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Storycodes: m2doll; M+/m; latex; doll; object; anal; oral; transform; scifi; reluct; X

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Chapter 3

Lifestyle Changes

The first thing I noticed waking up was a sucking sensation. My mouth was wrapped around something, and out of habit—or maybe it was programming now—I was sucking on it automatically. It was the long dildo from the night before, still sticking out of my mouth. By now only a few inches were showing between my lips. I tried not to think about how much I had deep-throated in my sleep and pulled it out with a wet popping sound. It left me feeling strangely empty.

Shifting focus, I realized the heavy rubber sheet was weighing down on me. It was strangely comforting. Something was missing though. The night prior, Ellie and I had fallen asleep in each other’s arms. But now she was gone.

I heard muffled sounds beyond my rubber cocoon. So, I slid around to the edge of the bed and tried lifting the rubber sheet off me. It took some effort to break the seal of the rubber envelope, but I managed it eventually. Fresh air rushed in once I had it open.

I sat up and stretched, feeling like I was moving for the first time in a long while. My rubbery skin resisted the stretching motion like a rubber band. I was clearly very flexible, but I could only reach so far under my own strength before snapping back into place.

As I leaned back, a jolt shot through me. My sensitive ass was still clenched around a giant plug. I stood up and felt for the base of the intruder, gripping it as firmly as I could. I tugged on it and felt the ring if my asshole begin to stretch, sending even more pleasurable shocks through me. Before I could pull it all the way out though, I hit the limit of my arm strength. I let go of the base of the toy, and the ring it snapped back into place. I jumped and let out a quick moan as though I had just been slapped across the ass.

I turned to look at my ass in the mirror. The black rubber of the plug was clear between my cheeks, highlighted by the dark pink ring. I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to get it out.

“Having fun in there?” A voice asked through the bedroom door. It was Ellie.

Embarrassed, but with no real recourse, I opened the door to the kitchen & living area. Ellie looked up from the stove and gave me a warm smile.

“Good morning. I’m just making breakfast,” she Said.

“I still eat?” I asked.

“Yeah, you still eat, we both do. Our models run on a bioreactor. You have to eat every few days or you’ll enter a hibernation mode.”

“I guess it really isn’t that much different from normal then…” It made some sense, but I wasn't very convinced. “What did you make?”

“Eggs and applesauce.”

“I’m not an old man you know.” I laughed.

“Yeah, but you have rubber teeth now. You wouldn’t be able to chew steak.”

“Huh, I didn’t really think about that.” I wondered what other day to day things were about to change.

She laid out a plate on the island countertop. I sat down at one of the barstool chairs only to shoot back up to my feet. The plug was still there. How had I forgotten so quickly?

“Ah… could I get some help?” I asked sheepishly. “I was trying to pull out the plug when you called. I’m not strong enough to do it myself.”

She giggled. “Of course. Lean forward.”

I did as she asked. She walked around the counter and rested a hand on my lower back. With the other, she grabbed the base of the plug and yanked. It popped out with a satisfying pop. I gasped at the sudden motion. It left me with a gaping emptiness inside.

“There, all done, she said. “I guess since you don’t have a mechanical base, you’re not as strong as a standard companion doll. Be careful putting something in you can’t get back out.”

“Noted…” I said, rubbing my behind. It ached—not in a painful way, but from the sudden change in fullness.

With my little problem solved, we returned to breakfast. It was strange to eat with my rubber mouth. My teeth did little more than squish the food around, and there wasn’t much taste to anything—even the sweet applesauce tasted dull to me. It was just enough flavour that I knew nothing harmful was in the food. We finished relatively quickly.

As Ellie was washing the dishes, I went out to the balcony and looked out over the street below. It was still morning, and people were bustling through the streets. Even before my change, I was not quite used to the pace of urban life.

“Was there something you wanted to do today Evan?” Asked Ellie from the kitchen.

“I’m not really sure what I should do,” I replied. “This is all so new I don’t know where to start.”

