The Process 8.1: Changes

by Tit for Tat

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This story contains elements of an adult nature. If you are not 18 or stumbled upon this by accident, please move along as there is nothing to see here. Those that are of age, please enjoy. Story contains Magic, Body mod, BE, Penis growth, Living Latex doll, Living latex suit, Automaton, Maid, Preg BDSM, Multiple gender roles.
story continues from part 8

The Process: Part 8.1: Changes

Chapter 7

I offered her the box and she took it as if it were an offering. She opened it as I watched her carefully then place it to her chest only to have it disappear between her breasts. I was certain that she was going to control me.

“It is up to you. You must willing to enter me before we can start. What you will experience is a multitude of various body parts against you. Hands will caress you, mouths will kiss you and others will pleasure you. At the peak of your own natural arousal, you will hear my voice inside your mind. I will explore your thoughts and memories and try to ease any mental pain that you feel.” she said as I stood and stared at her.

What she was offering sounded incredibly invasive while extremely interesting at the same time. Beyond my connection with Maid, I didn't know of anyone else that could communicate in such a way, but at least I knew of how it felt to experience portions of others thoughts or feelings. I looked at Phyllis again with her upper body as part of the headboard and the rest of her as the frame under the turquoise latex sheets. My curiosity was getting the best of me despite my trepidation. I only nodded my consent to see her smile happily and spread her arms in invitation.

“I cannot put you between my sheets, you will have to climb in and get comfortable.” she said as she looked down over her own bed body. “Once you are relaxed, I will be able to explore you.” she said causing me to nod again and move slowly.

I stepped close the edge of the bed and pulled gently at the neatly tucked in latex sheet on top. The latex peeled back gently to expose a much softer, glistening pink on the inside. It reminded me of Nanny. I looked at Phyllis once again who looked as though she were enjoying my gentle manipulation of her sheet.

I carefully entered the soft, slippery, pink surface and pulled the top sheet back to lay on the provided pillow. The pillow was squishy like Maid's breasts and her warmth within her sheets soothed me almost instantly. I found myself actually looking forward to the mysteries that she spoke of.

“You are so willing, so curious.” Phyllis said softly as her breath caught in her throat. I looked up above me to see her arms at the sides of her massive, chocolate breasts before she looked over them down to me. “Incredible.” she said as her eyes closed with a smile.

It took a few moments before I began to feel something moving under and around me. I knew what was coming but I wasn't prepared. Gentle fingers began to caress my forearms as another set did the same to my calves. I gasped in surprise but remained calm. Another set moved around the back of my butt to my hips with more sliding between my arms and body towards my breasts. I could already feel my arousal rising within me from the sensation of multiple hands touching me lovingly.

“Yes... loosen your control.” Phyllis said as even more hands explored my body. Delicate fingers rolled my nipples in her hands as I felt a set grasp at my growing penis. Another set came up over my shoulders and I looked to see the slick, pink rubber flesh slide over my upper chest. It was as if 20 people were touching me and hitting all the right spots all at once. I moaned deeply and felt myself relax in their comforting embrace.

“I... am going to turn you over.” Phyllis said above me as if she were struggling to control her own pleasure. I didn't even bother to nod as I began to feel like I would have let her do anything she wanted to me.

The hands took control of my limbs and eased me onto my front as if they were connected to the most gentle lover ever possible. I trembled and gasped loudly as what felt like a mouth engulfed my penis slowly and sucked teasingly at it. Another set of mouths kissed at my nipples then sucked them gently before biting softly on them. The hands spread my arms and legs wide as I felt a smaller hand circle my rear hole just before teasing it with many fingers.

I moaned loudly again just as more fingers explored my perpetually open doll mouth just before sliding into it. My vision was blocked by the slick sheets under me, but I heard the wet licks of tongue in my ears. Every inch of my body was being delicately caressed, licked, sucked or penetrated. I felt like I was melting into her soft, warm body as my mind started to drift with arousal. I no longer heard her sensual noises above me.

My pleasure built agonizingly slowly as the hands near my ankles and wrists held me tightly. It was like they knew that in that moment that some kind of lack of control over myself would only send me higher. My thoughts crumbled into muddy desire that slowly began to consume me. My world was starting to fade with only pleasure to keep me company.

