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Storycodes: Solo-M; latex; doll; m2doll; transform; accident; scifi; reluct; X

Chapter 1


I was on top of the world. This week had been a series of firsts for me. My first apartment in the city, my first job at a real laboratory, and my first scientific breakthrough—in said lab. Walking in the front doors of the facility, I must have been beaming with excitement. The security guard behind the desk gave me a friendly nod on my way by, before returning to his morning paper and coffee.

The lab—owned by the SurrealTech company—was a state of the art facility that specialized in all sorts of high end technologies, from public works projects, to materials research, to luxury... ahem... adult toys. I worked in one of the materials labs.

My name is Evan by the way. I recently graduated with a masters in chemical engineering, which is how I got this job. I wrote a joint thesis on molecular replacement, and after our class proved our theory in the lab, we were all offered jobs on the spot. So I had reason to be excited.

I waved my passcard in front of the scanner—which blinked from red to green. The door to my lab slid open. One of my colleagues—Erika—was already busy with something under the microscope.

“You’re late,” she said without looking up.

“Hardly,” I replied, “besides, we both work late enough to make up for it.”

“Early birds rule the world,” she said with a humorous tone, still engrossed in her work.

I walked over to the lockers and began to undress—it wasn’t too uncommon to shed modesty in the labs, as many of the tasks required changing into the proper safety gear. As I got down to my boxers, Erika spoke up.

“Put on one of the A-wing suits. Lab 7 is having some troubles on their production line.”

“Lab 7? What do those perverts want from us?” I replied.

“I dunno, they said they’d explain when someone got there.” She looked up for a moment, with a slight smile. “And cut them some slack, I’ve seen what you keep in your closet.”

I blushed and quickly turned back to the locker to keep getting ready. We had been housemates during our degrees, but as familiar as we were, nothing had happened between us.

It was hard to find the A-wing suit behind the more common protective gear, but I eventually found it. It was a tight full-body suit, covering from the neck down with a rubbery material. I started pulling it on through the neck opening and it stretched to accommodate me. I knew it had to be a special material, as I had worked with various forms of rubber and silicone before, and neither slipped on that easily. As I slid my arms in place, the suit began to suck in a bit, creating a skintight effect.

It was actually rather revealing. I looked in the mirror out of curiosity. The gleaming white material hugged me closely enough to show off my trim figure—something I was proud enough to show off. I was nearly 6’2”, and although wasn’t jacked, I looked good. A healthy routine of swimming and weights was paying off.

“Lookin’ good stud, now get over to Lab 7 before someone actually gets impatient.”

Erika’s joke brought me back to the task at hand, and made me a little more self conscious with someone else looking at me.

“What’s with these A-wing suits anyway? Wouldn’t a normal hazmat setup work just as well? Then we wouldn’t have to strip first,” I asked.

“I don’t question the stuff that comes out of A-wing,” she said, “It’s probably some repurposed sex suit to save on material.”

“Don’t give me that mental image.” I tried to shake the thought from my mind. “Anyway, I’m off. The sooner I get their problem fixed, the sooner I can take it off.”

Lab 7 was one wing over in the facility. I used a maintenance hall to get there instead of the public access because of the revealing nature of the suit. When I arrived, a lab tech was pacing back and forth.

“Finally!” he said with a mix of impatience and panic. “You’re from B-wing right?”

“Yeah, what’s up? I heard there was something going on with production.” I replied. “Though I don’t know what I can do on an assembly line.”

“Well it’s sort-of a materials issue. The quantum lock on one of our vats is acting up, and I gotta be honest, it’s way over my head.”

My head started spinning at what he was saying. Sure, I knew a little about quantum stabilizing and chemical locks, but it was beyond the scope of my expertise.

“Don’t you have a team lead for that?” I asked. “It’s a little—no, it’s a lot beyond beyond my knowledge.”

“I mean, yeah, but...” he started, “look man, the team lead is out this week, and I was supposed to run the line. I’m just a tech, I don’t know what I did to screw with the vat, I was just switching the production model. Can you please at least help me troubleshoot? Something?”

I let out a deep sigh while pinching the bridge of my nose.

“Alright, but you owe me for this.” I relented.

“Thanks man, I’ll make it up to you, I really will.” He was beaming.

“Okay, so let’s start with the basics, what’s your material, and—as much as I’ll regret asking—what ‘production model’ did you change.” I asked.

“Well...” He reached up to put a hand on my shoulder, and lead me to the next room where the production line was.

The room departed from the smooth white look of the lab. Steel pipes ran across the wall, conveyors and hooks on chains ran in and out of larger machines. The tech led me by several of the machines to the far end where a bunch of dummies were hanging from the hooks.

