an end to my revenge, though it wasn't as sweet as I thought it would be.

Maid stopped struggling when I flipped her over and entered her ruffled pussy. I pressed hard into her from between her spread legs and grabbed tightly at her tits. Her breasts rivaled mine at full size but felt squishier almost like water balloons compared to my firmer ones. As I fucked her hard, her hands slowly raised from a resisting position on the bed to help me squeeze her large orbs. It looked as if mashing her boobs was more pleasurable than the sex was for her.

I was just beginning to enjoy fucking her from the front and squeezing her giant tits when I felt the familiar sensation of cumming. I pulled out quickly and held onto my cock as the first spray rocketed from my tip and coated her face. The pleasure from the orgasm was intense, but I forced myself to watch as she tried to wipe it all away. I didn't even try to stop her.

I was full from the last time that I came and the stuff kept taking away any progress she was making until she gave up trying to clean herself. The gooey, milky cum layered over her skin and dipped to the black latex sheet below her. Just the sight of covering her in my jizz turned me on even more.

After cumming everything I had and giving her a liberal coating of my goo, I laid on top of her and massaged her jiggly tits in my hands. She just laid there and accepted it until I felt her hands wrap around my back and begin to caress me back. Maybe she was forced to enjoy it, but there was no way to see any kind of emotion or breathing changes in her that would give me a clue.

I was thankful that her rubber skin felt just like real human flesh in terms of sensation. It allowed me to lay on top of her and look her in her eyeless face to study her while enjoying her caress. It was an eerie feeling to know that she could both see and hear me without any eyes or ears. At least my eyes looked somewhat like I could see out of them.

As I laid with Maid under me and contemplated what our relationship would evolve into, I heard Beringar clear his voice at the doorway to my room. “Alice, please clean yourself up and meet me in the master suite, alone.” he said evenly. Before I even had a chance to see him there as I turned my head, he was gone.

I thought to maid to stay put as I removed myself from her with sticky trails of my cum webbing between us. She did nothing to keep me from leaving and I sighed before showering as quickly as I could. My cum was hard to wash off of my body and out of my hair.

After my shower, I looked to see maid still laying where I left her with her gaze pointed to the ceiling. I sighed again and exited the room. Beringar and Gudrun were laying in the bed with a space between them as I entered their room. Beringar patted the space between them and Gudrun looked to me as if she had been crying, her eyes reddened with irritation.

I gently climbed between them as Beringar faced me toward Gudrun as I laid down. She pulled in close to me and pushed her head just under mine with her arm draping over me. Beringar shimmied in close behind me and forced his large frame against the back of me. Their skin felt wonderful as it touched my own.

“Alice... I need to tell you about Maid.” he said gently as his hand brushed my shoulder then ran down my side. “Inside of maid is a man known as Tim Oxley, he was the one that converted you.” he said just before going into a long story about his trip to America.

I listened quietly and began to sadden at the thought of all the people he had turned into inanimate sex toys. Beringar told me about how Mike had contacted him fearing that Tim was going to change him. Beringar flew to America with a plan that had Mike show him how the process worked. Once Tim was isolated, they initiated the plan with me in mind as to what the revenge would be. Maid was designed after my own tastes as well as created to clean the house for the Swartz's.

“Tim is still inside, but he will slowly be put in a corner of his mind. After some time, he will only be along for the ride with no control over his body whatsoever. Maid will begin to evolve as her own person, control him and start to fall madly in love with you. When this happens, you will no longer need the sphere inside of you to control her. I developed a telepathic link that will grow stronger between you that will allow your commands to be sent to her as well as sharing your most basic feelings. She is in most respects, yours.” Beringar said as I felt Gudrun pull closer to me.

“His punishment is to helplessly ride along inside of a body that he could have created for others. Maid, however, will become almost a new person. She is very special.” he said before I tried to turn and look at him. Beringar held me still with his strong arm and continued.

“She will gain a sense of duty and feel obligated to clean and tidy the estate. She will begin to do this night and day, but you may take her any time you like if needed. She has a special orifice in her belly button that contains the remnants of her masculinity. I saw it fitting that she would be able to offer you a solution to the hunger that she gave you. If you poke your finger into the tight opening, you will find a small pouch of real semen there. You can use it to dab your mouth and anus to sate your hunger.” Beringar said as I felt a little unsettled by the knowledge.

“Beyond that, you can change a few things about her. All of her holes can be tightened to the point that they are flat surfaces between the ruffled openings. You may also give her hair but it may look strange to you. You are also able to cause her libido to grow to such heights that it is actually painful for her not to receive any kind of stimulation from it. It is the only pain that she will feel. She can orgasm only by verbal command, though she will want to achieve it through you. In time, you will be her one true desire with a need to please you in any way that she can.” Beringar said just as Gudrun looked up to me with tired eyes.

“Alice, please remember that though he did terrible things, Maid will be growing. She will come to love you boundlessly.” Gudrun said as before stroking my face gently. “Beringar said that he wanted to make you mistress of the house as far as it's care goes. Is this something that you would consider?” she asked as she studied me.

