A Special Gift 2: The Good Purpose

by Schattenrose Miriam

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Part 2: The Good Purpose

Two days had passed since my transformation into a pig doll. It was a permanent transformation and that meant there was no way back. Although I was still a bit worried about that. But I felt honoured to be the first person, who'd volunteered to be transformed into a doll.

Paul fetched me almost an hour after my transformation. He was really pleased and looked a for a long time over my new form in the box. He opened the box for a short moment to plant a soft kiss onto my forehead. Then he closed the box again and disappeared with Janine into another room. All I could do, was to wait and hope, I'd not get too bored until something interesting would happen.

After a long time away with Janine, he returned eventually to me. Easily he lifted me in my box and carried me outside to his car. I couldn't move my head very much and tried to peer, looking if someone was around. No one else was there and I was glad about that. He opened the door to the back seat of his car and lifted my box in. Behind me I heard the door falling into it's lock. Out of the corners of my eyes I saw him pacing around the car, opening the door and taking his seat. Soon we were on our way home.

Once at home, he lifted my box out of the car and carried me inside. I was nervous, because we could pass any of our neighbours at any moment. But to my luck there were none around. I was very glad as we entered the flat. In there he carried my box straight into the bedroom and settled it down near to the wardrobe. This was the place, where I had to stay for the next two whole days. He opened the box just to give me four injections a day. Two in the morning and two in the evening. One of them was the submissive serum, I’d already had just before my transformation. The other injection, he told me, was a nutrient serum to keep me healthy and was mixed with a few medications to stop the production of urine and excrement. So I was be able to live without the urge to do my business anymore.

* * *

On the morning of the third day, he opened my box not just to give me my injections. He undid the straps and lifted me out. My four legs felt very weak at first, but soon I was able to trot a little bit around in the flat. He sat on the edge of his bed and watched me amused while I was doing this. And I felt very nude and exposed, but at the same time I knew, I was fully clothed in my new doll skin. So I wasn't really nude. It's a really strange thought.

After a few minutes of trotting around he called after me. I obeyed quickly and trotted back to him. As I stood in front of him, I looked up into his eyes and saw him grinning.

“I have a plan for today.” he announced “We'll take a little drive and I'll use you for a good purpose.”

I got nervous and started to shiver. He wanted to drive to somewhere with me? Using me for a good purpose? What did he mean by that?

“Don't worry, my pig doll.” he smiled at me. “You'll have nothing much to do. You'll have to just stand and make a few grunts, if something happens.”

His words made my nervousness grow and I watched him carefully as he rose up from the bed. On my four legs, I turned slowly around to watch after him as he left the bedroom for a few moments. And as he returned to me, my eyes grew immediately wide from the sight of the small steel cage, he carried in. This cage was almost as high and as wide as the box, I was stored in. It was also deep enough so that I would easily fit in. Grinning at me, he set the cage down onto the floor and opened the door.

“Come on, pig doll!” he called, “Step in here and enjoy the rest of the day.”

I had no other choice and so I trotted slowly towards the cage. Giving him a nervous expression, I entered the cage and soon I heard the door falling into it's lock behind me. Then I heard a little clicking noise behind me.

“It's just a padlock to make sure, you stay in” he chuckled, “Now I just have to get you out onto the pick up truck.”

His words didn't sound very pleasurable to me. But now I was trapped in the cage and totally at his mercy. Slowly he lifted my cage up and started to carry me outside.

* * *

It was really early in the morning as he carried my cage to the pick up truck. Barely after sunrise I would guess from the dim light. Again I had a bit luck, that none of the neighbours were around. But I was concerned by the sight of the pick up truck. The loading space was open for everyone to view and it was almost full of several wooden boxes with unknown contents. Now I really wondered what he'd planned for today. Without hesitation he set my cage onto the loading space and strapped it into place. Of course he noticed my concerned expression, but he simply smiled at me. Then he paced around to take his place in the drivers seat. Soon I heard the motor howling up and felt the truck starting to drive.

My heart raced while he drove through some alleys, not really using the high streets. The whole time I peered out of the corners to all sides, to see if some people would be there and could see me. But since it was so early in the morning, there was almost no one out on the streets. Quickly I noticed, he was driving towards the outskirts of the city. The houses got smaller and the range between each of them got larger. It took no time until I noticed just trees and fields around us. He was driving me into the countryside, but why? Where was he going to drive me to?

It was a long drive and I felt just the wind on my skin. I got very bored, closed my eyes and simply tried to relax. Eventually, I noticed the sound of the tires on the ground was changing. We weren't driving on a paved road anymore. It sounded more like a gravel path and soon I felt the truck come to a stop. Curiously I opened my eyes to look, where we were. I could see nothing. And got really nervous.

