A Special Gift 3: Mandy becomes Amy's Doll

by Schattenrose Miriam

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© Copyright 2014 - Schattenrose Miriam - Used by permission

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Part 3: Mandy becomes Amy's Doll

“Doll Factory” Mandy read in big letters above the entrance of the building and further down she read “Creation of unique and realistic Dolls for all sorts of usage”

“What a crazy idea.” Mandy told herself, “I've ordered this Doll by phone now I have to come here in person. Why could they not simply create one with my specifications?”

For one reason Mandy was curious. It would be her first time in a factory and she wanted to see the well shaped men at work. Although she was a lezzie, she wanted to tease them a little, so she wore a tight tank top that left her flat belly free. She also wore very short pants and a pair of ankle high heels. For sure she thought, that look would drive them crazy.

Enthusiastic she went to the front door that lead to the office. It didn't need much strength to push it open. Inside she saw a usual counter, where she expected a secretary. But at the moment it was empty.

There was a small bell on the counter. Mandy went towards it and looked sceptically down.

“Whats that?” She asked, “Am I in a Hotel? Okay, okay. Then let's ring the bell.”

She hadn't to wait for long after she'd rang the bell. A woman dressed in an expensive business dress came out of one of the doors in background. She smiled at Mandy and waved at her.

“Hello. How may I help you?” The woman asked.

“Are you the secretary?” Mandy spurted out, “Why the heck weren't you at your place?”

“Oh! I'm sorry. I'm not the secretary. This factory is my own and I do almost all chores by myself.” The woman explained, “A secretary is expensive and you don't know if one of those can keep internal secrets, you know?”

"Oh. I see. Then I'm sorry about that statement.” Mandy excused herself, “Then you're the woman I had the phone call with?”

“Why don't we go into my office?” The woman suggested, “There I have all my documents and we can talk about your wishes discretely.”

“Sure. Why not?” Mandy replied “Is there a chance to see how your Dolls get manufactured later? I would like to see the man at work.”

“Uhm, sure.” The woman replied shortly “But for now, follow me please.”


The office looked more like a living room for Mandy. There was a comfortable couch with a low table in front of it. Besides the table were two armchairs in a similar style to the couch. A neat tablecloth decorated the table. A bowl with some cookies completed the image. It was a small room. Just the corner where people could sit and chat and some cupboards, where Mandy expected the documents in.

“Please sit down.” The woman suggested, “Do you want something to drink? A coffee, tea, cappuccino or perhaps a Secco?”

“I think a Secco is nice.” Mandy told, “Because today should be something special. I want to fetch my present for my lover.”

“I'll be right back.” The woman replied, “Please make yourself comfortable while you wait.”

“Sure.” Mandy answered and watched her hostess disappearing through one of the two other doors.

Mandy took a seat on the couch. Her palms wandered over the surface. It felt warm and plushy to her. Wriggling her bottom a little she lent back and stretched out her legs.

While she had to wait, her eyes wandered through the room, sucking in all details. Suddenly her eyes met two pictures at the wall. Obviously they showed two Dolls manufactured here. Mandy stood up again and walked closer.

The first picture showed a Doll with enormous fat tits and a total slutty outfit. It's hair seemed fake, the skin was shining latex alike and it's mouth looked as if you can't open it. Looking a bit closer, Mandy noticed something in the Doll's eyes she can't really describe. At the lower edge of the picture she read, “Georgia Slut Doll”.

Then Mandy looked at the other picture. It showed a Doll with the shape of a pig. It's legs looked strange, fat and too short for a real pig. The skin was also shining and on the picture it seemed as if the snout was held open. Mandy couldn't see the Doll from behind and perhaps it was good this way. But again Mandy noticed the same sparkle in the eyes of this doll like on the other picture. Again Mandy read what was to read at the Lower edge of the picture. “Miriam Pig Doll” stood there.

'Oh my. What stupid names for Dolls.' Mandy thought amused. 'The slut Doll is too oversized and the pig Doll.... man, who wants a pig Doll?'