I thought about the idea and it seemed to have a certain ring to it. I nodded slowly causing her to smile and curl against me again.

“We will still use you and love you in this fashion, but you need to give Maid attention when we are sleeping. She will come to need you.” Beringar said as I felt his erection beginning to poke at my behind. Again I nodded in understanding what they wanted from me.

The emotion that I felt for the two of them was mixed with the seriousness of what they were asking of me. I started to think about Maid as a different person just as the two of them began to touch me more urgently. They made me so horny.

Chapter 7

After Beringar filled my ass with cum while Gudrun caressed me and kissed me tenderly, I laid with both of them for several minutes. Beringar quickly fell asleep while Gudrun looked me over as if she had something on her mind.

“Alice.” she said softly as I moaned from her touch and nodded. “Are you okay with all of this? Do you think what was done to Tim was just?” she asked as she looked lovingly into my eyes. It was all a bit much to take in at one time, but the punishment seemed pretty fair since he had condemned so many people to his same fate or worse. I nodded again to see her frown just a little then smile. “Then you have your revenge?” I nodded once more causing her to smile and take me face gently in her hand.

“This will never happen again.” she said seriously then smiled. “I want you to look forward from this point on and know that this is your new life. You are my other love that I can't have with Beringar. You are very special to me.” she said as I felt my emotions swell at her words. “I want you to love me if you can, but also love Maid as well. She will need you.”

I pulled Gudrun closer to me before she kissed my on my rubber hole and smiled gently. I had never felt closer to anyone in my whole life. I wanted to climb into her.

“Go be with her.” Gudrun said with a slight loss at her own words. “I want her to have you for the first night in the estate. Tomorrow, maybe we can both show her new duties to her and what is expected.” she said before kissing me again. I nodded at her just before she released me from her embrace. Beringar had already rolled onto his back and given me room, but I wasn't ready to leave yet. I pulled Gudrun against me gently and held her one last time as I mocked kissed her face and left little wet spots from my mouth lubrication. She curled into me one last time and placed her hand over my heart.

“I think... I love you.” she said softly causing my heart strings to pull at my emotions again. “Please rid yourself of your vengeance and remember who you are now.” she said as she pushed me away. “I do not like that treatment towards others.”

I nodded as I sat up then ran my hand down her pale skinned body. She only watched my eyes as I did so then smiled. “Go.”

I left Gudrun and Beringar behind as if I were leaving part of my family for a long trip. In the short time that I had gotten to know them, I had allowed them to sink into my soul and nestle close to my heart. It felt good to be so loved and appreciated.

My thoughts turned to Maid as I entered my room to see her exactly as I left her. I sighed and let go of my control over her to see her relax then sit up slightly to look at me. She made no movement until I came close to bed where she held her arms out to invite me. I felt a slight admiration from her enter my thoughts as if they were my own and joined her embrace. She petted my head and held me against her breasts as my thoughts warmed. The beginnings of her feelings were starting to waft into my consciousness.

Sleeping with Maid consisted less of sleep than it did a constant caress between us. I didn't want to give my heart to her as I knew what she really was, but I began to feel that she was different already. She wanted me to love her and hold me.

In the morning, I showered with her to removed the cum that never seemed to dry then had her clean the bed. Like many mornings, I went to the kitchen and fixed a small breakfast for Gudrun and Beringar. Maid found me there and dutifully carried the tray upstairs with the food on it. It always smelled and tasted good as it reminded me of my previous life, but eating no longer did anything for me. I tried it once and found that after I had stuffed the food into my mouth hole, it would only come back up later covered in a thick slime. I never tried it again.

Maid stayed in the room as she served breakfast then came back to my room where I sat on the bed thinking. I could feel her presence as if her mind actually touched mine in a way. The warm, gradually loving sensation that occupied a portion of my thoughts allowed me to take her in a little easier. Again, we laid in my latex sheeted bed until Gudrun came to find us.

That day, Gudrun gave us both our new responsibilities. I was in charge of Maid and oversaw her duties. She would clean every room and dust throughout the day while I would check her progress and tidy up behind her. Where she dusted and cleaned, I would make the beds and straighten up. Where she wiped down the bathrooms, I came behind her and made sure that all the toiletries were in order as well as the towels. We actually made a pretty good team and I felt a little better at contributing to the household.

After a week of our routine and the Swartz's staying busy, I found myself growing to enjoy Maid's emotional company. Though we never said anything to each other, the emotions that spilled from her into my own mind gave me a sense that she was enjoying her new work. When we 'slept' at night. I could feel her arousal at my body penetrate me and slowly urge me into using her. Gudrun conveniently left me with a fairly large hardon and allowed me to cum whenever I wanted to. Sometimes it was fun to fuck Maid and watch her do her chores with my goo running from her ruffled holes.

That weekend was the start of another party. Maid and I worked tirelessly through the days and most of the nights to get the place ready and filled our spare time with a consensual arousal for each other. I was surprised when Gudrun came in one night to sleep with us. She took some time getting to know Maid then had me fuck her from behind while straddling Maid. Not a word was spoken between any of us until the very end when Gudrun ordered Maid to orgasm.