“I was given recommendations from Mrs. Rhea that you should stick with what’s familiar to you. Was there anything you liked to do before the accident?”

“Well, I liked to exercise. But I don’t think the gym is any place for me now. I can barely lift my own arms.” Once again, I was reminded just how much I lost.

“How about a walk, or a swim?” Suggested Ellie. “There’s a track and pool downstairs.”

“That actually sounds pretty good. I did enjoy swimming in college.” Perhaps I could keep some semblance of normalcy with a swim in the morning.

“Great!” She beamed, “I’ll get your swimsuit and towel.”

She darted into the bedroom. Meanwhile, I opened my duffel bag that was still sitting by the door. It was full of my old clothes from before the accident. I grabbed a pair of gym shorts and slipped them on. I figured they’d be a bit too large for me now, but surprisingly I didn’t have to tighten the drawstring that much—of course my butt would be the plumpest part of me after the change… they were kind of long with my new height though. Next, I took one of the hoodies lying underneath and pulled it over my head. It was comically large, reaching halfway to my knees and almost covering the shorts. Unfortunately, these were the only clothes in the house not made of rubber. By the time I was done and waiting at the door, Ellie came back with a small drawstring gym bag.

“Oh? You’re wearing that?” She asked. “It’s way too big for you.”

“Yeah, but it’s comfy. And it’s not like I’m leaving the tower.”

“Alright then.” She handed me the bag. “That should have everything you need.”

“Thanks,” I accepted the bag as I walked out the door, then headed for the elevator.

“The rec center is on floor 3,” She called as I left. She waited at the door until I was in the elevator and heading down. It was a rather uneventful trip, now that the bellhop wasn’t around. Nobody else got on the elevator and I arrived quickly.

The 3rd floor was more luxurious than I was expecting. A high ceiling lobby split off into all sorts of recreational facilities, a gym, squash & basketball courts, a running track, and more that I couldn’t see. Looking at the directory, the pool was at the far end, connected to the change rooms.

As I walked through the lobby, most of the residents didn’t give me a second look, but a few smiled knowingly while others seemed unenthused by my presence. I tried to hurry so I wouldn’t attract more attention than necessary—unfortunately, that just amplified the squeaking of my legs rubbing together…

When I reached the change rooms I hurried inside, hoping to find some more privacy. There was nobody else there, but I still picked a locker where people were less likely to walk by. I began undressing slipping off my baggy clothes and stuffing them into the locker, not wanting to take too long in case someone came in while I was naked. I opened the bag Ellie gave me and pulled out a plush towel. I wouldn’t need it now, so I put it in the locker too. Next, I grabbed the swim shorts… and was sorely disappointed.

Not only were they tight fitting jammers instead of normal trunks, they were made of black rubber with red highlights. I really didn’t know why I expected otherwise, but I was at least hoping for some escape from the fetishy weirdness. Both Rhea and Ellie couldn’t be trusted for that I suppose.

Eventually, I swallowed my pride and slipped the jammers on. They were tight and didn’t leave much to the imagination. I was actually a little stiff ‘down there’, but some adjustments hid my tool with only a small bulge. Finally, I put the rest of my stuff in the locker and went out to the pool area.

To say I was surprised by the pool would be an understatement. The space was huge. The pool itself was several lanes wide, probably to Olympic regulations. Next to it was a large hot tub, nearly a quarter the size of the pool itself. And finally, there was what could only be described as a faux beach—a wave pool that gradually sloped up to a relaxation area with sun lamps overhead. I wondered how all this even fit into the tower. Dozens of men and women were already sitting around by the wave pool. Most were relaxing and others were just socializing, including a few women with a familiar shine to their skin…

Dolls—actual dolls this time. They were all more flesh toned than I was and wore different varieties of swimsuits. Some were even nude. However, all of them had a crest somewhere indicating they belonged to the facility itself. They wandered between the lounging chairs, bringing drinks and cuddling up to interested residents.