“Oh. You found my first creations!”

Mandy got ripped out of her thoughts, turned around and saw her hostess standing there with two glasses and a bottle of Secco. Feeling a little caught, she gave the woman a little smile and returned to her place on the couch.

“Don't worry, dear.” the woman said to calm Mandy down. “Those pictures are there to get seen. Both Dolls are unique and can't be replicated. And I presume your Doll should be unique too?”

“Oh, yes. It shall be unique. It shall look like me.” Mandy explained, “Because of that I sent you a picture of me and my sizes.”

“Yes. I got them all.” The woman replied and filled both glasses with Secco, “But you need to know, that my work here is very complicated and needs absolute precision. That's the reason I asked you to come here. I need to take correct measurements and so on. You can follow?”

“Oh. Yes. Sure.” Mandy answered and took a sip of her glass. “But the rest of my specifications are okay? I mean also the box I had mentioned? And why you need the address of my lover?”

“Well. You need to understand that I'll make sure that the doll arrives at it's destiny.” The woman told, “By the way, you can call me Janine.”

“Nice to meet you, Janine.” Mandy looked over the woman's form and tried to imagine how she may look below her clothes.

“You like woman?” Janine asked as she noticed Mandy's glances.

“Oh. Yes I do. It's more sensual with a woman than with a man.” she explained. “My name is Mandy.”

“No worries, Mandy.” Janine smiled warmly, “I'm not here to judge about someone's likes or dislikes. I'm here because I like what I do and I'm good at doing it. None of my clients have ever made any complaints.”

“That's good to know. I want to give my lover the best present ever.” Mandy smiled now too, taking another sip of the Secco.

“You told me the Doll should look like you?” Janine asked.

“Yes. And like I told you it should have a more.... dominant look.” Mandy answered.

“I know. And that should be no problem.” Janine smiled again. “I can also make it act dominant if your lover is wanting this. It's a new modification but nothing impossible.”

“Yes?” Mandy spurted out “That would be great. Then she can get all of the Doll she gets of me.”

Janine gave her a wink while Mandy emptied her glass of Secco. “I'll put in a detailed manual for your lover. If she does all right, there are no problems. That I can assure you. Now, Mandy. Do you want to see, how we're developing our Dolls?”

“Oh, yes!” Mandy said enthusiastically and rose up. “Do more woman work in your manufacturing plant ? Or just men?”

“You'll see.” Janine chuckled and pointed out to a door. “This way please.”

As Mandy walked towards the door, she felt a little dizzy. It was a bit more than she usually expected of just one glass of Secco. Somehow she felt the eyes of Janine on herself, while she walked behind Mandy.


As they entered the big manufacturing hall, Mandy's eyes got wider. There was only a huge construction which looked like the start of a processing line. Outgoing of an yet empty platform a rail led into a sealed chamber. Next to the platform Mandy saw a huge control panel where a large amount of adjustments could be set.

“Well, this I hadn't expected.” Mandy said to Janine. “I thought here would be some workers, which are making the Dolls.”

“Sorry to disappoint you.” Janine replied. “Here there are no other workers. Reason is that I make very unique Dolls, using my specially developed machine. The procedure is a little... unusual and so I can't let anyone else know how that all works.”

“Oh, I see.” Mandy felt her dizzy state get more intense.

“You said, you want a very realistic Doll of yourself for your lover.” Janine continued. “And to do this I need your help now.”

“What you need me to do?” Mandy said and rubbed her eyes as her eyesight got a little foggy.

“I need you to step up onto this platform.” Janine explained and gently shoved Mandy towards the platform. “Then my machine can scan your exact form and so on...”

“Okay. You mean just stand there?” Mandy asked as she climb up onto the platform.

“Yes.” Janine answered. “Just stand exactly onto the marked spots. My machine does the rest.”

“Okay, Fine. Just hope that won't take too much time.” Mandy said as she took place on the marked spots. “I'll have to redress a little before my lover finds her present.”