Maid shook quietly but violently as she thrashed under Gudrun then hugged her tightly as I climbed off. It was odd to feel Maid's release bleed over into me only to be followed by a gratefulness as she hugged Gudrun.

Chapter 8

In the morning, Gudrun had brought in a thick black catsuit and laid in at my feet. “Alice, you are to attend the party with us.” she said happily causing me to sit up quickly just as she laid some kind of mask over the suit. It looked like some version of a World War II gas mask, but done up in a shiny black rubber. “Beringar asked that you attend one and suggested that you wear this.” she said with a big smile.

I moved away from Maid as I felt her hands fighting to relinquish me before I looked over the suit. “Have Maid help you into it then meet me in the kitchen.” she said before turning abruptly and leaving the room. I looked back at Maid who only nodded as I felt a curiosity within her.

Getting the suit on was a bit of a struggle, but Maid helped me eagerly. The skin of the suit was made of a heavy black rubber with the only way in being a zipper from the mid back to my neck. Once it was on, Maid helped me into the gas mask that was more like a heavy rubber hood with a zipper at the back. My long, blonde hair fell out the back behind me as I heard the sucking, hiss of my own breath within the thing. I looked at Maid who nodded enthusiastically while sending me a sensation of approval. It was still strange to feel her communicative emotions.

Maid walked with me to the kitchen while I took my time getting used to the thick suit. Despite how heavy it was, it still couldn't control my super sized nipples that caused little peaks over my compressed breasts.

I hear Gudrun talking to someone in the kitchen just as Maid stopped dead in her tracks. I looked back to see her shaking her head 'no' with feeling of fear spilling toward me. She turned quickly and began to walk back upstairs despite my attempts to command her to come with me. It was the first time that I felt her panic because of the inability to follow a command of mine.

“I need Brie. Is zer somewhere that we 'an het some?” a male voice asked heavily tinged with a french accent. I stepped just into the kitchen to see an unfamiliar man talking with Gudrun about food. Her was taller than she was by about 3 inches, had sandy brown hair and green eyes, but dressed in what looked like a white latex chef's outfit. He even had a d-ringed while leather collar about his neck.

“I'm sure that I can find some in town. Allow me to call Beringar, he may be able to stop.” Gudrun said just before seeing me. “Alice!” she said excitedly causing the frenchman to to look at me and smile. “Giel, Meet Alice, my very special friend.” Gudrun said as she gestured me towards them.

“Alice? You look whale drassed for Ze evening.” Giel said with his thick accent. She smiled widely then kissed my hand as I came closer.

“Alice is installed in her suit for the entire weekend.” Gudrun said happily before Giel gave me a sappy smile and a lusty look.

“I have 'eard that you 'ad taken a live-in. An honor to meet you.” he said with another kiss. I looked to Gudrun who smiled with a chuckle.

“Giel is a very good friend of ours and attends our events free of charge since he cooks.” Gudrun said causing Giel to scoff and turn to her quickly.

“I do not just cook.” he said angrily.

“Are you giving me attitude Giel?” Gudrun asked with with a mischievous smile.

“Maybe. You'll' ave more if I do not get the brie.” he said with his accent thickening. Gudrun smiled wider and walked closer to both of us. She took his hand in hers then bent one of his fingers back making him moan. I watched as she bent him against one of the stainless counters before giving him a mighty swat on his ass resulting in a loud crack.

“You will use what you have if we cannot provide the cheese.” she said harshly as the man gasped and nodded.

“Yes baroness.” he said quickly before smiling through the pain. Gudrun only gave me a knowing smile before letting him back up. Giel seemed to actually enjoy the treatment.

“Alice, come with me to call the Baron.” Gudrun said as she stepped to me.

“A pleasure.” Giel said with a deep bow just before she led me from the kitchen.

“Giel loves pain.” Gudrun said with a chuckle. “He loves to be degraded and bound tightly. Beyond that, he is an excellent chef.”

We entered the office where Gudrun phoned Beringar and asked him to find some Brie. She spoke a few more words before hanging up and turning to me with an even expression.

“Tonight is a special event. More so that most as only our most trusted and closest friends are attending. Some you may find strange while others normal until you get to know them. Do I need to remind you to stay in costume?” she asked before I shook my head no quickly. She smiled and extended her hand as she came towards me.

“I have a duty for you as our guests arrive. You are to escort them to their rooms, help them settle in then assist with the meal. After dinner, we shall all retire to the dungeon for some fun.” Gudrun said with me nodding at her. She looked thoughtful for a moment then shook it off before smiling again.

As the guests arrived, I was a little underwhelmed after Gudrun's preparation. They all seemed like normal people. The first was a mid twenties couple with a heavy suitcase. The light, brown-haired woman who was slightly shorter than me wore a stylish scarf around her neck with a leather coat and jeans. Her partner was a tall, skinny guy with nearly black hair. I bowed at them before he introduced them as the Umbach's I bowed again and remembered which room to put them in.