Moving on from my gawking, I walked to the main pool. There were a few people swimming already, but several lanes were still free. Most people were either in the hot tub or beach area though. I took position on one of the starting blocks and began to stretch out of habit.

“Whoo! You go boytoy!” Someone called out behind me. It took a moment for it to register in my head, but when it did, I froze up out of embarrassment. They were talking about the letters imprinted on my back. Without a shirt they weren’t hidden at all.

I looked behind me and saw a group of residents in the hot tub giggling. They all had drinks in their hands, and I could only assume they were at least buzzed. A few of them were chastising the girl who just spoke.

I turned back to the pool and tried to take my mind off them. Abandoning the rest of my stretches, I dove in. It’s not like I needed to stretch now anyway. I focused on the swim itself, letting old habits take over. To my joy, I was about as buoyant as a normal person, but I was more streamlined than ever. Unfortunately, I couldn’t capitalize on my sleekness because I was so much weaker now, but I didn’t care. It was just nice to be doing something routine again. I noticed the water flowing by me wasn’t arousing like everything else seemed to be. It gave me a chance to take stock of things with a clear head.

People would treat me different now, I thought. It was obvious, but I needed to say it directly to myself. I could either resist it or embrace it—at least, some of it. What’s more, if I was going to be living and working with SurrealTech’s A-wing, this would only be the tip of the iceberg of weirdness.

I swam for quite a while. It was mostly habitual with my thoughts stuck on my new life, but eventually I realized how long it had been. When I was done the most recent lap, I checked the clock next to the pool. It had been nearly two hours of lane swimming. Somehow, I wasn’t tired, if anything I was just bored. It made sense when I thought about it. If my body was built for sex, it shouldn’t run out of steam before my partner. It really made this whole exercise thing moot, didn’t it?

I climbed out of the pool with some effort. I could keep myself afloat easily enough, but actually lifting myself out of the water was a process. When I was out, I habitually headed for the hot tub. Not that I needed it—my muscles didn’t feel sore or anything—but taking the time to relax couldn’t hurt.

Trying to act casual, I slipped into the large hot tub. Thankfully it was designed to split off like a snowflake for more places to sit. That also meant I found an unoccupied space easily. Before I could relax however, someone spoke up behind me.

“Oh, here’s one of those dolls.” Said a female voice. When I turned around, I was met with a group of four—two guys and two girls. They couldn’t have been older than their early twenties.

Boytoy huh?” The girl continued. She was dressed in a red bikini.

“Yeah they’re free for the residents to use.” Said one of the guys. “My dad is an executive resident, so we can do whatever we want with them.” He was clearly a jock type—fit, and his tight swim trunks left little to the imagination.

“I’m not actually one of those—” I started saying.

“But you’re company property, right?” The Jock cut in.

“Well yeah, but—”

“Then you can’t really say no.”

“Well, um…you see...” I was getting kind of flustered. I really didn’t know the finer points of my ownership status. I really should have read all those forms Rhea had me sign.

“Oh chill out.” Said the second guy. He was lankier and wore basic trunks, but still clearly fit like an athlete, they all were. “We’re just curious.”

The fourth girl reached out without speaking. She was the only one who seemed as flustered as I was about the situation. She wore a one-piece swimsuit, not very revealing, but with a trim design. She laid her hand on my chest.

“Oh wow, feel this!” She said quietly. “It’s like some kind of plastic.”

“It’s usually rubber.” Said the jock.

“Like the fetish clothes?” Asked the bikini girl.

“Yeah,” answered the jock, “They’re built for sex.”

“Kinky.” the lanky guy added.

By now, the fourth of them were all reaching out to get a feel. One was inspecting my hand; another was looking at my face. The bikini girl ran a hand down my chest and stomach, until she reached my shorts.

“Woah, speaking of fetish clothes, his swimsuit is made of it too.”

“It was the only pair that fit.” I started trying to save face. It didn’t work.

She laughed. “That’s cute.”

Before I could regret my attempts to explain, she slipped a few fingers down my swimsuit and was pleasantly surprised.

“Wow, they really are equipped down there.” She said.