“Hello Alice.” I heard a voice say in my mind. It took a moment to realize that it was Phyllis when I was able to push away my extreme arousal and near orgasm. Her words seemed to only come clearer as the pleasure faded into a comforting surge in the background of my mind.

“Phyllis?” I asked hearing my own voice like I had for the thousandth time.

“Such a sexy voice.” she said to me with a hint of her own pleasure.

“You took me away from my conscious.” I said as I remembered the feeling while inside Nanny. It was in her comfortable and warm latex prison that I truly felt insulated enough from the world to think clearly.

“Yes... just like Donna. You are freed from the constraints and constant needs of your body. You have been here many times, I feel your comfort and familiarity with it.” Phyllis said as I imagined her like she was on the headboard. Her body appeared before me as a chocolate colored rubber person with her amazing eyes starting at me. Her figure was that of a fertility goddess with wide hips and heavy breasts. She was a portion of my dream lover.

“You... can see me?” she asked with her voice now coming from the body in front of me. The area around us was an all consuming black, maybe all while. It felt as if the space was both everything and nothing at the same time. It was as if I were a shapeless focal point that could only talk and see.

“Is that the real you?” I asked her as I realized I couldn't move with my own body since I didn't have one.

“This is what I look like when I am not bed.” she said with a sudden curiosity. “You are the only one that can see the real me.” Phyllis came closer with an expression of mixed emotion. It was clear that I baffled her just from her look.

“I am not really here.” I said as I found that my body was only in the background around me. Phyllis nodded and gave a surprised humph. “How do you know where to look?”

“Because I can see your mind. There is nothing physical for me to focus on. Think of it like looking into a thought. You know where it is, but you can't really see it.” she said before shaking her head at me. I could almost feel a kind of mutual happiness as well as excitement bleeding off from her just like I could do with Maid.

“You are excited.” I said causing her eyes to widen. “I can... feel it. Like I can with Maid.” I said before she paused then nodded at me. She looked absolutely stumped.

“You are one of a kind, Alice.” she said causing a slight confusion in me. “No one even comes close to what you are doing now. It's... its very interesting.” she said as if she were having trouble finding the right word. I could feel a fraction of what she was trying to get out.

“Not interesting, exciting, provocative, sensual even.” I said as I tired to give her a hint of what I was feeling from her. Her eyes widened even further as she smiled widely and nodded at me. “You want to look at my memories.” I stated to her as I felt her curiosity bleed into me with the thought backing it like a whisper. “You want to know what I was like as a child, my youth, my young adulthood. There are answers there that help you to make me feel better now.” I said as I started to gain a glimpse at her thought process. It was very methodical, practiced even. My words had seemed to make everything I could feel from her die off all at once.

“I... I don't know how you are doing that.” she said with a shocked expression.

“I don't either, but I want you to explore me. I can feel your need. You are so curious.” I said to her before she nodded at me. I felt as though the environment that I was in was giving me the confidence that I used to have in my old life. I didn't have much, but I could hold my own.

“Yes..” she said softly. “You were a tough one.” she said as I felt her mind probing me like tingles of fingers in my hair or a gentle breeze. It was soothing to an extent. I said nothing more as I felt her emotions at seeing into my past.

Phyllis became a roller coaster of emotions going from happy to sad, agony to pleasure and further. Just watching her made me wonder just what it was that she was looking at inside me. I relinquished myself to her gentle probing and let my pleasant, peaceful atmosphere claim me. My thoughts began to wander aimlessly.

“You... love so easily.” Phyllis said before looking like she was going to cry. “You were never loved like that, you never expected to have it for yourself, but you gave it freely to everyone who would accept it. It's no wonder they see you like they do. You don't even see it yourself.” she said with her words not making much sense to me. She smiled a little before it faded and tears sprouted from her eyes. A short sob claimed her quickly before she turned her head to the side and sniffled.

“So much pain.” she said before looking back at me. “You really wanted to die... during the process?” she asked me before I thought back and nodded at her. “And the anger. The rage, the helplessness. It's not sexualized, it's honest.” she said as her face grew unhappy. She went blank once more before her eyes lit up with her hands trembling.