“We're here my pig doll.” I heard him talking behind me “But you'll have to wait a few moments before I can unload you.”

I gave him a grunt, but he simply ignored me. Next to me I noticed movements and grew aware that he was unloading wooden boxes first. The more of the boxes he was unloading, the more I could see of the surroundings. There was just a huge Grey wall in front of me with a little interruption a bit to the left of me. Maybe there was some sort of a gate? A gate to where? I could just wait and see, when it's time.

To the right of me I could see him working on something. I heard him opening the wooden boxes, taking things out of them, he was building a few tables. What was going on? Then I saw him pacing over to me, felt him lifting my cage and carrying it to one of the tables. This was the moment I was be able to see more details about my surroundings. What I guessed to be a gate was really a gate. And now I could see the sign on the wall to the right of the gate.

'Pig farm' was printed on the sign and in smaller letters a bit below 'The greatest institution for pig farming and husbandry in the county.'

I was very angry. Why had he brought me here? Then it was as if he could reading my thoughts. Before he set my cage onto one of the tables, I could read a banner, he'd glued to the edges of the table.

'More freedom for all pigs!' was to read 'Pigs need space to walk around. Pigs with enough freedom are happy pigs and would deliver the best meat!'

Reading this, I got an impression of what he had planned. Of course I would agree to that, but it seemed, I was just an exhibition piece. An object to show people, how the real pigs in this institution have to spend their lives. Would he really go so far to show me to strangers?

After he'd set my cage down on one of the tables, he continued to unpack the wooden boxes. On another table he placed several piles of flyers and something, that looked like photos of real pigs in small cages like mine. Then he gave me a wry grin and unpacked several long sticks out of another wooden box. Those sticks he leaned against the table with my cage on it. Next he took a few sacks of flower soil out of the box, opened them and poured all to the ground next to my table. Finally he paced back to the truck to fetch a few cans of water. As he came back, he simply soaked the flower soil with the water until there was just mud on the ground.

“Well, now we have to wait.” he smiled at me “Soon some members of the press and some activists will arrive here. Perhaps we'll have some luck and some other interested people will show up too. And remember. You have to do nothing else than to stand in your cage and to grunt!”

I tried to nod, but was still very concerned about that. Soon there would be many people around and all of them could see me in this cage. And there was nothing I could do to avoid the situation. Helpless I watched him taking a camp chair and sitting down behind the table with the flyers and photos on it.

* * *

We hadn't to wait very long until the first cars arrived. There were mostly activists for the freedom of animals and they were very interested in the pig doll, sealed in the cage. Some of them laughed at me and others gave me just an disgusted look. I felt very embarrassed from that and if I hadn't got the doll skin, they all could see me blushing bright red.

As the time went by, more and more cars showed up. Now there were more and more reporters mixed among the people. They walked around, took photos and interviewed Paul and some of the other activists. Of course they seemed very interested in me. Again and again one of them strode around my table and took photos from different directions. It got more and more embarrassing for me, because they took photos of my held open orifices too. If I could, I would sink into the ground right now.

“Ladies and gentleman!” Paul called out “Would you give me your attention?”

Slowly all people grew silent and looked towards him. I was glad, that he took the attention for a few moments away from me.

“It's good to see, you all could come today.” He spoke “I know, this demonstration for the freedom of the pig was short notice. And so I'm really glad, you all are here.”

I could hear some of the people whispering to each other but I couldn't understand, what they said.

“In this institution, there are many pigs, pressed together in small sty’s.” he continued to speak “ All those pigs have no space to trot around and live a happy life. I don’t just have photos of their situations here. I've also brought a doll to show and let you all imagine, how boring the life of a pig in this institution can be.”

All of the people listened carefully to him and he got some applause from the other activists as he strode over to me in my cage. Suddenly I felt all eyes glancing at me again and blushed below my doll skin.

“You all can see, there isn't enough room for a pig to trot around in this cage” He explained and took one of the sticks. “All the pigs could do the most of their time is to stand in their limited space like this doll, feed and perhaps make this....”

He poked with the stick through the bars into my side. I twitched a bit and let a loud grunt out. All of the people laughed at me and I felt a bit ashamed.

“You'll understand, that isn't much to do for a pig.” he continued to explain. “And I'm sure you'll understand, that such a pig wouldn't be a happy pig. Unhappy pigs can't deliver good meat to us.”

I heard some of the activists agreeing to his words.

“So what can we do to make those pigs happy?” he asked and left his words for a few moments, sinking into the thoughts of the crowd. “Yes, you're right. The best way is to grant them more space to move around and also to give them some distractions like this....”