“Wait, really?” said the jock, “these poolside models are just supposed to be eye candy. This one really is for sex.”

“Sit him up on the edge.” Said the bikini girl.

The two guys picked me up and placed me on the edge of the tub without much trouble—not that I could have resisted much. The bikini girl wasted no time pulling down my jammers, causing my tool to pop to attention.

“Woah, look at that thing,” Said the shy girl in the one-piece.

“It’s like a dildo,” added the lanky guy.

“Watch this boys.” Said the bikini girl. She grabbed my hands as I tried to cover up in shame and pinned them to my hips. “Hands here boytoy.”

“Holy crap dude, she’s actually doing it.”

She wasted no time pressing her lips to my dick. They slid easily over the smooth surface. Soon, she was working her way down the shaft. I could feel every moment of it, like it was happening in slow motion. My face was transforming again, with my lips puffing up and forming a useless O shape.

“Look at that, he’s a full doll now.” Said one of the guys. I was too hazy in the head to tell which.

Before long, her chin hit my balls. She held it there as long as she could, but quickly pulled away, gasping for air. After a few deep breaths, she turned to her friends.

“How was that?” She said, panting.

“Damn, this is why I dated you,” said the Jock.

Before they could continue, a voice started shouting behind them.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” They said. “This is a public pool!”

The four of them snapped to attention, leaving me finally free to pull my shorts back up. When I looked at the source of the voice, I relaxed. It was Rhea. She was dressed in a red rubber one-piece, though it barely contained her full curves. She seemed to tower over the younger group.

“But it’s a sex doll,” snapped the jock, “It doesn’t really count. It could be totally naked, and nobody would care.”

“I care,” Rhea replied. “If you want to suck something off, go to the bathhouse down the street. And don’t even think of pulling that ‘my daddy says’ crap. I know him, and I’m sure he’ll have something to say about this little public indecency incident.”

The group was stunned. Without a word, they shuffled away to another part of the hot tub, leaving just Rhea and I. She just shook her head at me.

“Kids these days.” She said in a lighter tone. She spun me around and activated the control panel on my back. After a few beeps, I felt my face returning to normal.

“Thanks for the save.” I said.

“Of course.” She smiled back, but it didn’t last long. “He was right you know.”

I was somewhat stunned. “About what?”

“They really could have used you there. Your status as a doll takes priority in most places. You have to be clear that you don’t want it, because once your face changes, you can’t say no.”

“What? That’s not how affirmative consent works!” I said back.

“It is when you’re made of rubber.” She sighed. “Look, it’s not the best, but it’s how the rules work right now.”

I was a bit irritated by what she was saying but didn’t share my frustration any further.

“Now then, you should probably go get changed if you’re done. They might come back for round two once I leave.”

I just nodded and headed back to the change room. I kept my head down and tried not to look at the group as I walked by.

“Maybe next time boytoy.” Said the bikini girl as I passed.

I ignored her and made a beeline for the change room. I didn’t want to hang around much longer, so I went straight to my locker and skipped the showers.

As I was grabbing my things from the locker, I heard voices entering the change room. Two men walked in from the pool. They were both fit, and in tight athletic swimwear, though without the fetishy flair mine had.

“—so I said, ‘sorry you’re not my type.’” One of the guys was finishing a story.

“You horndog, as if there was anyone that wasn’t your type—” His friend quieted down when he saw me.

They kept talking, but it was a low mumble. I tried to mind my own business and just focus on my own locker. I started stepping out of my swimsuit, painfully aware I was flashing my ass to the guys.

Something jammed its way into my ass while I was exposed. Reflexively I leaned back in a gasp, only for a hand to cup my chin and hold me steady. The intruders wiggled around in my hole—a pair of fingers. The sensation was like an electric shock firing through me. I hated it as much as I loved it, and a familiar haze began to set in.

I tried to speak, and tell him to stop, but my mouth was already puffing up to the point of uselessness and I could only let out a moan instead.

“Look at that, it transforms,” said my assailant.