Janine walked over to the panel. With quick movements she entered some data on it, then looked at Mandy and gave her a little wink. Shortly after Janine hit a large green button, Mandy twitched because a heavy metal frame came down behind her. Then Mandy gasped in surprise as automated manacles shot out of it's corners and grabbed Mandy by her wrists and ankles. Another gasp escaped her lips as the manacles lifted her off the floor and spread her limbs up towards the corners. Janine hit another button and Mandy let a shriek out as she felt a jab in the back of her neck.

“Ouch. What was that?” Mandy asked with a confused tone in her voice. “And why is the machine taking a hold on me? That's not just to take measures of me! Let me down! Now!”

“I'm sorry, but I can't do that.” Janine explained. “The injection is to make you submissive. At least for now. It's most important for you to go through the procedure so that your lover may get a perfect Doll.”

Mandy wanted to reply something but her tongue wasn't reacting to her will any more. It was also hard for her to keep her head upright. Through the fog in her eyesight she watched Janine entering more data on the panel. Then Janine looked over to Mandy, gave her a wink and a little wave.

“See you later, when your Doll is finished.” Janine chirped and hit the start button.

Mandy tried to struggle but her body wasn't reacting. Helpless and unable to say a word she watched after Janine as she left the hall. Suddenly she felt the frame starting to move towards the chamber, which was opening up right in that moment. Horrified and although curious she watched the mechanic maw coming closer and closer.


Once her frame was inside the chamber, the gate leading in closed slowly. Mandy wondered about what would come next, as a robotic arm came out of one wall and rested for a little moment in front of her. Mandy could see something blinking at it's tip. Through her foggy vision it was hard to tell what it was. Suddenly a thin red line got beamed onto her body. The machine was going to scan her form. Mandy's heart beat rose as the red line wandered up and down on her. Then the robotic arm changed it's position and scanned her again out of another angle.

Mandy felt her body twitching as suddenly a loud alarm toned up and a red light was filling the booth. More robotic arms came out of the walls. Somehow Mandy noticed that on some of them scissors were attached while others were made to grab something. And that happened next. The robotic arms got to grab her clothes. They were pulling at Mandy's tank top, her pants and her heels at the same time. The arms with the scissors shot close and started to cut her clothes off. Mandy felt some tears roll over her cheeks because her clothes aren't cheap ones. And now they got shredded into little pieces, falling down to the floor and got sucked up by a huge robotic vacuum cleaner.

Only her bra and her panties were left on her body, as the scanner started another circle. Again the red line wandered over her helpless form, checking her up from all angles. Again the alarm sounded up and the manacles with scissors and robotic fingers returned just to grab her bra and panties to cut them in pieces.

A third time the scanning arm did it's work on Mandy's helpless body. It was scanning up and down. Then from left side to the right. But this time no alarm sounded up. The machine seemed to be satisfied that no clothes left on her body.

'I'm cursing you, Janine.' Mandy thought while the frame started to move towards the next gate. 'As soon as I'm out of here, I'll make you pay for that.'


Mandy didn't know what to expect of the next booth. She was still held spread open by the cruel manacles in the frame. As the door to this booth was closed, a single robotic arm came out in front of her. Slowly the eyesight of Mandy was clearing up and she saw that a sort of nozzle was attached to it's tip. And this tip was going to aim at her head. Instinctively Mandy pressed her eyes shut just in that moment as the nozzle was spraying something over her head. It wasn't unappealing for Mandy because it felt like a nice and warm massage jet as it wandered over her body. She felt that every little spot got sprayed on. A little moan escaped her lips as it was wandering between her legs and sprayed in her sex. Her body betrayed her because it's started to get aroused due to those feelings. Mandy felt her slit get wet.

'What is this diabolic machine doing to me?' she thought while the arm sprayed down her legs.

Suddenly the spray ended and a heavy blow of warm air hit her body. She ripped open her eyes in shock as she felt something fluttering down on her back.

'Oh shit!' Mandy thought as she realized it was her own hair that was falling down. 'You'll be billed for that, bitch! No one is doing something with my hair except I want to!”