“We were making an order of... artificial companions to ship out, but I got a request for a different model, and the vat acted up when I tried changing the color parameters.” he said.

“Just call them sex dolls dude...” I replied, “Everyone knows what pervy stuff A-wing is all about.”

“Screw you man.” he shot back. “I like my job, even if everyone just thinks they’re sex toys. Some people really appreciate this stuff.”

“Whatever, just let me go look at the vat. Material color can change chemical properties, so that could have been it.”

“Yeah okay, the control panel is up on the catwalk.” He pointed to a walkway up near the lip of the giant vat, then went back to the lab with a slump. Clearly I hit a nerve.

Getting to the catwalk was easy, as a ladder was attached. Above the vat was a control panel that displayed the status of the chemicals inside. I could see into the large tank. It was nearly 5 feet across and 10 feet deep, filled with a swirling beige liquid. From above I could smell the strong odour of rubber. As much as I hated to admit it, the smell was intoxicating.

Looking at the control panel, I saw several error symbols next to different settings. I tried changing a few of them, but kept getting the same error: production presets fixed. I opened the presets menu, and was greeted with several images of different sexdolls.

“Okay...” I said to myself. The images ranged from cute to gratuitous. “Let’s try this one,” I picked a doll preset that I thought looked cute, but with a more artificial shade of hot pink skin—somehow that was less unsettling than the ‘almost human’ qualities of the others. The screen prompted me to pick a few more settings, so I picked a few defaults.

I hit ‘run’ on the screen. There was a mechanical whir, and the rubbery pool started swirling around, changing color to the same hot pink.

“Hey!” I called the tech in the lab, “grab me a sample vial!”

Amazingly he heard me and was quickly approaching with a few vials in hand. He must have still been in a foul mood, because instead of climbing up to give it to me, he just yelled “catch!” and tossed it before turning back to leave again.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion.

The vial flew high, and I had to reach over the vat to catch it. I stretched my arm as I leaned over the railing, but the vial just grazed my fingers. I let out a loud curse for missing the vial at the same time as my suited foot slipped on the steel catwalk. The fall over the rail threw me head first into the vat.

Things became a blur, my gut reaction was to yell but that just caused me to inhale a lungful of the rubbery compound. I flailed, trying to reach the top but from my upside down position I couldn’t get my bearings in the thick liquid. I don’t know how long I was in there, but it was long enough that I began seeing stars in my vision.

Before I could lose consciousness, there was a heavy thud, and I came crashing down onto a hard surface. Everything was a haze, and opening my eyes did nothing except let the remaining liquid sting them too.

When I could finally cough up the rubber I swallowed and took a real breath, I realized I was still moving—sideways this time. It took me several seconds to realize I was on the conveyor below the vat. However, by the time I began to think I should get off, a set of hooks grabbed me under my arms and lifted me to an upright position hanging like the dolls from earlier. I struggled to get out of their grip, but I couldn’t find the strength to lift myself up. I was still suffering from my near-drowning and coughing up pink fluid.

My panic subsided when everything went quiet and dark. The peace only lasted a few seconds before I heard a loud crank, and more mechanical whirring. There was a sense of impending danger as I waited for what came next.

The first surprise was a probe pushing into my open mouth as I kept trying to catch my breath. I panicked as it began inflating and filling my mouth. It wasn’t a normal shape, feeling like a poorly fitted mouthguard expanding and pressing against my teeth. I bit down on it, resisting the pressure, but it felt like my jaw was made of jelly.

My panic doubled as another plug pressed against my rear, stopping at the protective suit I was wearing. It kept pushing however, and to my horror the suit tore far to easily. The probe pressed forward and slid into my ass with almost too much ease, and started inflating. It felt like it was getting longer than wide, but the base was forming a wide shape just outside my hole.

While I was still struggling with these intruders, a final pressure took me by surprise, as it felt like the walls were closing in on me. They just conformed to my body, like they were made of yet more rubber. Despite my panic, I could feel arousal stirring as the pressure grew between my legs. I began to grind against the pressure, finding some relief. The pressure kept growing though, pressing in around my chest and evacuating what little air I could get. It was dizzying, and definitely didn’t help my post-drowning situation.

That’s when I felt a heat all around me. It rose gradually, much like the pressure, but it soon became unbearable. I felt like my suit was melting.

Though the sweltering heat, I felt a slap on the small of my back, that knocked the last of my breath out of me. I was lost at this point, stuck between a breathless pleasure, and dizzying heat. Not long after, while the heat and pressure kept increasing, my pleasure peaked and I passed out.