“Seriously dude?” Said the other guy, “You’ll turn down a pair of smoking hot double D’s, but you’re drooling over a twinky toy?”

“Yeah, why not? It’s what he’s made for. Besides, dolls don’t complain.”

“What if his owner walks in and catches you plowing his property?”

“Oh please, it’s an unwritten rule these things are fair game in the dorms. It’s probably company property anyway.” I was getting tired of that attitude. I wasn’t some cheap company fuckhole...

“Fair enough,” the second guy said while walking over. “Swing it around, we’ll make it a quickie.”

Before I could resist, the first guy grabbed me by my hips and turned me around to face his friend. He pushed me forward with one hand to bend me over, putting me face to face with a large dick—standing at attention. I didn’t have time to even moan a protest before the rod was plunged between my lips. He wasn’t gentle either, hitting the back of my throat in the same thrust.

Meanwhile, the first guy began playing with my rear end. He stuck both his thumbs into the rubber ring of my hole and pulled it apart.

“Damn, look how far it stretches,” he said.

“Quit playing with your food man. I’m going to finish before you even get started.”

“Fine, fine. I may be a horndog, but you’ve got no sense of adventure,” the first guy said in his defense. Unceremoniously, he pulled his dick out of his shorts, letting it slap down between my cheeks. “Get ready dolly.” He said.

“Don’t talk to it man, just get pounding.” The second guy was really in a rush, I thought.

On cue, the first guy pulled back, and with one big thrust jammed his dick into me. He was big. Maybe it was his size, or just the angle, but it was enough I could feel my belly bulge out a bit.

As they kept thrusting in and out, the second guy—the one in my mouth—began to shudder. He let out a grunting moan as he thrust into me one last time, pressing right into my face and holding there for a moment. His cock throbbed and I could feel spurts of liquid hitting the back of my throat.

“Ah—god damn,” he sighed, “that was a good fuck.” He pulled out when he was done firing his load into me. Satisfied, he returned to his locker without giving me a second glance.

Even with my mouth free again though, I wasn’t any closer to speaking up about the mistake they made. The first guy was still thrusting in and out of my ass, keeping my in a euphoric haze, and keeping my toy-mode active.

Now that I wasn’t getting spit roasted anymore, the first guy lifted me upright again, but he was far from done. He spun us both around and all but threw me against the lockers, never missing a beat with his thrusts. If anything, they got even more intense. With a free hand, he reached around to grab my erect dick and squeezed. It wasn’t a very giving reach-around though, as all he did was use my tool as a handle to get his own thrusts deeper than before. Despite the brutality, it felt like a very rough handjob.

I could feel him getting close, and that seemed to trigger something in me too. As he began to shudder like his buddy, I seized up in pleasure, and my rear hole seemed to tighten up. He increased the speed of his thrusts one last time and unleashed a series of loads into me.

As we both came down, he pulled his dick out with a sloppy popping sound. I assumed he went to his locker too, but I was still coming down from my own peak, so I wasn’t sure. Slowly, I felt the haze leaving my head and the transformation around my face recede. I could talk again, but at that point I wasn’t sure what to say. 

I heard a click behind me as I rested on the change room bench. Out of surprise, I turned to see where it was coming from. The second guy had his phone out and pointed at me.

“What the hell?” I asked. “Don’t take pictures!”

“Jeez, the mouth on you,” said the first guy. “Dolls aren’t supposed to talk like that.”

“Oh shit man!” The second guy exclaimed while looking at his phone. “I scanned his barcode. He isn’t just some doll, he’s a convert!”

The two of them suddenly went pale. The first guy looked at me with shock, and even a little anger.

“What the hell dude? Why didn’t you tell us to stop?” He was frantic.

“I couldn’t. Didn’t you see my face? I can’t talk with my mouth like that.” I snapped back.

“What kind of pervert turns himself into a doll?” He asked.

“I didn’t choose this!” I was getting riled up now. “It was an accident!”