It wasn't just the hair on her head what was falling down. She also felt her eye lashes falling and a tickling feeling at her arms, her torso and her legs told her that all every single hair is falling down. As the fan finally stopped blowing, Mandy felt as nude as a human could be. All what made her into a beautiful woman was gone and she felt more like a thing now. The frame started to move towards the next gate.


Mandy was in real anger now. She simply wanted a Doll of herself for her lover, Amy. But no one had told her that she had to go though such a mess. She now thought about how to just punish Janine for that, she was about to kill her when she'd get a chance to.

The door to this booth was closed shut, a lot of robotic arms came into life to start their work on Mandy. One arm grabbed her by her chin while another one was scanning her now held open mouth. Beeping noises were filling the chamber while the diabolic machine was calculating some of the next steps.

While her mouth got held open by the cruel robotic fingers, Mandy felt something entering her love tunnel. Although she was angry, her body was somehow aroused and so her tunnel was well lubricated. The machine was shoving something deep into her until Mandy felt it hitting her cervix. Suddenly she felt it inflating and stretching her inner walls to the max. A loud grunt came out of her held open mouth. Then it was deflating and Mandy felt how the hard core got pulled out of her. But something smooth left inside and somehow Mandy knew, it wasn't going to come out.

A very thin manacle appeared in front of Mandy's face. It had small metallic fingers which now reached into her mouth and grabbed her tongue. Mandy's eyes got wide because it hurt her. She also felt how her tongue got pulled out. Two other manacles shot by, holding thin tubes and started to insert then into her nostrils. Mandy's eyes were watering. The tubes were shoved through her nose until the ends were resting in her throat. While the tubes got glued into place, another and larger manacle slid along the one, that held her tongue. Mandy felt, how it was gluing a sort of sheath over her tongue, while the rest of the inside of her mouth got covered with a wet substance. Then she felt another sheath got pushed down her throat and for a brief moment she was afraid to suffocate on it. But then she realized that she still could breathe through the tubes, that were glued into her nose. Also her teeth and the space between teeth and cheeks got covered with that wet substance. After the robotic arms were finished in her face, they disappeared back into the wall. The frame, she was suspended in, started to move towards the next booth.


Mandy was breathing hard through all of the tortures she'd felt in the last booth. She tried to calm down and to think about what she would do with Janine in response. As the frame came to a rest, her eyes inspected the walls of the booth. They looked different and not as if some robotic arms could shot out of them. But she realized a huge amount of nozzles and a few small openings covered with a fine-meshed grid covering them.

It was almost too late to close her eyes as the nozzles started to spray. It was a wet fluid, which got sprayed all over her nude form out of all directions. Very soon Mandy felt a very thin layer of that substance covering every little spot of her body and the nozzles stopped their work.

Mandy would not dare to open her eyes now. Somehow she guessed it wasn't over yet. And she was right. Immediately after the nozzles stopped, all the fans in the walls started to work, caressing her helpless body with a comfortable and warm stream of air. The wet substance on her skin started to dry and Mandy began to realize, that once dry, nothing could get it off her skin anymore. Her anger on Janine grew anew.

Two more times the nozzles did their work on Mandy and two more times the fans dried the liquid latex layers on her skin. As the frame started to move again, Mandy knew, she had overcome this part of the procedure and she also had to admit, that it wasn't as bad. She had to be honest to herself. It felt really good to feel the liquid latex sprayed over her body and to feel the fan blowing the warm air over her.


Mandy held her eyes still closed as the frame came to a halt inside the next booth. Her ears noticed the sounds of new robotic arms, which started their work on her body. She had to breath in as she felt something hairy touching the latex skin on her head. There was also a little wet feeling, that made her know, that the hair got glued into place. Then she felt a thin wet line at the edges of her eyelids. Something must get glued onto her lids too. While that she felt a thin wet line at the place where her eyebrows were before. Then she felt a strange stripe got placed exactly along the shapes of her old eyebrows. A concentrated warm blow of air dried the glue. Immediately after that she felt a sort of brush stroking over her whole lids. If felt as if she was applying eyeshadow onto her lids. Another small brush started to work on her lips. She could feel the defined contours of her lips got paint with a wet fluid.