A soft white glow filled my vision as I woke up. I opened my eyes slowly, as if for the first time in a long while. The white glow was coming from fluorescent tiles on the ceiling.

I sat up remembering what happened. I wasn’t in the factory anymore. The walls were made of similar white tiles to the ceiling, but without their own light. The only furniture was my bed and a small table next to it. One white door led out of the room, but you could almost miss it against the wall tiles if not for the handle.

On queue, the door opened, and a doctor walked through, holding a tablet. A video was playing. I heard the familiar sounds of machinery and shuttered. The doctor paused the video and looked at me.

“How are you feeling?” Asked the doctor, adjusting her shiny lab coat—most of her clothes were shiny actually.

“Surprisingly good,” I replied, “Like I slept for 12 hours.”

She smiled, “try 12 days.”


“You were unconscious for 12 days.” she repeated. “You can calm down though, the worst is over.”

“What happened?” I asked, “I remember the liquid, and the machine, but it’s all a blur.”

“Well, a lot actually.” She hit a button on her tablet and one of the walls shifted from white to a mirrored surface.

I wasn’t sure what to think. I thought it was a video at first. Sitting on the bed looking back at me was an unknown figure. His figure was small and slim, with a boyish feminine face. All their skin below the head was a hot pink tone. Their expression was nothing less than shock and horror. I was too stunned to speak. It took a few moments to sink in, but it slowly dawned on me that I was looking at myself.

“Where to start...” said the doctor in a sympathetic tone. “You fell in a tank of a volatile chemical. Everywhere it touched you, it attached to your cells and systematically replaced them. The tech who was with you hit the emergency stop button in the lab, but by then it was too late. I got a call immediately and advised from there.”

“But why do I look like this!” I covered my mouth in more surprise. My voice was unnervingly high pitched, like it had cracked into a feminine tone.

“Given the volatile nature of the compound, it needed to be stabilized to save your life. That meant finishing the conversion according to the preset in the computer.”

I sat in my shocked silence for a long, awkward while, trying to calm down.

“Can you change me back?” I asked dejectedly, expecting the answer.

She let out a disappointed sigh. “The initial problem was that the chemical—which is designed to be controlled by a quantum signal—was in an unstable state. Because we don’t know what state it was in when it activated, we have no way of reactivating it.”

“That’s a really complicated way of saying I’m stuck like this.”

She just shrugged. “I really am sorry.”

“Thanks anyway, for not sugar coating it,” I said, “You did still saved my life.”

With resignation, I stood up on wobbly legs. I almost fell at the unexpected weakness, but she reached out to keep me steady. To my surprise, the touch was followed by a surge of arousal. When I found my footing, she let me examine myself in the mirror.

Taking a better look at my new self in the mirror, I saw I had a very feminine figure for a boy. My chest and stomach were flat, shoulders narrow, and hips wide. I flexed like I would have at the gym, but what little muscle I had left was just there to accentuate a curvy—admittedly sexy—figure. I had no body hair at all, just shiny skin. It was like every inch of me was covered in latex. Although the truth was clearly that I was made of latex now.

I ran a hand easily over my nipples and down my stomach. The motion felt good, really good. It only improved as I reached the last part to check—my dick. It was smooth, like a rubber dildo. Below it, my ‘balls’ were tight and firm to my body. I didn’t think I lost any length down there, but I was only about 5 feet tall now. With all my proportions reduced, my 6” tool looked respectably large.

I turned around to see the other side too. My butt matched the fullness of my hips, but what caught my attention was the donut-like ring where my asshole would be. Much like my dick, it seemed like a sex toy built right in. It was a shade darker than the hot pink over the rest of my body. I poked at it with a finger, shuddering with the erogenous pleasure. The hole was tight, but stretched easily to accept my finger. I stopped quickly to not get caried away by the pleasure. Further up, right along the small of my back was the word ‘BOYTOY’ followed by a heart all in the same darker shade as the donut. Upon closer inspection, the heart had a barcode inscribed on it. I didn’t want to think about what that meant.

Lastly, I turned back around to take a closer look at my face. It seemed marginally more normal than the rest of me with a normal skin tone, but it was still rubbery. The shape was distinctly feminine, but could still be discerned as a boy’s face. My hair was cut in a short punk faux-hawk also of a darker pink colour. I smiled and looked at my mouth. My teeth were still there, but seemed more dull and rounded—toys don’t bite, I thought. The inner surface of my mouth were also dark pink, and covered by various ribs and nubs. My eyes were the last thing I settled on, and much like the rest of me, the irises were pink too.