“It's..... you... you can be changed back.” she said softly before looking excited. “You have a loophole. You are the only one that can go back and strong enough to make the journey.” she said with a little excitement showing in her as well as wafting toward me as a feeling. I started to get excited that I could get out of my predicament until I started to think of the people I had met. Beringar, Gudrun, Maid, Chef, Nanny, the Umbach's and finally Pure. All people who I actually loved deeply in my own way. They were inseparable from who I currently was. Phyllis seemed to miss my thoughts in her excitement.

“Alice, you can go home, you can be free of this.” she said before noticing something within me. “But you will loose something in return.” she said before frowning at me. I nodded as I thought about how I had shed my past and gained a newer, more exciting life filled with love, responsibility and exploration. I had grown from my experience, though forced to do so.

The thought of being able to return to my own body started a tug of war that I couldn't stop. Despite Phyllis's good intentions of trying to get to know me and find what was bothering me, She was actually causing me harm. My anxiety began to build as the peaceful realm I was in began to crumble.

“Wait... Alice.” Phyllis said in my mind. Her body was no longer there as if it had never been in the first place as I felt the intensity of my pleasure begin to flood in uncontrollably. All the thoughts and conversation that I just experienced began to take a backseat to the sensations engulfing my body.

Suddenly, a massive clench of explosive pressure began to build deep inside of me. The force of the oncoming orgasm was terrifying even before it began. My hands, feet and other extremities felt as is they were swelling in preparation. Phyllis's voice about me sounded panicked and out of breath. I realized that I was going to orgasm even as she desperately tried to stop all motions on me. It was like a car was heading straight for me and the world slowed to nearly nothing. Two people yelling in the back seat with no idea about what was about to happen.

Chapter 8

My orgasm was so powerful that it actually hurt. It felt as if the liquid hot energy within my body were trying to force it's way out every extremity that it could including my head. I was rendered completely immobile by it's force while nearly vibrating just before it died off.

I groan deeply through my nose with a sound that mimicked throwing up and remembered the day I was turned into this. The extreme erotic energy filled me again and threatened to cause my head to explode. My vision distorted with my body clamping in on itself before everything faded for one more spasm. The final swell of unbearable pleasure filled me so full that I felt something snap inside of me.

Suddenly I was in a free fall of nothingness. I felt like I was floating, but not really falling, weightlessness. My hands and feet were almost numb with my thoughts gaining a sudden clarity. It was as it everything was put in a place and easy to find. A feeling similar to being inside Nanny and left to my own thoughts. My memories of my previous life began to come back to me. My last name, Chaplain, the bar I worked at, Froggies, all of it.

I heard Phyllis sobbing above me along with her extra parts no longer caressing me. It was just me between her slick latex sheets. I looked up and saw Phyllis with her hands covering her face and crying hard. I hated seeing someone in pain.

Quickly, I sat up on my knees and took Phyllis's hands into mine to try to get her to look at me. “Hey.” I said softly causing her to go nearly stiff. She moved her hands from her face slowly and her eyes went wide.

“Alice?” she asked in a frightened whisper. I tried to comfort her and nodded with a smile. She looked as if she had seen a ghost then took my face in her hands. “Think... think about what you are doing”. She said as she searched my eyes.

The moment of clarity began to fade and I searched her meaning. “What is wrong?” I asked her just before my heart nearly stopped. She stared at me as I put my hands to my lips and felt their rubbery texture. They were real lips with a real mouth. “Phyllis?” I asked with a tremble as I realize that I would move my eyes without moving my head too. I looked down to see that my breasts had shrank along with my nipples becoming less prominent. I panicked and felt to my crotch only to find that my penis that I had become used to was replaced with a chubby, rubbery pussy. My hair tickled on my back as it began to shorten to just under my shoulders. My fingernails began to grow in with my skin looking more human.

“Nooo!!” I yelled as I nearly jumped out of bed. Sudden fears that I was going to turn back into myself made me realize that I never wanted my old life back. I was afraid to be normal again. “Make it stop. Pure.... she won't love me....” I said weakly before falling to my knees. I heard Phyllis crying behind me with no way to join or help me. I cried harder as my body continued to change I was looking more human by the second until the process stopped. I held my breath and waited.