Somehow Mandy felt other brushes starting to work at the nails of her hands and feet. She knew, the machine was varnishing the nails, but she didn't dare to open her eyes to look which color the machine had used on her. At the same time other brushes started their work on her nipples. Mandy felt them applying something wet onto them, but she didn't knew what that meant. After all nails and her nipples were done, some fans started to dry all spots on her.

Suddenly Mandy felt the tight grip at her ankles get lose. Her legs were now hanging down freely. She wanted to move them, but they didn't react to her will. Suddenly she felt a smooth and cool fabric touching her feet. The fabric felt familiar to her. And it was moving upwards on her legs. As it reached her knees, she felt, that it must be a very short latex skirt, it moved further upwards until it finally rested at her hips. The robotic arms started to pump a little amount of glue between the skirt ant the spots, where it was touching her new latex skin. Mandy knew, that skirt was going to be glued into place and she never could she take it off any more.

Next she felt the same fabric like of the skirt touching her upper belly and lifting up her breasts. The surface inside felt a little wet and this thing got wound around her torso. As Mandy felt the manacles starting to tighten laces at her back, Mandy knew that a corset was glued onto her. But she had no idea how tiny this piece of latex cloth was. The robotic fingers were pulling and tugging at the laces. It got tighter and tighter at her body. Mandy felt her ribcage get pressed and her breasts pushed upwards. It got a bit harder for her to breathe and she was glad, as the machine finally finished tightening the corset.

Then Mandy felt a new latex at her feet. Somehow she guessed that the machine was going to glue some shoes at her feet. She was just partially right with her guess, because she felt the latex surface sliding upwards on her legs. Higher and higher she felt the edge sliding until it reached the half way up at her thighs. Then Mandy felt the wet glue got pumped into the space between the heels and her legs, followed by the feeling of zippers getting closed.

Suddenly she felt a huge robotic hand grabbing her around her waist. While it was going to hold her up, the grips at her wrist got released. Like lifeless limbs her arms fell down at her sides. But they did stay there for long. Mandy felt latex touching her fingers and shivered in delight as the machine was going to pull gloves over her hands and up her arms. She felt the edges rubbing over her skin, reaching her elbows and sliding further upwards. Finally the edges of the gloves were resting just a few centimetres below her armpits. Mandy felt them get glued into place too. She couldn't help but to feel a nice tingle in her tummy, thinking about how she might look now.

Her wrists and ankles didn't get grabbed again by the robotic arms. Only the large one was holding her in the air and this one started to move now. Mandy started to wonder about what would come next. Now she dared to open her eyes a little. A few blinks to adjust her eyes to the light.


She saw the walls of the construction fly by. Slowly she turned her head a little to look to where the robotic arm was carrying her body. It wasn't another booth where she was going now. Mandy noticed a large room, almost like the hall, where her journey through the machine had started. The robotic arm was moving her towards a small platform at one side of the hall. Gently the arm set her onto the platform and released its grip around her waist. Mandy heard the arm disappearing somewhere in a wall and for a brief moment she thought, she would fall without support. But that didn't happen. Mandy was be able to hold herself on her feet. Right now she noticed that the latex heels, she wore now, had very high heels.

Mandy's heart was still pounding hard in her chest. Her mind was racing and she didn't know if she should hate Janine or to thank her for the new feelings, she had now.

Mandy stood for almost five minutes on the small platform as she heard a door get opened. She turned her head a little and saw Janine entering the hall through a large gate. Janine was pushing a lifting cart with large wooden box in front of her. For a brief moment she waved at Mandy and then pulled the cart up in front of the platform. Mandy watched how Janine loosened a few locks at the wooden box. Immediately after she'd unlocked the last one, the front of the box swung open and landed with a loud thud on the floor.

