A Special Gift

by Schattenrose Miriam

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© Copyright 2013 - Schattenrose Miriam - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; machine; process; insert; latex; glue; snout; tail; spray; doll; boxed; straps; cons; X


Now I stood in this strange workshop. My heart raced, my knees shook, as much as my hand. Nervously I looked over the construction and had to lick a few times over my lips to keep them wet. I was very afraid. Was it the right decision? I was very excited, as when I'd first heard about it. No. I found something, which was manufactured here a while ago and it occupied my mind in a strange way ever since. I knew, he would love it, but was I ready to go through with it? Suddenly I felt a hand on my right shoulder and turned around. There stood a woman and she smiled warmly at me.

“Are you Miriam?” she asked.

“Yes. I have an appointment today.” I nodded shyly.

“Good!” she smiled again and took a step back look over my form. “A while ago we emailed with each other about.... Well, very special modifications.”

“Yes, but...” I replied and bit onto my lower lip.

“Oh. You're unsure. You're nervous and afraid?” she asked me.

I nodded again, blushed and lowered my head. She came over again for a moment and placed her hand on my shoulder. Gently she led me into another room with a small table and two comfortable armchairs, she urged me to sit down on one of them. I looked up, wanted to say something, but she turned quickly around and disappeared in another room. I sighed and tried to dry my wet palms on my skirt.

* * *

After a short time she returned to me, placed two cups on the table and rested herself onto the armchair opposite to me. She smiled warmly at me and nodded towards my cup.

“I thought, something to drink would help you to relax a bit.” she explained and took her cup. “Do you like cappuccino?”

“Oh, yes!” I nodded quickly “ I like cappuccino very much.”

We both were silent for a few moments, while I took my cup and took a few little sips of her cappuccino. It tasted wonderful. Slowly I started to relax and leaned back.

“Is... is it true?” I tried to start, “I mean, would it feel real? Would I feel everything afterwards?”

She giggled to my questions, “Yes. You will be able to feel everything. It's going to feel, as if everything belongs to you.”

I bit my lower lip.

“You're still afraid?” she asked me.

“Yes. I mean, it's a real hard decision.” I replied. “It sounded so..... permanent.”

“Well, yes. It is permanent.” she nodded to me, “And in my whole time in this business I’ve had no one, who volunteered to do it. You would be the first one, if you really go through it.”

I blushed. I would be the first. And I knew, not in the way like all the others. She told me that. My specifications were very unique and special.

* * *

When I contacted her a few months ago, she called me crazy because of my specifications. For a few days I tried not think about it and hadn't answered her email. But then I found a new one from her in my inbox. My heart pounded loud, as I opened the message. Why did she write to me again? I was a freak to her, I thought.

To my surprise she told me, she would give this special wish a try and asked me for more details. She wanted to know exactly, what I wanted and didn’t want. At first I was very reluctant with the details, but with each answer I gave, she told me she'd noted it and asked, if there was more. In the end I had told her everything I had thought about.

She told me, it would take some time for all modifications and I should relax and enjoy my time. She was going to email me again, when everything is set right and I could came to her workshop to start.

Well, in the next couple of months I didn’t often think about it. There were many more things I wanted to do with him and I enjoyed every second of it. Then one day, there was a new email from her in my inbox. She told me, she would be able to handle all the modifications. Everything would be, like I wanted it and I could come to her workshop, if I wanted to.

* * *

“Miriam?” she asked me and ripped me from my thoughts, “Are you still here? Or is your mind already in the time after the procedure?”

“Oh. I'm sorry.” I replied, “I had just thought about how everything led to this meeting.”

“That’s okay,” she smiled warmly, “Are you relaxed now? Do you want to start? I would think, he's going to be very grateful for your gift!”

Now I had to smile. I wanted to please him very often and this was a good way to please him and fulfil one of my own dreams. And so I nodded yes.

“Well, then you should take off your clothes.” she told me.

I blushed bright red, but I stood up and stripped off all my clothes regardless.

“You're a very beautiful young woman.” she told me and stood up, “Many men would say, it's a waste, because of what you're going to do. But it's still your decision. Now follow me.”

* * *

She led me back into the main hall and urged me to step onto the platform, which was the starting point. A bit hesitant I climbed onto the platform and turned to face her. She smiled at me and hit one large green button on the control panel. Suddenly I had to shudder, as a large metal frame dropped behind me. I turned my head a bit and saw automated manacles shooting out of the corners and felt them clenching around my wrists and ankles. Then I had to gasp, as they pulled my legs apart to the lower corners and my arms up to the corners above my head. They pulled so hard on me that I got lifted off the ground and had to gasp from the tension in my limbs.