I saw him bending down to grab some of the mud from the ground. Then he lifted himself upright and simply threw the mud though the bars at me. Feeling the mud hit my doll skin I had to grunt again. Again I heard laughs out of the crowd.

“Yes. Pigs love mud.” he said with an amused tone in his voice “Pigs love it, to trot through mud, laying down into it and also rolling themselves around in it. It makes the pigs happy and happy pigs would deliver the best meat to us.”

Again he let his words sink into the minds of the people. I saw many thoughtful expressions in their faces.

“We all know, the pigs in this institution are living in this situation, like the doll here.” he continued “They have just limited space to stand in the sty‘s. They can't walk around and they get no distractions. We all should do our best to change this situation to make the pigs happy. Thank you very much for your attention.”

After his last words, the crowd grew loud. All the people started to discuss his words and about what they could do to realize more freedom for the pigs. Some of them looked over to me and were obviously just talking about the pig doll in the cage. Paul strode back to the other table to fetch a coffee.

* * *

Eventually it got a bit quieter in the crowd, and some of the reporters and camera men surrounded the table, and my cage. I tried desperately to not look into their eyes. Then I saw Paul coming over, standing next to the table and resting his right arm on my cage.

“It seems, you still have a few questions.” he said, tapping with his fingers onto the bars above me.

“Yes. How did you get the idea for this demonstration?” one of them asked.

“I got the idea, just as I got this doll.” Paul answered.

“So you're not a member of the organization, which makes the usual propaganda for the freedom for pigs?” Another reporter asked.

“Definitely not.” Paul answered to this question “As I got this doll, I saw a very good purpose for it. So I contacted the organization to set the appointment for this demonstration.”

“Are there more dolls like this one, so the organization could use them for their demonstrations?” A female reporter asked.

“No. This doll is unique.” He answered honestly “No other dolls like this one were ever designed. But I'm thinking about lending this doll to the organization from time to time. It's still a good purpose for it.”

“Why does this doll is look so.....bizarre?” another reporter asked. “It looks not like a usual pig, the legs are too short, and somehow it makes the impression, there’s a human inside a pig suit.”

“I can assure you, there is no human inside this doll.” Paul laughed to this question. “This doll is designed to look like a pig with human characteristics too. This should make it easier for all people to not think about just objects, when they are thinking about the pigs inside this institution. Pigs are living and feeling creatures. Thinking about their situation in there, we should think about ourselves in their places. And I'm sure, none of you would be happy to live in this way.”

“Can you tell us something about the energy source of that doll?” The female reporter asked “I mean, the doll seems to react with grunts to touches. How long does the source last?”

“Well, The energy source is a secret of the designer of the doll.” Paul answered. “I'm not allowed to tell you anything about that.”

“Would you tell us who the designer is?” The female reporter asked again, obviously very interested in me as doll.

“Not in public.” Paul told coldly “The designer is a friend of mine and so I'm not wanting to cause any trouble. You understand?”

“Well.....Yes.” the female reporter replied. “Thank you very much for the interview. Is it possible to play a bit with your doll, as long as you're here?”

My heart started to race. Why did she want to play with me? Just to hear me grunting again and again? Paul gave me a short look into my eyes and a wry grin.

“Yes. You may play with the doll.” He answered and then called out “Listen everybody! The pig doll is free to play with as long as the demonstration lasts. You can all use the sticks here and also the mud from the ground. But don't damage the doll. It would be very expensive to repair. Have fun and please think about helping the real pigs in this institution!”

My heart pounded now very hard in my chest. Paul offered me to all the people to play with. They all are free to poke me with the sticks and to cover me in mud. And all I could do was to stand in my little cage and to grunt to every hit. I was ordered to just do so and I knew, due to the serum I have no choice to do otherwise. Soon the reporters grabbed the sticks and started to poke my doll skin through the bars of the cage. And Paul simply strode back to his camping chair, took his seat and grinned at me.

* * *

I don't know, how long they all played with me. Again and again someone came over to poke me with one of the sticks or just to throw mud at me. Several times there were three or more people at my cage to torment me with the sticks, causing me to grunt very often in a short time.

One of them poked his stick slowly into my backdoor and as deep as the sheath allowed. I grunted loud to that feeling and it was amusing the people. Another one shoved his stick into my doll pussy and with a laugh made a few thrusting movements. I just stood in my cage and grunted in response.

Other people threw mud at my rear orifices and into my doll face too. Some of it entered my mouth but thanks to the sheath I wasn't be able to taste the mud.