It was only a minute until I realized that I had no tears and I was still holding my breath as if I didn't really have it to start with. I trembled with fear as I raised my hand to my face to examine it closer. My skin was flawless with an almost imperceptible shine to it. I still smelled like rubber.

I began to panic as the room felt like it was getting larger around me. I looked around in fear only to find that it was just a feeling, not reality. The sensation grew as I looked at Phyllis who looked like she was at a complete loss and sobbing uncontrollably.

“I'm so sorry.” she said over and over again, but it didn't come from her. It was her voice in my mind.

“Phyllis.” I thought as I concentrated just a little. Phyllis suddenly froze stiff and quickly pulled her hands from her face. “You can hear me?” I asked her without even talking. She stared at me with a look like a deer in the headlights and nodded.

“What did I do to her?” I heard her ask herself. I could feel her almost mourn the loss of my previous look now that I appeared human again. I stood up slowly and walked to her with caution.

“You... freed me.” I said to her as I felt her sudden panic at my remark. I took her closest, pure chocolate colored hand into mine and stared into her eyes. “I'm free.” I said as I felt a kind of knowledge in my words. I didn't know how it had happened, but I became something new. I wasn't old Alice, but I also wasn't the Alice I was previously. I was... free.

“Phyllis... I don't know what happened either, but... tell me how I look?” I said as I looked over my body. Phyllis gave me a blank look then nodded as she studied me.

“You're eyes, they are real.”

“What color?” I asked quickly.

“Blue.” she said with curiosity as I felt and saw the light go off in her. “They aren't brown.” she said as she started to loosen up a little.

I pulled a lock of my hair that looked almost human to my face to see that it was still blonde instead of brown too. Quickly, I put my fingers in my mouth to find that I had teeth. They were stiff like real ones, but gave way when pushing on them. I stood up in a flash and let my hands roam my body. I still had the same curves, just not as exaggerated. My toes had become individual again and I was certain that I could pass as human once more. A sudden excitement began to consume me just as more questions came.

“My sphere.” I said as I held my hand out with excitement. Phyllis nodded blankly and allowed it to emerge from her chest before looking at it. She seemed to know as well as I did the sheer terror at being too close to the exposed metal object.

I moved closer to her as she held it toward me. With a nervous hand, I reached for it only to find that the barrier of fear had been removed. I touched it gently with my fingers then put my hand over hers with the sphere between us. I laughed nervously and took my sphere before an excitement filled me with energy.

“Phyllis.... I'm free.” I shouted to her as I climbed into her bed on my knees while looking into her eyes. “Phyllis... thank you.” I said before leaning in and kissing her deeply on the lips. She didn't seem to know what to do until I felt her wrap her arms around me and lean into it.

“I don't know what I did.” she said as I pulled away from her with a beaming smile.

“You made me make the only choice I truly had. I made one that didn't fit the rules and became this instead of staying what I was or going back to old Alice. The war you started in my mind became explosive and freed me from my mental bondage.” I said as I looked at my sphere and nearly cackled. Phyllis watched silently as I pressed it against my belly button only to have it disappear into myself. I was trembling with excitement.

Chapter 9

Phyllis and I talked for several hours after my breakdown and ability to free myself from my own prison. After my initial elation and learning how to control my thoughts to converse with her mentally, something that she had mentioned caught my attention.

“So... Tim left a backdoor open?” I asked Phyllis with words instead of thoughts. She nodded and folded her arms over her impressive, chocolate breasts.

“I don't know how I know, but I felt it. It was like he wanted to be able to change you back if he needed to, though, the process is a one way trip. You can never return to being human again. Still, the option was there to use.” she said as she gave me a thoughtful look. “Do you think that means that he had regrets about what he was doing or do you think it was a way to retrieve you if something went awry?”

Phyllis's question begged an answer that I could not come up with for myself. I thought quietly to myself as the image of maid filled my mind. Her black rubber skin, white frills and childlike attitude was just the container for Tim who was still inside of her. Maybe there was a way to reach him with the new found gift that I had been given. I wondered yet again if I was stuck as I was.