Now Mandy saw what was inside and felt her heart melting. It was what she had ordered to put the Doll for Amy in. It had the shape of a heart with a see through plastic panel on its front. In beautiful letters Mandy could read, “Dedicated for my sweet princess, Amy the pet” printed on the panel.

“I can see in your eyes that it is what you wanted.” Janine spoke to Mandy. “While you were inside the machine to get transformed into the Doll you wanted to make your lover as a present, another machine had designed the interior of your Doll box. Now you'll fit perfectly in.”

Mandy watched Janine taking her Doll box out of the wooden one, placing it on the floor and opening the lid, so that Mandy could take her place inside.

“Come down to me!” Janine ordered and like in trance Mandy obeyed. “Before I'll put you into your new home, your Doll box, I want to show you how you're looking now. Please follow me.”

While Mandy followed Janine to a row of arranged mirrors in one corner of the hall, she heard the clattering noises of her heels on the floor. As they arrived the mirrors, Mandy's eyes went wide. She didn't look very different than before. Her doll hair had the same colour and length of her own and even her eyebrows looked like before. Her eyelashes looked a bit longer and more defined. Her eyes were perfectly defined by the eye-shadow the machine applied onto her lids. And her lips had now a deep red.

Mandy looked further down at herself. In the first moment it was a little shock for her because her breasts were free. But then she thought, her breasts weren't really nude. They are covered into a thin layer of latex. The corset, she wore now, was pushing her breasts upwards and made them look more voluminous than before. Now she took a closer look at her nipples. They looked exactly like before with all nuances of colours.

Now it was time for Mandy to admire her new clothes. It was a black and shiny latex corset that only partially covered her belly and leaves her navel free. The latex skirt was matching to the corset, even like the heels and the gloves she wore now. Somehow Mandy knew, Amy would going to love her Doll wearing these clothes and that made Mandy smile.

“I see, you're happy with your look as Doll.” Janine ripped Mandy out of her thoughts. “And I'm pretty sure, your lover will be too. But now you need to go into your box so we can deliver you to your lover.”

Janine took Mandy by her right hand and led her back to the waiting box.

“Now step in and lay down.” Janine told her.

Without hesitation Mandy stepped into the box, sat down and laid herself onto her back. The form inside matched perfectly to her shape. Her head slipped into the notch, even as her torso and her arms. Only her legs didn't matched into the box. The frame was too small for Mandy to stretch herself out. Janine smiled down at her and helped to guide her legs into the right place. Mandy felt them sliding into the notches.

Now Mandy felt and watched Janine pulling straps around her ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, torso and over her forehead. Now it was impossible for Mandy to move a little bit even if she wanted to. Helpless she watched Janine adding other objects into the box. She did it too fast for Mandy to see, what she put in. As Janine finally was done, she smiled down at Mandy again and closed the lid of the box.

“I'm sure, you want to know, what I put in with you.” Janine talked to Mandy. “I'll show you, but I'm also sure, you'll use them very soon.”

With that Janine lifted a mirror up so that Mandy could see herself in the box. Her arms lay along the upper curves of the heart while her legs were bent upwards to close the line from her hands of the lower tip of the heart. Her knees were folded so she fitted into the small frame of the box. Now Janine showed her the toys, she'd put into the box with her. They were arranged between her torso and her arms and legs. On the right side Mandy saw a strapon together with a few dildos of different sizes. On her left side Mandy noticed a rolled up whip together with a pair of hand cuffs, a bondage rope and a ball gag.

'Wow' Mandy thought. 'I would love to use all that with my lover.'

Suddenly Mandy felt her box got moved. Janine was lifting it upright and back into the wooden box. Mandy's heart started to race and helpless she watched Janine closing the wooden lid of the box, sending her into darkness. From outside she heard the locks got closed.

'Oh my God!' Mandy thought now. 'I just hope I'll have enough air in here to reach my lover alive!'


About three hours later a delivery man rang at the door of Amy's house. On a lifting cart he had a large wooden box with the address of Amy printed on and in big letters “Doll Factory”.