Most of the time I was be able to look at Paul. He was just sitting in his camping chair and watched with a grin, how they all played with me. He was the only one, who knew, there was a real woman beneath the doll skin and although he knew this, he made all the others believe, I'm just a doll. Just a thing to play with. And he also knew, I was amusing the people with my grunts to all hits.

* * *

Eventually, I grew exhausted. I had to feel the uncountable pokes with sticks, lots of loads of mud hit my doll skin and because I had to grunt to that too, I was close to loosing my voice. Now I must have a very awful look too with all the mud on my body. More like a real pig than just a doll with the design of a pig.

To my luck a loud rattling noise caught the attention of all people. All the pokes and throwing of mud stopped and the people turned around too look, where the noise came from.

I saw, how the large gate to the institute slowly opened. It opened, not wide enough to let a truck pass through, but wide enough to let a human pass. Someone came out of the institute to meet the audience. Soon I could recognize it was a woman. She wore a very expensive business suit with a knee long skirt and expensive looking, matching heels. She wore her hair brown hair pinned up and had a very stern expression on her face Now I was curious about who this woman was.

“What's going on here?” She spurted out “Who are all those people? And why is the press here?”

“This is a demonstration to change the quality of the life of the pigs in this institute.” The female reporter told her as she approached. “And who are you?”

“I'm Miss G., Daughter of the founder and actually the managing director of this institute.” The woman replied “And I'm telling you now to stop this stupid demonstration. Store all of your items away and drive home!”

“Do you not want to give a statement, about the actual situation for the pigs in this institute?” one of the other reporters asked.

“There is nothing wrong about how we're working with our wares.” Miss G. replied “This institute is certified so there is no reason to change anything. Stop recording now!”

“But is it true, that the pigs can just stand in a limited space and are not getting any distractions to make them happy?” one of the activists asked now.

“I see no reason to talk about that!” Miss G. replied “I'm telling you one last time to stop all this and to go home. Otherwise I'll call the cops and they'll set an end forcefully!”

“So you're unwillingly to talk with us about that?” the female reporter dug further “This may be taken as your admittance, all the reproaches are true.”

“That's stupid! Do you believe all that you are told by others?” Miss G. said with a nasty tone in her voice and came over to my cage, looking at me with disgust. “And what sort of a stupid joke is this? Putting a doll looking like a pig into this small cage?”

“This doll is illustrative material to let us imagine how the pigs in your institute have to live.” Paul replied to her “So it's not a stupid joke.”

“Bullshit!” Miss G called out. “This is not showing the reality! I'll sue you for libel! Store this thing away! Now!”

Although I felt myself just as a thing and knew, I was just illustrative material for this demonstration, I started to hate this woman. Yes, I hated her really. She was so endlessly arrogant and aggressive that I wanted to slap her face, if I was he able to. I could see, in the faces of the reporters and the activists, they felt similar. And to hear her to utter a threat against Paul was definitely the breaking point.

“Calm down, Miss G.” Paul replied with a calmly voice “Our demonstration is licensed, so the cops wouldn't go to break it so easily. And your threat makes you just look ridiculous.”

“You‘re not going to stop the demonstration!” Miss G. spurted out “I'm going to call the cops and my lawyers. It would be better for you all to leave now!”

As Miss G surrounded the table with my cage on it, her heel got caught in one of the cables of the camera men. She stumbled, waved with her arms and fell face first right into the mud on the ground. Seeing that, I was very close to starting to laugh, but was be able to hold it back. The whole crowd grew silent. Slowly she lifted herself onto her arms and stood up. Now her face, her hair and her very expensive dress was covered in mud. She spat some mud out and coughed. Seeing this was too much for me. I started to laugh and made many grunting noises.

“What is that for a stupid joke? This doll is laughing at me?” Miss G. looked at me in disbelieve and soon the activists and reporters started to laugh too.

As I heard the others laughing about Miss G. too, I couldn't stop myself anymore. While Miss G. trudged angrily and embarrassed towards the gate under the eyes of all the people, I rolled myself onto my back, laughed loud with grunting noises and waved with my short legs. Paul ran quickly over to me. In his face I saw, he was very amused too. To hide me from the views of the activists and reporters, he took a blanket and covered my cage.

His basic intention was to humiliate me, but we all knew, this woman deserved it really. All the pokes with the sticks and the mud on my doll skin were forgotten now. All I could think about from now on was the surprised and embarrassed face of Miss G. as she lifted herself out of the mud. And I would bet, all of this was caught on film and photos.

As the demonstration was over, I fell quickly asleep in my cage. I was not just exhausted from the treatment as doll and illustrative material. I was also exhausted from laughing about Miss G. So I would say, it was one of the best days in my life and more important my best day as a pig doll. But who knows, what the future will have in store?

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