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Storycodes: MF; m2doll; doll; object; latex; anal; transform; scifi; cons; X

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Chapter 2

New Home

“And that’s the last one.” The doctor—whose name I learned is Rhea—leaned back deeply in her chair. She flexed her writing hand, probably to work out the soreness. I realized my hand felt fine, sepite signing just as many waivers as she did.

“So what now?” I asked.

“Well Evan, that’s up to you. As your physician, I suggest taking at least a week or two just to collect yourself. As property of SurrealTech, we’ll give you a place to stay in the automated dormitory until you’re settled, then we’d be happy to give you a working position in A-wing if you’d like.”

“Wait, hold up. I’m property?” I didn’t like the implication. “Don’t I have legal freedoms and rights?”

She sighed, “yes and no. How many of those forms did you actually read?”

“The stack was like a foot tall... I skimmed.”

“Well,” she began, pinching the bridge of her nose in annoyance, “Yes, you have certain freedoms. You can go out like normal, socialize, work, etc. But you are also an autonomous product of SurrealTech. If you are determined to be a danger to yourself or others—which I highly doubt given your current state—we can detain you. You are required to check in regularly to assess your health and wellbeing because this is all pretty new technology, and we are licensed to perform various tests within reason as long as they do not harm you physically or mentally. Does that clear it up?”

“Yeah, I think so.” I squirmed in my seat at the thought of being owned. There was an audible squeak from my legs rubbing together.

She giggled at the squeaking. “Try not to think about it too much. Just check in every now and then and you’ll basically be living your own life.” She gave a friendly smile. It really did seem sincere.

“Thanks,” I replied. “So... um, what about my clothes and stuff?”

“Oh, right,” she said and walked me to a closet in her lab. “Since your body is based on a standardized doll body, we have a full wardrobe of clothes fit just for you.” She opened the large closet. It was filled to the brim with all kinds of outfits... all of them made of rubber.

“Do you have anything more... um... normal?” I asked.

“What’s wrong with latex?” She said pulling on her own shiny shirt collar and letting it snap back into place.

“Nothing, it just feels a bit... erotic for everyday life.”

“Oh hon, you haven’t been in the city long have you? A little latex is pretty common. Sure, you’ll turn some heads with a full outfit, but well... you’re already gonna do that. If anything, trying to hide it will just look suspicious. Here—” She reached in the wardrobe and grabbed some pieces. “Try these. They’re pretty modest, so you don’t have to worry on your first day.”

Taking the rubber pieces and looking them over, I could tell they were a slim white tanktop and black boyshorts. There were also socks and some stylish sneakers, also made of rubber.

Not wanting to argue, I took them. Rhea turned me around and activated the console on my back. After a few button presses, I felt another stirring in my groin before my dick and balls returned.

“There, I wouldn’t want you to be pent up the whole time you were gone.” She said with a giggle.

“Won’t it show through the shorts?” I asked.

“Not as much as you might think. Just don’t get too aroused in public.” That wasn’t very reassuring.

I slipped on the shorts, which slid on easily. I thought they needed lube, but I guess not with my slick skin. With the shorts in place, they hugged me tightly, containing my member behind a small bulge. I could feel my butt was wrapped tightly too. Next was the tank top, that slid on just as easily, but really left nothing to the imagination. The darker pink spots of my nipples could even be seen slightly through the white latex.

Next was the socks, which as I slipped them on turned out to be thigh high stockings, ending a few inches before the boyshorts. They were black too, but with a pink stripe running up the side. The sneakers matched the black and pink aesthetic.

Looking in a mirror, I could tell I looked more sexy than casual in the latex, but it was acceptable for public—and better than nude.

“What about my stuff from before the accident?” I guess hadn’t been to my old lab in a while. I was also wondering how Erika was doing.

“Oh yeah, we haven’t moved anything, so feel free to pick it up on the way.” Rhea led me to the lab door. “The dorms have facial recognition for you to get in. Most of the security detail will have heard what happened to you, so there shouldn’t be any trouble. Have a good break, and don’t do anything dangerous!” She gave me a playful spank, making me almost jump out of the office.

I’ll try my best...


When I made it back to my old lab, it was just about quitting time for most lab techs. I knew Erika would still be there however. She was a workaholic. I knocked on the door to the lab.

After a few moments the door slid open. Erika was standing there

“I’m about to leave, what do you—Evan! Oh my god you’re awake!” She exclaimed. Before I could react, she threw her arms around me in a strong hug. When she finally let me go she took a good look at me up and down. “You’re so... smooth... and uh, shiny.”