He had to wait a few moments until Amy finally opened the door to answer him.

“Uhm, yes?” Amy said and looked with wide open eyes at the strange box and read what was printed onto it.

“Delivery for a Miss Amy the pet.” The delivery man announced.

“What? For me?” Amy asked in disbelief. “But I haven't ordered something. Especially not of a Doll Manufacture.”

“Ma'am, that isn't my problem.” the delivery man replied. “I have just the order to deliver this box to an Amy the pet. I would be really glad if you would sign up on this form please, so I can leave the box here. Otherwise I would get a lot of stress with my boss.”

“And what shall I do with it?” Amy wanted to know.

“Well, if that delivery isn't for you, you may contact the sender so they send a order to my company to come back and fetch the box.” The delivery man explained. “But for now it would be fine if you would sign up and to tell me, where I have to place the box.”

“Uhm, sure.” Amy replied and set her sign onto the form. “Into the living room please. There is enough room for such a big box.”

Amy helped the delivery man to circle the wooden box around the corners and led him through the doors with the box. As the arrived the living room, Mandy shoved the couch aside to have enough space for it. Then she led the delivery man back out of her house and said good bye.

Amy was very confused about that strange delivery. She paced back into the living room where she simply stood in front of the wooden box and stared at it. Many thoughts raced through her mind. She wondered what that could be and who ordered the Doll Manufacture to send her such a big box.

For a few minutes she left the living room to fetch a coffee for herself. With the cup in her hand, she returned and stared again. Her eyes were wandering over the wooden surface and then she spotted the locks at the front.

“Hmm.” She said to herself. “Seems like those locks are resealable. Perhaps I can take a look inside before I call the sender to coma and fetch it.”

Amy put her cup aside and paced over to the box. She was very curious now. Her fingers were trembling as she reached for the first lock. It opened up with a loud click, which made Amy shiver. But she didn't stop at this point. Her hands wandered further to the next lock. She continued to open all locks until the wooden front of the box swung a little bit towards her. She grabbed it with both hands. Her heart raced and she had to gulp hard before she found the courage to open that box. She did it slowly, taking care that the wood couldn't damage something in her living room. Then she looked up and into the wooden box.

“Oh my God!” Amy panted as she saw the Doll box with a Doll of her lover Mandy inside.

Her eyes wandered over the body and all the toys, which were inside the box with Mandy. Amy's mouth stood agape as she read the words printed onto the see through panel.

“Oh Mandy...” Amy said with love in her voice. “Always good for a surprise.”

Suddenly the Doll was winking at her. Amy's heart skipped a beat. With wide open eyes she stared at the Doll's face. Again a twinkle.

“That's very strange.” Amy commented. “This Doll looks exactly like Mandy. And somehow I have the feeling to look into the eyes of a living person!”

Again, a wink of the Mandy-Doll

“Oh my God!” Amy gasped hard “Can it be? You must be crazy, Mandy!”

Suddenly Amy noticed a small box of paperwork attached to the doll box. In small letters she could read: “Please open this box first and read the manual inside before you use the doll.” Amy reached for it and opened it up. Inside she found several vials, a syringe and a small booklet. First she took the booklet and browsed through it.

“So its really you, Mandy!” Amy almost shouted after a while. “You let yourself being transformed into into a Doll just for me! You're really crazy, but I love that side of you! Let's see, currently you have an injection with a serum that makes you submissive. But if I would inject this one into you, you'll switch to be dominant. That sounds funny. And then all those new toys. Can't wait to use them with you!”

Amy opened the lid of the heart shaped Doll box and started to unfasten the straps at Mandy's legs. Immediately Mandy stretched them out to support herself on the floor. Amy continued with the straps at Mandy's arms, then at her torso and finally at her head. Then she bent down to fill the syringe with the domination serum. At last Amy fetched the strap-on, the dildos and the other stuff.

“Follow me into my bedroom!” Amy ordered her new Doll lover. “At first I want you to lick me wet!”

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