The next guest was a somewhat chubby, but very sexy woman who was alone. Her name was Donna and she was from the UK. Next was two guys that looked like they came straight from the night club with a style suggesting that they were gay. As they kissed before following me, it confirmed my observation. The only guest that was truly odd to start with was a person sealed inside of a red catsuit with large, fake breasts and D-rings glued various places to the suit. The woman with the person was named Rhoda and had no hair on the sides of her head to expose the many tattoos there. Her face was full of piercings as well as wearing a leopard print coat that exposed her tight pink latex top. She was nearly flat when it came to breast size. The person with her could have been either a man or a woman, it was hard to tell. There were a few others, but only the first few caught my attention.

When all of the guests were finally situated, I went to the kitchen to help. Giel had several courses prepared already and only asked that I help carry and not fuck up. A bell rang once above us and he shouted at me to get ready as he handed me a large tray of appetizers. After another angry leer, she smiled brightly and stiffened before escorting me out of the kitchen and into the dining hall. The guests were completely different from when they had arrived. The overall theme seemed to be rubber and bondage.

I watched everyone eat from afar as I stood near the door. Occasionally, Giel would come to get me and start another course. He stayed pretty busy... and angry.

As the meal came to an end, Beringar stood up and tapped his glass with his knife.

“Friends, partners and fellow fetishist.” he said as everyone stopped what they were doing to look at him. Giel stood next to me at the door and ate greedily at some left over food as if he didn't care to be a part of the meal. “All of you here tonight are among our most trusted, loving and spirited of all who come here. The Baroness and I have some news that we would like to share.” he said before smiling at Gudrun and sitting. Gudrun was wearing a baggy white latex blouse and a black latex mini skirt that showed off her lacy latex stockings.

“We have added a new member to our permanent family”. Gudrun said sharply with a bright smile while looking at me. “Alice, please.” she said as she motioned me toward her. I felt every pair of eyes in the room turn to me before I sighed and began walking. I stood next to Gudrun who smiled at me and looked out over the guests.

“Alice is to be considered as one of us. Like the Baron and I, she is a part of this household. We have taken her as a sort of slave to the house and she will never leave here. She cannot speak so don't expect a verbal answer if you ask her any questions.” Gudrun said as she motioned for me to sit. I looked down at the empty chair next to her as she sat and held my hand happily.

“The next bit of news is that we are looking for another to join us. We asked of you this evening that you consider a proposal that would invite you permanently into our family and attached to the estate much the same as Alice is bound. If you consider it and ask, you will never leave the property again and disappear from the public. Your wealth, if you have any, will be taken into our own. Depending on what you can offer us, position will be given as a reward for your servitude. I... expect that the dominants in the room would strongly reject this offer.” Beringar said as I saw many of them looked anywhere from confused to interested. Giel at the back of the room finally sat at one of the open chairs.

“This is a serious matter and will require a permanent life change. By no means do we expect someone to take the offer, but we did want to make the opportunity available. Please enjoy the evening.” Beringar said just before sitting again. I felt even more eyes on me with several couples or friends talking amongst themselves in heated discussion.

Gudrun stood and took my hand with Beringar following me. Everyone sat and waited for us to leave the room before joining behind us. It was as if we were some kind of royalty.

The procession led to the basement and eventually the dungeon, which I had only seen in it's inactive state. Gudrun had me sit with her at a small table near the entrance as the guests bowed while entering. Several talked with Beringar privately while the rest seemed to prepare for some fun. I was a little surprised to see Giel sit next to me with a gentlemanly bow.

“Giel.” Gudrun said happily before he waved a hand at her.

“Zis offer? One would be a slave of the 'ouse?” he asked quickly before Gudrun looked at me and nodded. “What are ze terms?”

“An oath of secrecy.” Gudrun said before he waved her off again.

“Of course, standard proceedure.” Giel said before Gudrun continued.

“An offer to bring your deepest desires to reality.” Gudrun said causing Giel's eyebrow to raise. All of us turned when a man cried out in pain.

The younger Umbach couple were at an x-frame when the woman dressed only in a red latex cocktail dress whipped her latex briefed partner. Again he yelled in pain as she smiled evilly at him.

“I am interested.” Giel said with a frown.

“This is not something to taken lightly.” Gudrun said before he waved at her again. “You will forfeit any rights that you have and become a slave to to us and the house.”

“What are ze details?” Giel asked impatiently.

“You would give up everything to join something that you have no idea what it's about?” Gudrun asked before Giel smiled.

“If it is my deepest desire that you are offering, yes. I do not have much beyond my skills as a chef.” he said with a bit of arrogance. Gudrun looked at me with a thoughtful expression before nodding.

Gudrun called Beringar over and whispered something to him before he raised his blonde eyebrows and looked at Geil. He looked back at Gudrun and seemed to give her some kind of permission with a simple nod.

“We shall go somewhere private.” Gudrun said as she stood gracefully. Giel frowned and looked out over the dungeon before nodding.