“And that was so not smooth.” I laughed at her perplexed look. “How did you know it was me?”

“I came and saw you while you were unconscious. I was actually about to go visit you before I left.”

“Oh...” I was stunned by how much she cared. “Thanks... sorry to worry you.”

“Well since you’re better, do you need a ride or something? I’m just about to go home.”

“Yeah, I’d like that, I was just gonna grab my stuff from the locker too.” I walked into the lab and saw another tech working at the far station—what used to be my station. He looked up at me with a mix of surprise and... maybe disgust?

He popped out a pair of earbuds before speaking. “What’s up Erika, is an A-wing project loose?”

“Hi, I’m Evan, nice to meet you.” I said flatly before Erika could respond.

“Oh— oh! Well, I’m Prichard. I guess I’m your replacement. You’re stuff’s still in lockup if you’re taking it. We could use the space.” He put his earbuds back in and went back to his work.

“Ignore him Ev, let’s just go.” Erika said in a hushed tone.

I gave him one last glare before grabbing my duffel bag from the locker. I could barely lift the big gym bag with my new physique, but I refused to let that jerk see any weakness. As soon as I got it out of the lab and the door closed, I dropped it on the floor.

“Oh my god, why is it so heavy! And why is he such a prick!” I exclaimed.

“Well, you’re like a foot shorter, and practically a rubber twig now. I doubt there’s a lot of space for strength.” She mused. “And don’t worry about Prick-chard. He’s an asshole on the best of days, and might even be worried you’ll take your old job back.” She had an inquisitive tone at the end.

“I’m supposed to take a break, then A-wing might take me in. I don’t think I’ll have many options otherwise.” I was a bit despondent thinking about my options. “I guess there’s no afirmative action plan for sex toys.”

“Probably not.” she laughed. She was clearly trying to keep things light, but looked a little worried.

We kept making chatter and made it to her car without much incident. The security guard gave me a flirty smile on the way out, but returned to his coffee and newspaper quickly.

“So where are you going?” Asked Erika.

“They gave me a free room at the auto dorms, so I figured I’d go there.”

“Really? I’ve heard so many stories, but never been there myself.” She entered the location into the car’s autopilot. It chimed to confirm before it started moving.

“What stories?” I hadn’t heard anything about the dorms before, I just assumed they were cheap living for company employees.

“It’s a mixed bag of stuff.” She said. “Some junior techs say it’s like a love hotel for testing A-wing’s new luxury sextoys. Others say it’s an elite frat for company bigwigs. A few executives supposedly live on the top floors.”

“It can’t be that bad.” I said. I was saying it more for my own reassurance than hers.

She just gave me a shrug and we kept going.


When we arrived, the automated dormitory was both more and less than I was expecting. The building was a huge mirrored highrise, it looked like it could either be full of luxury apartments, or high density industrial housing. The part of town was actually really nice, so I was leaning towards the former. I saw more than a few people casually dressed in some amount of rubber on the way in, which made me feel better about my own outfit.

Erika Helped me carry my bag in. In the lobby, we were greeted by a bellhop—though it was just a standard service robot.

“Hello Evan Chambers, Unit 1455453. You are assigned a mid-level suite. Would you like assistance moving in?” The voice was surprisingly smooth, despite the clearly automated speech.

“Yes, please.” I said, “I only have the duffel bag with me though.”

“Understood. The rest of your luggage was delivered earlier this afternoon from the SurrealTech labs. Your suite is already fully furnished.”

“Wow, you’ve gotten the royal treatment,” said Erika.

“Will your guest be joining you tonight?” Asked the bellhop-bot.

“I’ll pass tonight.” replied Erika. “I’ve got a busy day tomorrow. You just focus on settling in and give me the tour on the weekend.”

“It’s a plan then.” I gave her a quick hug goodbye, “Thanks for the help.”

She gave me a peck on the cheek and we both had a moment to blush.

“Sorry!” she said, leaving in a rush. “I had to see what it felt like. Have a good night!”

I was stunned for a few seconds before the bellhop called me again. It led me to the elevator and pressed the button for the 24th floor. It was still on the lower third of the huge tower, but I could see it was still in the area marked ‘mid-level’.

“What are the different levels for?” I asked the bellhop.

“Low-level suites are compact spaces intended for passive residence. They have minimal amenities and are usually used for overnight stays only. There are a few long-term residents however. Mid-level suites are intended for long-term residents, who often also work for SurrealTech. They come in several varieties of interior furnishing. Your residence is furnished for your particular model according to the lease order.” I was concerned about what that meant.