The doctor walked up as I finished the self examination.

“There are a few more hidden features you should know about,” she said.

“Hidden?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she stood behind me and began reaching for my dick, but stopped short. “Sorry. May I?”

“G—go ahead,”

“Thanks.” She grabbed my member and began stroking. It jumped to attention quickly, standing more erect, but not changing size. I was quickly swimming in pleasure.

She stuck two fingers into my rear hole as well. Surging the excitement onwards. Whatever I had felt before, this was exceeding it by far.

“Now keep your eyes open.”

I kept watching the mirror at her request. To my amazement, the hot pink colour from my body began creeping into my face. My mouth also changed to a darker and darker colour until the entire inside was black. My lips involuntarily made an O shape and puffed up, until they were puffy and unusable for anything but sucking. My thoughts were hazy, but I tried to keep focused.

“This is toy-mode.” said the doctor. “It’s triggered by arousal, once it triggers, you will have to wait a while without stimulation for it to end. Or alternatively, you’ll have to reach climax.”

I tried to respond, but my puffy lips allowed little more than a moan.

Something in the doctor’s eyes seemed to change taking in my new state. “You really are cute like this,” she said. “Shall we continue?”

I nodded yes, the hazy arousal overriding my better judgement.

“Very well,” she said. Spinning me around, she continued playing with my erect member. She used her free hand to grab my head and planted a deep kiss on my puffed up lips. I didn’t want to stop her as she held me close and squeezed my balls. Whatever clarity I had left had drifted into a singular desire to please.

Finally, she pulled away, a thread of pinkish clear fluid bridged our mouths. She licked her lips and smiled, seemingly at the taste of the fluid.

“I can already tell that’s an aphrodisiac, but let’s see what else you’ve got.”

She picked me up by my thighs and sat me on the edge of the bed. Before I could whine at the change, she kneeled down, and began licking my smooth member. My pleasure spiked at the softness of her touch. Licks changed to sucking, then began taking more and more of me. With a free hand, she began massaging my balls. I started to feel the rise in my groin. Electricity built up between my thighs and in my belly.

With a final tight squeeze, she pushed herself down as far as she could and took my entire length. The pressure reached it’s peak and I shuddered with the strongest climax I’d ever had.

A few moments later, I realized I was lying on my back, with my feet still hanging over the bed. The doctor was standing again, examining my dick, which was still streaming a similar pinkish fluid in uneven spurts.

The doctor wiped away some of the fluid and had a taste. “Same aphrodisiac, and probably a refractory suppressor.” She said.

“How could you—wait, I can talk again!” I exclaimed.

“That’s why you ought to know about it early,” she said. “You can’t really say no after getting started.”

She stood me up again and pressed a spot on my back. A chime sounded.

“You also have a control panel that’s activated right between your shoulder blades.” She said.

“What?” I asked. pinning to get a view of my back in the mirror. There was a holo-screen floating right between my shoulders, just off the surface of my skin. She pressed one of the buttons next to a heart icon. In a few moments, the remaining haze cleared from my head.

“From the control panel, you can reset your arousal levels, among other things.”

With my head clearing, and the ability to speak returned, I asked, “So I just have to press a button to turn off the toy-mode thingy?”

“Unfortunately not,” She said. “You can’t access the control panel. Only someone else can access and use it. It responds to human touch.” She cringed realizing the mistake of her words.

So I’m at the mercy of whoever activates it then?” I was concerned at the implication.

“Not quite, I can set a password right now that someone either has to type or speak to access the panel.”

“Mangoes.” I said flatly.

“What? Really?” She stifled a giggle.

“Yeah, it’s my favourite fruit, so it’s almost too obvious and I can cover it up in conversation.”

“Well fair enough.” She tapped several buttons before another chime sounded. “There, it’s set. Now I don’t think I need to tell you how important it is to keep that private. Only tell someone if you trust them completely.”

“Trust is going to be a priority for a while I think.” I could only imagine what the next few days had in store.

“Good, at least you’re being smart about this.”

“Thanks,” I replied.

She pressed another button. I felt a churning deep in my pelvis, I looked down and watched my genitals recede into my body until there was just a smooth circular bulge left. A dark pink circle appeared with a line running through it—the ‘do not’ symbol.

“That’s chaste-mode. Your erogenous zones are dulled down to normal levels.”

I reached down and felt the bulge. I could feel the pressure of my touch, but there was no pleasure.

“So what now?” I asked.

“Well, we have a lot of paperwork to do first, and it will be easier if you can keep focused.”


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