“Alice, can you go to your room and undress, I will find you in a little while.” Gudrun said causing me to cock my head to the side. I nodded at her, but was unsure as to what was happening. I thought I was going to see what happened at the parties.

I left Giel and Gudrun at the entrance to the basement before heading upstairs and closing the door to my room. Maid was laying on the bed and gently caressing herself before sitting up and running to hug me. I sent a simple command to her that I needed to undress.

Chapter 9

I was laying with Maid on the bed as she pawed at my body and writhed against my leg. I could feel her arousal in my mind from just being with me atop the latex sheets. A knock sounded at the door causing me to sit up quickly. The door opened.

“Alice.” Gudrun said as she entered and left the door open. I nodded with Maid clinging to my arm happily. A moment later, Giel walked in behind her and looked around the room before spotting us. I panicked a little with Maid doing the same before looking for something to cover us. “Giel is here to see the truth, you can trust him.” she said as she held out a hand in a gesture to ease my motions.

“Hallo.” Geil said with a smile as if the sight of us didn't bother him in the least. “You are even more beautiful with your suit off.” he said as he stood next to Gudrun. I looked at her then back to Giel as he seemed to wait.

“Do you mind if Giel inspects you?” Gudrun asked gently. I looked to Maid who offered no resolution before I turned back and nodded hesitantly.

“Such a beautiful costume.” Giel said as he came closer and looked over Maid first. I sat frozen where I was as he touched her and smiled widely. “How does she breathe?”

“She doesn't, she is made entirely of rubber.” Gudrun said causing Giel to give her a sarcastic grin then looked Maid over again. He poked her mouth hole and sunk a finger in with his eyes widening.

“Does she have no teeth?”

“No, she does not need them if she does not need to eat?”

“The restroom then?” Giel asked as he pulled up her skirt then looked to me. “Alice, how do you see through those eyes?”

“Giel, both of them are made of rubber. They are our pleasure slaves, friends and lovers begotten by a turn of events.” Gudrun said as she held my metal sphere in the palm of her hand. “They were created by using magic.”

“Surely you can't expect me to believe in such things.” he said with a look of disbelief filling his expressoin. I felt a tingle beginning in my chest along with the pressure that accompanied growth.

“Watch as I change Alice.” Gudrun said as I put my hands to my chest and looked at her. The tingle began between my legs as I felt my cock begin to stir and stiffen. Giel watched in amusement until his smile began to fade. As I continued to grow both of my parts, he began to back away.

“Noo...” Geil whispered as he began to realize what was happening. Maid watched Giel back away then turned to me to stroke my growing cock. I stifled a moan at the pleasure she created in it.

“I know your desires, it is why I invited you to see this.” Gudrun said as Giel froze to watch me change. I breathed a little harder just as it stopped with Maid still teasing me as if she couldn't help herself. “You know what they are. You know what I am asking of you.” Gudrun said as Giel continued to stare in disbelief.

“They are truly rubber? Entirely?” Giel asked.

“Touch them, explore them.” Gudrun said as she smiled at me. It was almost as if she were asking permission. I only nodded wondering what it would be like to have an outsider touch me. “Would you like me to leave you with them?” Giel shook his head no before placing a hand on Maid's leg. She turned to him causing him to almost jump with nervousness.

“You can hear me?” he asked Maid who nodded. He waved a hand in front of her face to which she followed easily. Giel then looked to me then down at my chest. I could actually see the heartbeat in his neck jumping.

Gudrun went into the story of how I had come into their possession then accepted as a member of their family. She then went on to tell him about how I was changed and that the man responsible was turned into the maid. Giel continued to caress Maid's leg as Gudrun then told Giel that they had to power to change who they wanted. Giel stopped suddenly and looked at her.

“You would want to change me into...” he said as he looked at the both of us. I started to feel a little fear at what Gudrun was offering. Was she going into the business of changing people?”

“They had no choice in the matter. I talked with Beringar about those who were willing and desired the change which brings us here. You could have the rubber body of your dreams. All that we would ask in return is that you become the house chef and never leave once it happens. Of course, if it is something that you do not wish, we can forget the conversation even happened.”

“You cannot force it upon me?” he asked as if suddenly a bit frightened.

“No the process takes place elsewhere and requires much preparation. We will never force it on someone who doesn't want it. We wish to offer it to those that desire it.” Gudrun said before Giel looked back at her. “I have to get back to the party. Would you like to explore them further?”

“I...” Giel said as if it were too big of a decision to make so suddenly. “I would.”

“Good. They are not to leave the room with the other guests about. If you leave, make sure that you close the door behind you. Do not speak of this to anyone.” Gudrun said just before turning. “Alice, are you okay with a strange man in your bed?” she asked as she grabbed the doorknob. I looked at Giel and nodded before seeing her smile and leave the room.

Chapter 10

“Are you really rubber?” Giel asked as he regained his composure with Gudrun gone. I nodded at him followed by Maid doing the same. I tried to think of another way to prove it and sat up a little to make some hand motions. I pointed at my arm then made a motion of breaking or bending it before offering it to him. If Gudrun trusted him so much, I felt I could as well.