“What about the high-level suites?” I noticed only the top 5 floors were listed as high-level.

“High-level suites are penthouse units for executive residents who often travel to the city for work purposes. Only one resident uses their suite as a full-time living space.”

So all of Erika’s rumors were shaping up to be true to some extent.

The elevator chimed at our floor.

The bellhop led me down a long hallway to a door at the end of the hall. “Please scan.” It asked.

I stood in front of the peephole on the door. There was another chime, and the door slid open. The bellhop followed me inside and placed my bag delicately on the floor.

“Please enjoy your stay sir.” And with that it left.

After the door slid shut, I finally relaxed. It had been a whirlwind day. One accident had changed my life forever in a wild, frankly erotic direction.

I took my time exploring the apartment. It was surprisingly nice inside, with a full kitchen and living-room. There were a few erotic flourishes, like thick rubber floors that my feet sunk into slightly, and latex furniture. I was beginning to see the theme. There was also a large box in the living room, but I left it for now. The bathroom was really something special, with only sterile white surfaces, and nearly half of the huge space being dedicated to the shower. I suspected it was intended for more than cleaning. The bedroom was an enigma. It had the same rubber floors, and the bed was rubber too, but it was almost featureless, looking like a brick of rubber.

The closets and drawers were full of all the same outfits in Rhea’s office, and I had a feeling the furnishings were her idea. One of the drawers had several sex toys and remotes in it as well. I closed it quickly, wondering when I might finally break down and start using them.

Returning to the living room, I checked the strange box. It had a note resting on top:


I had an idea for how to solve your little control panel problem. She’s programmed with access and can help with some of your new... needs.

Have fun!


What was she planning now?

I opened the lock on top of the box and like clockwork the sides folded and fell away. What was left was a strange sight. A mass of black rubber was held around a cube frame. It was like all the air was sucked out, revealing a humanoid figure inside. There was a small control box attached to the corner with a blinking display. A button was flashing ‘release” in red. 

I pressed the button, and there was a hiss. The tight rubber did just as the button said, and released it’s hold on the occupant. When all the pressure was gone, the device looked like a plain rubber cube. The rubber on one side retreated into the larger mass, and what was left was a human figure curled up in the box.

When the process was complete, she crawled out and stood up, revealing herself to be a woman. She was about my height and build, but with a more pronounced, perky chest. She was wearing a basic black latex catsuit, but her face was uncovered. It had a similar rubbery sheen as mine, but was clearly a feminine, girlish face. Her hair was also rubbery like mine, but done in a cute pixie cut.

She spoke. “Hello, I am Unit 3111397. You may call me Ellie. I have been assigned to Unit 1455453.”

“I guess that’s me.” I said nervously.

“Registering... Registration Complete.” There was a pause. “Hello Evan, I am assigned to assist you with your new living situation. Mrs. Rhea has alerted me you do not have easy access to your control panel. My primary function is to assist in accessing your various settings. My secondary function is to be a luxury personal companion. I am equipped with a Mk. 3 machine learning system, and several pre-loaded personalities. Please let me know if you would like to begin initial setup.”

“Sure I guess?” I wasn’t really sure what to say.

“Affirmative, what initial personality type would you like me to use?”

“Something more casual I think, and with a less mechanical tone.” I said. I had enough interactions with machines for one day.

“Sure thing. I’ll talk to you more like a friend or colleague.” She sounded much less preppy this way. “Do you also want me to activate the learning system? I’ll be more like a person that way.”

“Yes, please.” I said.

“Okay, it’s done.” There was another pause. It lasted long enough to be awkward, but I didn’t know what to do with her really. “I’m here for whatever you need, so you gotta tell me if you want anything.”

“Oh, I guess I hadn’t thought of anything. I really was just going to relax tonight. It’s been a rough day.” It was true. I’d had enough new things thrown at me. I was just burnt out.

“Do you want to have sex?”

“What?” I asked in shock. “Just like that?”

“I am a companion robot. The same style as you actually, it’s what I’m built for.”

“Thanks for reminding me.” I said with a sigh.

“Then let me take your mind off of it.” She said in a sultry tone.

It’s not like I was opposed to the idea, I just wasn’t expecting it so suddenly.

She took the initiative even further. Reaching up to the collar of her catsuit, she began to pull it off with practiced grace. I hadn’t noticed the pink color under her chin earlier, but now that I saw more of her, it was clear the pink coloring was the same as mine. As she finished peeling the rubber garment from her legs, she took a step right in front of me—only inches away.