“Don't worry about that.” She told me, while she worked on the control panel. “It's just to hold you in place during the first steps.”

Suddenly I felt a jab in the back of my neck and let a shriek out and my eyes got wide. It was a stinging pain and I felt, how something got injected.

“This is a serum, which makes you absolutely submissive.” she explained, “It's going to help you to act exactly as what you want to be. Oh. And of course how he wants you to act.”

I wanted to say something, but my mouth and my tongue didn't react to my will. I felt absolutely helpless now and my pussy was starting to get moist.

“Oh. I see, you're liking it to be helpless.” she grinned, as she noticed my glistening pussy lips. “I’d like to talk to you about that but... After all this, its going to be impossible.”

Now I watched her hitting a few buttons on the panel to get all the procedures ready to start. Then she turned to face me, gave me a little wave and hit the last button on her panel.

* * *

While I watched her returning into the other room, perhaps to make a fresh coffee for herself, I felt the machine moving into life. My frame swung slowly, as it was guided with me strapped onto it into the first compartment. I was very nervous about what was to come. But I was very curious too. And it aroused me totally to be at the mercy of this machine.

In the first compartment nothing happened except for a red line light wandering over my helpless form. It seemed, as if the computer was scanning me and the program decided, there was no reason to start the procedure. Slowly swinging, my frame got moved further.

In the next booth I got placed in the centre. Suddenly I felt, how something was sprayed onto my whole body. It came out of every direction and to save my eyes, I pressed them closed. It felt very nice, as if I was in a special shower with massage jets. I was a bit disappointed, as the sprays stopped suddenly. Then I felt a cold breeze on my skin and got goose bumps immediately because of it. To my surprise I felt my long and beautiful hair falling down. Quickly I opened my eyes and felt myself totally nude. My eyebrows fell away too and even my eyelashes. Not a single hair was left on my body as the metal frame finally started to move me again.

In the next booth a few of robotic arms started their automated life. One of them grabbed me by my chin and forced me to open my mouth very wide. Another arm placed a huge ring gag between my teeth and quickly the gag was buckled tight behind my head. I moaned and felt my saliva starting to flow. The next two arms moved towards my head and I felt them pushing small tubes into the openings of my ears. Shortly after that I felt something wet around the tubes at the orifices. It hardened quickly and so I knew, it was glue. The tubes were lead upwards on my head and glued into place.

At the same time I felt something cold pressed onto my tailbone, which was glued into place too. Now my pussy was really moist and hot. Was it, what I think it could be? My whole body shivered from excitement.

From behind I felt two other arms working on my head, I couldn't see, what they were doing, but I could imagine it. Something was glued onto my head, near the top of it and right onto the small tubes, which were glued into my ears a few moments earlier.

I felt more movements between my legs. Another arm was starting to push something into my backdoor. It slid in very deep and caused me to moan more. And I felt, how something was going to hold my backdoor open. This must be the latex sheath she had told me about. It hurt a lot and I felt my sphincter stretched to the max.

Shortly after the machine inserted the first sheath, another one got pushed deep into my hot and wet pussy. It was as wide as the first one and didn't hurt as much. But I know, it's going to be very expandable and for the moment it was going to hold my pussy open too.

I started to roll my eyes up in pain, as another sheath got pushed hard into my little pee hole. It hurt and burned, stretched my little opening incredibly wide and got pushed straight into my bladder. In there I felt how it inflated quickly and got pressed against the walls of my bladder. I knew, it was glued in, because I wanted it to be. My little hole got held open a little bit afterwards, but was ready to get stretched and used too.

Up at my head another robotic arm moved towards my face, holding another sheath. Quickly it was pushed past my lips into my mouth and deeper, till it hit the back of my mouth. And it was pushed deeper right into my throat. I was afraid, it was going to shut my windpipe closed and a few moments before the glue could hold everything into place. Two other arms rushed towards my face, quickly they pushed long and slim tubes into my nostrils I could feel them moving in my head. It was an awful feeling and drove tears into my eyes. And then I felt the slim tubes slipping into my throat too and everything was glued into place.

The next arm I saw, was holding a pig snout and was about to press it over my nose and my mouth. Soon I felt the pressure and the wet glue on my soft skin as it pressed hard into my face and two very small robotic arms were pulling the small tubes from my nose into place.