Giel didn't take my arm so I looked at Maid and commanded her to. She eagerly took my arm and placed it over her leg pushing with all of her might. I felt my forearm bending oddly with her trembling effort then Giel's eyes go wide with a gasp. Maid let off of me and I held my arm up to show him that I was perfectly fine by twisting and moving my fingers.

“You.... have no bones?” he asked with a bit of nervousness. I shook my head and hummed an 'mmm mmm'. Again he looked at both of us in disbelief.

After a good display, Giel began to asked many questions that only required a yes or no answer. Despite his nervousness, I saw the spark of interest in his eyes. He asked what it felt like, what I could do and how I was attached as a slave to the Swartz's I expected Maid's gentle touching to prod him into sexual activities, but his curiosity kept him uninterested. After several hours, Giel seemed to be in some kind of daydream with a goofy smile. Maid had me so turned on that I was barely listening to him anymore.

I took Giel's hand and put it to one of my oversized tits and left it there to give him a hint. Maid only watched as I felt her arousal bleed further into me at the sight. Giel paused as he looked at his hand on me then squeezed gently. Maid began to run her hands under his latex chef's outfit. His breathing increased. “Mon dieu.” Giel gasped before looking down to see Maid's hand grabbing at his crotch. I moved his groping hand to my giant penis before he gulped visibly. The fact that he didn't pull away in terror only helped to spur me on.

Maid and I helped him to stand as she worked at getting his chef's costume off leaving him in a white catsuit with a zip crotch and his white leather slave collar. Maid worked his crotch zipper open to expose his smallish penis along with another surprise. His ass was plugged by a large white dildo. He moaned with a tremble as Maid pulled it from him.

“You rubber devils.” he whimpered as if her were unable to stop us. I giggled at him through my nose and pressed myself against him. The look in his eyes showed that there was no way in hell he could have resisted us.

I gave a command for Maid to lay in bed with her legs spread. She moved away from us as Giel pulled me in for a passionate kiss. Like Gudrun and Beringar, he seemed to enjoy the taste of me and darted his tongue into my mouth hole while squeezing my tits. I began slowly guiding him toward the bed as his penis rubbed against my own.

Once on the bed, I guided his attention to Maid who patiently waited for him. Giel took the hint and maneuvered between her legs just before I felt the pleasure of him entering her in my mind. Geil reached down and squeezed Maid's jiggly tits roughly in his hands and thrust forward with a mighty groan. Not wanting to be left out. I positioned myself behind Giel and pressed my cock against the crack of his ass along with my tits into his back. He trembled mightily and froze between us as I felt amusement fill me from Maid.

“Oh... Mon dieu.... mon dieu.” he chanted over and over as he spasmed against Maid. Soon, he fell on top of her as I laid onto him. I caressed his convulsing body and stifled a giggle at him cumming so quickly. I wanted so badly to stuff my cock in his ass and give him some more, but I was way too large for him to take it.

“No... no more.” he said weakly before I rolled to my left causing all of us to fall like a tower. With Giel pressed between us, Maid and I mercilessly groped and pulled him between us. His gasps of pleasure and slight resistance faded after only a few minutes. He was putty in our arms.

I was nearly an hour later before Gudrun came back to check on us only to see Giel helplessly sandwiched between us. She pulled on my arm to get my attention then curled a finger toward her with a broad smile. I felt my penis shrinking slightly before she hiked her skirt to expose her bare pussy. My excitement only grew when she pushed me back onto the bed and mounted me without saying a word. My large penis stretched her tightly over it.

“Oh... so big.” Gudrun gasped as she ran herself up and down my shaft. Giel turned to watch with half lidded eyes before Maid wrapped her arms around him from behind. He looked lost in a world of desire and exhaustion.

“I want you to cover that french bastard in cum.” Gudrun said as I felt her nearing her peak. She thrust her hands to my chest and squeezed my nipples hard as I felt her pussy grab tightly against me. “Ohhhh!!!” she yelled as her hips jerked uncontrollably.

Gudrun quickly dismounted me and turned me toward Giel with my penis in her hands. She jerked it fast and pointed it upward toward the unsuspecting man.

“You are such a disappointment.” Gudrun said to him as she put her mouth to my ear. “Cum for me.” she breathed as I felt her words tickle my rubber flesh. The tickle traveled down my body and cause the pressure of ejaculation to grip the base of my cock. I grunted heavily as Gudrun jerked me hard with cum erupt from me. It landed in wet splats all over Giels face and chest before Maid perked up and began to play in it and smear it around playfully. My arms seemed completely useless to help.

“Look at you covered in cum and completely useless.” Gudrun said before taking her hand off of my penis and cupping my breast. Maid looked like she was in heaven as she intentionally tried to cover every inch of Giel with my mess. “Two rubber people turn you into jelly, don't they.” Gudrun said as if to try to degrade the helpless man.

I hadn't commanded Maid to do what she was doing and a little surprised to see her play on her own. Giel just stared into my eyes as if I were the only thing in the world.