“Yeah, it says so deeper in your file,” said the second guy, looking at his phone. “Oh, you were in that A-wing mix-up.” He was taking this much easier than his friend.

“Well, accident or not, we just fucked his brains out without asking. What if he files charges?” Said the first guy. To be honest I hadn’t even thought about that until he said it.

“He can’t,” said the second. “He’s technically company property, all he can do is file a report and let his department sort it out.”

The first guy calmed down after hearing that, but he was still on edge. He looked at me and spoke up.

“Look, how about we just call this a misunderstanding? Nobody has to file a report, and we’ll just act like this never happened.”

“Y-yeah,” I said. “It wasn’t that bad, and it was just an accident anyway.” I still kind of angry, but I also really didn’t want the extra attention from the company. I figured settling was the easiest solution.

“Not that bad huh?” asked the second guy. He was looking at me with a smirk.

“That’s great,” said the first guy. His cocky smile was back, but with a twinge of nervousness still. “Well, see you around I guess.” He went back to his locker to finish getting dressed.

“Here, take this,” said the second guy.

He tossed me a bottle. It was body wash. I gave him a confused look.

“You’re, uh, dripping.” He said, pointing to the corner of his mouth.

I touched the same spot on my face, wiping away something. I looked at the milky white fluid and blushed.

“Th—thanks…” I said.

He smiled back. The two of them grabbed the last of their things from their lockers and left without another word. With nothing else to do, I went to the showers and started cleaning myself up. A hot shower would help. The spray of water on my rubber skin was pleasant—if not arousing, but everything seemed to do that to me now. Thankfully, my smooth skin was easy to clean, even on my insides. I found out both my holes produced a drool-like liquid. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it seemed to help with the cleaning process—even without the soap.

Once I was sure everything was as clean as possible, I went back to the locker and picked up where I left off. It might have been some lingering arousal, but I was actually feeling pretty good.

I slipped the jammers on before I got changed into my baggy clothes again. By now, the form fitting garment was almost comforting, and I kind of wanted something to hold in any excess fluids—just in case.

Returning to the elevator, I hit the button for my floor. The doors were about to close when I heard someone calling for me to hold the door. Reflexively I stuck my hand out to stop the doors from closing. A woman dressed in tight and shiny gym gear rushed in, a gym bag under her arm. It was Rhea, her hair was still wet from her own swim.

“Thanks,” she said.

“So, you live in the dorms then too?” I asked.

She just shrugged. “The cat’s out of the bag I guess.”

She pressed the button for one of the top floors—the executive suites. The elevator closed and began its journey upwards. 

“That’s rather unusual attire for a doll.” She said, pointing out my baggy clothes.

“These just make me feel a bit more normal. Would you believe they only gave me latex clothes to wear after waking up?” I replied, giving her a frustrated look.

“I only have your best interests at heart, really.” She said. “Cotton does look a little awkward on you if I’m being honest.”

“Thanks for the confidence boost.” I muttered.

“Try to keep your chin up,” she said. “It will get easier over time. You just have to acclimate to your new situation.”

“What? My new situation of being treated like a sex object?”

“Well, it sounds way worse when you put it like that,” she said. “The best advice I can give you is to try and enjoy it. I’m not supposed to tell you this, but it was either your current arrangement, or they buried you in a lab somewhere where you’d really be treated like nothing but a sex object. So count your blessings.”

“W-wait, really?

“Yes. If you didn’t wake up when you did, you would have been moved out of the medical wing and back into the lab. I wouldn’t have been able to do anything then.” It sounded genuine, but like she had more to say. I didn’t press her on it though.

“Thanks,” was all I said.

“Anyway,” she said, “I’m not saying you shouldn’t continue trying to live a little more normally. Just lean into the new stuff a bit more. It will mean some wild encounters, but you might actually like it.”

“Okay.” I said. “I’ll try.”

Not long after, the elevator chimed for my floor. I stepped out and waved goodbye to Rhea for now. She waved back as the door closed. I realized I never asked her about the executive suites. Maybe she could show me around sometime.


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