“Phyllis?” I asked to her as she looked into the distance lost in thought. She turned to me and nodded with her eyes focusing on me. “Thank you for helping me.” I said as I felt many unanswered questions clutter my mind. There was nothing left for me to learn from her at the moment. The answers to those questions begged my attention.

Phyllis smiled at me before I gave her a big hug. I could feel a growing relief within her that she had actually done me some good. I would be back to see her soon.

I had to merely think of what I wanted for my body to obey me. The change seemed to radiate away from the sphere in my belly to the rest of me before I began to notice. I had to look as I was when I came in. Phyllis looked in awe at me before I smiled and waved goodbye. I was actually looking forward to knowing what my freedom would gain me.

After leaving Phyllis, I found Pure and told her that I had something important to take care of. Pure seemed concerned because of how I acted, but I kissed her with my doll hole lips telling her that I would tell her soon.

I found Maid in one of the bathrooms with Vincent just outside. Vincent had become so attached to her lately that I rarely got a chance to visit her alone.

“Vincent. I need some alone time with Maid. It's very important.” I said with my hands to him. Vincent had taken the time to learn signing due to the many members that could not speak.

“Is everything alright?” he asked with a sudden worried look that I hadn't seen from him yet. Vincent was very good at staying in his cold, dominant role.

“I don't know. May I interrupt her work?” I asked to which he nodded silently at me. I nodded back and entered the bathroom where Maid was busily scrubbing the floor. As soon as she saw me, her hands trembled before dropping her scrubber to stand and hug me fiercely. I felt her love radiate to me more intensely than I had ever felt.

“Ohh! Alice!!” I heard her say to me with a tinge of longing. She hugged me even tighter just before I tried to talk to her mentally.

“Maid?” I asked as I had with Phyllis. Maid froze in her tracks then backed away. “Can you hear me?” I asked as a sudden happy terror began to emanate from her.

“Is that your voice, Alice?” she asked me before I nodded at her. The happy fear melted quickly into a sudden elation that earned me an even tighter hug. “I can finally talk to you like I can with Phyllis.” she said happily. She didn't even seem to think to question how, she was just happy that I could.

“I want to spend some alone time with you.” I thought to her before she let me go and nodded. Maid put her things down and moved around me to kneel in front of Vincent. Vincent smiled at her and rubbed her head before looking at me and nodding.

“Go take a break. I will expect you back when you are finished.” he said as he stood up and stretched.

I took maid to one of the private rooms and locked the door behind us. I wanted to try to find out more about her without any interruptions. Once her and I were seated on the bed, she placed her hand on my penis with another feeling of longing coupled with arousal wafting into my mind.

“I need to find Tim.” I thought to her before she froze with a feeling of fear oozing in.

“Tim is locked away.” she said to me as if it were a statement of fact rather than a feared knowledge.

“I need to speak with him.” I said as I let myself fill a little more of Maid's mind. The invasion into her thoughts seemed to stimulate the desire for someone to control her. The fear that was beginning to build began to be consumed by a growing, helpless arousal. Maid surrendered to me without even a question as to why.

Maid's mind was small unlike Phyllis's which seemed almost endless. There was really no way to describe how it felt to be there. It was almost like a dreaming someone else's thoughts while still awake yourself, but I found it. The invisible wall.

I passed through the wall to be instantly assaulted by a feeling of despair and depression. The person there felt almost asleep in a way.

“Tim?” I called out to hear it echo in my own mind.

“Who?” came a question as if they were nowhere, yet everywhere.

“It's Alice. The one you turned into a lovedoll for the German couple.” I said just before feeling the despair and depression nearly choke me. Regret and remorse also began to cloud the area like smoke from a camp fire. My answer earned me no response, but I had questions.

“You allowed me to be changed back into something almost human.” I sent to him with again no response. “Why did you leave that door open?”

“I.... I never meant to imprison.” came a weak response. “I only meant to give those who I found a better life.” Again a silence deadened the area.

“Why... Why me? I know why you thought the others were a good candidate, but I had a job, I didn't do drugs and I wasn't close to dying.” I asked with a bit of anger.

“Pity.” he said as I felt anger at his own words. His single remark startled me with the ease that it came out. “You were miserable, angry and ugly. You looked like you needed a new beginning. No one would miss you.” his anger began to return to remorse yet again. “I was wrong to take your life from your forcefully. I was wrong to do it to anyone, to put them in a prison of my own design.”