“Here, let me help.” She reached around me and began lifting the latex tank top off me— her breasts pressing against my chest. Despite how firm they looked, they squished with a rubbery squeak against me.

After working the top over my head, she tossed it in the pile with her suit. Next, she kneeled down and started rolling down my stockings. I could see her back from above. She had similar dark pink writing on her back like I did, but it said ‘LUVDOLL’ instead. It was still followed with a pink heart though.

She slowed down before pulling down my shorts, savouring the moment. My member popped out from behind the confining latex. The smooth shaft was ready and at attention. Elie paused to admire it for a moment, even rubbing her cheek against it, like someone would cuddle a pet.

“You were made for me,” she said while looking up at me. “I love my toys.”

She struck an arousing nerve with her words. I wasn’t sure what to say. She kept playing with my dick, licking and kissing it all over. One of her hands slid between my legs, with the other between her own legs. She probed at my toy-like asshole with a few fingers.

I felt the pressure building up in my groin. I tried to ask for more, but my lips were puffing up into a plump O shape. Looking down at her, I was greeted with a fully pink face, and dark pink lips puffed up like mine. She really was the same as me

When our eyes locked, she was overcome with a look of lust. She stood up, and kissed me. Our plush lips met in a deep kiss. Her body pressed against mine as we pressed together—lips on lips, chest on chest. My smooth tool slipped between the gap in her legs with a squeak. We rubbed against each other for several minutes, just enjoying the moment.

When we finally pulled away, she seemed to have an idea. Wordlessly she grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the bedroom. She opened the toy drawer, clearly intent on finding something specific. She perked up with joy upon finding what she wanted.

She pulled out a pair of large buttplugs. Looking at them, they were far larger than anything I had ever tried before—almost 3 inches at the widest point. Ellie handed me one of them, then turned around. She pulled her cheeks apart, offering a donut shaped hole for me to fill. Below it was a smooth rubber pussy too, dripping with a thick, pinkish liquid.

Without objection, I pressed the plug against her hole. There was only a slight resistance before the ring expanded around the plug. It slipped in with a barely audible pop. She shivered at the feeling.

Seemingly satisfied, she held up her own plug and motioned for me to turn around. If I wasn’t so horny, I might have been hesitant, but I turned around for her and spread my cheeks too. With one hand, she cradled my tummy before pressing the plug into my hole. However good I imagined it would feel, the reality was twice as good. My legs wobbled as the plug popped into place. I was thankful for her support so I wouldn’t fall to my knees.

When I regained my composure, she returned to the drawer. My eyes went wide as I saw what she grabbed next. She held a huge dildo that flopped in her hand. It must have been 2 feet long, with ridges along its entire length. She walked towards the bed, motioning for me to follow.

When she reached the bed, she lifted the top layer of rubber, revealing a sheet that covered the bed. It was like an envelope of rubber that covered the entire surface. She motioned me inside. I followed her directions, loving where things were going so far. After I slipped under the cover she followed and snuggled up next to me. She closed the envelope and the latex seemed to ‘stick’ and form a seal.

We were contained beneath the latex sheet, two rubber bodies rubbing up against each other.

In the dark, I felt a pressure against my lips, but it wasn’t a kiss this time. A bumpy phallic shaped pressed between my puffy lips, and I couldn’t help but make a sucking motion around the toy. It slipped in deeper and deeper pressing against the back of my throat. I would have gagged, but I guessed I didn’t have that reflex anymore. The toy slid down my throat a little more, and I wondered when it would stop. I got my answer when finally, a pair of lips met mine, also wrapped around the long double dildo.

Ellie took the moment and wrapped her arms around me, pulling my hips into hers. My smooth member found her soft pussy lips. With a rhythmic grinding, she slid herself over me, the fluid dripping from her pussy lubricated the exchange.

A warmth built up in my groin, more and more. We slid around in our rubber cocoon, just sharing the moment together. For the first time since my transformation, I was at peace, just focused on the moment.

The pressure built to a point, before bursting out in a deep climax of raw pleasure. Ellie clamped down around me at the same time, clearly riding her own waves of pleasure. I came hard into her, pumping more and more fluid until is squished out of her tight hole.

Slowly, I came down from the intensity, loosening my grip from a tight hold to a loving embrace. She did the same, and we just lay there, sensually rubbing together and cuddling in the darkness. It was like that for a long time. The gentle touches all over my body kept me in a state of relaxed arousal, still sucking on the dildo in a forced kiss with Ellie.

I wasn’t sure when it happened, but I eventually drifted into a light sleep, filled with dreams of latex caresses and soft sensuality.

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