“If he gains enough willpower to escape you two, shower him and send him back to the party.” Gudrun whispered into my ear before kissing me. She wiped a bit of my mess onto my thigh and stood with a chuckle before leaving the bed. I looked back to Giel and I noticed him trying to speak. Nothing came out of his mouth but a gasp and I smiled inwardly with some kind of knowledge that we had him to ourselves for quite some time.

Maid and I continued playing with Giel for the rest of the night until he eventually fell asleep in our arms and covered in my cum. All three of us were a complete mess and it felt so good.

Chapter 11

Somehow, I passed out and woke up to find Giel missing. Maid seemed to wake at the same time as I did. The mess that I had created was also gone.

I sat up and looked around to see that someone had cleaned for us. Maid sat up with me and I felt confusion from her. After taking a moment to get my bearings, I got out of bed and peeked out our door. The guest room doors were all open with no sound in the hallway. Maid bumped into me causing me to fall through the open door and her to land on my legs before I looked back at her.

It was odd to find each guest room empty at such an early hour in the morning. The presence of Beringar entering the hallway caused me to jump with surprise.

“Alice, Maid.” he said happily as he took off a pair of brown leather gloves. “Sorry to have left you like you were, but Gudrun and I took a little trip into town.” he chuckled as he approached. “It's Monday, everyone is gone now.”

I looked at Maid who shrugged at me before standing up straight.

“You two wore Giel out. The poor man was nearly comatose when we retrieved him from you.” he said with a chuckle and turned toward his room. “Would you like to join me for some morning exercise?

I looked at Maid who nodded before joining with my own. Beringar led the way and quickly undressed.

- 0 -

The rest of the week went as usual with both Beringar and Gudrun spending more time with the both of us. At some point, we ended up becoming a kind of tag team where Beringar would take Maid and Gudrun would have her way with me. I found Gudrun becoming increasingly more dominant with me, but I enjoyed it.

There was no party for the weekend and Beringar left on business once again. Gudrun made sure that she was well used in the time that he was gone and seemed to never get enough of us. The stamina of the woman was unreal. I swore she had the libido of both Maid and I put together.

One thing that I did start to do in my alone time was to read. I never did much before, but I found the quiet and the stories that filled my head quite enjoyable. Maid figured out what I was doing and began a routine of sucking me while I read, cleaning some then repeating the process. Another prospect that interested me was sign language.

Gudrun knew a little of it because of it's usefulness in BDSM. We both began to learn a little more because of my lack of speech, but Maid had no interest at all. Gudrun said it was not because of lack of interest but her programming that forbade it. Not only could she not read or write, she couldn't even learn to sign. I felt a little bad about them taking away all forms of communication from as I would have liked to know what she was thinking at times.

Beringar came back the next weekend and surprised us in the morning. In the bedroom was another crate.

“It went very well.” Beringar said to Gudrun as she woke. I had heard him lumping something up the stairs and came to see what all the commotion was. I felt a little fear at seeing the familiar box.

“Just in time.” Gudrun said as she waved us in. A voice inside the crate groaned slightly causing Beringar to pause and pull a white ball out of his pocket. I could only think of one thing, Giel.

“Where am I?” I heard a familiar voice say though it sounded odd. It reminded me of Giel, but without the accent.

Beringar bent and opened the crate with a crowbar as flesh colored arms hurried to pull a body out of the small box. It was Giel, but he looked... different somehow.

“Alice, Maid, meet Chef. He is our newest member of the family.” Beringar said before Giel turned to look at us. He looked mostly normal until it came to his midsection that looked as if he had a pair of white latex boxer briefs molded into his body with a squishy bulge at the front of them.

“Alice?” he asked softly before looking behind him. “Gudrun?” she nodded as well and looked extremely happy to see the newly converted person. Beyond the white, latex briefs, it was hard to notice any difference in him.

“He looks so... normal.” Gudrun said with excitement as Beringar mimicked the same expression with a triumphant smile.

“Where is your accent?” he asked to the both of them.

“In the change, I gave you the ability to speak 15 major languages. You are speaking German.” Beringar said with a hearty laugh. Giel looked at Gudrun who nodded and slid off of the bed. Both Maid and I moved in for a closer inspection. I put my fingers in his normal looking hair as he faced away from us.

“You both did a great job in convincing him.” Gudrun said playfully. Giel turned toward me and smiled showing an ordinary mouth. I furrowed my brow and looked at him closely only to find a slightly unnatural texture to his skin.

“Hard to find the difference, eh?” he asked as he put his hands to his hips and stand proudly. “I should be able to move about in public, correct?”

“Your look is very convincing.” Beringar said as he looked to Gudrun. Gudrun seemed to be the most excited out of all of them. It made me start to wonder if she accepted this because Giel wanted it or for another reason.

“Do you want to show them?” Beringar asked as he handed the white ball to Giel. I cringed as I thought of the ball causing him instant terror, but it seemed to have no effect on him. He only nodded and smiled as his belly button opened slightly. After inserting it and letting it close around the ball, he looked directly at me and smiled.