I felt his words to be true and also felt a deep regret for what he had done. His mood was one of penitence and felt that his imprisonment was just for his actions. I began to pity him just as he did for me when finding me at the bar.

“Tim... What if I removed this barrier and allowed you to merge with Maid?” I asked as I felt a sudden curiosity grip him. “I feel that only I have the power to do it, but you will no longer be Tim. You will assume her desires and her mannerisms, but it will actually be you who makes the decisions and thinks on your own.” I thought to him just as I felt Maid rubbing my leg casually.

I unfocussed for a moment to feel Maid somehow listening in. She seemed to want what I was offering.

“Does that mean that I will be trapped in that body? Will I still be unable to return to who I was?” he asked softly.

“Yes.” I said gently. “It will be a new prison of sorts, but one that you can control and participate in. You will still not be able to communicate in any way and most likely change who you are to fit the body. I am afraid that there is not much I can do about that.

“I deserve to stay here.” he thought to me as his depression began to encompass his thoughts again.

“If you believe that you do, I will not force you. I just want to give you a chance at being one with your new body no longer walled away. You left that chance for me, though I can never really go back.” I said as I felt my own emotions pulling at me. Every thought and feeling that was extended from Tim seemed to retract into nothingness.

“Do what you like with me.” he said as if his whisper were louder than anything I had ever heard before. There was a finality to it that made me realize that it was his one wish, his one choice.

I pulled out of the invisible wall that separated Maid from Tim and felt a shudder as Maid sensed my return.

“Alice... I would like to join.” she thought to me with a longing that felt similar to her missing my presence. “Please make us whole.” she said with an unease beginning to fill her. Seemed determined to convince me of it though not really sure of it for herself. It was a strange thought.

It was as simple as making the wall between them feel as if it had never existed. I wanted to remove Tim from his prison as well as respect Maid's wishes. The change was almost magical as much as it was chaotic.

The two met as if they were ghosts passing by one another before being pulled together. A scream of anguish between both of them coalesced into a single, smokey female voice as I felt their combined terror push me away. Tim began to assume Maid's needs and desires as well as acceptance of his new body. In return, Tim gave Maid more of a mind of their own. One that could think at a higher level and experience more complicated feelings. Just as the two fully integrated, I was pushed past the wall of their consciousness and back to reality. The connection severed and physically hurt me as if someone had cut into my arm.

It took several minutes before I felt a familiar sensation return to me as Maid sat frozen next to me. It was the same feeling that I experienced before when Maid was near me, but different. I could sense her again.

“Maid?” I asked as I reached out to try to communicate with her. My though touched the outer layer of her mind and lingered until I felt her pull me in. The feelings that I received took my breath away.

Tim and Maid were now one. The completely new person inside of Maid's body was just becoming aware and sat silently in awe of what they had become.

“Alice?” Maid said in her new, sultry voice that had all remnants of her childlike immaturity removed. “I... I feel so strange. I feel... free.” she said before her body turned toward me. Her admission was like a waterfall of relief as emotions filled me like an empty container. “I'm... me. I'm Maid.” she said as she looked down at her hands and turned them over and back. Her hands then pulled to her chest and squeezed her squishy boobs causing a sensation of pleasure to course through her.

“I... I like this.” she said before looking at me. I felt a tremble of gratitude within her followed by the intense love that I had grown accustomed to. “You.... saved... me.” she said just as she slowly moved toward me and took me in an embrace. “You made my choice for me and freed me. It was something that I could never let go of on my own.” she said softly.

I felt like crying. I wanted the tears of happiness to roll down my face. I wanted to tell her how much it meant to me to finally make her whole again. It was an act of kindness despite what Tim had done to me. “I love you Maid.” was the one thought that seemed to beat them all. Maid's emotions flooded back into my own mind and caused me to melt into her arms. I could only hope that making her whole again would prove to be the right decision, it felt so right.

Too be continued?..... if not it's a good out for those that want it.