Then I felt a wide collar was buckled around my neck. The collar was adjusted to force me to bend my head back getting my mouth in line with my throat. Now there wasn't much space to move my head anymore and of course the collar was glued onto me too. After all that was glued to me, the frame started to move again, leading me into another booth.

Inside the next booth more robotic arms moved into life. I felt, how the bonds around my wrists and ankles were released. Four of those arms grabbed my limbs and moved me into a horizontal position. Four more arms moved towards me. Two of them took my hands and pressed them up to my shoulders. My right hand to the right shoulder and the left hand to the my left shoulder. I felt glue being applied to my palms before they were pressed against the skin of my shoulders. After a short time of hardening I couldn't remove my hands from my shoulders anymore. It made me feel incredible helpless.

The other two arms were pushing my calves up to my thighs But then I felt, how large zip ties were wound around my legs, pulled very tight and pinned my calves to my thighs. Shortly after that I felt, how some layers of latex were wound around my hips and my feet. With that my feet were pinned to my bottom and I couldn't move them anymore. My body didn't resist all as it all happened. It let my useless and shortened limbs just dangle down. Then I felt how something was glued onto my elbows and my knees.

A large cuff was placed around my waist and held me in the air. The frame, I was tied to before, disappeared somewhere behind me. Just this strong robotic arm was holding my helpless body now and moved me out into another booth.

* * *

Inside this booth I was placed onto the ground. Robotic arms grabbed my elbows and knees and moved them into a programmed position. I was shivering very hard now and thought, it would be better to close my eyes. Shortly after I'd closed my eyes I felt, how something was sprayed all over my skin. It felt very wet and covered each little part of me. Then I felt, how it was blown dry by some fans. And again I got sprayed with more of the liquid.

It seemed like and endless time inside this booth. I felt, I was covered now under a thick layer of a latex skin. Nothing of my natural skin was left free. Then I felt, how something was glued onto my bottom, covering my feet. And another long time of spraying and drying started this time just at my backside.

Finally the large cuff grabbed me again around my waist, lifted me up and slowly I was carried outside. I noticed, I could still open my eyes and did. Outside I saw her standing and grinning at me.

“You're looking great!” she cheered while I was placed on the ground, “Exactly like you wanted to look like”.

I felt weak, but I managed it to stand on my elbows and knees. And I was glad that she had glued pads onto them so it doesn't really hurt to be in this position. I saw her taking a mirror and coming over with it to me. She held the mirror so that I could admire my new form.

It was an amazing view. My head looked almost like that of a pig. I had the snout and the ears too. She moved the mirror around and I saw the pig tail sticking out on my backside. It looked as if it was naturally grown there and to my surprise I saw no trace of my feet. She moved the mirror further and I could see my elbows and knees. They looked like the feet of a pig. I was happy about the look. My new skin was shining like that of a doll, but I looked like a pig now.

“Now come with me.” she told me, putting the mirror away. “I'll show you your box.”

Slowly I trotted beside her to my soon to be home. My eyes went wide, as I got to see it. It was just a little bit higher than my actual new standing height. And it was just a little bit wider than my body was. A see through plastic panel was cut into the small front and another one over the whole length on top of the box.

As we came closer I was be able to read, what was written to the side of the box.

“Miriam Pig Doll” was written in big letters onto it and further below in smaller letters. “The only realistic Miriam Pig Doll. Designed for the use of four holes. Ready for every type of dark desire.”

I felt tears of joy running down my cheeks. Yes, I could feel my tears. It was true. I could feel everything through my new doll skin. She led me slowly to the box, urged me to stop beside it and opened the lid on top of the box. Then she helped me to climb in, it wasn't easy for me now.

The bottom of the box was formed for my body. My four legs slipped into the slots for them and I could rest my stomach on a plastic surface. I could rest my chin onto another surface and felt she was going to strap me into place. After I was strapped into my box, she closed the lid slowly and sealed me in.

Through the panel I could watch her walking over to the phone. Quickly she typed in the number and waited a few moments for an answer.

“Hello Paul?...... Yes, it's me, Janine.... Oh fine! Good to know, you're still keeping her.... Listen to me. You should come over and see me. I have a little gift for you here..... Yes, a new doll. You'll see...... Yes, I think, you'll love it...... Okay, then see you in about an hour.”

With that she hung up the phone, turned to me and I saw her waving. Then she disappeared into another room. Perhaps to take a lunch and coffee break. I was alone in my box and had to wait for the arrival of Paul.

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