Giel shuddered slightly before his smile grew. It was almost imperceptible as his skin changed, but it eventually smoothed out and turned into a smooth, shiny, beige rubber like my own. His eyes stayed as they were but gained a bit more shine like they were fake as well. Soon, the boxer briefs that covered his lower region began to move until they looked like lacy panties. A pink feminine penis began to grow from the mound along with a small, tight sack for balls below it. He smiled and looked down just as the ridged, pink cock that looked more like a pointy vibrator began to fill. It wasn't as large as mine when fully hard, but it was fairly impressive compared to most.

Giel went through several phases of changes to show off what his body could do. At one point, he had white straps over his ankles, thighs, wrists, biceps, waist and neck that had pink D-rings build in to tie him down with. Another thing that he could do was to grow small, perky breasts that reminded me of Gudrun's at a small c-cup. He was able to change is ass hole into a ringed rubber hole with a pink center as well as make his tongue turn pink and inflate like a ball gag in his mouth. He seemed to have varied control over his 'underwear', but never able to make them go away completely. It was his last trick that solidified what his new role would be in the house.

Giel's skin turned the same white as his underwear all over his body, including his face. His hair began sink into his scalp with the white rubber below it ballooning upward into a sous chef's hat with and apron growing from the top of his waist to cover his crotch. Behind him, his ass cheeks formed together to make one cute little mass like wearing pants with his asshole disappearing altogether. I found Maid's arousal rising exponentially and bleeding over into me just from watching the show.

“Fantastic.” Gudrun said while clapping loudly. Chef bowed to all of us at his waist with a big smile before turning to Beringar.

“Now, chef. Give me the ball back.” Beringar said as Chef's belly button opened on it's own to send the ball falling into Beringar's hand. Chef looked down with a bit of confusion before Beringar smiled widely. “Since you love bondage and pain so much, I figured that you would like a little bit of forced control over you. Gudrun and I both can control you enough to get this from you.” he said as he held up the ball. Beringar looked at me and tossed it my way before I struggled to catch it.

“Alice, install it in your belly button.” Beringar said as I felt my body take control of me and perform the action on it's own. Chef looked at me with a growing worry as I looked from my midsection back to him.

“Since you are part of the staff, as well as the family, Alice will be keeping your ball inside of her for safe handling. That also means that she will have control over you.” Beringar said as Chef gained a momentary fear. I realized that when I had installed the ball that Maid's was missing, but failed to notice until that moment.

I pointed to Maid then to my stomach making the sign for ball as I looked at Gudrun.

“I have it.” Gudrun said happily as she ran a hand down chef's white rubber arm. “You stopped needing it about a week ago.” I turned to Maid who nodded at me and came close to pull my arm into the front of her. A gesture that was always followed by a flood of warm love from her.

“So... ugh... someone want to test me out? I've been dying to try this for real.” Chef said as he looked around. Gudrun looked at me and signed ball to me with her hands out. I nodded as I felt my belly button open and the ball drop out before tossing it to Gudrun. Instantly, chef began to change.

“It feels so intoxicating.” he said as he felt his body with his hands while the changes happened. The white bands around his extremities appeared along with the panties, small breasts and and rubber hole for a rear entrance. His pink cock began to grow as did the his tongue that filled his mouth by morphing into the shiny pink ball. “Muhhh wahhh.” he mouthed over the ball.

“When Beringar and I are done with him, you two get to have him.” Gudrun said with an uncharacteristic wink as she pulled chef to the bed. I looked over at Maid who placed my hand under her skirt and wedged it between her legs. I laughed through my nose and nodded then turned to watch Beringar undress and enter the bed.

- 0 -

Chef was fun. Not only was he a masochist with his body allowing him to feel pain, he loved being tied up and forced to do what we wanted. I also learned that his throat was a straight tube to his asshole allowing him to eat and taste food like a normal person, then pass it through him to the other side. It only required a simple rinse to clean anything unwanted out. It also had the side benefit of me cumming in his ass and watching it bubble from his mouth helplessly.

Chef also had the same ability to cum like I did only in greater amounts. Beringar and I had fun tying up Gudrun and gagging her only to give her a cum enema. Chef followed along behind us and covered her with his own mighty load only to have Maid nearly swim over her body like a child. It was a bit disgusting, but the slippery mess sure was fun.

After the initial month or so of Chef's arrival and passing as a normal person with guests, he was allowed to leave the house to get groceries. Since he could carry his life force with him, he had no limitations to how far he could go, but he had to be careful about how much of himself he exposed. He also had to douse himself in cologne to drown out the constant rubber smell that had his new body naturally exuded when out in public. For Giel, his new life was a dream come true with little to no worries besides pleasing his new family and cooking for guests. Even his shitty attitude toward life had turned to a sarcastic, playful undertone when not being dominated.

Chef moved into the room with Maid and I. The three of us shared a bed with Maid usually ending up getting skewered from either side by both of us most nights. Beringar spent a lot of time in his office with his door closed while Gudrun seemed just happy in general. During the down times with no guests around, she became voracious due to the lack of attention she got from Beringar. It was during those times that we had the most fun between the four of us.

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