Chapter 10 (Epilogue)

Over the next week, my life began to change drastically. After the ordeal with Phyllis and Maid, I had formally let everyone that I included in my extended family know what had happened to me. Beringar and Gudrun were intensely excited to know that I had been freed and proud that I had seen it fit to help Maid. Of all of the things that I thought I would have issues with, deciding who I was was not one of them.

I found that I could become anything that I wanted. I could be a man like Beringar, a woman like Gudrun or even anything in between. I tried being like Nanny. I tried being a air-filled, blowup doll. I tried everything. It was incredible to try everyone else's fantasies, but I began to realize that I had really only one. It was my love for Pure that began to change who I was.

Pure and I were formally bonded eternally in an emotional ceremony. We decided that marriage was an unfitting term since neither of us were technically man or woman as well as undying as rubber people. It was Pure's idea of incorporating her life force into me permanently that cause the whole thing to take shape. I was debating whether I was a submissive or a dominant one day and she told me her one true fantasy. She wanted to be mine so completely that she could never not be a part of me. She offered me her sphere and told me she wanted to be mine forever. In our ceremony, she offered her sphere to me where I allowed it to enter my chest to disappear forever. It was a bit of a surprise to see her change into a genderless, human-like person next to me. Phyllis explained that it was my way of signifying what I thought of her.

Maid experienced tragedy in the near future. Although she and I loved each other intensely, her devotion was to Vincent. Vincent, however, did not make the change. He died at the age of 76 due to a heart complication. Maid was destroyed for nearly a month, but it was only when Pure suggested that she join us that things turned around. The addition to our threesome only made us stronger and filled a void that I didn't know I had. Maid's connection to me was just as strong as Pure's though Maid could never change her shape. Pure made it a point to treat her with as much love as she treated me.

Chef began a professional cooking school with only a select few students. It didn't seem to matter if they were men or women, but he liked them young. He also liked them in bed. It was only when he found a girl barely the age of 18 that he began to settle down. After learning of his secret, she went through the process and became his permanent mistress with both of them sharing their students. Tanya was a strict and uncompromising woman that love to punish those who did not obey. Chef was lost in his own love.

Suit and Automaton were always constant trouble, but allowed a little leeway since their antics were never malicious. Suit found love in a woman that only made herself rubberized while keeping her human-like appearance. Automaton found another like him that only seemed to want to touch it's body. It was actually fun to see the four of them become such a tight group.

The Umbach's became the favorites of everyone, though told me often that Maid, Pure and I held a special place in their hearts. The were many a night when it would become an all out free for all orgy in their room. Needless to say, things got interesting at times.

Nanny stayed much to her self along with her small, pale friend. Her friend refused to be named but earned the nickname Baby after rarely being seen due to being inside of her almost constantly. Nanny kept busy by being milked and having 'Baby' every few weeks.

One big change was when Beringar ordered a new construction. The new 'wing' of the colony was far more impressive than the first and nearly 10 times the size. It also took almost 6 years to complete it as it extended 4 stories underground and into the hard stone below the sandy soil. When it was complete, it looked like something out of a science fiction novel crossed with a trendy mall from the late '90s. Beringar's one true passion became meeting people from around the world and extending the possibility of living the rubber dream.

Gudrun had other plans. She had become intrigued by the traumatic night we shared caused by suit and began to take several slaves for herself. There was almost never a moment when she wasn't having sex which caused conversing with her to be awkward at times. Even so, she became the Lady of the house and oversaw it's daily operation from her bedroom.

By the time that the new construction had been completed, I had been elected by the Rubes (the people who lived underground) to be their elected leader. I had no idea that the job was up for vote and it was kept secret from me while being almost unanimous. Like Billy being sheriff, it gave me a new purpose in life that didn't include constant self-exploration or some kind of sex. Being the reluctant ruler of the city was actually a blessing in disguise. They even named it Wonderland after me.

As the years passed, fewer and fewer joined our ranks underground. Our way of living was a paradise for all of us who took the journey. Even our business of making latex clothing in the factory seemed pleasurable to most as well as the trade system that had been developed. It offered a way to relieve boredom or feel important. It also allowed the city to remain self sustaining. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would end up in a rubber body, in love with more than one person at a time and feel so important to those around me. It was a bumpy ride, but it sure beat the bar.

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